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Lucas Oil 200 Unofficial Results:

Pos. No. Driver
1 23 Grant Enfinger
2 15 Daniel Suarez
3 09 Brett Hudson
4 55 Cody Coughlin
5 25 Frank Kimmel
6 78 Mason Mitchell
7 54 Matt Kurzejewski
8 20 Scott Sheldon
9 6 Josh Williams
10 69 Will Kimmel
11 77 Tom Hessert
12 92 Daniel Hemric
13 8 Austin Hill
14 11 Mark Thompson
15 98 Austin Wayne Self
16 68 David Levine
17 22 Blake Jones
18 12 Tyler Audie
19 30 Terry Jones
20 88 Cole Powell
21 82 Patrick Staropoli
22 49 Brad Smith
23 42 Bo LeMastus
24 9 Thomas Praytor
25 3 Karl Webber
26 97 Bobby Hamilton Jr.
27 18 Bill Catania
28 00 Barry Fitzgerald
29 48 Sean Corr
30 06 Ed Pompa
31 2 Sarah Cornett-Ching
32 40 Roger Carter
33 58 John Lowinski-Loh
34 10 Garrett Smithely
35 52 Clay Campbell
36 1 J.J. Pack
37 17 Buster Graham
38 66 Leilani Munter
39 5 Bobby Gerhart
40 0 James Swanson
Comment From Lenny

Congrats to Enfinger on the win,Thanks for the coverage Speed 51

Enfinger pulls into victory lane (Speed51.com photo).
We are going to head to victory lane. We will have the full results as soon as possible.
CHECKERED FLAG: Grant Enfinger holds off Daniel Suarez and Brett Hudson to go back-to-back at Daytona. Coughlin and Frank Kimmel round out the top five.
WHITE FLAG: Enfinger and Suarez are pulling away now.
Lap 79: Coughlin pushes Suarez down the back stretch, and now jumps to the outside. He’s lacking help as they come to the white flag.
Lap 78: Suarez and Coughlin tried to get to the outside of Enfinger off turn four, but Enfinger through the block.
Lap 77: There’s a whole lot of waiting happening up front with just three laps to go.
Lap 76: The field is in a train around the track as they pass a couple lapped cars on the outside of turn one.
Lap 75: Six cars have broken away up front, led by Enfinger, with five laps to go at Daytona.
Lap 74: Coughlin asked if there was anything he could do to get outside. “Stay right on that bottom” was the response.
Lap 73: We’ve got a five-car breakaway up front as they run three-wide farther back.
Lap 72: Enfinger and Suarez have cleared Will Kimmel and now Coughlin has cleared them. It’s a three-car breakaway up front.
Lap 72: Will Kimmel has gone to second and now he’s working the outside of Suarez while trying to get to the lead.
Lap 71: Enfinger draws ahead of the pack by about one and a half car lengths entering turn one. Now Frank Kimmel is in the middle with no help and is going backwards.
Lap 70: Enfinger clears Frank off turn two, but Kimmel is coming back as they head into turn three.
Lap 69: Frank Kimmel gets a big shove from Will into turn three and now Frank draws even for the lead with Enfinger coming to the line.
Lap 68: Frank Kimmel is getting a push on the outside from his nephew, Will as they battle up front.
Lap 68: Kimmel is clawing back on the outside and is along side Suarez for second.
Lap 67: Coughlin dives to the bottom underneath Kimmel to go to third. Enfinger continues to lead with Suarez right behind him.
Lap 66: Coughlin gets sideways but saves it and keeps his position right behind Kimmel.
Bobby Gerhart and J.J. Pack have been evaluated and released from infield care center.
GREEN FLAG (Lap 65): Enfinger gets a good jump over Coughlin. Kimmel has gotten by Coughlin and now Coughlin is in line with Frank Kimmel as Kimmel starts to battle for the lead.
Coming to the green flag. Enfinger on the inside with Coughlin on the outside.
Officials have waved off the green flag.
The field is going to get the one to go next time by.
We are still working around the track behind the pace car under caution as cleanup continues in turn three. 18 laps remain.
All is quiet on the Enfinger radio right now.
Coughlin is told that he is good to go on fuel for the finish plus seven more laps.
The Suarez team is trying to find a partner for the restart. They tried working out a deal with Frank Kimmel, but it sounds like that was a bust.
Buster Graham drives his damaged car back to the pits (Speed51.com photo).
Munter walks away from the crash (Speed51.com photo).
Leilani Munter goes off on the hook. (Speed51.com photo)
The damage to Leilani Munter\’s car (Speed51.com photo).
Enfinger leads at Daytona (Speed51.com photo).
J.J Pack wasn’t involved in the crash, but his car erupted in flames in turn four. He got out of the car and is okay.
Top 10 Running Order (Under caution, 55 laps complete):

Pos. No. Driver
1 23 Grant Enfinger
2 55 Cody Coughlin
3 15 Daniel Suarez
4 25 Frank Kimmel
5 09 Brett Hudson
6 69 Will Kimmel
7 78 Mason Mitchell
8 20 Scott Sheldon
9 54 Matt Kurzejewski
10 98 Austin Wayne Self


YELLOW FLAG (Lap 54): Leilani Munter and Buster Graham have crashed in turn four. Bobby Gerhart has also received a lot of damage in this one.
LEAD CHANGE (Lap 52): Grant Enfinger takes the lead from Sheldon on the outside with help from Coughlin.
Lap 52: Scott Sheldon leads, but they just ganged up on him, jumped to his outside and sent him back to about fifth.
Lap 48: Patrick Staropoli made a big move to get to the far outside line to follow Frank Kimmel and now that line is starting to move to the front.
Lap 47: Coughlin and Mitchell are side by side for third with the field starting to go three wide a few rows back. Frank Kimmel is one of those in the middle.
LEAD CHANGE Lap 46: Jones gets a big pus from Mitchell and launches into the lead entering turn three. Jones comes to the bottom in front of Enfinger and takes the lead.
Lap 45: Two-wide for the lead and two-wide about 10 rows deep.
Lap 44: Jones gets a big shove from Mason Mitchell and now he is door to door with Enfinger for the lead, but Enfinger nips him at the line.
Lap 44: The outside lane has moved near the front and now Blake Jones is outside Coughlin for second.
Lap 42: Cody Coughlin has made his way back to second and is on the bottom following Grant Enfinger. The top four is single file but they are two-wide behind them.
Lap 41: Campbell has gotten to the inside line, and is pitting this time. They believe something is blocking the grill.
Lap 40: Clay Campbell is in the far outside line and is blowing a lot of steam out of his no. 52 car. The plan is to go to get to the bottom to be able to pit.
Lap 40: The field is three wide fighting near 10th.
LEAD CHANGE (Lap 39): Grant Enfinger to the lead for the first time today. Powell never led a lap. Enfinger becomes the fourth different leader today.
Lap 38: Cole Powell takes over the lead from the outside, but now Enfinger is shooting by on the outside into turn three. Gerhart is stuck in the middle and has fallen back to sixth.
GREEN FLAG (Lap 38): Bobby Gerhart leads the field to the restart on the inside lane with 2013 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Rookie of the year Cole Powell to his outside.
Top 10 Running Order (Under caution with 35 laps complete):

Pos. No. Driver
1 5 Bobby Gerhart
2 88 Cole Powell
3 9 Thomas Praytor
4 23 Grant Enfinger
5 20 Scott Sheldon
6 15 Daniel Suarez
7 78 Mason Mitchell
8 09 Brett Hudson
9 48 Sean Corr
10 92 Daniel Hemric


Some only took one can of fuel. Coughlin took two cans.
Bobby Gerhart pit on the earlier caution and is now the leader.
Enfinger wins the race off pit road, followed by Scott Sheldon and Cody Coughlin. Frank Kimmel got stuck behind a car and lost a ton of spots.
A majority of the field has come to pit road. F. Kimmel, Coughlin, Enfinger, Suarez and many more.
Cody Coughlin will be following his teammate, Frank Kimmel to pit road. Fuel only for the 19-year-old driver. “Take care of your tires. Don’t slide them.”
Watch for the leaders to pit this time. Some may just take fuel only.
The blue and yellow “move over” flag is laying in the tri-oval right at the start/finish line.
YELLOW FLAG (Lap 33): The caution is out for the second time today. There is debris in the tri-oval, and believe it or not, a flag has fallen out of the flag stand.
Lap 31: Enfinger has cleared Suarez and now we have a three-car breakaway with F. Kimmel, Coughlin and Enfinger leading the two-wide pack by four car lengths.
Top 10 Running Order (30 laps complete):

Pos. No. Driver
1 25 Frank Kimmel
2 55 Cody Coughlin
3 23 Grant Enfinger
4 15 Daniel Suarez
5 22 Blake Jones
6 48 Sean Corr
7 66 Leilani Munter
8 54 Matt Kurzejewski
9 92 Daniel Hemric
10 52 Clay Campbell


Lap 29: It’s a dead heat at the line for third between Enfinger and Suarez with Enfinger just barely getting the advantage.
Lap 26: Suarez and the outside line have started to claw back forward just a bit, but Suarez cannot seem to clear Enfinger to get alongside Coughlin.
Lap 24: Enfinger has cleared Suarez for third as the outside lane starts to fall back a little bit. Frank Kimmel still leads over Coughlin.
Lap 23: Eight cars are in the outside line led by Suarez. The rest of the field is line up on the bottom.
Lap 22: Enfinger is all over the back of Coughlin, but he has Daniel Suarez to his outside in a battle for third.
Lap 20: F. Kimmel and Coughlin are running1-2 with the rest of the field two-by-two behind them.
GREEN FLAG (Lap 19): Frank Kimmel leads the field to the restart on the outside with his teammate, Coughlin, on the inside. Coughlin lets Kimmel come down and they line up off the backstretch on the bottom.
Hey dryers blow away the speedy dry used to clean up the fluid from Lowinski-Loh\’s machine (Speed51.com photo).
The field has been given the one-to-go signal. The restart will come with 18 laps of 80 complete.
Top 10 under caution (17 laps complete):

Pos. No. Driver
1 25 Frank Kimmel
2 55 Cody Coughlin
3 23 Grant Enfinger
4 15 Daniel Suarez
5 52 Clay Campbell
6 22 Blake Jones
7 77 Tom Hessert
8 48 Sean Corr
9 69 Will Kimmel
10 6 Josh Williams
11 25 Frank Kimmel


The polesitter, Mark Thompson visited pit road under that caution to top off his no. 11 with fuel.
Bobby Gerhart makes a fuel stop during the caution. (Speed51.com photo)
Bobby Gerhart is on pit road. Most likely this will be his only stop of the race.
Following the pace car under the first caution of the day (Speed51.com photo).
Bobby Gerhart will be pitting when pit road opens. Fuel, right side tires, and removing some tape because he was running a little bit hot.
Pit road is closed this time by.
YELLOW FLAG (Lap 14): The caution is out for fluid in turn one that is believed to be from the smoking machine of John Lowinski-Loh.
Teammates out front (Speed51.com photo).
Two wide at Daytona (Speed51.com photo).
Lap 12: Enfinger and Hudson have broken away from the pack and have caught Kimmel and Coughlin. It’s now a four-car breakaway at the front.
Lap 11: The majority of the field is double file, about 10 rows deep, as they pass a lapped car.
Lap 10: Frank Kimmel and Coughlin are starting to pull away from the field as the pack is two-wide behind them about four car lengths back of Coughlin.
Lap 9: Frank Kimmel uses the outside lane to rocket to the lead. Hessert jumped outside Coughlin to try for the lead, got stuck in the middle and is falling like a rock through the field now. Coughlin is still second behind his Venturini Motorsports teammate.
Bobby Gerhart is not running the new ARCA Ilmor 396 engine. He will get better fuel mileage. It is believed that he can go close to 70 laps on fuel
Top 10 Running Order (8 laps complete):

Pos. No. Driver
1 55 Cody Coughlin
2 11 Mark Thompson
3 77 Tom Hessert
4 52 Brett Hudson
5 22 Blake Jones
6 48 Sean Corr
7 25 Frank Kimmel
8 23 Grant Enfinger
9 69 Will Kimmel
10 09 Brett Hudson


Coughlin leads the field at Daytona (Speed51.com photo).
The crew believes it is a spark plug issue. Cornett-Ching is sitting on pit road with the hood up. She just relayed to the crew that her car never got fully up to speed or past 6500 RPM.
Lap 3: Sarah Cornett-Ching is off the pace and headed towards pit road. Cornett-Ching came all the way from Summerland, British Columbia, Canada.
Lap 2: The top five cars are single file on the bottom with the field two wide behind them as the top line starts to fall back. There’s only about seven cars outside up there with everyone else on the bottom.
Lap 1: Coughlin leads his first ever lap at Daytona in his first trip here.
Lap 1: Cody Coughlin gets ahead of Thompson going into turn one, takes over the lead and dives to the bottom lane to hug the inside double yellow lines.
GREEN FLAG: Mark Thompson and Cody Coughlin lead the field to the green flag.
Going green this time by.
The cars are rolling for their pace laps.
Comment From 23andJoe

Pulling for Staropoli and Suarez here from Florida.

The command has been given. The engines have fired up. We’re fired up too and we hope you are as well. It’s time to go racing on the high banks of Daytona International Speedway.
Comment From Lenny

Saurez gets the win

This car was fast in practice yesterday morning (Speed51.com photo). Can Patrick Staropoli get the job done today?
We are just about 10 minutes from the first race of the season. 200 miles, 80 laps at Daytona International Speedway. Who will it be race fans? Now’s the time to let your voices be heard, so let’s hear those predictions.
This is where these drivers are fighting to be at the end of 200 miles (Speed51.com photo).
Bobby Gerhart hopes to pilot this ride to his ninth win at Daytona (Speed51.com photo).
Today’s race is scheduled to go green at 4:15 p.m. ET, just under 30 minutes from now.
The defending ARCA champion is ready to fight for a win today (Speed51.com photo).
Austin Wayne Self (left) and Mason Mitchell sign for some young fans at the autograph session earlier today (Speed51.com photo).
Lucas Oil 200 Starting Lineup:

Pos. No. Driver
1 11 Mark Thompson
2 55 Cody Coughlin
3 77 Tom Hessert
4 09 Brett Hudson
5 52 Clay Campbell
6 15 Daniel Suarez
7 22 Blake Jones
8 69 Will Kimmel
9 48 Sean Corr
10 66 Leilani Munter
11 25 Frank Kimmel
12 20 Scott Sheldon
13 23 Grant Enfinger
14 5 Bobby Gerhart
15 54 Matt Kurzejewski
16 12 Tyler Audie
17 82 Patrick Staropoli
18 8 Austin Hill
19 68 David Levine
20 17 Buster Graham
21 92 Daniel Hemric
22 58 John Lowinski-Loh
23 78 Mason Mitchell
24 49 Brad Smith
25 06 Ed Pompa
26 6 Josh Williams
27 98 Austin Wayne Self
28 30 Terry Jones
29 42 Bo LeMastus
30 10 Garrett Smithley
31 9 Thomas Praytor
32 3 Karl Webber
33 2 Sarah Cornett-Ching
34 0 James Swanson
35 40 Donnie Neuenberger
36 97 Bobby Hamilton Jr.
37 18 Bill Catania
38 88 Cole Powell
39 00 Barry Fitzgerald
40 1 J.J. Pack


Comment From Lenny

Go Hudson,Enfinger,Self,Hemric,Cornett Ching,and Smithley,Thanks for the coverage Speed 51

Cody Coughlin walks out to the grid. He rolls off second today (Speed51.com photo).
Frank Kimmel enjoys some family time at the autograph session earlier today (Speed51.com photo).
The cars are staged in Daytona\’s garage (Speed51.com photo).
Hello and welcome to Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage of today’s ARCA Racing Series Lucas Oil 200 from The World Center of Racing, Daytona International Speedway.

It is a picture perfect day in Daytona Beach, Florida. There isn’t a cloud in the sky, and the temperature is about perfect. We know that some of the country is getting even more snow, so we hope that you’re staying warm and thank you for joining us for today’s race.

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