Thank you for joining us and have a great night.
This will conclude our coverage for day one of the 30th Annual All-American 400. We will back on tomorrow morning at 8am central time.

Special thanks to Kevin Crider Motorsports for being today’s presenting sponsor.

All-American 400 Practice #3 Results

1 2x Dennis Reno 19.319
2 12 Harrison Burton 19.445
3 26 Willie Allen 19.487
4 55b Chuck Barnes, Jr. 19.534
5 33 Dillion Oliver 19.545
6 11 Stacey Crain 19.556
7 31 Kaz Grala 19.562
8 43 Justin South 19.608
9 37 Brian Hoar 19.666
10 13 Hunter Baize 19.683
11 14c Davey Coble 19.695
12 29 Anderson Bowen 19.728
13 84 Hunter Spivey 19.729
14 42 Chad Finley 19.760
15 71 Corey Deuser 19.764
16 95 Chad Chaffin 19.771
17 53 Kyle Ivey 19.775
18 28 Jeff O’Neill 19.779
19 9b William Byron 19.790
20 47 Brian Campbell 19.794
21 711 Michael House 19.796
22 47s Dakota Stroup 19.838
23 49 TJ Martins 19.839
24 8 Mark Day 19.852
25 9 Michael Bolden 19.853
26 1 Sterling Marlin 19.863
27 41r TJ Reaid 19.898
28 33 Dave Sensiba 19.898
29 09 Daniel Bolden 19.903
30 5g Will Gallaher 19.907
31 41j Brandon Johnson 19.919
32 44 Steve LaKing 19.949
33 55 Bennie Hamlett 19.958
34 01 Travis Braden 19.973
35 30 Bobby Knox 20.039
36 4 Dalton Armstrong 20.092
37 5 Bret Holmes 20.139
38 123 Chris Koslek 20.141
39 23 Dalton Grindle 20.204
40 89 Bobby Reuse 22.625
41 20 Andy Johnson 25.238
42 7 John DeAngelis 31.40
43 30c Micky Cain 32.752
Tickets will be on sale on Saturday for grandstand admission.

In case you haven’t heard, Darrell Waltrip will be at the track on Saturday as the Grand Marshal for the All-American 400. DW grew up racing and is a former track champion and has many NASCAR Sprint Cup Series wins.

Friday’s Schedule…

9:00am Drivers Meeting
10:00am – 1pm AA 400 Practice
1:30pm AA 400 Qualifying Tech Opens/Local Divisions Practice
3:00pm Grandstand Gates Open
3:15pm Qualifying Begins
7:30pm Local Divisions Racing

Before we leave for tonight, we will post a full rundown of the final practice.
On Friday, we will launch our Trackside Now coverage at 8am Central time tomorrow morning.

Practice will start at 10am. Qualifying will start at 3:15pm.

CHECKERED FLAG: That will conclude All-American 400 practice day. Dennis Reno leads the way in final practice.
Just a handful of cars remain on the track during the final minutes of practice.
Five minutes remain in tonight’s final practice. Reno leads Burton, Allen, Barnes and Oliver.
GREEN FLAG: Back out with Coble, Braden, Ivey, and Barnes on the track.
CAUTION: Just a quick yellow as there was a congestion of cars trying to enter the pits in turn one.
Dennis Reno lays down the fastest lap of the day with a 19.312 second lap around the 6/10-mile Fairgrounds Nashville Speedway.
We did confirm with Race Director Dan Spence that this practice session will end at 8pm. They had a curfew of 7pm, but was able to get it extended by one hour. About ten minutes to go.
And right on queue… Dillon Oliver jumps up to P2 on the speed chart with a 19.545 second lap.
Comment From John

Dillon Oliver will probably lay down a fast lap whenever he puts tires on

GREEN FLAG: Tonight’s final practice is back underway.
Current Top-Five in Practice

1 26 Willie Allen 19.487
2 13 Hunter Baize 19.683
3 31 Kaz Grala 19.723
4 84 Hunter Spivey 19.729
5 42 Chad Finley 19.760
Koslek’s car goes off on the flatbed. (Speed51.com photo)
Koslek exits his car after hard contact. (Speed51.com photo)
The report we are hearing on the radio is that Koslek is OK.
We believe it may be Chris Koslek that made the hard contact with the wall.
RED FLAG: The red flag has been displayed to allow safety crews to attend to the incident in turn four.
CAUTION: One car has made a hard hit in the turn three wall and has come to a stop on the inside of turn four. We are trying to identify the car.
And just like that, Willie Allen goes right back to where he left off in the second practice session. He’s P1 with a 19.487 second lap.
Kaz Grala appears to have figured out the problems (if there were any) under the hood of his No. 31 that caused him to show signs of smoke during the second practice. He’s at the top of the speed chart early on in this session.
Cain’s car goes off on the flatbed. (Speed51.com photo)
GREEN FLAG: Final practice is back underway.
Yellow flag is back out as Cain’s car is off on the flatbed.
Mickey Cain exits his car after making contact with the backstretch wall. (Speed51.com photo)
Red flag is being displayed over the track.
CAUTION: Mickey Cain has made contact with the backstretch wall. He has come to a stop and safety officials are at his car.
GREEN FLAG: The final All-American 400 practice of the day is underway.
Sterling Marlin leads the Pro Late Models onto the track.
The checkered flag is being displayed for Dwarf car practice. Pro Late Model practice is up next.
The AA 400 pits are getting busy. (Speed51.com photo)
The third All-American 400 practice will get underway shortly from the Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville. Sterling Marlin, Anderson Bowen, Kaz Grala, and Mickey Cain are already in line to go out.
Today’s Trackside Now of practice for Saturday’s All-American 400 at the Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville is presented by Kevin Crider Motorsports. Kevin Crider Motorsports in Rolla, MO is a full service chassis shop specializing in cutting edge asphalt latemodel fabrication, setup, driver development, and crew chief services. 573-426-2400. Click here for more information.
All-American 400 Practice #2 Results

1 26 Willie Allen 19.401
2 8n John Hunter Nemechek 19.430
3 46 Cole Williams 19.460
4 2x Dennis Reno 19.467
5 20 Andy Johnson 19.472
6 84 Hunter Spivey 19.544
7 4 Dalton Armstrong 19.565
8 95 Chad Chaffin 19.597
9 37 Brian Hoar 19.602
10 43 Justin South 19.624
11 12 Harrison Burton 19.643
12 9b William Byron 19.664
13 47 Brian Campbell 19.667
14 123 Chris Koslek 19.672
15 30 Bobby Knox 19.674
16 42 Chad Finley 19.700
17 30 Bobby Knox 19.733
18 711 Michael House 19.750
19 29 Anderson Bowen 19.774
20 55b Chuck Barnes, Jr. 19.776
21 41r TJ Reaid 19.820
22 1 Sterling Marlin 19.826
23 30c Micky Cain 19.828
24 09 Daniel Bolden 19.831
25 14c Davey Coble 19.847
26 88w Tucker Wingo 19.848
27 8 Mark Day 19.865
28 5 Bret Holmes 19.883
29 41j Brandon Johnson 19.896
30 01 Travis Braden 19.899
31 9 Michael Bolden 19.920
32 13 Hunter Baize 19.921
33 71 Corey Deuser 19.987
34 33 Dillion Oliver 20.056
35 11 Stacey Crain 20.072
36 28 Jeff O’Neill 20.090
37 5g will Gallaher 20.096
38 49 TJ Martins 20.173
39 44 Steve LaKing 20.187
40 55 Bennie Hamlett 20.214
41 7 John DeAngelis, Jr. 25.795
The situation is under control and practice is back underway with the Limited Late Models.
Practice has come to a halt as there is a report of wires smoking in an area on the backstretch.
CHECKERED FLAG: The second All-American 400 practice has concluded. Willie Allen records the fastest time with a 19.401 second lap.
The five to go signal has been displayed from the flag stand.
42 cars have now recorded time during this second practice session.
Dennis Reno is currently fourth quick. (Speed51.com photo)
Yes. He is currently P13 on the speed chart.
Comment From Guest

Has #47 Brian Campbell been out for this 2nd session?

2014 ARCA/CRA Super Series champion Travis Braden has now completed the most laps (36) during this session.
Willie Allen has still not returned to the track after recording the fastest time of this practice session. He also didn’t take to the track during the first practice session earlier today.
Harrison Burton is 11th quick so far this session. (Speed51.com photo)
Everyone is putting in the work in hopes of cashing this check on Saturday. (Speed51.com Photo)
Current Top-10 (30 minutes completed)

1 26 Willie Allen 19.401
2 8n John Hunter Nemechek 19.430
3 46 Cole Williams 19.460
4 84 Hunter Spivey 19.544
5 2x Dennis Reno 19.546
6 4 Dalton Armstrong 19.565
7 95 Chad Chaffin 19.597
8 37 Brian Hoar 19.602
9 43 Justin South 19.624
10 12 Harrison Burton 19.643
30 minutes into this practice session, Willie Allen’s 19.401 second lap continues to sit at the top of the speed chart.
Kaz Grala’s crew looks under the hood of his car. (Speed51.com photo)
GREEN FLAG: The track is clean and practice is back underway.
YELLOW FLAG: There was smoke coming from Kaz Grala No. 31 as he exited the track, so the caution flag has been waved to check the track for fluid.
John Hunter Nemechek is second quick. (Speed51.com photo)
2014 track champion Cole Williams jumps up to P3 on the speed chart with a fast lap of 19.460.
Baize’s crew tells us that their engine had a miss in the first session. Sounds like they fixed that and are now working on the setup.
Bret Holmes and John Hunter Nemechek have each completed 23 laps during this session, the most among all drivers.
Hunter Baize waits to go back out. (Speed51.com photo)
Dennis Reno has taken his No. 2x machine to P4 on the speed chart with a lap of 19.546.
Anderson Bowen talks to his crew while adjustments are made. (Speed51.com photo)
Willie Allen is the fastest so far this session. (Speed51.com photo)
36 cars have recorded time already during this practice session.
Harrison Burton out on the track as the sun sets. (Speed51.com photo)
Current Top-Five (15 minutes complete)

1 26 Willie Allen 19.401
2 8n John Hunter Nemechek 19.430
3 84 Hunter Spivey 19.544
4 4 Dalton Armstrong 19.565
5 37 Brian Hoar 19.602
Allen made just five laps, his only laps so far today, and then brought his No. 26 back to the pit area.
Comment From Scott P.

I will say it will take a 19.5 to 19.6 just to make the top 28

Willie Allen to the top of the charts with the fastest lap so far today. 19.401 seconds around the 6/10-mile oval.
36 cars made the race last year. They will take the top-28 from qualifying, six from the last chance race and provisionals to set the starting grid.
Comment From Lenny

How many cars make the All American 400?

DeAngelis’ crew working the bugs out on his new car. (Speed51.com photo)
Quick update on John DeAngelis, who made the trek from Wisconsin for the AA 400. He made a few laps in the first practice session with his new car. They told us they are experiencing an electrical issue and hope to have it resolved soon.
John Hunter Nemechek to the top of the chart early on with a fast 19.506 second lap.
Bowen, Cain, Williams, Burton, Hoar, Finley, Nemechek, Byron, Spivey, Johnson and Baize are all on the track early on during this session.
The sign has been flipped from stop to go and the Pro Late Models have rolled onto the track for their second practice.
A long line of Pro Late Models is starting to develop in turn four. Anderson Bowen is the first car in line. Bowen didn’t complete a lap at speed during the first practice session.
Today’s Trackside Now of practice for Saturday’s All-American 400 at the Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville is presented by Kevin Crider Motorsports. Kevin Crider Motorsports in Rolla, MO is a full service chassis shop specializing in cutting edge asphalt latemodel fabrication, setup, driver development, and crew chief services. 573-426-2400. Click here for more information.
The final local division is on the track and then the Pro Late Models will take to the track for the second of three practice sessions today.
We have learned that Mike Garvey has withdrawn from this weekend’s event after a health concern. Several have said that he is doing well and should be back soon. We wish him well and hope to see him at that track again soon.
Got an update from Ricky Brooks. 8 cars out of 47 were good the first time through his room of doom. 14 cars were cleared on their second pass through.
Ricky Brooks and his Room of Doom crew looks over Dakota Strupp\’s car. (Speed51.com photo)
Chad Chaffin tells us that he built this car to race it this weekend. It came down to a choice of his son Chase racing in this event or Chad. Dad had the final say.
All-American 400 Practice #1 Results

1 95 Chad Chaffin 19.416
2 31 Kaz Grala 19.497
3 43 Justin South 19.518
4 37 Brian Hoar 19.578
5 9 William Byron 19.653
6 2x Dennis Reno 19.663
7 55b Chuck Barnes, Jr. 19.664
8 47 Brian Campbell 19.687
9 84 Hunter Spivey 19.694
10 41r TJ Reaid 19.728
11 12 Harrison Burton 19.739
12 4 Dalton Armstrong 19.745
13 N/A No Name on Transponder 19.829
14 1 Sterling Marlin 19.842
15 30 Bobby Knox 19.846
16 5g Will Gallaher 19.850
17 71 Corey Deuser 19.881
18 5 Bret Holmes 19.941
19 13 Hunter Baize 19.959
20 123 Chris Koslek 19.965
21 711 Michael House 19.966
22 33 Dillion Oliver 19.978
23 14c Davey Coble 19.991
24 23 Dalton Grindle 20.016
25 28 Jeff O’Neill 20.101
26 30c Micky Cain 20.163
27 41j Brandon Johnson 20.219
28 49 TJ Martins 20.274
29 44 Steve LaKing 20.744
30 42 Chad Finley 24.738
Chad Chaffin was the fastest in first practice. (Speed51.com photo)
CHECKERED FLAG: The first round of practice for the All-American 400 is complete. Chad Chaffin leads the way with a fast lap of 19.416.
WillIan Byron is out for practice. (Speed51.com photo)
Five minutes remain in practice. Gallaher, Burton, Cain, Oliver, Baize, and Coble are among those still on the track.
We will certainly do our best with what is provided. A number of drivers that have been on the track are not showing on the timing and scoring system, due to either not having a transponder or their transponder not working correctly.
Comment From Mark

will you have a complete rundown of practice times after this session?

10 minutes remain in Pro Late Model practice. Chad Chaffin leads the way over Justin South, Brian Campbell, Hunter Spivey and TJ Reaid.
Anderson Bowen has arrived at Fairgrounds Nashville Speedway.
Kaz Grala hits the track. (Speed51.com photo)
1990 AA 400 winner Gary St. Amant is the crew chief for CRA champion Travis Braden. (Speed51.com photo)
ARCA/CRA Super Series star Brian Campbell has jumped up to P3 on the speed chart.
William Byron goes by Harrison Burton in turns three and four. (Speed51.com photo)
Kaz Grala has also made his way onto the speedway.
William Byron, who has the help of Southern Super Series star Daniel Hemric here this weekend, has pulled onto the track for the first time.
Dalton Grindle gets some valuable practice time. (Speed51.com photo)
Brian Hoar appeared to be third quick while on the track, but his laps were erased from timing and scoring after pulling off of the track.
Current Top-Five in Practice

1 95 Chad Chaffin 19.416
2 43 Justin South 19.518
3 55b Chuck Barnes, Jr. 19.760
4 71 Corey Deuser 19.881
5 1 Sterling Marlin 19.940
Corey Deuser and Dalton Grindle are back on the track for their second practice runs of the afternoon.
Brian Hoar takes his first tour around Nashville. (Speed51.com photo)
The action on the track is heating up. Sterling Marlin, Jeff O’Neil, Micky Cain, Chuck Barnes, Jr. and Brian Hoar are all currently making laps around the speedway.
Chad Chaffin is now on the track and has gone straight to the top of the speed chart.
Timing and scoring is now working correctly. Justin South currently leads the way with a 19.518 second lap.
Justin South making his first laps of the day. (Speed51.com photo)
Harrison Burton is on the track for another practice run while Dalton Armstrong makes his first laps around the track .
Andy Johnson made his way to the track the “old fashion” way today. (Speed51.com)
Corey Deuser takes some laps around the famous track. (Speed51.com photo)
At this time, the timing and scoring system is not working. We’ll keep you posted if lap times become available to us.
TJ Reaid and Justin South are now on the track making their first laps of the weekend.
Dalton Grindle has been black flagged for not using the blend line correctly while pulling onto the track.
Harrison Burton has made his way onto the track for the first time this weekend. He’s joined by Will Gallaher.
Hunter Baize is now on the track.
Sterling Marlin was the first car out. (Speed51.com photo)
Chuck Barnes, Jr. takes the Kevin Crider Motorsports car out for some laps. (Speed51.com photo)
Mickey Cain was one of the first cars out. (Speed51.com photo)
All three drivers made 5-10 laps at speed before bringing their cars back to the pit area. The track is now quiet.
GREEN FLAG: Practice for the 30th Annual All-American 400 is underway at Fairgrounds Nashville Speedway.
Sterling Marlin is the first car lined up on the end of pit road for practice. Micky Cain and Chuck Barnes, Jr. are also lined up and ready to go.
Dave Coble’s car required a few adjustments to pass through technical inspection. (Speed51.com Photo)
Many teams are working adjusting the bodies on their cars as we walk through the pits.
The turn one gate has closed and practice will begin momentarily.
Tucker Wingo\’s crew fixing the tail of their car. (Speed51.com photo)
Today’s Practice Schedule

4:00-5:00 p.m. – All-American 400 Practice

5:00-5:30 p.m. – Local Division Practice

5:30-6:30 p.m. – All-American 400 Practice

6:30-7:00 p.m. – Local Divison Practice

7:00-8:00 p.m. – All-American 400 Practice

Racing Electronics is here to assist teams this weekend. (Speed51.com photo)
Spence said that some of the local divisions will also be practicing on the quarter-mile oval during today’s practice. All-American 400 cars will have the track for three one hour sessions.
Dan Spence leads the drivers meeting. (Speed51.com photo)
Drivers meeting is underway. Dan Spence announced that they got an extension to have practice until 8pm.
2014 Nashville Pro Late Model champion Cole Williams heads towards the driver’s meeting. (Speed51.com Photo)
Drivers have been called to a mandatory drivers meeting that will begin in just a few minutes.
Drivers are hoping to “fly” around Fairgrounds Nashville Speedway when practice begins. (Speed51.com Photo)
Today’s Trackside Now of practice for Saturday’s All-American 400 at the Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville is presented by Kevin Crider Motorsports. Kevin Crider Motorsports in Rolla, MO is a full service chassis shop specializing in cutting edge asphalt latemodel fabrication, setup, driver development, and crew chief services. 573-426-2400. Click here for more information.
Dan Spence of the Southern Super Series is the race director for the All-American 400 this weekend.
We have talked to some of the teams and that is the issue. Most have said that it has been on the tail of their cars. One team said they were an inch and 3/4 off. Like we said earlier, when it was announced that Brooks was going to be the tech director for the 400, that the bodies was going to be his primary focus in tech.
Comment From john

Im sure most cars are off on the nose and tail offset. Nashville doesnt enforce that rule to much locally

Because of the delay with technical inspection, practice has been extended until 8 p.m. The first cars will hit the track at 4 p.m.
Eight-time American-Canadian Tour champion Brian Hoar is making his first career start at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway this weekend. Hoar said he’s heard about “the bump” in turn two and even went as far as to walk the track and take a picture of “the bump” in hopes that he can avoid it.
T.J. Reaid comes to Nashville with a new paint scheme. He was one of three cars to pass tech the first time through. (Speed51.com photo)
Practice will not start at the scheduled 3 p.m. time. There is still a number of cars that need to go back through tech, as well as some that haven’t event gone through for their initial inspection.
Williams told us that their body adjustments were minor. They just had to move the rear part of their body a half inch to the left and up a half inch.
Bubba Pollard is not on the entry list that the track provided us with this weekend. We also did not see his JEGS No. 26 during our walks through the pit area today.
Comment From Steve in Crestview

Is Bubba Pollard racing this weekend?

Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville 2014 Champion Cole Williams is in line for his second trip through the tech line. (Speed51.com photo)
Tech continues down the infield. With how tech is going, they may extend practice today.
Entry List Provided by Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville

Car # Name Hometown Sponsors
x2 Dennis Reno Tarrant, AL R.P.M, Xtreme Suspension, Swift Springs
09 Daniel Bolden Antioch, TN Panama City Beach, B&B Truck Parts, Russell Auto care
1 Mike Garvey Pensacola, FL Buddy’s Home Furnishing
2 Kyle McCallum Macon, GA McCallum Metal Works
2 John Bolen Jasper, AL Brewer Amusement, DUB Z, Blaston Externations
4 Dalton Armstrong New Castle, IN Winfield Solutions, Baker Crop INS
5 Bret Holmes Munford, AL Holmes II Excavation
5G Will Gallaher Santa Rosa, CA First Community Bank
7 John De Angelis Jr Hubertus, WI Industrial Recyclers, DeAngelis Construction
8 Mark Day Clarksville, TN Scogin Race Parts, KMF Engines, PWR Const
8 John Hunter Nemechek Mooresville, NC McDonalds
9 Michael Bolden Antioch, TN B&B Truck Part, Russell Auto, Panama City Beach
11 Stacey Crain Brentwood, TN SCR
12 Harrison Burton Huntersville, NC DEX Imagining, CESSNA AIRCRAFT
13 Hunter Baize Bremen, KY Mountainer Firewood
14 Chris Davidson Pearland, TX Davidson Electric
14 Davey Coble Madison, TN Bradley Paving
18 Chase Chaffin Murfreesboro, TN Southeastern Recycling
20 Andy Johnson Mt.Juliet, TN TBA
20 Wendell Mobley Nashville, TN WAR SHOCKS, MOBLEY SPEED
23 Dalton Grindle Flower Branch, GA JRM Waters Motor CO.
26 Willie Allen Bon Aqua, TN APS, Ms.Kelli’s,Mobley Speed, WAR SHOCKS
28 Jeff O’Neill Round Rock, TX Plan It Ausome
29 Anderson Bowen Suwanee, GA Cooper Creek Hardware
30 Bobby Knox Clanton, AL Shelby Concrete
30 Micky Cain Jefferson, GA Boo’s 3rd Annual Christmas Party
33 Dillion Oliver Bowling Green, KY TBA
36 Jake Cole Kearney, MO Mike Cole
37 Brian Hoar Williston, VT Gosscars.com
40 Tyler Miles Pulaski, TN 399 Sofa Store
41 TJ Reaid Acworth, GA RMS Custom Machine
41 Brandon Johnson Mooresville, NC Circle Track Warehouse
42 Chad Finley Dewitt, MI Auto Value, AirliftCompany.com,Northside Service
43 Justin South Leeds, AL Alabama Brick – WCI Parts
44 Steve LaKing Guelph, Canada LaKing Motorsports
46 Cole Williams Sellersburg, IN Cardinal Services, Bordeau Metals
47 Brian Campbell Wyoming, MI Port City Racecars, Bayro Machine Company
47 Dakota Stroup Owensboro, KY D.C Chassis, Time D.C., Full Throttle, First Class
47 Kaleb Allison Mexico, MO Carquest, Joe Malhens Dealerships,Bens Auto Body
49 TJ Martins Como, MS Chris Young, RCA, Sony Recording Artist
53 Kyle Ivey Nashville, TN TBA
55 Chuck Barnes JR Louisville, KY Kevin Crider Motorsports, MEP, AR Bodies
55 Bennie Hamlett Mt.Juliet, TN TBA
68 Landon Cling Tempe, AZ GRIP Seminars
71 Corey Deuser Lanesville, IN Deuser Electric, Lucus Oil
84 Hunter Spivey Decatur, AL American Red Cross, Automotive Specialists
88 Garrett Jones Mooresville, NC Electro Fuse, Pilot Flying J
88 Tucker Wingo Springfield, TN Hendersonville Auto Brokers, Hunters Sand & Gravel
94 Quinnton Bear Auon, IN Advance Auto Sales, Sam Soni Inc
95 Chad Chaffin Murfreesboro, TN Southeastern Recycling
97 Josh Weston Hermitage, TN TBA
99 Casey Smith Austin, TX Smith Excavating & Paving Co.
114 Sterling Marlin Columbia, TN Tootsies Orchid Lounge
123 Chris Koslek Grand Rapids, MI West Michigan Tool
711 Michael House Columbia, TN Hunters Sand & Gravel
Kevin Crider is bringing his first built chassis down to Nashville. He said they only had to make a minor body adjustment to the back end of his car and will go back through the tech line. Crider hopes to have his own website www.kcmchassis.com live by next week.
Kevin Crider brought chassis #001 to Nashville. (Speed51.com photo)
Ricky Brooks is the tech director for this event. When it was announced that he was going to be in charge, he said that he was going to picky on the bodies. So far, out of 29 cars his team has teched, only three do not have not to go back through his tech line.
The weather is perfect at the track today. (Speed51.com photo)
Today’s Trackside Now of practice for Saturday’s All-American 400 at the Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville is presented by Kevin Crider Motorsports. Kevin Crider Motorsports in Rolla, MO is a full service chassis shop specializing in cutting edge asphalt latemodel fabrication, setup, driver development, and crew chief services. 573-426-2400. Click here for more information.
Good afternoon from the Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville for today’s practice for Saturday’s 30th Annual All-American 400.

Trackside Now – All American 400 Thursday – Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville (TN) – 10/30/14