That will do it for us here at Speed51.com for the night. We hope everyone enjoyed tonight’s Trackside Now coverage of the PASS South Capital City Clash 150 here at Wake County Speedway. It was a crazy finish, but what else would you expect at a bullring? It was fun bringing you all the action tonight.Stay tuned to Speed51.com throughout the week for more from Wake County.

Have a great night, and thanks once again from Speed51.com!

According to PASS scoring officials, John Stancill crossed the line fifth at the checkers, but was moved back to eighth, the last car on the lead lap, after passing cars under caution. 
PHOTO: Justin Wakefield celebrates his Capital City Clash 150 victory with his Carswell Motorsports team. (51 Sports Photo) 
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Nice job Duke kept checking in between the SOX Yanks game….DW 

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Peliter showed his driving skills coming back to get 3 anyway after what lawler did!! 

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GREAT race on Lawler’s part. Congratulations!!! 

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at least peltier has fans that follow him and every race hes winning over more!!!! 

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Never said Peltier hasn’t made some mistake too but he paid just like everyone else 

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thanks Speed 51 for evryone that can”t make it to the track!!!!! 

Ok BD is outta here, but Duke will be back in a few with some behind-the-scenes info from the pits. 
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thanks to pass and spped51 for the great coverage they have be providing 

No Lawler was in a Robert Hamke entry. 
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was Lawler in a Stanley Smith entry? 

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I guess we’re only posting comments from Peltier lovers now? For all the shots Peltier has given over the last two years, he deserves everything he gets and then some 

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Congratulations to Justin Wakefield from the ARBODIES crew 

The PASS officials were, once again, a pleasure to work with. We appreciate them getting us the unofficial results as soon as possible for all the fans out there. 
Capital City Clash – Wake County Speedway, Raleigh, NC – UNOFFICIAL RESULTS
1) Justin Wakefield
2) Ryan Lawler
3) Preston Peltier
4) Alex Fleming
5) Heath Hindman
6) Clay Jones
7) Jimmy Weller
8) John Stancill
9) Ryan Blaney
10) Trey Mitchell
11) Jay Fogleman
12) David Clark
13) Andy Loden
14) Joe Heigl
15) Dana White
16) Devin Jones
17) John Batten
18) Kenzie Ruston
19) Steven Legendre
20) Joey Coulter
21) Tim Pinion 
We are told John Stancill was penalized for passing cars while coming out of the pits late in the race. 
Duke is down getting all the post-race comments – this is BD just trying to help out a lil. We will have a full-field rundown as soon as we can. We promise. 
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Congrats to Alex Fleming. I helped them at Hickory…good group of people. 

Hindman was slow the entire race, but may have wound up with a top-10 finish. 
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where did heath hindman finsh 

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Peltier only got what he deserved. I’ve watched him race many times. I’m sure he was doing plenty of rough driving himself. I’m glad Lawler didn’t take it off of him! 

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lawler had no reason to push peltier around like that he didn’t win any way and if he would have race him clean he may have had achance at the win but u can’t win by puching people out of the way just because of pass incdents and lawler wouldn’t have been able to get around him clean 

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Great job once again Duke and the speed51 crew…Sounds like it was a tremendous show for the fans 

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congrats to wakefield from the guys at port city souyh 

Alex Fleming, a Wake County and PASS regular, finished fourth. 
Preston responded by saying that, “yeah, we touched (with Lawler) on the restart, but it didn’t call for what happened up there (when Lawler laid the bumper on the 26 in turn four).” He also said, “the fastest car didn’t win tonight, but don’t worry, we’ll win some more this year.” 
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lawler should be sent to the back for rough driving!!! 

Talking about his incident on the restart with Preston Peltier, Ryan Lawler says, “I have no problems with Preston, but I raced him like he raced me. He put me in the fourth groove in the first turn.” 
1) Justin Wakefield
2) Ryan Lawler
3) Preston Peltier 
Justin Wakefield has won the Capital City Clash. More to come shortly. 
GREEN FLAG: Lawler and Wakefield drag race and stay side by side for a full lap. Give the lead to Wakefield lap 148 
The field is doubled up. A lap and a half to green. 
Loden’s car limped back to the pit area, but Blaney’s #10 is being hooked up to the wrecker. 
New running order with four laps to go: 1) Lawler 2) Wakefield 3) Stancill 4) Peltier 5) Fleming 6) Hindman 7) Mitchell 
Craziness, just as we expected here at the bullring of Wake County. 
YELLOW FLAG: lap 146 for the spin by Blaney. Andy Loden tried to avoid it and slammed the outside wall off turn two. 
GREEN FLAG lap 146: Lawler held the lead into turn one. Blaney cut down in front of Stancill, sending BLaney for a spin in turn two 
The field is doubled up: Lawler and Blaney share the front row, second row is Stancill and Wakefield, third row is Fleming and Loden. 
Lawler is the leader, followed by Blaney , Stancill, Wakefield, Fleming, Loden, Mitchell, Peltier. 
YELLOW FLAG lap 145: Lawler nudged Peltier into turn three, sending Lawler, Peltier and BLaney three-wide in turn four. Peltier came down the track into the way of Justin Wakefield and they all got stcked up into turn one on lap 145. All cars have continued on, but we’re awiting an updated lineup. 
GREEN FLAG: Lawler and Peltier drag raced into turn one, but give lead to Peltier in turn one. 
Flagman Randy Smith has told the field to double-up. Two laps to green. 
PASS officials are making sure every driver is in their proper restart position right now. 
Remember fans, this will be a double-file restart, meaning it’s anyone’s race. 
Double file restart order: 1) Peltier 2) Lawler 3) Blaney 4) Loden 5) Fleming 6) Stancill 7) Mitchell 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 144: Jimmy Weller and Clay Jones have tangled between turns one and two. This will set up a six-lap dash to the finish. 
There is a big wad of lapped traffic ahead of Peltier, including Heigl, Clark, and Hindman. 
10 to go: Peltier is up five carlengths on Lawler and Blaney. Loden runs fourth and Fleming fifth. 
15 laps to go: Peltier is up three carlengths on Lawler. Blaney runs one carlength behind Lawler in third. 
Side-by-side for fourth: Andy Loden on the inside, Alex Fleming out the outside. Loden now has fourth. 
GREEN FLAG: Peltier rides the outside groove to the lead. 
Restart order: 1) Lawler 2) Peltier 3) Blaney 4) Fleming 5) Loden 6) Mitchell 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 131: Joe Heigl has spun in turn two, but continued on. They have reverted back to lap 131, with Lawler still up front. 
GREEN FLAG: Ryan Blaney has taken the outside lane to the lead into turn one, but Lawler fought back and leads lap 132 
Nineteen laps remaining: 1) Lawler 2) Blaney 3) Peltier 4) Loden 5) Fleming 6) C. Jones 7) Michell 8) Stancill 9) Weller 10) Wakefield 
Not here, and hasn’t been all day. 
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wheres tim nooner 

CAUTION FLAG: Lap 131 – Clay Jones and Trey Mitchell tangled in turn-four. Both have continued on once the yellow flew. 
Lap 130: Peltier is now filling up the rear view mirror of Blaney for second. 
Lap 126: John Batten has hit pit road under green. 
Lap 125: 25 laps to go: The top three run about a carlength apart from one another: Lawler, Blaney and Peltier, with a good gap back to fourth-place Loden. 
Lap 118: David Clark was all kinds of sideways in front of leader Ryan Lawler as he was about to be lapped. Clark saved it and all continued on. 
Lap 115: 1) Lawler 2) Blaney 3) Peltier 4) Loden 5) Flemming 6) Mitchell 7) Clay Jones 8) Stancill 9) Weller 10) Hindman 
Kenzie Ruston has re-appeared on track without a nose piece or front bumper on her #39. 
Blaney now runs single file in second, Peltier third, Loden fourth and Fleming fifth. 
GREEN FLAG: Lawler has taken the advantage on the high side, holding the lead. Peltier has stayed door-to-door with Blaney for second. 
Running order lap 102: 1) Blaney 2) Lawler 3) Loden 4) Peltier 5) Fleming 6) Clay Jones 7) Mitchel 8) Stancill 9) Wakefield 10) Hindman 
Cars on pit road under this caution: Heath Hindman, John Stancill, Jimmy Weller, Justin Wakefield and David Clark. 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 102 – John Batten has spun in turn two, nosing into the inside retaining wall. 
Lap 97: Devin Jones has brought his car to pit road and the hood is going up on his #35. 
Lap 93: Ryan Blaney used lapped traffic to his advantage to take the lead away from Lawler. 
Lap 92: Devin Jones has started to slide back a bit. He has lost positions to Clay Jones, Preston Peltier and Alex Fleming in the span of the last two laps. 
Lap 90: Lawler is three carlengths ahead of Blaney now up front. 
Lap 80: Lawler and Blaney run nose-to-tail up front, getting around the lapped cars of Dana White and Heath Hindman. Loden has started to reel in the leaders a bit, but is still about a full straightaway behind. 
Lap 75: Halfway – 1) Lawler 2) Blaney 3) Loden 4) D. Jones 5) Stancill 6) C. Jones 7) Peltier 8) Fleming 9) Mitchell 10) Wakefield 11) Weller 12) Hindman. Those are all the cars on the lead lap. 
Lawler has now put Fogelman a lap down, leaving us with 13 cars on the lead lap. Blaney follows in Lawler’s tire tracks in second, about 1/3 of a track ahead of third-place Andy Loden. 
Lap 65: Joe Heigl ran the leader Ryan Lawler almost into the infield fence to avoid going down a lap, but all maintained position and Heigl has lost his lap. 
Lap 60: The leader Ryan Lawler is approaching a big mess of strong-running cars that are about to go down a lap, including Joe Heigl, Heath Hindman, Jimmy Weller, Justin Wakefield, David Clark and Jay Fogelman. 
Lap 50: 1) Lawler 2) Blaney 3) D. Jones 4) Loden 5) Stancill 6) Mitchell 7) C. Jones 8) Peltier 9) Fleming 10) Fogelman 
Leader Ryan Lawler has caught the tail end of the field and is about to put Dana White a lap down. Blaney follows about two carlengths behind. 
Lap 45: John Stancill has taken the fifth position away from Jay Fogelman, who appears to be wrestling his #4 through the corners here tonight. 
Lawler and Blaney have pulled away from third-place Devin Jones by about six carlengths. 
Steve Legendre has taken his car back to pit road under green on lap 37. 
Lap 35: 1) Lawler 2) Blaney 3) D. Jones 4) Loden 5) Fogelman 
Kenzie Ruston’s car came onto pit road as they went green with a lot of front-end damage to the #39 after hitting the inside wall on her spin to bring out the first yellow. 
On the restart, Jimmy Weller got pushed three-wide in turn two and pancaked the outside wall on the backstretch. He has continued on, but lost several positions. 
GREEN FLAG: Ryan Lawler has gotten the jump on the outside to take the lead. 
Scoreboard actually shows 29 laps, but here’s the running order: Devin Jones, Ryan Lawler, Andy Loden, Ryan Blaney, Jay Fogelman, John Stancill, Trey Mitchell, Jimmy Weller, Clay Jones, Justin Wakefield, Preston Peltier, Heath Hindman, Alex Fleming. 
Cars on pit road under caution are Joe Heigl and Steve LEgendre. Heigl’s crew is assessing the damage from the spin, while Legendre’s crew has the right side of the #20N up on the jack as they work on the right front of the car. 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 28 – Kenzie Ruston jumped to the inside of Joe Heigl in turn one and got sideways, sending both cars for a spin. Heigl has pulled away, but Ruston appears to need a hook. 
Devin Jones has caught lapped traffic. The first to go down a lap are John Batten, Dana White and Joey Coulter. 
Ryan Blaney has worked to the inside of John Stancill for the fifth spot. They run door-to-door on lap 20. 
Fifteen laps in, Devin Jones has an eight-carlength advantage on Ryan Lawler. 
Lap 10: Jones, Lawler, Fogelman, Loden, Stancill, Mitchell, Blaney, Weller, Wakefield, Clay Jones, Peltier. 
The top four are single file: Jones, Lawler, Fogelman and Loden. Behind Loden, Trey Mitchell and John Stancill run side-by-side with Ryan Blaney lurking behind them. 
Devin Jones has worked under Jay Fogelman for the lead on lap two, bringing Ryan Lawler with him to second. Fogelman now runs third but has a battle on his hands with Andy Loden. 
Before one lap was completed, Tim Pinion took his #42 to pit road. 
GREEN FLAG: Jay Fogelman caught Devin Jones napping on the start and has taken the lead of the Capital City Clash. 
The drivers are waving to the standing-room only crowd here tonight at Wake County Speedway from their racecars. We’re one lap away from the green flag. 
Engines have fired for the PASS South Capital City Clash 150. 
Driver introductions have begun. Once again, here’s tonight’s starting lineup1 Devin Jones
2 Jay Fogelman
3 Trey Mitchell
4 Ryan Lawler
5 Ryan Blaney
6 Andy Loden
7 Jimmy Weller
8 John Stancill
9 Clay Jones
10 Justin Wakefield
11 Heath Hindman
12 Preston Peltier
13 Kenzie Ruston
14 John Batten
15 Alex Fleming
16 Joe Heigl
17 Joey Coulter
18 David Clark
19 Steve Legendre
20 Dana White
21 Tim Pinion
PASS South announcer Alan Dietz has called all fans back to the grandstands to conclude the pit party. We should be going green in a short while. 
Comment From Alabama Gang 

Congratulations to Justin Allison on a great win!!! 

Fans have poured onto the frontstretch of Wake County Speedway for the pit party. The pit party will be relatively short so we can get going in tonight’s PASS South feature. 
Justin Allison has won tonight’s 50-lap Allison Legacy Series feature. Once victory lane ceremonies are complete, the PASS South Super Late Models will be gridded on the frontstretch for the pit party and the start of the Capital City Clash 150. 
We’re under caution with 10 laps to go for another spin by Casey Hillenburg. 
10 laps remain in the Allison Legacy race. It’s still Justin Allison up front. 
We’re halfway in the Allison Legacy Series event.  Justin Allison is out to a commanding lead. 
Lap eight has brought out a four-car crash in turn-two.  All drivers have pulled away.  Gus Dean got the worst of the damage and has pulled away to the outside pit area. 
Casey Hillenburg has brought out the first Allison Legacy Series caution flag of the night on lap four, spinning in turn three.  Hillenburg’s father Andy, former ARCA Series standout and current owner of Rockingham Speedway, is perched in the spotter’s stand right in front of our position in the press box spotting for young Casey. 
While the 15 Allison Legacy Series cars go green for their 50-lapper, the PASS South Super Late Models are getting staged in the infield.  A pit party will be held for the packed house here at Wake County before we go green for the Capital City Clash 150. 
The Allison Legacy Series will be out for their 50-lap feature in just a few moments.  Justin Allison, part of the legendary racing Allison family for which the Legacy Series is named, will start on the pole. 
The Bandolero feature has reached the checkered flag.  Cole Timm spun out the #91 of Steve Johns, Jr. coming out of turn two on the final lap for the lead.  Offiicals penalized Timm, giving Justin Mitchell in the “Jus10” Bandolero the overall victory and the Outlaws divisional win.  Johns recovered to finish second on the track and earned the Bandit division win. 
Comment From TNT Tim 

Good job Hotshoe 

As has become his tradition, Daniel Hemric has done a backflip off his winning #2 Legends Car.
Daniel Hemric has won the 25-lap Legends Car feature over Bayley Currey.  The Bandoleros will be out next for their feature.
Cool, thanks for the info.  We know that Bayley is currently driving the #47 for car owner Tim Ladyga, who has spent many seasons on the pit crew for Jeff Gordon’s Cup team and now currently pits the #47 for Marcos Ambrose, hence the #47 on the Legends Car.  Ladyga is here tonight before heading to Darlington for the Cup race tomorrow. 
Comment From Nick Holt 

Bailey Currey is from Texas. His dad used to run at Thunderhill Raceway in Kyle, Texas, a few years back. 

Since the crash, we’ve gone to the halfway mark of the Legends Car feature.  Daniel Hemric leads Bayley Currey and Tyler Hill. 
Just like at Orange County a few weeks back during a PASS South event, it took until turn one on the first lap for there to be a red flag in the Legends Car feature..Brandon Meeks went straight into the turn-one wall and hit head-on.  Several cars spun and hit the wall trying to avoid him.  All drivers are cleared from the crash scene, but there’s still cleanup ongoing in turn one.
Preliminary action is now complete…we’re just about ready for feature action here at Wake County.  First up will be the 25-lap Legends Car feature. 
The re-draw is now complete.  The new front row at the drop of the green flag will be Devin Jones on the pole and last year’s event winner Jay Fogelman on his outside.

1 Devin Jones
2 Jay Fogelman
3 Trey Mitchell
4 Ryan Lawler
5 Ryan Blaney
6 Andy Loden
7 Jimmy Weller
8 John Stancill
9 Clay Jones
10 Justin Wakefield
11 Heath Hindman
12 Preston Peltier
13 Kenzie Ruston
14 John Batten
15 Alex Fleming
16 Joe Heigl
17 Joey Coulter
18 David Clark
19 Steve Legendre
20 Dana White
21 Tim Pinion
Comment From Lawler Alabama Ties 

Ryan Lawler and his Dad have as many ties (and fans) in Alabama as in Texas. 

The top-10 in PASS South qualifying are now re-drawing for their starting spots.  Fast timer Andy Loden will start sixth and Devin Jones has drawn the pole.  Stay tuned for a full recap of the re-draw. 
He sure is…Ryan and his dad Patrick are from Colleyville, Texas.  Ryan has since re-located to Mooresville, North Carolina.  Patrick Lawler is a former competitor in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and still attends many of Ryan’s races today, commuting from Texas as often as he can get away from the family car dealerships around the Lone Star State. 
Comment From PASSed out 

Is Ryan Lawler related to Patrick Lawler, form Texas? 

Comment From Guest 

Go Lawler! 

Only about eight U-Cars took to the track during their final practice session.  There’s a few more in the infield that we can see parked at their trailers, however. 
It’s our pleasure!  We also hope you like the new Speed51.com “Facebook Feed” on the front page of the site.  It’s an addition to our Speed 51 Facebook page where we’ll be able to provide up-to-the-minute racing news in a way never seen before.  As the weekend unfolds, you’ll see all kinds of updates direct from tracks and series throughout the country.  
Comment From jimmy dru 

thanks for the great coverage ! 

There will now be a 10-minute U-Car practice, followed by the PASS South re-draw at the start-finish line. 
Not an invert, but a re-draw.  The top-10 qualifiers will draw for their actual starting positions in the 150-lap event. 
Comment From htg 

Will there be a draw tonight to invert the top 10 qualifiers? GO BLANEY GO!!! 

The five Bandoleros here today are now kicking off their qualifying heat race.  The heat will be five laps long.  In the field is Tate Fogelman, son of last year’s Capital City Clash winner Jay Fogelman.  
PHOTO:  Clay Jones (#15) and John Batten (#48) run side-by-side in practice.  (51 Sports Photo) 
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orange county was great !! crowd was awesome too 

PHOTO: Kenzie Ruston (#39) leads Joey Coulter and Clay Jones down the frontstretch in practice.  (51 Sports Photo) 
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thanks for the info, keep up the great job, stuck watching it here from home tonight 

The last event in which PASS offered the free admission just a few weeks ago at Orange County Speedway outside Durham, NC, the place was packed.  It was the largest crowd in recent memory at the track, according to many track regulars that night.  
Comment From Guest 

Go Heath Hindman 91!!! 

Short track racing fans from throughout the Southeast should be making plans to attend the “Old Glory 150” PASS South event at the half-mile tri-oval of Concord Speedway on May 29th.  PASS is offering free admission to the event at the North Carolina track with $10 parking fees and a coupon printed from the PASS website.  Print yours today and pack your car for an exciting night of Super Late Model action on May 29th.  www.proallstarsseries.com  
The PASS South teams have been asked to take down their tents here in the infield so that the fans have a clear view of the racing action once we get going with features in less than an hour here at Wake County Speedway. 
Tonight’s admission prices are a steal for all the racing action you’ll see at Wake County tonight.  Adult admission is $20, while Seniors are $15, teens are $10 and kids 12 and under are free!
Comment From Guest 

what is the admission tonight? 

2009 Legends Pro Division National Champion Daniel Hemric is here competing in the Legends Car event tonight.  Hemric was a top-20 pick in this year’s Speed51.com Short Track Draft and recently made his PASS South Super Late Model debut last time out at Orange County and finished second.Hemric is not here with the Jeff Fultz Racing team that he competed with at OCS, but instead is running Hoyt Demis’ Legends Car after Demis gave up the seat becaue there weren’t enough Masters Division (drivers age 40+) competitors to race against here tonight.
The Legends Cars are just about to start their time trial session.  There are 12 cars lined up to take time.  We’re not sure about the Bandos yet, but we’ll probably get a true count once they get ready for their qualifying round. 
Comment From Guest 

any drivers lists for the bandoleros or the legends? 

Thanks Norm…you’d love to be here tonight too!  It’s cooling down perfectly after a hot start to the day and it’s about 75-degrees now with big puffy clouds in a sun-setting sky.  It’s a great night for racing here in Raleigh! 
Comment From Norm D 

Wish I was in Raleigh! I love Wake, it ‘s the kind of track that separates the men and women from the boys and girls! Thanks for the fine coverage Matt……………… 

To say that the 2009 Capital City Clash was full of excitement would be an understatement.  With drivers intentionally crashing other drivers, post-race fights and a Raleigh-area fan favorite in victory lane, last year’s PASS South race here at Wake County was a doozy.  To catch up on last year’s race, click the following link: http://www.speed51.com/2009_Stories/PASS_South/Trackside_Now_WakeCounty_5-8.html
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GO ANDY!!!! I wish I could be there to cheer him on!! 

Comment From race fan 

good luck andy loden 

The timing light used during time trials for the support divisions has malfunctioned.  Speed51.com has donated a stopwatch provided to them by the good folks at Racing Electronics for the track to continue qualifying the Allison Legacy Series.
Unfortunately, there will not be any web radio coverage of tonight’s event.  If you can’t make it to Wake County tonight, we’re glad that you’re checking out Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage. 
Comment From Guest 

any internet radio coverage for tonight’s PASS race? 

The top-10 qualifiers will re-draw for their starting positions in the autograph session later on tonight.  Positions 11-21 will start as they qualified. 

1 Andy Loden 12.888
2 Devin Jones 12.901
3 Ryan Blaney 12.904
4 Ryan Lawler 12.94
5 Jimmy Weller 12.971
6 Jay Fogelman 12.991
7 Justin Wakefield 12.992
8 Trey Mitchell 12.995
9 Clay Jones 13.03
10 John Stancill 13.044
11 Heath Hindman 13.057
12 Preston Peltier 13.095
13 Kenzie Ruston 13.13
14 John Batten 13.137
15 Alex Fleming 13.172
16 Joe Heigl 13.19
17 Joey Coulter 13.24
18 David Clark 13.266
19 Steve Legendre 13.319
20 Dana White 13.414
21 Tim Pinion 13.771
Qualifying is now complete.  Andy Loden has set fast time for the second time in his PASS South career with a lap of 12.888.  Devin Jones and Ryan Blaney were second and third.  Full results in a few moments 
PASS South qualifying happens in a hurry here at the quarter-mile Wake County Speedway.  Just eight minutes into the session, we have only about six cars left to take time. 
Comment From Richie 

Get er dun boys u folk do a stellar job speed51 is number 1 

WCS offiicals have not been able to provide car counts for the support divisions thus far.  We’re efforting them, however. 
Comment From guest 

any word on the car counts for some of the support divisions? 

PASS South Time Trials have begun.  Steve Legendre is the first car to hit the track. 
Unfortunately we will not be able to provide live qualifying results as the track’s PA system can not be heard in our press box, the scoreboard is not yet working and we do not have any scoring monitors here in our perch.  We will have full results after time trials, however.
There will not be a last-chance race tonight.  All cars will start the “Capital City Clash.” 
Comment From guest 

any word on last chance race 

Some notes from the driver’s meeting:
–  Tonight’s event is 150, green flag laps
–  Like all PASS events, all restarts will be double-file.
–  Head PASS South tech man Scott Reed preached patience tonight.  With 21 cars here on a quarter mile, survival will be the biggest key for tonight’s race.  As Reed said, “We can either have a good race or a crash fest.  I’d rather have the first one.” 
The driver’s meeting is set to kick off down in the infield.  We’ll go listen in and let all the fans know of the latest developments in just a few minutes. 
PHOTO:  Just like in the most recent PASS South event at Orange County Speedway (NC), Jimmy Weller laid down an impressive lap late in practice, finishing second in this final round today.  (51 Sports Photo)
PHOTO:  Alex Fleming, who was fast in earlier practice sessions, kept his #05 on jack stands during the scuff session and chose to take times of his competition instead.  (51 Sports Photo)
PHOTO: Andy Loden was the quickest in the final PASS South practice/scuff session.  (51 Sports Photo) 

1 Andy Loden 12.985
2 Jimmy Weller 13.084
3 Justin Wakefield 13.15
4 Heath Hindman 13.179
5 Trey Mitchell 13.188
6 Kenzie Ruston 13.292
7 John Stancill 13.33
8 Ryan Blaney 13.367
9 Jay Fogelman 13.373
10 Joey Coulter 13.456
11 Steve Legendre 13.46
12 John Batten 13.61
13 Joe Heigl 13.626
14 Dana White 13.776
15 Clay Jones 13.838
16 Devin Jones 14.464
Practice is now complete for the PASS South SLMs.  Andy Loden ran the first sub-13-second lap of the day to set fast time in the scuff session.
The brief 10-minute scuff session practice for the PASS South cars will start in just a few minutes, so we’re headed trackside to snap some photos.  We’ll have more on that final round and some more pictures shortly. 
PHOTO: 2009 Capital City Clash winner Jay Fogelman is here to repeat his Wake County victory.  (51 Sports Photo) 
Tonight’s “Capital City Clash” is the third running of this PASS South event.  The inaugural event was held back in 2008 and was won by then-Kyle Busch Motorsports driver Alex Haase.  Twelve cars took the green flag that night.  Then in 2009, the race was won by Jay Fogelman with 25 cars taking the green flag.  Tonight, our car count is just about right for a quarter-mile racetrack at 21. 
Thanks for the kudos…scroll down to earlier posts for tonight’s car count and roster. 
Comment From race fan 

how many pass car are there enjoy speed 51 you guys do a good job keep up good work 

PHOTO: Wake County regular Joe Heigl has come out to play with the PASS South boys and girls tonight.
PHOTO: Ryan Lawler was quickest in the third PASS South practice session. (51 Sports Photo) 
1 Ryan Lawler 13.163
2 Devin Jones 13.164
3 Trey Mitchell 13.229
4 Kenzie Ruston 13.23
5 Clay Jones 13.249
6 Joey Coulter 13.251
7 Joe Heigl 13.337
8 John Stancill 13.352
9 Ryan Blaney 13.389
10 Jay Fogelman 13.485
11 Jimmy Weller 13.509
12 Dana White 13.51
13 Andy Loden 13.555
14 David Clark 13.599
15 Justin Wakefield 13.702
16 Heath Hindman 13.728
17 Steve Legendre 13.831
18 John Batten 13.927
The third and final full PASS South practice is in the books. Ryan Lawler set quick time.There will now be a few more practice sessions for the Allison Legacy, Legends and Bandoleros before the PASS South tire scuff session at 4:50.
Practice #3 for the Super Late Models is now on the track. 
PHOTO: Wake County, as a quarter-mile racetrack, does not have room for the large tractor-trailer and even normal-sized enclosed trailers inside its infield. That means, much like tracks throughout the Northeast, there is no infield parking here at WCS. Teams have unloaded from their trailers and toted everything inton the infield, meaning trucks and trailers have to park where the fans park outisde the track. 
PASS SOUTH PRACTICE #2 RESULTS1 Trey Mitchell 13.066
2 Preston Peltier 13.079
3 Ryan Lawler 13.145
4 Ryan Blaney 13.198
5 John Stancill 13.27
6 Jimmy Weller 13.276
7 Andy Loden 13.399
8 Joe Heigl 13.405
9 Kenzie Ruston 13.441
10 Joey Coulter 13.443
11 Jay Fogelman 13.477
12 Heath Hindman 13.478
13 Justin Wakefield 13.531
14 Clay Jones 13.581
15 Steve Legendre 13.682
16 Dana White 13.745
17 John Batten 13.816
Practice #2 for PASS South is now complete. Trey Mitchell set quick time in this round. Full results to follow. 
Ryan Lawler will be competing in select PASS South shows this season in the Robert Hamke-owned #74 car. He did not make the trip to the season-opening event at Dillon Motor Speedway, but Lawler has been at the three subsequent races…mainly because he and the Hamke team feel that they were three of the group’s best tracks. Ryan Lawler is a former winner at Hickory, has always competed well at Orange County where the most recent race this season was held, and Wake County is a track where Hamke himself has turned some laps with this #74 car over the past year or so. 
Comment From Guest 

is Ryan Lawler on the PASS Tour full time this season? 

We expect that question to be answered in the driver’s meeting later tonight. With the car numbers that are here currently, it does not appear that there will be a last-chance race tonight, but we’ll have more details after the meeting. 
Comment From Eric 

will they still have the last chance race? 

Round two of PASS South practice is now on track. Kenzie Ruston and Trey Mitchell were the first two in line for this 20-minute session. 
1 Alex Fleming 13.053
2 David Clark 13.097
3 Ryan Blaney 13.134
4 Joey Coulter 13.225
5 Jay Fogelman 13.229
6 Devin Jones 13.237
7 Andy Loden 13.268
8 Jimmy Weller 13.321
9 Joe Heigl 13.359
10 John Stancill 13.373
11 Kenzie Ruston 13.387
12 Ryan Lawler 13.39
13 Trey Mitchell 13.416
14 Heath Hindman 13.446
15 Preston Peltier 13.518
16 Dana White 13.534
17 Justin Wakefield 13.535
18 Clay Jones 13.75
19 John Batten 13.772
20 Steve Legendre 13.89
21 Tim Pinion 14.765
Today’s PASS South roster:
O5 Alex Fleming
4 Jay Fogelman
7 Dana White
10 Ryan Blaney
15H Joe Heigl
15 Clay Jones
16 Joey Coulter
20 John Stancill
20N Steve Legendre
23 Jimmy Weller
26 Presont Peltier
29 Andy Loden
34 David Clark
35 Devin Jones
39 Kenzie Ruston
42 Tim Pinion
47 Trey Mitchell
48 John Batten
74 Ryan Lawler
91 Heath Hindman
98 Justin Wakefield
Here is today’s event schedule:12:00pm Pit Gates Open

2:00 – 2:40 PASS SLM
2:40 – 3:00 Allison Legacy
3:00 – 3:20 PASS SLM
3:20 – 3:30 Allison Legacy
3:30 – 3:40 Legend
3:40 – 4:00 PASS SLM
4:00 – 4:10 Allison Legacy
4:10 – 4:20 Legend
4:20 – 4:30 Bandolero

4:30 – 4:40 Break

4:40 – 4:50 Allison Legacy
4:50 – 5:00 PASS SLM (Scuff)
5:00 – 5:10 Legend
5:10 – 5:20 Badolaro
5:20 – 5:30 U Cars

5:35 PASS Drivers Meeting @ Scale Area

5:50 PASS Cars lined up for Time Trial

6:00 PASS Super Late Models Time Trials 2 Laps
Allison legacy Time Trials 1 Lap
Legend Time Trials 1 Lap

7:00 Bandolero Heats 5 Laps

U Car 10 minute practice to follow time permitting

7:30 PASS SLM Last Chance event 15 Laps
Legend feature 25 Laps
Bandolero Feature 15 Laps
Allison Legacy 50 Laps
PASS Super Late Model Event 150 Laps
U Cars 25 Laps

The first round of practice for the Super Late Models is currently on track. 
Twenty-one PASS South Super Late Models have entered the Wake County pit area here tonight. Among them are a good mix of PASS South regulars with a few Wake County weekly SLMs competing here today, as well. We’ll have a full driver roster in just a few minutes. 
Welcome to a warm and sunny Raleigh, North Carolina, where tonight the PASS South Super Late Models will hit the quarter-mile Wake County Speedway for the third-annual running of the “Capital City Clash 150.”Matt “Duke” Kentfield is here at the keys for Speed51.com and will bring you all the action from practice, qualifying and tonight’s PASS South feature right here on Speed51.com.

Trackside Now: Capital City Clash 150 at Wake County Speedway, NC – 5/7/10