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That will do it for our Trackside Now coverage of today’s ARCA Racing Series practice session from Daytona International Speedway (FL). We thank you very much for tuning in.

We’ll be back with you bright and early for tomorrow’s action. The cars hit the track for their final practice session tomorrow at 9:30 a.m ET. Group qualifying will take place at 3:30 p.m. ET.

Lucas Oil 200 Thursday Practice Results:

Pos. No. Driver Times
1 5 Bobby Gerhart 47.633
2 54 Matt Kurzejewski 47.657
3 42 Bo LeMastus 47.691
4 22 Blake Jones 47.695
5 83 Derrick Lancaster 47.719
6 52 Clay Campbell 47.743
7 15 Daniel Suarez 47.747
8 25 Frank Kimmel 47.78
9 69 Will Kimmel 47.814
10 77 Tom Hessert 47.814
11 48 Sean Corr 47.823
12 8 Austin Hill 47.832
13 82 Patrick Staropoli 47.835
14 9 Brett Hudson 47.85
15 12 Tyler Audie 47.856
16 11 Mark Thompson 47.905
17 92 Daniel Hemric 47.935
18 78 Mason Mitchell 47.954
19 6 Josh Williams 48.004
20 55 Cody Coughlin 48.03
21 23 Grant Enfinger 48.036
22 17 Buster Graham 48.052
23 68 David Levine 48.072
24 6 Ed Pompa 48.074
25 58 John Lowinski-Loh 48.085
26 20 Scott Sheldon 48.103
27 30 Terry Jones 48.105
28 66 Leilani Munter 48.124
29 98 Austin Wayne Self 48.244
30 7 Tommy Barrett Jr. 48.441
31 1 J.J. Pack 48.476
32 3 Karl Webber 48.605
33 2 Sarah Cornett-Ching 48.991
34 10 Garrett Smithely 49.525
35 88 Cole Powell 49.583
36 76 Andy Seuss 49.592
37 80 Russ Dugger 49.634
38 57 Bryan Dauzat 49.742
39 9 Thomas Praytor 49.905
40 97 Bobby Hamilton Jr. 50.315
41 95 Cassi Gannis 50.726
42 99 Brent Cross 51.003
43 49 Brad Smith 51.191
44 0 Barry Fitzgerald 51.318
45 3 Raymond Hassler 51.443
46 0 James Swanson 53.382


Cole Powell\’s team changes motors after blowing a motor late in practice (Speed51.com photo).
The sun sets over Lake Lloyd and Daytona International Speedway (Speed51.com photo).
Some work going on under Frank Kimmel\’s car. (Speed51.com photo)
We will have a full rundown of today’s times as soon as possible.
Gerhart, Kerzejewski, LeMastus, Jones, and Lancaster were the top five in today’s session.
Practice has concluded for today. Bobby Gerhart’s time of 47.633 set about halfway through this session was the fastest lap of the evening.
John Lowinski-Loh has turned 46 laps in practice today, the most of anyone. Bobby Gerhart made just 10 laps today, and the second-place man on the board, Matt Kurzejewski turned eight.
Just three minutes remain in this session. 46 cars have posted a time.
Cars make their last laps of the day as the sun sets and the lights come on at Daytona (Speed51.comphoto).
Those cars waiting to head out have now departed pit road to make what should be their final laps of the day with just seven minutes remaining in today’s session.
Will Kimmel, Garrett Smithely, Andy Seuss, Tom Hessert, Mason Mitchell, Bryan Dauzat, David Levine, Karl Webber, Daniel Hemric and a few more are sitting on pit road waiting to head out.
Pit road is basically a parking lot with 10 minutes to go. (Speed51.com photo)
Thirteen cars are sitting at the turn one end of pit road, just waiting to head out onto the track as the clock continues to tick closer to the end of this session.
Defending ARCA Racing Series champion, Mason Mitchell is rolling out of the garage to make his first run of the day.
The no. 49 of Brad Smith is rolling out on track to take his first laps of the evening.
Lucas Oil 200 Top 10 in Practice (15 minutes remaining):

Pos. No. Driver Times
1 5 Bobby Gerhart 47.633
2 54 Matt Kurzejewski 47.657
3 42 Bo LeMastus 47.691
4 22 Blake Jones 47.695
5 83 Derrick Lancaster 47.733
6 52 Clay Campbell 47.743
7 15 Daniel Suarez 47.747
8 25 Frank Kimmel 47.78
9 48 Sean Corr 47.823
10 8 Austin Hill 47.832


42 of the 49 cars here have posted a time with under 20 minutes remaining in today’s session.
A big pack comes through turn three (Speed51.com photo).
Even with these cars out there drafting in a fairly large pack, Gerhart’s time is still holding strong atop the leaderboard.
Frank Kimmel (25) shows the way around Daytona (Speed51.com photo).
Bo LeMastus and Blake Jones have jumped up to third and fourth respectively on the board.
30 minutes remain in today’s practice session. Bobby Gerhart still sits atop the scoring pylon.
Three cars draft through turn four led by John Lowinski-Loh (Speed51.com photo).
About a dozen race cars have pulled off pit road in a line according to the announcers on ARCAracing.com. Frank Kimmel, Leilani Munter and Cody Coughlin are leading the group.
Lucas Oil 200 Top 30 in Practice (35 Minutes Remaining):

Pos. No. Driver Times
1 5 Bobby Gerhart 47.633
2 54 Matt Kurzejewski 47.657
3 23 Grant Enfinger 48.306
4 20 Scott Sheldon 48.103
5 30 Terry Jones 48.105
6 8 Austin Hill 48.121
7 48 Sean Corr 48.138
8 82 Patrick Staropoli 48.159
9 52 Clay Campbell 48.181
10 15 Daniel Suarez 48.246
11 11 Mark Thompson 48.288
12 17 Buster Graham 48.295
13 22 Blake Jones 48.313
14 25 Frank Kimmel 48.396
15 55 Cody Coughlin 48.522
16 68 David Levine 48.543
17 69 Will Kimmel 48.655
18 58 John Lowinski-Loh 48.677
19 6 Josh Williams 48.686
20 9 Brett Hudson 48.686
21 98 Austin Wayne Self 48.811
22 6 Ed Pompa 48.934
23 12 Tyler Audie 48.94
24 3 Karl Webber 48.982
25 2 Sarah Cornett-Ching 48.991
26 42 Bo LeMastus 49.011
27 77 Tom Hessert 49.242
28 66 Leilani Munter 49.302
29 7 Tommy Barrett Jr. 49.463
30 88 Cole Powell 49.583


Grant Enfinger is always strong at Daytona. (Speed51.com photo)
Cassie Gannis is one of two drivers currently out on the race track. She’s making her ARCA debut here according to ARCAracing.com.
Mason Mitchell is wearing two hats this weekend. Owner and driver. (Speed51.com photo)
Karl Weber stops for a photo. (Speed51.com photo)
Bobby Gerhart is still fastest so far in practice, even though he isn’t running the new Ilmoor motor package. “We’re down on power, but I’m running with what got me here,” he said. “That shocked a lot of people, including them. And I do own two of them.” Gerhart said he’s happy with the time he put up earlier this evening and said “I doubt it,” when asked if he’d go back out on track today.
Cole Powell is ready to hit the track again (Speed51.com photo).
NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour champion Andy Seuss looks over his race car in the garage area (Speed51.com photo).
Four cars draft through turn four (Speed51.com photo).
Super Cup Stock Car Series regular J.J. Pack gets his tire pressures checked after completing a run on track (Speed51.com photo).
That big pack has already broken up into a couple of smaller groups.
Bobby Gerhart is now atop the scoring pylon here as practice closes in on the halfway mark.
Tommy Barrett returns to pit road.
There’s now a pack of about ten cars drafting their way around the speedway. It’s the biggest pack of cars we’ve seen yet today.
Enfinger and James Swanson battle in turn four (Speed51.com photo).
NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour regular Tommy Barrett Jr. is on track for his first laps of the day. He’s making his ARCA debut this weekend in the no. 7 car.
James Hylton may be retired as a driver, but stays busy as a mechanic. (Speed51.com photo)
Suarez has just jumped to the top of the speed chart with a lap of 48.246 seconds.
Daniel Suarez, a rookie this year with Joe Gibbs Racing in the NASCAR XFinity Series, will be racing in the no. 15 car on Saturday afternoon. He just headed out onto the race track for his first laps of the afternoon.
Frank Kimmel gets ready to head out. (Speed51.com photo)
Race fans come in all species here at Daytona as a bird watches Ed Pompa return to pit road (Speed51.com photo).
49 cars are on the grounds here at Daytona International Speedway. That means that nine cars will go home after group qualifying tomorrow. It’s also worth noting that group qualifying has been done at Talladega Superspeedway (AL) and the road courses that ARCA visits, but this is the first time it will be done at Daytona.
Cody Coughlin flashes through turn four (Speed51.com photo).
Top 20 In Practice (30 minutes complete):

Pos. No. Driver Times
1 11 Mark Thompson 48.605
2 69 Will Kimmel 48.655
3 5 Bobby Gerhart 48.694
4 17 Buster Graham 48.697
5 23 Grant Enfinger 48.709
6 22 Blake Jones 48.825
7 52 Clay Campbell 48.83
8 54 Matt Kurzejewski 48.945
9 20 Scott Sheldon 49.13
10 66 Leilani Munter 49.302
11 68 David Levine 49.303
12 30 Terry Jones 49.575
13 2 Sarah Cornett-Ching 49.604
14 58 John Lowinski-Loh 49.615
15 55 Cody Coughlin 49.637
16 12 Tyler Audie 49.67
17 98 Austin Wayne Self 50.018
18 3 Karl Webber 50.035
19 88 Cole Powell 50.513
20 1 J.J. Pack 50.521


Thompson’s car just refired after some assistance. He just drove it back to the garage.
Mark Thompson is sitting on pit road where his team checked the tire pressures. The car is struggling to refire so he is being pushed back to the pit area.
Mark Thompson is the fastest man in Daytona so far (Speed51.com photo).
Bobby Gerhart is second fastest early in this session (Speed51.com photo).
Martinsville Speedway president Clay Campbell drives back to the garage (Speed51.com photo).
The winter is over. Cars are drafting at Daytona (Speed51.com photo).
Three cars draft through turn four (Speed51.com photo).
Mark Thompson has used the draft to go to the top of the board early in this session. Will Kimmel is second and Bobby Gerhart is third.
Spencer Gallagher at speed (Speed51.com photo).
We’ve got our first group of cars drafting today. Bobby Gerhart, Buster Graham and Mark Thompson are running together in a line.
Blake Jones rolls out on track (Speed51.com photo).
Grant Enfinger was the first driver to take to the track. So far there’s maybe seven cars out on the track, and all are making single car runs.
The track is green and cars are rolling off the end of pit road.
Business is about set to pick up here at The World Center of Racing. The cars and stars of the ARCA Racing Series are five minutes away from taking to the race track for the first time this season.
Daniel Suarez looks over his helmet prior to heading out to practice. (Speed51.com photo)
Comment From Norwood Arena Fan

Good Luck Tommie Barrett Jr # 7

Getting my office ready for practice at 4pm from @DISupdates. Thanks to @TeamJEGS@VenturiniMotor @ARCA_Racing pic.twitter.com/cO3Z6w7rIs
This is a two hour practice session, so it will conclude at 6 p.m. ET this evening.
We are just about ten minutes away from the start of this practice session.
Defending winner Grant Enfinger will drive for GMS Racing this weekend.(Speed51.com photo)
ARCA Lucas Oil 200 Entry List:

No. Driver Team & Car Team Owner
0 James Swanson Kan Do Chevrolet Wayne Peterson
1 J.J. Pack Bugsy’s Auto Ford Willie Mullins
2 Sarah Cornett PitStopsForHope.org Chevrolet Wayne Hixson
3 Karl Webber Silveus Financial Chevrolet Wayne Hixson
5 Bobby Gerhart Lucas Oil-MAVTV Chevrolet Bill Gerhart
6 Josh Williams Southwest Florida Cable Construction Ford Theresa Williams
7 Tommy Barrett Jr. Our Motorsports Chevrolet Bill Gerhart
8 Austin Hill Empire Racing Ford John Corr
9 Thomas Praytor DK-LOK Ford Thomas Praytor
10 Garrett Smithley Rick Ware Racing Chrevrolet Andy Hillenburg
11 Mark Thompson Phoenix Air Toyota Andy Hillenburg
12 Tyler Audie Audie Expo Toyota Jim Audie
15 Daniel Suarez Venturini Motorsports Toyota Bill Venturini
17 Buster Graham Louisiana Tech Ford Russ Roulo
18 Bill Catania Bill Catania Racing Chevrolet Bill Catania
20 Scott Sheldon Allegiant Travel Chevrolet Maury Gallagher
22 Blake Jones Uncle Ray’s Potato Chips Chevrolet Kerry Scherer
23 Grant Enfinger Alamo Rent A Car Chevrolet Maury Gallagher
25 Frank Kimmel Ansell-Menards Toyota Cathy Venturini
30 Terry Jones Jones Group Ltd. Toyota Terry Jones
40 Donnie Nuenberger Records One Dodge Roger Carter
42 Bo LeMastus Crosley Dodge Bo LeMastus
48 Sean Corr Empire Racing-Hylton Motorsports Ford James Hylton
49 Brad Smith Radon.com Ford James Hylton
52 Clay Campbell Federated Auto Parts Chevrolet Ken Schrader
54 Matt Kurzejewski Lexington Inn & Suites Daytona Bch. Chevrolet Daniel Kurzejewski
55 Cody Coughlin JEGS Toyota Billy Venturini
57 Bryan Dauzat O.B. Builders Chevrolet Bryan Dauzat
58 John Lowinski-Loh Gary Yeomans-Auto Go Ford Amanda Lira
66 Leilani Munter Energy Freedom Toyota Cathy Venturini
68 David Levine Gary Yeomans Ford Bill Kimmel
69 Will Kimmel Vogtland Springs-AmericanMuscle.comFord Bill Kimmel
73 Dale Shearer Shearer Racing Ford Dale Shearer
76 Andy Seuss O.B. Builders Chevrolet Bryan Dauzat
77 Tom Hessert Barbera’s Autoland Dodge Briggs Cunningham
78 Mason Mitchell Mason Mitchell Motorsports Ford Mason Mitchell
80 Russ Dugger Gosselin-Finney Racing Chevrolet Brian Finney
82 Patrick Staropoli Empire Racing Ford John Corr
83 Derrick Lancaster Total Car & Truck Service Chevrolet Derrick Lancaster
88 Cole Powell Tricar Developments Ford Paula Bixman
92 Daniel Hemric California Clean Power Chevrolet Bob Newberry
95 Cassie Gannis ManCaveSite.org Dodge Dana Carter
97 Bobby Hamilton Jr. Nitroforce Industries Titan 1000 Dodge Roger Carter
98 Austin Wayne Self AM Technical Solutions Ford Mason Mitchell
99 Brent Cross Northeast Transformer Svc Chevrolet Gary Roulo
00 Barry Fitzgerald ColonialBus-Roy’s Body Shop-RAD Ford Michael Peterson
03 Raymond Hassler Affarano Racing Chevrolet Mike Affarano
06 Ed Pompa Double H Ranch Chevrolet Wayne Peterson
09 Brett Hudson Brett Hudson Motorsports Ford Howard Bixman


David Levine gets ready to strap in his Gary Yeoman\’s Ford. (Speed51.com photo)
Will Kimmel and his crew wheels his car out of the garage. (Speed51.com photo)
Cody Coughlin talks to his new Venturini Motorsports teammate Frank Kimmel. (Speed51.com photo)
A long line of cars went through tech inspection earlier this afternoon (Speed51.com photo).
ARCA Weekend Schedule:

Thursday, Feb. 12

3:15-3:45pm: Rookie Track Rides

4-6pm: ARCA Practice

Friday, Feb. 13

7am: ARCA Garage and Registration Opens

9:30am-10:30am: ARCA Final Practice

3:30pm: ARCA Group Qualifying

Saturday, Feb. 14

9am: ARCA Registration Opens

10am: ARCA Garage Opens

2pm: ARCA Driver’s Meeting

3:45pm: ARCA Driver Introductions

4:15pm: ARCA Race Begins (80 laps/200 miles)

Hello and welcome to Speed51’s Trackside Now coverage of practice day for the ARCA Racing Series from Daytona International Speedway (FL).

It’s a beautiful day at The World Center of Racing. The temperatures are in the 70s and there isn’t a cloud in the sky as cars will take to the race track for the first time this season after a cold winter.

DISCLAIMER: All updates posted on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now are property of 51 Sports, LLC and may not be duplicated in any form unless prior permission has been given by 51 Sports, LLC.

Trackside Now: ARCA Racing Series Practice at Daytona (FL) – 2/12/15