Until then, we wish you good night!
We will be back to Berlin tomorrow, at 11:30 AM EDT, to start coverage of the Friday segment of the Battle At Berlin 251. JEGS/CRA and Outlaw Super Late Models highlight the card with Super Stocks also on the schedule.
Today’s coverage on Speed51.com was presented by Hamner Racing Engines in Harpersville, AL. Hamner Racing Engines are built and maintained primarily for short track racing. They build Super Late Model motors for many different series including the ARCA CRA Super Series using Ford and Chevy engines. You can learn more at www.hamnerracingengines.com.
This will wrap up today’s coverage from Berlin Raceway in Marne, Michigan. 4 hours of practice went in the books in prepration for the Battle at Berlin 251. Terry VanHaitsma (ARCA/CRA) and Travis Braden (JEGS/CRA) were the fastest cars in their reespective divisions.
ARCA/CRA Super Series Practice Times
Cumulative After All 4 Sessions

1 21V Terry VanHaitsma 16.355
2 61 Johnny VanDoorn 16.368
3 20 Brian Campbell 16.392
4 42 Chad Finley 16.637
5 24 Tyler Roahrig 16.659
6 6 Brandon Hermiller 16.699
7 19 Zak Hausler 16.724
8 32 Gabe Ensing 16.727
9 55L Dave Lake 16.742
10 41 T.J. Reaid 16.749
11 01 Travis Braden 16.762
12 55A Chris Anthony 16.764
13 131 Nick Gullatta 16.793
14 29 Anderson Bowen 16.796
15 1 Cody Coughlin 16.796
16 77 Josh Hobson 16.838
17 84 Jay Niewiek 16.895
18 25 Brent Downey 16.933
19 77C Landon Cling 16.943
20 2 Kenny Tweedy 16.948
21 51 Brandon Oakley 16.964
22 28 Ali Kern 17.007
23 21B Joe Beaver 17.066
Checkered Flag on Day I of the Inaugural Battle at Berlin.
VanDoorn and Cling are the only two cars remaining on the race track with as the white flag is out for the day.
Top 5: VanHaitsma 16.355, VanDoorn, Campbell, Finley, Roahrig.
There’s just a few minutes remaining in the final Practice Session of the day here at Berlin Raceway.
Terry VanHaitsma is now P1 with a 16.355.
Cody Coughlin is on the track with the ARCA/CRA Teams and has indicated he will indeed attempt the “double” by running tomorrow’s JEGS/CRA race as well as the 251 on Saturday.
The clock has struck 8:00pm., and Berlin Raceway Officials have gone ahead and extended this Practice Session by a few minutes.
He is on track, but does not appear to have a transponder on.
Comment From guest 

Has Austin Theriault been on track yet his name isn’t on either practice sheet

Top 5: VanDoorn 16.368, Campbell, Finley, Hermiller, Roahrig.
Tyler Roahrig to fifth quick at a 16.713.
VanDoorn to the top of the charts with the fastest lap of the day at a 16.368.
ARCA/CRA Teams are on the track and Johnny VanDoorn has secured a Transponder for this final Practice of the day.
The first event for the Yellow River Racing Series was originally scheduled for May 11th but was postponed due to weather and has been re-scheduled for Saturday, June 15th.  The re-scheduled event will have a 75-lap Super Late Model feature that will pay $1,300 to win.  Joining the Super Late Models will be the Midwest Trucks, Super Stocks, Bandits and the Rockets. For more information, please visitwww.marshfieldspeedway.com.   
While Roahrig was timed in with a Transponder and will be listed as the Official Fastest Car in today’s Outlaw Super Late Models Practices, Unofficial laps on Terry Senneker Jr., had him turning consistent 15.10-20s around this 7/16s mile.
20 cars are lined up for final ARCA/CRA practice.
Cars set for final practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Johnny VanDoorn hoping for a big weekend here at Berlin. (Speed51.com Photo)
Tyler Roahrig is the only Outlaw car with a transponder here today. His 15.343 will prove to be his fastest lap of the afternoon.
Outlaw Super Late Models are back out for their Final Practice of the day.
Bill Funk appears as though he is the only driver in the Sportsman class to be making laps in this final session. He just turned his fastest lap of the day, 19.889
Tyler Roahrig is rocking a vintage fire suit today. (Speed51.com Photo)
CRA JEGS All-Star Tour Practice Times
Cumulative After All 4 Sessions

1 01 Travis Braden 16.593
2 6 Brandon Hermiller 16.663
3 48M Seth Moody 16.697
4 77H Josh Hobson 16.721
5 25 Brent Downey 16.742
6 1 Cody Coughlin 16.775
7 33 Wes Griffith 16.81
8 08 Jake Griffin 16.827
9 77C Landon Cling 16.838
10 12 Dan Leeck 16.860
11 77N Andrew Nylaan 16.875
12 14 Corey Deuser 16.900
13 51 Brandon Oakley 16.951
14 7 Kyle Crump 16.976
15 72 Thomas Woodin 16.997
16 4 Kody Evans 17.005
17 04 Jerrod Foley 17.009
18 99 Brian Bergakker 17.059
19 76 Jordan Sims 17.082
20 53 Jimmy Novak, III 17.093
21 48S Dave Sensiba 17.112
22 00 Cole Glasson 17.158
23 21 Robbie Johnson 17.226
24 13 Hunter Baize 17.281
25 5 Dominique Van Wieringen 17.316
Checkered flag now falls on the CRA JEGS machines.
Five minutes remain in the CRA JEGS All-Star Tour final open practice session.
Kody Evans looks to get one final run in practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Brandon Hermiller hauls it into Turn One (Speed51.com Photo)
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Final practice for JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour cars. (Speed51.com Photo)
Busy track right now: Leeck, Griffin, Griffith, Evans, Sensiba, Glasson, Braden, Crump among those currently on the track.
Johnny VanDoorn jumped to the top of the ARCA/CRA Super Series time sheets late last session (Speed51.com Photo)
Dominique Van Wieringer has spun harmlessly into the infield grass to start this practice session (Speed51.com Photo)
CRA/JEGS All-Star Tour machines now will go out for the final time today. Dominique Van Wiergeren, Dave Sensiba, Jimmy Novak, Travis Braden, and Jerrold Foley are the first ones out.
Super Stocks full it into the pit area. They are done for the day. Race day for that group is tomorrow.
Berlin is a .438 mile track with moderate banking in the corners.
Comment From guest 

how big is the track? Any banking to it? Thanks

We are onto the final round of practice. Street Stocks out for the final time today.
After the conclusion of this ARCA/CRA Super Series session, the top-five times for the day thus far are:

1 20 Brian Campbell 16.404
2 42 Chad Finley 16.647
3 6 Brandon Hermiller 16.699
4 55L Dave Lake 16.742
5 01 Travis Braden 16.762
Chad Finley at speed in practice. He has been near the top all day long. (Speed51.com Photo)
The Stars of the Southern Super Series will have another Gulf Coast Weekend on Friday, June 21 and Saturday, June 22. The first event will take place on Friday, June 21 at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, FL for the running of the SSS 125 Presented by Penske Shocks. Then they will make the one-hour drive west to Mobile International Speedway on Saturday, June 22 for another 125-lap event around the high-banked half-mile oval. You can learn more at www.southernsuperseries.com.
Top Five: Brian Campbell, Chad Finley, Brandon Hermiller, Dave Lake, and Travis Braden.
Gabe Ensing has run some 57 laps of practice today. So far that’s the most.
Chris Anthony is in the top 10 on the speed chart. (Speed51.com Photo)
A change at the top as Brian Campbell goes to P1 on the board.
Ross Kenseth in practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
The Flip Merwin Memorial is an event in honor of longtime friend of the Wimmer family and a champion snowmobile racer who lost his life in a tragic racing accident. This will also be the first event of SPS’s Auto Select Triple X Challenge Series, where a driver has the opportunity to take home an additional $15,000 if they win the Flip Merwin Memorial, Larry Detjens Memorial and the Lodi Memorial events this season. You can learn more at www.stateparkspeedway.com.
Terry Senneker almost certainly will be a man to watch in the Battle’s Outlaw race (Speed51.com Photo)
Chad Finley still has quick time from the first practice of the day for the Super Late Models.
Super Late Models are now on the track.
This is the first of a two-day show. Tomorrow the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour will be in action along with the Outlaw Super Late Models.
T.J. Reaid ready for another round as well (Speed51.com Photo)
ARCA/CRA Super Series drivers are up next for practice.
The Stoops Freightliner Redbud 300 has become one of the top ARCA CRA Super Series events each year. Last year, Ross Kenseth took home his first win on the tough high-banked quarter-mile oval. Last month, TJ Reaid won the ARCA CRA Super Series event at Anderson Speedway and would like to have a Redbud 300 trophy. There will be two nights of racing with the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour and CRA Late Model Sportsman Series competing on Friday, July 19. The Stoops Freightliner Redbud 300 takes place on Saturday, July 20. More information can be found atwww.andersonspeedway.com.
Jay Niewiek will be out in the next ARCA/CRA practice roubd (Speed51.com Photo)
JEGS / CRA All-Stars Tour practice has come to a close. Now the Outlaw Super Late Models are on the track.
Landon Cling returns to pit road after the third round of CRA JEGS practice (Speed51.com Photo)
NASCAR star Kasey Kahne will be here at the track on Saturday meeting with fans as the official Grand Marshal of the event. The track has also stated that quite possibly the biggest announcement in Berlin Raceway history will be made during this event on Saturday. We’ll have right here on Speed51.com.
Top 5: Braden 16.593, Hermiller, Moody, Downey, Coughlin.
Cody Coughlin at speed in practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Practice continues (Speed51.com Photo)
The next big Pro Late Model event on the schedule at historic Montgomery Motor Speedway in Alabama comes on Saturday, July 13 with the Four Star Freightliner 100. Be there when the Southeast’s top Pro Late Model talents battle on the Montgomery half-mile for a special mid-Summer classic. For more details on the Four Star Freightliner 100, visit www.montgomerymotorspeedway.com
Green once again.
Back to Yellow for debris.
We’re back to Green Flag conditions.
Cole Glasson goes for a spin. (Speed51.com Photo)
While we’re still under yellow, 33 Wes Griffith Jr., 1 Cody Coughlin, 4 Kody Evans and 14 Corey Deuser have joined the pack.
Yellow Flag as Cole Glasson turns it around on the front stretch.
99 Brian Bergakker is on the track for the first time since the first Practice Session. The Lowell, Michigan driver, the 2012 Kalamazoo Speedway Outlaw Super Late Models Track Champion, is making his debut behind the wheel of a Template Bodied machine.
Note: The Practice Times are cumulative from throughout the day as 01 Travis Braden remains on top of the JEGS/CRA charts with a 16,593.
7 Kyle Crump is on the track as well.
5 Dominique Van Wieringen is on the track for the first time today and is joined by 04 Jerrod Foley, 08 Jake Griffin, 53 Jimmy Novak, 00 Cole Glasson, 48 Seth Moody, 48 Dave Sensiba and 72 Thomas Woodin.
The third JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Practice of the day rolls out.
A pair of #48’s wait to head out for the next JEGS/CRA Practice (Speed51.com Photo)
JEGS/CRA Winners at BerlinTOTAL Races

Terry VanHaitsma 1
Mike Bursley 1
ARCA/CRA Winners at BerlinTOTAL Races

Brian Campbell 4
Fred Campbell 3
Kyle Busch 3
Scott Hantz 1
Ross Meeuwsen 1
Tim Curry 1
Tom Thomas 1
Terry VanHaitsma 1
Brian Campbell at speed here at Berlin. (Speed51.com Photo)
Super Late Model racing is back in a big way at Wisconsin’s Madison International Speedway in 2013. The Triple Crown Challenge Series includes four races in 2013 all taking place on Sunday afternoons. The first race will take place on Sunday, June 16th followed by events on July 14th, July 28th, and September 8th. The opening round of the Triple Crown is the first chance for Madison’s Super Late Model stars to start their hunt to take the track title away from Travis Sauter. Some of the top names in Midwestern Super Late Model racing will all battle at Madison in this four-race Super Late Model spectacular. For more, visit www.madisoninternationalspeedway.com.
Some of the ARCA/CRA & JEGS/CRA Teams are not carrying transponders today, such as Johnny VanDoorn, Austin Theriault and others so while they have been turning laps this afternoon, there times won’t show up in the Practice Results.
Sportsman have completed their second Practice of the day as the Super Stocks are now rolling out for the third time today.
ARCA/CRA Super Series Practice Times

1 42 Chad Finley 16.647
2 55 Dave Lake 16.742
3 20 Brian Campbell 16.762
4 55 Chris Anthony 16.764
5 21 Terry VanHaitsma 16.771
6 29 Anderson Bowen 16.859
7 01 Travis Braden 16.873
8 24 Tyler Roahrig 16.929
9 25 Brent Downey 16.933
10 77 Landon Cling 16.943
11 6 Brandon Hermiller 16.946
12 32 Gabe Ensing 16.951
13 41 T.J. Reaid 16.956
14 131 Nick Gullatta 17.003
15 28 Ali Kern 17.007
16 84 Jay Niewiek 17.071
17 21 Joe Beaver 17.138
18 19 Zak Hausler 17.182
19 51 Brandon Oakley 17.334
20 2 Kenny Tweedy 17.514
That’ll do it for the second ARCA/CRA Super Series Practice of the day. We’ll have those times in just a few minutes. The Tracks Sportsman division will come out next.
Today’s coverage on Speed51.com is presented by Hamner Racing Engines in Harpersville, AL. Hamner Racing Engines are built and maintained primarily for short track racing. They build Super Late Model motors for many different series including the ARCA CRA Super Series using Ford and Chevy engines. You can learn more atwww.hamnerracingengines.com
Three-Time & Reigning ARCA/CRA Super Series Champion, Johnny VanDoorn does not have a working Transponder, but unofficial times put him in the top five today.
The Racing Electronics Truck is on the grounds for all team and driver communication needs. (Speed51.com Photo)
Champion Racing Association Track Records at Berlin Raceway:
ARCA/CRA: Scott Hantz – 10/10/2009 – 15.829 – 99.615mph
JEGS/CRA: Brandon Hermiller – 9/10/2011 – 16.358 – 96.393mph
Finley with a 16.547 leads a quartet of Budweiser Super Late Models Series competitors here at Berlin in Lake, Campbell, Anthony and VanHaitsma.
55 Chris Anthony is out for the first time today and right off the get-go, jumps to fourth fastest Overall.
Campbell to third quick Overall today. Chad Finley’s 16.647 is still the fastest of the afternoon so far.
61 Johnny VanDoorn is now on the track.
Lake is a former Three-Time Track Champion here at Berlin Raceway in three different divisions and is a Marne, Michigan native.
Lake rockets up to second quick Overall for the day with a 16.742.
21 Terry VanHaitsma, 51 Brandon Oakley, 24 Tyler Roahrig, 6 Brandon Hermiller, 55 Dave Lake and 20 Brian Campbell have all made their way out as well.
131 Nick Gullatta is now on the track and is joined by 25 Ross Kenseth, 77 Landon Cling and 41 T.J. Reaid.
ARCA/CRA Super Series drivers are now heading out onto the track and those drivers include: 21 Joe Beaver, 29 Anderson Bowen, 28 Ali Kern, 29 Austin Theriault, 47 Trey Mitchell, 19 Zak Hausler, 84 Jay Niewiek, 2 Kenny Tweedy, 32 Gabe Ensing and 47 Jordan Sims.
ARCA/CRA Super Series Teams are lining up on pit road waiting to head out for the second time today.
Both Benson Jr., and Senneker Jr., have pitted, so for the moment, the track is quiet.
Trey Mitchell gets set to go fast. (Speed51.com Photo)
The only other Outlaw Super on the grounds is 24 Tyler Roahrig and he is at his pit stall tending to his ARCA/CRA Super Series entry.
JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Presented by Chevrolet Performance Thursday Practice #2 Results

1 01 Travis Braden 16.593
2 6 Brandon Hermiller 16.663
3 48 Seth Moody 16.697
4 25 Brent Downey 16.742
5 1 Cody Coughlin 16.775
6 33 Wes Griffith Jr. 16.810
7 51 Brandon Oakley 16.951
8 12 Dan Leeck 16.996
9 08 Jake Griffin 17.042
10 77 Josh Hobson 17.073
11 76 Jordan Sims 17.082
12 77 Landon Cling 17.145
13 48 Dave Sensiba 17.147
14 77 Andrew Nylaan 17.195
15 00 Cole Glasson 17.211
16 7 Kyle Crump 17.274
17 13 Hunter Baize 17.281
18 4 Kody Evans 17.403
19 5  Blake Sanford 17.439
20 72 Thomas Woodin 17.465
21 53 Jimmy Novak 17.579
22 21 Robbie Johnson 17.589
Outlaw Supers are now on the track and they include: 10 Johnny Benson Jr., and 37 Terry Senneker Jr.
JEGS/CRA Practice #2 is now complete. Those times are coming in a few minutes. The Outlaw Super Late Models will come out in just a few minutes.
It’s the most prestigious Outlaw Super Late Model event in the country and it’s back for a 21st time at Michigan’s Kalamazoo Speedway…it’s the Kalamazoo Klash! The Klash brings in the best Outlaw talents from the Midwest plus invaders from all around the country to battle in the event that annually packs the Kalamazoo Speedway grandstands. For more on the Kalamazoo Klash XXI, visitwww.kalamazoospeedway.com.
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The Outlaw Super Late Models will be coming out next for their second Practice of the day in just a few minutes.
53 Jimmy Novak has rolled out.
Top 5: Braden 16.593, Hermiller, Moody, Downey, Coughlin.
48 Seth Moody, 01 Travis Braden and 51 Brandon Oakley are now on the track.
Minor damage on Jake Griffin’s car. (Speed51.com Photo)
We’re back to Green Flag conditions.
77 Josh Hobson, 77 Andrew Nylaan, 6 Brandon Hermiller and 77 Landon Cling have come on the track while we’re still under Caution.
Yellow Flag as Griffin has spun between turns three and four.
5 Blake Sanford has rolled out also along-with 14 Corey Deuser and 48 Dave Sensiba.
Practice time are rolled over from the first round so Brandon Hermiller is still on top of the charts.
Comment From Cody Coughlin fan 

Good luck Cody !!You are a great driver!last week was awesome!

13 Hunter Baize, 12 Dan Leeck and 76 Jordan Sims have joined a crowded race track.
33 Wes Griffith Jr., too.
So has 7 Kyle Crump.
25 Brent Downey has joined them.
00 Cole Glasson, 21 Robbie Johnson, 1 Cody Coughlin, 08 Jake Griffin, 4 Kody Evans, 72 Tom Woodin and 04 Jerrod Foley are amongst the JEGS/CRA cars on the track.
Comment From Stiffler 

good luck to 51 Oakley 01 Braden 14 Deuser 13 baize this weekend

JEGS practice is now underway.
The All-American 400 is one of the most prestigious short track events in the country and it’s back in 2013 even bigger and better than before. Set for November 1 and 2 at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville in Tennessee, the AA400 will be a return to glory for the event that has seen the biggest names in the sport go to its victory lane. Butch Lindley, Bob Senneker, Rusty Wallace, Darrell Waltrip, Butch Miller, Jeff Purvis, Bobby Gill, Freddie Query, Wayne Anderson and Mike Garvey have all etched their name onto the All-American 400 record books over the years. The top names in Super Late Model racing and more will be on hand to battle for the famed guitar that goes to the AA400 winner. This year’s event will be a Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco Super Late Model race co-sanctioned by Champion Racing Association. More details are to be announced soon for this year’s All-American 400. Visitwww.fairgroundsspeedwaynashville.com for more.
Hamner Racing Engines are powering several cars in the field this weekend. (Speed51.com Photo)
“We were very loose, and it seems that everyone else was too. We’ve got some work to do and we’ll go out later when it’s cooler with the same set up.” Stated Chad Finley after setting fast time in the first ARCA/CRA Practice.
JEGS cars will be out for their second round of practice in a few minutes.
The ARCA Glass City Gold Cup Late Model Series will pay tribute to one of their heroes on Saturday, June 22 with the running of the Joy Fair Memorial 100 at Flat Rock Speedway in Flat Rock, MI. Joy Fair passed away in December 2011 and the first memorial was held in 2012 with Harold Fair, Jr. taking the win. More information can be found at www.flatrockspeedway.com.
Brandon Hermiller reports that he has a lot more experimenting to do today, but feels he’s going to be right there both tomorrow and Saturday.
Brandon Hermiller led the first JEGS Practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Super Stocks are on track for practice.
Comment From Lenny 

Go Pollard and Oakley this weekend

ARCA/CRA Super Series Practice Times

1 42 Chad Finley 16.647
2 21V Terry VanHaitsma 16.814
3 24 Tyler Roahrig 16.929
4 6 Brandon Hermiller 16.946
5 01 Travis Braden 16.979
6 41 TJ Reaid 17.014
7 25 Ross Kenseth 17.021
8 131 Nick Gullatta 17.034
9 29 Anderson Bowen 17.044
10 32 Gabe Ensing 17.063
11 77C Landon Cling 17.063
12 84 Jay Niewiek 17.180
13 19 Zak Hausler 17.222
14 21B Joe Beaver 17.289
15 28 Ali Kern 17.349
16 51 Brandon Oakley 17.419
17 2 Kenny Tweedy 17.697
ARCA/CRA Super Series first practice draws to a close.
Finley leads VanHaitsma, Roahrig, Hermiller and Travis Braden in practice.
Kyle “Rowdy” Busch will be entering the second leg of the PASS La Quebecoise Triple Crown at Autodrome Chaudière in Vallee-Jonction Quebec on Tuesday, August 6th, 2013. This race will be the second race of the prestigious PASS La Quebecoise Triple Crown at the famed high-banked quarter-mile. Busch will be participating in the event, which will undoubtedly be the biggest short track event in the history of the province of Québec, in his #51 Kyle Busch Motorsports Super-Late Model Camry.

For more details, visit www.autodromechaudiere.com

There are a few teams that are not in Michigan yet as they will plan to be here for Friday and Saturday only. One of those is Bubba Pollard who has run well here in the past.
Ross Kenseth waits to head back out for more laps around Berlin Raceway. (Speed51.com Photo)
Top Five: Finley, Tyler Roahrig, Brandon Hermiller, Terry VanHaitsma and Ross Kenseth.
Chad Finley is now the quickest car in the first ARCA / CRA practice.
Landon Cling is here this weekend doing double duty with two cars and a new sponsor. (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Mike Ray 

Thank you Speed51.com for today’s coverage!

Already 15 cars have been out for practice.
Johnny VanDoorn is also on track for the firs time today.
TJ Reaid is taking to the track here at Berlin for the first time.
Ross Kenseth is the quickest car so far after the first few on the track.
Chad Finley gets strapped in for the first time today. (Speed51.com Photo)
Ross Kenseth, Brandon Hermiller, Ali Kern, and Austin Theriault are some of the cars we see on the track. Add Zak Hausler now.
Already seven cars have been out for CRA practice with about 10 more waiting in line. 
Comment From Lori 

Good Luck “04” Jerrod Foley

JEGS / CRA All-Stars Tour Practice One Times

1 6 Brandon Hermiller 16.663
2 48M Seth Moody 16.697
3 25 Brent Downey 16.742
4 01 Travis Braden 16.869
5 1 Cody Coughlin 16.935
6 33 Wes Griffith 16.943
7 77H Josh Hobson 17.073
8 77C Landon Cling 17.145
9 77N Andrew Nylaan 17.195
10 76 Jordan Sims 17.328
11 00 Cole Glasson 17.349
12 08 Jake Griffin 17.439
13 7 Kyle Vrump 17.556
14 51 Brandon Oakley 17.268
15 5S Blake Sanford 17.268
16 21 Robbie Johnson 17.680
17 53 Jimmy Novak 18.109
ARCA / CRA Super Series cars are on the track.
Johnny VanDoorn gets ready to head out for Practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
Plenty of these will be used this weekend. (Speed51.com Photo)
Anderson Bowen has two cars here this weekend, but the team is undecided as to if they’re going to enter the JEGS/CRA portion of the weekend. (Speed51.com Photo)
Blake Sanford loops it off Turn Four (Speed51.com Photo)
2012 Kalamazoo Speedway Outlaw Supers Late Models Track Champion, Brian Bergakker is making his template.bodied Late Model debut in the JEGS/CRA portion of the weekend. (Speed51.com Photo)
The second annual Coors Light Summer Showdown will take place on June 27-29 at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA. Last year, over 42 teams from several Western States and Canada competed in the inaugural event. The winner’s share has risen to $12,000 to win with $1,000 to star the 34-car 200-lap event for the Super Late Models. The total purse over the three days of racing is over $80,000.  Along with the Super Late Models, the Street Stocks, Mini-Stocks and Pro Four Alliance Series will also be in action.Tickets are on sale now by visiting www.evergreenspeedway.com or calling 360-805-6117.
So far no official word on any driver pulling triple duty this weekend in ARCA/CRA, JEGS/CRA & Outlaw Supers.
Tyler Roahrig’s double duty this weekend will consist of Outlaw Supers on Friday and the 251 on Saturday. (Speed51.com Photo)
Josh Hobson and Jaxson Jacobs are on the track along with Seth Moody.
Dave Sensiba (48) and Jay Niewiek (84) are teammates this weekend as Sensiba will race both CRA events while Niewiek concentrates on just the 251. (Speed51.com Photo)
Robbie Johnson has also made it onto the track now.
Order of Practice for Today: Super Stocks JEGS/CRA Outlaw Supers ARCA/CRA Sportsman
Nate Walton was the first official car in the track for the Inaugural Battle at Berlin Weekend. (Speed51.com Photo)
Brandon Oakley, Brandon Hermiller, Jerrod Foley, Travis Braden, Brent Downey, and Kody Evans are among the first of those drivers to pull onto the racing surface.
Now the CRA JEGS machines will roll onto the track for the first time today.
Ross Kenseth is hoping for a big win here this weekend and a big win next month at Milwaukee. The former All American 400 and Winchester 400 winner is set for the Howie Lettow Memorial 150.
One of the most prestigious Super Late Model events in the country celebrates its 30th running in 2013.  It’s the World Crown 300 at Jefferson, Georgia’s Gresham Motorsports Park.  The World Crown winners’ list reads like a who’s-who in short track racing and drivers from throughout the country will try to etch their name into World Crown history on July 4 in the 30th annual running of the 300-lap event.  For more details on the 30th Annual World Crown 300 at Gresham Motorsports Park, visit www.racegmp.com
Berlin Super Stocks will be the first to practice, with Ben Welch (#67) and Nate Walton (#66) being the first to hit the track.
There is no pre entry list for the Outlaw Super Late Models so as they roll in we’ll let you know who they are.
One of the bigger stories we’ll be following all weekend long is how many JEGS/CRA teams running Friday that are not already entered for Saturday will go ahead and enter late for the Battle at Berlin 251 on Saturday.
Hometown favorite, Johnny Benson Jr., will be racing with the Outlaw Super Late Models this weekend. (Speed51.com Photo,)
TJ Reaid is one of the drivers here this weekend that has never raced here. Don’t count him out as he’s worked with and watched another race here from The KBM pit box when Kyle Busch went to victory lane.
While all the cars on the grounds may not be here yet, we are expecting a healthy field here for the Battle at Berlin.

31 cars are entered for the CRA JEGS All-Star Tour: Click here for entry list

35 cars are entered for the ARCA/CRA Super Series powered by JEGS: Click here for entry list

Practice starts in ten minutes.
We have 40 to 50 cars in the pits. The total will climb during the day.
Matt Kenseth, David Ragan, Kenny Wallace, Joe & John Hunter Nemechek and more will join ARCA Midwest Tour regulars Jonathan Eilen, Nathan Haseleu, Dan Fredrickson, and others in a 150-lap Super Late Model event on the historic Milwaukee Mile to benefit the MACC Fund on July 8-9. Last year, Travis Sauter held off Chase Elliott to win the Howie Lettow Memorial 150 event.

There will be a special pre-race party on Monday, July 8 featuring music from 38 Special. Tickets are on sale now at www.arcafest.com.

This weekend kicks off the summer of big events as plenty of big races will be taking place. Cody Coughlin will run here tomorrow and later this summer he’ll run the World Crown 300 at Gresham Motorsports Park (GA). (Speed51.com Photo)
Blake Sanford snaps a souvenir picture after arriving at Berlin (Speed51.com Photo)
Brian Campbell (20) and Wes Griffith Jr. (33) are both looking for wins this weekend for hometown based KBR Development. (Speed51.com Photo)
Brandon Hermiller (6) and Travis Braden (01) are both doing double duty this weekend in ARCA/CRA & JEGS/CRA. (Speed51.com Photo)
Terry Senneker Jr., is making his first start of 2013 this weekend in the tracks Outlaw Super Late Models Series. (Speed51.com Photo)
The infield pits are filling up with Super Late Models on a beautiful afternoon in Marne, Michigan. (Speed51.com Photo)
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A beautiful day in Mid-Michigan (Speed51.com Photo)
Schedule of Events for Thursday, June 13
1:00pm – Pit Gates Open
4:00-8:00pm – Open Practice
(ARCA/CRA Super Series – JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour – Port City Outlaw Super Late Models ONLY)
Good afternoon and welcome to Berlin Raceway (MI) for the practice day for the Battle at Berlin 251 that will take place here on Saturday. Cars are still rolling into the pit area for practice and we’ll have a roster in a few minutes.
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Trackside Now: Battle at Berlin Practice Day – Berlin Raceway (MI) – 6/13/13