That concludes tonight’s Trackside Now coverage from Bowman Gray Stadium, as well as the 2010 racing season here at “The Madhouse.”  Starting tomorrow, preparations will be underway here at BGS to get the infield ready for football, as this facility is the home of the Winston Salem State University football team during the fall.We’ll have more on tonight’s race later in the week here on Speed51.com.  For now, this is Matt “Duke” Kentfield and Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor signing off from Bowman Gray Stadium, where Brian Loftin was the final winner of the 2010 season and Burt Myers clinched his fourth BGS track championship.  Good night!
Burt Myers hugs his dad Gary Myers after the eighth Myers family Championship at Bowman Gray Stadium. (51 Sports Photo)
Brian Loftin wins the season finale at Bowman Gray Stadium. (51 Sports Photo)

1 Burt Myers 686
2 Brian Loftin 662
3 Tim Brown 599
4 Lee Jeffreys 591
5 Jason Myers 583
6 Jonathan Brown 504
7 Chris Fleming 485
8 Dean Ward 482
9 Brad Robbins 477
10 Junior Miller 452

1 Brian Loftin
2 Joseph “BoBo” Brown
3 Chris Fleming
4 Jason Myers
5 Michael Clifton
6 Dean Ward
7 Bobby Reed
8 Kevin Powell
9 Burt Myers
10 Tim Brown
11 James Civali
12 Jonathan Brown
13 Brad Robbins
14 Austin Pack
15 Lee Jeffreys
16 Matt Caldwell
17 Randy Butner
18 Junior Miller
19 Kevin Wilson
20 Terry Gaither
21 Brent Elliott
22 Robert Jeffreys
23 Stan Welborn
We’re back up top in our perch in the press box.  There were definitely some hot tempers after the race and we’ll have more on who left BGS in a good mood and who left in a lousy mood next week on Speed51.com.We’re efforting a finish from track officials as we speak.
We’re headed down for some post-race reaction.  We’ll be back with more and a finishing order in a bit. 
This is Brian Loftin’s second win of 2010 and fourth of his career here at BGS
Burt Myers is the 2010 Bowman Gray Stadium Champion
Tim Brown spun in turn four and fell back outside the top-four.  Bobo Brown now is second, Chris Fleming is third and Jason Myers was fourth 
CHECKERED FLAG: Brian Loftin tags Tim Brown once out of turn two on the final lap, then again in three and four and clears Brown for the victory
GREEN FLAG Lap 147: Tim Brown holds the lead over Loftin, but Loftin stays right on his back bumper 
We’re inside 10 laps to go, so this restart will be single-file.  Tim Brown, Brian Lfotin, Bobo Brown, Chris Fleming, Jason Myers, Micahel Clifton 
Now Jonathan Brown has rejoined the field in his place at the rear of the field.  Tim Brown is your new leader. 
Jonathan Brown has slowed to a crawl just in front of the pace car
Officials are telling Jonathan Brown that he can not stay in the lead.  Brown is not having any of it and is refusing to go to the rear. 
Jonathan Brown has sped back to the front of the field, expecting to get his spot back.  Officials have leaned into the window for a discussion 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 142: Tim Brown tagged Jonathan Brown in turn four while going for the lead.
GREEN FLAG: Jonathan Brown has held the lead, but Tim Brown is right on his back bumper 
Cone is out: Jonathan Brown inside, Tim Brown outside, Brian Loftin inside, Chris Fleming Outside, Bobo Brown inside, Jason Myers outside 
Civali has continued his backslide and now runs around 15th.
YELLOW FLAG Lap 137: Junior Miller cut the course, ran through the infield, then came to a stop on the backstretch to bring out the yellow
Lap 135 – 15 to go: The leaders have caught the tail end of the field.  Lapped Traffic may play a role in tonight’s finish.
Lap 131: Tim Brown has put a few tags of the bumper to Jonathan Brown, but has not pulled out of line to make a pass for the lead yet.
Lap 128: Tim Brown has reeled in Jonathan Brown for the lead.  Tim can drive into the corner noticably deeper than Jonathan, but Jonathan gets a better run off the corner. 
Lap 125 – 25 laps to go: Jonathan Brown is up four carlengths on Tim Brown, who is four carlengths ahead of Brian Loftin in third.  Chris Fleming rides fourth, with Bobo Brown and Jason Myers in the top-six.  Seven through 10 are: Dean Ward, Randy Butner, Burt Myers and Michael Clifton. 
Lap 120: James Civali has slipped up the track, allowing Bobo Brown to get up to fifth and Jason Myers to go to sixth as Civali now is seventh ahead of Dean Ward, Randy Butner and Burt Myers
Junior Miller lost a lap in his spin under that last caution
GREEN FLAG Lap 115: Jonathan Brown has brought Tim Brown with him on the inside.  Jonathan leads Tim with Loftin now third. 
Cone is out: Jonathan Brown inside, Brian Loftin outside, Tim Brown inside, Chris Fleming outside, James Civali inside, Dean Ward outside, Bobo Brown inside, Jason Myers outside 
Jonathan Brown is credited as the leader under caution 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 112: James Civali has tapped Junior Miller, putting Miller into the spin cycle in turn two.
GREEN FLAG Lap 111: Loftin and Brown drag race into one, Loftin heeds the lead to Brown as the yellow comes out… 
Cone is out: Loftin inside, Jonathan Brown outside, Tim Brown inside, Chris Fleming outside, Junior Miller inside, James Civali outside, Dean Ward inside, Bobo Brown outside, Burt Myers inside, Randy Butner outside 
Running order before the cone: Brian Loftin, Jonathan Brown, Tim Brown, Chris Fleming, Junior Miller, James Civali, Dean Ward, Bobo Brown, Burt Myers and Randy Butner 
All except for Gaither have driven away, but Gaither’s going to need a hook.  Loftin still remains up front as he held the lead slightly to complete the lap before the yellow. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 105: Kevin Powell has gone around in turn one.  Also involved were Terry Gaither and Jason Myers. 
GREEN FLAG Lap 103: Brian Loftin get sa good start, but Tim Brown nudges him from behind.  Loftin had to check up, allowing Jonathan Brown to stay side-by-side with Loftin 
Cone is out: Loftin insdie, Jonathan Brown outside, Tim Brown inside, Chris Fleming outside, James Civali inside, Junior Miller outside, Bob Brown inside, Dean Ward outside, Burt Myers inside, Randy Butner outside. 
Running order before the cone: Brian Loftin, Jonathan Brown, Tim Brown, Chris Fleming, James Civali, Junior Miller, Bobo Brown, Dean Ward, Burt Myers and Michael Clifton.  Jason Myers rejoined the field in 15th.
While the spin was bad for one Myers, it was good for the other.  Burt Myers picked up a couple more spots by steering around cars that checked up to avoid the spin and now runs ninth. 
Miller continued on as Myers spun.  Brent Elliott made contact with the outside wall trying to avoid the spun Myers #4 car.  Myers eventually got back going with minimal damage. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 97: Junior Miller has spun out one of his arch nemeses, Jason Myers.
Civali used the outside groove to get by Jason Myers and now runs fifth. 
GREEN FLAG Lap 93: Loftin got a good jump and holds the lead.  Jonathan Brown gets to the bottom in second with Tim Brown rapping at his back bumper through turns three and four. 
Cone is out: Loftin inside, Jonathan Brown outside, Tim Brown inside, Chris Fleming outside, Jason Myers inside, James Civali outside, Junior Miller inside, Bobo Brown outside
Running order under caution before the cone.  Brian Loftin, Jonathan Brown, Tim Brown, Chris Fleming, Jason Myers, James Civali, Junior Miller, Dean Ward, Bobo Brown and Burt Myers in the top-10. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 89: It’s not Matt Caldwell’s night.  He has spun in turn two to bring out the third caution that he has been involved in tonight. 
Lap 85: Loftin is up three carlengths on Jonathan Brown.  Tim Brown is four carlengths behind Jonathan.  Chris Fleming and Jason Myers are bumper-to-bumper behind Fleming. 
HALFWAY: Brian Loftin leads Jonathan Brown, Tim Brown, Chris Fleming, Jason Myers, James Civali, Junior Miller, Dean Ward, Bobo Brown, Burt Myers, Randy Butner and Lee Jeffreys. 
James Civali just got by Junior Miller and now runs sixth. 
GREEN FLAG Lap 72: Brian Loftin has held strong on the inside.  Jonathan Brown tucks into second, Tim Brown third and Chris Fleming fourth. 
Cone is out: Loftin inside, Jonathan Brown outside, Tim Brown inside, Chris Fleming outside, Jason Myers inside, Junior MIller outside, Dean Ward inside, James Civali outside, Bobo Brown inside, Burt Myers outside. 
Austin Pack pulled away from the scene, but Robert Jeffries required a hook to leave the track surface 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 66: Austin Pack has spun the #81 in turn two and collected Robert Jeffreys with him.
Lap 64: Loftin is up three carlengths on Jonathan Brown, with Tim Brown one carlength in back of Jonathan.
Junior Miller runs sixth after starting 15th.  Another fast mover is James Civali, who started 22nd and now runs eighth. 
Burt Myers either is off his game tonight or is settled in to maintain a championship position as he currently runs in an uncharacteristic 11th.
GREEN FLAG Lap 50: Brian Loftin holds the lead on the inside and takes Jonathan Brown with him on the bottom pas Tim Brown.  Tim now runs third with Chris Fleming fourth, Jason Myers fifth and Junior Miller sixth.  
Cone is out: Loftin inside, Tim Brown outside, Jonathan Brown inside, Jason Myers outside, Michael Clifton inside, Chris Fleming outside, Randy Butner inside, Junior MIller outside 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 47: Brad Robbins has spun in turn two and collected Matt Caldwell as those two are involved in their second incident of the night.  When the leaders checked up to avoid the carnage, Brian Loftin and Tim Brown made a bit of contact with one another.  Both leaders’ cars appear to be just fine as it was a slight bit of contact. 
Lap 45: Leader Brian Loftin has caught the tail end of the field.  The first cars in his sights are Stan Welborn, Kevin Wilson and Austin Pack.
Lap 40: Running order: Brian Loftin, Tim Brown, Jonathan Brown, Michael Clifton, Jason Myers, Chris Fleming, Randy Butner, Bobo Brown, Junior Miller, Dean Ward and Burt Myers. 
Lap 30: Everyone is single file.  
GREEN FLAG Lap 25: Loftin has hung in on the outside and takes the lead from Tim Brown to lead lap 26 
Cone is out: Restart order: Tim Brown, Brian Loftin, Michael Clifton, Jonathan Brown, Jason Myers, Chris Fleming, Bobo Brown, Randy Butner, Burt Myers, Junior MIller 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 22: Debris in turn two. 
Jason Myers has fallen all the way back to fifth as Loftin, Clifton and Jonathan Brown have all passed him on the inside.  
GREEN FLAG lap 18: Tim Brown get sa good restart and has Jason Myers cleared off turn two.  Myers and Brian Loftin run side-by-side for second.
Cone is out.  Brown inside, Jason Myers Outside…Jonathan Brown moves up from fifth to fourth by choosing the outside lane.
Restart Order: T. Brown, J. Myers, Loftin, Clifton, Jonathan Brown, Joseph Brown, R. Jeffreys, Butner, Fleming, B. Myers. 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 14: Lee Jeffreys suffered a flat left-front tire in turn four.  He gives up third place for a trip into the pits. 
GREEN FLAG Lap 12: Lee Jeffreys hung in for a lap on the outside of Brown before sliding back into second. 
Restart Order: T. Brown, L. Jeffreys, J. Myers, Loftin, Clifton, Jonathan Brown, Joseph Brown, R. Jeffreys, Randy Butner, Chris Fleming, Burt Myers. 
One lap to green 
Caution laps do count here tonight in this 150-lapper. 
There is a slight amount of smoke coming out of the front end of Junior Miller’s car under caution.
YELLOW FLAG Lap 8: Brad Robbins went for a spin off the front bumper of Matt Caldwell in turn four.  Robbins went halfway around the track backwards just to make a threatening swerve at Caldwell, then tapped him from behind after getting back into line.
Point leader Burt Myers is still in 10th, where he started. 
Lap 5: Tim Brown has Lee Jeffreys on his back bumper, with a three carlength gap back to Jason Myers, Michael Clifton, Brian Loftin and Jonathan Brown.
GREEN FLAG: Drag race into turn one, but give the lead to Brown in the center of the first corner.  Jeffreys followed him to second, with Jason Myers sliding down into third. 
Lights are out on the pacecar.  Green next time by.  Tim Brown and Jason Myers are on the front row. 
Again, 150 laps is the distance.  Each restart will be a double-file “cone” restart, meaning drivers must choose the inside or outside of a cone placed at the start/finish line to determine where they will start after each yellow flag. 
The command to fire engines has been given.  Twenty-three Modifieds have come to life here at Bowman Gray Stadium. 
Comment From Paul 

That’s a lot of people not worried about the Sprint Cup race. 

It seems many fans were waiting to make sure the weather would clear, as now we’re likely around 90% capacity here tonight at BGS as the Modifieds are introduced to the crowd.

1 Tim Brown
2 Jason Myers
3 Lee Jeffreys
4 Michael Clifton
5 Brian Loftin
6 Randy Butner
7 Jonathan Brown
8 Joseph “BoBo” Brown
9 Robert Jeffreys
10 Burt Myers
11 Brent Elliott
12 Chris Fleming
13 Terry Gaither
14 Austin Pack
15 Junior Miller
16 Bobby Reed
17 Matt Caldwell
18 Dean Ward
19 Kevin Powell
20 Kevin Wilson
21 Stan Welborn
22 James Civali
23 Brad Robbins
The Modifieds are lining up on the frontstretch during the winner’s and champion’s interviews for the Sportsman division. 
Kenny Bost has won the Sportsman feature.  Kyle Edwards of King, NC is the Sportsman champion. 
Yellow flag with two laps to go in the Sportsman race as Derek Stoltz hit Bryant Robertson once going through turns three and four, then finished him off into turn one.  Robertson backed into the turns one and two wall, then mashed the gas off the wall to try to get back at Stoltz.  He missed, but perhaps this is the start of the wild stuff that “The Madhouse” is known for. 
The Modifieds are the next feature on the track. 
Bost is the new leader at lap 21 as Garrison slides through the infield.  Green remains out. 
Halfway into the Sportsman race, Garrison still leads Bost and Neal.  The top-three are lapping cars in a hurry as they run bumper-to-bumper up front.
The Sportsman feature is underway.  Jeff Garrison leads the opening laps over Michael Adams and Kenny Bost.
Twenty-three Sportsman cars will go green.  Steven Berrier is on the pole, while Kevin Neal, Jeff Garrison, Michael Adams and Bryant Robertson will be the rest of the top-five starters. 
Track drying efforts have succeeded and we’re ready to roll with the 40-lap Sportsman division feature. 
While tonight’s crowd is not the biggest we’ve seen here at BGS (the season-opener had every seat full and people standing 4-5 deep in the midway…they had to stop letting people in during the features!), we’re estimating about 75% capacity, maybe 10,000-plus here tonight. 
Comment From Paul 

How is the crowd turnout against the Bristol race? 

Comment From Paul 

Bobo qualified well, didn’t he. Jon-boy may not be the best driver in the family. 

Stat Boy is reporting that the rain is slowing down out there from a sprinkle to a very light mist, so we should be good to race here shortly.  The skies are clear all around the racetrack.
Tim Brown will start tonight’s 150-lap feature from the pole.
Bowman Gray track rules mandate a Hoosier F-15 tire, which is 12.5″ wide. 
Comment From Paul 

Technical question. How wide are the tires on the Bowman Gray Stadium modifieds. 

It’s still sprinking here at BGS, but track officials are adamant that the weather will clear quickly and the track will be dried in a speedy manner.Tow trucks are dragging tires on the track while pre-race ceremonies take place on the frontstretch.

1 Tim Brown 13.385
2 Jason Myers 13.405
3 Lee Jeffreys 13.428
4 Michael Clifton 13.445
5 Brian Loftin 13.459
6 Randy Butner 13.46
7 Jonathan Brown 13.508
8 Joseph “BoBo” Brown 13.531
9 Robert Jeffreys 13.542
10 Burt Myers 13.565
11 Brent Elliott 13.572
12 Chris Fleming 13.606
13 Terry Gaither 13.621
14 Austin Pack 13.701
15 Junior Miller 13.708
16 Bobby Reed 13.765
17 Matt Caldwell 13.817
18 Dean Ward 13.831
19 Kevin Powell 13.846
20 Kevin Wilson 13.932
21 Stan Welborn 14.407
22 James Civali 14.703
23 Brad Robbins no time
That concludes qualifying.  Tim Brown has earned fast time. 
Civali was the last car in line, but a slight sprinkle fell as he hit the track.  Civali got squirrely out of turn four on his lap after the drops started falling.  His lap will still go in the record books.Brad Robbins did not take time.  His team is changing carburetors and will have to start at the rear of the field
James Civali
Lap One: 14.703
Stan Welborn
Lap One: 14.407
Joseph “BoBo” Brown
Lap One: 13.531
Kevin Wilson
Lap One: 13.932
Terry Gaither
Lap One: 13.621
Matt Caldwell
Lap One: 13.817
Bobby Reed
Lap One: 13.765
Michael Clifton
Lap One: 13.445
Kevin Powell
Lap One: 13.846
Robert Jeffreys
Lap One: 13.542
Austin Pack
Lap One: 13.701


Brent Elliott
Lap One: 13.572
Chris Fleming
Lap One: 13.606
Jonathan Brown
Lap One: 13.508
Dean Ward
Lap One: 13.831
Randy Butner
Lap One: 13.46
Junior Miller
Lap One: 13.708
Jason Myers
Lap One: 13.405
Tim Brown is now fast time.
Tim Brown
Lap One: 13.385
Lee Jeffreys is the fastest qualifier thus far. 
Lee Jeffreys
Lap One: 13.428
Brian Loftin
Lap One: 13.459
Burt Myers
Lap One: 13.565
While Myers went out for his lap, the caution lights stayed on throughout the track, but Myers kept up to speed and was credited with his lap. 
Each car will get one lap at time.
Modified qualifying is underway.  Burt Myers is the first car on track. 
Matt Caldwell (#33) and Terry Gaither (#3)
Practice is just about done here for all the divisions.  Modified qualifying will be the next thing on the track at 7:10. 
Comment From Mike Ray 

Great story Elgin,tonight should be a barnburner! 

The phones in the track office here at BGS are abuzz of folks wondering about the weather.  While we’ve heard that it’s raining all around the track, not a drop has fallen here at the track and cars are still on the track practicing.
Junior Miller (#69) steers beneath Tim Brown’s #83 when Brown got a little squirrely in turns three and four.
We hope you’ve had a chance to check out Speed51.com’s exclusive feature on Junior Miller.  If you haven’t yet had a chance to read up on the track’s six-time champion and one of the fans’ most loved and hated figures at the same time, click here
Comment From Mike Ray 

Thanks 51.com for the coverage.Good Luck to all! 

While Myers could capture his fourth Bowman Gray track title, it wouth be his seventh overall Modified championship.  He is a two-time ASA Modified champion and one-time SMART Modified champion. 
A championship for Burt Myers tonight would be his fourth Bowman Gray Modified championship. He last won the championship in 2007.ALL TIME BOWMAN GRAY MODIFIED CHAMPIONSHIPS
Tim Brown – 8
Ralph Brinkley – 8
Junior Miller – 6
Pee Wee Jones – 6
Burt Myers – 3
Billy Myers – 3
Perk Brown – 3
Comment From Dustin 

Hope Burt gets title #4 tonight!! 

Lee Jeffreys is third in points
Comment From Dustin 

Hope that Burt or Chris Fleming win tonight!! 

Indeed it will.  This will be the first time in history that “The Cone” will be used in the season finale here at BGS.Cone restarts will be double-file restarts, with each driver having to commit to the inside or the outside of a cone placed at the start-finish line to establish their restart position.
Comment From Paul 

Will this be a cone race? 

Lexington, NC’s Brian Loftin is second in points.
Burt Myers enters tonight’s finale as the point leader.
Comment From Guest 

go tim brown 

Racing starts at 8pm with the Modified feature at 8:45pm. 
Comment From shirley 

what time does the race start 


1 Burt Myers
3 Terry Gaither
4 Jason Myers
5 Randy Butner
6 Kevin Wilson
7 Bobby Reed
13 Chris Fleming
23 Brian Loftin
28 Joseph “BoBo” Brown
33 Matt Caldwell
40 Brad Robbins
50 Michael Clifton
51 Stan Welborn
53 Jonathan Brown
69 Junior Miller
71 Dean Ward
72 Brent Elliott
75 Robert Jeffreys
77 Lee Jeffreys
79 James Civali
81 Austin Pack
83 Tim Brown
99 Kevin Powell
Many folks in the pits tonight are wearing Civali’s “Rocket Launcher” t-shirts
Since that night, Civali has been dubbed “The Rocket Launcher,” for his on-track battle with “The Rocket” Tim Brown. Many of Civali’s crew members and fans here at Bowman Gray tonight are sporting t-shirts that proclaim Civali’s new nickname. 
James Civali had some words for Tim Brown after the two got into it her ein June. (Rick Ibsen Photo)
We’ll provide a full driver roster for the Modified division in just a few minutes. We have spotted one non-regular here tonight, James Civali. Civali had a now quite infamous Bowman Gray debut back in June.That night, Civali and eight-time Bowman Gray Stadium Champion Tim Brown got into one another on the track a few times before Brown ended Civali’s night with a hard trip into the outside wall. After the final contact, Civali got out of his car and tried to go after Brown on the racetrack.
Tonight’s Carolina Farm Credit 150 for the Modifieds, who are sponsored here at the track by Bill Plemmons RV World, is a double point event. A normal victory here is worth 50 points, but tonight will be worth 100 points. Second is worth 96, with a four-point difference all the way down through the finishing positions.
Tonight’s Schedule
6:00 Practice
7:10 Modified Division Qualifying
7:35 Pre-Race Awards
8:00 Sportsman Race 40 Laps
8:45 Carolina Farm Credit 150
9:45 Intermission
9:55 Street Stock Division 20 Laps
10:25 Stadium Stock Division 15 Laps
Modified Points Top 10
1 1 Burt Myers 618
2 23 Brian Loftin 562
3 77 Lee Jeffreys 547
4 83 Tim Brown 535
5 4 Jason Myers 495
6 53 Jonathan Brown 448
7 40 Brad Robbins 425
8 69 Junior Miller 420
9 5 Randy Butner 406
10 71 Dean Ward 402
Tonight’s Modified feature will be 150 laps and offers double points, so the championship is still very much up for grabs.Burt Myers, from Walnut Cove, NC,eads the standings by 56 markers over Brian Loftin. Lee Jeffreys and Tim Brown are third and fourth, the only other drivers mathematically eligible for the championship tonight.
Welcome to “The Madhouse,” Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where tonight a Champion will be crowned in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Modified division.Matt “Duke” Kentfield and Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor will be at the keys typing updates, shooting photos and getting notes from the pit area throughout the evening here on Speed51.com’s “Trackside Now.”

Trackside Now: Carolina Farm Credit 150 – Bowman Gray Stadium – 8/21/10