That concludes our Trackside Now coverage for the day, as we go down on the track to spend some time and party with the drivers and teams during the Cat Country/WEAR TV3 Green Flag Party.  Once we are done chatting, we’ll be down at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s on Mobile Highway for another great meal.

We’ll be back at the controls of Trackside Now at 9am local, 10am ET, on Thursday morning for the first on-track day here for the 43rd Annual Snowball Derby.  Practice will kick off for the Pro and Super Late Models, as well as feature events later in the evening Thursday for the Sportsmen and Bombers.  Plus, we’ll be having a blast over at Fast Eddie’s Fun Center for the Snowball Showdown go-kart race, as well.

Thanks for joining us today at Five Flags Speedway for our kickoff of the Snowball Derby weekend.  We’ll see you again tomorrow! 

The band Blackwater gets cranked up during the Green Flag party on the frontstretch. (51 Photo)
Tech is now closed for the day.

There are four Super Late Models that did not get to go through tech before it closed and currently sit under car covers to be the first cars in line for tech tomorrow morning.

Tonight, from 6-7pm CST (local here in Pensacola), Tommy Praytor will host “Inside Alabama Racing,” which can be heard live on WNSP 105.5 FM in Mobile and live worldwide on www.wnsp.com.  Praytor will be broadcasting live from the press box here at Five Flags and will have all the latest from the track.
The starting grid for a mid-90’s Snowball Derby from Matt Wyse. We will have more of Matt’s vintage Derby photos throughout the week on Speed51.com.
Comment From Lorna Stroup 

Way to go Bubba Pollard! Bea Slocuumb is a great driver! So is Bubba- We are all thinking of you Beau!!! 

A set of tires goes for $600 here. The average team will buy between 8 and 14 sets this weekend. You do the math. 
Comment From Melissa G 

What does an average tire bill run the Super Late Model guys for the entire snowball weekend? 

The first Sportsman car is rolling into the pits for tomorrows races. 
The lights have just come on here at 5 Flags Speedway as its begining to get dark. The pit party will be starting soon, which we are very excited to attend. 
We are hearing that Gary will be at the track for the Snowball Derby on Sunday as a spectator, which will be cool to see him back here. 
Comment From Jake TX 

Any Gary Balough sightings? Is he gonna drive a car this weekend? 

For those of you who wanted to know about Tim Russell, he is not competing this weekend.  He competed in the Governor’s Cup at New Smyrna Speedway (FL). 
There are cuttently 18 cars left in the tech line. Nine Super Late Models and nine Pro Late Models. Only three of those cars are making the trip through the tech line for the first time. They are being allowed to go to the front of the lines. 
3-time CRA SS champ Scott Hantz is here at FFS. (51 Photos)
Daniel Hemric is racing the Snowflake 100 in one of Jeff Fultz’s cars. (51 Photo)
Comment From Guest 

Thanks again guys Every body needs to share this link. This is as good as racing gets! 

Andy Loden’s #29 Super Late Model. (51 Photo)
Willie Allen will not be running this weekend however he is here at the Derby. He will be helping out in the pits and promoting his company W.A.R. Shocks. W.A.R Shocks is also a proud sponsor of Speed51. 
Comment From Guest 

Is Willie Allen running this weekend? 

The sun is beginning to set over Five Flags Speedway. (51 Photo)
Today was also a day for team’s to prep their pit stalls.
Robert Hamke’s checks out his car in tech today. (51 Photo)
Freddie Query is crew chief for Donnie Wilson this weekend. (51 Photo)
Meet Derrick Griffin (#4), one of the new drivers for Welch & Wilson Motorsports. (51 Photo)
Cale’s Gale’s beautiful #83 SLM. (51 Photo)
Dennis Schoenfeld’s #43 SLM sits up on scales. (51 Photo)
The Pro Late Model tech line has been pretty busy all day. (51 Photo)
Ryan Lawler’s Hamke House-Car goes through the templates as Robert Hamke himself looks on. (51 Photo)
Heath Hindman’s #91 was the last car to pull in today. (51 Photo)
40 Minutes left until the tech line closes for the day. 
Kenzie Ruston is collecting donations via her Facebook Fan Page for her Snowflake 100 efforts, which will go to the Racing 2 a Cure Foundation.  R2C is a non-profit that was started by the inspiration of 7-year old Hunter Stewart after he learned his Mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Ruston is taking donations, ranging from 25-cents to $3.00 per lap that she completes in the Snowflake 100 this Saturday night, that will go to R2C.  For more information, click here for Kenzie’s Facebook Fan Page.
Comment From Super Fan 

I keep seeing on Facebook about Pro Driver Kenzie Ruston raising money for Breast Cancer, that’s cool that these drivers are getting involved in the community 

This is what the tire shed looked like earlier in the day. (51 Photo)
Tire-Guys are still plenty busy this afternoon preparing for tomorrow’s practice session. (51 Photo)
It appears as though everyone will get to go through tech at least one time before the 5:00 deadline. 
Comment From CHRIS 

reminds me of the tech line at the Legends Million…….will everyone in the line get to go through or will they have to wait till morning?? 

Donnie Wilson’s team works on its #82 Super Late Model. (51 Photo)
The tech line is still pretty long with just an hour to go till it shuts down for the day. (51 Photo)
Neither Eddie Hoffman or Boris Jurkovic decided to make the trip from the Midwest, after competing in the World Crown 300 a couple weeks ago. 
Comment From Guest 

Eddie Hoffman or Boris Jurkovic entered this weekend? 

After watching Pugh’s team work feverishly to fix the body on their racecar, in passing, veteran David Rogers looked over at us and simply said, “Welcome to the Derby.” 
Pugh’s team took off the rear window in order to alter the body to get it to fit the templates. (51 Photo)
Andy Pugh’s team working hard to fix the body so they can attempt to pass tech. (51 Photo)
According to head tech man Ricky Brooks, there have only been two cars that have been really off on their measurements all day in tech – both were Pro Late Models.  The body on Andy Pugh’s #08 was skewed off in both the front and the rear.  The team said they would just bolt on weight and run the body as an “outlaw” body, but Brooks said the penalty would be 300 extra pounds to be added.  After hearing that, the Pugh team decided to work on the car instead of adding the weight.

The other PLM that was badly off in tech with its body was Chase Elliott’s #9, but that car is already back in line after being fixed. 

A few cars are already going through the tech line for a second time after making some tweaks to correct some things found in the first go-around in tech.  Snowball Derby cars for Dan Fredrickson, Casey Smith and David Stremme, as well as Snowflake cars of Chase Elliott, Kenzie Ruston, Mike Garvey and Dillon Spreen, are all in line for a second time to check on some small items found in their first trip through.  More teams than just those in line now may still go through tech before it closes in about an hour, but others will choose to go back through the tech line tomorrow morning before hitting the track for practice. 
The Welch & Wilson Motorsports team is a two-car effort this weekend with 19-year-olds Tyler Roahrig and Derrick Griffin.  Those two will both drive for the team in the 2011 CRA Super Series season, as well.  But, there is a third W&W-affiliated car this Snowball Derby weekend.  Johnny VanDoorn is also receiving support from Welch & Wilson for his #61. 
Comment From Indiana fan 

Would love to see young Welch and Wilson boys make the race. 

Grant Enfinger and the #82 ride. (51 Photo)
Grant Enfinger will be behind the wheel of the Bragg family’s #82 Super Late Model in this year’s Snowball Derby, the same team for whom he has driven over the past few seasons.  Enfinger’s car is a brand-new GARC chassis that has been very fast in test sessions before Derby week.
We just spotted Augie Grill ripping around the infield here at FFS in a golf cart.  Augie is back at the track after parking the rig earlier.  Many fans have asked whose Open-Wheel Modified Augie will be driving on Friday night here at the track…he will be in Rocky Rodgers’ #112 car. 
Heath Hindman was the last car to enter into the pit area here today, arriving about 45 minutes ago, several hours after rig parking concluded this morning.  We caught up with Hindman, who had just unloaded his car and got it into the tech line, and the PASS South regular admitted that it wasn’t until Monday before they even thought about getting the car ready for the Snowball Derby.  Hindman got a few checks in the mail to help pay the bills for this race and once they cleared, he and his team started Derby prep on Monday.  The team made the trip from Signal Mountain, Tennessee, leaving at 4am this morning, and just got to the track excited to be a part of this year’s Snowball Derby.
Nascar driver David Ragan and Dan Vanderley, chatting in the tech line. (51photo)
Yes, Chase Elliott is entered to run both the Allen Turner Snowflake 100 and the 43rd Annual Snowball Derby. 
Comment From George Jetson 

Is Chase Elliott still planning on pulling the double? 

They had entered with a driver To Be Announced, but there is no Gresham Motorsports car in the pits here currently. 
Comment From SLewis 

does the Gresham Motorsports team have an entry this weekend? 

Brian Campbell is not entered into this year’s Snowball Derby. 
Comment From Kevin 

Is Brian Campbell at the derby? if so is he running both races or just the derby? 

No.  The only KBM car that is here this weekend is TJ Reaid’s #51 SLM. 
Comment From SLewis 

did KBM not bring a PLM? 

We’d love to, but Augie and his crew simply parked their rig this morning when the gates opened, then took off and haven’t been seen at the track since then.  The back gate has not yet been opened on the Grand American Race Cars team trailer to this point. 
Comment From copperhead 

can you post a pic of Augie’s new car? 

The tech line continues to dwindle down as we approach the start of the Cat Country/WEAR-TV 3 Green Flag Party here at Five Flags at 5pm local time, just about two hours from now.  The local band “Blackwater” will be performing at the start-finish line, with food, beer and more being sold for the fans that come to meet the drivers of the 43rd Annual Snowball Derby. 
2004 Snowball Derby winner Steven Wallace chats with Snowball contender David Stremme. (51 photo)
Indeed he is. 
Comment From Guest 

is Kenseth running the same car that was so quick at the North south shootout? 

Josh Hamner’s #49 being prepped on Tech Day. (51 Photo)
Comment From john from kyle tx 

thanks for the super work YOU ALL DO. 

Comment From SLewis 

phenomenal coverage guys, thanks so much 

Ross Kenseth’s #25 gets prepped for Derby practice.
Steve Wallace has his own logo on Clay Rogers’ #2 machine. (51 Photo)
Steve explored a couple of rides, but said he tried to put together a deal to late in the going.  He decided to come down and enjoy himself this weekend by helping Clay Rogers. 
Comment From 54 fan 

Why is ol’ “sockets in the pockets” not racing this year? 

Comment From Guest 

Awsome job on the excelent coverage. Speed 51 rocks!! 

JR Norris is not driving this weekend.  He is working with David Ragan and the Richie Wauters team. 
Comment From D 

Who is JR Norris driving for? 

Tyler Roahrig standing by his new Welch & Wilson ride.
Brandon Carlson chillin’ by his car.
Jimmy Garmon and company working on their racer after going through the tech line (51 photo)
The Three Muskateers: (left to right) Eddie Mercer, Clay Rogers and Steve Wallace. (51 Photo)
Richie Wauters will only field one car for NASCAR Sprint Cup driver David Ragan this weekend. 
Comment From Guest 

Is Richie Wauters running 2 cars? 

The same Royce Johnston that once fielded cars for Brandon Odom is now having Korey Ruble race for him.  In fact, Johnston used to race his own cars.
Comment From Guest 

Is it Royce Johnston that once fielded cars for Brandon Odom? 

Eddie miss the Derby?  If you know Eddie Mercer you know that’s not a possibility. 
Comment From Guest 

I thought Mercer was having funding problems or was that only for the Blizzard Series? 

Johanna Long shares a laugh with her crew on tech line. (51 Photos)
Dan is not selling any product here, but you can go to FarmBoyBBQ.com for more information on how to get the sauce.  We want some too! 
Comment From Guest 

Will Dan Frederickson’s team be selling BBQ Sauce this weekend? We want to support his sponsor. 

A clarification on Korey Ruble’s situation here at the Derby.  He will be racing in three classes, SLMs, PLMs and Modifieds.  He will running Royce Johnston’s #16 in the SLMs & PLMs.  He will also compete in a #66 Modified.
Eddie Mercer’s #72. (51 Photo)
We checked in with head tech man Ricky Brooks just a few minutes ago and he said everything’s going pretty well so far in tech for both the Pro and Super Late Models.  There have been a few small issues, but mostly for heights and measurements on the body templates.  But, as Brooks told us, nothing has been too bad.  There are still about 30 Pros and about the same number of Supers left to go through tech. 
Comment From Charles 

Are any cars failing tech insp. 

Comment From Bald Stevie 

Man I hope JVD is able to come away with a good run this year 

One of the best tires guys in the biz… Wes Weed, who is working with Donnie Wilson. (51 Photo)
Junior Niedecken (#99) shares a laugh during tech day.
Yes, Landon will be driving the car Cody ran in the North Series. In fact, the car sitting in the Pro Late Model tech line still has Cody’s name on the roof and windshield. 
Comment From Ron 

Is Landon Cassill driving the JEGS entry that Cody Coughlin drove up here in the ASA North Series? 

Comment From Marty, Lou. KY 

Great Job by Speed51.com

Johnny VanDoorn’s number 61 has the Snowball look again, with a new twist. (51 Photo)
VanDoorn’s right side. Will he keep it off the wall. (51 Photo)
The CRA Super Series Champion Johnny VanDoorn is back with a new “Derby” look for his Super Late Model this year. The blue Derby themed car is sharp as you can see for yourself. He even picks on the fact that he hit the wall here last year. 
Comment From Guest 

Does Johnny VanDoorn have a theme car this weekend like last year? 

Dan Fredrickson pointed out us, “Hey, other than the top-10 in points guys here I’m first on the tech line.  That’s the plan for the weekend; to be first all weekend.” 
Dan Fredrickson, of MN, on the Derby tech line with the DirectPex.com #36. (51 Photo)
Thank you for serving our country and allowing us the freedom to do what we do this weekend at the Snowball Derby. 
Comment From Guest 

Y’all are awesome. I was following on here last year when i was in Iraq. I’m in El Paso this time and glad i have this to at least follow the Snowball weekend. Thanks y’all 

Ricky Brooks told us last night at Beef ‘O Brady’s that tech will close a 5pm sharp today. 
Comment From Guest 

How late will tech be open? 

Comment From CHRIS 

Thank you speed51 for keeping all us short track lovers up to speed on what’s going on!!! 

DJ Vanderley appears to be only running the Pro Late Model Snowflake race. 
Comment From Guest 

Did DJ Vanderley bring both of his cars? 

Comment From Guest 

David Rogers is the man 

David Ragan hangs with his crew on tech day. (51 Photo)
A crew member works on a tire as the Landon Cassill PLM goes into the tech line. (51 Photo)
Good question. The answer: Kyle Benjamin turns 14 on Friday. 
Comment From Guest 

At 11:05 you guys said kyle benjamin was the youngest competitor. i thought the tracks age rule to compete was 14. How does that work? 

Ronnie Smith, who finished second in the Pro Late Model division at Five Flags Speedway this year, does not have a ride for the Snowflake 100. He sold his car after the points season was complete. He does have another car, but no engine. According to those close to the team, he does have a guaranteed spot for the race. 
Bubba Pollard will not be competing in the Modified division this weekend. 
Comment From Guest 

Is bubba pollard running his modified this weekend as well? 

Former Blizzard champ Josh Hamner and Governor’s Cup winner David Rogers share a laugh. (51 Photo)
We suggest everyone should buy a ticket to this weekend’s Snowball Derby because it is going to be a fantastic weekend. 
A template check of Chris Davidson’s #41 Super Late Model. (51 Photo)
Former Derby winner Clay Rogers’ brand new Billy Hess Super Late Model. (51 Photo)
Barnes was driving the car at the last Blizzard race here, there was a disagreement and since then the Drawdy team has replaced him with Travis Kittleson 
Comment From Guest 

wasnt Chuck Barnes Jr tapped to drive the Drawdy 12 entry? 

Comment From Matt Wyse 

Man you guys rock I hope to make it home next year for the derby.. I grew up in Pcola and have a ton of photos from past Snowballs hopefully i will get some time to load those soon and share with everyone.. 

We are taking a quick break for a lil lunch here at FFS, but we will be thinking of our good dinner that awaits us at Beef ‘O Brady’s on Mobile Hwy in Pensacola, FL later tonight. Racers get a 10% discount on the dinner with a wristband for the Derby. 
Korey Ruble is not in a Jeff Fultz car, although he is running #66 in the Pro Late Models at FFS. 
Comment From Guest 

Is Korey Ruble not driving a Jeff Fultz car this weekend? 

Snowball Derby Technical Director Ricky Brooks takes notes on the opening day of the Derby. (51 Photo)
Comment From 54 fan 

Man looks awesome! Flying in from Nova Scotia tomorrow. The wife & mine’s 1st derby; we are so excited! Only wish the 54 bunch was there. 

A lot of people patiently wait for their turn in tech. (51 Photo)
Corey Williams is not competing this weekend. In fact, no Super Late Model driver from the Northeast made the trek to the Derby this week. 
Comment From benny 

Is Corey Williams running? 

Travis Kittleson will drive the Drawdy #12 at the Derby. (51 Photo)
Comment From Bald Stevie 

Is Travis Kittleson racing this weekend? 

Comment From Guest 

You guys are easily the best racing-oriented website out there, thanks so much for the coverage 

Tire-Guys sort through plenty of tires at the Derby. (51 Photo)
Kyle Busch’s Super Late Model for TJ Reaid going through tech. (51 Photo)
There is no limit to the amount of tires you can purchase for the Derby weekend. 
Comment From Dan C 

Is there a limit to the number of practice tires you can purchase? 

Jeff Futlz will be doing his own car along with Pro Late Model efforts by Kenzie Ruston and Daniel Hemric. 
Comment From Flyin Brian 

who is Jeff Fultz fielding cars for this weekend? 

The tech line wraps around half the infield at FFS. (51 Photo)
David Stremme rolling his car off the trailer. (51 Photo)
Yes, Bubba Pollard will be in both races this weekend. Several other drivers will also do double duty. 
Comment From SLewis 

did Bubba bring the PLM too? 

Comment From SLewis 

Bubba just became my sentimental favourite. That is fantastic what he’s doing to honor Beau. 

Comment From Guest 

thank you speed51.com for your continuing dedication to super late models 

Comment From Cecil Chunn 

I really hate not being there this year, but we will be back next year for a little redemption! Speed51 doing a great job as usual. 

Cecil Chunn was scheduled to be here in his Super Late Model, but we just got word that he will be back in 2011. 
Bubba Pollard is running 08 for Beau Slocumb this weekend. (51 Photo)
Bubba Pollard has changed his number for the Snowball Derby to 08 for this weekend. The 08 and the colors on the side of his Super Late Model are a tribute to fellow racer Beau Slocumb who is sick for a second time with lung cancer. Pollard said he was pleased with how the car came out with a little of his look and a little of Slocumb’s. Pollard told Speed51.com that this was done hopefully to lift Slocumb’s sprits as he will be at the track this weekend before some scheduled medical procedures on Monday. 
Bob Dillner, owner of BDI Racing and Speed51.com, says the team will return to the Derby next year after some reorganization at the end of this year. The team, with Bobby Gill as the driver, finished fourth in the Derby last year. 
Comment From Guest 

Does BDI Racing still field a SLM? 

The activity is picking up in the infield at FFS as teams begin to sort through their rigs. 
Comment From Guest 

Great to hear on 51 Radio last night that Johanna Long always plans to run in the Derby no matter where her career takes her. She makes her hometown very proud – not just for being a great driver, but being a great person too. 

Comment From Sean L. 

Just wanted to say thanks for the live coverage! Can’t wait to see what happens the rest of the week…. 

CRA champ Johnny VanDoorn is racing with help from Welch & Wilson at FFS. 
Comment From Trey 

Any word if john VanDoorn is racing? 

Augie Grill will be racing a Modified this week at FFS. 
Comment From asphalt29 

Is Augie running a modified also this weekend? 

DJ Vanderley, Ronnie Smith, Tommy Rollins, David Jones, Kyle Bryant, Shanna Ard, Robert Royce, Thomas Praytor, Mike Garvey and Johanna Long are now allowed to go though Snowflake tech before others due to the fact that they were top-10 in PLM points at Five Flags Speedway. 
Chase Elliott, Augie Grill, Bubba Pollard, Donnie Wilson, Josh Hamner, Casey Smith, Johanna Long, Chris Davidson, Mike Garvey and Jeff Fultz, as the top-10 in Blizzard Series points are now allowed to go through tech first here at FFS for the Super Late Models. 
All the rigs have finally been parked. (51 Photo)
As the rigs pull in we see some teams getting ready to open up and get their cars out. Teams have been warned to keep their stuff loaded till all rigs are parked. 
Yes, Dan is here with the new sponsor. 
Comment From Guest 

Dan Fredrickson in the house yet with the farm boy BBQ sauce ride? 

There are many people from the NASCAR ranks here at FFS for Snowball Derby weekend and a lot of people who follow online here on Speed51.com
Comment From CHRIS 

This seems like it would be great place for Nascar owners to come and scout talent……where else can you watch drivers from all over the country in one race?? Does this happen at the Snowball?? 

Comment From Forrest MMS Fire 

Kyle has been smooth at our track. He should do fine at FFS. 

Eddie Mercer entered in the Snowflake 100, but will not be competing. 
Comment From Guest 

What’s up with eddie mercer running the Snowflake? 

Former Derby winner Clay Rogers is driving a brand new Super Late Model for Billy Hess. They tested a few days ago at Hickory Motor Speedway (NC) and other than some clearance issues, everything seemed to be fine. 
Comment From Guest 

Who’s Clay Rogers driving for? 

Keith Thorp, Dillon Oliver, Chuck Tuck, Danny Bagwell, Dennis Prunty, Tim Baker and Kyle Bryant have all gotten to their spots at FFS. 
Giancarlo Serenelli, from Venezuela, adds an international flair to the Pro Late Model field here this weekend. 
Tech on opening day can be a daunting task here for teams. A new rule in effect this weekend will allow the top-10 in Blizzard (SLM) points and top-10 in Pro Late Model points to roll through tech before anyone else. 
Jeff Fultz, a favorite for the Derby this weekend, and multi-time PASS winner, Andy Loden are now here. 
Here is the link to last night’s Speed 51 Radio show at Beef ‘O Brady’s… mms:// 
John Bolen, Jerry Artuso, David Odell, Kenzie Ruston and Allen Karnes have now pulled their transporters to the infield. 
Kyle Benjamin is now here at FFS. At 13-years-old, he will be the youngest driver to attempt to qualify for the Snowflake 100 Pro Late Model race. 
Jody Ridley was not at the World Crown event, but they remain friends. Justin Wakefield is not entered in this weekend’s events, but after the World Crown victory the team hoped to be able to show up. We have not seen their rig as of this morning. 
Comment From Guest 

Is world crown winner Justin Wakefeild entered? I heard that he has been getting help from Jody Ridley. Is this true? 

Scott Hantz, Erik Jones, Robert Royce and Tyler Millwood have arrived. 
Johanna Long will be pulling double-duty this weekend. Check out JohannaLong.com for more information. 
Comment From Pookie Brown 

Is Johanna Long pulling double duty? 

Comment From Guest 

I like dennis prunty’s chances! especially now that hes more familiar with the track 

John Robicheaux, Chales Evans Jr, Shanna Ard, Mason Mingus and Joey Herques are now parked. 
Josh Hamner is now racing the #49 for team owner Stanley Smith. 
Comment From Ray Ray 

Since Josh Hamner drove the KBM car all season in the Blizzard Series, will he not be driving the Derby in it also? 

Scott Hantz, three-time CRA Super Series champion, from Angola, IN, ran in the top-five last year until being involved in a crash. 
Comment From Guest 

How about a Midwesterner bring the snowball home since its snowing…. 

As of right now, TJ Reaid is the only driver who will wheel a KBM car this weekend. 
Comment From Stephen Barker 

KBM has two cars entered for Snowball, are they just running one car with TJ Reaid, or is a another driver showing up, and is TJ running for KBM in the Snowflake they have a car entered for that also 

David Hole is not entered in this year’s races and honestly, we have not seen David race for a while. 
Comment From Guest 

Is David Hole racing this weekend? 

David Coble, Landon Cassill and former Derby winner Dave Mader III are now on site. 
Comment From SLewis 

Flying down early Saturday morning!!! couldnt be more excited for the derby! 

Dakota Stroup is indeed driving the old Augie Grill machine. 
Comment From Bald Stevie 

Is Stroup driving the old Augie Grill car? 

The link to the rebroadcast from last night’s Speed 51 show will be available shortly. We will let you know when it is. 
Comment From Billy 

Will the Speed 51 Radio re-broadcast from last night be available today? 

According to a FFS official, the order for parking the rigs during the Snowball Derby weekend has to do with the order in which entry blanks were filed. Some of it, however, they do admit is random due to the size of the rigs as well. 
Comment From Guest 

How do they determine the order of parking for the rigs? 

The infield is filling up quickly as the haulers park.
Comment From Forrest MMS Fire 

Bobby Knox Jr’s father,Bobby Knox Sr just released the Show Me the Money 2011 schedule for Montgomery Motor Speedway. 

Comment From Dana 

Good Luck to all the races this weekend, have fun and be safe, I so wish I could be there again this year. Go Bubba Pollard and TJ Reaid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Blizzard Series champion, Chase Elliott, is now here at FFS. Chase is the son of former NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Bill Elliott. In fact, Chase just celebrated his 15th birthday on November 28th. 
Dakota Stroup, Scott Patton and Jake Kruger have parked their rigs. 
The only one we know of officially is Jerry Artuso, who is a native Canadian, but lives currently in Florida. 
Comment From gerry 

How many canadians are there 

Officially, there are 58 entries for the Super Late Model 300-lap race on Sunday and 68 entries for the Snowflake 100 Pro Late Model race on Saturday night. 
The Schoenfeld Headers transporter for Dennis Schoenfeld is here for the 43rd annual Snowball Derby. 
Comment From Jason Hogan 

Plans are coming together already for me to race my lefthander chassis in next year’s Snowball Derby. Also will be racing the SLM and PLM at Speedfest in January! 

Bubba Pollard chats with Chuck Barnes who will be the crew chief for Mason Mingus this week.
Bobby Knox, Jr., Chase Knox and Andy Ponstein are now here. 
On Speed 51 Radio yesterday, at Beef ‘O Brady’s on Mobile Hwy in Pensacola, FL, we learned that both Griffin and Roahrig will run full-time for the Welch & Wilson team on the CRA Super Series in 2011. 
The Welch & Wilson transporter for a pair of 19-year-olds, Derrick Griffin and Tyler Roahrig, has now parked at FFS. Both are Snowball Derby rookies. 
We agree. Jason Hogan is a talented racer and a former winner of the All American 400. 
Comment From Jane

Jason should be racing!! 

Btw, SpeedFest 2011 will be run from January 28 – 30 at Lanier Nat’l once again. The Super Late Model side will once again be sanctioned by the CRA Super Series. 
Taylor Satterfield did race at SpeedFest at Lanier Nat’l Speedway (GA) in January. 
Comment From SLewis 

Just out of curiosity, has Taylor Satterfield raced since his wreck in Snowflake qualifying last year? 

Josh Hamner is entered in both races, but we have yet to confirm whether or not he will be running the Pro Late Model side of the weekend as well. 
Comment From Flyin Brian 

Is Josh Hamner racing a SLM and PLM this weekend? 

Johanna Long’s number 10 Super Late Model pulls onto the track here at Five Flags Speedway. (51 Photo)
Brandon Bendele, Tony Clark and Jimmy Garmon are now here. 
Comment From Jason Hogan 

I’m on the plane 30k feet up and checkin out ur coverage on my way down. It’s goin to be a good week! If y’all need and expert announcer I know one for hire lol! 

Comment From Chris 

Wish i could be down there everyday… the Derby is a sight to see every year!! 

To paint the picture for you today in Pensacola, FL, it’s a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky. It was chilly when the Speed51.com team woke up this morning, but temperatures are expected to reach into the low 60s. The weather for the rest of the week is supposed to be clear of that horrible four letter word, rain. 
Don’t forget to join our Facebook to get up to the date information, photos and results on the short track racing world. Our page is facebook.com/speed51
Comment From Tommy

most exciting time of the year!!! 

Today’s Snowball Derby Trackside Now coverage on Speed51.com is brought to you by Racing Electronics, the Worldwide Leader in Racing Communications. 
The haulers for Johanna Long, Korey Ruble and Justin South are the latest arrivals. 
The Pensacola was under a tornado warning yesterday afternoon and a monsoon poured a bunch of water into the racetrack, but FFS officials worked late last night and began again at 4am this morning to assure it was a dry as can be for the teams arriving today. The end result was a finely prepared parking lot and infield area. 
The rigs are filling the infield. (51 Photo)
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Right now teams are bringing their rigs in the infield here at the half-mile FFS, but they cannot unload their cars and equipment until all team are parked. 
Mason Mitchell, Ryan Lawler, Tommy Rollins have arrived. 
Comment From RAY RAY 

Leaving Birmingham at this moment. Got the camper hooked up, the laptop fired up and heading South. See you guys in about 5 hours. 

Jason Young, Ryan Blaney, Brandon Odom are the latest rigs to drive into the infield. 
Comment From Micky 

Hope you guy’s have fun this year not going to make. I will be following you close. 

We have over 100 rigs present here. (51 Photo)
“Now here this, Augie Grill, Snowball Derby champion, from Hayden, AL, arriving,” now blares from the loud-speakers here at Five Flags Speedway. 
Thomas Praytor, Ryan Crane, Brandon Carlson, Cody Smith, Tyler Miles are the latest to be part of the trailer march into their spots in the infield at Five Flags Speedway. 
Dave Pavlock announces the names of the drivers as their rigs pull into the pits. (51 Photo)
The Kyle Busch Motorsports rig for TJ Reaid has also arrived. Defending Snowball Derby winner Kyle Busch is in Las Vegas beginning today to celebrate his top-10 finish in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series standings during this week’s banquet celebration, which can be seen on SPEED Friday night. 
Dillon Spreen, Ryan Sieg, Dan Fredrickson, Casey Smith and Johnny VanDoorn are now parked on their frontstretch pitstalls. 
Clay Rogers, Ross Kenseth and David Ragan have pulled into the pits here at Five Flags Speedway (FL) 
Mike Garvey, Cale Gale and Junior Niedecken 
Stephan McCurley, Chris Davidson, and David Rogers are now parking their rigs here at the Snowball Derby.
We have made it to the track for the 43rd Annual Snowball Derby. (51 Photo)
Chris Davidson and Logan Boyett are now parking there rigs. 
Josh Hamner’s rig and Eddie Mercer’s rig are coming into the track now. 
One of the many traditions of the Snowball Derby is for Track Announcer Dave Pavlock to call out the names of the drivers as their rigs pull into the infield to park here at the Derby. DJ VanderLey, the 2010 Pro Late Model track champion, was the first rig in the infield. 
9 am Parking of Rigs 11 am to 5 pm Tech Open
5-9 pm Cat Country/WEAR TV3
Free Green Flag Party
Autographs, Food, Beverages, Music 
Good morning and welcome to the 43rd annual Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway (FL)! Today we are parking rigs and opening the tech line for the Super Late Models and the Pro Late Models. Speed51.com will be here all day as we are the official site of the Snowball Derby.

Trackside Now: 43rd Annual Snowball Derby – Rig Parking & Tech Day – Five Flags Speedway – 12/1/10