No SKs have come out of the garage so the day is over here at New Smyrna Speedway and so is our Trackside Now coverage. We thank you for tuning in. If you can’t make it to the track, we would love to have you join us for another day of Trackside starting at 10 AM.

Tomorrow night will be the first evening of features.

Thanks again for tuning in and we wish you a good evening.

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Pro Late Models Final Thursday Practice Results
1. 1 Cody Coughlin 18.091 —- 99.497mph
2. 08 Drew Brannon 18.367
3. 5k Daniel Keene Jr. 18.445
4. 5 Travis Swaim 18.530
5. 12 Riley Emmel 18.614
6. 26 Nathan Russell 18.628
7. 25 Cole Powell 18.708
8. 94 Steve Dorer (Driving for Donnie Varcoe) 18.727
9. 81 Andrew Gressel 18.781
10. 41 Michael Scheffer 18.852
11. 87 Mike Mazzagatti 18.872
12. 07 Tom Fares Jr. 18.921
13. 35 Noel Dowler 18.953
14. 48 Dwayne Baker 18.973
15. 8 Jason Parker 19.018
16. 4 Marc Jacobs 19.289
17. 11 David Weaver 19.450



SKs will have the opportunity to practice but it’s not clear if any machines will be taking up the chance.






Comment From Robin Wagner 

Thanks for the awesome pics & coverage!! It’s like we’re there. See you tomorrow!



White flag on practice



08 Brannon has joined the frey on the track along-with 5 Keene Jr., and 18 Jarell.



87 Mazzagatti, 25 Powell, 35 Dowler, 8 Parker, 41 Scheffer, and 81 Gressel are the cars currently on the track.



We have just posted that photo and a few more on our Five Star Racing Bodies Facebook page. You can check out today’s gallery at www.facebook.com/speed51 as the day winds down



Jim DuPont captured this shot of the Jacobs wreck in progress (Jim DuPont for Speed51.com)




The yellow flag is flying and cars are firing back up. There’s 7 minutes remaining in this Final Practice Session for the Pro Late Models.







Comment From systemofajay 

I am sure with all the Canadian teams down there a few of them would be willing to help out the Jacobs team.



The #4 is finally headed off the track.



Adding insult to injury, the wrecker trying to haul Jacobs’ car back to the pit had its wire snap and ripped out the radiator.



Jacobs has reported that he is fine, just a little shaken and very disappointed about what just transpired.



Jacobs #4 fm96 London’s Best Rock Chevrolet as the track crew turns the car back over on it’s wheels. (Speed51.com Photo)




The #4 is finally on its four wheels.



Marc Jacobs after climbing out of the car. The 19-year-old Canadian reported that he went up a lane to avoid a slower car and smacked the wall. The crew will assess the damage and determine whether the car is salvagable. The team does not have a




Jacobs has climbed out the car.






We have not seen Jacobs get out of his machine at this time but based off the way the safety workers are working on the vehicle, it would appear as though he is fine.






CRA official Glenn Luckett witnessed the incident and said he watched the car wobble off of four, slam the wall hard with the right side and then just climbed up onto the barrier



Remnants of Marc Jacobs’ hard crash. (Speed51.com Photo)




The car appears to have launched off the frontstretch outside wall just off of Turn Four based on what we see to the car and the wall.



The #4 of Marc Jacobs has just crashed on the frontstretch, sliding down the frontstretch on his roof.



Miami, Florida driver, 19-year-old Drew Brannon gets adjustmemts before heading back out. (Speed51.com Photo)




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Dakota Stroup from Kentucky on the track. (Speed51.com Photo)







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The fastest car of the first Practice Session for the Pro Late Models, Cody Coughlin waits to head out for the first time in this Final Practice. (Speed51.com Photo)




Steve Dorer in Donnie Varcoe’s #94 for this Practice Session. (Speed51.com Photo)







We just got word that Steve Dorer is in the 94 car for Donnie Varcose and he is just shking it down.



In the Tour-type Modified practice, only one machine had a transponder on. Jonathan Kievman ran a 17.703 as his best time and ran 35 laps.

Ted Christopher was the only other car we saw go out and he was just doing a two-lap shakedown sans transponder.



Father & Son at Speedweeks as Cody Coughlin (Left) and his Father, John Coughlin (Right) stand next to the #1 JEGS.com Chevrolet that Cody will pilot in the Pro Late Models division. (Speed51.com Photo)




Pro Late Models are about to go out for their final practice.



Canada is very well represented here at New Smyrna Speedway for the 46th annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing. (Speed51.com Photo)




There’s been a lot of talk about it here at the track. NASCAR chatted with NSS management about some of the plans and track owner Terry Roberts believes this can work to Smyrna’s benefit.

Obviously, we’re still a year away though from 2013 Speedweeks and any schedule changes that New Smyrna will or may do with the new Monday-Tuesday event at DIS are still months from being even thought about.



Comment From Guest 

Any word on the DIS/NASCAR announcement about next years show at the .4 mile course and how it will affect the show at NSS?



We have only seen four on the track today – 00 Ted Christopher, 22 Chuck Hossfeld, 11 Mark Weigart, 8 Jonathan Kievman. 15 were on the intial entry list.



Comment From mike from calif 

hello how many tour mods



Kievman back out on another run as he is the only modified on the track.



Ted Christopher was very pleased with his first laps on the track in his NASCAR Tour-Type Modified and may park the car for the rest of the day. (Speed51.com Photo)




Ted Christopher took some laps in his machine to shake it down. (Speed51.com Photo)




Tour-type Modifieds are doing their final practice of the day. Ted Christopher took the #00 out but it was clearly only for a shakedown. Jonathan Kievman in his is the only other car that has practice and is clearly hustling his machine on the track.



Super Late Model – Final Practice – Presented by Gary Yeomans Ford:

151Becca Kasten17.916

236Kyle Larson17.995

38John Hunter Nemechek18.039

480Matt Tifft18.078

527Bobby Good18.098

620Anthony Sergi18.162

772Scott Heckert18.188

874Ryan Moore18.218

994Martin latulippe18.281

1007Jeff Scofield18.29

1156Gus Dean18.36

1248Sam Fullone18.371

1312David A. Green18.41

1449Brian Levant18.565

1532Rodney Brooks18.619

1681Shawn McGlynn18.632

1747Dakota Stroupe18.768

1800Denver Foran19.072

1933Ricky Wood19.549

2033xDerrick Wood19.87



Thomaston, Maine driver, Rodney Brooks is already done for the weekend after his crash in the final Super Late Models Practice. (Speed51.com Photo)




All day we have seen more and more trailers rolling in for the 46th Annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing.



Super Late Models have finished their final practice for today. We are posting times in a second as soon as we can transcribe them. 20 cars participated in this this final session.



You can see some of the other racers heading down to New Smyrna tweeting about their trip right now in the Twitter box just to the right side of Trackside Now. To tweet about the New Smyrna World Series of Asphalt Series racing this week, use the hashtag #SmyrnaWS . Spread the word about this great event!







Eric Goodale just tweeted that he and his brother, Kevin, have left New York and are now in route. They will be competing in the Tour-type Modified division here as they have for many years now. – https://twitter.com/GoodieMOD58 



Several cars have pitted while two more return: 27 Good and 84 Latulippe.



Due to the 32 Brooks accident from earlier, this Practice Session has been extended by about 5 minutes.

The NASCAR Tour-Type Modifieds will roll out right after the Super Late Models are done.



Comment From Jodi & Todd 

Good luck Kyle Larson and TRI (Cam,Dave H,Kenny,Chris,Steve,Kieth,Eddie,Mike,Shawn). Very proud to have you all represent our company. Thanks Speed51



Comment From Guest 

wow, that’s big news about chase………..we’ll be fying out soon, can’t wait to watch all of our canadian friends……..Kelly and Amanda in Ontario



56 Dean has joined the crowd on the 1/2 mile.



6 cars are currently on the track and they are: 49 Levant, 8 Nemechek, 48 Fullone, 51 Kasten, 20 Sergi, and 74 Moore.



A big announcement to make here.

We have been told by the track that Chase Elliott, defending Snowball Derby winner, will compete in the Thursday, Feb. 23rd and Saturday, Feb. 25th Super Late Model shows here at New Smyrna.

In addition, Chase’s dad, 1988 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion, Bill Elliott will be at New Smyrna to sign autographs Saturday the 25th.



Canadian Martin Latulippe negotiates Turn Four (Speed51.com Photo)




We’re back to green flag conditions.







Ted Christopher’s double-zero will take to the track for the first time when the Tour-Type Modifeds come out in a few minutes.



Track Crews continue to clean up in turns 3-4 as several drivers wait to head out. Those sitting on pit row are: 51 Kasten, 72 Heckert, 00 Foran, 33 Wood, 49 Levant, 27 Good, 74 Moore, 84 Latulippe, 12 Green, 48 Fullone, 20 Sergi, 8 Nemecheck, and 87 Howard Crooms (Lakeland, FL).



Rodney Brooks looks to be done after this hard hit in turn three. (Speed51.com Photo)




John Hunter Nemechek ran well in his SLM debut at the Red Eye. Here is his SLM at top-speed (Speed51.com Photo)




51 Kasten, who missed the first Practice Session as she was en route to the track, is the quickest so far with a 17.916.

36 Larson, 89 Tifft, 20 Sergi, and 07 Scofield are the current top 5.



21 James Carter (Auburndale, FL) was also out earlier and went right back onto pit road.



33 Ricky Wood (Clermont, FL) just went out onto the track before the wreck.



49 Brian Levant (Calgary, Alberta/Canada) is on the track as 32 Brooks has slammed the turns 3-4 wall hard…. Caution flag is out.



Ted Christopher chats in the pits but has been in no hurry to get out tonight (Speed51.com Photo)




48 Sam Fullone (North Collins, NY) has made his way out.



07 Jeff Scofield (Plant City, FL), 32 Rodney Brooks (Thomaston, ME), 27 Bobby Good (New Smyrna Beach, FL), 51 Rebecca Kasten (Mequon, WI), 20 Anthony Sergi (Geneva, FL), 12 David Green (Plantation, FL), and 8 John Hunter Nemechek (Mooresville, NC) have all entered the track.



Kyle Larson gets tips from car owner and birthday boy Tim Russell (Speed51.com Photo)




Super Late Models are now on the track and they include;
89 Matt Tifft (Hinckley, OH)
72 Scott Heckert (Ridgefield, CT)
56 Gus Dean (Bluffton, SC)
47 Dakota Stroup (Owensboro, KY)
84 Martin Latulippe (Vallee Junction, Quebec/Canada)
81 Shawn McGlynn (Kitchener, Ontario/Canada)
74 Ryan Moore (Mooresville, NC)
00 Denver Foran (Edmonton, Alberta/Canada)
36 Kyle Larson (Elk Grove, CA)






As we get set for Super Late Model practice we see dozens of four-wheelers and golf carts coming into the infield with the teams who will dial their cars in on pit road.



We would like to take a moment to thank Gary Yeomans Ford who stepped up this weekend in a big way and has sponsored the track’s timing and scoring, which will save racers transponder rental money. While they are not an official sponsor of Speed51, we would like to give them a nod for helping out both the track and teams.



Up next will be the final Wednesday Practice Session for the Super Late Models.



Florida/IMCA Modifieds Final Thursday Practice Results
1. 66 Jerry Symons 18.915 —- 95.163mph
2. 36 Austin Stamper 19.161
3. 1 Jesse Adams 19.215
4. 57 Tim Moore 19.338
5. 66x Dewayne Dempsey 19.345
6. 14 Foster Mackey 19.880
7. 10 Mike Burke Jr. 20.153
8. 15 Kevin Bloxam NO TIME
9. 15d Robert Deal NO TIME



36 Stamper is now the only car on the track in a Modified ironically painted very similar to Russell’s #36 Super Late Model.



Mr. Russell turned 29 today. Happy Birthday to him as he is here supporting development driver Kyle Larson



Comment From Hailey Garrett 




With just over 5 minutes remaining, 66 Symons is the fastest car of this session.



36 Stamper re enters the track.



10 Burke Jr., and 14 Mackey are the only two Florida/IMCA Modifieds on the track.



10 minutes remaining in this final Practice for the Florida/IMCA Modifieds. Super Late Models will be next and they will go from 4:00-4:25p.m.



For those of you also wanting to keep track of some short track graduates’ goings-on at Daytona, here’s a quick update from ARCA practice:

1 – 55 – Paulie Harraka – 48.928
2 – 5 – Bobby Gerhart – 49.087
3 – 17 – Chris Buescher – 49.187
4 – 15 – Ryan Reed – 49.200
5 – 32 – Chris Windom – 49.298



There’s now four of us Speed51.com staff members on the grounds as Adam Mackey has arrived….



Currently 10 Burke Jr., 1 Adams, and 57 Moore are out turning laps and getting acclimated to the New Smyrna Beach, Florida oval.



Kevin Blokam also has a nice looking Florida Modified (Speed51.com Photo)




10 Mike Burke Jr. (New Smyrna Beach, FL) and 57 Tim Moore (St. Petersburg, FL) are out on the track.



Foster Mackey has a slick looking #14 machine (Speed51.com Photo)




13 Kevyn Terry (Citra, FL) makes his first appearance of the day as he’s turning laps along-with 36 Austin Stamper (Deland, FL)



Comment From racermacITSN 

Have a good week down there guys. Wish I could be there with ya. Michael in Fort Wayne, Indiana.



1 Jesse Adams (Akron, OH) and 14 Foster Mackey (Akron, OH) join Symons out on the 1/2 mile high-banked paved oval.



FASCAR Modified great Jerry Symons has brought a second machine here this weekend but it was Symons and his primary machine that were fastest in first practice (Speed51.com Photo)




Florida/IMCA Modifieds are on the track and it’s 66 Jerry Symons (New Smyrna Beach, FL) the only driver answering the call for this session so far.



Florida / IMCA Modifieds Second and Final Practice Session will start at 3:30p.m., and run until 3:55p.m.



Steve Carlson and Toby Nuttleman look over Rebecca Kasten’s Super Late Model. (Speed 51.com Photo)




Join in the conversation our Five Star RaceCar Bodies Speedweeks Tweet Box on the right side of the page. Use the hashtag #SmyrnaWS to join in the conversation and tell us who you are watching or what is going on in your pit next week.



Mt. Brydges, Ontario/Canada driver, Cole Powell will do “double-duty throughout Speedweeks in a NASCAR Tour-Type Modified as well as a Pro Late Model. (Speed51.com Photo)




After the #19 spun in the turn, he went ahead and parked his car for the session. No other SK Modifieds appear to be ready to practice at the moment and thus Florida Modifieds will be next for practice in fifteen minutes.







And the #19 has spun in Turn Four.



SK Modified practice has started with the #19 on the track, but no name or transponder information is available.



Gary Balough was the 1971 Super Late Model Champion here at New Smyrna, this picture was taken in the 80’s (Speed51.com Photo)




Practice Times – Pro Late Model Session #1 presented by Gary Yeomans Ford:

11Cody Coughlin18.488

25Travis Swaim18.513

329Spencer Davis18.563

447Dakota Stroupe18.598

508Drew Brannon18.617

626Nathan Russell18.789

79Brandon Watson18.821

812Riley Emmel18.841

994Donnie Varcoe18.878

1087Mike Mazzagatti18.973

1138Kirk Hooker19.062

1248Dwayne Baker19.193

134Marc Jacobs19.233

1405Brad Corcoran19.272

158Jason Parker19.276

1635Noel Dowler, Jr.19.409

1707Tom Fares, Jr.19.415

1841Michael Scheffer19.423



Pro Late Model practice is over. We will post times as soon as possible. SK Modifieds are scheduled to go out next.



Gary Balough in a fire suit again at New Smyrna.




Track is all quiet except for a trio of young Canadian drivers looking for as much experience as possible.



We have just received word that the #07X Pro Late, a late entry we previously did not have a driver listed in, will be piloted during Smyrna Speedweeks by Gary Balough.

The 64-year old Balough is generally considered one of the greatest late model drivers of all-time in the Southeast, winning numerous ALL PRO, NASCAR All-American Challenge, NASCAR Elite, Southeast, and twice won the All-American 400, twice won the Snowball Derby, and won the World Crown.

The last time “Hotshoe” Balough was on asphalt (that we’re aware of, at least), was the 2001 Florida Governor’s Cup.



Mike Mazzagatti from Akron, Ohio makes laps in practice. (Speed51.com Photo)




Comment From Lumpy 

Thanx for the updates. Leaving Friday. Can’t wait to get the HECK out of here. Snow is melted, Muddy and all out bad for this time of the year in Wisconsin.



Comment From Guest 

Looking forward to watching Nathan Russell#26 out of PA, this week!







Brandon Watson in Pro Late Model practice. (Speed51.com Photo)




Spencer Davis seems to be the only driver who will take advantage of the remaining practice time after the track has once again gone green.



Caution is out as a pro late model has apparently stalled on the backstretch.



Top 5 with 10 minutes remaining:
1 Coughlin, 5 Swaim, 47 Stroup, 08 Brannon, and 26 Russell



9 Watson returns to the 1/2 mile.



Parker is looking good so far in his sleek #8 Prestige General Contractors Chevrolet



Comment From Michael Rusher-Horner 

Hoping for a good Speedweeks Debut for Sauble Speedway LLM Champion Jason Parker



08 Brannon is back out as is 35 Dowler.



07 Fares Jr., 94 Varcoe, 47 Stroup, and 87 Mazzagatti have all rejoined the pack of cars



Newcomer Marc Jacobs has a slick scheme (Speed51.com Photo)




Currently there are more Canadian based drivers on the track than American based teams.



35 Dowler and 1 Coughlin rejoin the track.



8 Jason Parker (Port Elgin, Ontario/Canada), 41 Michael Scheffer (Akron, OH), and 4 Marc Jacobs (Loudon, Ontario/Canada), and 38 Kirk Hooker (Chatham, Ontario/Canada) are all out on the track for the first time today.



So far the #1 JEGS.com Chevrolet of Cody Coughlin is sitting on top of the charts in early Practice Times.



94 Donnie Varcoe (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario/Canada) has made his way out onto the 1/2 mile and is joined by 87 Mike Mazzagatti (Akron, OH) and 48 Dwayne Baker (Stayner, Ontario/Canada).



Pro Lates on the track (Speed51.com Photo)




47 Dakota Stroup (Owensboro, KY) is on the track.



08 Brannon, 1 Coughlin are back on pit road.



05 Brad Corcoran (Milton, Ontario/Canada) is now out on the track.



Cars on the track includes; 08 Drew Brannon (Miami, FL), 26 Nathan Russell (Curwensville, PA), 07 Tom Fares Jr. (Hudson, OH), 12 Riley Emmel (Estevan, Saskatchewan/Canada), 29 Spencer Davis (Dawsonville, GA), 1 Cody Coughlin (Delaware, OH), 5 Travis Swaim (High Point, NC), 9 Brandon Watson (Stayner, Ontario/Canada), 81 Andrew Gressel (Hepworth, Ontario/Canada), and  35 Noel Dowler (Sherwood Park, Alberta/Canada),



Pro Late Models are on pit road waiting to head out for the first time today.



NASCAR Tour-Type Modifieds Practice #1 Results presented by Gary Yeomans Ford
1. 8 Jonathan Kievman 17.920 —- 100.446mph
2. 11 Billy Weichert 18.416
3. 22 Chuck Hossfield NO TIME (Transponder Issues)



Fairly quiet first Practice Session for the NASCAR Tour-Type Modifieds as they complete their first session



We were mistaken about the end of Modified practice as Kievman and Wiechert are back on the track. We are told five minutes til the first pro practice.



Pro Late Models will be out shortly. (Speed51.com Photo)




Modified practice appears to be over as more pros cross over at the Turn Four gate.



While the NASCAR Tour-Type Modifieds continue to Practice, several Pro Late Models from the turns 3-4 pit area have already made their way down onto pit road in anticipation of their first Practice Session of the day.



Ted Christopher has not been on track today as he is here for a shot at a 10th NASCAR Tour-Type Modifed title.  TC has won the last three straight titles here and has 42 career wins in the Modifieds here at New Smyrna during Speedweeks.



Weichert off and Kievman on. Two modifieds have not on the track at the same time yet this session.



Billy Weichert is the driver of the #11.



Hossfeld has pulled off the track and the #11 modified has pulled on. We are unsure of who this driver is since this appears to be a late entry.



22 Chuck Hossfield (Lockport, NY) is now out on the track.



8 Kievman has pulled in and the track is silent for the time being. The Pro Late Models are up next and they will go from 2:30-2:55p.m.






Comment From BOBBY D. 




Kievman calls Deerfield Beach, FL home.



Tour-type Modified practice has begun but thus far only the familiar purple and yellow #8 of Jonathan Kievman has taken to the half-mile.



Super Late Models Practice #1 Results presented by Gary Yeomans Ford
1. 89 Matt Tifft 18.171 —- 99.059mph
2. 07 Jeff Scofield 18.177
3. 36 Kyle Larson 18.194
4. 84 Martin Latulippe 18.207
5. 72 Scott Heckert 18.224
6. 49 Brian Levant 18.506
7. 56 Gus Dean 18.628
8. 8 John Hunter Nemechek 18.662
9. 48 Sam Fullone 18.675
10. 32 Rodney Brooks 18.852
11. 81 Shawn McGlynn 18.876
12. 12 David Green 18.913
13. 51 Mike Carlson 18.952
14. 00 Denver Foran 21.201



Practice is now complete for the Super Late Models, times will be posted shortly, up next will be the NASCAR Tour-Type Modifieds






Speed51.com is on Twitter at twitter.com/speed51dotcom – You can follow us and even tweet to us to get us news and information.



Join in the conversation our Five Star RaceCar Bodies Speedweeks Tweet Box on the right side of the page. Use the hashtag #SmyrnaWS to join in the conversation and tell us who you are watching or what is going on in your pit next week.



48 Fullone has joined the duo on the track.



Quite a diverse field, geographically wise as 13 cars have been on the track representing several different states and three Canadian provinces



72 Heckert and 89 Tifft await the signal to head back out.



A brief pause in the action to allow for more haulers to enter the infield as well as pedestrians to cross over.



🙂 We’re waiting for you….



Comment From Becca Kasten 

I’m coming as fast as I can.



49 Levant and 56 Dean are currently the only two cars on the track.



NASCAR driver Joe Nemechek (in the middle) watches his son make laps in practice. (Speed51.com Photo)




49 Brian Levant (Calgary, Alberta/Canada) has joined 8 Nemechek on the track while 56 Dean has also returned.



8 John Hunter Nemechek (Mooresville, NC) is on the track for the first time today.



Also on the track is; 00 Denver Foran (Edmonton, Alberta/Canada), 12 David Green (Plantation, FL), 36 Kyle Larson (Elk Grove, CA), 51 Mike Carlson (West Salem, WI – Filling in for Rebecca Kasten), 72 Scott Heckert (Ridgefield, CT), and 81 Shawn McGlynn (Kitchener, Ontario/Canada).



Super Late Models are on the track and they include; 07 Jeff Scofield (Plant City, FL), 56 Gus Dean (Bluffton, SC), 84 Martin Latulippe (Vallee Junction, Quebec/Canada), 48 Sam Fullone (North Collins, NY), and 89 Matt Tifft (Hinckley, OH)



About 10 or so cars are on the track right now in Super Late Model practice.



Cars warm up their tires on the pace laps for the first Super Late Model practice. (Speed51.com Photo)




Florida / IMCA Modifieds Practice #1 Results presented by Gary Yeomans Ford
1. 66 Jerry Symons 19.165
2. 1 Jesse Adams 19.447
3. 57 Tim Moore 19.510
4. 15 Robert Deal 19.554
5. 15k Kevin Bloxam 20.427
6. 14 Foster Mackey 20.904



Late Model practice set to begin. (Speed51.com Photo)




No Modifieds are in any hurry to head back out for the last few minutes of Practice while Super Late Models are starting to line-up on Pit Road….



Rebecca Kasten’s #51 Super Late Model is on pit road waiting to head out, however she is not here yet. The Mequon, Wisconsin driver is en route to the track from school so West Salem, Wisconsin driver, Mike Carlson, (Son of Midwestern Legend, Steve Carlson) a regular up at LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway is shaking down the Scion Dental entry for her.



This car won last weeks Pete Orr Memorial 100 with Kyle Larson behind the wheel. (Speed51.com Photo)




Currently there are no Modifieds on the track and there’s still about 8 minutes left in this session. So far quick time belongs to 66 Symons who turned a 19.165



57 Moore is the only car currently on the track. Rough estimate of about 10 Florida / IMCA Modifieds on hand today for Practice.



Super Late Models get set for the next round of practice. (Speed51.com Photo)




Yes we will after each and every session for the cars that turn laps only…. If they don’t come out for that particular session, they won’t be listed or are not on the grounds.



Comment From Guest 

will you have lap times today



66 Jerry Symons (New Smyrna Beach, FL) and 57 Tim Moore (St. Petersburg, FL) have entered the track.



This first session for the Florida / IMCA Modifieds will run until 1:25p.m., then from 1:30-1:55p.m., the Super Late Models will get there first chance of Speedweeks to turn some laps.



1 Adams and 14 Mackey have pitted leaving just a pair of 15s on the track for the time being.



Comment From Jake 

Good luck to all drivers, crews, fans, and families.



15k Kevin Bloxam (Hillard, OH) has joined the trio on the track.



(Mackey is no relation to Speed51.com’s own Adam Mackey) (For those who were wondering….)



1 Jesse Adams (Akron, OH) and 15 Robert Deal (Titusville, FL) have joined Mackey.



Florida / IMCA Modifieds are now on the track for the first time in 2012 as 14 Foster Mackey (Akron, OH) is the first car of Speedweeks to hit the 1/2 mile.



Huge Thanks to JEGS.com for all of their support as for the second-straight year, JEGS.com will be the presenting sponsor of Speed51.com’s extensive World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing coverage at New Smyrna Speedway in Florida.

51 is once again be the Official News Site of New Smyrna Speedweeks and will have live Trackiside Now coverage from now through the end of the nine-night festivities on February 25th.  JEGS.com will also present Speed 51 Radio’s broadcasts of the biggest races of Smyrna Speedweeks.  More details on 51 Radio’s broadcast schedule will be released soon.

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Florida Modifieds will be the first group of cars on the track. (Speed51.com Photo)




Florida / IMCA Modifieds are starting to get around to head out for the first Practice Session of the 46th annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing.



Thursday, February 16th
1:00pm Practice Begins
1:00-1:25 Florida Modifieds
1:30-1:55 Super Late Models
2:00-2:25 Tour Type Modifieds
2:30-2:55 Pro Late Models
3:00-3:25 SK Modifieds
3:30-3:55 Florida Modifieds
4:00-4:25 – Super Late Models
4:30-4:55 – Tour Type Modifieds
5:00-5:25 – Pro Late Models
5:30-5:55 – SK Modifieds
6pm Practice Ends



46th annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing Schedule

Friday, February 17 – Opening Night of the World Series
Super Late Models | NASCAR Tour-Type Modifieds
Pro Late Models | SK Modifieds | FL/IMCA Type Modifieds

Saturday, February 18 – SUPER STOCKS 50
Super Late Models | NASCAR Tour-Type Modifieds
Pro Late Models | SK Modifieds | FL/IMCA Type Modifieds

Sunday, February 19 – TBARA WINGED SPRINT CARS
Super Late Models | Pro Late Models
FL/IMCA Type Modifieds

Monday, February 20 – TBARA WINGED SPRINT CARS
NASCAR Tour-Type Modifieds | SK Modifieds
FL/IMCA Type Modifieds

Tuesday, February 21 – SK MODIFIEDS 50
Super Late Models | NASCAR Tour-Type Modifieds
Pro Late Models | FL/IMCA Type Modifieds

Wednesday, February 22 – 5th ANNUAL JOHN BLEWETT III MEMORIAL
Super Late Models | Pro Late Models | SK Modifieds

Thursday, February 23 – SUPER LATE MODELS 50
NASCAR Tour-Type Modifieds | Pro Late Models
SK Modifieds | Pro-Trucks

Friday, February 24 – 27th ANNUAL RICHIE EVANS MEMORIAL
Super Late Models | Pro Late Models
SK Modifieds | Pro-Trucks

Saturday, February 25 – 2012 BRIGHT HOUSE CHALLENGE SERIES
NASCAR Tour-Type Modifieds



Yes he is



Comment From kmd04106 

Is Kelly down there helping Ryan(Moore) out??? Curious if it’s Ryan’s car or one of Kelly’s that Ryan’s running. Can almost tell from the pic….hahaha



Don’t forget Timmy Q.. 🙂



Comment From Ryan 

Chilling in the apartment in Troy ready for the Rattler in March. Awesome job, Prieur and Elgin!



While it’s a fairly relaxing day here in New Smyrna Beach, Florida it is also an important day for the teams on the grounds. Especially for those who have never seen the fast 1/2 mile high-banked paved oval. Anything learned today could potentially give the teams here today perhaps a leg up on the competitors who wait until tomorrow to get here.



Comment From Renee 

I wish I was there with all of you but I will for sure be keeping up on everything at my desk with trackside now.



One of the biggest changes down here this World Series has been the consolidation of the Late Model classes. Last year, there were Pro, Super, Limited, and ACT-Type LMs. Only Pros and Supers are divisions this year after Limiteds merged into the Pro field.



Comment From Jake 

Congrats Duke and Mandy…..



Speed51.com’s Home for the next 10 days. (Speed51.com Photo)




They stay at the track unless they want to work on them. The track locks everything up at the end of the night.



Comment From dennis 

can the race cars stay at the track for the night, or do they have to leave every day?



Late models going thru tech for the first time this World Series (Speed51.com)




Eric Goodale in the tech line. (Speed51.com Photo)




Yes, it has been a tough winter for the Hillbilly Racing team after longtime team patriarch Roger Hill passed away. We wish their family well and are glad to see the team at the track.



Comment From Darlene 

Lots of luck to Daniel Hemric and the #79 team, racing in memory of Roger Hill!



Tour-Type Modifed Entry List
22 Chuck Hossfeld
40 Ryan Preece
50 Kevin Goodale
58 Eric Goodale
73 Cole Powell
79 Daniel Hemric
79 Donnie Nall
79 Derrick Hill
4 Barry Callavini
07 Patrick Emerling
71 Jimmy Zacharias
78 John Jenson
00 Ted Christopher
5 Kyle Ebersole
70 Andy Seuss

SK Modifed Entry List
59 Dave Cramner
70 Jeremy Gerstner
07 Patrick Emerling
71 Jimmy Zacharias
5 TJ Zacharias
7 Mike Odwazy
20 Jody Buckley
12 Rob Shultz



Comment From Nathan 

Show the entry list for Mods.



Thanks Brady. By the way, you’ve picked up some pretty good writing skills in the last 24 hours.



Comment From Brady Kentfield 

That’s one good-looking little guy’s photo in your coverage earlier! Daddy misses being with you guys, but he promised we will follow the coverage and listened to the radio broadcasts later in the week once we get home from the hospital. Have fun guys!



Comment From Carole 

Good Luck #9 Team (Watson)



Reminder that the first practice of the day will be up in an hour when the Florida Modifieds hit the track for 25 minutes.

You can scroll down to see the full schedule for today’s World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing Practice Day at the 11:05 mark.






The 51 crew has moved the party to Flip Flops each night after the racing action. Flip Flops is located at 725 East Third Avenue in New Smyrna Beach FL.



Teams and New Smyrna Speedway officials couldn’t ask for better weather as pre-practice tune-ups continue on pit road. It has already reached eighty degrees and will be in the mid-to-high 70s for the rest of the week.



Our pre-entry list says 20 and we don’t expect them to all be here today.



Comment From Guest 

how many florida mods are there



Racecar Engineering is one of our Smyrna Speedweeks sponsors. Give them a call today 1-800-882-7231 or log on their site at www.RaceCarEng.com






Ryan Moore got his first Super Late Model win here a year ago. (Speed51.com Photo)




The Super Late Model field is full of interesting names. We know and expect several to show up later today or early tomorrow.



Super Late Model Entry List (31)

8 John Hunter Nemechek
11 David Rogers
36 Tim Russell
47 Dakota Stroup
49 Brian Levant
74 Ryan Moore
07 Jeff Scofield
89 Matt Tifft
71 Kyle Benjamin
12 Stephen Weaver
13 Frank Alberson
18 Bill Catania
20 Anthony Sergi
81 Shawn McGlynn
32 Rodney Brooks
51 Rebecca Kasten
56 Gus Dean
72 Scott Heckert
84 Martin Latulippe
78 Zach Germain
87 Harold Crooms
36 Kyle Larson
51 Stephen Nasse
18 Bruce Gowland
55 Todd Allen
00 Denver Foran
5 Jamie Skinner
48 Sam Fullone
33 Derrick Wood
33X Ricky Wood
21 Derrrick Kelley



Brandon Watson leads a solid list of Canadians. (Speed51.com Photo)




On this list we see some former winners and lots of young talent. We will be covering some of the story lines today.



Pro Late Model Entry List (32 Cars)

8 Jason Parker
12 Riley Emmel
25 Cole Powell
35 Noel Dowler
38 Kirk Hooker
41 Michael Scheffer
47 Dakota Stroup
48 Dwayne Baker
55 Mason Mitchell
07X Tom Fares, Jr.
08 Drew Brannon
9 Brandon Watson
15 Tank Tucker
18 Zack Jarell
20 Anthony Sergi
26 Nathan Russell
87 Mike Mazzagatti
1 Cody Coughlin
29 Spencer Davis
96 John Nutley
81 Andrew Gressel
61 Brent Wheller
3 Doug Sommers
05 Brad Corcoran
5 Jamie Skinner
5 Travis Swaim
68 Russell Shaw
94 Donnie Varcoe
28 Sean Bass
4 Marc Jacobs
6 Brandon Hermiller
10 Frank Duquette



This year the Limited Late Model class and the Pro Late Model class have been combined to create one big division that will feature well over 30 cars each night. We are not sure as of yet how many will start, but we will keep you posted.



Chuck Hossfeld’s tour-type Mod. (Speed51.com Photo)




Cars are still rolling into the track and we expect that several will not even make it here today. We know of several teams making their plans for later next week to come down.



Comment From Guest 

Thanks 51 for being there! Trackside Now is a great excuse to goof off at work! I’m really looking forward to getting down there in a few days!



Our first pic of the 2012 Smyrna Speedweeks comes from North Carolina. Our own Matt “Duke” Kentfield will be missing his first Speedweeks since he started with the 51 company. The reason is a good one as he and his wife Mandy welcomed little Brady Evans Kentfield into the world yesterday at 1:30pm. The little guy has not even been here for 24 hours and we can honestly say he is the youngest person to ever get their face on our Trackside Now coverage. Congratulations to the whole family.



Brady Evans Kentfield was born at 1:30pm on Wednesday in Concord, North Carolina. (Daddy Duke Photos)




We have to thank JEGS.com for being the presenting sponsor for the Smyrna World Series coverage. It’s not too late to help us out and get your business advertising space on 51 this week. Email us at [email protected] for more info.







Comment From SandeeM 

Go Daniel Hotshoe Hemric. Lexington, NC and all of your fans are following your season. Hey Kenzie good Luck too!



Thursday, February 16th
8:00am Gates Open, Tech Opens, Tires Opens
9:00am Registration Opens
1:00pm Practice Begins
1:00-1:25 Florida Modifieds
1:30-1:55 Super Late Models
2:00-2:25 Tour Type Modifieds
2:30-2:55 Pro Late Models
3:00-3:25 SK Modifieds
3:30-3:55 Florida Modifieds
4:00-4:25 – Super Late Models
4:30-4:55 – Tour Type Modifieds
5:00-5:25 – Pro Late Models
5:30-5:55 – SK Modifieds
6pm Practice Ends



Cars are already rolling across the scales as we get set for practice at 1pm today.



Good morning and welcome to the 46th Annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway (FL). Today is about one thing…. Practice. Each division that is running the first night will have two sessions on the track today to tune their car. We’ll be here all day covering the action before we throw the green flag tomorrow night.



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Trackside Now: 46th Annual World Series – New Smyrna Speedway (FL) – 2/15/12