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Thank you again for tuning in with us tonight. We hope to see you tomorrow here on Trackside Now. Congrats to Rich Clouser on his big win tonight and all the other division winners. Good night. 
Final practice times.
From Connecticut but as far as we know has relocated here. Has been running SLMs at Orlando 
Comment From Guest 

any background on Heckert? 

Practice has concluded for the day. Ben Kennedy’s lap of 17.487 will hold up as the fastest SLM lap here this today. 
Remember that we will be live here tomorrow after lunch with Trackside Now of the 46th Annual Governor’s Cup 200 presented by Progressive Racing Engines. 
Comment From 07slm 

thanks guys for staying up late 

Jimmy Weller (Speed51.com Photo)
We have just been told that due to noise complaints, this practice will be ending in five minutes. 
Travis Cope has spun in Turn Three causing a short caution. 
Scott Heckert in the number 72.
Becca Kasten’s crew makes some serious mechanical adjustments (Speed51.com Photo)
Cody Lane’s weekend is likely over after this crash (Speed51.com Photo)
Green back out on the track. 
Lane;s car is being towed away now. 
He has not filed an entry yet, but he definitely looks like he’s considering putting his #84 in that show. 
Ben Kennedy just turned a quick lap.
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any chance of Wayne Anderson at the snowball derby? 

Ben Kennedy had just set the fastest time of the night with a 17.487 second circuit, besting Travis Cope’s day-leading time by a tenth and a half. 
CAUTION – #27 Cody Lane has just demolished the left and rear of his car into the Turn 2 barrier. 
Justin Larson’s car gets some attention.
Wayne Anderson is currently second followed by Tim Russell, David Rogers and Jimmy Weller 
Stephen Nasse is currently at the top of the charts about 15 minutes into this practice. 
Lots of cars on pit road as crews are taking advantage of this long practice session to make more complex changes to their machines. 
Rich Clouser, fresh off celebrating his Limited Late Model track championship, has hopped in an SLM car and is ready to make his first Governor’s Cup practice times. 
Comment From calvin 

i appreciate speed51.com for there slm happy hour practice. thank you 

Erik Jones waits as his team works on his car.
The caution has been displayed for a few seconds after Bobby Good looped it in three and four. 
Wayne Anderson is in the 84 after the 4B car he was driving lost a motor. 
No we have pushed that into the final hour. 
Comment From Guest 

Did SLM miss the 3rd practice 

We see Wayne Anderson’s number 84 on the grid line, but we know he’s driving for Alan Bruns. We’ll have to look into this further. 
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We appreciate you staying up late with us here on a Saturday morning. Happy Hour is underway. 
David Rogers gets ready for practice.
Joe Candalino, who finished the runner-up this year at NSS in the Strictly Stock Division, has just said this is his final year here as he and his family are pulling up their stakes and moving this winter. 
We see thirty cars that are ready to practice here as we hit midnight on the East Coast 
Super Lates ready for their final practice are lined up on pit road. 
Shyanne Mathers in Victory Lane (Speed51.com Photo)
Joe Fitos in Victory Lane (Speed51.com Photo)
Shyanne Mathers has won the 20-lap feature, her fifth straight division win. 
Shyanne Mathers, the only female driver in this field, has taken command of this race at the halfway point. 
Strictly Stock on track for a twenty-lap feature 
Tech has cleared from all features tonight. 
Fitos wins his 8th and final feature of the season. 
Fitos isn’t exactly running away with this one but has a decent lead with five laps to go. 
Joe Fitos, already having clinched the 2011 Pro Truck championship, leads at the halfway point. He has 7 wins in 11 starts 
Here are the results to the Limited Late Model Feature

1 9 Rich Clouser
2 9Z Zack Donatti
3 15 Jason Boyd
4 111 Donny Williams
5 10 Michael Seay
6 00X Daniel Miller
7 00 C.J. Castetter
8 24 Bruce Bennett
9 19 Ray Black, Jr.
10 5 Travis Swain
11 15T Tank Tucker
12 20 Anthony Sergi
13 53 Jason Vail
14 32 Michael Williams, Jr.
15 29 Rusty Ebersole
16 01 Scott Smith
17 11 Aaron Barsness
18 66 Jerry Symons
19 4B Alan Bruns
20 12 Riley Emmel
21 127 Kyle Maynard

Eight trucks will start the Pro Truck feature. 
Pro Trucks now on the track. 
11 for 11 and the Championship for Rich.
Pro Trucks and Strictly Stocks are next on the docket. 
Clouser will draw the 50-50 ticket tonight. $207 goes to the winner of the raffle. 
Rich Clouser gets a silly string shower in victory lane.
Castetter finished seventh and will lose the championship to Clauser by around ten points. 
LAP 50 – CHECKERED – Clouser goes 11-for-11 in 2011 to claim the championship. Donatti holds off Boyd by a door at the line. 
LAP 49- Clouser gets away as Donatti spins the tires 
One lap to go. 
Jason Boyd car ran into the wall while waiting out the red flag, but has been towed back on the track and everything seems fine.(Speed51.com Photo)
Cars refiring. 
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As far as we know, Bruce Bennett is okay, but he is being handled with extra precaution due to his young age. 
Now something has broken on Jason Boyd’s third place car during the caution and it just rolled into the frontstretch wall. 
Ray Black Jr on top of Bruce Bennett. (Speed51.com Photo)
Oil has completely coated the frontstretch 
With all the oil and debris, the red flag is out. 
LAP 49 – CAUTION – Bruce Bennett blew up the car and Ray Black, Jr. had no where to go, running on top of Bennett. The two ran down the frontstretch and Black came to rest on Bennett’s A-post. 
LAP 48 – Clouser up to five carlengths while Boyd might catch Donatti for the runner-up spot 
LAP 44 – Ray Black, Jr. got really looose under Bennett and will fall back to fifth by a few carlengths. 
LAP 40 – Ten laps to go. Black now under Bennett for fourth. 
LAP 36 – Clouser has his biggest lead of the night in four carlengths. 
Emmel was in a first lap crash and will finish last tonight. 
Comment From jeff 

what happended to Riley Emmel 

LAP 35 – Bruce Benett has now inherited fourth with Ray Black, Jr. fifth. 
LAP 32 – Swain got on the outside of Boyd on the restart but got squirrelly out of two and fell off the pace. In fact, he now seems to have a flat tire 
LAP 31 – GREEN – Clouser easily clears Donetti into one, adding up a carlength lead quickly. 
One to go til green. Nineteen laps to go. 
Adjusting their schedule, track officials have decided to scrap the third practice and slightly lengthen the Super Late Happy Hour from 60 to 75 minutes. 
LAP 31 – CAUTION – Costetter spun out by himself trying to keep in the title picture. Drives away clean. 
LAP 28 – Clouser has a three carlength lead on Donatti. If he wins this race, he will win the 2011 NSS Limited Late Model title. 
LAP 27 – For the first time in a dozen laps, Boyd has clear Swain. 
LAP 25 – Fifth goes to Bruce Bennett, following by Donny Williams and Ray Black, Jr. 
LAP 23 – Tucker slow and heading to pit road. 
LAP 20 – Swain under Boyd but Boyd prevails on the high side for third. 
LAP 19 – Clouser clears Donatti for the lead. 
LAP 18 – Clouser and Donatti race side by side with Donatti useing the high line and momentum to hang onto the lead. 
LAP 16 – Swain has caught Boyd for third as Clouser continues to work Donatti 
Sergi has come to pit road. 
LAP 14 – Clouser is now second and tracking down Donatti 
LAP 13 – RESTART – Sergi and Tucker get together on the restart with Tucker doing a half-loop out of two 
Field gets the one to go signal. Zack Donatti is the leader and will start on the outside of Anthony Sergi. Rich Clouser has snuck up to 4th as he attempts to go 11-for-11 in 2011. 
Vail is okay, but his car is toast. 
LAP 13 – CAUTION – Jason Viel spins into the outside wall driver’s door first in Turn One 
LAP 12 – RESTART – Donatti gets a good jump on the restart. Sergi passes Tanker for second. 
One to go is finally displayed at the line. We will try to get the 13th lap in the book. 
Tanker and Zack Donatti will be the lead duo heading into the restart 
Costetter has returned to the track despite severe damage, hoping to salvage a title. 
Travis Swain has come to pit road under this yellow. 
Cars are now rolling as we are back to yellow. 
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Still working red. 
Actually, we have been corrected by track officials in that it is Travis SWAIN, not Travis SWAIM tonight. Swaim has run in Florida a number of times, but luckily our “Stat Boy” remembered a similarly named driver and we were able to get some phonetic emphasis added to the “N”. 
Aaron Barsness wreck off turn two. (Speed51.com Photo)
Yes, Travis is a former track champion at Caraway, but he runs down here quite often. 
Comment From Guest 

is that the Travis Swaim that runs LMSCs in the carolinas during the summer? 

Also the #11 Aaron Barsness was involved. It appears he doored Castetter, not Black, who did have some damage from the contact

This will more than likely end the championship hopes of Castetter.

The red flag is now displayed 

LAP 12 – CAUTION – Castetter has spun off Turn Two and was T-Boned on the right door by Ray Black, Jr. 
GREEN FLAG: Back to action here at New Smyrna. 
One lap to green. We have 12 laps in the books. 
One to go at the line. 
Top Five: Donatti, Tank Tucker, Michael Williams Jr, Bruce Bennett and Anthony Sergi. 
Yes, this is a fifty-lap feature. 
Comment From FRED 

is this 50 laps? 

YELLOW LAP 12: Scott Smith hits the wall in turn one. 
Lap 11: Zack Donatti is gone for the lead here in the Limited 50 lapper. 
Lap 8: Rich Clouser is looking to crack the top 10 back in the pack. 
Lap 6: Travis Swaim bumps and runs Rusty Ebersole to move into 10th. 
Tucker is in a number 15 as is Jason Boyd who is in sixth. 
Lap 4: Tank tucker works his way up to third. 
Lap 4: In the points battle, C.J. Castetter has a five-spot cushion but we noticed he has some pretty bad right door damage from the first caution. 
Lap 3: Donny Williams falls back several spot. 
Lap 1: Zack Donatti leads the first lap over Bruce Bennett. 
GREEN FLAG: We are back to racing. 
One lap to the restart. 
The cars are being running around to blow off the oil dry in turn one. 
Donny Williams is the top car on the rack, but we think they will reset the lineup. 
Riley Emmel and Alan Bruns look to be done for the night. 
Right now we have no laps in the books. 
Emmel has some nose damage and some more on the right side. 
Riley Emmel is being pushed away by the wrecker. 
Kyle Maynard is on pit road. 
Here are practice times from Super Late Governor’s Cup practice #2:

1 26 Travis Cope 17.629
2 27 Bobby Good 17.661
3 4 Erik Jones 17.691
4 96 Ben Kennedy 17.769
5 82 Donnie Wilson 17.802
6 55 Todd Allen 17.824
7 89 Matt Tifft 17.849
8 07 Jeff Scofield 17.851
9 36 Tim Russell 17.863
10 51K Becca Kasten 17.869
11 92 Josh Todd 17.872
12 23 Jimmy Weller 17.893
13 10 George Gorham 17.914
14 5 Joe Boyd 17.917
15 11 David Rogers 17.923
16 51 Stephen Nasse 17.967
17 64 Joe Winchell 18.001
18 29 Landon Cling 18.128
19 22 Dusty Cornelius 18.142
20 81 Anthony Campi 18.149
21 47 Davey Gibbs 18.169
22 4b Wayne Anderson 18.242
23 33 Daniel Webster 18.283
24 59 Jake Perkins 18.286
25 55 Billy Mowery 18.4
26 97 Patrick Staropoli 18.413
27 12X David Green 18.428
28 99 Josh Williams 22.525
29 88 Justin Larson NaN

YELLOW FLAG: LAP 0: Kyle Maynard, Alan Bruns, Daniel Miller, Riley Emmel all pileup in turn one. 
GREEN FLAG: We are underway. 
Williams will start on the pole with Zack Donatti after a redraw. 
The Limited Late Modes are on their parade laps. 
Starting Lineup

1 20 Anthony Sergi 18.276
2 15 Jason Boyd 18.343
3 15 Tank Tucker 18.424
4 53 Jason Veil 18.468
5 34 Bruce Bennett 18.515
6 32 Michael Williams, Jr. 18.598
7 9D Zack Donatti 18.621
8 111 Donny Williams 18.65
9 29 Rusty Ebersole 18.697
10 19 Ray Black, Jr. 18.697
11 4 Alan Bruns 18.71
12 66 Jerry Symons 18.719
13 00 C.J. Castetter 18.72
14 11 Aaron Barsness 18.791
15 12 Riley Emmel 19.007
16 01 Scott Smith 19.04
17 00X Daniel Miller 19.183
18 9 Rich Clouser DQ
19 5 Travis Swaim DQ
20 127 Kyle Maynard DQ

Limited Late Models are rolling on the track for their 50 lap event. 
Fans taking in practice (Speed51.com Photo)
SLMs are running Hoosiers. Believe it is Hoosier across the board 
Comment From Former Tire Guy 

Are the super late models running Goodyear or Hoosier? What about the other divisions? 

Todd Allen was fast in first practice (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Guest 

sweet paint on Nasse’s car 

Limited Late Models about to roll out for their feature. 
Matt Tifft’s team is looking for speed (Speed51.com Photo)
Travis Cope ended up on top over Bobby Good, and Erik Jones. 
Cars waiting to go out in the SLM session (Speed51.com Photo)
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Final minutes of practice here in the second Super Late Model session. 
We are halfway home in this session. 
Once again Travis Cope is on top of the charts. He is a former pole sitter here at the Governor’s Cup. 
We are YELLOW here in practice. Just getting some cars across the top pits to pit lane here at New Smyrna. 
They include: Joe Boyd, Matt Tifft, Daniel Webster, George Gorham, Jimmy Weller, Anthony Campi and others. 
About a dozen cars are on track now for practice. 
Austin Stamper and Tank Tucker have been DQ’ed from the Modified race. Frame heights were too low. 
Super Late Models are now on the track for practice. 
Jarrett Snowden is the 2011 Champion.
Jerry Symons won the Mod feature.
The next Super Late Model practice is due up next. 
Jerry Symons has won this race despite a late race charge by Austin Stamper.

Jarrett Snowden has won the 2011 NSS Open Wheel Modified title with a solid finish this evening. 

Jerry Symons has thus far been in complete control of the Modified feature. Five laps remain. 
2011 NSS Mini Stock champ Mark Broat and his family (Speed51.com Photo)
The new prospect out of Canada. They have Tim Russell working with him this weekend. We are guessing he could be back here for Speedweeks in February. 
Comment From www 

who’s Riley Emmel? 

Mark Broat hugs his daughter after claiming the championship (Speed51.com Photo)
Weller lives in North Carolina as he is a teammate to Ryan Blaney in both Late Models and NASCAR K&N Pro Series East. 
Comment From Guest 

does Jimmy Weller live in Florida nowadays? or did he actually haul from Ohio this weekend? 

One lap to green for the Modifieds. 
Cody Blair in Victory Lane (Speed51.com Photo)
We have a field of 16 Modifieds here tonight. 
We see a white 42, that must be him. 
Comment From Doug 

Is Richie Smith there in the #42 modified? 

In the Modified division, Jarrett Snowden has pretty much locked up the 2011 New Smyrna Division Championship and will roll off inside the top-five. 
The Modifieds will be up next for their feature here tonight. 
Cody Blair won the race, his third of the year as Mark Broat won the Mini Stock title. 
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Don’t know too much about Cody. He made four Florida All Star Tour starts last year without much success and the same in his limited Florida UP Series starts this season.

He is not a local competitor here. 

Comment From jeff alan thomas 

any background on Cody Lane? 

Mark Broat, who won the Mini-Stock title when his two challengers crashed a few laps ago has brought out another caution after a mechanical failure. 
We want to thank Ocean Properties for accommodation for the 46th Annual Governor’s Cup 200 weekend. It’s not too early to give them a call to prep for Speedweeks 2012. 
He was not on the entry list for the SLM nor did we see him in the pits. We do know that team is bringing a very strong car to the Snowball. 
Comment From steve 

Is jeff choquette racing this weekend? 

Limited Late Model Qualifying Update. Three drivers have DQed post-qualifying inspection – polesitter Rich Clouser, second place Travis Swaim (who replaced Jamie Skinner today) and fourth place Kyle Maynard. That means Anthony Sergi will start up front. We’ll have an updated lineup just prior to the 50-lapper.

The Mini Stock race restarted only to have two cars tangle in Turn One. 

The frontstretch wall and damaged victory lane signage tells of Haight’s wild ride (Speed51.com Photo)
For half of this race, Mark Broat seemed as though the championship in Mini Stocks would slip through his grasp, being well of the pace.

But lead challengers Jamie Dixson and Todd Haught just had a big crash coming off of Turn Four with each other, Haught riding the front pitstretch wall and obliterating the victory lane signage. 

Again we want to thank Progressive Racing Engines as our presenting sponsor for this weekend’s Trackside Now coverage. Call 305-687-5931 for more information on their engines. 
Here are your times from first Super Late Governor’s Cup practice as Mini Stocks take pace laps:

1 26 Travis Cope 17.661
2 4 Erik Jones 17.679
3 82 Donnie Wilson 17.696
4 55 Todd Allen 17.702
5 11 David Rogers 17.732
6 4b Wayne Anderson 17.744
7 88 Justin Larson 17.816
8 71 Colt James 17.818
9 07 Jeff Scofield 17.827
10 96 Ben Kennedy 17.829
11 36 Tim Russell 17.888
12 51 Stephen Nasse 17.91
13 22 Dusty Cornelius 17.915
14 29 Landon Cling 17.932
15 51K Becca Kasten 17.999
16 23 Jimmy Weller 18.007
17 92 Josh Todd 18.023
18 81 Anthony Campi 18.043
19 10 George Gorham 18.053
20 64 Joe Winchell 18.104
21 55 Billy Mowery 18.127
22 59 Jake Perkins 18.186
23 12 David Green 18.209
24 97 Patrick Staropoli 18.419
25 33 Daniel Webster 18.482
26 89 Matt Tifft 18.498

In the Mini-Stock division, the title will come down to three drivers – Mark Broat, Jamie Dixson, and Todd Haught. Broat has a fairly comfortable 22 point cushion – about 6 or 7 positions in a fourteen car field. 
As the track has done all season, tonight the track is raising funds for Breast Cancer Awareness. This season long commitment has resulted in the white and black checkered victory lane and start-finish line being recoloured pink and black. We want to commend New Smyrna for this effort and encourage all at home to keep this cause in mind. 
Mini Stocks will be coming up shortly, the first feature of the night. 
Team members watch their cars flash around this fast speedway (Speed51.com Photo)
Practice #1 has concluded for the Super Lates.

1 #26 Travis Cope – 17.661
2 #4 Erik Jones – 17.769
3 #82 Donnie Wilson

We will have the rest of the times shortly. 

Tim Russell making laps (Speed51.com Photo)
Five minutes remain in this practice per track radio. 
Colt James chats with his crew.
Some cars are ready to go back to the north pits.
Justin Larson times the other cars in practice.
On track action.
Currently on track include Jimmy Weller, Tim Russell, and local favorite Daniel Webster 
About a dozen cars out on the speedway at the moment. 
There will be a halfway break. 
Comment From FAST 

Are the supers doing a halfway break like last year or live pit stops? 

Wayne Anderson is in Alan Bruns’ car this weekend. 
Erik Jones leads the Super Lates onto the racing surface. 
Erik Jones will be the first car off.
Last years Snowball Derby runner-up Donnie Wilson.
Some vehicles from the local divisions that were not here for practice are being given courtesy laps. 
Report from tech finds things have been pretty clean in Super Late Model tech. Some of the Limiteds have had some issues. We’ll keep you posted. 
Becca Kasten was fast here in February. She was the first female to win a Super Late Model race in SpeedWeeks.
Super Late Model engines are humming and the first practice of the weekend is about to begin! 
Qualifying Times – Limited Late Model Division

1 9 Rich Clouser 17.965
2 5 Jamie Skinner 18.02
3 20 Anthony Sergi 18.276
4 127 Kyle Maynard 18.291
5 15 Jason Boyd 18.343
6 15 Tank Tucker 18.424
7 53 Jason Veil 18.468
8 34 Bruce Bennett 18.515
9 32 Michael Williams, Jr. 18.598
10 9D Zack Donatti 18.621
11 111 Donny Williams 18.65
12 29 Rusty Ebersole 18.697
13 19 Ray Black, Jr. 18.697
14 4 Alan Bruns 18.71
15 66 Jerry Symons 18.719
16 00 C.J. Castetter 18.72
17 11 Aaron Barsness 18.791
18 12 Riley Emmel 19.007
19 01 Scott Smith 19.04
20 00X Daniel Miller 19.183

Qualifying is over with Rich Clouser topping Jamie Skinner and final qualifier Anthony Sergi 
Rich Clouser has broken the 18-second barrier in qualifying and leads at halfway. He needs to finish 5 positions better than C.J. Castetter in the race to claim the title and Castetter has had a woeful qualifying effort. 
Jeff Scofield waits for practice.
Plenty more cars still to qualify.
Some of the Super Late Models are still going through tech. 
Tim Russell is working with Riley Emmel from Canada.
Jason Boyd getting set for Limited time trials.
Jason Boyd (18.343), the only driver other than Rich Clouser to win a division race this year, is the polesitter after a few cars. 
Limited Late Models qualifying began with Alan Bruns. He timed in one lap but then spun on lap two off the second corner without contact. 
However, the LLM class season championship will come down to two drivers today. C.J. Castetter has a 17 point championship cushion on Rich Clouser. Clouser has missed one race, but has won all TEN of his starts this season. Castetter and Clouser are the only drivers who have a shot at winning the title.

We will update you on the other feature races this evening as well as the points for all of those divisions as season titles will be determined tonight. 

While most of the names in this Limited Late Model class will be unfamiliar to most outside of our normal followers for New Smyrna, there are a few drivers we want to highlight:

* Jamie Skinner (#5) is the son of NASCAR Camping World Truck Series champ Mike Skinner and has made a few starts himself at the upper levels of NASCAR.

* Alan Bruns (#4B) was a fixture on the old FASCAR Goodyear Challenge Series late model tour.

* Jason Boyd (#15) was the only driver to win titles in both of FASCAR’s major touring series – the Sunbelt Super Lates and the Goodyear Challenge and led the Challenge tour in career victories with 11 wins.

* Jerry Symons (#66) was also a champion on the Challenge Series circuit, winning three times in 2002 to claim the title. 

Looks like they will do a tire scruff being qualifying gets underway. 
We’re told LLM qualifying will start in just a moment. Drivers are strapping in. 
We do appear to be running just a bit off schedule as the drivers’ meeting is just concluding and the Limited Late Model machines are still warming up for time trials. 
Fans taking in a lovely evening and the sights and sounds of racing (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Sarasota 

we will be there tommorrow, thx. for allowing us to keep up to date & enjoy tonights action! 

The coldest place in New Smyrna right now is the media box. It’s definitely tempting to take our computers outside into a wonderful Florida night, currently in the high 60s with a light seabreeze unfurling the flags. The weather is going to be just as nice tomorrow evening, so we strongly encourage anyone within a few hours’ drive of this facility to come on out tomorrow. 
Stephen Nasse got some extra help for this weekends race.
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We would like to take this down moment to thank our presenting sponsor for this weekend, Progressive Racing Engines. 
Tech line is still rolling.
Local Practice is over. Next up is Limited Late Model (LLM) qualifying. 
Here are the past winners of the Governor’s Cup. Not too many will be in the field Saturday, but you better believe those handful of drivers – Wayne Anderson, Tim Russell, Jeff Scofield and David Russell – will be heavy favorites

2010 David Rogers
2009 Tim Russell
2008 Wayne Anderson
2007 Jeff Choquette
2006 Jeff Scofield
2005 Mike Fritz
2004 Jeff Choquette
2003 Wayne Anderson
2002 Mike Fritz
2001 James Powell
2000 Jimmy Cope
1999 Wayne Anderson
1998 Bill Bigley Jr.
1997 David Rogers
1996 Jack Cook
1995 David Russel
1994 Peter Orr
1993 Peter Orr
1992 Bobby Gill
1991 Bobby Gill
1990 Bobby Gill
1989 Dick Anderson
1988 Dick Anderson
1987 Jimmy Cope
1986 Jimmy Cope
1985 Not Run
1984 Not Run
1983 Leroy Porter
1982 Jimmy Cope
1981 Mike Eddy
1980 Not Run
1979 Jim Fenton
1978 Dick Trickle
1977 Robert Hamke
1976 Ed Howe
1975 Ed Howe
1974 Ed Howe
1973 Wayne Retiman
1972 Ed Howe
1971 Jack Aronold
1970 Don Gregory
1969 Robert Hamke
1968 Gary Balough
1967 Dumont Smith
1966 Bobby Brack
1965 Wayne Retiman
1964 Freddy Fryer
1963 Dave McInnis

The final Local Division practice of the evening is winding down. 
Tim Russell looking for another Cup this weekend.
Here is your Limited Late Model Entry List:

#00 Daniel Miller Tavares, Florida
#00 C.J. Castetter Cocoa, Florida
#01 Scott Smith Orange City, Florida
#1 Nolan Wilson Sanford, Florida
#4B Alan Bruns Clermont, FL
#5 Jamie Skinner Port Orange, Florida
#9 Rich Clouser Deland, Florida
#9z Zack Donatti Edgewater, Florida
#11 Aaron Barsness Sprinfield, Missouri
#12 Riley Emmel Estevan, Saskatchewan
#15 Jason Boyd Edgewater, Florida
#15 Tank Tucker Samsula, Florida
#19 Ray Black Jr Ocala, Florida
#20 Anthony Sergi Oviedo, Florida
#24 Bruce Bennett Orlando, Florida
#29 Rusty Ebersole Apopka, Florida
#32 Michael Williams Jr
#53 Jason Vail Clermont, Florida
#59 Chris Brannon Orange City, FL
#66 Jerry Symons New Smyrna Beach, Florida
#111 Donny Williams Mt Dora, Florida
#127 Kyle Maynard Weirsdale, Florida

Here is your current Super Late Model Entry List:

#00 Robert Yoho Pinellas Park, FL
#4 Erik Jones Byron, Michigan
#4B Wayne Anderson Wildwood, FL
#5 Joe Boyd Riverview, FL
#07 Jeff Scofield Plant City, Florida
#9 Rich Clouser Deland, Florida
#10 George Gorham Lakeland, Florida
#11 David Rogers Orlando, Florida
#12 Corey Freed Orlando, Florida
#12 David Green Ft. Pierce, FL
#20 Anthony Sergi Oviedo, Florida
#22 Dusty Cornelius Cocoa, Florida
#23 Jimmy Weller Hubbard, Ohio
#26 Travis Cope Weeki Wachee, FL
#27 Bobby Good Lake Mary, Florida
#27 Cody Lane Port Richey, FL
#29 Landon Cling Phoenix, AZ
#33 Daniel Webster Brookesville, FL
#36 Tim Russell Longwood, Florida
#47 Davey Gibbs Deltona, Florida
#51 Stephen Nasse Pinellas Park, FL
#51 Becca Kasten Mequon, Wisconsin
#55 Billy Mowery Dunedin, Florida
#55 Todd Allen DeBary, Florida
#59 Jake Perkins Ocala, Florida
#60 Chad Akins Daytona Bch, FL
#64 Joe Winchell Dade City, Florida
#71 Colt James Buda, Texas
#72 Scott Heckert Ridgefield, CT
#81 Anthony Campi Sarasota, Florida
#82 Donnie Wilson Oklahoma City, OK
#88 Justin Larson Safety Harbor, FL
#89 Matt Tifft Hinkley, Ohio
#92 Josh Todd Polk City, FL
#96 Ben Kennedy Daytona Bch, FL
#97 Patrick Staropoli Boston, MA
#99 Josh Williams Port Charlotte, FL

We are currently typing up the entry lists for both the Super Late Models and Limited Late Models and will have those available shortly. 
Right now there are 37 Super Late Models here according to New Smyrna Speedway’s staff and close to 25 Limited Late Models for tonight’s race. We’ll have the roster in a few minutes. 
Here’s Tonight’s Schedule

6:45 – Limited Late Models Qualifying
7:30 – Super Late Models Practice (20 min)
7:50 – Parade Lap/National Anthem
8:00 – Feature Racing (in order)
—–> – Mini Stocks (25 laps)
—–> – Modifieds (25 laps)
—–> – Super Late Models – 2nd Practice – 20 min
—–> – Limited Late Models (50 laps)
—–> – Super Late Models – 3rd Practice – 20 min
—–> – Pro Trucks (25 laps)
—–> – Strickly Stocks (25 laps)
—–> – Super Late Models – HAPPY HOUR – 60 min. 

Welcome to New Smyrna. (Speed51.com Photo)
Good evening from New Smyrna Speedway in New Smyrna, FL where we will be with you through the evening for four Super Late Model practice sessions in preparation for the 44th running of the Florida Governor’s Cup. The FL Governor’s Cup feature will run tomorrow evening and Speed51.com will have full Trackside Now coverage then as now. In addition, there is a stout field of Limited Late Models that will compete in a fifty-lap feature this evening. 
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Trackside Now: 46th Annual Governor’s Cup – New Smyrna Speedway (FL) – 11/18/11