Remember to check in on the action in Nashville, follow the All-American 400 here: http://www.speed51.com/2013_Stories/SSS/Trackside_Now_All_American_400_11_2.html

Until next Saturday’s North-South Shootout, our crew is going to hit the road. We wish you a happy and safe rest of your weekend (and don’t forget to set your clocks back for Daylight’s Savings!)

Good night from Southern National!

We want to thank Automotive Specialists for helping present the entire Championship Series and Jack McNelly and Chris Ragle from the X-1R Pro Cup Series for their cooperation and help with us this year. In fact, thanks to the entire X-1R Pro Cup series of officials and crews for working with us this year. This is a great group of competitors, a friendly and hard-working bunch, and it’s been Speed51’s pleasure to spend time covering this tour.
Today’s Speed51.com’s live Trackside Now coverage of the Finale 200 at Southern National Motorsports Park in Kenly, NC for the CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series was presented by Automotive Specialists in Concord, North Carolina.   Automotive Specialists has been building winning race engines for almost 50 years.  World record setting engines for the Salt Flats to race winning short track engines are available.  Call Keith or Jeff for all of your racing engine needs at 704-786-0187 or visit www.automotivespecialists.com.
That’s going to do it from Southern National Motorsport Park and also put a wrap on the 2013 X-1R Pro Cup Series season.
Rookie of the Year Brady Boswell (Speed51.com Photo)
Clay Rogers, the first ever five-time Pro Cup champ (Speed51.com Photo)
Clay Rogers and the core L & R group (Speed51.com Photo)
And then just kept on going … (Speed51.com Photo)
Clay Rogers started laying the rubber down for his champion’s burnout (Speed51.com Photo)
Tonight’s winning Top Gun Motorsports team (Speed51.com Photo)
Pulliam uncorks the bubbly (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Kelly 

Knew you could do it Lee

Comment From CJ Woliver 

Congrats to Clay Rogers the first ever Pro Cup Series 5 time champion! Congrats to Brady Boswell and his entire team on Rookie of the Year honors!

Comment From Guest 


Comment From Lenny 

Congrats to Pulliman on his first career win,Thanks for the coverage Speed 51

Unofficially, J.P. Morgan will retain second in points while Gus Dean slides into third place.
Gus Dean came to congratulate Pulliam, who in turn gave Dean a hearty thanks for racing him clean in those waning laps (Speed51.com Photo)
Lee Pulliam in Victory Lane (Speed51.com Photo)
Pulliam did a nice burnout but champ Rogers just one-upped him as he smoked the tires for a full lap around SNMP
Unofficial Results

1 41 Lee Pulliam 200
2 56 Gus Dean 200
3 23 J.P. Morgan 200
4 75 Caleb Holman 200
5 16 Clay Rogers 200
6 1 Dalton Hopkins 200
7 62 Andrew Smith 200
8 05 Codie Rohrbaugh 200
9 2 Brady Boswell 200
10 66 Reid Wilson 185
11 17 Stacy Puryear 173
12 21 Eric Gerchak 150
13 58 Richard Gould 55
CHECKERED: Lee Pulliam got a challenge but he’ll win the battle nonetheless as he defeats Gus Dean and J.P. Morgan here tonight. Clay Rogers finishes 5th as he ends his championship season and Brady Boswell is the Rookie of the Year.
WHITE: Who will be the first-time winner here tonight. Dean gives Pulliam a shove out of Turn Four.
Lap 198: Popsicle sticks and we have a battle for the win. Dean right on Pulliam’s bumper.
Lap 197: Dean has cut it down to a single carlength now.
Lap 195: Five to go. Dean still lurking in the rearview. Rest of the field strung out.
Comment From Guest 


Comment From Renee 

Alright Boswell drive smart and hard get that rookie of the year so proud of. U

Lap 193: Pulliam stabilizes the lead at that two carlength margin.
Lap 191: Gus Dean trails Pulliam now by just two carlengths after spotting him six to eight on the restart.
Lap 190: Ten to go. Here comes Gus Dean on strong in the closing moments of this event.
Lap 188: Boswell has slipped to 9th since the restart.
Lap 186: Pulliam leads Dean, Morgan, Holman and, guess who, Clay Rogers pulling into fifth.
Lap 185: But Dean fights right back and reclaims the runner up spot.
Lap 184: Give Morgan second now.
RESTART – Lap 182: Pulliam as he has all night gets away with a strong exit of Turn Two. Morgan has pulled up alongside Dean for second.
Flagman lifts a single finger as Codie Rohrbaugh will get the free pass. Doubled up for the restart. It’s Pulliam and Dean in row one and then Morgan and Dean in row two.
As we make laps under yellow this will mark lap 180. Twenty laps to go.
We are firing the cars back up and back to yellow we go.
Still waiting for the red to be withdrawn as a blowdryer works its way into Turn Three.
None of the top four drivers on the track – Pulliam, Dean, Morgan, and Hopkins – have ever won a series race here. Pulliam though did pick up three wins here this year in Big Boys Truck Stop Late Model Stock Car division competition. In the inaugural running of the Dirty Dozen, the LMSC series run exclusively at SNMP and Motor Mile, Pulliam won the title. But it would be doubly sweet for him to pick up his first ‘heavy’ car victory here.
Remember folks, we are not the only 51 team at the track tonight. There is one heck of a big race going on in Nashville, USA as 72 Super and Pro Late Models combined came to the Fairgrounds Speedway for the running of the All American 400. Still pretty early in their program, so why don’t you open this link in a new tab and follow along:http://www.speed51.com/2013_Stories/SSS/Trackside_Now_All_American_400_11_2.html
Reid Wilson is in the pits under this red and the team is giving the car the once-over to make sure it escaped that incident relatively unscathed (which is what we believe based on what we can see here from up top)
We are going red to save laps.
Puryear immediately parks his car next to the team’s trailer.
CAUTION – Lap 173: Stacy Puryear goes up in a big plume of smoke and Reid Wilson spins in the oil.
Comment From tommy 

go get them clay

Lap 172: Dean is trying to become the first and only driver to record his 1st Pro Cup victory in 2013.
Lap 170: Dean continues to ride right in the tire tracks of Pulliam.
Lap 169: Hopkins gives Holman a little tap to clear the way low entering Turn Three.
Lap 168: Rogers has cleared Boswell for seventh.
Yep, this is an eight tire race (including the four you start with).
Comment From Ginny 

Do they put on 4 tires at halfway?

Lap 166: Holman has Hopkins trying to get fourth back after Holman stole it on one of the previous restarts.
Lap 162: Rogers pulls up on the high side to challenge Boswell for 7th.
Lap 161: Dean is right on Pulliam’s bumper this run.
Lap 156: Sorry, we failed to mention that Clay Rogers got the free pass under that last yellow. He’s making us mention it because he is shooting through the field. Give him 8th.
RESTART: Pulliam is away yet again as Morgan and Holman duel for third.
Just as we say that Gerchak is on pit road with the hood up.
We’re quickly doubling up for the restart as no one needed to hit pit road.
CAUTION – Lap 150: Stacy Puryear goes for a smokey 360 in Turn Two but will drive away without damage.
RESTART: Everyone was on it on that restart as the whole press box shakes. Door to door into Turn One with Pulliam clearing Dean down the back.
Doubling up for the restart. Pulliam inside of Dean.
Comment From Kelly 

Come on Lee you can win this

In the battle for the runner up spot in points, Morgan looks pretty safe to finish 2nd if he can finish where he runs now, which is third. Boswell and Dean would be in a tight tussle for 3rd in points. In the Rookie of the Year battle, Boswell looks pretty comfortable as he runs ahead of Gerchak and already had a 23-point cushion coming in.
Running Order:

1 Pulliam
2 Dean
3 Morgan
4 Hopkins
5 Holman

6 Boswell
7 Smith
8 Gerchak
9 Puryear
10 Rohrbaugh

11 Rogers (-1)
12 Wilson (-2)
13 Gould (OUT)

CAUTION – Lap 138: Debris on the track. Rohrbaugh will get the free pass.
Lap 136: Wilson goes a second lap down to the leaders.
Lap 134: Give Smith 7th over Gerchak. Rogers pulls under Gerchak now but remember he is still a lap down in 11th and now no longer in the free pass spot.
Lap 133: Now Smith gives Gerchak a nudge to make some room for himself.
Lap 132: Smith nipping at Gerchak’s rear bumper as he wants 7th.
Lap 128: Codie Rohrbaugh, who got the free pass under that last yellow, goes a lap down.
Lap 127: Dean eating into Pulliam’s lead little by little and Morgan has by no means lost contact with the lead either.
Comment From CJ Woliver

Good to see Dalton Hopkins is having a good run, been a tough year for the #1 team. Dalton is due a good finish!

Lap 122: Pulliam leads Dean by six-tenths of a second.
Lap 120: Hopkins now goes by Holman for fourth. Three of your top-four have never won a Pro Cup race.
Lap 116: Hopkins gets Holman a little squirrelly as he looks for room low.
Lap 114: Dean and Morgan seem to be reeling Pulliam back in as Hopkins is all over Holman for fourth.
No major changes for Pulliam under that break (Speed51.com Photo)
Lap 109: Hopkins has joined the train that comprise 2nd through 4th as Pulliam has pulled away up front.
Lap 106: Hopkins completes the pass as ahead of him the top four are now Pulliam, Dean, Morgan, and Holman.
Lap 105: Hopkins under Boswell for fifth.
Comment From Madi 


Comment From RedLounger 

Way to go #56 GUS DEAN!!

Lap 102: Morgan hangs on for now, but Holman is not yet done.
RESTART – Pulliam away with the lead. Battle will be for third as Holman dives under Morgan.
Cars have come back out and we are ready to go at it again.
On the leaders, no major adjustments or concerns apparent in the pits for Pulliam, Dean, and Morgan.
Clay Rogers’ team has focused on the left rear of their car trying to address their handling woes.
We hear the air guns whir up as all twelve remaining cars in the race get attention from their pit crews.
Your running order at the halfway break:

1 Lee Pulliam
2 Gus Dean
3 J.P. Morgan
4 Caleb Holman
5 Brady Boswell
6 Eric Gerchak
7 Dalton Hopkins
8 Codie Rohrbaugh
9 Stacy Puryear
10 Andrew Smith (-1)
11 Clay Rogers (-1)
12 Reid Wilson (-1)
13 Richard Gould (OUT)

CAUTION – Ten-minute break to strap on fresh rubber and make adjustments.
Lap 100: Halfway leader will be Pulliam over Dean and Morgan (who was also catching the lead quickly)
Lap 98: Dean went high to try to get a run on Pulliam, but it cost him two carlengths.
Lap 96: Boom, just like that Dean has reeled in Pulliam with ease. He has four laps to make a move.
Lap 95: Eric Gerchak applying pressure now to Boswell for fifth.
Lap 93: The top-four have really separated themselves from the rest. Boswell in fifth is almost on the same  straightaway as the leader behind him.
Lap 90: Ten to go to the halfway break. Pulliam comfortably in the lead with a 1.3 second advantage plus three lapped cars to his benefit.
Lap 88: Now Smith loses the lead lap.
Lap 87: Rogers loses the lead lap.
Lap 86: Wilson gets lapped by Pulliam, who is just two carlengths behind Rogers.
Lap 85: Smith has caught Rogers for 10th and believe it or not the champ is in danger of being lapped by Pulliam soon.
Lap 82: Holman may be in trouble as he has dropped back like a rock without warning. Dean to second and Morgan to third. Holman running the extreme high line trying to find some grip in his car.
Lap 80: Puryear has slipped back in recent laps. Boswell is now 5th, Gerchak 6th, Hopkins 7th, and Puryear back to 8th.
Lap 78: Dean now starting to reel in Holman for second.
Lap 76: Clay Rogers finds himself in 10th, probably the lowest point we’ve seen him run all season excluding mechanical failure.
Lap 75: Wilson got so loose in Turn Four that time we saw tire smoke coming from the rear wheels. Both he and Smith are running hard to avoid getting lapped by Pulliam before the halfway break.
Lap 72: Wilson clears Smith for 11th.
Lap 71: Rohrbaugh wants 9th from Rogers as Smith and Wilson behind them are also side by side for 11th.
Lap 70: Pulliam leads Holman by 1.15 seconds. Then it’s Dean, Morgan, and Boswell your top-five.
Lap 69: Boswell meanwhile has draw a bead on Puryear for fifth and they are door to door.
Lap 67: Gerchak completes the pass and here comes Hopkins looking for 8th from Rogers.
Lap 65: Boswell clear to sixth as the struggling Rogers now sees Gerchak up at his door.
Lap 62: Up front, Pulliam has again pulled away to a comfortable lead.  Morgan clears Puryear for fourth while Boswell draws even with Rogers for sixth.
Comment From Guest 

That’s right JP go get them!

Lap 60: Morgan just about clear of Rogers now as he begins to also put a fender under Puryear for fourth.
Lap 58: Morgan clears Boswell to take 6th. He then switches lines to pull under Rogers for fifth.
Lap 56: Puryear hangs on for now. Meanwhile, J.P. Morgan has used the high groove to pull up with Boswell for 6th.
RESTART: Pulliam away nice and clear over Holman and Dean. Rogers pulls even with Puryear for fourth.
Doubling up for the restart. Pulliam will once again chose the low line.
Running Order:

1 Pulliam
2 Holman
3 Dean
4 Puryear
5 Rogers
6 Boswell
7 Gerchak
8 Morgan
9 Hopkins
10 Wilson
11 Rohrbaugh (pitted)
12 Smith (pitted)
13 Gould (hood up now on pit road)

Gould returns to the track.
That caution saved Codie Rohrbaugh who was being lapped.
CAUTION – Lap 48: Something goes wrong on the Richard Gould machine and he limps down pit road.
Lap 47: Stacy Puryear has joined Rogers in running the top line. Everyone else is pretty much married to the bottom.
Lap 45: Boswell is able to draw a fender under Rogers for fifth but Rogers’ keeps the momentum going from his higher lane choice and keeps the spot for now.
Lap 43: Rogers has begun to climb the banking as he is not showing his traditional muscle early, mired in fifth.
Lap 42: All thirteen starters remain on the lead lap though Pulliam should probably catch the back of the field within 10 laps.
Lap 40: Now Wilson muscles by Smith to crack the top-ten again.
Lap 40: Hopkins continues his comeback tour, he’s under and by Smith for 9th.
Lap 37: Hopkins has re-passed Wilson for 10th.
Comment From Patrick Coleman 


Lap 35: Morgan finally draws even with Smith and will take the spot.
Lap 34: Morgan gets into Smith trying to get under him for 8th, stacks up everyone behind them but we stay clean and green for the time being.
Lap 30: Pulliam’s lead has reached a second on the field.
Lap 28: Morgan is by to ninth and now Wilson will take tenth from Hopkins.
Lap 26: Now Morgan draws even with Hopkins for 9th.
Lap 24: Smith and Hopkins are the only side-by-side battle on the track at the moment, they are going at it for 8th. Give the nod to Smith for now.
Lap 23:  The top five have now separated themselves evenly as it’s Pulliam, Holman, Dean, Puryear, and Rogers.
Lap 20: Rogers hangs tough and will retain fifth for now. Behind them, Hopkins makes casual contact with Gerchak racing for 7th. Both continue on their way without incident.
Lap 19: Rogers couldn’t complete the pass on Puryear and now has Boswell inside trying to take fifth.
Lap 16: Rogers under Puryear for fourth but Puryear is using the high line to also try to pull alongside Dean for third.
GREEN – Lap 15: Holman kept even with Pulliam into Turn One, but bobbled in the middle of Turn Two and has to slide into second.
Today’s Speed51.com’s live Trackside Now coverage of the Finale 200 at Southern National Motorsports Park in Kenly, NC for the CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series is presented by Automotive Specialists in Concord, North Carolina.   Automotive Specialists has been building winning race engines for almost 50 years.  World record setting engines for the Salt Flats to race winning short track engines are available.  Call Keith or Jeff for all of your racing engine needs at 704-786-0187 or visit www.automotivespecialists.com.
Been told the caution was to check for fluid that possibly is coming from the #58 of Gould. But he pulled away from the pits without any obvious issues, so we will double the cars back up and go green.
Running order under yellow:

1 Lee Pulliam
2 Caleb Holman
3 Gus Dean
4 Stacy Puryear
5 Clay Rogers
6 Brady Boswell
7 Eric Gerchak
8 Andrew Smith
9 Dalton Hopkins
10 Reid Wilson
11 J.P. Morgan
12 Codie Rohrbaugh
13 Richard Gould (pitting)

Comment From Guest 

JP Morgan all the way!!

CAUTION – Lap 10: No obvious issues on the track, we suspect debris has drawn the yellow.
Lap 10: Up front, it’s a seven tenths of a second lead for Pulliam on Holman and Dean.
Comment From Kelly 

Go get em Lee

Lap 8: Boswell pulls up to Smith’s door and he will claim sixth through Turns 3 & 4.
Lap 7: Now Rogers is by Smith for fifth.
Lap 5: Smith gets really out of shape in Turn Two, allowing Puryear to bypass him for fourth.
Lap 4: Dean will hold onto third as Puryear and Rogers are door to door for fifth.
Comment From Guest 

Go JP Morgan and the 23 crew!

Lap 2: Give Holman second as Andrew Smith tries to draw alongside Dean for third.
Lap 1: Pulliam gets away cleanly with the lead as Holman has pulled up to challenge Dean for second.
GREEN FLAG: Lee Pulliam leads the field into Turn One. Clay Rogers has just clinched the 2013 X-1R Pro Cup Series title.
One more lap until we get going.
Comment From Lenny 

Go Gus Dean

Comment From Dave 

Rooting for Rogers and tuning in from Northeast Ohio.

Starting Lineup

1 41 Lee Pulliam
2 56 Gus Dean
3 75 Caleb Holman
4 17 Stacy Puryear
5 62 Andrew Smith
6 16 Clay Rogers
7 66 Reid Wilson
8 23 J.P. Morgan
9 2 Brady Boswell
10 58 Richard Gould
11 21 Eric Gerchak
12 1 Dalton Hopkins
13 05 Codie Rohrbaugh
Pace laps begin.
Fans, if you’re rooting for anyone tonight, leave a comment with us telling us who you are gunning for and where you’re tuning in from.
One enthusiastic young man gives the command loud and clear “DRIVERS, START YOUR ENGINES.” Thirteen cars roar to life on the front straightaway.
National Anthem is now being given.
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MAHLE Pole Award winner Lee Pulliam (Speed51.com Photo)
Something we’re going to watch with some interest tonight. Eric Gerchak’s car was notably rolled over to the right in practice but it seems to be an intentional set up decision. We’ll see if their #21 comes to the front tonight with a bit of an u
Drivers introducing themselves to the fans (Speed51.com Photo)
Gus Dean talked with Rogers’ crew chief Jamie Mosley before going out on his qualifying run and turned it into the outside pole (Speed51.com Photo)
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Pre-race ceremonies are beginning.
Wishing you the best, C.J., the announcer for the X-1R Pro Cup Series, we know you’re one tough cookie and would have made it to the track if you could have. Best for a quick recovery to you from everyone here.
Comment From CJ Woliver 

So sad that I can’t be there tonight, Pro Cup Fans. Know if there was any way possible or if the doctor would have cleared me to come I would have been there. Good luck to all my Pro Cup drivers tonight. It has been an amazing season and it all comes down to TONIGHT! A big thanks to Speed51 for excellent online coverage all championship season long!

Speaking of factoids, this will be the 13th race of the season and the 13th race in series history here. Previous winners:

9/28/2013 Clay Rogers
7/13/2013 Caleb Holman
10/6/2012 Stacy Puryear
10/19/2008 Jay Fogleman
7/19/2008 Mark McFarland
7/21/2007 Michael Ritch
7/22/2006 Bobby Gill
7/23/2005 Mark McFarland
7/24/2004 Brad Rogers
6/28/2003 Jason Sarvis
6/29/2002 Bobby Gill
5/10/1997 Mario Gosselin
Comment From Stix 

Factoid: Reid Wilson has a special spotter for this race. Lloyd Garner, who spots for NASCAR Next driver Ben Rhodes in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series and NASCAR K&N Pro Series East, will fill in as spotter as a favor to his good friend Mike Herman, Jr.

A tradition at SNMP is to have a pedal car race for the kids. The kids are in attendance tonight but were being a bit shy, so there was an open space for one more pedal car racer. Someone joked to Reid Wilson, one of the young guns of the X-1R Pro Cup Series, that he’s young enough to race in that “division”. Well, he happily obliged and finished 2nd.

“That kid who finished 1st was too light”, he joked. Wilson has never raced here and described this place simply as “crazy” (in the fun, racy way). He compared it a bit to Motor Mile but says it has a ton more banking. He really liked running the top in practice and feels he’ll definitely be up there once they get a few laps in on the run.

The grid is set for tonight (Speed51.com Photo)
J.P. Morgan and Richard Gould chat on the grid (Speed51.com Photo)
Didn’t catch the exact details of who is owning the car but Rogers told us his Lamb & Robinson Pro Cup team will have quite a few members go down with him, so he’ll have some solid support behind him.
Comment From clay rogers fan 

which car is clay running the snowball in?

Cars are now rolling onto the track to be gridded up. Drivers will then be introduced and in just over half and hour we will be rolling for the final X-1R Pro Cup race of the season.
Series champ Clay Rogers won the Derby in 2006 and will be running it again this year.
It is the biggest Super Late Model event in the country, the 46th Annual Snowball Derby presented by JEGS at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida. Last year, Erik Jones made a bold outside pass on Kyle Busch to win his first Derby. It will be a who’s who of Late Model stars from all across North America. Make your plans now to be a part of this incredible event. For more information, visit www.snowballderby.com.
Clay Rogers tells us he was a bit disappointed his qualifying lap. “It felt good in 1 & 2, but I had to park it in the middle of 3 & 4.” We asked him about running the very top in practice. He said he tried running that high line because rain yesterday cleaned off the track. He didn’t feel his car was that much better up there speed wise but says it’s definitely there for handling on a long run. He plans to start on the bottom and see how it goes from there, keeping his knowledge of the track conditions in his back pocket for late in the race.
Dalton Hopkins climbing out of his machine after qualifying (Speed51.com Photo)
X-1R Pro Cup Series Qualifying Times

1 41 Lee Pulliam 15.974
2 56 Gus Dean 15.983
3 75 Caleb Holman 16.069
4 17 Stacy Puryear 16.08
5 62 Andrew Smith 16.138
6 16 Clay Rogers 16.142
7 66 Reid Wilson 16.145
8 23 J.P. Morgan 16.317
9 2 Brady Boswell 16.319
10 58 Richard Gould 16.607
11 21 Eric Gerchak 16.767
12 1 Dalton Hopkins 16.774
13 05 Codie Rohrbaugh 16.816
That does it for MAHLE Pole Qualifying as Lee Pulliam, in his third X-1R Pro Cup Series start, has claimed the pole for tonight’s race.
#2 – Brady Boswell

L1: 16.380
L2: 16.319 (+)
Position: 9th after 13 cars.

#16 – Clay Rogers

L1: 16.268
L2: 16.142 (+)
Position: 6th after 12 cars.

#1 – Dalton Hopkins

L1: 16.774
L2: Not run.
Position: 10th after 11

#58 – Richard Gould

L1: 16.712
L2: 16.607 (+)
Position: 8th after 10 cars.

#66 – Reid Wilson

L1: 16.216
L2: 16.145 (+)
Position: 6th after 9 cars.

#41 – Lee Pulliam

L1: 16.090
L2: 15.974 (+)
Position: Fast time after 8 cars

#75 – Caleb Holman

L1: 16.274
L2: 16.069 (+)
Position: 2nd after 7 cars.

#17 – Stacy Puryear

L1: 16.418
L2: 16.080 (+)
Position: 2nd after 6 cars

#56 – Gus Dean

L1: 17.847
L2: 15.983 (+)
Fast time after 5 cars

#05 – Codie Rohrbaugh

L1: 16.1816
L2: Not run

#23 – J.P. Morgan

L1: 16.317
L2: 16.325 (+)

#21 – Eric Gerchak

L1: 16.767
L2: Not run
Position: 2nd after 2

#62 – Andrew Smith

L1: 16.671
L2: 16.138 (+)

Qualifying is now underway with Andrew Smith the first one to take to the track.
Today’s Speed51.com’s live Trackside Now coverage of the Finale 200 at Southern National Motorsports Park in Kenly, NC for the CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series is presented by Automotive Specialists in Concord, North Carolina.   Automotive Specialists has been building winning race engines for almost 50 years.  World record setting engines for the Salt Flats to race winning short track engines are available.  Call Keith or Jeff for all of your racing engine needs at 704-786-0187 or visit www.automotivespecialists.com.
Pro Cup cars are now rolling onto the track for their tire scuff session. They will make a few laps, get the tires dialed in, and then pull back in before going out for regular time trials at 5:15.
Caleb Holman waits to qualify (Speed51.com Photo)
Clay Rogers catches up Lee Pulliam and team (Speed51.com Photo)
Lee Pulliam was the fastest driver in practice (Speed51.com Photo)
We’re back as we have about 25 minutes until qualifying begins. Interesting to note before the teams go out that heavy cloudcover has come over the track and it has definitely cooled down outside.
Glad to have you along. SNMP is a .4 mile, high banked track.
Comment From oljonesy 

just what size track is so. natl.? following the coverage here in e.cntrl. in. a hoosier boy howdy for speed51!!!

Rev. Jim prays over the drivers and teams for his final time as series chaplain (Speed51.com Photo)
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Comment From Hannah Watson 

Rev. Jim will definitely be missed! My dad works for #75 team and always enjoys speaking with him. Every time I’ve been around him and talked to him, it’s always been a joy! Congrats on your retirement! Go #75!!

We’re going to grab some lunch now and talk to some more drivers. We’ll be back in a little bit as we get ready for qualifying next on the docket here from SNMP.
Reid Wilson waiting to go out in practice earlier (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Mike Ray

Thank you for today’s coverage of the X-1R Pro Cup Series Speed51.com

Comment From Bill from Phillips, WI.

Congrats on your retirement Rev. Jim We all Love you!

A bittersweet moment is going on now after the drivers’ meeting. Rev. Jim, series chaplain since 2000, is giving his final chapel service. He was just given a standing ovation from the drivers for his 17 years of service to this tour
During the drivers’ meeting series owner Jack McNelly thanked the six teams that attended every race this year and said the series would wave their entry fee to this race as a sign of thanks. The series banquet will be January 25th. For 2014, the owners met this morning and have a high amount of confidence for next season. They have, in McNally’s words verbal commitment from 10-11 tracks for next year
Stacy Puryear and Eric Gerchak look over the practice sheets (Speed51.com Photo)
We are heading back down for the drivers’ meeting.
Second Practice Times

1 41 Lee Pulliam 16.095
2 23 J.P. Morgan 16.203
3 17 Stacy Puryear 16.21
4 75 Caleb Holman 16.239
5 1 Dalton Hopkins 16.416
6 66 Reid Wilson 16.456
7 5 Codie Rohrbaugh 16.545
8 58 Richard Gould 16.55
9 56 Gus Dean 16.551
10 21 Eric Gerchak 16.564
11 16 Clay Rogers 16.599
12 2 Brady Boswell 16.643
13 62 Andrew Smith 16.666
Comment From Jennifer from Troy, AL 

Good Luck Brady Boswell!!

Second practice concluded with Lee Pulliam on top. Full times in just a second.
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Brady Boswell watching the shock change on his #2 (Speed51.com Photo)
After this debrief, the Gus Dean team made a rear spring change (Speed51.com Photo)
Five minutes remain in this session and everyone is thrashing to get one more adjustment in.
Brady Boswell tells 51 his team has been spending this practice session playing around with shocks. They wanted to try some new combinations. Their test sort of worked – helped the corner exit but hurt the corner center too much. They will go back to their usual shock package which seemed to make the car a better long run car.
Gunning for their second SNMP win of the year in the Caleb Holman pits (Speed51.com Photo)
Dalton Hopkins strapped in for another practice run in his #1 machine. Evidence of the scrapes of the first 12 races of 2013 remain all along the door panel (Speed51.com Photo)
Now everyone is following Rogers’ lead and seeing how their cars handle in the top lane.
Much as we saw here last month, Clay Rogers is really working the top groove in practice. It paid off for him in the race last month as he went to the top in the final 25 laps to catch and pass Caleb Holman for the win (Speed51.com Photo)
Track is hot for second practice as Codie Rohrbaugh will be the first one out.
Stacy Puryear strapping in for practice (Speed51.com Photo)
Reid Wilson gets some tips prior to second practice from Clay Rogers (Speed51.com Photo)
Already about ready for the second and final practice. We’ll be going down pitside for this session to see how teams are doing with their machines today.
Practice Times – Session #1

1 41 Lee Pulliam 15.966
2 56 Gus Dean 16.056
3 23 J.P. Morgan 16.071
4 62 Andrew Smith 16.093
5 2 Brady Boswell 16.221
6 75 Caleb Holman 16.302
7 17 Stacy Puryear 16.315
8 16 Clay Rogers 16.356
9 5 Codie Rohrbaugh 16.562
10 58 Richard Gould 16.728
11 21 Eric Gerchak 16.798
12 66 Reid Wilson 16.088
13 1 Dalton Hopkins 17.18
Gus Dean (Speed51.com Photo)
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Caleb Holman rotates through Turn One (Speed51.com Photo)
With five minutes remaining, Lee Pulliam (15.966) remains atop the practice chart over Dean, Morgan, Smith, and Boswell.
All thirteen cars here today have now been on track.
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Pulliam in fact has just jumped to the top of the charts with a 15.966 second lap.
Lee Pulliam was one of several drivers to practice here yesterday though rain would hamper his #41 Top Gun Motorsports’ team efforts to finish dialing the car in. He said the car had a lot of speed but lacked drive off the corner. They will continue to work on that today.
Codie Rohrbaugh is the fastest driver ten minutes into practice with a 16.860.
Gus Dean and Andrew Smith are now also on the track.
No, the extra $10K bonus was being put up by the Rockingham track. Today is still a normal $10K to win race.
Comment From Adam 

Is this still a 20k to win race like the finale at Rockingham was suppose to be?

J.P. Morgan is the first car out for practice.
By starting practice, Rogers assures himself of at least 2nd place in points as drivers get 40 points for competing in a race weekend even if they can’t start. As such, in about two minutes everyone other than Rogers and Morgan will be eliminated from title contention.
This team is about to lock up a title but they still want to get the win tonight (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Lenny 

Go Gus Dean,Thanks for the coverage Speed 51

Engines have fired up along pit road as we are just ten minutes from getting practice going.
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Stacy Puryear ready to take on the high banks of Southern National Motorsport Park (Speed51.com Photo)
Tyler Young himself was not able to be here tonight as he competed in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series event at Texas Motor Speedway last night. He finished 24th in his familiar #02 machine.
Eric Gerchak hopped into the second Young Motorsports car at Hickory, got a solid run out of it, and has brought back the piece for today’s finale (Speed51.com Photo).
Championship Points Entering the Finale 200

1 Clay Rogers
2 JP Morgan -121
3 Brady Boswell -158
4 Gus Dean -171
5 Eric Gerchak -190
6 Dalton Hopkins -256
7 Tyler Young -333
8 Andrew Smith -405
9 Reid Wilson -493
10 Codie Rohrbaugh -513
10 Rich Gould -513
As we touched on a few minutes ago, Clay Rogers will clinch his record fifth championship simply by starting tonight. J.P. Morgan is second and has a healthy but certainly not safe lead on Brady Boswell for the second spot. Boswell has been the most improved driver in the second half of this season, dueling Rogers late into the race at both Orange County and Hickory. Gus Dean is fourth and also in the mix for the second to fourth place finish in points.
Cars on the Ground

05 Codie Rohrbaugh
1 Dalton Hopkins
16 Clay Rogers
17 Stacy Puryear
2 Brady Boswell
21 Eric Gerchak
23 J.P. Morgan
41 Lee Pulliam
56 Gus Dean
58 Richard Gould
62 Andrew Smith
66 Reid Wilson
75 Caleb Holman
Schedule of Events

1-1:45 – Practice #1
2-2:45 – Practice #2
5:00 – Tire Scuff Session
5:15 – Qualifying
7:00 – Race

Weather is perfect for some racing tonight as thirteen teams have unloaded their machine onto pit road. We’ll reach the mid-70s with isolated cloudcover and little to no chance of precipitation.
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Good afternoon and welcome to Speed51.com’s coverage of the X-1R Pro Cup Series Finale 200, the 13th and final stop on the 2013 season for this tour. Tonight, they will go 200 laps around Southern National Raceway Park in Kenly, North Carolina as Clay Rogers will lock up his fifth championship.
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Trackside Now – CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series – Southern National Motorsports Park (NC) – 11/2/13