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So thanks for tuning in and thanks again to our excellent Trackside Now sponsor today, Automotive Specialists, who made our coverage possible.
Next up for the X-1R Pro Cup Series is a trip down to Anderson, SC for next Saturday’s race at Anderson Motor Speedway. We hope you will be able to join us for that event. Also remember that there are also races on October 19th at Hickory and November 2nd right back here at Southern National, so mark your calendars!

Unfortunately, our staff will not be able to stay for the final race of the evening, the Limited Late Model class. You can check Southern National’s excellent Facebook page for updates on that race. We must be hitting the road.

Rogers poses with some of his most ardent fans (Speed51.com Photo)
Winning team (Speed51.com Photo)
Clay Rogers shared some bubbly with his team and then had some for himself (Speed51.com Photo)
Travis Miller claimed the 25 Lap U-CAR feature to win the track championship (Speed51.com Photo)
Dalton Hopkins incurred all this damage in a first lap skirmish (Speed51.com Photo)
And now the winner crosses the scales (Speed51.com Photo)
Tyler Young pushes his car out of the tech shed after locking down a podium finish this evening (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From [email protected]

congrats to Rogers on the win and thanks Speed51 4 the AWESOME coverage which rocks!

Comment From Lenny

Congrats to Rogers on the win,Thanks for the coverage Speed 51

Comment From Jamies Aunt Judy

Way to go Clay…

Gus Dean is happy after sneaking into the top five late. He says the team struggled with forward bite all day but felt they were one of the best ‘maintainers’ on the long run.
Rogers definitely pointed to something we noticed in practice: He was the only driver to try the top lane in those sessions. He says it wouldn’t work on new tires and he almost gave up on it early on in the race. But with thirty to go he didn’t think he had anything to lose, so he moved back up and it proved to be the “silver bullet” for the metallic #16
“Damn that was fun”, Rogers exclaims as he swigs the victory champagne.
Clay Rogers is somewhere down there (Speed51.com Photo)
UNOFFICIAL Finishing Order

1 16 Clay Rogers 200
2 75 Caleb Holman 200
3 2 Tyler Young 200
4 67 Clay Jones 200
5 56 Gus Dean 200
6 21 Eric Gerchak 200
7 2 Brady Boswell 200
8 33 Ryan Heavner 200
9 62 Andrew Smith 200
10 23 J.P. Morgan 200
11 1 Dalton Hopkins 198
12 41 Lee Pulliam 128
13 17 Stacy Puryear 32
CHECKERED – Clay Rogers wins his fifth race of the season as Tyler Young and Clay Jones make minor contact racing for third. Young  takes the spot.
Lap 199 – WHITE: Battle will be for third. Jones is there and underneath polesitter Young.
Lap 198 – POPSICLE STICKS: Clay Rogers looks to be in great shape for his first career Pro Cup win at Southern National Motorsport Park
Lap 196: Dean is by Gerchak for fifth.
Lap 195: Rogers has kept that two carlength cushion on Holman, feeling no need to expand it at the moment.
Lap 194: J.P. Morgan, in 10th, has to watch championship rival Clay Rogers blow by him to put him a lap down.
Lap 193: Jones to fourth while Gerchak now will have to stave off Gus Dean if he wants to finish in the top-five.
Lap 192: Young has won out the third place battle while Jones goes under Gerchak for fourth.
Lap 190: Rogers now clear, two carlengths in hand on Holman with ten laps to go.
Lap 189 – LEAD CHANGE: Clay Rogers pulled alongside down the backstretch, drew even in 3 & 4, then put a fender in front of Holman at the line.
Lap 188: Holman clearly struggling with his handling now, he moves up the track to see if Rogers’ groove can be of any benefit to him.
Lap 187: What was a 1.7 second lead five laps ago is now four tenths of a second.
Lap 185. Young fights back that on Gerchak, he seems to have finally found the right part of the outside groove works for him and is back to his door.
Lap 182: Gap is 1.7 seconds from Holman to Rogers.Gerchak has completed the pass on Young for third.
Lap 181: Young moved up the track to try what Rogers did but it may cost him third as Gerchak pulls underneath. Pullium returns to the track.
Lap 180: Rogers’ line switch pays off, give him second with twenty laps to go.
Lap 179: Rogers now searching around for a lane to bypass Young. He moves up the track to the third groove and is able to get to Young’s outside quarter panel.
Lap 177: Morgan retakes 9th from Smith.
Lap 175: Twenty-five laps to go. Holman leads Young, Rogers, Gerchak, Jones, Dean, Boswell, Heavner, Smith, and Morgan.
Lap 172: Rogers moves right in on Young and has brought Gerchak with him.
Lap 169: Now that Holman has made the gamble to take off, Rogers is closing in on Young for second.
Lap 166: Holman starting to stretch his lead for the first time tonight, he has eight tenths of a second in hand now on Young.
Lap 165: Gus Dean in 6th has caught the tail end of the lead pack. It’s then a country mile back to Boswell and Heavner.
Lap 161: Top five all still pacing themselves but with less than forty laps to go, we fully expect someone to get impatient soon.
Lap 158: The struggbus continues for J.P. Morgan, who has Andrew Smith passing him for 9th.
Comment From At the track 

Jones is coming!

Lap 155: Holman has a two carlength lead on Young, who is not fading by any means. Rogers and company are another five carlengths in the rears.
Lap 150: Fifty laps to go. Caleb Holman looks to win his second straight race at SNMP while Tyler Young looks for his first victory of the season. Clay Rogers runs third as he looks to extend his championship lead on a struggling J.P. Morgan (9th) and behind him Eric Gerchak and Clay Jones are both looking for their breakthrough Pro Cup victory.
Lap 148: And again, as soon as we say that …. Holman pulls out and grabs the lead from Young exiting Turn Two.
Comment From Champ Chassis, J. McCoy 


Lap 145: The top two have separated themselves a bit from the rest of the pack again, with Holman not yet willing to pull out and make a move on Young.
Lap 142: But they have company now. The top six are nose-to-tail
Lap 139: Hopkins goes a lap down again as Holman is square on the decklid of Young.
Lap 137: Of course, as soon as we say that, it’s like Rogers flipped that switch himself. He, Gerchak, Jones, and Dean, are leading a train that is chopping off a few tenths of a second a lap.
Lap 134: Holman has pressed the “go” button and is closing in on Young in a hurry. You have to feel like Rogers is pacing himself at this point, waiting to turn up the wick like he did in the last run.

1) Tyler Young
2) Caleb Holman
3) Clay Rogers
4) Eric Gerchak
5) Clay Jones

6) Gus Dean
7) Brady Boswell
8) Ryan Heavner
9) J.P. Morgan
10) Andrew Smith
11) Dalton Hopkins

All eleven cars on the track are on the lead lap.

Lap 126: Holman moves in front of Rogers for second. Behind them, Gerchak with a power move to take fourth from Jones.
Lap 123: Pulliam’s team has parked the car next to the hauler so their night may be officially done or at the least off trck for a while.
Lap 121: And just like in the first run of the race, Young has powered away in a hurry leaving Rogers and Holman bumper to bumper. Jones has slipped to fourth.
Lap 120 – LEAD CHANGE: Pole sitter Young goes back to the lead as he moves in front of Rogers exiting Turn Four.
Lap 119: But Young pulls the crossover move and now has the advantage as he is under Rogers down the backstretch.
Caution Laps: 112-118. We will be going green without Pulliam.

RESTART: Nice and even at the line, but Rogers is able to power in front of Young down the backstretch.

Looks like Pullium may have again been the culprit as again crew membes are huddling underneath the rear end housing.
The caution is indeed for suspected fluid and series officials are asking Pullium to come down and check it out again.
CAUTION – Lap 111: No apparent issues on the track, so we assume another fluid/debris caution.
Lap 108: Young peaked under Rogers but Rogers chopped him off in One and Young has to regroup for a second.
Lap 105: Singe field amongst the leaders. Your running order is Rogers, Young, Holman, Gerchak, Dean, Boswell, Morgan, Heavner, and Smith.
Lap 104: Young wants the lead back, pulling back up to Rogers’ rear and even giving him a tap exiting Turn Two
Lap 103: Gerchak has moved past Holman for fourth.
Lap 101: Young will prevail for now, clearing Jones down the backstretch.
RESTART: Rogers gets away cleanly on the start, leaving Young to fend off Jones for second.
Field is back out and being given the one to go.
Tire change for Tyler Young (Speed51.com Photo)
No real surprise here: All is well in Clay Rogers (Speed51.com Photo)
Field filing down pit road now.
CAUTION now flies for the halfway break. Teams will be allowed to change tires and make adjustments in a span of five minutes.
Lap 100 – HALFWAY: Clay Rogers leads Tyler Young, Clay Jones, Caleb Holman, and Eric Gerchak. They are followed by Gus Dean, J.P. Morgan, Brady Boswell, Ryan Heavner, and Andrew Smith. Dalton Hopkins (-2), Lee Pulliam (-4), and Stacy Puryear (OUT) round out the field.
Lap 98: Dean gets by Morgan for sixth.
Lap 97: Three laps until the halfway break. No clear favorite amongst the top three to take the halfway bonus money.
Lap 95: Dean diving under Morgan for sixth, but can’t make it stick yet.
Lap 94: Top-three now nose to tail with Holman and Gerchak in fourth and fifth also coming.
Lap 92: Young nipping right back on Rogers bumper as Clay Jones is visibly the fastest car on the track, inhaling the lead duo here.
Lap 90: Hopkins loses his second lap to the leaders. Jones by Holman in Turn One for third.
Comment From Cupcake 

Keep digging Eric

Lap 88: That said, now that Rogers has taken the lead, he doesn’t appear to be in much of a hurry. He has not really pulled away from Young and third and fourth place are closing.
Lap 87: Young may be in danger of losing more spots before the halfway break as Holman and Jones are growing closer quickly in the rearview.
Lap 86 – LEAD CHANGE: Rogers gouges his way to the inside of Young in the corner and then clears him down the backstretch.
Lap 85: Rogers on the back bumper of Young for the lead.
Lap 83:

1) Tyler Young
2) Clay Rogers
3) Caleb Holman
4) Clay Jones
5) Eric Gerchak
6) J.P. Morgan
7) Gus Dean
8) Brady Boswell
9) Ryan Heavner
10) Andrew Smith
11) Dalton Hopkins (-1)
12) Lee Pulliam (-4)
13) Stacy Puryear (OUT)

Lap 81: Jones under and by Gerchak for fourth. They are both catching Caleb Holman in third.
Lap 80: Rogers now coming in a hurry as the lead dips below a second.
Lap 77: Rogers is beginning to reel in Young. The defecit, which was up to four seconds, is now down to two and a half again.
Lap 76: Andrew Smith has slid to the last car on the lead lap (10th) after getting passed by Heavner.
Lap 75: After following Gerchak forward, Jones now looks to pass his pied piper for fourth.
Lap 72: Dalton Hopkins goes a lap down.
Lap 70: Gerchak to fourth, Jones to fifth.
Lap 68: Gerchak is indeed there on Morgan, pulling alongside down the backstretch. He’s also brought Clay Jones with him.
Lap 65: Rogers has opened up a little breathing room on Holman in the runner-up battle. Morgan follows them by half a straightaway but he has company coming in Erc Gerchak. Gus Dean meanwhile dives under and by Smith for eighth.
Lap 61: Two and a half second lead for Young now in hand as Holman eats up Rogers back bumper for second. Jones has completed the pass of Boswell for sixth.
Lap 59: Gerchak makes the move under Boswell and takes fifth as Jones looks to follow him through the #2 of Boswell.
Lap 57: Pulliam is being scored four laps down
Lap 54: Boswell has moved up to fifth with Gerchak peaking inside for that position..
Lap 53: Young has opened up a lead since clearing Rogers. Rogers, in fact, has slipped back to Holman in the renewed battle for the runner-up spot.
Lap 50: Young comes back to nip Rogers at the line this time and will clear him heading down the backstretch.
Lap 49: Rogers led that lap by a door. Young still fighting hard.
Caution Laps: 26-48. Pulliam returned in time for the restart.

RESTART:  Rogers with a good launch to nose ahead of Young entering Turn One. Side-by-side they go down the back.

Pulliam has returned to pit road and the team is diagnosing the situation as it stands now. 45 of 200 laps are on the board.
We are now back under yellow.
Report from the Pulliam pit is that they were indeed leaking rear end gear fluid. As such, we don’t believe they will get their laps back from when they were repairing the leak.
Looking under Pulliam’s mount (Speed51.com Photo)
Due to all this fluid, series officials have red flagged the event to save as many green flag laps as possible. Track officials will be closely looking at the groove now in 3 & 4.
Pulliam’s team didn’t seem to find any terminal issue and have returned the #41 to the track.
Comment From Lou 

sounds like a higher groove might be in play tonight.

Now Pulliam is being asked to visit pit road as other drivers report fluid coming from his machine.
Puryear’s team has discovered the cause of the issue was an oil cooler, so his night looks as though it will come to an end here. He was the winner of this race last year.

1 Young
2 Rogers
3 Holman
4 Jones
5 Morgan

6 Pulliam
7 Gerchak
8 Boswell
9 Heavner
10 Dean

11 Puryear
12 Smith
13 Hopkins

Puryear has been asked to visit pit road by series officials as the drivers behind him report fluid on their windshields. 

Andrew Smith & Dalton Hopkins will pull up to pit under this yellow. All thirteen starters are still on the lead lap.
Lap 26 – CAUTION: Debris on the track. Right before the yellow flew, Rogers had cleared back in front of Holman in the battle for second.
Lap 25: Jones by Morgan for fourth.
Lap 24: Still door to door for the runner-up spot with Rogers trying to work in the third groove to keep Holman at bay.
Lap 23: Holman drives it deep into Turn Three to pull alongside Rogers for second.
Lap 22: Young has opened up a 2.27 second gap on Rogers.
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Lap 20: Jones under Pulliam for fifth. Door to door through 3 & 4, but give Jones the edge exiting Turns 1 & 2.

Lap 16: Jones has come up to sixth over Heavner, Boswell, Puryear, and Smith. Then for 11th it’s Gerchak and Dean going at it.

Lap 14: Morgan by Pulliam for fourth. It’s Young, Rogers, Holman, Morgan, and Pulliam your top-five.
Caution laps: 4-13

RESTART:  Good jump for Young and this time everyone keeps it nice and clean. Holman pulls up to challenge Rogers for second but Rogers chops him off exiting Turn Four.

Restart is waved off as track crews were looking at a spot down the backstretch for possible fluid.
Puryear has not pitted like the other two damaged cars, but his hood is scrunched up a good half foot.

One to go to green.

As Hopkins drove by us we can see that his front valence was effectively destroyed in that stack up on the start too. They have ripped off part of the sheet metal so there are a bunch of exposed bars making up the front of his machine.
The All-American 400 is one of the most prestigious short track events in the country and it’s back in 2013 even bigger and better than before. Set for November 1 and 2 at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville in Tennessee, the AA400 will be a return to glory for the event that has seen the biggest names in the sport go to its victory lane. Butch Lindley, Bob Senneker, Rusty Wallace, Darrell Waltrip, Butch Miller, Jeff Purvis, Bobby Gill, Freddie Query, Wayne Anderson and Mike Garvey have all etched their name onto the All-American 400 record books over the years. The top names in Super Late Model racing and more will be on hand to battle for the famed guitar that goes to the AA400 winner. This year’s event will be a Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco Super Late Model race co-sanctioned by Champion Racing Association. More details are to be announced soon for this year’s All-American 400. Visit www.fairgroundsspeedwaynashville.com‬‬ for more.
Smith comes back out as his team merely had to clear the valence out. Dalton Hopkins also returns after pitting.
Smith heads to pit road. Your running order after three laps are: Young, Holman, Rogers, Pullium, Morgan, Puryear, Jones, Dean, Heavner, Gerchak, and Boswell.
CAUTION – Lap 3: Andrew Smith smoking heavily with what may be a busted radiator or broken oil cooler.
Lap 2: Puryear and Smith falling back with heavy nose damage.
GREEN: Tyler Young with a fine start while Pullam does not get going. Multiple cars crinkle up their hoods bouncing into each other in the stack up but no one goes around.
It is one of the crown jewel Super Late Model events in the country. The 42nd Annual Winchester 400 will take place on October 11-12-13 at the high-banked Winchester Speedway in Winchester, IN. Some of the biggest Super Late Model stars from all across the U.S.A. will be “gunning” their way to victory lane. Advance ticket sale forms are available at www.winchesterspeedway.com.
One to go when they hit the stripe.
Comment From jack dodson 

Go Lee Pulliam

Comment From guest 

stacy puryear gets the win

Refresher on race procedures: There will be a break at halfway (lap 100). Caution laps to do count. The race will not end under yellow. And during the Championship Series there is no redraw at halfway.
Fans, let us know who you are rooting for tonight.
Comment From Guest 

Can Tyler young put the 02 in victory lane tonight?

Comment From Lenny 

Go Gus Dean

Comment From Mike Ray 

Shoutout to the Wake County Speedway stars and cars.Robert Arch 2013 U-Car Champ;Joe Heigl LMS Champ.

Starting Lineup

1 02 Tyler Young
2 41 Lee Pulliam
3 75 Caleb Holman
4 17 Stacy Puryear
5 16 Clay Rogers
6 62 Andrew Smith
7 23 J.P. Morgan
8 67 Clay Jones
9 56 Gus Dean
10 2 Brady Boswell
11 1 Dalton Hopkins
12 21 Eric Gerchak
13 33 Ryan Heavner
Command to fire engines is given.
Brady Boswell being introduced (Speed51.com Photo)
The grid is set (Speed51.com Photo)
The 48th Annual Florida Governor’s Cup weekend provides three great days of racing action on the popular half-mile oval in central Florida on October 24-26. The Governor’s Cup 200 on Saturday, October 26. Thursday, October 24 will highlight Sportsman, Super Stocks, Pro-Trucks,and Strictly Stocks. Friday, October 25 will include the Pro Late Models 100, Mini-Stocks 50 and E-Modifieds 50. Find out more by visiting www.newsmyrnaspeedway.org.
Pro Cup cars fire to life and they move onto the frontstretch for driver introductions.
Robert Arch in Victory Lane (Speed51.com Photo)
South Alabama Speedway will host their big Fall event, the Alabama Pro, on Saturday, October 19. There will be a 100-lap Pro Late Model feature, a 50-lap Street Stock Madness, and a 50-lap Modified event. Plus the Motorcycles and Coyotes will be in action as well. For more information, please visit www.southalabamaspeedway.com.
CHECKERED: Points leader Robert Arch claims the Charger win tonight over his closest challenger Moody.
Lap 30: Five laps to go with Arch extending his lead.
Lap 22: Robert Arch has passed Haley Moody for the lead.
Allison Legacy Race Series Finish

1 2 Tyler Hill 35
2 27 Justin LaDuke 35
3 43 Devin O’Connell 35
4 29 Jake Ruggles 35
5 98 Hunter Moody 35
6 33 Dale Ogburn 35
7 61 Tyler Farris 35
8 7 Daniel Bedford 34
Finally some order has come to this Charger race as we are ten laps down with Moody leading Arch and Bill Barber.
A really messy start to this Charger race. Four cautions with only one completed lap.
And there’s a crash on the start as Arch did not get going and is jacked up by Ronald Renfrow.
Robert Arch and Haley Moody, the two points leaders in this division will lead the field to green.
As this race gets underway, Pro Cup drivers have been called to their cars.
The ever popular pedal car races for the kids (Speed51.com Photo)
The Charger division is next on the docket.
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Tyler Hill back in Victory Lane (Speed51.com Photo)
CHECKERED: Tyler Hill goes 3-for-4 in Allison Legacy competition thus far in 2013, holding off points leader LaDuke and O’Connell
RESTART: Hill gets away cleanly on the restart and he puts five carlengths between himself and LaDuke.
It’ll be a three-lap shootout between the two drivers who have won 10 of 12 races this season.
CAUTION – Lap 32: The 61 of Tyler Farris has looped his machine down the backstretch.
Lap 28: Seven laps to go. Tyler Hill has not really pulled away from LaDuke since that last restart but LaDuke can’t quite seem to close the few carlength gap either.
Lap 24: Ruggles by Ogburn for fourth and now Moody is under Ogburn’s #33 for fifth.
The sky has turned a lovely golden shade as the sun sets and the lights come on here at Southern National Motorsport Park, the weather has been perfect here all day.
Lap 20: O’Connell comes back on Ogburn and reclaims third. Meanwhile the #29 of Jake Ruggles has gone by Hunter Moody for fifth.
Lap 18: Ogburn under and by O’Connell for third.
RESTART: Hill clear with the lead but now LaDuke is by O’Connell for second.
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CAUTION – Lap 15: Tyler Bedford has spun out of last place, facing traffic in Turn Four.
Lap 12: LaDuke completes the pass for third, but Tyler Hill continues to stretch his lead on the field.
Lap 10: LaDuke’s car seems to have finally come in as he is now all over Moody for third.
Lap 6: Tyler Hill leads O’Connell, Hunter Moody, and LaDuke. Ogburn has falled off LaDuke but remains fifth.
Lap 3: LaDuke seems trapped back where he started. He is trying to fight off Dale Ogburn for fourth as he falls behind the top three.
GREEN: Tyler Hill clears O’Connell from the outside line and begins to set sail.
They appear to have redrawn the top-four qualifiers for the Allison Legacy cars. It’s Devin O’Connell on the pole. 35 Laps for the Allison Legacy cars.
Allison Legacy have rolled onto the track.
Invocation & National Anthem have been given and now we are on to the racing.
And Tyler Young takes the MAHLE Pole Award (Speed51.com Photo)
And Tyler Young takes the MAHLE Pole Award (Speed51.com Photo)
Clay Rogers pockets some extra cash from Orange County (Speed51.com Photo)
Brady Boswell being given the Koolmat Move of the Race Award for his performance two weeks ago at Orange County (Speed51.com Photo)
Twelve races into the Allison Legacy Race Series, Justin LaDuke has dominated the circuit with eight victories and a one-hundred point lead. Tyler Hill though has won 2 out of 3 since returning to the circuit and should give pole sitter LaDuke all he can handle tonight.
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Comment From Mike Ray 

Thank you for tonight’s coverage!

Pre-race ceremonies are next up in fifteen minutes. Then Allison Legacy cars will kick off the feature racing at 6:30.
Fans are starting to trickle in, thanks to everyone who has come out to help support short track racing tonight (or to you fans tuning in while watching races at other tracks).
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Bradley McCaskill, Joe Heigl, and Buckshot Jones were the top three qualifiers for the Limited Late Model event.
Points leader Clay Rogers will have to come from mid-pack to challenge for the win tonight (Speed51.com Photo)
Tyler Young blasts to his first pole of 2013 (Speed51.com Photo)
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The Allison Legacy fast qualifier will be Justin LaDuke. 2011 Allison Legacy champ Tyler Hill has returned to the circuit and will start outside pole.
Qualifying Times

1 02 Tyler Young 15.763
2 41 Lee Pulliam 15.932
3 75 Caleb Holman 16.013
4 17 Stacy Puryear 16.018
5 16 Clay Rogers 16.059
6 62 Andrew Smith 16.104
7 23 J.P. Morgan 16.105
8 67 Clay Jones 16.141
9 56 Gus Dean 16.243
10 2 Brady Boswell 16.304
11 1 Dalton Hopkins 16.32
12 21 Eric Gerchak 16.44
13 33 Ryan Heavner 16.586
That’ll do it for qualifying where Tyler Young overcame being the first one out to claim his 6th career Pole Award. It is his first pole of the 2013.
#56 – Gus Dean

L1: 16.488
L2: 16.243 (+)

10th after 13 cars.

#16 – Clay Rogers

L1: 16.059 (+)
L2: 16.060

6th after 12 cars.

#62 – Andrew Smith

L1: 16.346
L2: 16.104 (+)

6th after 11 cars.

#21 – Eric Gerchak

L1: 16.722
L2: 16.440 (+)

9th after 10 cars.

#1 – Dalton Hopkins

L1: 16.566
L2: 16.320 (+)

8th after 9 cars.

#23 – J.P. Morgan

L1: 16.468
L2: 16.105 (+)

5th after 8 cars

#17 – Stacy Puryear

L1: 16.470
L2: 16.018

4th after 7 cars.

#33 – Ryan Heavner

L1: 16.592
L2: 16.586 (+)

6th after 6 cars.

#2 – Brady Boswell

L1: 16.407
L2: 16.304 (+)

5th after 5 cars.

#67 – Clay Jones

L1: 16.525
L2: 16.141 (+)

4th after 4 cars.

#41 – Lee Pullium

L1: 16.027
L2: 15.932 (+)

2nd after 3 cars.

#75 – Caleb Holman

L1: 16.157
L2: 16.013 (+)

2nd after 2 cars

#02 – Tyler Young

L1: 16.076
L2: 15.763

Qualifying is now underway with Young on the track.
Pro Cup teams have completed their tire scuff session and now have come to pit road. Tyler Young and Caleb Holman will be the first two cars out for time trials.
We hear the Pro Cup cars roaring to life now as they begin their tire scuff.
If you’re enjoying our pictures from scenic and unique Southern National Raceway Park, remember that  you can still attend the X-1R Pro Cup Series season finale, which will occur here on November 2nd.
Practice for the local divisions is coming to a close. The Pro Cup cars will then go out for a few laps to scuff their tires and then qualifying begins at 5 PM
Tyler Young looks for his first SNMP win tonight (Speed51.com Photo)
Stock car racing returns to Memphis International Raceway on Saturday, October 26 with CRA Racing bringing their top two series to compete in the “Racing’s Back! Memphis 250.” The ARCA/CRA Super Series and the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour will each compete in 125-lap events around the famous ¾-mile oval. Make sure to be part of this historical events by ordering your tickets now by calling 901.WOW.RACE or visiting www.racemir.com.
It may be noted that the top two championship drivers, Rogers and Morgan, have never won here. In fact, one may argue this is statistically one of the worst tracks for both drivers. Both have one runner-up finish here yet both also have an average finish outside of the top-ten here. Rogers and Morgan certainly have the talent and teams to buck the trend and get to Victory Lane tonight, but perhaps some of the SNMP gremlins will find them again and reopen the championship window to some of the drivers currently staring at a sizeable deficit after the first race.
Previous X-1R Pro Cup Series Races & Winners at Southern Nat’l
Total: 10 Races

7/13/2013 Caleb Holman
10/6/2012 Stacy Puryear
10/19/2008 Jay Fogleman
7/19/2008 Mark McFarland
7/21/2007 Michael Ritch
7/22/2006 Bobby Gill
7/23/2005 Mark McFarland
7/24/2004 Brad Rogers
6/28/2003 Jason Sarvis
6/29/2002 Bobby Gill
5/10/1997 Mario Gosselin
Teams have begun going through qualifying tech as we see all those cars heading to the tech shed.
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Dalton Hopkins’ car on the grid (Speed51.com Photo)
We’re back from taking a lunch break and walking down through the pits. Local division practice continues. Pro Cup teams also still have some down time before they have to get into qualifying mode. Pro Cup qualifying begins at 5 PM.
With qualifying at 5 PM, our crew is going to take a quick break to grab some lunch. We’ll be back soon. In the interim, feel free to browse Speed51’s other Trackside Now coverage. We also have coverage of the Glass City 200 for Outlaw Super Late Models, the Five Flags Champions PLM Night of Champions, and the ACT Tour season finale at Airborne Speedway. Go to the homepage of Speed51.com to find the link to the coverage you want to check out.
Today’s Speed51.com’s live Trackside Now coverage of the Golden Leaf 200 at Southern National Motorsports Park in Kenly, NC for the CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series is presented by Automotive Specialists in Concord, North Carolina.  Keith Dorton and the team at Automotive Specialists are known worldwide for dependable race engines. It’s a reputation they have earned by designing and building engines for many high profile race teams with a Daytona 500-winning team among them. Call 704-786-0187 or visit www.automotivespecialists.com today to find out how Automotive Specialists can make you a winner.
Lee Pulliam (Speed51.com Photo)
Ryan Heavner (Speed51.com Photo)
Gus Dean’s machine (Speed51.com Photo)
Andrew Smith (Speed51.com Photo)
Beautiful day in central North Carolina (Speed51.com Photo)
Clay Jones is also familiar with SNMP, racing here regularly in the Limited Late Model class. In fact, he’ll be in the LLM race that follows the Pro Cup race tonight (Speed51.com Photo)
Lee Pulliam has been the fastest man in town (Speed51.com Photo)
The 41st Annual Marion Edwards Memorial will be the championship race for the Bright House Challenge Series. The stars will compete on the famous New Smyrna Speedway half-mile oval in a 100-lap event to determint the 2013 season.   More information can be found at www.newsmyrnaspeedway.org.
Final Practice Times

1 41 Lee Pulliam 16.304
2 62 Andrew Smith 16.318
3 17 Stacy Puryear 16.331
4 02 Tyler Young 16.35
5 23 J.P. Morgan 16.377
6 21 Eric Gerchak 16.522
7 75 Caleb Holman 16.535
8 67 Clay Jones 16.583
9 16 Clay Rogers 16.656
10 1 Dalton Hopkins 16.738
11 33 Ryan Heavner 16.998
12 2 Brady Boswell 17.138
13 56 Gus Dean DNT
Second practice is now in the books with Pulliam again pacing the session. Full times in a few minutes
Ten minutes remain in Pro Cup practice
The “kitchen sink” adjustment underway for Gus Dean (Speed51.com Photo)
The “kitchen sink” adjustment underway for Gus Dean (Speed51.com Photo)
Clay Rogers has finished practice and is watching the competition from pit road, particularly sizing up Holman and Pulliam. Major trackbar adjustments for Young
Don’t think it’s been a particularly fun practice for Tyler Young. He’s been very loose every lap and after a “death wiggle” in Turn Three that sent him skittering up the track to save it, he has come in for adjustments.
A Holman crew member checks in on the #75 (Speed51.com Photo)
Andrew Smith, Caleb Holman and Dalton Hopkins have made it on track while Rogers continues a long race run
Ryan Heavner out on a run (Speed51.com Photo)
An interesting note from watching practice down in Turn Three. While just about every driver has stuck to the low groove in practice, Clay Rogers has been running the middle to high groove to try to see how his car works up top.
While drivers practice, teams are already prepping their qualifying tires (Speed51.com Photo)
Second practice has been underway for five minutes but thus far Andrew Smith has been the only driver to take to the track.
Pulliam introduces himself to longtime series chaplain Rev. Jim (Speed51.com Photo)
Lee Pulliam has remained in his car during this break as he debriefs with the Skewes team about his car, smiling and seeming to have a lot of fun. After weeks of chasing points, this weekend is Pulliam’s first real chance to “relax”. Team says they started off a bit loose and are just tightening it a little. Otherwise the 41 is dialed in
Brady Boswell tells us his #2 machine is pretty sporty this afternoon despite a minor brush with the wall. The team had rear end gear issues their first race here but ride a lot of momentum into this race after a career run at Orange County two weeks ago
Practice #1 Times

1 41 Lee Pullium 16.059
2 16 Clay Rogers 16.193
3 02 Tyler Young 16.252
4 56 Gus Dean 16.395
5 67 Clay Jones 16.438
6 62 Andrew Smith 16.491
7 75 Caleb Holman 16.535
8 23 J.P. Morgan 16.645
9 17 Stacy Puryear 16.649
10 2 Brady Boswell 16.794
11 33 Ryan Heavner 16.885
12 1 Dalton Hopkins 17.165
13 21 Eric Gerchak DNT
Practice #1 has concluded and we are already about to start Practice #2
Brady Boswell turning laps (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From NC Girl 

Sure wish Pulliam could have made it to OCS two weeks ago. I know he would have turned the wick up a bit.

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Pulliam just raised the bar again, increasing the time to beat to a 16.059
Pulliam has just jumped to the top of the speed chart with a 16.192.
Stacy Puryear (Speed51.com Photo)
Pulliam has pulled onto the track now for the first time today along with J.P. Morgan and Stacy Puryear.
Clay Rogers has the fastest time of the session 15 minutes in with a 16.193
Tyler Young has come onto the track, returning to Pro Cup action since finishing 3rd at Anderson earlier this summer.
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No sign yet of Lee Pulliam on the track today, but he and the #41 team made a number of laps testing yesterday. The two-time and defending NASCAR Whelen All-American Series national champion is making his X-1R Pro Cup debut here today and used yesterday’s test session to get used to the heavier machines. He competed in a dozen LMSC features here this season, winning three times.
Heavner, Holman, and Hopkins have hit the track for the first time.
Track is now hot for practice with Clay Rogers, Gus Dean and Brady Boswell the first drivers to take to the track.
About ready to go on a beautiful autumn day (Speed51.com Photo)
Practice will be getting underway here in about five minutes.
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The Gus Dean team pushes their car back after passing thru tech (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Lenny 

Go #56 Gus Dean

Point Standings – After Championship Race #1 of 5

1 Clay Rogers
2 JP Morgan -35
3 Brady Boswell -60
3 Eric Gerchak -60
5 Gus Dean -81
6 Dalton Hopkins -88
7 Rich Gould -125
7 Reid Wilson -125
9 Stacy Puryear -130
10 Andrew Smith -131
J.P. Morgan’s team at work getting the #23 machine ready (Speed51.com Photo)
Cars on the Grounds:

02 Tyler Young
1 Dalton Hopkins
2 Brady Boswell
16 Clay Rogers
17 Stacy Puryear
21 Eric Gerchak
23 J.P. Morgan
41 Lee Pulliam
53 Ryan Heavner
56 Gus Dean
62 Andrew Smith
67 Clay Jones
75 Caleb Holman

Clay Rogers team pushes their car to pit road after starting the day off in tech (Speed51.com Photo)
Caleb Holman is back to defend his SNMP win from earlier this season (Speed51.com Photo)
Today’s Speed51.com’s live Trackside Now coverage of the Golden Leaf 200 at Southern National Motorsports Park in Kenly, NC for the CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series is presented by Automotive Specialists in Concord, North Carolina.  Keith Dorton and the team at Automotive Specialists are known worldwide for dependable race engines. It’s a reputation they have earned by designing and building engines for many high profile race teams with a Daytona 500-winning team among them. Call 704-786-0187 or visit www.automotivespecialists.com today to find out how Automotive Specialists can make you a winner.
Racing begins at 6:30, with the Pro Cup cars third up in the order of today’s features. The order is: Allison Legacy, Charger, Pro Cup, U-CAR, and Limited Late Model
Comment From Gene 

What time is the race?

Schedule of Events

Practice 1: 11:45 AM – 12:15 PM
Practice 2: 12:45 PM – 1:45 PM
Qualifying: 5 PM
Race: 6:30 PM       

Thirteen X-1R Pro Cup teams are unpacking their haulers and rolling their cars out to pit road, as tonight’s race marks the 2nd of the 5 races in the X-1R Pro Cup Championship Series.
Good morning and welcome to today’s Speed51.com Trackside Now coverage of the X-1R Pro Cup Series Golden Leaf 200 at Southern National Motorsport Park.

It is an absolutely beautiful day here in the eastern piedmont of North Carolina, where the temperatures are expected to reach the mid-70s without any threat of precipitation today.

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Trackside Now – CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series – Southern National Raceway Park (NC) – 9/28/13