Until next time here on Speed51.com, good night from Hickory Motor Speedway where David Garbo, Jr. has won the 37th Annual Bobby Isaac Memorial.
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That will conclude tonight’s Trackside Now coverage of the 37th Annual Bobby Isaac Memorial from Hickory Motor Speedway.  Results and more from the Street Stock and Sportsman Classic divisions competing still tonight can be found onwww.hickorymotorspeedway.com.

1 51 Jeremy Pelfrey
2 00 Shane Lee
3 7 Travis Byrd
4 09M Kyle Mansch
5 12D Evan Duggins
6 94 Ben Ebeling
7 9 Charlie Watson
8 18 Casey Pierce
9 25 Allen Huffman
10 77 Mark Goin
11 43P Kenneth Pardue
12 43 Greg Wise
13 19 Benji Woodward
14 14K Kenta Itakura
15 21 Monty Cox
16 75H Landon Huffman
17 5 Dexter Canipe, Jr.
18 95N Nicholas Wilt
19 15 Sheflon Clay
20 29 Mitch Walker
21 14 Brandon Cox

1 8G David Garbo, Jr. 150
2 80 Blake Jones 150
3 77 Jeremy Sorel 150
4 40K Brodie Kostecki 150
5 88B Josh Berry 150
6 44 Dillon Bassett 150
7 12 Austin McDaniel 150
8 43 Jesse LeFevers 150
9 3G Kaz Grala 150
10 57 Grant Wimbish 150
11 7X Taylor Stricklin 150
12 57C Justin Carroll 150
13 21 Annabeth Barnes 150
14 10 Jake Keaton 150
15 14D Mike Darne 150
16 6G Will Gallaher 150
17 22 Dan Moore 150
18 25H Brayton Haws 146
19 33 Brandon Jones 146
20 00 Shane Lee 145
21 77V Rafael Vallina 133
22 7 Ashley Huffman 133
23 82B Will Burns 120
24 41 Ben Rhodes 114
25 5D Ronnie Bassett, Jr. 114
26 01B Jeremy Burns 96
27 25 Matt Piercy 64
28 8L Reid Lanpher 64
29 35 Devin Jones 53
30 11 Dillon Houser 42
31 07 Tyler Church 39
Garbo and crew celebrate the win (Speed51.com photo)
Now scoring has updated and Blake Jones is now second over Sorel and Kostecki.
More to come and results to follow victory lane ceremonies.
Three-wide for second at the checkers between Sorel, Blake Jones and Kostecki.  Sorel is scored unofficially second. 
CHECKERED FLAG: David Garbo, Jr. wins the 37th Annual Bobby Isaac Memorial 150
WHITE FLAG for Connecticut’s Dave Garbo, Jr.
Two to go for Garbo.  Sorel hangs on to second.
Lap 147, three to go: Garbo by a car length as Blake Jones looks for second under Sorel.
GREEN FLAG: Good start for Garbo.  He’s clear by turn one.
Doubled up, one lap to green. 
The restart top-10 lineup will be:
1.  Garbo
2. Sorel
3. Blake Jones
4. Kostecki
5. Berry
6. McDaniel
7. D. Bassett
8. LeFevers
9. Wimbish
10. Grala
Caution flags are no longer counting this late in the race.  There will be a four-lap shootout to decide this one.
Lee drives away and to pit road, nosing up to his trailer.  His night is done.
YELLOW FLAG Lap 146: Shane Lee stops between turns three and four.
Lap 145, 5 to go: Things are single file among the top six
Lap 144: Sorel is closing in slightly.  He’s two car lengths behind the leader.
Kostecki is fourth followed by Berry, McDaniel and Dillon Bassett.
Lap 141: Garbo is clear by five car lengths to Sorel and Blake Jones.
Lap 140, 10 to go: McDaniel drops all the way back to sixth.
Lap 139: McDaniel gets sideways in turn four and stacks a few cars up behind him
GREEN FLAG: Garbo clears McDaniel into turn one
Doubled up for the restart, which will come with 12 to go
As they run under caution:
1. Garbo
2. McDaniel
3. Blake Jones
4. Sorel
5. Berry
6. Kostecki
7. LeFevers
8. D. Bassett
9. Wimbish
10. Lee
12. Carroll
13. Stricklin
14. Haws
15. Barnes
Darne pits under this caution
A lot of oil-dry is being applied where Vallina’s car came to a stop.
YELLOW FLAG Lap 133: Rafael Vallina clobbers the outside wall in turn one.
Lap 133: Sorel puts a nose under Blake Jones into the corners, but the low lane doesn’t work for him
Lap 131: Garbo is clear by two car lengths to McDaniel.
Lap 130, 20 to go: Sorel looks under Blake Jones for third, but can’t make it stick
Lap 129: Garbo is clear in the lead with McDaniel right on his back bumper. 
Lap 128: Garbo inching ahead on the high lane.
At the stripe, Garbo leads by a couple inches on the high side.
GREEN FLAG: Garbo hangs tough on the outside this time.  Door to door into turn three.
The restart will come on lap 126
Under yellow:
1.  McDaniel
2.  Garbo
3.  Sorel
4.  Blake Jones
5.  Kostecki
6. Berry
7. LeFevers
8. Wimbish
9. D. Bassett
10. Grala
YELLOW FLAG Lap 121: Will Gallaher spins and Will Burns also went around.
GREEN FLAG: McDaniel again clears Garbo in turn one.
Doubling up for the restart, which will come with 30 laps remaining.
Report from the Rhodes team is that three wheel studs broke off the left-rear hub, ending their night.
Darne also pits, as does Huffman for a second time under this yellow period.
Ashley Huffman relinquishes a top-10 spot to come to pit road under this caution.
Rhodes was able to drive away and onto pit road.  He climbed from his car and is done for the night.
As the yellow flew, Ronnie Bassett, Jr. took his car to pit road and has pulled his car up to his trailer.  The team looks under the hood and their night appears to be over.
YELLOW FLAG Lap 115: Ben Rhodes is off the pace and comes to a stop off turn two.
Lap 115: Dillon Bassett moves under Ben Rhodes to take ninth.
Lap 110, 40 to go: McDaniel leads by a car length on Garbo.  It’s three back to Sorel, Kostecki and Blake Jones.
Lap 107: LeFevers, Huffman, Dillon Bassett and Wimbish could fit under a blanket for seventh on back.
Lap 106: Blake Jones past Berry for fifth.
Lap 105: Sorel claims third, moving Kostecki back to fourth.
Lap 102: Garbo settles into second as Kostecki and Sorel are side-by-side for third.
GREEN FLAG Lap 101: McDaniel holds off Garbo for the time being.
Doubled up one more time
As they ride under caution:
1.  McDaniel
2.  Garbo
3.  Kostecki
4. Sorel
5. Berry
6. Blake Jones
7. Huffman
8. Wimbish
9. LeFevers
10. D. Bassett
11. Darne
12. Grala
13. Lee
14. R. Bassett
15. W. Burns
16. Rhodes
17. Carroll
18. Vallina
19. Moore
20. Haws
YELLOW FLAG Lap 96: Will Gallaher and Jake Keaton tangle in turns one and two.
Lap 98:  Blake Jones is up to sixth, followed by Ashley Huffman in seventh.
Lap 91: McDaniel is still up about six car lengths on Garbo and it’s the same distance back to Kostecki in third.
Lap 89: Berry can’t quite get by Sorel as easy as Kostecki did.  Sorel fights back and runs fourth with Berry fifth.
Lap 87: Kostecki gets to the inside of Sorel for third and brings Berry along with him.
Lap 85: McDaniel leads by six car lengths, then the whole field is bumper-to-bumper from second on back.
Lap 82: Just outside the top-10, Blake Jones and Mike Darne make contact.  Jones runs Darne up the hill in turn one and Darne returns the favor in turn three.
Lap 80: Berry drops back to fourth as Garbo and Sorel get by.
Lap 79: McDaniel clears Berry and holds the top spot.
GREEN FLAG: Side by side for a full lap for the lead.
Lining back up fro the restart
McDaniel, Berry, Sorel, Garbo, Wimbish, Kostecki, Huffman, Darne, LeFevers, Grala are the top 10
From 10th on back is still up in the air under yellow as officials try to re-set the lineup.
Brandon Jones, Ben Rhodes and Ronnie Bassett, Jr. all hit pit road.
HALFWAY Lap 75 (under caution, unofficial running order)
1.  McDaniel
2.  Berry
3.  Sorel
4.  Garbo
5.  Wimbish
6.  Kostecki
7.  Huffman
8.  Darne
9.  LeFevers
10  Grala
11. B. Jones
12.  Carroll
13.  Lee
14. J. Burns
15. D. Bassett
YELLOW FLAG Lap 73: Several cars tangle in turn two.  It appears that Will Gallaher stacked some cars up and many had to take evasive action.  The stack-up was enough to bring out a yellow.
Lap 72: Garbo moves to fourth past Wimbish
Lap 70: Off turn four, McDaniel uses the momentum of the high lane to take the lead.
GREEN FLAG: Berry and McDaniel side by side into turn one.
Doubled up for the restart
Will Gallaher will get the free pass.
Matt Piercy gets towed in with damage. (Speed51.com photo)
Dillon Bassett also pits, as does Brandon Jones, who was involved in that incident, while Ben Rhodes and Annabeth Barnes all hit pit road.
Ronnie Bassett, Jr. did get some cosmetic damage in the melee in turn four.  Now that we’re back under YELLOW FLAG conditions, Bassett is on pit road.
Comment From FHR fan 

Blake Jones had a LF going flat, why he pitted earlier

RED FLAG for cleanup.
Ronnie Bassett, Jr. had to take evasive action down pit road to avoid the melee.
All cars drove away, except Lanpher’s.  The young Maine driver is climbing from his machine and is okay. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 64 : Matt Piercy goes around and has heavy damage.  Reid Lanpher also has significant front-end damage to his car.  Several others all got a piece as the track was blocked in turn four.
Lap 63: Berry, McDaniel and Sorel are separated by a car length.  Then it’s three car lengths back to Wimbish in fourth.
Lap 60: Berry leads McDaniel, Sorel, Wimbish, Garbo, Darne and Kostecki.
Lap 57: Berry finally clears McDaniel to take the lead off turn four.
…And a third.  Jeremy Sorel rides in third waiting for someone to make a move up front.
Still side by side for the top spot for a second lap.
GREEN FLAG Lap 53: McDaniel and Berry drag race for a full lap.
Doubled up for the restart.
That moves Josh Berry up to P2 on the restart.
Blake Jones comes to pit road, giving up second.  A quick adjustment and the 88 is back on track, but will restart deep in the field.
We just got clarification on what the red flag was for.  There was a scoring issue.  Under caution flags, there is a five lap hold, which means caution flag laps count up to five per period.  Then, the laps stop counting.  The scoring system continued to score cars laps even after the laps stopped counting, meaning drivers wer losing laps on pit road when they shouldn’t have been.

The track officials have straightened out the issue and we’re back under YELLOW FLAG conditions.

While under red, Devin Jones takes the No. 35 to pit road.  The team reported to officials that the car was, “Blowing up.”
Now going to RED FLAG conditions to set the field. 
Green flag waved off to continue setting the lineup.
Dan Moore receives the free pass and is back on the lead lap.
A lap and  a half to green.
When we go back green, Austin McDaniel will restart on the inside of Blake Jones.  Row two will be Josh Berry and Jeremy Sorel.  Row three will be Grant Wimbish and Dave Garbo, Jr.
While Jones, a part-time campaigner on the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East, is not entered into Monday’s Kevin Whitaker Chevrolet 140 at Greenville-Pickens Speedway (SC), many of these drivers in tonight’s field will be, including Ronnie Bassett, Jr. who will be making his series debut.  Ben Rhodes will also be competing for Turner-Scott Motorsports and Jeremy Burns, a Greenville regular and a strong competitor in the first K&N East race there earlier this season, will be racing Monday as well.

Speed51.com’s staff will be powering the NASCAR Home Tracks Race Central Live coverage of the Kevin Whitaker Chevrolet 140 Monday starting at 10am.  You can tune in to the live coverage here on Speed51.com or on NASCARHomeTracks.com.

Brandon Jones, who has 2012 Camping World Truck Series winner Cale Gale spotting for him tonight, comes to pit road as well.
The crew is making an adjustment under the right-rear of Bassett’s car.
Under this caution, Ronnie Bassett, Jr. takes the No. 5 to the attention of his crew on pit road.
Comment From SANDY 


YELLOW FLAG Lap 49: Jake Keaton spins in turn four.
Comment From FHR fan 

FHR knows how to Win big races, watch 8 car!!

Comment From Dana 

Get it Blake!!

Comment From Greg Wood – CRA 

Nice work Speed51! Following all three events this evening from Winchester, IN.

Lap 40:
1. McDaniel
2.  B. Jones
3.  Berry
4.  Sorel
5.  Wimbish
6. Garbo
7. Darne
8. Kostecki
9. Haws
10. A. Huffman
11.  Grala
12. LeFevers
13. Lee
14. Rhodes
15. W. Burns
16. Lanpher
17. Carroll
18. D. Bassett
19. D. Jones
20. R. Bassett
Lap 36: McDnaiel closes in on the tail end of the field.  Dillon Houser and Will Gallaher will be the first to fall down a lap.
Comment From phil 

12 will be tough to beat

Comment From Melissa O 

Good luck Austin McDaniel #12!

Lap 33: Josh Berry scoots by Mike Darne for third.  Darne is now fourth with Sorel and Wimbish right behind.
In this race last year and in the UARA-STARS event here at Hickory earlier this season, Ronnie Bassett slowed his pace so much that other drivers were stacking up behind him as they ran mid-pack.  Once there were about 50 laps to go, though, Bassett turned up the wick and rocketed to the front and the victory.
This is very much a tire-conservation game.  Don’t be surprised to see other contenders not run up front early on in hopes of having the rubber to use later in the race for a sprint to the finish.
Garbo, after getting to secondn just a few laps ago, has started to drift back and now runs seventh.
Josh Berry is fourth and it’s three car lengths back to Sorel and Wimbish in fifth and sixth.
Lap 22: Darne is on the back bumper of Blake Jones for second.
Lap 17: McDaniel leads by six car lengths on Blake Jones, Darne, Berry, Garbo, Sorel and Wimbish.
Lap 15: Blake Jones is on the move.  He got by Sorel and Garbo in a lap and a half to get to second.
Lap 13: Defending race winner Ronnie Bassett is 21st and his brother Dillon is 24th.
Lap 10: Blake Jones gets a nose under Sorel, but can’t take third away.
Garbo also uses the high lane to get around Sorel.
GREEN FLAG: McDaniel keeps the momentum on the outside and takes the lead on the restart.
Doubled up for the restart, which will come on lap 9
As they run under caution:
1.  Sorel
2.  McDaniel
3.  Darne
4.  Garbo
5.  B. Jones
6.  Kostecki
7.  Berry
8.  Wimbish
9.  Haws
10.  D. Jones
Caution flag laps are being counted in this event.
Matt Piercy also got a piece of the incident and has the nose of the No. 25 almost torn off.
Dillon Houser was involved as well and has some significant front-end damage.
YELLOW FLAG Lap 3: Annabeth Barnes goes around in turn two.
Lap 2: Darne relinquishes the lead to Sorel and drops back to third.  Austin McDaniel now runs second and is all over Sorel for the lead.
GREEN FLAG: Darne gets a good jump on the outside and leads through the first turns.
Doubled up.  One lap to green.

1 77 Jeremy Sorel
2 14D Mike Darne
3 12 Austin McDaniel
4 40K Brodie Kostecki
5 80 Blake Jones
6 8G David Garbo, Jr.
7 25H Brayton Haws
8 88B Josh Berry
9 57 Grant Wimbish
10 35 Devin Jones
11 00 Shane Lee
12 57C Justin Carroll
13 3G Kaz Grala
14 82B Will Burns
15 7 Ashley Huffman
16 33 Brandon Jones
17 25 Matt Piercy
18 43 Jesse LeFevers
19 7X Taylor Stricklin
20 21 Annabeth Barnes
21 8L Reid Lanpher
22 41 Ben Rhodes
23 5D Ronnie Bassett, Jr.
24 77V Rafael Vallina
25 10 Jake Keaton
26 07 Tyler Church
27 11 Dillon Houser
28 6G Will Gallaher
29 01B Jeremy Burns
30 22 Dan Moore
31 44 Dillon Bassett
Engines have fired for the Bobby Isaac Memorial 150.
We just checked with HMS timing and scoring officials and a finish for the Limited Late Models is not currently available. Once we can provide it for you fans, we certainly will.
Jeremy Pelfrey climbs out a winner of the Limited Late Model race on Bobby Isaac Memorial night. (Speed51.com photo)
CHECKERED FLAG: Jeremy Pelfrey leads all 50 laps for the Limited Late Model victory over Shane Lee, Travis Byrd, Kyle Mansch and Evan Duggins.
Two to go for Pelfrey. Lee is safe in second.
Five laps to go for Pelfrey, who leads Lee by a car length.
Lap 44: Pelfrey clears Lee and holds the lead. Byrd is on Lee’s back bumper for second.
Lap 43: Side by side with Lee on the outside of Pelfrey for the lead.
GREEN FLAG: Pelfrey gets another good start into turn one, but Lee fights back in turn two.
Going green again in one lap.
Comment From phil 

thx speed51 for the updates. i really appreicate it

YELLOW FLAG Lap 42: Greg Wise was slow and then spun in turn three. Mitch Walker received some heavy right-side damage somehow as it all happened.
GREEN FLAG: Pelfrey clears Lee off turn two.
Doubled back up for the restart.
When we go back to green, Jeremy Pelfrey will lead Shane Lee, Travis Byrd, Kyle Mansch, Evan Duggins and Charlie Watson.
Back under YELLOW FLAG conditions as the cars remaining on track start to work in the oil-dry.
Still under RED FLAG conditions for cleanup. A bunch of oil dry is being put down in turns one and two.
The HMS track crew pushes Landon Huffman’s car away from the crash scene. (Speed51.com photo)
Sheflon Clay and Nicholas Witt also were involved in the fracas in turns one and two.
Track security officers stop Landon Huffman from making his way to a rival on track. (Speed51.com photo)
Huffman quickly got out of his car and started running towards someone’s car as the field went to red flag conditions. Track security personnel stopped him before he could get to his intended target.
YELLOW FLAG Lap 43: Landon Huffman gets turned and several cars pile in behind him.
Lap 43: Pelfrey clears Lee in turn one.
Still side-by-side on lap 42 for the lead.
GREEN FLAG: Shane Lee tries to stick on the outside of Pelfrey on the start. They’re door to door for a lap.
The 31 NASCAR Late Model Stock Cars are lined up on pit road ready for tonight’s main event once the Limited Late Model feature is in the books.
There was a chunk of metal on the high groove on the center of the back stretch.
YELLOW FLAG Lap 41: Debris on the track.
Lap 38: Lee and Byrd side by side for second. Off turn two give the spot to Lee.
GREEN FLAG: Pelfrey holds the lead and this time Shane Lee tries to take second from Byrd.
YELLOW FLAG Lap 37: Mitch Walker loops the 29 on the back stretch.
Lap 35: Pelfrey, who has led from the drop of the green flag, continues to lead by three car lengths.
GREEN FLAG: Pelfrey leads them into turn one. This time Mansch tries to take second from Byrd, but can’t quite make it work
The Late Models are lining up on pit road, but there are still 20 laps remaining in this Limited Late Model feature.
The schedule change now has the 150-lap Bobby Isaac Memorial as the next feature on track.
ARbodies of Greenbrier, Tennessee presents today’s Speed51.com’s live Trackside Now coverage of the Bobby Isaac Memorial at Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory, NC. ARbodies is on the cutting edge of body design and construction of ABC Bodies as well as bodies for Late Model Stock Cars, Muscle Cars, Mini Stocks, Trucks, Street Stocks, Dirt Racing and more. For more information call 888-245-1468 or visitwww.arbodies.com.
YELLOW FLAG Lap 30: A multi-car tangle in turns one and two. Monty Cox and Sheflon Clay got the worst of it. Both have some front-end damage, but both drove to pit road.
GREEN FLAG: Pelfrey again clears Byrd into turn one.
YELLOW FLAG Lap 30: Kenneth Pardue spins in turns one and two.
Lap 28:
1. Pelfrey
2. Byrd
3. Mansch
4. Pierce
5. Lee
6. A. Huffman
7. Clay
8. L. Huffman
9. Canipe
10. Cox
GREEN FLAG: Pelfrey again holds the lead into turn one.
Doubling back up for the restart. Pelfrey and Byrd will be the front row.
YELLOW FLAG Lap 25: Spin on the back stretch by Ben Ebeling brings the yellow out for the first time in this event.
Lap 15: It’s still Pelfrey leading the way of this 50-lap Limited Late Model feature, but Byrd is quickly gaining on him. Mansch runs third, followed by Pierce and Allen Huffman. Shane Lee is sixth while Landon Huffman and Sheflon Clay battle for seventh.
Lap 10: Travis Byrd gets under Kyle Mansch to take second.
Lap 5: Pelfrey leads Mansch, Byrd, Pierce and Allen Huffman in the top five.
Comment From Lenny 

Go Landon Huffman

GREEN FLAG: Pelfrey clears the field to hold the lead on the first lap.
One lap to green for the Limited Late Model feature.

1 51 Jeremy Pelfrey
2 09M Kyle Mansch
3 18 Casey Pierce
4 7 Travis Byrd
5 00 Shane Lee
6 25 Allen Huffman
7 75H Landon Huffman
8 12D Evan Duggins
9 9 Charlie Watson
10 29 Mitch Walker
11 15 Sheflon Clay
12 94 Ben Ebeling
13 21 Monty Cox
14 5 Dexter Canipe, Jr.
15 14 Brandon Cox
16 95N Nicholas Wilt
17 77 Mark Goin
18 43P Kenneth Pardue
19 43 Greg Wise
20 14K Kenta Itakura
21 19 Benji Woodward
The feature order is a bit different than as scheduled due to the earlier rain. First up will be the 50-lap Limited Late Model feature.
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Pre-race ceremonies are now underway at the start-finish line.
Jeremy Sorel’s fast time is his second career pole at Hickory Motor Speedway. Sorel, 22, is a native of Westfield, Massachusetts who now lives in Statesville, North Carolina
Cars are lining up now for feature action.
While we still have three live Trackside Now events going on tonight on Speed51.com, our Labor Day Trackside Now weekend continues for the next two days.

Speed51.com will have live Trackside Now coverage of the ACT Late Models’ Labor Day Classic at Thunder Road International Speedbowl in Vermont and Day 2 of the World Stock Car Festival for the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour and ARCA/CRA Super Series at Winchester Speedway (IN).

Then on Labor Day Monday, live coverage continues with ARCA/CRA Super Series feature day at Winchester and the 51-powered NASCAR Home Tracks Race Central Live updates of the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East event at Greenville-Pickens Speedway.

If you can’t make it to any of those events, check back to Speed51.com all weekend long for the live coverage from throughout the country.

The X-1R CARS Pro Cup Series will kick off their Championship Series on Saturday, September 14 at Orange County Speedway in Rougemont, NC. Clay Rogers and JP Morgan are in a close point battle with Morgan winning the last event. You can visitwww.carsprocup.com today and print your free ticket for this event.
Because of the earlier rain, tonight’s on-track autograph session has been cancelled so we can get right to feature event racing at 7pm.

1 51 Jeremy Pelfrey 15.867
2 09M Kyle Mansch 15.881
3 18 Casey Pierce 15.907
4 7 Travis Byrd 15.927
5 00 Shane Lee 15.962
6 25 Allen Huffman 15.991
7 75H Landon Huffman 16.019
8 12D Evan Duggins 16.037
9 9 Charlie Watson 16.080
10 29 Mitch Walker 16.089
11 15 Sheflon Clay 16.104
12 94 Ben Ebeling 16.118
13 21 Monty Cox 16.127
14 5 Dexter Canipe, Jr. 16.134
15 14 Brandon Cox 16.183
16 95N Nicholas Wilt 16.245
17 77 Mark Goin 16.324
18 43P Kenneth Pardue 16.373
19 43 Greg Wise 16.823
20 14K Kenta Itakura 16.864
21 19 Benji Woodaward 17.347
Limited Late Model qualifying is now complete.
43 – Kenneth Pardue
Lap 1: 16.372
12 – Evan Duggins
Lap 1: 15.150
75 – Landon Huffman
Lap 1: 16.018
51 – Jeremy Pelfrey
Lap 1: 15.867
14 – Kenta Itakura
Lap 1: 16.864
21 – Monty Cox
Lap 1: 16.127
09 – Kyle Mansch
Lap 1: 15.881
9 – Charlie Watson
Lap 1: 16.080
5 – Dexter Canipe, Jr.
Lap 1: 16.134
18 – Casey Pierce
Lap 1: 15.907
95N – Nicholas Wilt
Lap 1: 16.244
29 – Mitch Walker
Lap 1: 16.088
94 – Ben Ebeling
Lap 1: 16.118
77 – Mark Goin
Lap 1: 16.324
19 – Benji Woodward
Lap 1: 17.347
14 – Brandon Cox
Lap 1: 16.182
00 – Shane Lee
Lap 1: 15.962
7 – Travis Byrd
Lap 1: 15.927
15 Sheflon Clay
Lap 1: 16.104
Limited Late Models get one lap on the clock.
40 – Greg Wise
Lap 1: 16.822
The biggest open Modified event in the country, the John Blewett III North-South Shootout, is back and bigger than ever for its 11th annual running. On November 8th and 9th, the “Men who live by the grace of God and 600 horsepower” will thunder around North Carolina’s Caraway Speedway in this traditional Modified battle pitting the stars of the Northern Modifieds versus their counterparts in the South. Tickets are affordable for the whole family and it’s a show that shouldn’t be missed by fans who enjoy wheel-to-wheel excitement. For more details on the 11th annual John Blewett III North-South Shootout, visit www.carawayspeedway.com
Limited Late Model qualifying has begun.
Jeremy Sorel will start on the pole for tonight’s Bobby Isaac Memorial 150. (Speed51.com photo)
Yes, they will be next to qualify following the Street Stocks, which are on track now.
Comment From Guest 

are they qualifying the limiteds?

The 41st Annual Marion Edwards Memorial will be the championship race for the Bright House Challenge Series. The stars will compete on the famous New Smyrna Speedway half-mile oval in a 100-lap event to determint the 2013 season. More information can be found at www.newsmyrnaspeedway.org.
Yes, the starting field had a max of 32 according to the entry blank and 31 took time in qualifying.
Comment From Guest 

Will all cars make the field? Late models?


1 77 Jeremy Sorel 15.184
2 14D Mike Darne 15.284
3 12 Austin McDaniel 15.290
4 40K Brodie Kostecki 15.323
5 80 Blake Jones 15.329
6 8G David Garbo, Jr. 15.330
7 25H Brayton Haws 15.337
8 88B Josh Berry 15.345
9 57 Grant Wimbish 15.351
10 35 Devin Jones 15.364
11 00 Shane Lee 15.401
12 57C Justin Carroll 15.409
13 3G Kaz Grala 15.413
14 82B Will Burns 15.420
15 7 Ashley Huffman 15.431
16 33 Brandon Jones 15.438
17 25 Matt Piercy 15.451
18 43 Jesse LeFevers 15.470
19 7X Taylor Stricklin 15.502
20 21 Annabeth Barnes 15.507
21 8L Reid Lanpher 15.517
22 41 Ben Rhodes 15.536
23 5D Ronnie Bassett, Jr. 15.547
24 77V Rafael Vallina 15.555
25 10 Jake Keaton 15.564
26 07 Tyler Church 15.637
27 11 Dillon Houser 15.666
28 6G Will Gallaher 15.470
29 01B Jeremy Burns 15.692
30 22 Dan Moore 15.784
31 44 Dillon Bassett 15.984
Late Model qualifying is now complete.  Jeremy Sorel has set fast time.
5 – Ronnie Bassett, Jr.
Lap 1: 15.723
Lap 2: 15.546
Best Lap: 15.546
57 – Justin Carroll
Lap 1: 15.551
Lap 2: 15.409
Best Lap: 15.409
8 – David Garbo, Jr.
Lap 1: 15.457
Lap 2: 15.329
Best Lap: 15.329
41 – Ben Rhodes
Lap 1: 15.536
Lap 2: 15.572
Best Lap: 15.536
7 – Taylor Stricklin
Lap 1: 15.546
Lap 2: 15.501
Best Lap: 15.501
71 – Ashley Huffman
Lap 1: 15.475
Lap 2: 15.431
Best Lap: 15.431
00 – Shane Lee
Lap 1: 15.492
Lap 2: 15.400
Best Lap: 15.400
6 – Will Gallaher
Lap 1: 15.669
Lap 2: 15.679
Best Lap: 15.679
43 – Jesse LeFevers
Lap 1: 15.550
Lap 2: 15.470
Best Lap: 15.470
25 – Matt Piercy
Lap 1: 15.494
Lap 2: 15.451
Best Lap: 15.451
21 – Annabeth Barnes
Lap 1: 15.506
Lap 2: 15.571
Best Lap: 15.506
44 – Dillon Bassett
Lap 1: 16.239
Lap 2: 15.984
Best Lap: 15.984
8 – Reid Lanpher
Lap 1: 15.572
Lap 2: 15.517
Best Lap: 15.517
Jeremy Sorel goes to the top of the board.
77 – Jeremy Sorel
Lap 1: 15.374
Lap 2: 15.184
Best Lap: 15.184
McDaniel is now second thus far.
12 – Austin McDaniel
Lap 1: 15.503
Lap 2: 15.289
Best Lap: 15.289
80 – Blake Jones
Lap 1: 15.418
Lap 2: 15.329
Best Lap: 15.329
After 15 cars:
1.  Darne
2.  Kostecki
3.  Haws
4.  Berry
5.  Wimbish
6. D. Jones
7. Grala
8. W. Burns
9.  B. Jones
10.  Vallina
57 – Grant Wimbish
Lap 1: 15.549
Lap 2: 15.351
Best Lap: 15.351
25 – Brayton Haws
Lap 1: 15.500
Lap 2: 15.337
Best Lap: 15.337
22 – Dan Moore
Lap 1: 17.783
Lap 2: 15.828
Best Lap: 15.828
01 – Jeremy Burns
Lap 1: 15.716
Lap 2: 15.692
Best Lap: 15.692
33 – Brandon Jones
Lap 1: 15.485
Lap 2: 15.438
Best Lap: 15.438
10 – Jake Keaton
Lap 1: 15.737
Lap 2: 15.564
Best Lap: 15.564
Darne is now quickest.
14 – Mike Darne
Lap 1: 15.399
Lap 2: 15.284
Best Lap: 15.284
So far, Kostecki is quickest over Berry, Devin Jones, Grala and Will Burns.
82 – Will Burns
Lap 1: 15.515
Lap 2: 15.420
Best Lap: 15.420
3 – Kaz Grala
Lap 1: 15.580
Lap 2: 15.412
Best Lap: 15.412
07 – Tyler Church
Lap 1: 15.672
Lap 2: 15.636
Best Lap: 15.636
40 – Brodie Kostecki
Lap 1: 15.368
Lap 2: 15.323
Best Lap: 15.323
88 – Josh Berry
Lap 1: 15.380
Lap 2: 15.344
Best Lap: 15.344
77 – Rafael Vallina
Lap 1: 15.555
Lap 2: 15.570
Best Lap: 15.555
35 – Devin Jones
Lap 1: 15.406
Lap 2: 15.364
Best Lap: 15.364
11 – Dillon Houser
Lap 1: 15.666
Lap 2: 15.880
Best Lap: 15.666
Late Model racers will get one “dead,” unscored lap before two laps under the clock.
As Houser did a burnout pulling away from pit road, he looped his No. 11 in turn one. He’s quickly back underway and headed for the green flag.
Late Model qualifying is underway. Dillon Houser will be first out.
Jeff Melton, a former regular at Concord Motorsports Park, was quickest of the nine Sportsman Racing Classic cars in their qualifying round. We’re moments away from Late Model qualifying now.
Hickory officials are just lining up the final handful of Late Models on pit road before we can begin qualifying.
The 44th Annual Oktoberfest Race Weekend will take place on Oktober 3,4,5,6 at La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway in West Salem, WI. This is the big fall event that will crown many Champions from the Speedway to the visiting touring series. There will be over 500 cars with 600+ laps of feature racing with 19 divisions in which five are Late Model divisions. This is one race weekend that you need to put on your bucket list and attend. www.oktoberfestraceweekend.com.
Late Models are lining up for qualifying now. They are next out.
Kudos to the Hickory Motor Speedway track crew for getting the track dried up quickly. Qualifying for the Sportsman Racing Classic division is now on track.
The 2013 Speed51.com Late Model Most Popular Driver presented by ARbodies voting is underway. You can vote for your favorite driver once a day – any additional votes will not be counted. The overall Most Popular driver will receive a free white “A” package ABC or Late Model Stock Car body from ARbodies.com. Vote today by visiting http://www.speed51.com/2013_Stories/MPD/MPD_voting.html
Qualifying tires have been released to the Late Model teams and qualifying should begin shortly.
Getting Dillon Bassett’s car ready for action. (Speed51.com photo)
Getting things dried up here at Hickory. (Speed51.com photo)
The La Québécoise Thunder Valley National will take place on Saturday, September 7 at the Autodrome Chaudiere in Vallee-Jonction, Quebec, Canada. The Thunder Valley National will pay $10,000 to win and has already received entries from Ross Kenseth, DJ Shaw, Johnny Clark, Ben Rowe and more. For more information, please visitwww.autodromechaudiere.ca.


2012 Ronnie Bassett, Jr.
2011 Austin McDaniel
2010 George Miedecke
2009 Steven Wallace
2008 Coleman Pressley
2007 Andy Loden
2006 Coleman Pressley
2005 Mark Setzer
2004 Matt McCall
2003 Dennis Setzer
2002 Shane Huffman
2001 Scott Kilby
2000 Tom Pistone
1999 Shane Huffman
1998 Shane Huffman
1997 Greg Marlowe
1996 Scott Kilby
1995 Scott Kilby
1994 Scott Kilby
1993 Dennis Setzer
1992 Max Prestwood
1991 Scott Kilby
1990 Steve Walker
1989 Robert Huffman
1988 Tommy Houston
1987 Dale Jarrett
1986 Jack Ingram
1985 Ronnie Silver
1984 Larry Pearson
1983 Tommy Houston
1982 Jack Ingram
1981 Pete Silva
1980 Tommy Houston
1979 (no info)
1978 Bob Pressley
1977 Bob Pressley
Our friends at ShortTrackHistory.org provided us a list of former winners of the Bobby Isaac Memorial. Through lots of research, the 1979 winner of this event can not be found. If any racing historians can help with that, please let us know.
They sure will. As a matter of fact, the track is getting dry in a hurry. We could be qualifying not too long from now.
Comment From Ted 

Will they race? I am getting in the track to drive to Hickory now.

Track drying efforts are currently underway as the sun is trying to sneak back out from behind the clouds.
We did see the 97’s trailer leaving as we were outside the track for a few moments. That must explain why. If we are able to get more information on what exactly happened, we’ll certainly pass it along.
Comment From Guest 

97 of Keith bumgarner blew up

The rain has let up and we see crews starting to emerge from their trailers to prepare the cars for qualifying.
While we have a bit of a break in the action here at Hickory, be sure to check out one of the other live Trackside Now events 51 is covering today.

“The Chet” Championship event at Berlin Raceway (MI)

ARCA Midwest Tour at Marshfield Motor Speedway (WI)

Rain claimed most of today’s practice day events at Winchester Speedway (IN) for the ARCA/CRA Super Series and JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour, but recap what happened before the rains fell.

ARbodies of Greenbrier, Tennessee presents today’s Speed51.com’s live Trackside Now coverage of the Bobby Isaac Memorial at Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory, NC. ARbodies is on the cutting edge of body design and construction of ABC Bodies as well as bodies for Late Model Stock Cars, Muscle Cars, Mini Stocks, Trucks, Street Stocks, Dirt Racing and more. For more information call 888-245-1468 or visitwww.arbodies.com.
Josh Berry was quickest in final Late Model practice. (Speed51.com photo)
Comment From SpencerDavis29 

Go 25 of Brayton Haws and 33 of brandon Jones

As second Late Model practice concluded, the skies opened up and a rain shower has fallen over Hickory Motor Speedway. A quick look at the radar indicates that the storm shouldn’t be around long, thankfully.
The name says it all. This event is the wild one and will take place on Saturday, September 14 at Kalamazoo Speedway in Kalamazoo, MI. This will be a race event will you will see some unique looking cars and fast speeds. Make your plans to be a part of this fun event. For more information, please visitwww.kalamazoospeedway.com.
That concludes on-track action here at Hickory until qualifying begins at 5pm.

1 88 Josh Berry 15.535
2 33 Brandon Jones 15.571
3 12 Austin McDnaiel 15.588
4 3 Kaz Grala 15.606
5 14 Mike Darne 15.655
6 41 Ben Rhodes 15.723
7 25 Matt Piercy 15.754
8 25 Brayton Haws 15.756
9 77 Jeremy Sorel 15.763
10 40 Brodie Kostecki 15.779
11 80 Blake Jones 15.781
12 00 Shane Lee 15.784
13 35 Devin Jones 15.784
14 5 Ronnie Bassett, Jr. 15.811
15 77 Rafael Vallina 15.814
16 8 David Garbo, Jr. 15.821
17 44 Dillon Bassett 15.857
18 43 Jesse LeFevers 15.870
19 8 Reid Lanpher 15.874
20 01 Jeremy Burns 15.879
21 7 Ashley Huffman 15.903
22 82 Will Burns 15.906
23 7 Taylor Stricklin 15.912
24 11 Dillon Houser 15.930
25 22 Dan Moore 15.961
26 10 Jake Keaton 15.971
27 21 Annabeth Barnes 15.976
28 97 Keith Bumgarner 16.046
29 07 Tyler Church 16.067
Steve Holzhausen will be looking to clean sweep the 2013 Yellow River Racing Series at the season finale on Saturday, September 14. Holzhausen easily won the first two events. The veteran driver holds a 60-point lead over Mark Eswein in the standings. For more information, please visit www.marshfieldmotorspeedway.com.
Final Late Model Stock Car practice is complete. Josh Berry finished atop the board followed by Brandon Jones, Austin McDaniel, Kaz Grala and Mike Darne.
Annabeth Barnes leads Rafael Vallina through the corners. (Speed51.com photo)
The fourth Gulf Coast Doubleheader weekend for the Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco is set for September 20 & 21. The weekend kicks off with a combination event for the Southern Super Series and the Buddy’s Home Furnishings Blizzard Series at Pensacola, Florida’s Five Flags Speedway on Friday, September 20. The action shifts a few miles down Interstate 10 to Alabama’s Mobile International Speedway on Saturday, September 21, for the combination Southern Super Series and Miller Lite Series 125-lap feature. For more details, visitwww.southernsuperseries.comwww.5flagsspeedway.com andwww.mobilespeedway.net.
15 minutes remain in the final Late Model Stock practice session.
Josh Berry has taken his No. 88 JR Motorsports Chevy to the top of the speed chart with a lap time of 15.535-seconds. Brandon Jones is now second, followed by McDaniel, Grala and Darne in the top five.
In his young career, Blake Jones has raced just about every kind of full-bodied short track series a kid can run. (Speed51.com photo)
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The nose of Brandon Jones’ No. 33 was taped off on a mock qualifying run to land him atop the practice speed chart thus far. (Speed51.com photo)
So far in this final Late Model Stock practice round, Brandon Jones is quickest over Austin McDaniel, Kaz Grala, Mike Darne and Ben Rhodes.
In this final practice round, the weather is noticeably different thanin first practice. More clouds have rolled in and the wind has picked up a bit, cooling the track more than it was earlier today. That could throw a few curveballs to these crew chiefs as they get their cars dialed in for qualifying and tonight’s 150-lap feature.
Matt Piercy in the No. 25. (Speed51.com photo)
Final Late Model practice is now on track.
The Limited Late Models are now on track for their final practice round, which will be followed by the final Late Model Stock Car practice.
Austin McDnaiel is one of the local favorites here at Hickory. (Speed51.com photo)
Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida will host their Night of Champions on Saturday, September 28. The highlight of the night will be the Allen Turner Hyundai Pro Late Model Tune Up 100. Plus the Modifieds, Pro Trucks, Sportsmen, and Bombers will be in action. It could be a great preview of the Snowflake 100 annual event during the Snowball Derby weekend. www.5flagsspeedway.com.
Tonight’s 150-lap NASCAR Late Model Stock Car feature pays $3,000 to win, $1,400 for second and $800 for third. According to the entry blank 32 cars will start tonight’s feature and last plays pays $250.

This event does count for NASCAR Whelen All-American Series points.

Ben Rhodes, who won a Late Model race here at Hickory just a few weeks ago, shows the way in practice for Josh Berry (88) and Ronnie Bassett, Jr. (5). (Speed51.com photo)
The 51st Annual People’s United Bank Milk Bowl is an event on many short track fans bucket list. This year’s event will take place on October 5-6 at the famous Vermont track. Drivers will compete in a three-segment event with the hopes of drinking the fresh milk and immortalizing themselves by kissing a cow. It has become one of the more popular short track events in the United States. For more information, please visitwww.thunderroadspeedbowl.com.
David Garbo, Jr., a Connecticut native, was quick in first practice. (Speed51.com photo)
Brodie Kostecki, a winner on the UARA-STARS tour this season, was quickest in first Late Model Stock practice here at Hickory. (Speed51.com photo)
It is the biggest Super Late Model event in the country, the 46th Annual Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida. Last year, Erik Jones made a bold outside pass on Kyle Busch to win his first Derby. It will be a who’s who of Late Model stars from all across North America. Make your plans now to be a part of this incredible event. For more information, visit www.snowballderby.com.

1 40 Brodie Kostecki 15.693
2 8 Dave Garbo, Jr. 15.773
3 5 Ronnie Bassett, Jr. 15.774
4 35 Devin Jones 15.791
5 88 Josh Berry 15.796
6 25 Matt Piercy 15.817
7 80 Blake Jones 15.827
8 7 Ashley Huffman 15.857
9 44 Dillon Bassett 15.859
10 41 Ben Rhodes 15.873
11 11 Dillon Houser 15.874
12 00 Shane Lee 15.886
13 25 Brayton Haws 15.891
14 77 Jeremy Sorel 15.910
15 33 Brandon Jones 15.916
16 12 Austin McDaniel 15.931
17 6 Will Gallaher 15.932
18 57 Grant Wimbish 15.939
19 7 Taylor Stricklin 15.949
20 22 Dan Moore 15.962
21 57 Justin Carroll 15.964
22 10 Jake Keaton 15.965
23 07 Jeremy Burns 15.999
24 82 Will Burns 16.013
25 3 Kaz Grala 16.017
26 97 Keith Bumgarner 16.017
27 21 Annabeth Barnes 16.036
28 8 Reid Lanpher 16.066
29 77 Rafael Vallina 16.074
30 14 Mike Darne 16.118
31 43 Jesse LeFevers 16.166
32 07 Tyler Church 16.197
The 48th Annual Florida Governor’s Cup weekend provides three great days of racing action on the popular half-mile oval in central Florida on October 24-26. The Governor’s Cup 200 on Saturday, October 26. Thursday, October 24 will highlight Sportsman, Super Stocks, Pro-Trucks,and Strictly Stocks. Friday, October 25 will include the Pro Late Models 100, Mini-Stocks 50 and E-Modifieds 50. Find out more by visiting www.newsmyrnaspeedway.org.
First Late Model practice is now in the books. Australian Brodie Kostecki was quickest over Dave Garbo, Jr. and Ronnie Bassett, Jr. Stand by for complete practice results.
ARbodies of Greenbrier, Tennessee presents today’s Speed51.com’s live Trackside Now coverage of the Bobby Isaac Memorial at Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory, NC. ARbodies is on the cutting edge of body design and construction of ABC Bodies as well as bodies for Late Model Stock Cars, Muscle Cars, Mini Stocks, Trucks, Street Stocks, Dirt Racing and more. For more information call 888-245-1468 or visitwww.arbodies.com.
Once Late Model practice is over, we will have a ton of photos to put into today’s coverage. We will also effort practice times from track timing and scoring officials.
A look at Brandon Jones from outside turn one. (Speed51.com photo)
Late Model Stocks are now out for their first practice session.
With just about five minutes left in Limited Late Model practice, the LMSC racers have begun to line up on pit road. First to hit the track will be Keith Bumgarner and Kaz Grala.
Limited Late Models hit the track. (Speed51.com photo)
Sportsman and Street Stock practice is now complete. Next up are the Limited Late Models, followed by the Late Model Stock Cars.
It is one of the crown jewel Super Late Model events in the country. The 42nd Annual Winchester 400 will take place on October 11-12-13 at the high-banked Winchester Speedway in Winchester, IN. Some of the biggest Super Late Model stars from all across the U.S.A. will be “gunning” their way to victory lane. Advance ticket sale forms are available at www.winchesterspeedway.com.

Young Californian-turned-North Carolinian Devin Jones told 51 that he plans to run a few more “local” Late Model shows for the remainder of the 2013 season with sights set on running well in the Virginia is for Racing Lovers 300 at Martinsville Speedway (VA) in October. Jones also said that he is hoping to run the October NASCAR Camping World Truck Series event at Martinsville like he did earlier this year in his Truck debut.
Comment From Jess 

Good luck to #35 Devin Jones!

While a track champion will not be crowned tonight, the list of former champs reads like a who’s-who of Southeastern short track racing. (Speed51.com photo)
The All-American 400 is one of the most prestigious short track events in the country and it’s back in 2013 even bigger and better than before. Set for November 1 and 2 at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville in Tennessee, the AA400 will be a return to glory for the event that has seen the biggest names in the sport go to its victory lane. Butch Lindley, Bob Senneker, Rusty Wallace, Darrell Waltrip, Butch Miller, Jeff Purvis, Bobby Gill, Freddie Query, Wayne Anderson and Mike Garvey have all etched their name onto the All-American 400 record books over the years. The top names in Super Late Model racing and more will be on hand to battle for the famed guitar that goes to the AA400 winner. This year’s event will be a Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco Super Late Model race co-sanctioned by Champion Racing Association. More details are to be announced soon for this year’s All-American 400. Visit www.fairgroundsspeedwaynashville.com‬‬ for more.
While many of today’s Late Model Stock Car competitors also compete in the track’s 10-race Zloop Challenge series, today’s event is not a part of that series. The finale of the Zloop Challenge series comes in two weeks on September 14.
Practice has begun here at Hickory Motor Speedway. First on track are the Sportsman Racing Classics.
Comment From Carter Marshall Gabell 

Go Ben Rhodes!

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JR Motorsports has a two-car operation here today with former Motor Mile (VA) track champ Josh Berry in the 88 and Maine’s Reid Lanpher in the 8. (Speed51.com photo)
Comment From Jonathan Wilborn 

Good Luck to Josh Berry, Ben Rhodes, & Reid Lanpher tonight

Comment From Lenny 

Go #5 Ronnie Bassett and #75 Landon Huffman

Bassett, last year’s winner of the Bobby Isaac Memorial told 51 that since his crew, led by crew chief Chris Lawson, has been busy getting their new NASCAR K&N Pro Series East car ready for its debut with Bassett behind the wheel Monday at Greenville-Pickens, there wasn’t enough time to get their family-owned Late Model together for today’s race. Kiker Motorsports team owner Travis Kiker called Bassett and the pair have teamed up for today’s event.
Defending race winner Ronnie Bassett, Jr. will be behind the wheel of the Kiker Motorsports No. 5 tonight. (Speed51.com photo)
It’s a picture-perfect day for racing here in the North Carolina foothills. Temperatures are in the low-80s and the sun shines overhead. Comfortable conditions are expected come race time, as well. Adult General Admission tickets are just $15 tonight, so if you’re in the area, we hope to see you here at Hickory tonight.
A panoramic look at “The Birthplace of the NASCAR Stars,” Hickory Motor Speedway. (Speed51.com photo)
Comment From FHR Fan 

GO FHR!!! 8 & 80!!!

Comment From Guest 

#HollaForGrala and the No.3 Kaz Grala!

We will have a full driver roster as soon as we can.
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00 Shane Lee
07 Tyler Church
3 Kaz Grala
4 Jack Madrid
6 Will Gallaher
7 Taylor Stricklin
7 Ashley Huffman
8 Reid Lanpher
8 David Garbo, Jr.
10 Tyler English
10 Jake Keaton
11 Dillon Houser
12 Austin McDaniel
18 David Roberts
21 Annabeth Barnes
22 Dan Moore
25 Matt Piercy
25 Brayton Haws
33 Brandon Jones
35 Devin Jones
40 Brodie Kostecki
41 Ben Rhodes
43 Jesse LeFevers
44 Dillon Bassett
55 Zach Bruenger
57 Justin Carroll
57 Grant Wimbish
69 Enrique Baca
77 Jeremy Sorel
77 Rafael Vallina
80 Blake Jones
88 Josh Berry
88 Josh Wright
97 Keith Bumgarner
Track operator Kevin Piercy just stopped in to chat with us at Speed51.com and he estimates around 36 NASCAR Late Models on the grounds here today. Thirty-four were on the initial pre-entry list.

1:00pm – Practice
Sportsman 1-1:10
Street Stocks 1:10-1:25
Limited Late Models 1:25-1:45
Late Model Stocks 1:45-2:25

Sportsman 2:30-2:40
Street Stocks 2:40-2:55
Limited Late Models 2:55-3:15
Late Model Stocks 3:15-3:55

4:15 – Driver’s Meeting

5:00 – Grandstands Open

5:30 – Qualifying
Sportsman (1 Lap)
Late Model Stocks (2 Laps)
Street Stocks (1 Lap)
Limited Late Models (1 Lap)

6:00 – On-Track Autograph Session
6:30 – Pre-Race ceremonies

7:00 – Feature Racing
Sportsman Racing Classics (25 Laps)
Limited Late Models (50 Laps)
Street Stocks (30 Laps
Late Model Stocks (150 Laps)

ARbodies of Greenbrier, Tennessee presents today’s Speed51.com’s live Trackside Now coverage of the Bobby Isaac Memorial at Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory, NC. ARbodies is on the cutting edge of body design and construction of ABC Bodies as well as bodies for Late Model Stock Cars, Muscle Cars, Mini Stocks, Trucks, Street Stocks, Dirt Racing and more. For more information call 888-245-1468 or visitwww.arbodies.com.
Good morning and welcome to “America’s Most Famous Short Track,” Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory, North Carolina. Today, a tremendous field of NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Model Stock Cars will battle in the Bobby Isaac Memorial 150.
DISCLAIMER: All updates posted on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now are property of 51 Sports, LLC and may not be duplicated in any form unless prior permission has been given by 51 Sports, LLC.

Trackside Now – Bobby Isaac Memorial 150 – Hickory Motor Speedway (NC) – 8/31/13