Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you tomorrow at The Milwaukee Mile. 
Elgin Traylor and Duke Kentfield chat with former ASA stars Tony Raines and Scott Hansen. (speed51.com photo)
Quite a large turnout for tonight’s pre-race party. (speed51.com photo)
Rusty Wallace in the house here at Paulie’s the site of the 51 radio show here in Milwaukee. (Speed51.com Photo)
We’re going to leave our Trackside Now up and running so fans at home can interact with us on the show. Submit some questions for our guests via the “Comments” section below. Give us a few minutes to relocate to Paulie’s and we’ll be back in a few! 
Don’t forget to tune in to our live Speed 51 Radio Pre-Race Show at 8:30pm CT, 9:30pm CT. If you’re at the track or in the area, come on by Paulie’s Pub, right across from turn one of the race track, to join in the fun! To listen, click on the broadcast link at the right-side of this Trackside Now page. 
Thanks to Hamner Racing Engines for their support of Speed51.com’s Trackside Now and radio coverage of the Howie Lettow Memorial. 
For more on the Swiss Colony Howie Lettow Memorial 150 presented by RaceTeamGear.com, visit www.asarace.com. You can still purchase tickets both online and at the gate here tomorrow morning. 
Pit gates open at 7am tomorrow.  Speed51.com will be online with live Trackside Now coverage around that time. 
The scoring system has already been shut down. Cars just took the final checkered flag of the day. 
Track timing and scoring officials will not have times from this final Truck/Big 8 practice. 
Jeff Choquette was the quickest ASA Midwest Tour driver in Milwaukee Monday. Hear from him on his day at “The Mile” and his thoughts on tomorrow’s race.

Comment From Donnie 

Mason Mingus is at Football practice or he would be there. Great coverage 

If you don’t see your favorite driver’s name in the final session results, they either did not go out in that run or their transponder was not recognized by the scoring system. 
Oliver didn’t get a lot of track time today. The team was seen under the hood tinkering with the engine throughout the day. 
Comment From dave 

what’s going on with Dillon Oliver? 

The final practice session of the day is underway. The Big 8 Series and truck will share the track until 8 p.m. CST. 
The Vintage cars are on track currently. 

1 Jeff Choquette 29.356
2 Rusty Wallace 29.387
3 Becca Kasten 29.587
4 Chase Elliot 29.624
5 Griffin McGrath 29.634
6 John Hunter Nemecheck 29.709
7 David Ragan 29.729
8 Johnny Sauter 29.763
9 Chris Wimmer 29.785
10 Nick Panitzke 29.821
11 Jerry Sharp 29.823
12 Michael Bilderback 29.824
13 Nathan Haseleu 29.849
14 Dan Fredrickson 29.852
15 Jeremy Lepak 29.852
16 Tim Schendel 29.869
17 Bubba Pollard 29.881
18 Trey Mitchell 29.895
19 Kyle Benjamin 29.911
20 David Stremme 29.917
21 Jeff Storm 29.927
22 Ben Kennedy 29.952
23 Matt Kocourek 29.958
24 Jacob Goede 29.958
25 Gary Lamonte 29.965
26 Ross Kenseth 29.976
27 Matt Kenseth 29.981
28 Tim Sauter 30.003
29 Brandon Hill 30.019
30 Matt Tifft 30.029
31 Jonathan Eilen 30.046
32 Brent Kirchner 30.067
33 Travis Sauter 30.111
34 Jerick Johnson 30.118
35 Tanner Whitten 30.133
36 Kenzie Ruston 30.157
37 Aric Almirola 30.173
38 Chris Weinkauf 30.178
39 Thor Anderson 30.239
40 Jason Weinkauf 30.277
41 Skylar Holzhousen 30.295
42 Mason Mitchell 30.3
43 Cardell Potter 30.322
44 Joey Gase 30.358
45 Ryan Desefano 30.369
46 Travis Dassow 30.38
47 Scott Wimmer 30.403
48 Steve Apel 30.404
49 Andrew Morrissey 30.426
50 Austin Luedtke 30.435
51 Kelly Bires 30.515
52 Ed Szelagowski Jr 30.586
53 Tommy Pecaro 30.602
54 Ty Majeski 30.63
55 Mark Kraus 30.674
56 Zach Less 30.758
57 Damon Ecoff 30.78
58 Dennis Schoenfeld 30.781
59 Blake Brown 30.839
60 Greg Van Gool 30.854
61 Jim Olson 30.883
62 Kevin Eggert 30.885
63 Erik Pierce 31.207
64 Jimmy Dragich 31.574
65 Matt Pyburn 31.67
66 Kyle Brinkmann 32.216

Jeff Choquette was quickest in the final session. 
Times will be posted as soon as they are available. 
Red and Black is out for the ASA Midwest Tour. Practice is done. 
Becca Kasten just jumped to third on the charts with a 29.587. 
Five minutes left in practice for the ASA Midwest Tour. 
Nope, neither made the trip. 
Comment From Guest 

Fultz & donnie wilson were entered…are they there? 

Top-10 in final practice with 15 minutes remaining:
1. Jeff Choquette 29.356
2. Rusty Wallace 29.387
3. Chase Ellilott 29.624
4. Griffin McGrath 29.634
5. John Hunter Nemechek 29.709
6. David Ragan 29.729
7. Johnny Sauter 29.763
8. Chris Wimmer 29.785
9. Nick Panitzke 29.821
10. Jerry Sharp 29.823 
Our friends at http://racingroundup.net have started their live webcast at nearby Paulie’s Pub & Eatery just outside turns one and two of the Milwaukee Mile. The Speed 51 Radio Pre-Race show will be up at 8;30pm. 
Comment From dale 

Car counts reminds you of the snowball derby car counts in the good ol days. Great to see it! 

Jeff Choquette is currently quickest in this final practice session. (Speed51.com photo)
Fifteen minutes remain in the final ASA Midwest Tour practice session of the day. 
Before this session went on track Camden Murphy (Trucks) and Steve Rubeck (Big 8) were quickest in the combined Truck/Big 8 practice.

Truck top three:
1. Murphy 31.376
2. James Swan 32.165
3. Jeff Watters 32.180

Big 8 top three
1. Rubcek 32.391
2. Kyle Shear 32.498
3. Ryan Carlson 32.550 

Per his Twitter account, Kyle Benjamin is reporting his car was way to tight on mock qualifying run. 
10 minutes into this final ASA Midwest practice, Jeff Choquette has run a lap of 29.356. That is under the NASCAR Nationwide Series track record set by Johnny Sauter in 2005, 29.365. 
Comment From Neil 

What time do the pit gates open Tues? 

We saw his team putting tape on the grille getting ready for a mock qualifying run just a few minutes ago. We’ll see how that all shakes out at the end of the session. 
Comment From Kyles biggest fan 

How is kyle Benjamin #71 doing 

Comment From Paul kelley 

Tuning in from Charlotte North Carolina! 

This practice is the final session for the ASAMT and will run for 45 minutes. 
The ASA Midwest Tour cars are on track for their practice session. 
Big 8/Truck practice has just wrapped up. Another ASA Midwest Tour session is up next. 
You can see the race track here at Paulie’s Restaurant where the 51 crew will be live at 8:30pm CT. Before that the show starts on RacingRoundUp.Net at 7:00pm.
Today happens to be John Hunter Nemechek’s 15th birthday. Happy birthday! 
Comment From Matt 

How old is john hunter-nemechek? 

Comment From Matthew Dillner 

Following along on my I phone from Concord Diner. Chicken n Dumplings and Speed51! A great night. Wife might kill me bc I’m payin more attn to phone but heck… This race is HUGE 

Trent Snyder sent us this cool “blast from the past’ photo. Here is the time trial rundown from the Wisconsin Challenge Series race here at The Mile from 2006.
Chase was on track several times today, but computer issues in timing and scoring prevented times from being supplied for the first two sessions of the day beyond the top five or 10 each round, as we posted. In the third round, the system was up and running properly, but some cars had malfunctioning transponders or simply sat the round out. 
Comment From Alabama 

You show a picture of Chase on the track but no time. 

Teenager John Hunter Nemechek was quickest in the most recent ASAMT practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
If a driver’s name was not on the list, either he did not hit the track or he was one of the three or four whose transponder was not working properly in the most recent session. 
Comment From quadboi 

didn’t Chase Elliot go out in that practice ? 


1 John Hunter Nemecheck 29.445
2 Jeff Storm 29.652
3 Rusty Wallace 29.705
4 Jeremy Lepak 29.79
5 Griffin McGrath 29.808
6 Dan Fredrickson 29.897
7 Michael Bilderback 29.902
8 Brandon Hill 29.902
9 Becca Kasten 29.909
10 Jerry Sharp 29.923
11 Tanner Whitten 29.925
12 Jacob Goede 29.939
13 Kenzie Ruston 29.959
14 Travis Sauter 29.973
15 Chris Wimmer 29.975
16 Nathan Haseleu 30.041
17 Tim Sauter 30.063
18 Johnny Sauter 30.084
19 Skylar Holzhousen 30.103
20 Jerick Johnson 30.125
21 Matt Kenseth 30.133
22 Steve Apel 30.146
23 Jonathan Eilen 30.149
24 Ross Kenseth 30.154
25 Chris Weinkauf 30.158
26 Aric Almirola 30.173
27 Thor Anderson 30.198
28 Mason Mitchell 30.222
29 David Ragan 30.232
30 Bubba Pollard 30.259
31 Kyle Benjamin 30.261
32 Cardell Potter 30.262
33 Matt Kocourek 30.313
34 Ben Kennedy 30.326
35 Brent Kirchner 30.344
36 Andrew Morrissey 30.351
37 Austin Luedtke 30.398
38 Jason Weinkauf 30.405
39 Mark Kraus 30.434
40 Ty Majeski 30.46
41 Tim Schendel 30.463
42 Joey Gase 30.465
43 Matt Tifft 30.48
44 Nick Panitzke 30.497
45 Kelly Bires 30.53
46 Damon Ecoff 30.563
47 Travis Dassow 30.642
48 Scott Wimmer 30.677
49 Ed Szelagowski Jr 30.772
50 Tommy Pecaro 30.841
51 Jim Olson 30.996
52 Erik Pierce 31.359
53 Dennis Schoenfeld 31.695
54 Blake Brown 31.882
55 Jimmy Dragich 32.015
56 Kyle Brinkmann 34.613

We have received a full practice result from the most recent ASAMT practice. Please stand by. 
Comment From Trent Snyder 

Nathan Haseleu ran a 29.26 and had fast time in 2006 for the Wisconsin Challenge series race. 71 or 72 cars that year took time at the Mile 

Those are unofficial times taken off the scoring monitor with a few minutes remaining in the session. It could have changed. Hopefully we’ll get a rundown from officials soon. 
This ASA Midwest Tour session is now complete. John Hunter Nemechek finished atop the board with a 29.445.

1. Nemechek 29.445
2. Jeff Storm 29.652
3. Rusty Wallace 29.705
4. Jeremy Lepak 29.790
5. Griffin McGrath 29.808
6. Dan Fredrickson 29.897
7. Michael Bilderback 29.902
8. Brandon Hill 29.902
9. Becca Kasten 29.909
10. Jerry Sharp 29.923 

Comment From Ross Zumbach 

Wish I was there racing, was able to run a race for Howie at the Mile 2 years ago. What a great man and better mentor. Really happy to see Travis Dassow back on the track, go get em bud! 

Texan Trey Mitchell’s No. 47. (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Matt 

The nationwide record is 29.365 by johnny sauter in 05 

2012 Howie Lettow Memorial Starting Field will be set by
26 Cars by Time
8 Cars by Transfer Qualifiers
5 Provisionals
1 by B Main Winner 
Comment From Jim W 

with starting 40 cars, how many will be locked in on time? 

We spoke with Austin “The Ace” Luedtke earlier and he said that the most intimidating thing about today has been pitting next to Rusty Wallace. Luedtke said every time he comes in, he has to double take to his left, where the Wallace team is pitted. 
VIDEO: Take a few laps with Becca Kasten around the Milwaukee Mile

The historic Milwaukee Mile’s victory lane, where every driver here wants to be tomorrow night. (speed51.com photo)
Not this weekend. 
Comment From Guest 

is Boris going to be there tomorrow though? 

ASA Midwest Tour cars are back on the track. 
Travis Sauter is looking to make a little money on the side. (speed51.com photo)
Top 10 from Last ASA Midwest Tour Super Late Model Practice.
1. John Hunter Nemechek 29.476
2. Becca Kasten 29.626
3. Jeremy Lepak 29.730
4. Dan Fredrickson 29.817
5. Jerry Sharp Jr. 29.856
6. Chris Wimmer 29.866
7. Kelly Bires 29.920
8. Rusty Wallace 29.960
9. Tim Sauter 30.038
10. Jeff Storm 30.045 
Travis Dassow’s sharp looking #89. (speed51.com photo)
Steve Apel will lead the ASA Midwest Tour cars out for more practice. (speed51.com photo)
Thanks Boris, we had just sent out someone to check on that. 
Comment From Boris Jurkovic 

Jerry sharp jr is piloting my 53 car as I am out of town working 

The track record for ASA Midwest Tour cars is 29.576 set by Kyle Busch back in 2008. John Hunter Nemechek was under that mark. 
We will have more when it becomes available. 
The Top Five cars from the last ASA Midwest Tour Practice Are as follows:
1. 8 – John Hunter Nemechek 29.476
2. 51 -Becca Kasten 29.626
3. 40 – Jeremy Lepak 29.730
4. 36 – Dan Fredrickson 29.817
5. 53 – Boris Jurkovic 29.856 
Spring change for Tim Sauter. (speed51.com photo)
Rusty Wallace currently sits 8th in practice with a 29.960. 
Quality family time: Weinkauf style. (speed51.com photo)
The Big 8 cars are finishing up practice and the ASA Midwest Tour Super Late Models will be out at 5pm. 
We are working to get practice speeds and will have then if they and when they are available. 
Comment From Dave Brower 

Thanks for the coverage and the updates. The ASAMT you-tube video from the 1st practice session is great! 

We just checked with ASA Midwest Tour officials and they have had 72 cars come over the scales today in tech. We also heard that there are 16 trucks at this point. The vintage cars are also here and have about a dozen. 
Sure is a beautiful sight, is it not? (speed51.com photo)
Big 8 Series cars are on the track now. 
Race cars of all types are here. (speed51.com photo)
Young Kyle Benjamin gets some tips from Freddie Query. (speed51.com photo)
Ryan Carlson tells Speed51.com for session 2, “We’re mainly just trying to get the nose down a little bit more, which with these cars you normally don’t, but here your going to have to a little more.” 
Tons of NASCAR clout in the pit area. Joe Nemecheck is here helping his son, John Hunter. (speed51.com photo)
Current Big 8 Series Points Leader 55-Ryan Carlson gets ready for their second session.
Spencer Wauters likes his car. (speed51.com photo)
If you want to see the first couple of laps from hotlap session #1 for the ASA Midwest Cars, click the link below.


Those three times are all that we have via text message from timing and scoring officials. We are planning to have a full rundown after this session. 
Michael Bilderback keeps an eye on practice from pit lane. (speed51.com photo)
Right now according to officials, Becca Kasten is atop the board with a lap time of 29.626. Jeremy Lepak is second with a 29.730 and Dan Fredrickson is third with a 29.817. 
David Ragan and crew look over his #77. (speed51.com photo)
An updated Big 8 Late Model Series roster confirms that we have 34 on the grounds in that division. 
ASA Midwest Tour cars are back on track for practice. 
Features are at 7pm CT. 
Comment From Alabama Fan 

What time do the races start Tuesday? Thank you. 

We’re working with event officials on times from earlier sessions. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we’re told that we should have them for this and all following sessions. 
Tight confines through the corner. (Speed51.com Photo)
Travis Dassow (89) and Thor Anderson (4). (Speed51.com Photo)
Nick Panitzke gets ready to hit the track. (Speed51.com Photo)
Tim Sauter (99) and Kyle Benjamin (71). (Speed51.com Photo)
Rusty Wallace at speed. (Speed51.com Photo)
ASA Midwest Tour officials informed us that they were working through computer scoring difficulties in that first Super Late Model practice times. They are continuing to work on it, but are confident that it will be resolved any minute now. We apologize for not having any official times from these first session. 
Kenzie Ruston making her first practice run earlier today.
As the ASA Midwest Tour cars wrap up their first practice session, the Big 8 Series Late Models are on track for their first practice session. 
Chase Elliott getting his first ever laps around The Milwaukee Mile.
The first ASA Midwest Tour practice session is in the books. We spent the session taking photos of the cars on track. We hope to have full practice results by the time we get back to our infield compound. 
David Stremme rolls out for his first practice run.
Cars are now on the speedway. 
Tim Sauter goes over the practice plan with his crew. (Speed51.com Photo)
Chase Elliott is the first car in lone for practice. 
Jeff Choquette applies a special “In Memory of Howie Lettow” decal to his car. (Speed51.com Photo) 
We’ve yet to start practice. It’ll start in about 25 minutes. We’re out getting some notes before practice kicks off and setting up some GoPro cameras in cars for practice so you can have some in-car footage to check out in just a little while here on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now. 
Comment From Guest 

Who’s fast 

Practice will begin in about an hour. Please scroll down to check out today’s schedule. It is only practice today. Qualifying and features will be tomorrow. 
Comment From quadboi 

about what time will practice start and are they qualifying today or tomorrow–thanks 

It’s all ASA Midwest Tour officials, led by Mike “Lumpy” Lemke, head tech official. 
Comment From Guest 

Is Ricky Brooks helping with tech? I know last week they were talking about him possibly being there. 

Cars continue to arrive on the Wisconsin State Fair Park – Milwaukee Mile grounds, the Big 8 Series now has 31 cars on the property. 
Comment From Matt

Wish I could make it for this one, it’s going to be a legendary event. Best of luck to the Panitzke 22 crew and the rest of the ASAMT regulars. 

Officials go over the traffic flow for practice in the drivers meeting. (Speed51.com Photo)
The spotters meeting is now taking place and it will transition into the drivers meeting. (Speed51.com Photo)
We just got a report back there are 30 Big 8 cars right now. We expected more as rigs and trailers are still coming in. 
There are about a dozen trucks and a field of 20 so expected. 
We are doing a Big 8 count right now. 
We did a quick walk through the pits and counted 66 Super Late Models. However, as we walked around more rigs where showing up. 
Comment From Racing Electronics 

Howie Lettow was a longtime customer of RE, and we were honored to be a partner with one of the greatest! Good luck to all our customer’s at the Milwaukee mile. Stop in and say hello to Joe Piercy our onsite rep.! 

Wallace’s car. (Speed51.com Photo)
We checked in with Rusty Wallace’s crew today, specifically Clay Rogers, a pretty stout driver in his own right. Rogers said that Rusty’s car was very good in the test here at Milwaukee a few weeks ago. The only thing that was changed on the car from the test is the paint scheme, so the Wallace camp is hoping their car will be just as good over the next two days. 
Tech continues. (Speed51.com Photo)
No, there’s a local radio station broadcasting the feature to the greater Milwaukee area, but the only widely-accessible broadcast is our Speed 51 Radio broadcast and live Trackside Now updates tomorrow. We’ll have you covered! 
Comment From rogreu 

will there be TV, radio or online coverage other than speed51 of course. 

On another TV note, we just found out that ESPN’s “NASCAR Now” will be broadcasting segments of tomorrow’s show here at Milwaukee. NASCAR on ESPN’s Rusty Wallace, a newly-minted NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee, will be competing in this event. 
Many familiar faces from the old ASA National Tour days are expected to be either competing or just hanging out here at Milwaukee. One member of the old guard that wishes he could be here is Speed51.com Owner Bob Dillner. Dillner was the voice of the ASA National Tour for several seasons and has many friends inside the garage from those days still. Bob, after covering the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event at Pocono yesterday, is returning home while in the process of selling a home. Therefore, he will not be able to make it to Milwaukee, but he did extend his wishes to the ASA Midwest Tour, the competitors and staff here at The Mile for a successful race while he looks forward to following 51’s live coverage. 
The race is tomorrow. Feature races are scheduled to start at 7pm Central Time tomorrow. Thank you for your service and come home soon so we can see you back at the track! 
Comment From smines80 

What time is the race? I’m serving in Afghanistan and want to follow along. Ought to be a great race! 

You never know what you’ll see at the track. Here’s NASCAR Champion Bill Elliott carrying a watermelon. (Speed51.com Photo)
Becca Kasten, who now calls North Carolina home, is back home in the Milwaukee suburbs for this event. Kasten is Mequon, WI native and went to college at nearby Marquette University.
Comment From flyin brian

man its hard not being there today….heading to the rowdy 251 next week, hope its as good as a show as the lettow memorial 

Speaking of the Rowdy 251, we talked with Bubba Pollard who will be running both this race and the Rowdy. He will be returning to his native Georgia in between races instead of staying up in this area. He only has one truck driver and he has to return to Georgia in between. That will make for a lot of highway miles, but good to see a Southern guy like Pollard making those trips. 
Bill Elliott is here, but his son Chase Elliott and teammate Ben Kennedy will do the driving this weekend. 
Comment From Neal 

Is Bill Elliott running this race? 

Jeff Choquette is a past ASA Midwest Tour “big track” winner, having won last year at Iowa. (Speed51.com Photo)
Austin Theriault gets his Brad Keselowski Racing car ready. (Speed51.com Photo)
Some of the drivers in the field this weekend will be heading to Berlin next week for the Rowdy 251 at Berlin Raceway (MI). That was the most recent stop for the ASA Midwest Tour and local driver Brian Campbell scored the win and hopes to keep it going next week at the Rowdy 251. 
The Rowdy 251 is next week!
Steve Apel’s car gets unloaded. (Speed51.com Photo)
The tech line continues to grow and the 51 rental car might be in the way as it runs back by the media center here at the track. 
Comment From Old Man Richard 

Thanks for the coverage = everyone have a safe race = Thanks to the drivers , crews , and the track and sponsors = Go Georgia Boys = A racing nut = Conyers , Ga. = 

Comment From Rich in Kenosha 

Stuck at work today, but I can’t wait to be there tomorrow. 

A Big 8 car is a limited Late Model with smaller tires that actually have tread on them. Ross Kenseth is a former winner and champion in the series. 
Comment From Guest 

what is a big 8 car? 

Lost in the shuffle of this big race is the point battle for the ASA Midwest Tour. After three races 2011 Series Champion Andrew Morrissey leads the standings over Skylar Holzhausen by a single point. Jonathan Eilen is third in the points just three markers back. Nathan Haseleu and Chris Wimmer are the rest of the top five. A poor finish this weekend could go a long way in hurting their championship quest. 
Tough to say as they keep coming in. 
Comment From Race Fan 

How many cars have already pulled in? 

Comment From d.wilbert 

just wanted to say go dillon oliver GOOD LUCK!!!!! 

Comment From quadboi 

GOOD LUCK to Kyle Benjamin. Chase Elliott, Ben Kennedy and John Nemechek 

Richie Wauters’ two-car effort for his son Spencer and NASCAR Sprint Car Series regular Aric Almirola. (Speed51.com Photo)
The second feature will be the B Main. 
Comment From Lenny 

Will the Midwest tour have a 2nd feature? 

Comment From Corey Schultz _ Five Star 

Leaving the shop and heading to the track now, can’t wait to see all the fine folks at the Mile! We’ve got some cool new stuff to show off! 

Jeff Storm climbs aboard his car on the scales. (Speed51.com Photo)
Kyle is not running this race, but he did win the last time the ASA Midwest Tour was here at the Milwaukee Mile. Back on August 24th, 2008 Kyle beat out Chris Wimmer and Matt Kenseth here in the All Star 100. 
Comment From Guest 

is Kyle Busch running this race? 

Crew chief Ricky Turner preps Chase Elliott’s car for tech. (Speed51.com Photo)
As the Big 8 trailers begin to make there way into the infield here at The Milwaukee Mile we can tell you about 75% ran at a weekly track coming into this weekend. This will be a first for the series here at the Mile. 
The tech line goes on as far as the eye can see. (Speed51.com Photo)
Late Models are everywhere here in the infield. (Speed51.com Photo)
Don’t forget to join our Facebook to get up to the date information, photos and results on the short track racing world. Our page is: facebook.com/speed51
That’s right. A great crowd is expected here at Milwaukee. Tickets are still available and there’s a lot of buzz throughout the Milwaukee area about this show. 
Comment From rogreu 

except maybe spending it at the Lettow 150 

Comment From STN Steve 

Nothing better then spending your Monday with Speed 51 

Looking ahead to how guys and gals will make the Lettow race we can see the plan of the entry list is to take 26 Cars by Time; 8 Cars by Transfer Qualifiers
5 Provisionals; 1 by B Main Winner. That gives us a starting field of 40. If that gets adjusted we will let you know. 
Comment From Lenny

Go Kenzie 

Comment From KBISHOP


Looking down the backstretch at The Mile. (Speed51.com Photo)
So according to the pre-race entry list we could have the highest car count at any one-single event  in the last two seasons.  “THE RACE” last year at North Wilkesboro had 75 cars take time and the Snowball Derby had 53 cars.  There was a non-Super Late Model race which saw 82 cars try to qualify and that was the Oxford 250.  This event could trump them all. 
Jonathan Eilen’s team was the first to get set up on pit road. (Speed51.com Photo)
Big 8 Series Entry List (46 Cars)
1 Jesse Oudenhoven WIR
1 Jody Krueger Jefferson
1 Kris Kelly WIR
2 Eddie May Rockford
2 Jimmy Ganski Dells Raceway
2 Shayne Poehnelt Dells Raceway
5 Casey Johnson Jefferson
5 Dave Edwards Rockford
5 Jeremy Miller Madison
6 Gary Krueger Jefferson
7 Jack Rabey Jefferson
7 John DeAngelis, Jr Slinger
8 Rich Hinerichsen Rockford
9 Dan Church Rockford
12 Butch Mierendorf Columbus 151
13 Rob Myers Jefferson
17 Gregg Pawelski Slinger
18 Brady Liddle Madison
18 Mike Ehde Dells Raceway
19 John Baumeister, Jr Madison
20 Steve Rubeck Rockford
21 Shane Morrissey Madison
21 Travis Dassow Slinger
23 Austin Nason Rockford
24 Kyle Wolosek Wausau
27 Clayton Braaksma Columbus 151
28 Jesse Bernhagen Dells Raceway
31 Darren Wolke Elko
32 Todd Korish LaCrosse
36 Kyle Shear Rockford
41 Mike Taylor Jefferson
44 Mike Lichtfeld Dells Raceway
49 Andy Evraets Madison
51 Dennis Schmidt Jefferson
52 Zach Riddle Madison
55 Ryan Carlson Rockford
71 John Ovadahl, Jr Jefferson
84 Jacob Vanoskey Slinger
84 Vern Fagerberg Rockford
95.3 Wayne Freimund Rockford
96 Tim Lange Jefferson
98 Rob Braun Slinger
171 AJ Henriksen Madison
O7 Cory Kemkes WIR
X Jon Reynolds, Jr Rockford
x1 Tim Sargent Jefferson
Howie Lettow Pre-Race Entry List (80 Cars)
0 Ryan DeStefano
1 Ed Jr Szelagowski
2 Michael Bilderback
2 Donnie Wilson
4 Thor Anderson
5 Travis Sauter
5 Johnny Sauter
5A Aric Almirola
5S Spencer Wauters
6 Austin Luedtke
8 Eddie Hoffman
8 John Hunter Nemechek
8 Brent Kirchner
9 Tommy Pecaro
9 Chase Elliot
9 Mark Kraus
12 Nick Murgic
15 Damon Ecoff
16 Steve Apel
17 Matt Kenseth
18 Kelly Bires
21 Tim Schendel
22 Nick Panitzke
24 Jim Olson
25 Jeff Storm
25 Ross Kenseth
25 Scott Wimmer
26 Bubba Pollard
29 Jeff Choquette
29 Austin Theriault
32 Tanner Whitten
34 Maxwell Schultz
34 Brandon Hill
35 Joey Gase
35 David Stremme
36 Danny Fredrickson
38 Jeff Holtz
39 Andrew Morrissey
39 Kenzie Rustin
40 Jeremy Lepak
40 Curt Tillman
43 Matt Kocourek
43 Dennis Schoenfeld
45 Rich Bickle
47 Trey Mitchell
51 Becca Kasten
52 Chris Wimmer
53 Boris Jurkovic
54 Erik Pierce
54 Jeff Fultz
55 Mason Mitchell
58 Cardell Potter
63 Gary LaMonte
64 Griffin McGrath
66 Rusty Wallace
71 Blake Brown
71 Jimmy Dragich
71 Kyle Benjamin
71 Matt Pyburn
72 Jacob Goede
74 Dudley Fleck
75 Chris Weinkauf
76 Jason Weinkauf
76 Jerick Johnson
77 Jonathon Eilen
77 Greg Van Gool
77 David Ragan
78 Skylar Holzhausen
80 Dillion Oliver
87 Nathan Haseleu
89 Matt Tifft
89 Travis Dassow
91 Ty Majeski
96 Ben Kennedy
99 Tim Sauter
00 Ryan Lynch
20 Zach Less
98 Kevin Eggert
75 Joel Theisen
52 Kyle Brinkman
Rigs are still being parked here at Milwaukee as the entry lists have 80 for the Super Late Model and close to 50 for the Big 8 cars.  We will do our best to keep you informed on who is here, but remember to scroll up and down for infomation. 
Rusty Wallace’s trailer has the first stall in the infield. (Speed51.com Photo)
Some teams have already begun unloading here at Milwaukee. (Speed51.com Photo)
Drivers and crews congregate near the pit sign in window. (Speed51.com Photo)
The Milwaukee Mile is in perfect condition for this event. (Speed51.com Photo)
We want to thank Hamner Racing Engines for being the presenting sponsor for the Howie Lettow Memorial race for both days here in Milwaukee. Call (205) 672-8882 for more information or visit their website www.hamnerracingengines.com
Today’s Schedule
Monday June 11th (No Grandstand) Infield Open Only

10:15 Credential Building Opens (Location: Gate 1 Greenfield Ave)
10:30 Pit Gate Opens (Rig Parking Begins) Track Gate Entrance Open till 2:50pm
12:00 Tire Sales Open
1:00 ASA Officials Meeting
2:00 Fire/Safety/Wrecker Crews Safety Meeting
2:30 Big 8 and Vintage Drivers Meeting
2:50 Track Gate Closes
3:00 Practice Begins ASAMT (30 mins)
3:30 Practice Begins Big 8 and Trucks (18 mins)
3:48 Back Gate Opens if needed
4:00 Practice Resumes ASAMT (30 mins)
4:30 Big 8 and Trucks
4:48 Back Gate Opens if needed
5:00 Practice Resumes ASAMT (30 mins)
5:30 Vintage
5:48 Back Gate Opens if needed
6:00 Big 8 and Trucks (30 mins)
6:30 ASAMT (45 mins)
7:15 Vintage (15 mins)
7:30 Big 8 and Trucks (30 mins)
8:00 Practice Ends, Back Gate Opens
9:00 Pits closed general fans.
Back Gate Open and Under Security 24 hours (Must have GA ticket or Pit Pass to Enter)
All gates will be closed except walk in entrance gate by bathrooms.
(No motorized Rec/Vehicles in or out till AM) 

Good morning and welcome to the Milwaukee Mile for the practice day for the ASA Midwest Tour Howie Lettow Memorial 150. Rigs are being parked as we get things rolling for this historic two day event. 
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Trackside Now: ASA Midwest Tour Howie Lettow Memorial Practice Day – The Milwaukee Mile (WI) – 6/11/12