That’ll do it for the Speed51 crew here today at Orange County Speedway. Clay Rogers has opened his quest for a sixth X-1R Pro Cup title with his fourth victory of 2013, while main points rival J.P. Morgan trailed him home and will be right on his tail again in two weeks at Kenly. Thanks to all of you for tuning in, the extremely hospitable and friendly folks at Orange County Speedway, and to the X-1R Pro Cup Series officials who make our privlege of covering these races as easy and fun as possible.

Until next time, we wish you all the best. Hope to see you at Kenly in two weeks!

Today’s Speed51.com’s live Trackside Now coverage of the Championship Series 200 at Orange County Speedway (NC) for the CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series was presented by Automotive Specialists in Concord, North Carolina.  Keith Dorton and the team at Automotive Specialists are known worldwide for dependable race engines. It’s a reputation they have earned by designing and building engines for many high profile race teams with a Daytona 500-winning team among them. Call 704-786-0187 or visitwww.automotivespecialists.com today to find out how Automotive Specialists can make you a winner.
Wins alone always make Clay Rogers smile, but it’s hard to top the genuine smile on his face when he gets to celebrate with daughter Ava (Speed51.com Photo)
Win #4 for Clay Rogers (Speed51.com Photo)
Clay Rogers gives the champagne bath to his crew (Speed51.com Photo)
Remaining X-1R Pro Cup Series Schedule:

9/27 – Kenly
10/5 – Anderson
10/19 – Hickory
11/2 – Kenly

We’d love to see you at the track for these races, but Speed51.com will also have live Trackside Now coverage if you can’t make it out.

UNOFFICIAL Finishing Order
X-1R Pro Cup Series Championship Kickoff 200

1 16 Clay Rogers 203
2 23 J.P. Morgan 203
3 58 Richard Gould 203
4 21 Eric Gerchak 203
5 2 Brady Boswell 203
6 17 Stacy Puryear 203
7 62 Andrew Smith 201
8 1 Dalton Hopkins 196
9 66 Reid Wilson 192
10 56 Gus Dean 186
11 6 C.J. Faison 182
12 33 Joey Jones 132
13 00 Lucas Ransone 106


During his post race interview Clay Rogers revealed he will attempt to make his Sprint Cup Series debut in a few short weeks at Martinsville
Wasn’t pretty, but it’s a career best third for Richard Gould (Speed51.com Photo)
Clay Rogers arrives yet again at X-1R Pro Cup victory lane (Speed51.com Photo)
On the cooldown lap, Brady Boswell takes a swipe at the Gould machine.
CHECKERED: Clay Rogers wins the Championship Kickoff 200 over J.P. Morgan, Richard Gould, Eric Gerhak, and Brady Boswell.
WHITE: Clay Rogers looking for his fourth win of the year, pulling away from Morgan.
RESTART: Rogers with the advantage at the line. Morgan throws it into Turn One, but slides behind Rogers on corner exit.
Lights extenguish on the pace car. Rogers will start on the outside, Morgan to the inside.
CAUTION: Stacy Puryear loops it in Turn Four and we are heading to a green-white-checkered.
RESTART: Rogers and Morgan bounce off each other with three to go.
Pro Cup machines have roared back to life for one final shootout.
The flatbed is dispatched for Wilson’s car (Speed51.com Photo)
On the track, it looks like we have seven cars left. In the order they are running as they sit on the track now it is:

J.P. Morgan
Clay Rogers
Richard Gould
Brady Boswell
Eric Gerchak
Stacy Puryear
Dalton Hopkins (who is a few laps down)

A member of the #66 team has pointed Wilson back to the garage before we could figure out who exactly he felt sent him around.
Wilson is walking towards where the field is parked on the backstretch to have a discussion.
Going red again due to the need for another cleanup.
CAUTION – Lap 192: Reid Wilson backs it hard into the outside Turn One wall. Stacy Puryear spun trying to get whoaed down.
Lap 191: Morgan sparking as he throws his car into Turn One, looking for max speed.
Lap 190: Ten to go. Smith off the pace.
Lap 189: J.P. Morgan is now clear to the lead. Gould is third and Boswell fourth.
RESTART: Morgan takes the advantage from Rogers as they go through Turn One.
Track Officials have informed us that the injured fan is okay after treatment and they wanted to stay and watch the rest of this race.
Comment From Modaddy 

Orange county is always a barnburner, dont understand why more dont support the procup? Seems they have best purse going?

EMTs have tended to the issue and we are back under caution.
Comment From Champ Chassis – J. McCoy 

Praying the fans are ok.

No damage, he just slid up into the third groove and had to get off the gas to save it after he and Rogers went into a controlled slide.
Comment From Boswell Electric Co.. 

Does the Boswell car have much damage after the contact??

Unfortunately, during this red flag a fan has been injured in the stands and as such we are in a holding pattern until that can be addressed. We pray and wish the best for the fan in question.
Team is still working on it, but the damage appears to be enough to keep them out of contention at the least.
Comment From Marshall 

Is Faison done for the night?

Going to go red to save laps, lots of cleanup needed on the frontstretch.
Looks like Gus Dean also got some nose damage in that crash.
Heavy damage for Faison, who comes to pit road bathed in sparks.
Lap 181: Faison, Smith, and Wilson were probably all involved.
CAUTION – Lap 180: A couple of cars go for the spin cycle on the frontstretch. Hard to tell who offhand in the smokescreen.
Lap 180: When that is all said and done, it’s Rogers ahead of Morgan, Gould, and Boswell
RESTART: Boswell again chose the high line. This time, it doesn’t turn out great for him. Rogers gets squirrelly underneath, both slide up the track.
Running Order – Lap 175:

1 Brady Boswell
2 Clay Rogers
3 J.P. Morgan
4 Richard Gould
5 Andrew Smith

6 Eric Gerchak
7 Stacy Puryear
8 Gus Dean
9 Reid Wilson
10 C.J. Faison

11 Dalton Hopkins (lost laps in the pits)

CAUTION: Faison struggles to get going, but eventually fires it up before losing a lap.
RESTART: Boswell with another fine start as Faison goes around in Turn Two.
Sawzall time for Hopkins (Speed51.com Photo)
Puryear, meanwhile, stalled pulling away and is now being pushed around the track.
All seem to pull away without major damage though we see some nose sheet metal dragging off Hopkins car and Wilson has his rear bumper flapping.
CAUTION – Lap 165; Multi-car incident as Puryear gets sent for the spin cycle and sends Wilson and Gerchak around for the 360 with him.
Lap 164: That move backfired on Puryear, who lost third to Morgan.
RESTART: Boswell clear as Puryear bails his #17 into Turn One to try to take second.
Running Order:

1 Boswell
2 Rogers
3 Puryear
4 Morgan
5 Gould
6 Wilson
7 Faison
8 Hopkins
9 Gerchak
10 Dean
11 Smith (-1)

CAUTION – Lap 158: Andrew Smith loops his #62 machine at the exit of Turn Two.
Lap 155: Career laps led for Boswell entering tonight: 0.
Lap 152: Rogers has begun to gain a little breathing room on Puryear. Morgan is still right there in the picture as well and Richard Gould having a career run as he trails the #23.
Lap 150: Fifty laps to go. Rogers has stabilized the gap to Boswell. Is Boswell saving enough or is Rogers coming too late?
Lap 148: Puryear keeps trying the low line in the corners but Rogers just keeping it wound up enough in the high line to clear him corner exit.
Lap 147: Boswell’s lead has reached three seconds.
Lap 146: Now Puryear applying pressure to Rogers.
Lap 144: Boswell leads Rogers, Puryear, Morgan, Gould, Wilson, Smith, Faison, Hopkins, Gerchek, and Dean. All eleven cars on the track are on the lead lap.
Lap 142: Puryear keeps marching forward as he just dive bombs his way to third.
Lap 140: Boswell’s lead has reached two seconds as Morgan is beginning to eat up Rogers for second.
Lap 139: Puryear puls the slide job on Gould now to take fourth.
Lap 135: Puryear and Wilson now really using each other up as they go at it for fifth. Jones parks his car.
Lap 133: Joey Jones off the pace and heading pit side.
Lap 130: Rogers maintains second, third is Morgan, Gould fourth, Wilson fifth, and Puryear sixth (who got a free pass under that last yellow). Third through sixth you could put under a blanket
Lap 128: Boswell leads by about a second and a half.
Boswell’s whole family has been in front of us in the tower tonight, and they are most definitely having themselves a good time.
Comment From Renee 

Go Boswell your aunt Renee is cheering you on

Lap 126: Rogers finally puts Morgan behind him.
Lap 125: Wilson and Gould behind that battling duo are going at it for fourth.
Lap 122: Morgan nearly washes into Rogers as he looks for enough grip to make the pass. Still side-by-side
Lap 120: Morgan gets enough of a run to not only hold off Gould but pull alongside Rogers for second.
RESTART: Rookie Boswell chose the outside and it paid off. He maintains the lead over Rogers. Gould alongside Morgan for third.
It’s a tough break, as Ransone told us he was planning on running the full Championship Series if he had a good enough run here tonight to help pay the effotrt forward.
Ransone has climbed from his car, but his car is done for the night.
Comment From pat 

Ransone ok ?

Faison in practice earlier today (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Marshall 

Can we get a picture of CJ’s hot rod!

Running Order – Lap 110:

1 2 Boswell
2 16 Rogers
3 23 Morgan
4 58 Gould
5 6 FAison
6 66 Wilson
7 1 Hopkins
8 62 Smith
9 21 Gerchak
10 33 Jones
11 56 Dean (pit)
12 17 Puryear (free pass)
13 00 Ransone (out)

Comment From Kel-Kel 

thanks y’all for the great coverage!!!

CAUTION – Lap 107: Lucas Ransone pancakes his car hard into the Turn One wall.
Comment From Marshall 

Come on C.J. beat up on the Late Model regulars!

Lap 106: Rogers is not letting Boswell get too far away, just lurking behind in second.
Lap 104: Boswell is now clear to the lead.
Lap 103: Boswell ekes his nose ahead at the line.
Lap 101: Now Puryear slows and hits the pit road again, apparently for a penalty. Rogers has the lead over Brady Boswell once all that is said and done.
RESTART: Puryear gets going and blends back in in front of the field. Stack up.
Comment From Helen Shirley #66 Maw Maw 

Hold in there Reid. You can do it. Stay cool lu

As the field gets the one to go, Puryear pulls onto pit road and the hood is up.
Cars are already firing back up and we will be going again soon for 100 more laps.
A reminder that they will start the second half of this race straight up. There is no halfway redraw during the X-1R Pro Cup Series Championship Series.
Today’s Speed51.com’s live Trackside Now coverage of the Championship Series 200 at Orange County Speedway (NC) for the CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series is presented by Automotive Specialists in Concord, North Carolina.  Keith Dorton and the team at Automotive Specialists are known worldwide for dependable race engines. It’s a reputation they have earned by designing and building engines for many high profile race teams with a Daytona 500-winning team among them. Call 704-786-0187 or visitwww.automotivespecialists.com today to find out how Automotive Specialists can make you a winner.
Running Order at Halfway

1 16 Clay Rogers
2 6 C.J. Faison
3 23 J.P. Morgan
4 2 Brady Boswell
5 66 Reid Wilson
6 58 Richard Gould
7 56 Gus Dean
8 00 Lucas Ransone
9 17 Stacy Puryear
10 1 Dalton Hopkins
11 21 Eric Gerchak
12 62 Andrew Smith
13 33 Joey Jones
Joey Jones will receive the free pass, putting all 13 starters right back on the lead lap for the second half.
Lap 100 – YELLOW: Halfway break. Clay Rogers holds off Faison for the halfway honors.
Lap 98: Great battle as we are two laps short of the halfway break.
Lap 97: Top four are now side-by-side two rows deep. Rogers, Faison, Morgan, and Boswell all over each other.
Lap 96: Faison is going low in every corner to try to get a run on Rogers.
Lap 95: Dean bogged down under Gould, which allows Ransone to insert himself in that 6th place battle.
Comment From 66Mom

My two favorite teams: Alabama & #66 Reid Wilson Racing. Hoping BOTH will be winners today!

Lap 92: Dean under Gould for sixth as ahead of him Faison tucks back in behind Rogers.
Lap 90: Faison decides to pull out and take a shot at Rogers.
Lap 89: Rogers Faison, Morgan, Boswell, and Wilson nose-to-tail.
Lap 88: Wilson gets the most out of that stack up, he is now fifth.
Lap 87: Gould gets loose in the middle of a pack, and slips a few spots.
Lap 86: Rogers with a mirror full of the second place battle. Morgan maintains the low line and he is even Faison.
Lap 84: Morgan puts the hammer down and drives by Boswell and up alongside Faison for second.
RESTART: Awesome restart for Rogres who has cleared Faison before they even enter Turn One. Boswell alongside Morgan for third.
Lights go out on the pace truck and we see Rogers again choosing the outside.
Gerchak will be awarded the free pass.
CAUTION: Dalton Hopkins gets sent for a solo spin down the backstretch. He was racing Boswell for fourth, had to get off the gas, and Wilson sent him around as he was right on Hopkins’ bumper.
RESTART: Rogers chose the outside and it was the wise move as he holds the lead firm.
Gould also pits, but they only seem to be making a trackbar adjustment to the car. Ransone pulls up to receive his free pass.
Andrew Smith pits to have his crew inspect any damage he may have possibly received in the incident.
Free pass should be Ransone under this yellow. 70 of 200 laps complete.
CAUTION – Lap 69: Richard Gould loops hiscar around in Turn Three and barely keeps the rear of the machine from hitting the wall.
Lap 65: Faison throws it into Turn Three and is rewarded by taking the runner up spot.
Lap 63: Clay Rogers leads J.P. Morgan, C.J. Faison, Dalton Hopkins, and Brady Boswell. Then it’s Richard Gould, Reid Wilson, Stacy Puryear, Gus Dean, and Andrew Smith rounding out the top-ten. We believe those are the only cars on the lead lap.
Lap 60: Faison is the next one to challenge Morgan, nibbling at his rear quarter panel as they exit Turn Two.
Lap 58; Now Morgan tucks in to second.
Lap 57: Still side-by-side for the lead. Give it to Rogers at the line this time.
RESTART: Rogers keeps his car wound up just enough to stay even down the backstretch.
One to go to the restart, which will come on lap 54. Leader Morgan chooses the inside line.
Gerchak’s team working hard on the right front suspension area.
Looks like Puryear’s team is going to again work on the exhaust, which they had issues with it staying mounted in practice.
Puryear is pulling up to pit, as is Dean and Gerchak.
Ransone lost a lap trying to get back going.
CAUTION – Lap 48 – Lucas Ransone spins out in Turn Four as he was trying to find grip under Gus Dean.
Lap 47: Jones goes a second lap down. 12 of 13 starters remain on the lead lap.
Lap 45: Faison getting racier, he has pulled up to Rogers’ back bumper.
Lap 42: Leader Morgan’s lead holds steady at a second. Faison is just a few carlengths back from Rogers in third. Then it’s a pretty big gap to Hopkins and another big gap to Boswell.
Lap 41: Smith grabs 8th from Wilson. Meanwhile, Ransone all over Dean for tenth.
Lap 40 – Running Order:

1 J.P. Morgan
2. Clay Rogers
3 C.J. Faison
4. Dalton Hopkins
5. Brady Boswell

6. Stacy Puryear
7 Richard Gould
8 Reid Wilson
9 Andrew Smith
10 Gus Dean

11 Lucas Ransone
12 Eric Gerchak
13 Joey Jones (-1)

Lap 36: Hopkins completes the pass for fourth.
Lap 34: Hopkins with a power move to pull alongside Puryear.
Lap 33: Faison completes the pass for third. Now Dalton Hopkins wants fourth from Puryear.
Lap 32: Faison has gone back to work on Puryear, give him the spot by a nose at the line.
Lap 31: Reid Wilson sliding back a bit, as Gould takes seventh and now Smith all over him for eighth.
Lap 30: Nothing more doing for Faison, though, as he slides back to fourth.
Lap 29: Faison gets a good run out of Turn Four and pulls alongside Puryear for third.
Lap 26: Joey Jones gets lapped.
Lap 23: Morgan’s lead continues to grow, reaches a second. Puryear is about three carlengths back of Rogers while Faison is in turn closing in for third.
Lap 22: Interesting watching this field pace around Orange County. Everyone fans out widely in the corners as this is a multi-groove track, but then come back together like a freight train down the straights.
Lap 19: Morgan has opened up a three carlength lead on Rogers as Puryear begins to apply pressure for second.
Lap 16: Sixth is to Boswell, seventh to Wilson, eighth to Gould, ninth to Smith, and tenth to Dean. Ranson, Gerchak, and Jones round out the running order.
Lap 15: Morgan again clears Rogers. Then it’s Puryear, Faison, and Hopkins all right there nose to tail.
Lap 14: Rogers tucked back in line for a lap but just like that they are side by side once more.
Lap 12: Rogers up to Morgan’s nose now. Meanwhile, Wilson pokes under Boswell for sixth.
Lap 11: They are now door-to-door for the lead as Puryear lurks.
Lap 10: Rogers gets a fender inside of Morgan.
Lap 8: Hopkins looks under Faison for fourth.
Lap 6: Wilson by Dean for seventh.
Lap 4: Puryear quickly reels the top-two in, as the lead trio all running slightly different lines in Turns 3 & 4
Lap 3: Rogers all over Morgan, but the duo has driven away from new third place driver Puryear.
Lap 1: Faison thought about making a run on Rogers, but he will also try to tuck in line. In fact, Puryear now has pulled up along Faison for third.
START: Morgan gets the initial jump and clears Rogers into Turn One.
Pace laps are now underway.
The Pro Cup stars are ready (Speed51.com Photo)
Starting Lineup – X-1R Pro Cup Series Championship Kickoff 200

1 23 J.P. Morgan
2 16 Clay Rogers
3 6 C.J. Faison
4 17 Stacy Puryear
5 2 Brady Boswell
6 1 Dalton Hopkins
7 56 Gus Dean
8 00 Lucas Ransone
9 66 Reid Wilson
10 21 Eric Gerchak
11 62 Andrew Smith
12 58 Richard Gould
13 33 Joey Jones
The victorious team for Brandon Baker (Speed51.com Photo)
CHECKERED: Brandon Baker holds off Chuck Lawson, Craig Moore and Chris Denny for the Late Model Stock win.
RESTART: Three-wide as Baker gets ahead of that gaggle again.
CAUTION: This race is not over yet, Baker will have to hold off Denny again on a restart.
WHITE: Baker chose the outside line and it paid off as Denny overdrove Turn One on the inside and slid up and out of contention.
The capacity crowd rises to their feet as this is going to be a two-lap shootout.
With two laps to go, Brandon Baker will be the leader on the restart with Chris Denny and Craig Moore behind him.
Spalding got the black flag for jumping for the restart and now he is eliminated from the running as Wayne Bowes pounds the Turn One wall.
Spalding will lead Brandon Baker and Chris Denny on a restart with five laps to go.
Lap 70: Now Kyle Spalding, back from his spin after that restart chaos, muscles his way back into the lead.
Lap 70: Five to go for Chuck Lawson in an intense Late Model race.
Lap 68: They went three wide on the restart when Moore gave Lawson a little tap, but Lawson survives as Moore plummets backwards after hitting the brakes.
CAUTION – Lap 67: Massengill spins and wrecks out of third and we have some torn up Late Model Stocks in Turn Three.
Lap 66: Lawson reclaims the lead on the subsequent restart. Moore squeezes back in for second.
Lap 60: Moore pulls off the slide job on a restart, finally able to get past Lawson on the low side.
Lap 58: Moore and Lawson have swapped the lead at the line for the last five laps. But now Moore slips out of two allowing Massengill to try to reclaim second.
Lap 50: Now Moore is on the attack for the lead , Lawson hanging tough in the high line.
Lap 43: Now Moore powers around Masengill who simply could not find enough grip on the bottom to ever get back around Lawson.
Lap 39: Lawson leads at halfway over Massengill and now Craig Moore right there as well.
Lap 32: Craig Moore pulls a gusty slide job in Turn Three to take third as Lawson has reclaimed the lead.
Massengill continues to lead at lap 30. If he leads at halfway (38) he gets a bonus point towards his track championship cause.
Tripp Massengill has now come to the lead as Lawson pulls back in line in second. 23 of 75 laps are complete.
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Chuck Lawson leads Tripp Massengill early on in this LMSC race. Massengill needs a good run tonight as he trails Craig Moore by just six points for the championship lead.
Next up is the 75-lap Late Model Stock Car race. Pro Cup on deck.
Night has fallen over central North Carolina, and the fans have come out to Rougemont in droves. Don’t spot an empty seat in the house. Thanks to everyone who has come out to support this local short track racing tonight (or if you’re catching up while watching a race at a different track, tip of the hat to you as well).
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Lane Riggs, 11 years old, wins his second consecutive Pure Stock race here at Orange County Speedway.
Riggs comes back to the lead with five laps to go.
Race has been red flagged after another multi-car pile up that took out Milam. Riggs will restart third when we get going again with nine laps to go.
Milam has now been called for going to the rear for jumping the restart that squirrelled up Riggs. D.J. Moser inherits the lead for a ten lap shootout.
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On a subsequent restart, Milam blocked Riggs who got sideways and spun in front of the entire field, which piled in.
Halfway through the Pure Stock race, Jack Milam really used up Riggs, beating and banging all the way from Turn Four to Turn Two, and taking the lead down the backstretch
Ten cars answer the call for this 25-lap Pure Stock race.
Justin LaDuke celebrates with his crew (Speed51.com Photo)
Next up is the Pure Stock race. Lane Riggs, son of NASCAR Sprint Cup veteran Scott Riggs, will start on the pole.
CHECKERED: Justin LaDuke claims the Allison Legacy feature over Devin O’Connell, Hunter Moody, Dale Ogburn, Ben Klatt, Ian Isringhausen, Jake Ruggles, and Tyler Farris
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Lap 30: Clean and green all the way thus far for the Allison Legacy drivers. Moody continues to have a rearview mirror full of Dale Ogburn for third, but that’s the closest battle as we run.
Lap 25: This is a thirty-five lap race, so just ten laps to go. LaDuke looking pretty solid to make it 8-for-12 as they run.
Lap 20: After O’Connell applied a little pressure five laps ago, LaDuke has really stretched the lead. He’s got a two second lead in hand.
Lap 10: LaDuke and O’Connell have a comfortable cushion on the field as Dale Ogburn hounds Hunter Moody for third.
GREEN: LaDuke gets a good jump over Devin O’Connell and give him a few carlength lead after a handful of laps.
Allison Legacy cars now making pace laps. Justin LaDuke, with 7 wins in 11 races, will lead the field to green.
Feature Order:

Allison Legacy
Pure Stock
Late Model
Pro Cup
Limited Late Model

Invocation & National Anthem now being given.
J.P. Morgan is confident in his team’s ability to win their second straight championship. Clay Rogers is probably considered the prohibitive favorite due to his five Pro Cup championships and his three early season wins, but Morgan closed the gap on Rogers down from nearly 300 markers to 28 markers before the Championship reset. He feels like their cars have definitely gained more speed since the start of the season.
Rookie Brady Boswell admits that he and his team has struggled out of the trailer today, as this is his first Pro Cup race at this facility. But he is confident that he will best Eric Gerchak in the Rookie of the Year battle. They enter the final five races separated by just fifteen points.
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As we noted earlier in our coverage, this is the first day it’s felt like autumn here in NC. The cooler temperatures will add more grip and speed to the track and maybe throw a setup curveball to these teams who have been spending all summer fighting the slick bullrings in the South
Pro Cup grid (Speed51.com Photo)
Qualifying for the local divisions are complete and just like that we are only thirty minutes from the start of feature racing.
2013 X-1R Pro Cup Series Thus Far:

6-Apr-13 Dillon, SC Clay Rogers
20-Apr-13 Hickory, NC Clay Rogers
17-May-13 Kingsport, TN Clay Rogers
8-Jun-13 Radford, VA Mark McFarland
22-Jun-13 Myrtle Beach, SC Mark McFarland
13-Jul-13 Kenly, NC Caleb Holman
27-Jul-13 Montgomery, AL Caleb Holman
10-Aug-13 Anderson, SC J.P. Morgan
25-Aug-13 Kingsport, TN J.P. Morgan
The 51st Annual People’s United Bank Milk Bowl is an event on many short track fans bucket list. This year’s event will take place on October 5-6 at the famous Vermont track. Drivers will compete in a three-segment event with the hopes of drinking the fresh milk and immortalizing themselves by kissing a cow.  It has become one of the more popular short track events in the United States. For more information, please visitwww.thunderroadspeedbowl.com.
Clay Rogers en route to a P2 qualifying effort (Speed51.com Photo)
Qualifying Times
Allison Legacy Race Series

1 27 Justin LaDuke 16.089
2 43 Devin O’Connell 16.238
3 33 Dale Ogburn 16.244
4 98 Hunter Moody 16.299
5 10 Ben Klatt 16.878
6 61 Tyler Farris 17.224
Awaiting qualifying for the local divisions – Mini-Trucks, Late Models, and Limited Late Models
Allison Legacy cars have completed their qualifying session and they will also start the feature racing off tonight at 6:45.
Qualifying Times
X-1R Pro Cup Series Championship Opener 200

1 23 J.P. Morgan 14.844
2 16 Clay Rogers 14.847
3 6 C.J. Faison 14.889
4 17 Stacy Puryear 14.923
5 2 Brady Boswell 14.979
6 1 Dalton Hopkins 15.016
7 56 Gus Dean 15.029
8 00 Lucas Ransone 15.097
9 66 Reid Wilson 15.102
10 21 Eric Gerchak 15.103
11 62 Andrew Smith 15.139
12 58 Richard Gould 15.29
13 33 Joey Jones 15.489
Morgan does not eclipse his own track record, which was 14.645 set last November.
J.P. Morgan was the first car out to qualify and he’ll be the first one to take the green flag. He claims the pole with a 14.844, eking out Clay Rogers by just three thousandths of a second.
#56 – Gus Dean

L1: 15.272
L2: 15.029

Position: 7th

#66 – Reid Wilson

L1: 15.204
L2: 15.102 (+)

Position: 8th after 12

#21 – Eric Gerchak

L1: 15.240
L2: 15.103 (+)

Position: 8th after 11

#16 – Clay Rogers

L1: 14.915
L2: 14.847 (+)

Position: 2nd after 10

#2 – Brady Boswell

L1: 15.174
L2: 14.979 (+)

Position: 4th after 9

#62 – Andrew Smith

L1: 15.183
L2: 15.139 (+)

6th after 8

#1 – Dalton Hopkins

L1: 15.232
L2: 15.016 (+)

Position: 4th after 7

#6 – C.J. Faison

L1: 15.087
L2: 14.889 (+)

Position: 2nd after 6

#33 – Joey Jones

L1: 15.980
L2: 15.489 (+)

Position: 5th after 5

#00 – Lucas Ransone

L1: 15.209
L2: 15.097 (+)

Position: 3rd after 4

It is the biggest Super Late Model event in the country, the 46th Annual Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida. Last year, Erik Jones made a bold outside pass on Kyle Busch to win his first Derby. It will be a who’s who of Late Model stars from all across North America. Make your plans now to be a part of this incredible event. For more information, visit www.snowballderby.com.
#17 – Stacy Puryear

L1: 14.977
L2: 14.923 (+)

Position: 2nd after 3

#58 – Richard Gould

L1: 15.370
L2: 15.290 (+)

Position: 2nd after 2

#23 – J.P. Morgan

L1: 14.987
L2: 14.844 (+)

Here we go, qualifying is underway.
Scuff session has ended and we are waiting X-1R Pro Cup Series officials to release Morgan to qualify.
Morgan has a lot more on his mind than qualifying right now, as he and his wife are expecting their first child any time now.
J.P. Morgan will be the first driver out to qualify (Speed51.com Photo)
The Pro Cup cars have fired engines for their scuff session.
Qualifying Order:

1) #23 J.P. Morgan
2) #58 Richard Gould
3) #17 Stacy Puryear
4) #00 Lucas Ransone
5) #33 Joey Jones
6) #6 C.J. Faison
7) #1 Dalton Hopkins
8) #62 Andrew Smith
9) #2 Brady Boswell
10) #16 Clay Rogers
11) #21 Eric Gerchak
12) #66 Reid Wilson
13) #56 Gus Dean

Qualifying tire scuff is up for the X-1R Pro Cup Series cars in about fifteen minutes, and then they will go straight into qualifying
The fourth Gulf Coast Doubleheader weekend for the Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco is set for September 20 & 21.  The weekend kicks off with a combination event for the Southern Super Series and the Buddy’s Home Furnishings Blizzard Series at Pensacola, Florida’s Five Flags Speedway on Friday, September 20.  The action shifts a few miles down Interstate 10 to Alabama’s Mobile International Speedway on Saturday, September 21, for the combination Southern Super Series and Miller Lite Series 125-lap feature. For more details, visit www.southernsuperseries.com,www.5flagsspeedway.com and www.mobilespeedway.net.
Dalton Hopkins at speed earlier in practice (Speed51.com Photo)
We will have limited updates from the local divisions.
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will yall have updates for the local divisions to

Today’s Speed51.com’s live Trackside Now coverage of the Championship Series 200 at Orange County Speedway (NC) for the CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series is presented by Automotive Specialists in Concord, North Carolina.  Keith Dorton and the team at Automotive Specialists are known worldwide for dependable race engines. It’s a reputation they have earned by designing and building engines for many high profile race teams with a Daytona 500-winning team among them. Call 704-786-0187 or visitwww.automotivespecialists.com today to find out how Automotive Specialists can make you a winner.
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Good Luck #2 Brady Boswell!!

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been a big fan of clay rogers for many years.like to see him win another champsion title

Pro Cup cars have gridded to qualify as local practice concludes (Speed51.com Photo)
The X-1R Pro Cup Series has had a history of breathing life back into some of the fine but abandoned tracks in the South, being key players in bringing back racing to North Wilkesboro and Rockingham in 2010. Each one of the tracks this series races on own a huge piece of racing history.
Of course, this has been a tough month for short tracks. Raceway Park in Shakopee, MN was torn up to make way for an asphalt recycling plant and tonight is the last race ever at Canaan Fair Speedway. That’s why it’s crucial that fans support grassroots racing. Especially when there is an opportunity like you have today, with free tickets to tonight’s races (which you can print at carsprocup.com)
The concrete seats and concession stands still are very evident here (Speed51.com Photo)
The old Occoneechee flag stand. Imagine flagging in those days (Speed51.com Photo)
What was once the frontstretch at Occoneechee can still be run. But only if on foot (Speed51.com Photo)
Earlier today, en route to OCS our crew stopped by the remains of the now vacant Occoneechee Speedway, a fifteen minute drive from this track. A one-mile dirt track that NASCAR raced on from 1948 to 1968, Occoneechee now is the center of an interesting municipal park experience. The 44 acres the speedway once occupied is now filled with three miles of hiking trails, including the ability to run/walk the full mile around the old track. Here’s some quick shots from our experience. If old tracks fascinate you, look up “Lost Speedways” on Facebook or Twitter, where one of 51’s founding members, Matt Dillner, has been collecting pictures and stories about America’s lost speedways
With a long break for these Pro Cup teams coming up, we’re going to step away for a time and walk the pits and grab some grub. You can, of course, spend the time looking at Speed51’s other Trackside Now coverages today, as we have teams at the CRA JEGS All-Star Tour race at Springport, the Call of the Wild at Kalamazoo, and the Yellow River Series at Marshfield. You can find links to all of these feeds atSpeed51.com
Remember, if you’re interested in coming to today’s race and taking advantage of this fantastic weather and intriguing championship opener, you can print free tickets at the X-1R Pro Cup Series website, carsprocup.com
Remainder of Today’s Schedule:

5:00 Pro Cup Tire Scruff
5:15 Pro Cup Qualifying
5:30 Allison Legacy Qualifying
5:45 Local Division Qualifying
6:30 Pre-Race Ceremonies
6:45 Features:
Allison Legacy
OCS Late Model
X-1R Pro Cup
OCS Limited Late Model
Today’s race will be the fourth race in the history of the X-1R Pro Cup Series at Orange County Speedway. Mario Gosselin won the inaugural visit during the tour’s inaugural season of 1997 while J.P. Morgan swept both races here last season.
The 41st Annual Marion Edwards Memorial will be the championship race for the Bright House Challenge Series. The stars will compete on the famous New Smyrna Speedway half-mile oval in a 100-lap event to determint the 2013 season.   More information can be found at www.newsmyrnaspeedway.org.
It’s important to note that during the Championship Series there will be no redraw after the halfway break
Drivers’ meeting (Speed51.com Photo)
During the drivers’ meeting, X-1R Pro Cup Director of Operations reminded the teams that Rockingham Speedway will no longer be on the schedule. Southern National will take the Nov. 2 date. Due to the change of location, the race will be a normal $10K to win race as the double winner’s purse was part of the sanction agreement with Rockingham and not necessarily that of the series.
Drivers’ meeting is underway and it starts with the teams wishing a happy birthday to Clay Rogers
It took a while for Stacy Puryear to make it onto the track this afternoon, but he paced second practice (Speed51.com Photo)
Final Practice Times
X-1R Pro Cup Series Championship Opener 200

1 17 Stacy Puryear 15.083
2 58 Richard Gould 15.109
3 23 J.P. Morgan 15.161
4 21 Eric Gerchak 15.161
5 62 Andrew Smith 15.163
6 16 Clay Rogers 15.163
7 6 C.J. Faison 15.219
8 66 Reid Wilson 15.241
9 00 Lucas Ransone 15.261
10 1 Dalton Hopkins 15.369
11 56 Gus Dean 15.518
12 2 Brady Boswell 15.538
13 33 Joey Jones 15.699
Trailers for the local divisions are pulling in as we speak.
Next activity for the Pro Cup teams comes at 5:00 for Qualifying Tire Scruff with qualifying itself fifteen minutes later.
Red and black flags wave, practice has concluded. We’ll have times shortly.
A member of Andrew Smith’s pit crew watches his driver pace around Orange County (Speed51.com Photo)
Track is now a busy place as about half of the field are making final shots at seeing how their cars stack up.
The biggest open Modified event in the country, the John Blewett III North-South Shootout, is back and bigger than ever for its 11th annual running. On November 8th and 9th, the “Men who live by the grace of God and 600 horsepower” will thunder around North Carolina’s Caraway Speedway in this traditional Modified battle pitting the stars of the Northern Modifieds versus their counterparts in the South. Tickets are affordable for the whole family and it’s a show that shouldn’t be missed by fans who enjoy wheel-to-wheel excitement. For more details on the 11th annual John Blewett III North-South Shootout, visit www.carawayspeedway.com
Joey Jones and Richard Gould (Speed51.com Photo)
Gus Dean mashes on it here in Rougemont (Speed51.com Photo)
Fifteen minutes remain in final practice.
Today’s Speed51.com’s live Trackside Now coverage of the Championship Series 200 at Orange County Speedway (NC) for the CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series is presented by Automotive Specialists in Concord, North Carolina.  Keith Dorton and the team at Automotive Specialists are known worldwide for dependable race engines. It’s a reputation they have earned by designing and building engines for many high profile race teams with a Daytona 500-winning team among them. Call 704-786-0187 or visitwww.automotivespecialists.com today to find out how Automotive Specialists can make you a winner.
J.P. Morgan straps in for what may be his final practice run (Speed51.com Photo)
Seeing some teams start to jack up their cars and strap on new tires in order to make a qualifying run
Clay Rogers doing some tweaking with the right front suspension (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Marshall

Go CJ Faison! Hometown Hero!

Fastest time thus far this session has been a 15.53
Stacy Puryear’s team fixes an exhaust pipe issue, but they are entering the track for the first time now (Speed51.com Photo)
Faison leads Wilson down the backstretch (Speed51.com Photo)
Eric Gerchak looks over last second work on his machine (Speed51.com Photo)
Brady Boswell didn’t even bother unstrapping after the first practice, he’s ready to go again (Speed51.com Photo)
Boswell is finally the first car to pull onto the track in his #2
Track is now hot for practice but most teams are taking their time and enjoying an extended lunch break
Brady Boswell didn’t even bother unstrapping after the first practice, he’s ready to go again (Speed51.com Photo)
Second and final practice is about to get underway. We’ll be going down pitside to see what’s happening inside the track for this practice
The 25th Anniversary running of the Glass City 200 will take place on Saturday, September 28 at Toledo Speedway in Toledo, OH. The 2013 edition is one of the top outlaw bodied Late Model races in the area. Some of the previous winners include: Bob Senneker, Joe Ruttman, Joy Fair, Junior Hanley, Steve Sauve, Brian Campbell, Harold Fair Jr., Dave Kuhlman and Augie Grill. More information can be found at www.toledospeedway.com.
First Practice Times
X-1R Pro Cup Series Championship Opener 200

1 1 Dalton Hopkins 15.056
2 6 C.J. Faison 15.151
3 62 Andrew Smith 15.153
4 23 J.P. Morgan 15.228
5 66 Reid Wilson 15.281
6 58 Richard Gould 15.351
7 21 Eric Gerchak 15.396
8 2 Brady Boswell 15.405
9 16 Clay Rogers 15.413
10 56 Gus Dean 15.465
11 00 Lucas Ransone 15.523
12 33 Joey Jones 15.813
13 17 Stacy Puryear NO TIME
Red and black flags wave, practice is over. Dalton Hopkins has set the fastest time of the first practice. We’ll have a rundown in a second.

Final practice comes up in fifteen minutes.

Checkered flag is soon to fly on this practice. Clay Rogers is the only car taking advantage of these final few minutes.
Turn Four definitely seems to be the trouble spot for most of these drivers. The variance of the banking exiting that corner and the bumps have left a lot of drivers sawing on the wheel to maintain control.
J.P. Morgan slinging his car around (Speed51.com Photo)
Clay Rogers just looped his #16 to bring out a quick yellow (Speed51.com Photo)
Dalton Hopkins remains the fastest with fifteen minutes left in this first Pro Cup practice.
Lucas Ransone is always a force to be reckoned with when he straps into his Pro Cup #00 (Speed51.com Photo)
South Alabama Speedway will host their big Fall event, the Alabama 200, on Saturday, October 19. There will be a 100-lap Pro Late Model feature, a 50-lap Street Stock Madness, and a 50-lap Modified event. Plus the Motorcycles and Coyotes will be in action as well. For more information, please visit www.southalabamaspeedway.com.
C.J. Faison makes his X-1R Pro Cup Series debut today, wheeing the #6. Faison has 17 career starts on the NASCAR K & N Pro Series East circuit and won the pole last year for the Rockingham event.
Orange County is one of the best facilities around when it comes to multi-groove racing. There are three very distinct lines around this track and it leads to some excellent side-by-side racing in the feature.

The biggest variation in driving lines we’ve seen thus far is through Turns Three & Four. We’ve seen some drivers try hugging the low line through the corner. Most are freight training it through the middle of the corner. Some, Richard Gould most notably, are driving that turn like you would Darlington, riding the wall.

Lucas Ransone has pulled his white #00 onto the track and now all thirteen cars here in the pits have made practice runs already.
Dalton Hopkins has just jumped to the top of the charts with a 15.056
Reid Wilson returning to pit road after a practice run (Speed51.com Photo)
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Go Gus Dean!

Comment From 66Mom 

Thank you for the coverage!

Clay Rogers has hit the track for the first time today.
Joey Jones returns to Pro Cup action tonight (Speed51.com Photo)
Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida will host their Night of Champions on Saturday, September 28. The highlight of the night will be the Allen Turner Hyundai Pro Late Model Tune Up 100. Plus the Modifieds, Pro Trucks, Sportsmen, and Bombers will be in action. It could be a great preview of the Snowflake 100 annual event during the Snowball Derby weekend.www.5flagsspeedway.com.
Eric Gerchak rolls through Turns Three and Four (Speed51.com Photo)
Gould, Faison, and Wilson have hit the track now.
The wear and tear of the regular season still shows on some of the cars here, but it’s time to start anew and crown a champ (Speed51.com Photo)
Dalton Hopkins also comes out early to start this session off.
J.P. Morgan leads Brady Boswell and Reid Wilson onto the track and practice is now underway.
The top-six drivers received a 25 point bonus for attending every race in the regular season.

Andrew Smith enters the race in 12th, Puryear in 13th, Gould in 20th, Jones in 23rd, and C.J. Faison is unranked as he has not competed in a race yet this season.

Point Standings Entering Race #1 of 5, X-1R Pro Cup Championship Series

1 Clay Rogers 180
2 JP Morgan 165
3 Gus Dean 160
4 Eric Gerchak 155
5 Brady Boswell 150
6 Dalton Hopkins 145
7 Rusty Skewes 116
8 Reid Wilson 112
9 Caleb Holman 108
10 Tyler Young 104
We are just three minutes away from the start of practice.
The 48th Annual Florida Governor’s Cup weekend provides three great days of racing action on the popular half-mile oval in central Florida on October 24-26. The Governor’s Cup 200 on Saturday, October 26. Thursday, October 24 will highlight Sportsman, Super Stocks, Pro-Trucks,and Strictly Stocks. Friday, October 25 will include the Pro Late Models 100, Mini-Stocks 50 and E-Modifieds 50. Find out more by visiting www.newsmyrnaspeedway.org.
J.P. Morgan comes in as defending X-1R Pro Cup champ and the hottest driver on the circuit, winner of two straight (Speed51.com Photo)
Rookie Reid Wilson is really looking forward to today’s race. While he considers the Charlotte area home, Wilson has turned hundreds of laps around Orange County in Legends, Bandos, and Limited Late Models. Every racetrack he’s previously visited his team has been strong at this year, so Wilson confidently expects to challenge for the win today.
Getting ready to rock here at OCS (Speed51.com Photo)
Cars on the ground:

00 Lucas Ransone
1 Dalton Hopkins
2 Brady Boswell
6 C.J. Faison
16 Clay Rogers
17 Stacy Puryear
21 Eric Gerchak
23 J.P. Morgan
33 Joey Jones
56 Gus Dean
58 Richard Gould
62 Andrew Smith
66 Reid Wilson

Schedule for Today:

11:45 Pro Cup 1st Practice (1 HR)
1:00 Pro Cup 2nd Practice (1 HR)
2:45 Allison Legacy & Local Divisions Practice (2 HR)
5:00 Pro Cup Tire Scruff
5:15 Pro Cup Qualifying
5:30 Allison Legacy Qualifying
5:45 Local Division Qualifying
6:30 Pre-Race Ceremonies
6:45 Features:
Allison Legacy
OCS Late Model
X-1R Pro Cup
OCS Limited Late Model
Beautiful day for racing (Speed51.com Photo)
Today’s Speed51.com’s live Trackside Now coverage of the Championship Series 200 at Orange County Speedway (NC) for the CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series is presented by Automotive Specialists in Concord, North Carolina.  Keith Dorton and the team at Automotive Specialists are known worldwide for dependable race engines. It’s a reputation they have earned by designing and building engines for many high profile race teams with a Daytona 500-winning team among them. Call 704-786-0187 or visit www.automotivespecialists.com today to find out how Automotive Specialists can make you a winner.
By our counts, there are thirteen cars on the ground. We’ll be down in the pits to confirm a driver roster in just a few minutes.
It is an absolutely gorgeous day for racing as the first taste of autumn has visted North Carolina this weekend. Temps will be in the mid-70s today with nary a chance of rain.

If you’re in the general vicinity of Rougemont, take advantage of this weather and free tickets (which you can print off at http://www.carsprocup.com/ ) and join us for today’s racing action.

Good morning from Rougemont, North Carolina, a tiny and quiet little community nestled just west of the capital Raleigh. But today, Rougemont is host to the start of championship racing as the X-1R Pro Cup Series takes to the banks of Orange County Speedway for 200 laps of racing.
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Trackside Now – CARS X-1R Pro Cup Series – Orange County Speedway (NC) – 9/14/13