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Good night from Oswego, NY, where Matt Hirschman has captured the 63rd Annual Race of Champions

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63rd Annual Race of Champions

1 60 Matt Hirschman 200
2 51 Erick Rudolph 200
3 22 Chuck Hossfeld 200
4 66 Austin Kockenash 200
5 3 Daren Scherer 200
6 22 Bobby Holmes 200
7 34 Rusty Smith 200
8 42 Nick Pecko 200
9 26 George Kent 200
10 45 Eric Beers 200
11 69 Tommy Cloce 200
12 14 Doug Reaume 200
13 5 Kyle Ebersole 200
14 11 Pete Brittain 199
15 24 Dean Rypkema 195
16 95 Bryan Sherwood 192
17 72 T.J. Potrzebowski 184
18 73X Andy Jankowiak 158
19 07 Patrick Emerling 128
20 50 Terry Cheetham 127
21 88 Bill Putney 110
22 9 Brandon Oltra 105
23 49 Ricky Knapp, Jr. 104
24 31 Nick Barzee 73
25 16 Jesse Kent 70
26 25 Mike Leaty 50
27 10 Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr. 26
28 59 Karl Hehr 17
29 44 Joey Payne, Jr. * 8
30 7 Dave Koroleski 0

(*) – Jon McKennedy is credited with starting the race on the current lineup, but as we noted Joey Payne, Jr. started the race in his stead

This victory also marks Hirschman’s 25th career ROCMT victory, the most ever on the tour. He took the record earlier this year and is now 5-for-6 on the Tour this season.
Matt Hirschman with the winner’s hardware that he actually gets to keep (Speed51.com Photo)
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Great coverage. Thank you.

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great job matt and Austin

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Great win Matt!!!!

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Thanks Speed51 for the great coverage & play by play!!!

Matt Hirschman lifts the trophy for the second time (Speed51.com Photo)
With this victory, the Hirschman family (5 for Tony and 2 for Matt) have now won 7 of the 63 Race of Champions, a nice 11% percentage.
We have returned to the scoring tower. Lots of questions about a final running order. Series officials are working to confirm the order they have and will get a result sheet as soon as possible.,
Tech underway (Speed51.com Photo)
Fireworks on and off the track (Speed51.com Photo)
Winning team (Speed51.com Photo)
Hirschman’s fastest lap of the race was an 18.523. He ran that on lap 200
“I had tears in my eyes because I was focusing so hard on hitting my marks the last few laps” – Hirschman on holding off Rudolph
Matt Hirschman salutes the fans (Speed51.com Photo)
Lap 200 – CHECKERED – Matt Hirschman claims the 63rd Annual Race of Champions over Erick Rudolph and Chuck Hossfeld.
Lap 199 – WHITE: Matt Hirschman is a lap from his second RoC title.
Lap 198 – Two to go. Hirschman may be starting to earn himself a little breathing room.
Lap 197: Time to play all the chips. Top three are nose to tail.
Lap 196: Hirschman by a single carlength.
RESTART: Hirschman with a pretty decent start but can’t shake Rudolph or Hossfeld.
Looks like Hossfeld will retain third. We are looking at the one to go signal and will have a five lap dash.
Running Order – Lap 193:

1 Matt Hirschman
2 Erick Rudolph
3 Chuck Hossfeld (may have to go to the rear, we shall have to see)
4 Austin Kochenash
5 Daren Scherer

6 Bobby Holmes
7 Rusty Smith
8 Nick Pecko
9 George Kent
10 Eric Beers

11 Tommy Cloce
12 Doug Reaume
13 Pete Brittain

After that it gets a little jumbled.

CAUTION – Lap 191: Hossfeld made a dive bomb move for third into Turn One. It couldn’t work out, especially for Ebersole. Ebersole goes around and lightly backs it into the Turn One foam.
Lap 190: Ten to go. Rudolph is just a single carlength back.
RESTART: Hirschman gets a pretty good start but Rudolph has quickly erased his deficit.
The leader Hirschman has won this race (2012). Rudolph has finished 3rd and 4th the last two RoCs.
It will be a twelve lap dash to the finish
Potrzebowski’s wrecked racer (Speed51.com Photo)
It was Potrzebowski whose car went into the wall.
CAUTION – Lap 185: One car goes heat first into the Turn Two foam.
Lap 183: Rudolph disposes of Ebersole finally for second.
Lap 182: Hirschman getting away a little bit here as Rudolph can’t get around Ebersole.
Lap 180: Twenty to go.
Lap 179: Two of the Northeast’s bright youngsters – Ebersole and Rudolph – battle for second as they both try to catch the vet Matt Hirschman.
Lap 177: Rudolph tries putting a wheel under Ebersole but Ebersole slams the door into Turn Three.
RESTART – Hirschman puts two carlengths to Ebersole but Rudolph and Hossfeld are right there as well.
Hirschman, Ebersole, Rudolph, Hossfeld, Potrzebowski, Kochenash, Scherer, Holmes, Smith, and Pecko will be your top ten when we fire them back up.
Honestly, not entirely sure on this one either. Caution laps do count, but then you can’t lose laps on pit road. So the scoring cycle we have is off as compared to the official track scoreboard. Unofficially, we count sixteen.
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How many on the leed lap

It may depend on what point of the race we’re at … Some series go single file with a set number of laps to go.
Honestly, we’re not entirely sure. Some have been single file, some have been double file.
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Are the restarts single or double file ?

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These live updates are awesome!!! Keep ’em coming!!!

CAUTION – Lap 171: Pete Brittain goes for the spin cycle in Turn Three.
Lap 170: Hirschman, Ebersole, Rudolph, Hossfeld, and Potrzebowski are your top-five.
Lap 169: Rudolph is coming though and he is coming in a hurry. Three carlengths before he catches back up to Ebersole.
RESTART – Hirschman and Ebersole get away from the storming Rudolph when Rudolph has to dispatch of some lapped traffic.
We are still working caution, we are on lap 168.
Jankowiak gave a three word explanation to what he felt happened on the track. The last two words were “Eric Beers”. The first word was a four letter verb.
Beers will be sent to the rear of the field for the contact.
He didn’t throw the wheel but gave his throwing arm a good wind up as Eric Beers drove by.
Jankowiak has brought his steering wheel him and seems intent in throwing it at someone.
CAUTION: Jankowiak has crashed exiting Turn Two.
Lap 165: Up front, it’s still Hirschman and Ebersole setting the pace. Ebersole about five carlengths back.
Lap 164: Hossfeld starting to use the bumper, scoots under Jankowiak to take fifth.
Lap 162: Erick Rudolph has come to third by Potrzebowski. Hossfeld still mired a bit, trying to find a way around Jankowiak for fifth.
Lap 161: Rudolph is making hay while the sun don’t shine. He has gotten Beers, then Jankowiak, and is now on Poztrebowski for third.
Lap 159: Kochenash and Scherer get Reaume for 9th and 10th.
Lap 154: Matt Hischman, Kyle Ebersole, T.J. Potrzebowski, Andy Jankowiak, Eric Beers are your top-five, all on tires older than 6th place Erick Rudolph by about forty-five laps. Hossfeld is seventh, Rusty Smith eighth, Doug Reaume ninth, and Austin Kochenash tenth.
Lap 153: Give Rudolph sixth, Smith seventh, and Hossfeld eighth.
Lap 152: Rudolph around Hossfeld for 7th as they both try to find a way around Rusty Smith.
Lap 150 : Fifty to go. The last time a driver won two RoCs in a row was George Kent in 2000 and 2001.
Lap 147: Hirschman leads by it is by no means a cakewalk for him at this point. Ebersole and Potrzebowski remain well within striking distance a few carlengths back.
Lap 145: Hossfeld and Rudolph move by Pecko to eighth and ninth.
Lap 143: Hirschman, Ebersole, Potrzebowski, Jankowiak, and Beers remain your top five. Three of the top-five have won the Race of Champions before.
Lap 141: Hossfeld holds off Rudolph for now and is working all over Pecko for 8th.
Lap 138: Hossfeld trying to get something going mired in 9th, but nothing yet. In fact, Rudolph is looking over him for that spot.
RESTART – Lap 134: Matt Hirschman leads for the first time in the Sunoco Race of Champions. Ebersole tucks in three carlengths back.
Rusty Smith is 6th, Doug Reaume 7th, and those are all the cars who stayed out under this caution. We believe all pitted earlier in the race, so it seems everyone has met the mandatory pit stop requirement.
One of the most prestigious Super Late Model events in the country celebrates its 30th running in 2013. It’s the World Crown 300 at Jefferson, Georgia’s Gresham Motorsports Park. The World Crown winners’ list reads like a who’s-who in short track racing and drivers from throughout the country will try to etch their name into World Crown history on August 10 in the 30th annual running of the 300-lap event. For more details on the 30th Annual World Crown 300 at Gresham Motorsports Park, visitwww.racegmp.com
So that leaves the lead to Tony Hirschman, who will be ahead of Kyle Ebersole, T.J. Potrzebowski, Andy Jankowiak, and Eric Beers. Looks like Hossfeld is 8th.
Emerling has had some sort of issue on his pit stop and climbed out of the racecar.
We just saw a reply of the Oltra-Cheetham incident. Wrong place, wrong time for Cheetham. Oltra just got loose, spun to the right and Cheetham rode the left side over Oltra’s spinning right side nerf bar.
Scherer had an even worse pit stop, he is the last person to get back off pit road.
Long pit stop for Kochenash, who had issues fueling the car.
And here comes the rest of the field to pit. Hossfeld, Holmes, Rudolph, and Kochenash lead the parade.
Picking up what’s left of Terry Cheetham’s wheel assembly (Speed51.com Photo)
We also see, after leaning into our blind spot, that Brandon Oltra was also in the incident and has come to rest facing the frontstretch wall.
CAUTION – Lap 130: Terry Cheetham has crashed and lost both of his left side tires.
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chucky still has to pit

Lap 128: Scary moment for Kockenash. He was lapping to the outside of Putney when Putney got squirrely loose and the two made some light contact.
Lap 126: Give second to Rudolph finally. But he is 3.5 seconds behind Hossfeld.
Lap 125: Seventy five to go. Rudolph with another momentum run to the outside of Scherer.
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Lets go eirc and kyle

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how many cars on the lead lap will determine if the late pit stop strategy works.

Lap 122: 2nd through 4th get back in line to freight train around Kent and Rypkema.
Lap 121: Rudolph tried to make the move again but it may cost him. Kochenash pulls under Rudolph for third.
Lap 120: Rudolph made a run on Scherer for second, but Scherer drove it hard into Turn Three from the outside and will hold onto the spot.
Lap 117: Now that that situation has panned out, Hossfeld is right back to having a solid half straight lead on Scherer. Next up for him to lap is Brittain.
Lap 116: In one fell swoop, Hossfeld finally gets Kent and Rypkema.
Lap 115: Kent has fought Hossfeld tooth and nail though and Scherer and Rudolph have caught the leader.
Lap 112: You have to wonder if this long green flag run is playing into the hands of the drivers who will pit later in this race. They’ve put on about 30 hard green flag laps on the fresh rubber since we went back green.
Lap 111: Hossfeld lapping George Kent now.
Lap 108: Kochenash has really fallen off second and third place in recent laps, but otherwise most of the margins remain stable in the top ten.
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Lap 102: While Hossfeld has opened up a little ground, second through fourth is now bumper to bumper with Scherer, Rudolph, and Kochenash.
Lap 100: Crossed flags, halfway home. Chuck Hossfeld is looking for his third Race of Champions victory.
Lap 99: Ebersole and Patrick Emerling now fighting tooth and nail for 9th.
Lap 97: Tommy Cloce slips in Turn Two and loses about 6 spots, he falls near the tail end of the lead lap.
Lap 95: Hossfeld continues to set the pace. You get the feeling both the old tire drivers and the new tire drivers are just trying to pace themselves to save what they have as much as possible.
Lap 90: Hossfeld, Scherer, Rudolph, Kochenash, and Holmes your top-five. Hirschman the first on fresh rubber in sixth, followed by Terry Cheetham, Tommy Cloce, T.J. Potrzebowski, and Patrick Emerling.
Lap 85: Lots of shuffling still going on around 15th. Beers gives the lapped car of Putney a shot and both have to back way out of the throttle to save their machines in Turn Three.
Lap 82: Hornet’s nest in Turn Two, we see sparks flying from nerf bar contact at around 15th to 20th. Sherwood and Brittain lead that pack.
Lap 80: Hirschman already up to 6th.
RESTART: Hossfeld with a comfortable jump, he leads Scherer and Rudolph
Pit action (Speed51.com Photo)
The new leaders, all of whom stayed out: Hossfeld, Scherer, Rudolph, Holmes, Kochenash, Cloce.
Mike Leaty has retired from the event with a broken rear end gear.
Cheetham was the first off pit road with two tires. Hirschman was the first with four tires. Ebersole has a long pit stop and will be one of the last out.
Pitting: Hirschman, Ebersole, Cloce, Smith, Pecko, Potrzebowski, Brittain, Beers, Emerling, and others.
Time to see who plans on putting on their fresh tires early. Expect the strategy game to begin now.
Emerling will be sent to the rear of the field for causing the caution.
Nick Barzee was pitting right as that caution occurred.
CAUTION – Lap 74: Beers goes around after contact with Emerling as they raced for 8th.
Lap 70: Hossfeld leads by about three carlengths. Rudolph’s charge seems to have halted as he remains the same distance back of the lead with Holmes and Hirschman now coming.
Lap 68: Hossfeld’s next challenge is half a straight ahead – five lapped machines in a row.
Lap 67: Hossfeld leads Scherer, Rudolph, Holmes, and Hirschman.
Lap 66 – LEAD CHANGE – Bold three wide move for Hossfeld, as he gets around both Scherer and the lapped car of Payne.
Lap 62: Hossfeld again has pulled up to Scherer’s bumper and is definitely making another run at the lead. Rudolph is third has begun to catch the lead duo a little.
Lap 59: Hossfeld finally had a run on Scherer, but Scherer used Jesse Kent’s car as a pick.
Lap 57: The pit window is open so to speak. Teams can pit any time from here to the finish and have it count as their mandatory pit stop. All they have to do is jack the car up, but teams do have four sticker tires in their pits.
Lap 53: The top two have about a five carlength lead on Rudolph and Holmes. Ebersole behind them is really working Hirschman hard for ffith.
Lap 52: Hossfeld has dropped off Scherer’s bumper for the time being but remains in striking position should he choose to make another run at the front.
Lap 51 – Mike Leaty off the pace and ducks into the pits.
Lap 50 – Running Order:

1 Scherer (18.605 = fastest lap of the race)
2 Hossfeld
3 Rudolph
4 Holmes
5 Hirschman

6 Ebersole
7 Kochenash
8 Beers
9 Cloce
10 Emerling

11 Leaty
12 Pecko
13 Smith
14 Reaume
15 Potrzebowski

Lap 46 – Rudolph ducks to the inside of Holmes and takes third.
Lap 44 – Remember, $17,100 in lap leader bonus money up for grabs tonight so plenty of reasons for Scherer to hold on as long as he can. But Hossfeld is eating him up right now.
Lap 43: Ebersole stuck in the outside line. Bobby Holmes, Erick Rudolph, and Matt Hirschman take 3rd through 5th before Ebersole slides into 6th.
RESTART – Clean start that time and Chuck Hossfeld has come to the front. He powers by Ebersole on the inside and sets to work sizing up Scherer.
Lights out on the pace truck, we will get going again with 42 of 200 laps in the books.
Putney pulling away from the incident scene (Speed51.com Photo)
On the replay, Oltra’s damage may have come from checking up to avoid the incident. It seems like Putney’s car just had something break in the right front suspension halfway down the frontstretch.
CAUTION – Billy Putney and Brandon Oltra made contact, sending Putney sliding up into the Turn One wall as his right front suspension seemed to be damaged and he couldn’t turn.
RESTART: Not a pretty restart, seemed to be a lot of brake checking there. Scherer winds up easily dispatching of Holmes but then cutting off Ebersole’s advance into Turn Three.
Doubling up. The running order is:

1 Scherer
2 Holmes
3 Ebersole
4 Beers
5 Hossfeld

6 Kochenash
7 Rudolph
8 Hirschman
9 Cloce
10 Emerling

Terry Cheetham is the only lead lap car to pit.
Because the lap had not completed before the pass, looks like Ebersole will be awarded 3rd over Beers.
CAUTION – Bryan Sherwood in trouble exiting turn two, very slow.
Lap 31: In fact, Beers will take third from Ebersole into Turn Three.
RESTART: Scherer with another fine jump and just like last time Holmes uses the inside to take second from Ebersole.
Doubling up for the restart. It will occur with 31 laps in the record books.
Giving Fiebelkorn the hook (Speed51.com Photo)
A pit stop in this race is mandatory, but that is a pit stop after lap 50. Pitting when pits were open was Pete Brittain, Jesse Kent, and Dean Rypkema
Andy Jankowiak has pitted when pit road was not open.
Report from the pits is that Fiebelkorn shredded a left front brake caliper causing the issue that put him in the wall.
CAUTION – Lap 27: Mike Fiebelkorn hits the inside wall at the exit of Turn Four.
Lap 26: The biggest gaggle is around 18th. Eight cars are pretty jammed up and using their bumpers as the leaders are catching them quickly.
Lap 24: The top-four are pretty much nose to tail, then another pack of six cars trail them.
Lap 20: Ebersole around Holmes for second.
Lap 18: Karl Hehr, who has not had speed in his machine all day, has parked his machine after slowing off Turn Four.
Lap 17: Some good battles in the back of the pack. Rypkema and a handful of others going door to door.
Lap 13: Daren Schrerer has turned in the fastest lap of the race thus far, an 18.735, but it is not helping him put any distance to his pursuers. Top three bumper to bumper.
Lap 12: Jesse Kent will be the first car to go a lap down.
Lap 10: Bobby Holmes and Ebersole have drafted their way to Scherer’s back bumper.
Lap 7: Beers is fifth, Rudolph sixth, and Hossfeld seventh. Hirschman, who started 6th, finds himself 9th
Lap 5: Scherer leads Holmes by three carlengths. Ebersole trying to come back on Holmes for second. Then a good gap back to Kochenash.
Lap 3: Top-ten starting to settle in but we are still side by side around 9th as Mike Leaty and Patrick Emerling go at it.
Lap 1: Holmes ends up getting by Ebersole for second before Ebersole settles in for third.
GREEN – Scherer clears Ebersole for the lead into Turn One.
Finishing Order – Supermodified RoC 100

1 7 Otto Sitterly
2 22 Pat Lavery
3 6 Davey Hamilton
4 20 Joey Payne, Jr.
5 05 Jeff Abold
6 00 Joe Gosek
7 44 Bobby Haynes, Jr.
8 0 Tim Snyder
9 07 Tony Steiner
10 02 Brandon Bellinger
11 26 Shaun Gosselin
12 3 Brian Sweeney
13 51 Michael Muldoon
14 24 Jerry Curran
15 52 Dave Danzer
16 99 Michael Barnes
17 50 David Gruel
18 5 Tim Devendorf
19 56 Hal LaTulip
20 01 Don Connors
21 83 Lou LaVea, Jr.
22 14 Joe Chillime
23 23 Clayton Brewer
24 66 Lou LaVea, Sr.

Heat laps now being given to this field.
We were just informed by in the tower that Joey Payne, Jr. will drive the #44 tonight after things with originally planned driver Jon McKennedy did not pan out today.
63rd annual Race of Champions race about to begin (Speed51.com Photo)
Starting Lineup (Following Redraw + Heats)
63rd Annual Race of Champions

1 3 Daren Scherer
2 5 Kyle Ebersole
3 22B Bobby Holmes
4 69 Tommy Cloce
5 66 Austin Kockenash
6 60 Matt Hirschman
7 45 Eric Beers
8 25 Mike Leaty
9 51 Erick Rudolph
10 07 Patrick Emerling
11 22 Chuck Hossfeld
12 14 Doug Reaume
13 42 Nick Pecko
14 34 Rusty Smith
15 26 George Kent
16 72 T.J. Potrzebowski
17 31 Nick Barzee
18 50 Terry Cheetham
19 88 Billy Putney
20 10 Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr.
21 11 Pete Brittain
22 24 Dean Rypkema
23 73X Andy Jankowiak
24 59 Karl Hehr
25 95 Bryan Sherwood
26 49 Ricky Knapp, Jr.
27 9 Brandon Oltra
28 16 Jesse Kent
29 7 Dave Koroleski
30 44 Jon McKennedy

Pace laps begin.
The national anthem and command to fire engines has been given.
A fine commendation to the track staff at Oswego for their work in another regard. About thirty minutes ago, while we were talking with Schrerer and team at the front of the grid, a transformer exploded above us and Turn 1 and 2 became bathed in darkness. In the time they did driver introductions, they fixed the electrical issue and we are ready to go racing.
The fine Oswego track staff at the ready (Speed51.com Photo)
The Duke, George Kent (Speed51.com Photo)
The Miller family, longtime series officials, have been honored for 20 years of service with the ROC Modified Tour and inducted into the Race of Champions Hall of Fame (Speed51.com Photo)
Mike and Jan Leaty (Speed51.com Photo)
Daren Scherer will lead the grid to green (Speed51.com Photo)
Daren Scherer hanging out with his pole-sitting ride (Speed51.com Photo)
Mike Fiebelkorn’s team making last minute adjustments (Speed51.com Photo)
Lavery settled for second but his crew is still pretty happy about a good run on RoC Weekend (Speed51.com Photo)
Modified teams have four sticker tires in their pit (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Aj Foyt

Glad Otto shaved that beard. Congrats to Johnny ,Otto and Davey !!

Lee Sharpsteen with the winner’s hardware (Speed51.com Photo)
Lee Sharpsteen is being honored now for his Super Stock victory (Speed51.com Photo)
When the sun finishes setting, one name will be added to the trophy (Speed51.com Photo)
Sitterly and his pit crew celebrate (Speed51.com Photo)
Otto Sitterly in Victory Lane (Speed51.com Photo)
We will go down to Victory Lane after Jon McKennedy gets his courtesy laps. His team had not yet hit the track prior to now.
CHECKERED – Otto Sitterly wins the RoC Weekend Supermodified Feature over Davey Hamilton, Joey Payne, and Jeff Abold.
WHITE – Sitterly cruising.
Lap 98: Despite being a lap down, Gosek has recovered to 6th.
Lap 97: Sitterly is only extending his lead as Hamilton can not find a lane by Lavery.
Lap 94: Six laps to go. Sitterly with a two second lead as Lavery has to worry about Hamilton behind him instead of the leader ahead of him
Lap 92: Now Hamilton has dispatched the lapped cars and has Lavery in his crosshairs.
RESTART – Sitterly in good shape after a great restart. Lavery is second while Hamilton was boxed in behind some lapped cars.
Bellinger on the hook (Speed51.com Photo)
How the battle for fifth just ended (Speed51.com Photo)
The caution will actually be counted with 90 laps completed. So we will have 10 green flag laps when we go back racing.
Bellinger also was involved. That was a battle for fifth that just went awry.
CAUTION – Lap 91: Shaun Gosselin slams into the Turn Three foam.
Lap 91: Another new fast lap. Hamilton runs a 17.067.
Lap 90: Bellinger hanging onto fifth but now has four cars hounded him to move on by.
Lap 88: A dozen laps to go. Sitterly is sitting pretty if we go green to the checkered. He has a 1.8 second lead on Lavery.
Lap 87: Hamilton takes third, by Joey Payne.
Lap 86: Davey Hamilton just turned in the fastest lap of the race – 17.186. But he trails leader Sitterly by 4.4 seconds
Lap 85: Now Hamilton makes the outside move stick. Give him fourth. Sitterly leads Lavery, Payne, Hamilton, and Bellinger.
Lap 84: Hamilton tried the outside but had to back up when Bellinger slid up out of Turn Four.
Lap 82: Hamilton now all over Bellinger for 4th.
Lap 80: Twenty to go.
Lap 79: Battle for third. Joey Payne under and by Bellinger’s damaged racer.
RESTART – Lap 78: Sitterly with another clear start and he is off. Lavery will trail him by four carlengths the first time they cross the stripe.
RESTART & CAUTION – Sitterly got going well. Lavery and Bellinger scraped racing for second, sending a piece of Bellinger’s onto the track and drawing the caution. It appears to be the right front wing cover for Bellinger.
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Sweeney will need the hook.
Tonight’s Troublemaker: Turn Three (Speed51.com Photo)
Lap 79 – CAUTION – Lapped cars also factor into the third place battle. Behind that group, Muldoon and Sweeney make contact, sending Sweeney spinning out of 6th. Curran also slams the brakes to avoid.
Lap 77 – LEAD CHANGE – Sitterly uses the inside line to force Lavery out of the groove and Otto Sitterly goes to the point.
Lap 76: Side-by-side behind a lapped car for the lead.
Lap 74: Hamilton enters the top five. He was in a class of his own in practice but may have run out of time in the feature unless he gets a caution.
Lap 72: Half a lap in hand on the field, Lavery and Sitterly now duking it out for the lead. Sitterly trying to get a run in the outside groove.
Lap 70 – Sitterly has caught up to Lavery. Bellinger has long lost touch with the front duo and now Payne and Sweeney are pressuring him for that spot.
Lap 68:

1) Pat Lavery
2) Otto Sitterly
3) Brandon Bellinger
4) Joey Payne
5) Brian Sweeney

6) Davey Hamilton
7) Shaun Gosselin
8) Jeff Abold
9) Dave Danzer
10) Jerry Curran

Lap 66: Joey Payne has come to fourth, the highest spot of the day for the NEMA Midget regular.
Lap 63: Now Sitterly sets the fastest lap of the race – 17.268. The man who previously held that statistic, Michael Barnes, pits from 4th.
Lap 62: Sitterly has just bettered his fastest lap of the race for three consecutive circuits. He has slashed his deficit to Sitterly to three quarters of a second.
Lap 60: Sitterly just ran his fastest lap of the race – 17.351 – and is coming in a hurry on Lavery.
Lap 58: Sitterly with a power move on the outside in Turn Four and takes second.
Lap 56: Pat Lavery holds a second and a half lead on Bellinger.
Lap 54: Bellinger and Sitterly also chug right on by Barnes.
RESTART – Pat Lavery gets a good run and he pulls under and by Barnes in Turn One.
The supermodifieds are fired again and rolling.
ROC History: 1979 – Richie Evans would win the Race of Champions three times (’73, ’79, ’80), but the ’79 victory certainly has to rank near the top of the Hall of Famer’s résumé. In the final race on the 2.5 mile big oval at Pocono, Evans schooled a field that boasted sixty  of Modified’s best, leading 83 of the 120 laps and cruising to victory over Maynard Troyer. Other rising stars that recorded top-ten finishes that day were Ken Bouchard and George Kent.
Still cleaning up the mess in Turn 3. LaTulip will need a rollback. He actually competed in the Race of Champions last in 1987, when he finished 18th. In that era, the race was contested at the now defunct Pocono Raceway 3/4 mile.
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Accident scene (Speed51.com Photo)
Devendorf too.
Muldoon, Gruel, Gosselin, and Curran are cars we can confirm were in it.
CAUTION & RED – Lap 53: Seven cars in trouble in Turn Three and there is parts and foam everywhere.
Lap 52: For the first time today though we see Livesay able to challenge Barnes. He is right on the bumper. In fact, he pulls his nose out in Turn Three before thinking better of it.
RESTART – Barnes and Lavery resume right where they left off – a two carlength lead for Barnes down the back.
Getting the one to go signal.
Gosek will be assessed a one lap penalty for illegal adjustments in his pit box during this break.
Comment From Young 1 

Great updates !! Will gosek still be on the lead lap?

Cars are being pushed off for the second half, and we will double them up for this second segment.
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Official Race of Champions Super Stock Finish

1 8 Lee Sharpsteen
2 05 Jeff Goodwin
3 16 Jay Mudra
4 13 Jason Duke
5 1 Gary Noe
6 77 Bobby Newman
7 21 Tommy Maskham
8 94 Billy Coyle
9 25 Steve Shultz
10 131 Jim Steffenhagen
11 78 Robert Fink
12 19 T.J. Garsky
13 22 Willie Strusz
14 83 J.R. Mesoney
15 09 Mike Ramos
16 72 Mike Nichols
17 49 Bill Frisbie
18 76 Mike Scott
19 99 Bob Riple
DQ 64 Joe Mancuso
The break has begun and teams have 15 minutes to work on their cars. Gosek’s team has diagnosed his issue as a broken steering arm.
At the halfway break it is Barnes, Lavery, Bellinger, Sitterly, and Sweeney.
CAUTION – Lap 50: Halfway break.
Lap 48; Gosek now off the pace. He is freefalling through the field.
Lap 47: Gosek now falls off Lavery and the top three have four carlengths to each other.
Lap 45: Sitterly by Sweeney for fifth.
RESTART – Barnes is gone again but Gosek looks like he is intent on getting second before this break.
CAUTION – Lap 44 – Dan Connors with a large puff of smoke in Turn One before he comes to rest at the exit of Turn Two.
Lap 43: Gosek is all over Livery for second. Danzer has been freight trained further back and is in 8th.
Lap 41: Sitterly makes the pass of Danzer for sixth.
RESTART – Another fine restart for Barnes. He has two carlengths in hand by the time they roar down the backstretch.
We will get the restart with ten laps to go before the halfway break. Barnes leads Lavery, Gosek, Bellinger, Sweeney, Danzer, Sitterly, Payne, Muldoon, and Hamilton.
CAUTION – Lap 41: Looks like Shaun Gosselin got looped around in Turn One.
Lap 38: Barnes catches a gaggle of cars that are about to be lapped. Immediately Lavery is able to cut the lead in half.
Lap 36: Barnes has opened up a little breathing room, give him a second lead. We are fifteen laps from the halfway break.
Lap 34: Steiner’s freefall through the lead lap cars has really jumbled the order up as Steiner is honeslty having a hard time staying out of the groove.
Lap 30: The lapped car of Steiner pushes Gosek way wide in Turn Three and Gosek falls way back of the lead.
Lap 28: The top three have put half a straight between themselves and the rest of the field.
Lap 25: Barnes and Lavery  running with two carlengths separating them. Gosek though continues his charge and is lurking now only a few carlengths back of the lead.
Lap 22: Give Gosek third with a tough inside pass in Turn One.
RESTART – Lap 21: Barnes and Lavery disappear in a hurry on the restart as Gosek puts a wheel under Bellinger for third.
CAUTION – Lap 21: A quick yellow for debris.
RESTART – Lap 20 – Barnes gets the lead on the start but it is Lavery behind him now in second.
Lap 20 – Running Order:

1 #99 Michael Barnes
2 #02 Brandon Bellinger
3 #22 Pat Lavery
4 #00 Joe Gosek
5 #52 DAve Danzer

6 #3 Brian Sweeney
7 #51 Michael Muldoon
8 #7 Otto Sitterly
9 #01 Dan Connors
10 #26 Shaun Gosselin

11 #20 Joey Payne, Jr.
12 #50 David Gruel
13 #24 Jerry Curran
14 #0 Tim Snyder
15 #6 Davey Hamilton

16 #05 Jeff Abold
17 #56 Hal LaTulip
18 #5 Tim Devendorf
19 #44 Bobby Haynes, Jr.
20 #07 Tony Steiner

21 #83 Lou LaVea, Jr.
22 #23 Clayton Brewer, III
23 #14 Joe Chillime
24 #66 Lou LeVea, Sr.

CAUTION – Lap 20: Lou LaVea, Jr. – “Little Dog” – around in Turn Three. That has been the trouble spot for these cars today.
Lap 16: Muldoon holds onto the spot for now. For second, Bellinger is starting to feel heat from Livery.
Lap 15: Barnes continues to ratchet the pace up (17.284). Battle for seventh is the first one on the track as Michael Muldoon and Otto Sitterly go at it.
Lap 12: Barnes though turns in another blistering lap to again claim “fastest lap” honors (17.357). He has pulled away to a 1.34 second lead on Brandon Bellinger.
Lap 10: Michael Barnes leads Brandon Bellinger, Pat Lavery, Joe Gosek, Dave Danzer, Brian Sweeney, Michael Muldoon, Dan Connor, Otto Sitterly, and Shaun Gosselin. Gosselin just turned in the fastest lap of this race at 17.393.
RESTART – Lap 9: Barnes with another fine start, give him four carlengths on Bellinger.
Starting Lineup (Following Redraw + Heats)
63rd Annual Race of Champions

1 3 Daren Scherer
2 5 Kyle Ebersole
3 22B Bobby Holmes
4 69 Tommy Cloce
5 66 Austin Kockenash
6 60 Matt Hirschman
7 45 Eric Beers
8 25 Mike Leaty
9 51 Erick Rudolph
10 07 Patrick Emerling
11 22 Chuck Hossfeld
12 14 Doug Reaume
13 42 Nick Pecko
14 34 Rusty Smith
15 26 George Kent
16 72 T.J. Potrzebowski
17 31 Nick Barzee
18 50 Terry Cheetham
19 88 Billy Putney
20 10 Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr.
21 11 Pete Brittain
22 24 Dean Rypkema
23 73X Andy Jankowiak
24 59 Karl Hehr
25 95 Bryan Sherwood
26 49 Ricky Knapp, Jr.
27 9 Brandon Oltra
28 16 Jesse Kent
29 7 Dave Koroleski
30 44 Jon McKennedy
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CAUTION – Lap 9: Davey Hamilton, who was blistering fast in practice but mired in traffic in the heat and the race, has spun in Turn One. He will be able to pull away without further incident.
Lap 7: Gosek making some hay, give him 4th past Danzer.
Lap 5: Top ten now single file. Blasting around this oval as Barnes just set the fastest lap in the race with a 17.469
Lap 4: First battle is for 6th as Gosek uses the high line to scoot around Muldoon.
RESTART – Lap 4: Barnes gets going again and leaves Bellinger to fight off Lavery for second.
Caution laps are not counting in this race.
LaVea and Chillime in trouble in Turn Three (Speed51.com Photo)
Watching the replay, it looks like the incident started after contact between LaVea and Tony Steiner.
The cars involved were the #66 of Lou LaVea, Sr. and #14 of Joe Chillime
CAUTION – Two cars have crashed in Turn Three.
Lap 3: Barnes has opened up a large lead on Bellinger. Lavery, Danzer, and Sweeney are nose to tail for third to fifth.
START – Bad start for Sweeney, he’ll drop to fifth. Give the lead to Michael Barnes over Brandon Bellinger
There will be a break at lap 50 for these cars. It will be fifteen minutes.
Supermodifieds being given heat laps.
Supermodifieds Starting Lineup – 100 Laps:

1 3 Brian Sweeney
2 99 Michael Barnes
3 51 Michael Muldoon
4 2 Brandon Bellinger
5 24 Jerry Curran
6 22 Pat Lavery
7 1 Daniel Connor
8 52 Dave Danzer
9 7 Otto Sitterly
10 0 Joe Gosek
11 26 Shaun Gosselin
12 20 Joey Payne, Jr.
13 50 Dave Groel
14 5 Jeff Abold
15 0 Tim Snyder
16 6 Davey Hamilton
17 83 Lou LaVea
18 44 Bobby Haynes, Jr.
19 56 hal LaTulip
20 5 Tim Derendorf
21 23 Clayton Brown
22 14 Joe Chillemi
23 7 Tony Slainer
24 66 Lou LaVea, Jr.
We are getting the Supermodified lineup ready on the frontstretch.
ROC History: 1972 – The modern era of this race was born when the venue moved from Pennyslvania’s Langhorne Speedway to Trenton, New Jersey’s one mile oval. A 23-year-old hotshot from Chemung, New York by name of Geoff Bodine pulled off an upset when he beat RoC champions Roger and Merv Treichler and other drivers of the day such as Bergin and Chartrand. Bodine would go on to be one of the best Modified drivers in history before making the jump to NASCAR in 1980, also won this race in 1978.
Super Stock checkers (Speed51.com Photo)
Lap 75 – Give the victory to Lee Sharpsteen, capturing the Race of Champions Street Stock race.
Lap 74 – WHITE: Sharpsteen looking good with a three carlength cushion.
Lap 72: For the second straight lap, Sharpsteen makes a power move. He is door to door with Goodwin at the stripe.
Lap 71; Sharpsteen makes a surprise move on Mudra, give him second.
Lap 70 – Five to go and the first race of the day is good one. The top three rolling down the straightaway like a freight train.
Lap 67: Now the entire top six is nose to tail. Sharpsteen tried to get Mudra on the outside for the runner-up spot but falls back.
Lap 65 – Ten to go: Mudra and Sharpsteen have settled their feud for second as they have both caught the lead.
RESTART – Goodwin a good jump on Mudra who now has to deal with Sharpsteen looking for second.
Easy for the flagman to call this caution (Speed51.com Photo)
Lap 63 – CAUTION: Mudra overdrove Turn Four, trying to get a run on Goodwin for the lead and then cut off Nichols, who spins in front of the flagstand.
Lap 55: Mudra has caught right back up to Goodwin though and brought Nichols with him.
The All-American 400 is one of the most prestigious short track events in the country and it’s back in 2013 even bigger and better than before. Set for November 1 and 2 at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville in Tennessee, the AA400 will be a return to glory for the event that has seen the biggest names in the sport go to its victory lane. Butch Lindley, Bob Senneker, Rusty Wallace, Darrell Waltrip, Butch Miller, Jeff Purvis, Bobby Gill, Freddie Query, Wayne Anderson and Mike Garvey have all etched their name onto the All-American 400 record books over the years. The top names in Super Late Model racing and more will be on hand to battle for the famed guitar that goes to the AA400 winner. This year’s event will be a Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco Super Late Model race co-sanctioned by Champion Racing Association. More details are to be announced soon for this year’s All-American 400. Visit www.fairgroundsspeedwaynashville.com‬‬ for more.
GREEN – Lap 50: Goodwin maintains the lead on the restart and puts three carlengths on Mudra.
Lap 47: Mudra now pounding Goodwin’s bumper looking for the leader. Caution back out for a spinner in Turn Four.
Lap 46: Duke finally settles in in sixth.
GREEN – Goodwin gets the jump and give him the lead. Former leader Duke is tumbling backwards through the field.
Caution laps count in this race up to lap 60. The final fifteen laps are green flag laps only.
The top four is Duke, Goodwin, Mudra, and Nicholas.
Lap 40 – CAUTION – The #78 cut off a lapped car in Turn One and paid the price by going around.
The top four are now nose to tail.
With most of the drivers behind him with damage from the last incident, Jason Duke has pulled away once the green flew again.
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It seemed to start when Mooney cut off Newman racing for second. Newman went around in Turn One, nosing it in the inside wall, and slid back up the track, causing more chaos.
CAUTION – Lap 25 – The battle for second goes awry. Five cars stack up in Turn One.
Super Stock race has restarted. 23 laps in the book and it’s still Jason Duke leading. Newman, Shultz, and Mudra trail him.
This is the 63rd running of the Race of Champions. Over the years, at a variety of locations, open wheel modified’s best drivers have prevailed. Names like Hirschman, Evans, Bodine, Kent, DeSarro, and Treichler have come through in the clutch to add their name to the prestigious winner’s trophy.

Our resident historians Elgin Traylor and Tim Quievryn have been hard at work in recent months to try to find and publish as much information about the history of this race as possible. We are still looking for as much information about the race from before 1980. If you have clippings or full feature results for the RoC from before 1980 and would be willing to scan them in or pass them along, we’d love to hear from you at[email protected]

Previous Race of Champions Feature Winners (w/ Year & Track)

2012 Oswego Matt Hirschman

2011 Oswego Zane Zeiner

2010 Oswego Tony Hirschman

2009 Oswego         Billy Putney

2008 Oswego         Tony Hirschman

2007 Oswego         Jan Leaty

2006 Oswego         TJ Potrzebowski

2005 Oswego         Chuck Hossfeld

2004 Oswego         Eric Beers

2003 Oswego         Sege Fidanza

2002 Oswego         Tim Mangus

2001 Oswego         George Kent

2000 Oswego         George Kent

1999 Oswego         Chuck Hossfeld

1998 Oswego         Sege Fidanza

1997 Oswego         Tony Hirschman

1996 Oswego         Jan Leaty

1995 Flemington         John Blewett III

1994 Flemington         Tony Siscone

1993 Flemington         Bill Pauch

1992 Flemington         Lenny Boyd

1991 Pocono         Satch Worley

1990 Pocono         Mike Stefanik

1989 Pocono         Tony Hirschman

1988 Pocono         Reggie Ruggiero

1987 Pocono         George Brunnhoelzl

1986 Pocono         George Kent

1985 Pocono         Brett Bodine

1984 Pocono         Brian Ross

1983 Pocono         Jimmy Spencer

1982 Pocono         Greg Sacks

1981 Pocono         George Kent

1980 Pocono         Richie Evans

1979 Pocono (2.5) Richie Evans

1978 Pocono (2.5) Geoff Bodine

1977 Pocono (2.5) Maynard Troyer

1976 Trenton         Maynard Troyer

1975 Trenton         Ray Hendrick

1974 Trenton         Fred DeSarro

1973 Trenton         Richie Evans

1972 Trenton         Geoff Bodine

1971 Langhorne Roger Treichler

1970 Langhorne Mev Treichler

1969 Langhorne Ray Hendrick

1968 Langhorne Dutch Hoag

1967 Langhorne Dutch Hoag

1966 Langhorne Will Cagle

1965 Langhorne Bill Slater

1964 Langhorne Freddy Adams

1963 Langhorne Dutch Hoag

1962 Langhorne Frankie Schneider

1961 Langhorne Freddy Adams

1960 Langhorne Dutch Hoag

1959 Langhorne Jim Delaney

1958 Langhorne Jim Delaney

1957 Langhorne Glenn Guthrie

1956 Langhorne Dutch Hoag

1955 Langhorne Pete Corey

1954 Langhorne Frankie Schneider

1953 Langhorne Ted Swaim

1952 Langhorne Jim Delaney

1951 Langhorne Hully Bunn

CAUTION – The #49 of Bill Frisbie, Jr. has found trouble in Turn Four.
Jason Duke is the leader early in the Super Stock 75 feature.
GREEN FLAG in the Super Stock feature. They are bouncing all over each other but so far keeping it straight
Super Stocks are now on the track.
Comment From wesley r 

wouldn’t it be awesome to see George kent win the feature this night

Patrick Emerling takes 10th, and Austin Kockenash draws the final pill for 5th
Doug Reaume draws 12th Tommy Cloce draws 4th Kyle Ebersole draws 2nd
Mike Leaty draws 8 Eric Beers draws 7 Bobby Holmes draws 3
Daren Scherer will start the 63rd Annual Race of Champions on the pole (Speed51.com Photo)
Hossfeld draws 11 Rudolph draws 9 Daren Scherer draws lucky number 1
Fast qualifier Hirschman draws 6th (Speed51.com Photo)
Youngsters Patrick Emerling and Kyle Ebersole chat (Speed51.com Photo)
We are heading down for the redraw of the top 12 drivers.
CHECKERED – George Kent keeps Cheetham at bay and wins the heat over Cheetham. Brandon Oltra rolled to the outside of Brittain at the line for third. Hehr winds up fifth.
Cheetham maybe being the most aggressive we’ve seen yet in the heats. He is trying every angle he can to get around Kent.
Cheetham right on Kent’s bumper. Kent has 5 ROC titles but has not raced on this tour consistently in a number of years.
Hehr, a former U.S. Open winner, just does not seem to have the handle today. Slow in qualifying, he has slipped and slid his way to a full straightaway back of the leaders.
GREEN – Kent and Chetham door to door in Turns One & Two but give the lead to “The Duke” down the back.
Final RoC Heat coming on the track. It’ll be George Kent, Terry Chetham, Pete Brittain, Karl Hehr, and Brandon Oltra. McKennedy did not answer the call for this heat.
Heat action (Speed51.com Photo)
CHECKERED: Rusty Smith holds off Fiebelkorn, Jankowiak, Barzee, and Knapp.
Lap 7 – WHITE: Jankowiak slideways out of Turn Four. Now it’s down to Smith and Jankowiak for the heat win.
Lap 5: Jankowiak and Fiebelkorn have caught Smith.
Lap 2: Bumper tag amongst the top three but they’re starting to give each other some space now.
GREEN – Fiebelkorn almost took it three wide in Turn One, but instead lets Smith go. Fiebelkorn instead takes second.
The next heat on the track lines up with Rusty Smith, Nick Barzee, Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr., Andy Jankowiak, and Ricky Knapp. Dave Koroleski, who wrecked in qualifying, has not answered the call for the heat.
CHECKERED – Pecko wins over Potrzebowski, Putney, Rypkema, Sherwood, and Kent.
WHITE – Nick Pecko will be the “best of the rest” it appears, locking himself into the starting grid 13th.
Pecko has quickly pulled away from Potrzebowski and the field. The only close battle in this heat is for third as Rypkema pressures Putney.
GREEN – Pecko clears Potrzebowski through one and two. Quickly the field goes single file.
Starting Lineup (8 Laps):

1. #42 – Nick Pecko
2. #72 – T.J. Potrzebowski
3. #88 – Bill Putney
4. #24 – Dean Rypkema
5. #95 – Bryan Sherwood
6. #16 – J.R. Kent

RoC Heat #1 on the track:
Tony Jankowiak from earlier today (Speed51.com Photo)
Great turnout here at Oswego Speedway. If you have time to get down to the track, we’d strongly encourage you to do so. This is a great historic event and the weather is perfect after a broiling last few days.
Michael Barnes won Heat #3 for the Supermodifieds wire-to-wire.

1. #99 – Michael Barnes
2. #24 – Jerry Curran
3. #01 – Dan Connors
4. #7 – Otto Sitterly
5. #0 – Tim Snyder
6. #44 – Bobby Haynes, Jr.
7. #23 – Clayton Brewer, III
8. #07 – Tony Steiner

Third and final Supermodified heat is on the track and then we are heading on to Race of Champions heats for the drivers who qualified 13th or worse.
Still not sure why McKennedy did not qualify in his modified, but the heat lineups we just got handed include him in the heats so we believe he will race tonight.
Bellinger hangs on to win Heat #2.

1 – #02 Brandon Bellinger
2 – #22 Pat Lavery
3 – #00 Joe Gosek
4 – #20 Joey Payne, Jr.
5 – #05 Jeff Abold
6 – #83 Lou LaVea, jr.
7 – #5 Tim Devendorf
8 – #06 Dave Cliff

We are green again in the Supermodified heat as Pat Lavery tracks Brandon Bellinger.
The NASCAR K&N Pro Series West will make the trek to Monroe, WA on Saturday, August 17 for the NAPA Auto Parts 150 at Evergreen Speedway. Derek Thorn, Michael Self, Cameron Hayley, Greg Pursley and the other stars of K&N Pro Series West will be competing on the popular 5/8-mile oval. Fans are also invited to the K&N Fanfest on Friday, August 16. For more information, please visit www.evergreenspeedway.com.
Dave Cliff climbs from his mangled racer (Speed51.com Photo)
CAUTION – Dave Cliff got hooked into Turn Three and slams the foam head first. He is okay and visibly upset after being crashed out in a heat race.
#02 – Brandon Bellinger has taken the lead early in the second Supermodified heat with a bold divebomb move.
One car we did not see qualify earlier in Modified qualifying was the #44 of Jon McKennedy. We have not heard of any issues for that team, and we will try to look into it next opportunity we have to go pit side.
Heat #1 Results – Supermodified

1. 51 – Mike Muldoon
2. 3 – Brian Sweeney
3. 52 – Dave Danzer
4. 26 – Shaun Gosselin
5. 50 – David Gruel
6. 6 – Davey Hamilton
7. 56 – Hal LaTulip
8. 14 – Joe Chillme
9. 66 – Louie LaVea, Sr.

Next Supermodified heat getting rolling.
Mike Muldoon wins Heat #1
Two laps to go. Muldoon leads Sweeney and company. Brett Hamilton, who was by far the fastest car in practice, is mired in sixth.
Modified action from earlier today (Speed51.com Photo)
Muldoon has pulled away from a five car freight train for second through sixth.
A bad start on the first try as track officials feel Mike Muldoon jumped the start. Much better on the second go round.
Looks like nine cars have answered the call for the first heat.
Supermodified Heat #1 is taking to the track.
The Florida United Promoter Series Powell Family Memorial has been re-scheduled for Saturday, July 27 at Citrus County Speedway in Inverness, Florida. Daniel Webster recently ended Wayne Anderson’s winning streak. Will Anderson start a new streak or can Webster make it two in a row. For more information, please visitwww.floridaunitedpromoterseries.com or www.citruscountyspeedway.com.
Hirschman is all smiles after time trials. Says that losing in a big open money show a few days ago at Seekonk, MA was a bit of a sour note, so he’s glad for a quick rebound.
Time Trial Results
63rd Annual Race of Champions

1 60 Matt Hirschman 18.275
2 22 Chuck Hossfeld 18.359
3 51 Erick Rudolph 18.363
4 3 Daren Scherer 18.415
5 25 Mike Leaty 18.515
6 45 Eric Beers 18.522
7 22 Bobby Holmes 18.524
8 14 Doug Reaume 18.557
9 69 Tommy Cloce 18.559
10 5 Kyle Ebersole 18.596
11 07 Patrick Emerling 18.607
12 66 Austin Kockenash 18.613
13 42 Nick Pecko 18.628
14 34 Rusty Smith 18.655
15 26 George Kent 18.663
16 72 T.J. Potrzebowski 18.739
17 31 Nick Barzee 18.834
18 50 Terry Cheetham 18.839
19 88 Billy Putney 18.845
20 10 Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr. 18.851
21 11 Pete Brittain 18.936
22 24 Dean Rypkema 18.952
23 73X Andy Jankowiak 18.962
24 59 Karl Hehr 19.031
25 95 Bryan Sherwood 19.112
26 44 Ricky Knapp, Jr. 19.146
27 9 Brandon Oltra 19.160
28 16 Jesse Kent 20.190
29 7 Dave Koroleski 99.999
Matt Hirschman has won the Fast Qualifier Award for the Race of Champions with a 18.275.
#22 – Bobby Holmes

L1: 18.656
L2: 18.524 (+)

Position: 7th.

#34 – Rusty Smith

L1: 19.022
L2: 18.655 (+)

Position: 13th after 27

#22 – Chuck Hossfeld

L1: 18.580
L2: 18.359 (+)

Position: 2nd after 26

#88 – Billy Putney – 2009 Champion

L1: 19.042
L2: 18.845 (+)

Position: 16th after 25

#73X Andy Jankowiak

L1: 19.144
L2: 18.962 (+)

Position: 19th of 24

#9 – Brandon Oltra

L1: 19.298
L2: 19.160 (+)

Position: 22nd after 23

#11 – Pete Brittain – The “New Jersey Outlaw”

L1: 19.362
L2: 18.936 (+)

Position: 17th after 22

#59 – Karl Hehr

L1: 19.372
L2: 19.031 (+)

Position: 18th after 21

Top-Five after 20 Cars:

18.275 60 Matt Hirschman
18.363 51 Erick Rudolph
18.415 3 Daren Scherer
18.515 25 Mike Leaty
18.522 45 Eric Beers
#50 – Terry Cheetham

L1: 18.918
L2:  18.839 (+)

Position: 15th after 20

#10 – Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr.

L1: 19.234
L2: 18.851 (+)

Position: 15th after 19

#31 – Nick Barzee

L1: 20.411
L2: 18.834 (+)

Position: 14th after 18

#42 – Nick Pecko

L1: 18.891
L2: 18.628 (+)

Position: 11th after 17

#69 – Tommy Cloce

L1: 19.042
L2: 18.559 (+)

Position: 7th after 16

It is one of the crown jewel Super Late Model events in the country. The 42nd Annual Winchester 400 will take place on October 11-12-13 at the high-banked Winchester Speedway in Winchester, IN. Some of the biggest Super Late Model stars from all across the U.S.A. will be “gunning” their way to victory lane. Advance ticket sale forms are available at www.winchesterspeedway.com
#14 – Doug Reaume

L1: 18.853
L2: 18.557 (+)

Position: 6th after 15

#51 – Erick Rudolph

L1: 18.440
L2: 18.363 (+)

Position: 2nd after 14

#66 – Austin Kockenash

L1: 18.896
L2: 18.613 (+)

Position: 6th after 13

#07 – Patrick Emerling

L1: 18.904
L2: 18.607 (+)

Position: 6th after 12

#60- Matt Hirschman

L1: 18.544
L2: 18.275 (+)

Fastest after 11 cars.

#95 – Bryan Sherwood – He says this is his first ever time trialing experience

L1: 19.733
L2: 19.112 (+)

Position: 8th after 10

Remember, the top-twelve will redraw and 13th on back will do heats.
#25 – Mike Leaty

L1: 18.984
L2: 18.515 (+)

Position: 2nd after 9

#3 – Daren Scherer

L1: 18.808
L2: 18.415 (+)

Fastest after 8

#72 – T.J. Potrzbeowski – “The Piranha” – 2001 Champion

L1: 19.036
L2: 18.739 (+)

Position: 4th after 7

#44 – Ricky Knapp, Jr.

L1: 19.461
L2: 19.416 (+)

Position: 5th after 6

#24 – Dean Rypkema

L1: 19.477
L2: 18.952 (+)

Position: 4th after 5

#45 – Eric Beers – 2004 champion

L1: 18.736
L2: 18.522 (+)

Fastest after 4 cars.

Damage to Koroleski’s car (Speed51.com Photo)
#5 – Kyle Ebersole

L1: 18.874
L2: 18.596

Fastest after 3 cars.

Koroleski drives his car back to the pit but there is more foam in Turn Four than Lake Ontario during a Nor’easter and we are undergoing a lengthy cleanup.
#7 – Dave Koroleski has SLAMMED the Turn Four foam and qualifying has come to a halt.
#16 – Jesse Kent –

L1: 20.219
L2: 20.190 (+)

2nd after 2 cars.

#26 – George Kent  – 1981, 1986, 2000, and 2001 champion

L1: 18.914
L2: 18.663 (+)

We are underway with time trials and “The Duke”, George Kent is first on the track.
Remember, in addition to today’s coverage of the 63rd Annual Race of Champions,Speed51.com is also at Airborne Interntaional Raceway, Anderson Speedway, and Gresham Motorsports Park. You can find those Trackside Nows on Speed51.com
We just caught up with defending champ Matt Hirschman. He said teams have to enter this race with an open mind when it comes to strategy. He says the same strategy has not worked here two years in a row, so he’s going to be as flexible as he can about when to come pit.
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Drivers’ meeting is over and we are on to time trials next
In addition to the $15,000 winner’s check, $17,100 in bonus money is up for grabs
There was an interesting question about strategy in the driver’s meeting. If it rains after the race becomes official at lap 100 (which, we should note is not likely as the front has completely cleared through), if the leader has not pitted they will NOT be the winner. They will be assessed a one lap penalty in the rundown
To help these pit crews, you can not lose a lap under yellow.
You don’t have to take tires on the mandatory pit stop. You simply have to come to a complete stop and jack up the car.
The mandatory pit stop must occur after lap 50.
Drivers will qualify for today’s Race of Champions. ROC Tour drivers usually qualify straight up through heats. The four tires they qualify on will be the ones they start the race on. The top twelve time trialers will redraw. The top four drivers will also get ROC bonus points. 13th on back will have heats. Caution laps will count tonight. Green white checkered rules apply. This is an eight tire race. Teams are required to make at least one pit stop.
Drivers now at attention (Speed51.com Photo)
Pete Brittain looks over the notebook as team makes final adjustments (Speed51.com Photo)
Practice is over for the day, we are now heading over to the drivers’ metering
Chuck Hossfeld and Bill Putney return to the infield (Speed51.com Photo)
Patrick Emerling appears to be having a problematic day with his clutch, he keeps needed to get a push onto the track
Austin Kockenash has had a solid start to 2013, looking for a breakthrough win (Speed51.com Photo)
Eric Beers lacing up (Speed51.com Photo)
Brandon Oltra climbs out after a practice run (Speed51.com Photo)
Next group will include Leaty, Hossfeld, and Emerling (Speed51.com Photo)
Erick Rudolph has a can’t miss tachometer (Speed51.com Photo)
Nick Barzee ready to roll (Speed51.com Photo)
Final Modified practice queueing up (Speed51.com Photo)
Good crowd of Oswego faithful have already filed in and we see more parking behind the grandstands (Speed51.com Photo)
It will be a special Thursday night event on July 25 as they will honor Central Wisconsin and nationwide legend Dick Trickle with the White Knight 99+1 event for the Super Late Models. Best part, the general admission is only $4.99 for adults!!! Drivers who enter this event will get two tires and two pit passes. For more information, please visit www.marshfieldspeedway.com
The Race of Champions is in its 20th year of operation and as this is the series’ biggest event they are celebrating the anniversary in full force this weekend. Founded in 1994 as the New York State Modified Series, some of the best Tour-Type Modified drivers have driven into series victory lane. Matt Hirschman has proven to be the best driver thus far in series history, as he crawled to the top of the all-time winners list earlier this year and last year tied George Kent for most championships (5) last season.
Dan Connors runs around Oswego (Speed51.com Photo)
And just like that a 16.550 goes on the board for Hamilton. He has run half a second faster than anyone this practice.
And Davey Hamilton just laid down a 16.606 in Supermodified practice.
The name is Steiner. Tony Steiner. (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Winston 

Thanks for the great updates guys! We are paying close attention from Chicagoland-good luck MH60!

Supermodifieds flash across the line and we just saw a 16.713 come onto the scoreboard. They are blasting around this fifth-eighth miles oval.
Andy Jankowiak (Speed51.com Photo)
We don’t get to see Supermodifieds a lot, so we’ll be learning some of the names as they are called out to us.

Here though is the current Oswego top-20 in points, courtesy OswegoSpeedway.com:

1 OO Joe Gosek 575
2 7 Otto Sitterly 566
3 26 Shaun Gosselin 559
4 50 David Gruel 549
5 99 Michael Barnes 531
6 52 Dave Danzer 516
7 51/20 Michael Muldoon 502
8 22 Pat Lavery 488
9 21 Kody Graham 487
10 O1 Dan Connors Jr. 486
11 5 Tim Devendorf 479
12 O2 Brandon Bellinger 472
13 0 Tim Snyder 457
14 83 Lou Levea Jr 395
15 35 Jeff Holbrook 385
16 3 Brian Sweeney 384
17 O7 Tony Steiner (R) 376
18 24 Jerry Curran 361
19 66 Lou Levea Sr. 355
20 23 Clayton Brewer III (R) 354
The third Gulf Coast Doubleheader weekend for the Southern Super Series presented by Sunoco is set for July 26 and 27. The weekend kicks off with a combination event for the Southern Super Series and the Buddy’s Home Furnishings Blizzard Series at Pensacola, Florida’s Five Flags Speedway on Friday, July 26. The action shifts a few miles down Interstate 10 to Alabama’s Mobile International Speedway on Saturday, July 27, for the combination Southern Super Series and Miller Lite Series 125-lap feature. Daniel Hemric swept both ends of the Gulf Coast double last month, but who will take the checkered flags home from the Gulf Coast this time around? Find out July 26 and 27. For more details, visit www.southernsuperseries.com,www.5flagsspeedway.com and www.mobilespeedway.net.
Bobby Holmes (Speed51.com Photo)
Street Stocks have concluded and we are on to Supermodifieds practice in a bit.
Chuck Hossfeld at speed (Speed51.com Photo)
Spinner in Street Stock practice (Speed51.com Photo)
State Park Speedway’s second round of the their Triple X Challenge Series will be the Larry Detjen’s Memorial on July 26-27. The race honors a true hero who lost his life in a racing accident. The two days of racing will feature Super Late Models, Big 8 Series, Trucks and more. For more information, please visit www.stateparkspeedway.com.
We will get you full Modified times as soon as we can. In the interim, if this Super Stock practice was the feature, it’d be a pretty good race. We are looking at cars going three wide into Turn One.
Modified practice has completed for the first round. Super Stocks are now getting their only shot at the track before their race today.
Hirschman (18.629) jumps to the top of the leaderboard
Add Andy Jankowiak (#73x) and Tommy Cloce (#69) onto the cars on the track
Next group coming out to practice includes Chuck Hossfeld (#22), Erick Rudolph (#51), Matt Hirschman (#60) and Patrick Emerling (#07)
Eric Beers (Speed51.com Photo)
Leaty and Kockenash roar into Turn One (Speed51.com Photo)
First batch of Modifieds have finished practice and the next group is being waved on. Mike Leaty (#25), Austin Kockenash (#66), Eric Beers (#45), and Billy Putney (#88) lead that group onto the track.
Casey Johnson won round one and Travis Sauter beat Johnson to win round two. Could round three see a third different winner? See the fastest Super Lates race around Wisconsin’s Fastest Half-Mile Oval on Sunday, July 28. Along with the Super Late Models, the Midwest Super Trucks and INEX Legends will be in action. Qualifying at 1:15pm with racing to follow. More information can be found atwww.madisoninternationalspeedway.com.
Nick Pecko (#42), Brandon Oltra (#9), Rusty Smith (#34), Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr. (#10), and Karl Hehr (#59) are also on the track as the green flag is displayed.
Practice is underway.
Some Modifieds have finally gotten in the queue to go out for practice. The #3 of Daren Scherer, the #24 of Dean Rypkema, the #5 of Kyle Ebersole are now waiting to go out.
Two good stories from the 51 archives this year about the Race of Champions Modified Tour.

http://www.speed51.com/2013_Stories/RoC_Mods/RoC_Preview_200_LEaty_7_16.html– Our preview from earlier this week as we talked to Mike Leaty about trying to join his father Tony as a Race of Champions champion.

http://www.speed51.com/2013_Stories/RoC_Mods/spencer_wreck_recap_6_24.html – Matt Hirschman and Chuck Hossfeld locked wheels at Spencer and caused the biggest stir of the Modified year thus far. Both will be factors tonight.

Modifieds have been warned if no one goes out to practice, then their practice will be cancelled and we will move on to the Super Stock practice.
Still trying to get a feel for the final schedule. Super Stocks were rained out yesterday and pushed to today. They will go 75 laps. 100 laps for the Supermodifieds, 200 laps for the Race of Champions modifieds.
Modifieds have just been told it will be 10 minutes until their first practice.
One of the many beautiful Oswego Supermodifieds that will go 100 laps tonight (Speed51.com Photo)
CRA Racing Powered by JEGS “Night of Stars Twin 100’s” at Lucas Oil Raceway on Friday, July 26 will bring some of the biggest favorite drivers for the Midwest fans. Ken Schrader, Kenny Wallace, David Stremme and Fox Sports/Speed TV NASCAR reporter Bob Dillner will be on hand for this special event. There will be a meet and greet with the fans and twin 100-lap feature events for the ARCA/CRA Super Series Powered by JEGS and the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour presented by Chevrolet Performance. For more information, visit www.cra-racing.com.
From high up in the press box, looking down at Lake Ontario, we see nothing but good weather on the horizon. Plenty of time for fans to come to the track and see tonight’s action.
Our quick roll call through the pits counts 32 Modifieds in attendance. We will introduce you to some of the drivers in a bit when they roll out for first practice. We estimate that happening in about twenty minutes
Chuck Hossfeld looks for his third ROC victory today (Speed51.com Photo)
Defending race winner Matt Hirschman’s ride (Speed51.com Photo)
The flag stand sits on the left of the Oswego frontstretch (Speed51.com Photo)
Due to the morning rain, the practice schedule is going to be revised a bit. Supermodifieds will only get one practice session and they will run the Supermodified and ROC Modified practices back to back to speed things up. They are still aiming to start qualifying at around 3 PM.
Modified pit area getting busy (Speed51.com Photo)
Today’s Trackside Now coverage on Speed51.com is presented by Troyer Race Cars.

Troyer Race Cars in Rochester, New York is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality racing products & services in the market at competitive prices. Troyer has been building race and championship-winning Modifieds on both asphalt and dirt for decades. Research, commitment & precision will ensure that every Troyer customer is receiving the top equipment available. For more on Troyer,www.troyerracecars.com, check out Troyer on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/troyerracecars or call 585-352-5590.

A cold front moved in off Lake Ontario overnight, bringing much needed relief to the heat wave that has been over New England for the past few days. It also brought some heavy rain, the last of which cleared out this morning. Track drying is underway and we are looking good to go for the rest of the day once the surface comes in.
Good Saturday morning race fans and welcome to Speed51’s Trackside Now coverage of the 63rd annual running of the Sunoco Race of Champions at Oswego Speedway in beautiful Oswego, NY.
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Trackside Now: 63rd Annual Race of Champions – Oswego Speedway (NY) – 7/20/13