Speed51.com Trackside Now – 9/25/09 – Blizzard Series Finale at Five Flags Speedway (FL) (Replay)


Welcome to Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage of the Blizzard Series Super Late Model “Miller Lite 100” at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida.   Tonight’s race is the final 2009 Blizzard Series event, so the series champion will be crowned here at Five Flags Speedway.   Also, this is a very important event as it is the last Super Late Model feature prior to the big 42nd Annual Snowball Derby event here in December.   Drivers will be shaking their cars down to get prepared for what some call the biggest Super Late Model event in the country.


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Tonight you will have two ways of following along with the action.   All day, through the race and post race, you can follow along with the action right here on Speed 51’s Trackside Now coverage.   Myself, Jason “Stix” Buckley, will be at the keys to keep you informed.Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor and Ally “New Girl” Fulson are also here and will be providing information and photo support during the day, then they will shift over to the Speed 51 Radio presentation of the action here at Five Flags Speedway on RaceTalkRadio.com, starting with the Beef O’ Brady’s pre-race show at 8:00pm Central, followed by the Racing Electronics starting line-up and the 100-lap Blizzard race, followed by the 51 Sports Website Services post-race show.


That reminds us of our “Teddy Christopher” notice here.   Usually we provide Trackside Now coverage at tracks in the Eastern Time Zone.   Five Flags Speedway is in the Central Time Zone, so there is a one-hour difference for those on the east coast.Why is this the TC notice?   One year, TC tried to follow along with our Trackside Now coverage from a Florida event and said he said we were an hour off from the action.   Even though we stated it, he didn’t notice the hour difference.



PHOTO: Haulers that weren’t already in the track from yesterday were waiting to get in this afternoon. (51 Sports Photo)


Here is today’s schedule of events.1:00pm – Pit Gates Open

3:45pm – Blizzard Driver’s Meeting

4:00pm – Blizzard Practice (from 4pm – 5:30pm)

5:30pm – Local practice (Super Stock, Sportsman, Bombers)

(Blizzard Cars to Pre-Race tech)

6:45pm – Blizzard Qualifying

7:30pm – Local driver’s meeting

7:50pm – Pre-Race Festivities

8:00pm – Feature Races Begin

Super Stock Championship 35-Lap Feature

Miller Lite 100 – 100-lap feature

Sportsman 20-lap feature

Bomber 20-lap feature


The weather here in Pensacola, Florida, is hot.   Very hot in fact.   Current temperature when we checked at 2:30pm was 86 degrees with the sun overhead making it feel like 94.   The temperature should drop a few degrees prior to green flag tonight though.   Also, the percentage of “something” that we do not want goes up to 30-percent by just past green flag.   However, we are not going to think about that.


Yesterday, 19 Super Late Model drivers were here practicing.   The only issue we are aware of is Stanley Smith’s car depositing a car chalk in the corner that must have been left on the car before he went out to practice.


The driver’s meeting will start in about 10 minutes, so we are going to head down and find out what the scoop is.   The practice is right after that, so we might be away from the PC for a bit.


Before we go, we are reposting the new driver’s list.   Max Gresham just pulled in, making it 29 Supers here.

02 Matt Smith
05 Jeremy Colangelo
1 Stephen McCurley
1 Eddie Mercer
2 John Bolen
6 Hunter Robbins
9 Chase Elliott
10 Danny Bagwell
10 Johanna Long
11 David Rogers
12 Chuck Barnes Jr.
21 Scott Carlson
26 Bubba Pollard
29 Allen Karnes
31 Tyler Millwood
38 Josh Hamner
40 Keith English
41 Chris Davidson
43 Dennis Schoenfeld
45 Dwayne Buggay
47 Trey Mitchell
48 Cecil Chunn
49 Stanley Smith
51 Colt James
97 Jimmy Garmon
99 Casey Smith
99 Wayne Niedecken Jr.
112 Augie Grill
711 Max Gresham


We are now heading to the driver’s meeting and will be back shortly.


The first round of practice is set to begin shortly  since the driver’s meeting has just concluded.   Here are some notes from that meeting :Drivers will no longer be docked one lap for an infraction in pre-qualifying tech.   Instead they will be sent to the rear of the qualifying line and will only have  opportunity  to qualify 11th at best.Tonight’s Blizzard Series season finale event will be the second race on the schedule tonight.   It will immediately follow the Super Stock division and will be followed by two more local events.

A procedure change that was long overdue has taken place here today.   In previous years, when caution laps counted, competitors were not permitted to pit under a red flag.    Now that that  restriction has been lifted, racers will be allowed to pit under the red but will be sent to the end of the line when the rejoin the field and will not regain their previous  position.

All restarts will be single filed.   However, cars will still have the opportunity to get their laps back due to the implementation of a “free pass” where the first car one lap down at each caution will earn a spot at the tail end of the lead lap.   Unfortunately, the free pass will not be available within the last 10 laps of the event.

On a restart, competitors will only be able to pass  to the right side of the cars in front of them.

Once the white flag falls at the end of the night, the checkered flag will follow.   If the track is deemed unsafe for competiton then the red flag will fly and there will be a green-white-checkered finish.

It seems many things have been on the mind of head tech man Ricky Brooks, as he addressed many things for the final time.   Brooks threatened that if one more Blake carbeurator has a problem in his tech shed, they will be disallowed at all tracks at which he oversees technical inspection (South Alabama Speedway, Mobile International Speedway, and here at Five Flags Speedway).

Brooks was also annoyed with the fluctuating frame heights that have been coming through his “room of doom”.   If the problem continues, tech officials will no longer be lenient with such infractions and the rule will be set to a solid 4 in frame height for all cars, without exception.

Brooks will also no longer simply reprimand teams for body brace offenses.   In fact they won’t be told at all, they will  be notified in post-race tech  when they are disqualifed from the event.

Brooks also cautioned drivers to watch their pit road speed today.   As there are 29 super late models entered in the Blizzard Series event as well as three other divisions running here at Five Flags tonight there are plenty of people in the pits and safety is of the utmost importance to the staff here.


Chase Elliott is currently the fastest on the practice charts at 17.074.   David Rogers and Chuck Barnes are second and third.


The first round of practice has officially concluded with the second round starting now.   Chase Elliott was the fastest on the track.   We will have times shortly.


First Round Practice Times (top 10 only)

9 Chase Elliott 17.074
11 David Rogers 17.292
12 Chuck Barnes 17.309
21 Scott Carlson 17.407
1S Stephan McCurley 17.448
10L Johanna Long 17.453
1 Eddie Mercer 17.462
6 Hunter Robbins 17.484
99S Casey Smith 17.545
05 Jeremy Colangelo 17.550



PHOTO: Chase Elliott set fast time in the first practice session.   (51 Sports Photo)



PHOTO: David Rogers during practice.   (51 Sports Photo)


There has been a few questions about the BDI Racing team.   The team was supposed to come down with two cars, one with Michael Pope and the other with Matt Hirschman in the other.   BDI’s new car wasn’t ready, so they were just going to come down here with Pope in the #51, but a last-minute issue kept them back.   Their normal hauler driver had an emergency.   BDI has put a few drivers on reserve that are out-of-work drivers in the Charlotte (NC) area, but both drivers found work for the weekend.   Unfortunately, no other drivers were available at the 11th hour, so the team had to skip coming down here.The team is here though this weekend, and actually every day throughout the year – in one way.   The hood from the #51 BDI Chevy from last year’s Snowball Derby is right inside the front door of the local Beef O’ Brady’s restaurant, just minutes from the track.The BDI team will be here though for the Snowball Derby.



PHOTO: The BDI Racing Beef ‘O’ Brady’s hood from last year’s Snowball Derby on display at the restaurant.   (51 Sports Photo)


Also, we do want to send out get well wishes to Jeff Fultz.   Fultz was scheduled to be here this weekend, but has fallen ill and couldn’t make the trip.


There are five minutes left in practice.


The car that Augie Grill is driving here today was pretty well destroyed a few weeks back at Mobile International Speedway (AL).   They have rebuilt the car and it is ready to race today.To see the wicked wreck, click this link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_0vRO6uB9I


Practice for the Super Late Models has concluded.   We will have times shortly from the second session.


John Bolen was fastest in the second and final practice session.   We will have a top-10 rundown from the practice shortly.


Comment From musgravejr72 good luck Dennis Schoenfeld 43 ….wish i was there


Second Round Practice Times (top 10 only)

1 2 John Bolen 17.159
2 12 Chuck Barnes 17.181
3 10L Johanna Long 17.204
4 11 David Rogers 17.259
5 49 Stanley Smith 17.273
6 26 Bubba Pollard 17.299
7 51 Colt James 17.319
8 47 Trey Mitchell 17.322
9 9 Chase Elliott 17.353
10 1 Eddie Mercer 17.382



PHOTO: John Bolen was fastest in the second round of practice.   (51 Sports Photo)


Tonight’s race is important for many drivers for many different reasons.First, it is the Blizzard Series finale.   Three drivers, Bubba Pollard, Johnanna Long and Augie Grill, are battling hard for the championship.   Here are the current point standings (top five):

1      Bubba Pollard 672 Leader
2      Johanna Long 649 -23
3      Augie Grill 628 -44
4      Casey Smith 536 -136
5      Eddie Mercer 533 -139


Bragging rights as the champion is one thing, but second place is important as well.   The top-two drivers in the final Blizzard Series points will get an automatic starting position in the 42nd Annual Snowball Derby.


Obviously, the best way to win the title is to win tonight’s event, but there are other drivers out here tonight that want to win this event here tonight to add their name in the book as the last driver to win prior to the Snowball Derby.   While one of those top-three points drivers want to be the race winner, there are 26 other drivers out here that want that honor.


Finally, tonight’s race also adds points to the Gulf Coast championship, which is the 10-race series with race points  here at Five Flags (five races) and at Mobile International Speedway (five races) added together to determine the champion.Here is the current top-five in the Gulf Coast Championship points standings:

1      Bubba Pollard 1352
2      Johanna Long 1271
3      Augie Grill 1266
4      Hunter Robbins 1033
5      Casey Smith 1024


Oh, to add one more thing into the mix, points are important for the Blizzard Series drivers outside of those top drivers up to 10th place.   Why?   If the two drivers that are automatically in the Snowball Derby field qualify on their own, the guaranteed spot (provisional basically) goes to the next driver in points, all the way down to 10th.Now, technically that means someone could make a deal with a driver that is locked in so that they get locked in, but it would take a lot of begging to get a driver to botch a qualifying effort and throw themselves out of the top 30 just to help out another racer.


If you are just joining our coverage, we have a lot of information already posted, from practice times to who is here.   Please scroll down through all of our coverage to see what you have missed since we started coverage at 3pm Central.


Comment From M Schoenfeld Go Dennis @43 Sorry I could not be there to rout you on !!


We are just under 30 minutes from qualifying for the Blizzard Series racers.


Comment From Terri Bolen Wish I was there!!! Wishing my son, John Bolen, and all the drivers the best of luck tonight!


Qualifying was supposed to have started already, but we are in a slight delay.   Cars are still going through tech.   It should be within the next five to 15 minutes.


Comment From Dj Graham Good luck Garmon! Wish we could be there! maybe next year!


We will be posting qualifying in real time.   What this means is right after a driver completes their qualifying run, we will post the times (first lap, second lap and best lap), so you can follow along at home as things happen during qualifying.Soon after, we will reorder the qualifying and post the complete results in order.


Remember, those drivers that have issues in pre-qualifying tech will still get two laps of qualifying, but they are qualifying for 11th best.   If we hear a driver is in that position as they go out, we will post that info with their times.




49 Stanley Smith 17.007 16.948 16.948


51 Colt James 17.108 17.159 17.108


11R David Rogers 17.022 17.053 17.022


10 Danny Bagwell 17.172 16.961 16.961


40 Keith English 17.264 17.131 17.131


97 Jimmy Garmon 17.172 17.040 17.040


45 Dwayne Buggay 17.303 17.150 17.150


31 Tyler Millwood 17.372 17.137 17.137


12 Chuck Barnes Jr 17.235 17.048 17.048


41 Chris Davidson 17.315 17.107 17.107


38 Josh Hamner 17.175 17.082 17.082


47 Trey Mitchell 17.219 17.171 17.171


99 Wayne Niedecken Jr 17.238 17.083 17.083


6 Hunter Robbins 17.098 17.012 17.012


99S Casey Smith 17.046 16.954 16.954


29 Allen Karnes 17.673 17.460 17.460


2 John Bolen 17.027 16.893 16.893


02 Matt Smith 17.122 16.963 16.963


43 Dennis Schoenfeld 17.183 17.193 17.183


711 Max Gresham 17.392 17.016 17.016


112 Augie Grill 16.688 16.657 16.657


9 Chase Elliott 17.097 16.888 16.888


21 Scott Carlson 17.189 17.105 17.105


05 Jeremy Colangelo 17.138 17.053 17.053


1S Stephen McCurley 16.898 16.892 16.892


10 Johanna Long 16.834 16.763 16.763


1 Eddie Mercer 16.979 16.945 16.945


26 Bubba Pollard 17.158 17.014 17.014


48 Cecil Chunn 17.451 17.197 17.197


Qualifying has been completed.   Augie Grill has the pole for tonight’s event.   We will have the complete rundown shortly.


Qualfying at many tracks is just to set up who starts where.   In the Blizzard Series, there are qualifying points that factor into things.   With Augie Grill qualifying first, Johanna Long second and Bubba Pollard 12th, the points title has closed up.   Here is the new points post-qualifying for the top three:

1st Bubba Pollard 676 leader
2nd Johanna Long 663 -13
3rd Augie Grill 643 -33


How does the race points work?   160 points for the winner, then minus five points per position.   What that means is that Bubba Pollard needs to finish three spots ahead of Johanna Long to win the title.   If Long finishes three spots ahead of Pollard, the title is hers.   There is the Augie Grill factor though.   If he finishes seven spots ahead of Pollard and Long isn’t in the mix, the title is his.We are set for an exciting race tonight.


Complete Qualifying Results

1st 112 Augie Grill 16.657
2nd 10 Johanna Long 16.763
3rd 9 Chase Elliott 16.888
4th 1S Stephen McCurley 16.892
5th 2 John Bolen 16.893
6th 1 Eddie Mercer 16.945
7th 49 Stanley Smith 16.948
8th 99S Casey Smith 16.954
9th 10 Danny Bagwell 16.961
10th 02 Matt Smith 16.963
11th 6 Hunter Robbins 17.012
12th 26 Bubba Pollard 17.014
13th 711 Max Gresham 17.016
14th 11R David Rogers 17.022
15th 97 Jimmy Garmon 17.040
16th 12 Chuck Barnes Jr 17.048
17th 05 Jeremy Colangelo 17.053
18th 38 Josh Hamner 17.082
19th 99 Wayne Niedecken Jr 17.083
20th 21 Scott Carlson 17.105
21st 41 Chris Davidson 17.107
22nd 51 Colt James 17.108
23rd 40 Keith English 17.131
24th 31 Tyler Millwood 17.137
25th 45 Dwayne Buggay 17.150
26th 47 Trey Mitchell 17.171
27th 43 Dennis Schoenfeld 17.183
28th 48 Cecil Chunn 17.197
29th 29 Allen Karnes 17.460



PHOTO: Augie Grill in the driver’s meeting.   (51 Sports Photos)


Comment From Will2K Good Luck Guys & Gals tonight…. We are cheer-n for you from Georgia


Comment From The Roderick Famiily Chase Elliott, we wish you the very best tonight. pedal to the metal


Comment From Will2K Great list in the line up… Wish I was trackside.. Con Grats AG and cant wait to see how it all shakes down… Great play – by play .. Thanks Sp51 for the updates


Comment From Terri Bolen Way to John Bolen on 5th! Congrats to Augie for the pole tonight. Good Luck to everyone!!!


Comment From smokersracin Good luck to all & great job by 51!


The first support division is on the track currently getting lined up and the pre-race festivities are about to start.


Comment From John Rush Good-Luck Bubba Pollard go get another win 2night


The Speed 51 Radio presentation of the Miller Lite 100 is now live on RaceTalkRadio.com.   You can crank up the action there and continue to follow along here.


The National Anthem has been sung and the engines have been fired for one of the support divisions.


We have over 1000 folks watching along here on Trackside Now.   We appreciate everyone that is following along and hope you enjoy our coverage of these events.


During the support division event, there was a three-car crash on the front stretch that severely damaged those cars.   That shows that anything can happen here at Five Flags Speedway in tonight’s Super Late Model Blizzard event.


The Super Late Models are making their way onto the track and into their starting positions.


Comment From Boss302 Thanks for doing this, i think its great. Good job yall


Comment From Bradley Good luck Bubba Pollard, Bring The Championship Home!


Comment From Amy Good luck Chase Elliott!


Comment From Tina Lesley way to go Stephan McCurley with 5th place in qualifing


Thanks for all the comments.   We have posted a few of the comments from some of our viewers.   Unfortunately we aren’t able to post them all, but we appreciate your support and so do the drivers.   Make sure to support your drivers by posting in the Speed 51 discussion forum on Motorsports Lounge by going to www.motorsportslounge.com/speed51


Also, the Speed 51 Radio broadcast with Elgin “Statboy” Traylor and Ally “New Girl” Fulson is happening right now.   Follow along here and listen there at RaceTalkRadio.com as Speed 51 brings you audio and typing coverage of the Blizzard Series finale here at Five Flags Speedway.



PHOTO: Ally Fulson and Elgin Traylor of Speed 51 are on air with the Speed 51 Radio broadcast of the event on Race Talk Radio.   (51 Sports Photo)


The driver introductions are currently happening on track.


The engines have been fired, and we should be rolling here shortly.


This is a 100-lap event, and only green flag laps count.



1st 112 Augie Grill
2nd 10 Johanna Long
3rd 9 Chase Elliott
4th 1S Stephen McCurley
5th 2 John Bolen
6th 1 Eddie Mercer
7th 49 Stanley Smith
8th 99S Casey Smith
9th 10 Danny Bagwell
10th 02 Matt Smith
11th 6 Hunter Robbins
12th 26 Bubba Pollard
13th 711 Max Gresham
14th 11R David Rogers
15th 97 Jimmy Garmon
16th 12 Chuck Barnes Jr
17th 05 Jeremy Colangelo
18th 38 Josh Hamner
19th 99 Wayne Niedecken Jr
20th 21 Scott Carlson
21st 41 Chris Davidson
22nd 51 Colt James
23rd 40 Keith English
24th 31 Tyler Millwood
25th 45 Dwayne Buggay
26th 47 Trey Mitchell
27th 43 Dennis Schoenfeld
28th 48 Cecil Chunn
29th 29 Allen Karnes


The cars are on their final few pace laps.   The intensity from behind the seats matches that of the crews, the fans and everyone watching.   Tonight a race winner will be determined, a champion crowned and two drivers will be locked in to one of the biggest Super Late Model events in the world.


One lap until green.




Augie Grill got the jump and leads lap one with Johanna Long second.


YELLOW FLAG: LAP 1A big wreck occured on the front stretch involving multiple cars, including the championship leader Bubba Pollard, who’s car is destroyed.


Pollard has ran back to his hauler like he is going to get in his back-up car, but officials have said one lap has been completed, so we are not sure that is possible.


RED FLAG: LAP 1Due to the parts and pieces on the track, they have red flagged the event.


All cars have pulled off except Max Gresham and Bubba Pollard’s damaged car.


Bubba Pollard has driven his back-up #18 car down pit road and to pit out, but officials are saying that he is not allowed on the track.According to the officials, the lap was complete since the wreck happened as they crossed the line.   Pollard did cross the line and has been scored in his #26 and CANNOT get in the #18 back-up car as he cannot be scored in two different cars.


Bubba Pollard’s primary car has been pulled into the pits by a wrecker.   It looks like his championship might be over.


To go back to the wreck, we are not sure what caused the issue.   It appeared some cars just got together due to the closeness of the cars, causing the incident.


Matt Smith’s #02 was also heavily damaged.   We didn’t see his car on the track, but it was still sitting there as it has come in on the hook.


Reminder: Speed 51 Radio coverage of the event is live at: www.racetalkradio.com


We are back to  YELLOW FLAG conditions as the cars are now rolling again.


The top five: Augie Grill, Johanna Long, Stephen McCurley, Eddie Mercer, John Bolen


David Rogers is back on the track after possibly receiving some damage from that wreck.


One lap to green.




Augie Grill has held serve up front as Johanna Long sits second.   Stephen McCurley is right on her bumper for third.


Most of the cars have gone single file, but there are a few battles for position throughout the pack.


10 laps are complete.   Augie Grill still leads with Johanna Long second.   Stephen McCurley is third, followed by Eddie Mercer and John Bolen, who is being challenged for the position by Casey Smith,


Casey Smith has worked his way to fifth, bumping John Bolen back to sixth.


We cannot see Bubba Pollard’s pit area, but his car is still in the pits, and with the damage that we saw, he would be hard-pressed to be able to come back out at all.


Casey Smith has worked his way past Eddie Mercer for the fourth position at lap 20.


Augie Grill is now behind the back of the pack, lapping cars.


Almost big trouble for Augie Grill.   Keith English and Allen Karnes made contact going into turn one directly in front of Augie Grill.   Grill had to check up, but all drivers kept it pointed straight.


Johanna Long was having all sorts of trouble passing the #40 of Keith English.   English decided to hold the inside line, forcing her to the outside.


YELLOW FLAG: LAP 30Stanley Smith and Allen Karnes had trouble going into turn one, both sliding around.


Scott Carlson has pitted for tires as well as a few drivers towards the back of the field.


Top five: Augie Grill, Johanna Long, Stephen McCurley, Casey Smith, Eddie MercerDavid Rogers, who was a lap down, got the free pass.


Bubba Pollard has made his way back onto the track.   The car has damage, including missing just about every panel on the front, including the hood.


One lap to green.




Augie Grill still leads up front with Johanna Long second.   Long seems like she has a bit of trouble on her restarts as she slightly stacks up the drivers behind while Grill gets away from the pack.   That might cost her on a future restart if she isn’t careful.


Casey Smith has worked his way now to third and is stalking Johanna Long.


Bubba Pollard is 30 laps down.


There are 40 laps down.   Augie Grill still leads Johanna Long with Casey Smith third.   Eddie Mercer is now fourth with Stephen McCurley fifth.


Stanley Smith, who sat on top of the qualifying leaderboard quite a while earlier today, is on pit road with the hood off.


John Bolen appeared to have moved Stephen McCurley for position in the corner, and now Bolen has worked his way back into the top five.


We are at the halfway point of tonight’s 100-lap event.   Augie Grill has a healthy lead over Johanna Long and Casey Smith.   Eddie Mercer is fourth, followed by John Bolen.   Stephen McCurley rides sixth, followed by Chase Elliott, Hunter Robbins and Chuck Barnes.


Some might wonder why Bubba Pollard is still on the track.   Every point means something tonight, whether it is for the Blizzard championship chase, the Snowball Derby provisionals or the Gulf Coast championship.   Pollard is much slower than the cars on the track, but he is staying out of the way while he tries to salvage the night.


Chase Elliott has hit pit road while running just outside the top five.   The team has the hood off his car.


There are  25 laps to go.   There hasn’t been a change up front as Augie Grill is doing everything he can to  close the gap for  the Blizzard Series title by leading.   Johanna Long runs second, doing what she needs to do to win the title.   If the two stay in the same positions,  Grill might win the  battle, but Long will win the war.


Casey Smith is in the second position now.   We might have missed the move, so our last entry might be wrong.


Top five at lap 80: Augie Grill, Casey Smith, Johanna Long, Eddie Mercer, Hunter Robbins


YELLOW FLAG: LAP 87A car has spun on the backstretch, coming to a stop near the inside wall.


Pits are hot and a ton of the leaders look like they are pitting.


Just about all the leaders have pitted for tires.


Hunter Robbins has won the race off pit road, ahead of Augie Grill, Casey Smith, Scott Carlson and Johanna Long.


The car that spun was Eddie Mercer.   Meanwhile, John Bolen appears like he will be the lucky dog.


Stephen McCurley had to come back down pit road.   It appeared his gas can was stuck on his car.


Top five after the pit stop: Hunter Robbins, Augie Grill, Casey Smith, Johanna Long, Scott Carlson


Chris Davidson, Eddie Mercer, John Bolen, David Rogers and Danny Bagwell are sixth through 10th, and the only other cars on the lead lap.




They backed it up to lap 86 on the restart.


Augie Grill has worked his way around Hunter Robbins for the lead.


Casey Smith has now worked his way past Hunter Robbins at lap 89 for second.


10 laps to go.   Augie Grill leads Casey Smith, Hunter Robbins, Johanna Long and Scott Carlson.


Five laps to go.   Nothing has changed up front.


CHECKERED FLAGAugie Grill has won the Blizzard Series finale here at Five Flags Speedway.   Unofficially, with her fourth-place finish, Johanna Long has won the Blizzard Series championship. 

We are heading trackside to get driver reaction.   While we are in the pits, tune in to Speed 51’s Radio broadcast of the event at RaceTalkRadio.com for post-race information, including interviews with Augie Grill and Johanna Long.



We will have the complete results before we end tonight’s coverage.


Tech has cleared and we will have full results shortly as well as a few photos.



1st 112 Augie Grill
2nd 99S Casey Smith
3rd 6 Hunter Robbins
4th 10L Johanna Long
5th 41 Chris Davidson
6th 1 Eddie Mercer
7th 2 John Bolen
8th 21 Scott Carlson
9th 11 David Rogers
10th 12 Chuck Barnes
11th 1S Stephen McCurley
12th 38H Josh Hamner
13th 48 Cecil Chunn
14th 05 Jeremy Colangelo
15th 31 Tyler Millwood
16th 10B Danny Bagwell
17th 51 Colt James
18th 43 Dennis Schoenfeld
19th 40 Keith English
20th 26 Bubba Pollard
21st 9 Chase Elliott
22nd 47 Trey Mitchell
23rd 45 Dwayne Buggay
24th 49 Stanley Smith
25th 29 Allen Karnes
26th 97 Jimmy Garmon
27th 02 Matt Smith
28th 711 Max Gresham
29th 99 Wayne Niedecken Jr



1st Johanna Long 808
2nd Augie Grill 803
3rd Bubba Pollard 741
4th Casey Smith 699
5th Eddie Mercer 678



PHOTO: Bubba Pollard watching a video of the wreck that took him out of the Blizzard Series championship.   (51 Sports Photo)



PHOTO: Augie Grill in victory lane.   (51 Sports Photo)



PHOTO: Johanna Long, the 2009 Blizzard Series Champion.   (51 Sports Photo)


That is it for tonight’s coverage of the Blizzard Series finale at Five Flags Speedway.   Thank you to the over 1800 people that followed along on our Trackside Now coverage of the event.We will have more on this event, including driver reaction from those in the title chase and others throughout the field next week on Speed51.com and Speed 51 Radio on Wednesday, September 30th.Make sure to visit Speed 51’s facebook page at www.facebook.com/speed51 as well as the discussion forum at www.motorsportslounge.com/speed51 .



Trackside Now: Blizzard Series Finale at Five Flags Speedway – 9/25/09