Thank you for joining us tonight. Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the Allen Turner Snowflake 100. Goodnight! 
Mark Chrudimsky wins the Modified division race Friday night for the second year in a row. (51 Photo)
The unofficial top ten in the Modified are: Mark Chrudimsky, Billy Melvin, John Sarppraicone, Korey Ruble, Todd Jackson, Geralk Wilkinson, Brandon Howell, Nathan Ingersoll, Jason Morman and Donnie Hamric. 
For those interested, the official top five in the Super Stock race are: Jessie Reid, Stuart Dunn, Howard Langham, Shannon Jackson and Charlie Skipper, Jr. 
CHECKERS. Your unofficial top five are: Mark Chrudimsky, Billy Melvin, John Sarppraicone, Korey Ruble and Todd Jackson. 
WHITE FLAG. Chrudimsky leads. 
GREEN FLAG as Chrudimsky continues his campagin as the leader on through lap 45. 
GREEN FLAG Chrudimsky sails to the lad on the restart. He continues his campaign through lap 45. 
The 007 of Stephan McCurley ends the night on the hook as his Modified is towed to the garage area. 
The top five are: Mark Chrudimsky, Billy Melvin, Korey Ruble, John Sarppraicone and Donnie Hamric as of lap 43. 
YELLOW FLAG on lap 43 as Stephan McCurley got together with the No. 145 of Billy Melvin and McCurley goes around on the frontstretch. 
GREEN FLAG and we make it to lap 43 with Chrudimsky as the leader. 
GREEN FLAG and we can’t get through the lap as we have a three car pile-up on the frontstretch. We are under a YELLOW FLAG again. 
The field is being to that it will be one to go at the line this time by. WIth just eight laps to go, this is gonna get very interesting. 
The caution came out for a single car spin on the backstretch. 
YELLOW FLAG with eight laps to go. Your leader is Chrudimsky. He is followed by Billy Melvin, Stephen McCurley, Korey Ruble and Donnie Hamric. 
Lap 41 the No. 39 of Mark Chrudimsky takes the lead from McCurley. 
Billy Melvin takes the lead in Turn 4 as he gets under both Ruble and McCurley on lap 37. 
Lap 34 and we’ve got a three car battle for the lead. Its Ruble, McCurley and Melvin making it three wide as they take the flay on lap 36. 
Ruble, McCurley, Billy Melvin, Mark Chrudimsky and Donnie Hemric are your top five on lap 30. 
Korey Ruble in the No. 66 leads the field at the halfway mark. 
Stephan McCurley is catching Korey Ruble as we work lap 21 here. McCurley gets to the bumper of Ruble but can’t make the pass yet. 
Stephan McCurley gets around Billy Melvin for second on as they field puts lap 15 to bed. 
Korey Ruble, Billy Melvin, Stephan McCurley, Donnie Hamric, John Sarppraicone, Mark Chrudimsky, Todd Jackson, Gerald Wilkinson, Art Kunzcnan and Nathan Ingersoll are your top ten as we go GREEN again. 
We are back moving under caution here at Five Flags Speedway. There are 23 cars still running at lap 15 of the Modified event. 
Augie Grill (left) and Kevin Chase (right) after a fiery crash in Turn 1 Friday night. (51 Photo)
CORRECTION: It was not the No. 18 of Kevin Peel who collected Augie Grill, it was the No. 2 of Kevin Chase. Chase and the No. 18 of Peel got sideways and Grill couldn’t avoid it. 
Augie Grill is out of the car and looks to be done for the night. 
YELLOW FLAG and then the RED FLAG on lap 15 as Augie Grill gets collected by the No. 18 of Kevin Peel in Turn 1. 
Augie Grill still leads the field over the No. 66 of Korey Ruble, Billy Melvin, Stephan McCurley and Jeff Letson on lap 13. 
GREEN FLAG. We made it to lap seven, whew! 
We are seeing 27 Modifieds still on the track. 
Comment From ricky bobby 

how many are left? 

The Modifieds line up behind the pace car and Augie Grill one more time in an attempt to put lap five in the books. 
32 Modifieds started the race. 
Comment From Dknowles 

How many mods started? 

Nope, just another night at Five Flags Speedway. 
Comment From squirrel kew 

is it a full moon at FFS? 

Its another RED FLAG here while the track works to remove the No. 83 of Bubba Gale and No. 15X of Don Livingston. 
GREEN FLAG on lap five but we don’t even make it past the start-finish line without a wreck at the line. It was a hard hit for Kevin Peel, Bubba Gale and Don Livingston. 
The Modifieds are lining up behind the pace car as we get ready to go back to green in just a few short laps. 
Bubba Gals is being shown in the seventh position as we are under RED FLAG conditions on lap five. 
Comment From Corey Latham 

Where is Bubba Gale running at in the early going? 

The drivers involved in this caution are: Michael House, A.J .Winstead, John Shultz and James Patrick. We are hearing that all the drivers are out of their cars and okay. 
GREEN FLAG racing is back under way. Augie Grill pulls away. We get the YELLOW FLAG and then the RED FLAG all on lap five for a hard hit in Turn 3. 
The top five are Augie Grill, Korey Ruble, Billy Melvin, Stephan McCurley and Jeff Letson as of lap 5. We are still under caution while the officials sort out the restart order. 
YELLOW FLAG on lap five as three cars get together in Turn 2. The No. 13 Kevin Terry will go to the rear for his involvement in the caution. 
Comment From chadden24 

damn good work! thank you for your hard work and i love the videos and pics!!!!!! thank you 

Augie Grill pulls in font of Korey Ruble as they enter Turn 1 on lap three. 
The No. 66 of Korey Ruble maintains his lead as they complete lap one tonight. 
Korey Ruble in the No. 66 will start on the pole in tonight’s Modified division feature. Ruble is joined by Augie Grill on his outside, and another Derby contender Stephan McCurley who starts fifth tonight. 
With the Super Stock feature over, we are now all ready to go for the Modified 50-lap feature. This race will be structured like the Super Stock, with only green flag laps counting. 
Super Stock winner Jessie Reid in Victory Lane with Snowball after the feature Friday night. (51 Photo)
Check out our video with TJ Reaid on how fast he went on Friday night in time trials. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxV3CnidPlI
CHECKERED FLAG Jessie Reid is your unofficial winner in the Super Stock feature tonight. 
WHITE FLAG with Jessie Reid leading. 
With five to go, Jessie Reid sis still your leader by about six car lenghts. 
While some of our group is working hard at the track, the rest of us are filling our stomachs at Beef ‘O Brady’s in PCola, FL. They are open late so make sure you get some good food on Mobile Hwy. They are owned by SLM car owner Tracy Goodson. 
We have 10 laps to go here in the Super Stocks feature. 
The No. 18 of Jessie Reid has lead the laps here tonight, as of lap 37. He is currently leading the No. 93 of Paul Jean who sustained minor damage in the last on-track incident. 
Check out Landon Cassill’s Video Diary from Friday at the Snowball Derby.
GREEN FLAG as the field head to the line to complete lap 34. 
We are counting a total of seven cars left on the track right now. 
Hearing that the No. 95 of Eddie Hamrac is done for the night as his machine is leaking oil in the pits. 
The No. 93 of Paul Jean has contact with the back bumper of a lap car, shredding the right front quarterpanel. This incident brings out yet another YELLOW FLAG for tonight. 
Check out our video recap of tonght’s pole qualifying for the Snowball Derby. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEmmA4y8wGg
On lap 29 Paul Jean is on the bumper of the leader, Jessie Reid. Jean cannot make the pass. 
Jessie Reid leads Paul Jean, Stuart Dunn, Shannon Jackson and Earl Polk. 
No. 2 of Scott Wicker blows as we complete lap 24. 
GREEN FLAG as the field attempts to put lap 20 in the books. 
YELLOW FLAG lap 19 for the No. 2R of Darin Matthews hits both ends before coming to a stop on the frontstretch towards Turn 1. 
The No. 94 of Shannon Jackson falls to third and the No. 1 of Howard Langham takes his place on lap 17. 
GREEN FLAG and Jessie Reid saild to the lead. 
The cars are rolling behind the pace car again tonight. 
The top five as of lap 15 under caution are: Jessie Reid, Regan Baker, Shannon Jackson, Howard Langham and Paul Jean. 
The No. 0 of John Shuffler was also involved in that caution. He took a hard lick and has major damage to the left front of his machine. This wreck will put him out for the night for sure. 
YELLOW FLAG lap 15. We’re hearing that it’s the No. 42 of Randy Thompson hits hard in the bottom wall in Turn 2. Thompson is done for the night. 
Lap 10 is in the books. Jessie Reid leads Regan Baker, Shannon Jackson, Howard Langham and Paul Jean are your top five. 
GREEN FLAG Jessie Reid pulls out to at least a five car length lead as he completes lap eight. 
The caution lights came back on breifly, but we are getting the one to go signal yet again with just seven laps on the board. 
One to go at the line. 
We’ve added a few more cars to the field and now we have a total of 15 cars on the track. 
Super Stocks have refired here on the frontstretch for the second time tonight. 
When we do get this race restarted, it looks like we will have a total of 12 cars left on the racetrack. 
Comment From squirrel kew 

saw the clip of fast eddies last nite,was better than this race. 

We are still under a RED FLAG here at Five Flags Speedway. There is only one damaged Super Stock left on the frontstretch. 
Comment From DALE 

this race is killing me !!!!!! 

Cars involved in the wreck are: John Shuffler, Howard Langham, Darryl Rudd, Eddie Hamrac, Darrin Matthews, Bubba Winslow, Mike Murphy, Matt Taylor, Michael Ledlow, Corbitt Mosley and Randy Thompson 
GREEN FLAG and Jessie Reid leads the field and we get a YELLOW FLAG as at least eight cars tangle right past the start-finish line. 
One to go at the line. 
The top five as of lap seven are: Jessie Reid, Regan Baker, Paul Jean, Darryl Rudd and Shannon Jackson. 
Darrin Matthews in the No. 2R has stopped on the frontstrech as officials take a look at the front tires on his car. 
Comment From Ben 

Great job Speed51 team!! Thanks for keep us all up to speed all week long. 

YELLOW FLAG on lap seven. The No. 95 of Eddie Hamrac goes around on the backstretch. 
GREEN FLAG again as the field works lap seven of fifty green flag laps. 
Jessie Reid in the No. 18 has led all six laps tonight. 
YELLOW FLAG lap six for debris on the track. 
Jessie Reid, Regan Baker, Paul Jean, Darryl Rudd and hannon Jackson are your top five. 
GREEN FLAG and the field completes the first lap of this 50 lap feature event. 
Dennis Thomas has also come back out on the track. 
The lights are back on the pace car. There is still some shuffling of the field going on. As soon as we get each of the Super Stocks in place we’ll go back to green flag conditions. 
One to go at the line for the Super Stocks. 
The No. 39 of Matt Taylor has rejoined the field. Taylor will start at the tail end of the field. 
Super Stocks are rolling under caution again. 
Chris Cotto has had quite a day here at Five Flags Speedway. He began the day with a hard wreck against the Turn 3 wall in in his Modified. He then preceeded to make the Modified main in his backup car after winning the B-Main. Now, his No. 17 Super Stock gets a ride back to the pits after an multi-car collision in Turn 2. 
Hearing that the No. 76 of Chris Pike did not start the race. 
David Jenkins, Chris Cotto, Corbitt Moseley,Matt Taylor and Mike Moore were all involved in that wreck. 
GREEN FLAG and the No. 18 of Jessie Reid takes the lead. We’ve been shown the RED FLAG before the first lap is complete for a five car wreck in Turn 2. 
Officials are telling us that we are two laps to the green flag for the 50 lap Super Stock feature. 
The No. 0 of John Shuffler is on pit road to address his shock problem. The No. 95 of Eddie Hamrac is also drawing reports that they’re dragging something. 
The Five Flags Speedway pace car is leading the field of Super Stocks around the track. We’re getting reports that the No. 0 of John Shuffler is dragging a shock. 
Cale Gale takes the checkers on his pole run. (51 Photo)
Jessie Reid, Regan Baker, Darryl Rudd, Paul Jean and John Shuffler make up your top five starters in the Super Stocks feature event tonight. 
Cale Gale is officially the Snowball Derby polesitter. 
Cale Gale, and the rest of the top-five, have cleared tech. 
Super Stock drivers have just fired their engines on the frontstretch. 
Johanna Long, fourth-place qualifier, is also clear in tech. 
Second-fastest qualifier Ryan Lawler is the first to pass post-qualifying tech. The rest remain in the tech shed. 
Comment From Nick 

Your coverage is awesome as usual guys!! I can’t concentrate on this pile of homework sitting in front of me, I hate finals! I feel like I’m in the pits getting all the stories myself!! 

Yes it is. 
Comment From Joe 

Is that the same Gale car which sat on the pole for the World Crown 300 ? 

Track officials are getting the Super Stocks in line for their 50-lap feature. Just like the B-Main races, only the green flag laps will count tonight. 
The unofficial pole winning chassis was a Gale-built chassis, built in house in Cale Gale’s shop. He is running a Hamner spec engine. 
The Super Late Models are still in the tech shed. 
Comment From Charles 

Has everyone cleared tech? 

Chirs Cotto transders into the main event after a hard wreck earlier in the day. Kevin Chase will also be in the feature tonight after a hard fought second. The No. 1 of Art Kunzcnan spins on the frontstretch after battling hard with Kevin Chase for the last transfer postion. 
The No. 17 of Chris Cotto is your leader. Kevin Chase in the No. 2 is still in the second transfer position. 
GREEN FLAG with five to go. 
The No. 66 of Korey Ruble is on the pole for the Modified feature. 
Comment From CaleGaleFan 

Who’s on the pole for the modified race? 

Work continues in tech on Cale Gale’s car. (51 Photo)
YELLOW FLAG:Five laps to go and Frankie Martin hits the outside wall at the start-finish line. He has significant damage to the right front. 
Modified last-chance starting lineup: 1) Frankie Martin 2) Art Kuntzeman 3) Chris Cotto 4) Randy Herrick 5) Kevin Chase 6) Josh Goodman 7) Chris Brown 8) Maverick MacDonaic 9) Rusty Stanford 
Lap 6 Chris Cotto takes the lead from Frankie Martin. Martin gets shuffled to third after the No. 2 of Kevin Chase. 
Green flag. Frankie Martin leads the field. 
Speed 51 Radio will broadcast the Allen Turner Snowflake 100 Pro Late Model race Saturday night, as well as Sunday’s Snowball Derby, on RaceTalkRadio.com live. Our broadcast team of Bob Dillner, Duke Kentfield, Elgin Traylor, Adam Mackey, Matthew Dillner and more will broadcast each race live on RTR as well as via frequency 454.0000 on your scanner if you bring it to the track with you this weekend. 
Comment From Mo 

I cannot attend the races…will they be broadcast anywhere…either radio or tv? 

The top two from this last chance race will qualify for the 50-lap Modified feature later tonight. 
The engines have fired for the nine cars in the Modified last chance race. This will be a 15 lap race. Only green flag laps will count in this race. 
They qualify tomorrow. 
Comment From Billy 

have the snowflake cars qualified yet? 

Comment From Billy 

Congrats to Dave Mader for getting in on time they have fought that car all year. 

Yes, TJ Reaid qualified the KBM #51 in 12th for Sunday’s race. That is the only Kyle Busch Motorsports car on the property and Kyle, as he told Speed51.com’s Bob Dillner recently, may come to the track on Sunday, but he’d just be a spectator, not a competitor. 
Comment From wayne Miller 

Is Kyle Busch Cars going to race on Sunday 

Pre-race ceremonies are under way here. The Modified last chance race is scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. 
Provisional starters go to the top-two from the Five Flags Speedway Blizzard Series points to not transfer through time, plus the highest-qualifying, non-transferring past Snowball Derby champion. 
Officials check the carburetor on Cale Gale’s car in tech. (51 Photo)
Clay Rogers is the past champions provisional recipient. 
Correction…John Bolen has not yet cleared tech.  A crew member mis-spoke to our reporter thinking they were done, but the car is now going up on jackstands. 
IF EVERYONE PASSES TECH, Mike Garvey and Jeff Fultz would receive Blizzard Series provisionals.
Ryan Lawler’s crew guys Robbie Hamke (left) and Jason Ricker (right) work with Ricky Brooks (center) in post-qualifying tech. (51 Photo)
Third-place qualifier John Bolen has cleared tech.  First and second-place qualifiers are in tech now.
Comment From Ryan Johnson 

Way Better than studying for finals here in Montreal! Thanks for the coverage Speed 51. Good Luck Danny 

Comment From todd 

good qualifying run jimmy garmon go get them on sunday 

Comment From guest 

good to see the Hamke, Lawler combination together again 

We sure are.  The call to align the Modified last-chance race has just been given. 
Comment From supertx 

are you covering the mod race? 

John Bolen gets rolled into the tech station. (51 Photo)
Provisional starters will not be announced until tech is complete.
Comment From Drew Brannon 

Great qualifying effort Cale! 

Comment From Tony 

Great coverage if this was in minnesota you would be throwing snowballs great job to all 

Comment From Kelsey Payne 

congratulations Cale on your record setting pole. As someone who grew up watching your dad race good luck to you and your career. 

Comment From Da 

Great job Donnie Wilson and Freddie Query!! 

There is just one last-chance race, a 50 lapper, for the Snowball Derby cars on Saturday.  Four will transfer from that to Sunday’s race. 
Cale Gale poses by his car as the new track record holder and pole sitter for the 43rd Annual Snowball Derby, pending post-qualifying tech. (51 Photo)
Track officials here in the press box are saying it is a tie. That is the information we’re sticking with since it is from the officials here at the speedway. 
Comment From D sykes 121 

Gary Baloughs record is 16:333 not 16:335 

Mason Mingus will also move up to 27th and Brandon Carlson will be 28th because they had the same time, but Mingus went out first. 
Chief Tech Director Ricky Brooks said they are planning to re-tech the top five cars from qualifying. Officials are measuring the nose on the other cars and collecting tires to impound from all. 
Comment From R. Brown 

Thanks for the coverage, wish I was there instead of here in the cold in Kalamazoo, Mi 

Positions 1-30 are locked into the field based on time, pending tech. The rest will have to transfer through the last-chance races tomorrow. Four cars will transfer out of each last-chance race tomorrow. 
With their tied times, Bubba Pollard will be credited with 22nd and Mercer 23rd, because Pollard went out before Mercer in qualifying. 
43rd Annual Snowball Derby

1 Cale Gale 16.335
2 Ryan Lawler 16.403
3 John Bolen 16.417
4 Johanna Long 16.42
5 Grant Enfinger 16.442
6 Jimmy Garmon 16.483
7 Donnie Wilson 16.484
8 Dan Fredrickson 16.495
9 Landon Cassill 16.516
10 Chase Elliott 16.525
11 Casey Roderick 16.533
12 TJ Reaid 16.562
13 Derrick Griffin 16.565
14 Dennis Prunty 16.579
15 Josh Hamner 16.586
16 Ross Kenseth 16.59
17 David Stremme 16.625
18 Augie Grill 16.635
19 Dennis Schoenfeld 16.662
20 Andy Loden 16.663
21 Chris Davidson 16.703
22 Eddie Mercer 16.71
23 Bubba Pollard 16.71
24 Korey Ruble 16.712
25 Travis Kittleson 16.715
26 Brandon Carlson 16.717
27 Mason Mingus 16.717
28 Casey Smith 16.75
29 David Ragan 16.757
30 Dave Mader III 16.77
31 Scott Hantz 16.772
32 Mike Garvey 16.775
33 Ryan Blaney 16.779
34 Heath Hindman 16.805
35 Jerry Artuso 16.813
36 Tyler Roahrig 16.823
37 David Rogers 16.824
38 Jeff Fultz 16.84
39 Johnny VanDoorn 16.85
40 Matt Smith 16.863
41 Stephen McCurley 16.87
42 Ryan Crane 16.875
43 Danny Bagwell 16.944
44 Andy Ponstein 16.949
45 Tyler Millwood 16.951
46 Allen Karnes 17.125
47 Wayne Niedecken, Jr. 17.23
48 Clay Rogers 17.555
49 Ryan Sieg no time

Jimmy Garmon: “I’m surprised we went that fast going that late. I just didn’t want to overdrive it. We have a real good racecar.” 
Johnny VanDoorn: “We’ve just struggled ever since we’ve been down here. We just have no grip from the center off. This is racing though; we’ll get her figured out.” 
Qualifying is now complete. Cale Gale is the pole winner, pending tech, with a tie for the all-time track record lap. 
Scott Hantz is bumped to the last-chance race. 
97 – Jimmy Garmon
Lap 1: 16.520
Lap 2: 16.483
Best Lap: 16.483
Josh Hamner: “It was good; we’ve just been chasing it all day. We got some things working. We just have to work on it a little more.” 
Millwood does not make it in. Hantz remains on the bubble with one qualifier left, Jimmy Garmon. 
31 – Tyler Millwood
Lap 1: 17.179
Lap 2: 16.951
Best Lap: 16.951
VanDoorn is out of the show. Scott Hantz remains on the bubble. 
61 – Johnny VanDoorn
Lap 1: 16.998
Lap 2: 16.850
Best Lap: 16.850
David Ragan: “It just never came in. It was too tight and I got a little impatient. I got back to the gas a little early and made it too loose coming off.” 
Garvey is bumped. Scott Hantz is now on the bubble with a 16.772. 
49 – Josh Hamner
Lap 1: 16.675
Lap 2: 16.586
Best Lap: 16.586
Blaney is bumped. Mike Garvey is now on the bubble with a 16.775. 
12 – Travis Kittleson
Lap 1: 16.817
Lap 2: 16.715
Best Lap: 16.715
Mike Garvey: “We just can’t get any short term speed out of it. When we race it the car is fine, but we just can’t get it to go in qualifying.” 
Hindman is now bumped. Ryan Blaney is on the bubble with a 16.779. 
72 – Eddie Mercer
Lap 1: 16.715
Lap 2: 16.710
Best Lap: 16.710
Artuso is bumped. Heath Hindman is now on the bubble with a 16.805. 
99 – Casey Smith
Lap 1: 16.885
Lap 2: 16.750
Best Lap: 16.750
Andy Loden: “I don’t know. It was ok (dejected). It was just tight in the middle and loose off.” 
Rogers is bumped. Jerry Artuso is now on the bubble with a 16.814. 
5 – David Ragan
Lap 1: 16.861
Lap 2: 16.757
Best Lap: 16.757
David Rogers is now on the bubble with a 16.822. Tyler Roahrig is now bumped. 
1 – Mike Garvey
Lap 1: 16.923
Lap 2: 16.775
Best Lap: 16.775
Tyler Roahrig is now on the bubble with a 16.822. 
Jeff Fultz is now bumped. 
Bubba Pollard: “It ain’t no better; it’s still slow. It feels good; it just has no speed. Heck, we qualified faster in the summertime.” 
29 – Andy Loden
Lap 1: 16.745
Lap 2: 16.663
Best Lap: 16.663
Smith is bumped. Jeff Fultz is now on the bubble. 
47 – Casey Roderick
Lap 1: 16.627
Lap 2: 16.533
Best Lap: 16.533
Matt Smith is now on the bubble as Stephen McCurley is bumped. 
08 – Bubba Pollard
Lap 1: 16.723
Lap 2: 16.710
Best Lap: 16.710
McCurley remains on the bubble. 
10 – Danny Bagwell
Lap 1: 17.451
Lap 2: 16.944
Best Lap: 16.944
David Stremme: “It was way better than what we were earlier. We were horrible in qualifying trim. We changed three springs for qualifying. I drove it down in there and it stuck and I got on the gas and it just got loose. I should have waited just a little bit more.” 
McCurley remains on the bubble. Karnes did not make it in the top-30. 
29 – Allen Karnes
Lap 1: 17.125
Lap 2: 17.213
Best Lap: 17.125
Ryan Crane is now bumped. Stephen McCurley is now on the bubble. 
5 – Jerry Artuso
Lap 1: 17.277
Lap 2: 16.813
Best Lap: 16.813
Andy Ponstein is now bumped. Ryan Crane is now on the bubble. 
Johanna Long: “She was really fast, but that’s all she had. I really wanted the pole, but the big picture is the win, right?” 
11 – David Rogers
Lap 1: 16.824
Lap 2: 16.848
Best Lap: 16.824
Junior Niedecken is now bumped. Next on the bubble is Andy Ponstein. 
35 – David Stremme
Lap 1: 16.625
Lap 2: 16.730
Best Lap: 16.625
Clay Rogers: “The engine didn’t make that much of a difference It just won’t run fast for two laps. It’s like it just doesn’t work the tires enough. It wouldn’t turn: I went way up the racetrack. We did everything we could.” 
10 – Johanna Long
Lap 1: 16.481
Lap 2: 16.420
Best Lap: 16.420
41 – Chris Davidson
Lap 1: 16.885
Lap 2: 16.703
Best Lap: 16.703
1 – Stephan McCurley
Lap 1: 16.870
Lap 2: 16.878
Best Lap: 16.870
72 – Scott Hantz
Lap 1: 16.935
Lap 2: 16.772
Best Lap: 16.772
2 – Clay Rogers
Lap 1: 17.555
Lap 2: n/a
Best Lap: 17.555
Cale Gale: “I don’t know if I could have gone any quicker on the second lap, but I actually missed one and two a little bit.” 
Clay Rogers is next out and will get one lap for missing his qualifying spot due to wrapping up the engine change. 
4 – Derrick Griffin
Lap 1: 16.762
Lap 2: 16.565
Best Lap: 16.565
99 – Junior Niedecken
Lap 1: 17.230
Lap 2: n/a
Best Lap: 17.230
Cale Gale takes the pole with one lap. He also held the pole here in 2007. 
It is tied with the all-time record with Gary Balough’s all-time record here at FFS. 
Cale Gale is now the fastest, with a new track current-rule, and close to the all-time, track record. 
83 – Cale Gale
Lap 1: 16.335
Lap 2: n/a
Best Lap: 16.335
TJ Reaid: “Yeah I’m disappointed. We just missed on the chassis a little. It was too tight.” 
Another one lapper is next, Cale Gale. 
10 – Ryan Crane
Lap 1: 16.875
Lap 2: n/a
Best Lap: 16.875
Ryan Crane, the next car out, will only get one lap due to tech infractions. 
67 – Jeff Fultz
Lap 1: 17.025
Lap 2: 16.840
Best Lap: 16.840
Grant Enfinger: “That’s all we had; I’m pretty happy with that. I got to the gas when I wanted, I just couldn’t plant it.” 
51 – TJ Reaid
Lap 1: 16.562
Lap 2: 16.628
Best Lap: 16.562
91 – Heath Hindman
Lap 1: 16.881
Lap 2: 16.805
Best Lap: 16.805
Ryan Lawler: “I really drove it off in there. I told them I really needed more forward bite; I couldn’t put the pedal down till I was all the way on the straightaway. It was a little loose all the way around, but it stuck to the bottom like glue.” 
Just after Donnie Wilson was knocked off the pole we caught up with him. He said that he didn’t think he left anything out on the track and the car was great. With a solid time of 16.484, Wilson should still end up with a top ten starting position. 
43 – Dennis Schoenfeld
Lap 1: 16.662
Lap 2: 16.736
Best Lap: 16.662
82 – Grant Enfinger
Lap 1: 16.753
Lap 2: 16.442
Best Lap: 16.442
According to track officials, Gary Balough’s 16.333 record lap is not counted as the record for this event because there were different rules at that time. 
Comment From R. Brown 

I thought the record was 16.33 

14 – Tyler Roahrig
Lap 1: 17.055
Lap 2: 16.823
Best Lap: 16.823
Ryan Lawler on the pole. 
74 – Ryan Lawler
Lap 1: 16.457
Lap 2: 16.403
Best Lap: 16.403
John Bolen: “That motor was pullin’ – I knew it was going to be good when I hit the chip on the backstretch. That’s all there was.” 
8 – Andy Ponstein
Lap 1: 16.949
Lap 2: 16.980
Best Lap: 16.949
42 – Dennis Prunty
Lap 1: 16.651
Lap 2: 16.579
Best Lap: 16.579
Chase Elliott: “I didn’t know how good it was going to be. I just didn’t drive it in hard enough on the first turn. I really wish I had that second lap, but oh well, we’ll be alright.” 
New track record and the current pole for John Bolen 
2 – John Bolen
Lap 1: 16.710
Lap 2: 16.417
Best Lap: 16.417
Dan Fredrickson said after his lap, “If we had a good driver we would have been a lot better. I left a lot out there. It just felt so good; I didn’t push it as hard as I probably should have.” 
02 – Matt Smith
Lap 1: 17.247
Lap 2: 16.863
Best Lap: 16.863
Looking at the last few competitors, it appears that the cars are slowing down on the second lap. 
16 – Korey Ruble
Lap 1: 16.712
Lap 2: 17.020
Best Lap: 16.712
9 – Chase Elliott
Lap 1: 16.525
Lap 2: n/a
Best Lap: 16.525
One lap for Elliott due to tech issues 
36 – Dan Fredrickson
Lap 1: 16.495
Lap 2: 16.518
Best Lap: 16.495
Augie Grill says the car was really good, but as he put it, “I just needed another lap.” 
10 – Ryan Blaney
Lap 1: 16.779
Lap 2: 16.841
Best Lap: 16.779
7 – Landon Cassill
Lap 1: 16.516
Lap 2: n/a
Best Lap: 16.516
25 – Ross Kenseth
Lap 1: 16.590
Lap 2: 16.598
Best Lap: 16.590
112 – Augie Grill
Lap 1: 16.635
Lap 2: n/a
Best Lap: 16.635
Augie Grill, the next car out, only receives one lap due to tech infractions. 
21 – Brandon Carlson
Lap 1: 16.993
Lap 2: 16.717
Best Lap: 16.717
18 – Dave Mader III
Lap 1: 17.012
Lap 2: 16.770
Best Lap: 16.770
98 – Mason Mingus
Lap 1: 16.717
Lap 2: n/a
Best Lap: 16.717

Mason Mingus, the second car on the track, has spun on his dead lap.  He will only get one lap anyway due to having failed pre-qualifying tech 
Donnie Wilson Lap 1: 16.638 Lap 2: 16.484 Best Lap:  16.484 

Donnie Wilson is the first car on track 

Comment From D 

It’s GO-TIME, I love it…. Welcome to the Derby. 

The front few drivers are strapping into their cars for qualifying. 
We last posted tonight’s qualifying order at 2pm in our Trackside Now coverage. Feel free to scroll on down to view it and anything else folks may have missed throughout today’s coverage. 
Tensions are starting to pick up on pit road. Our pit reporters are noticing lots of drivers starting to dance around and get a little more tense as we enter inside of 10 minutes to the start of qualifying. 
The top-30 in qualifying times will transfer to Sunday’s feature. The rest will go into last-chance races, or rely on Blizzard Series points or past-champions’ provisionals. All transferring cars, plus some just outside the top-30 for disqualification purposes, will be taken to tech after time trials. 
Johanna Long, last year’s Snowball Derby pole winner, is prepping for this year’s qualifying by listening to her iPod. What’s she listening to now? “Bottoms Up” by Trey Songz. 
Jimmy Garmon’s #97 SLM rolls onto the scales in pre-qualifying tech. (51 Photo)
Clay Rogers’ team scrambles to get the new engine in the #2 ready for qualifying. Two different manufacturers mean different engine mounts and more to change over. (51 Photo)
We caught up with Bubba Pollard as he prepares for Snowball qualifying. We asked him if he was nervous. His response?

“I’m too slow to be nervous,” said Pollard with a bit of a chuckle. 

Modified Qualifying results (scroll down to our live qualifying coverage for their lap times)

1. Korey Ruble
2. Augie Grill
3. Billy Melvin
4. Jeff Letson
5. Stephan McCurley
6. Bubba Gale
7. Donnie Hamrac
8. Todd Jackson
9. John Sappriacone
10. Tim Martin
11. Tuffy Hudson
12. Mark Chrudimski
13. Trevor Edwards
14. Jason Morman
15. Nathan Davis
16. Gerald Wilkinson
17. Brandon Howell
18. Nathan Ingersoll
19. Michael House
20. Billy Melvin
21. Kevin Peel
22. James Patrick
23. Bradley Reithmeyer
24. Don Livingston
25. AJ Winstead
26. Mike Maddox
27. Kevin Terry
28. Scooter Grice
29. Brandon Curren
30. Todd Jones

The only car that still needs to roll through tech is the #2 of former Snowball Derby winner Clay Rogers, who was changing his engine late in the day. 
The advertised start time for SLM qualifying was 6pm, so everything is right on schedule. Every car will roll through tech before the first car hits the pavement. 
Comment From B. BROOKS 

does everbody have to complete tech before the first goes out. can you explain why. waited two hours 

There are only about four cars left to go through pre-qualifying tech. 
Junior Niedecken’s day goes from bad to worse…after crashing his car in practice and going to his local shop and bringing his backup car, that second car was also determined to be too low on the left-side door and will only receive one lap in qualifying. 
Junior Niedecken also told us his car hit the wall so hard today it ripped the A-post from the frame. In his words, the car “is junk.” He says he feels like a “giraffe” because his body stretched a bunch in the wreck. Needless to say he is sore, but will attempt to qualify his back-up SLM. 
More pre-qualifying tech infractions.

All the following drivers will receive one lap in qualifying for their infractions:
98 – Mason Mingus (front tread with too wide)
112 – Augie Grill (nose too wide)

The following guys were busted for their centerline on the templates being off and will receive just one lap in qualifying:
9 – Chase Elliott
7 – Landon Cassill
10 – Ryan Crane
83 – Cale Gale 

Ryan Sieg has been disqualified from qualifying tonight for his left-side door being too low in tech. Sieg rolled through tech twice, but was too low both times. He will now have to attempt to make the race through the last-chance race Saturday. 
After crashing earlier in the day, Junior Niedecken has decided to attempt to qualify his back-up car despite no laps on the racetrack with it. 
The overall Snowball Derby track record is a 16.33 held by Gary Balough from back in 1980. On Friday night, the 30 year old record could go down, with the current speeds that are being posted. 
Comment From joe 

Does Gary Balough still hold the record @ 16.33 ? 

That concludes all on-track action for a while, until the Super Late Models will hit the track for Snowball Derby pole qualifying at 6pm CST. 
If Modified qualifying is any indication of how Snowball Derby qualifying will go, the track record could fall tonight. 
Comment From B. BROOKS 

new track records, will the supers go there. track must be cool,lots of grip. 

Coming up next will be qualifying for the Snowball Derby.  Cars are still rolling through tech.  Qualifying is set to begin at 6. 
That concludes Modified Qualifying.  Korey Ruble set fast time and a new track record with a 17.445 
17 Chris Cotta 19.079, 18.623 
33 Jason Morman 18.247, 17.938 
121 Jeff Letson 18.196, 17.689 
88 John Sarppraicone 17.939, 17.835 
15X Don Livingston 18.758, 18.289 
1 Art Kunzcnan 18.692, 18.531 
99 Brandon Howell 19.027, 18.085 
11 James Patrick 18.508, 18.179 
33 Nathan Ingersoll 18.600, 18.100 
66 Korey Ruble 17.777 17.455 New FAST TIME, New TRACK RECORD 
34 Randy Hemrick 19.403, 18.665 
64 Rusty Sanford 19.846, 19.165 
9 Bradley Riethmeyer 18.618, 18.182 
05 Nathan Davis 18.476, 17.957 
13 Kevin Terry 18.744, 18.350 
8 Donnie Hamric 18.000, 17.763 
67 Frankie Martin 18.746, 18.504 
14 John Schultz 18.985, 18.163 
112 Augie Grill 17.838, 17.537 New FAST TIME, New TRACK RECORD 
83 Bubba Gale 17.794, 17.743 
145 Billy Melvin 18.175, 17.635 New FAST TIME 
711 Michael House 18.418, 18.137 
98 Gerald Wilkinson 18.717, 18.048 
18 Kevin Peel 18.213, 18.173 
7T Tuffy Hudson 18.256 17.852 
51 Todd Jackson 17.962, 17.775 
32 Trevor Edwards 18.160, 17.919 
007 Stephan McCurley 17.907, 17.695   New FAST TIME 
2 Kevin Chase 19.220, 18.703 
1 Tim Martin 18.310, 17.850 
14 Mike Maddox 18.531, 18.299 
6 Chris Brown 19.460, 18.745 
99 A.J. Winstead 18.718, 18.295 
05 Josh Goodwin 19.255, 18.719 
7 Scooter Grice 18.589, 18.366 
00 Brandon Curren  18.771, 18.407 
54 Todd Jones 18.741, 18.465 
39 Mark Chrudimsky 18.111, 17.869 
86 Chris McDonald 19.295, 18.796 
Modified qualifying is underway. 
Bubba Pollard (left) thinks about what to do to his racecars with car owner and former Snowball Derby winner Ronnie Sanders. (51 Photo)
The Snowball Derby cars await their turn in pre-qualifying tech. (51 Photo)
The track record for the Super Stocks was set by Shannon Jackson in December 2009 with at time of 18.775 seconds. The Modified record holder is Bubba Gale who turned a lap of 17.587 seconds in December 2009 too. 
Comment From matt 

what is the track record for super stocks and modifieds? thanks 

Daniel Hemric talks car owner Jeff Fultz through his #66 Snowflake car’s handling. (51 Photo)
There sure are…tickets are still available for tomorrow night’s Snowflake 100 and Sunday’s Snowball Derby. 
Comment From Julian 

Is there general admisson tickets for tomorrow? 

Snowball Derby competitors Dennis Schoenfeld and Josh Hamner run side by side in practice. (51 Photo)
Super Stock qualifying is now complete.  Modified time trials is up next. 
#6 Michael Ledlow – 20.359 
#44 Bubba Winslow – 19.047 
The first car to go through Super Late Model tech is Mason Mingus.  The templates are being applied to it as we speak in preparation for Snowball Derby qualifying later this evening. 
#93 Paul Jean – 18.976 
#39 Matt Taylor – 19.400 
John Bolen is attempting to qualify for both the Snowflake and Snowball races. 
Comment From Guest 

Has John Bolen entered his PLM in the snowflake? Or does he just have his SLM there? 

#1 Howard Langham – 19.282 
#1 Stuart Dunn – 19.283 
#0 John Shuffler – 19.043 
Comment From Full Throttle 

Thanks for all the updates guys…were stuck in the parts trailer and only get to lk at the track every so often… 

#44 Greg Young  – 19.189 
Super Late Model crews are now beginning to roll their tires from the impound area to the tech line. 
#2 Scott Wicker – 19.446
#56 Darryl Rudd – 18.928 
#17 – Chris Cotto – 19.270 
#18 Jesse Reid – 18.811 
Comment From Kenzie Ruston 

Thanks for the Great Coverage! 

#95 Eddie Hamrac – 19.735 
#57 Charlie Skipper Jr – 19.991 
#53 – Earl Polk – 21.561 (hit the wall on lap one) 
#33 Dennis Thomas – 21.953 
Comment From MCraneW 

Stuck at Ole Miss preparing for finals week; thanks for the excellent coverage! Good luck to Grant Enfinger in the BRG car! 

#26 Corbitt Moseley – 19.284 
#86 Regan Baker – 18.823
#16 David Jenkins – 20.379 
#55 Mike Moore – 19.284
#84 Joe Mahuron – 19.440 
#94 Shannon Jackson – 19.047 
#42 Randy Thompson – 19.248
#2 Darin Matthews – 19.098 
EXECUTIVE EDITOR NOTE (Bob Dillner): “Speed51.com has a great crew here in Pensacola, FL and they are doing a fantastic job in bringing all you fans the latest info for everyone not able to be here for the Snowball Derby week.

“Duke Kentfield, Elgin ‘Stat Boy’ Traylor, Jamie Williams, Becca Kasten, Amanda Earle and Dan Vining should be commended for their hard work.” 

There are a total of 23 Super Stocks here for qualifying. The feature will be 50 laps tonight. 
Former NASCAR regular and short track standout Sterling Marlin is here today hanging out in the pits. (51 Photo)
Comment From Guest 

Make it a pay per view – i’m in! 

Terri Bolen is the mother of Pro and Super Late Model driver John Bolen and also a friend of Speed51.com.  Good luck in qualifying. 
Comment From Terri Bolen 

Thanks for the great coverage!!! 

Shannon Jackson is in the Super Stock lineup.  He will be going out to qualify shortly. 
Comment From dan 

Do you guys know if the #94 of Shannon Jackson is in the super stock lineup for tonight? 

Kenzie Ruston has been consistenly quick this weekend with her #39 Pro Late Model and is racing for a good cause, the Racing 2 Cure Foundation. (51 Photo)
PA Announcer Robbie Harvey just gave the call for Super Late Models to begin making their way to pre-qualifying tech.  Qualifying is at 6pm CST.
It takes a lot of money for the production of a race on TV. 
Comment From david 

Why is there no TV coverage on a good race like this at this time of the year? I am in NY. 

Comment From Dave 

Looking forward to our 1st Snowball on Sunday 

Hearing that there are a lot of Modifieds in line at the tech building. The Modifieds are scheduled to qualify immediately after the Super Stocks. 
Jason Young is happy with the performance of his #27 Snowflake entry in practice, but he admitted to us that he’s even happier with his qualifying draw tomorrow – he will go out last in time trials. 


Pro Late Model Final Practice Results:

Kyle Benjamin


2   Dwayne Buggay 17.181
3   Dillon Oliver 17.2
4   DJ VanderLey 17.221
5   Austin Kirkpatrick 17.259
6   Erick Jones 17.293
7   Brandon Odom 17.328
8   Daniel Hemric 17.33
9   Logan Boyett 7.335
10   Dillon Spreen 17.338
11   Justin South 17.346
12   Chase Elliott 17.361
13   Thomas Praytor 17.365
14   Kenzie Ruston 17.365
15   Andy Pugh 17.38
16   Tony Clark 17.386
17   Jason Young 17.395
18   Dakota Stroup 17.417
19   Jake Kruger 17.421
20   Davey Coble 17.426
21   John Bolen 17.435
22   Blake Ferguson 17.448
23   Cody Smith 17.45
24   Kyle Bryant 17.491
25   Brandon Bendele 17.491
26   Tyler Miles 17.527
27   David Odell 17.575
28   Donny Kelley 17.575
29   Elliott Massey 17.595
30   Joey Herques 17.599
31   Landon Cassill 17.604
32   Scott Patton 17.621
33   Keith Thorpe 17.679
34   Rodney Benefield 17.772
35   Chuck Tuck 17.812
36   David Jones 17.848
37   Giancarlo Serenelli 17.85
38   Chase Knox 17.853
39   Shanna Ard 17.901
40   Bobby Knox Jr 17.919
41   Charles Evans Jr 18.052
42   Robert Royce 18.514
Junior Niedecken is bringing his backup No. 99 Super Late Model to the pits. He will make it in just enough time to qualify for tonight’s feature. 
Daniel Hemric was eighth-quick in today’s final Snowflake practice.  He was happy with the car now that they are making some gains on the handle of it. 
We caught up with the fastest Pro Late Model driver of the day, Kyle Benjamin, who despite his fast lap reported a tight condition on his mock qualifying run.  Benjamin’s team is going to spend some time loosening the car up for tomorrow’s practice, when they will focus on race runs.
Comment From Guest 

Beautiful day,lots of cars, it’s the most wonderful time of the year…. 

Chris Cotto has just pulled his back up No. 14 Modified into the track. It looks like Cotto will be in the field after all. 
This wraps up the Pro Late Model practice for today. They will have one more opportunity to make laps on the track tomorrow at 10 a.m. Snowflake qualifying is scheduled for 2 p.m. tomorrow. 
The checkered flag is being shown to the field in this Snowflake practice session. Kyle Benjamin remained the fastest car. 
No. 47 crew of Dakota Stroup’s Pro Late Model says that they have a rocket, but Stroup noticed a burning smell in the cockpit of that machine. They brought the car in and found that the exhaust was melting the fiberglass quarterpanel. The team is changing the exhaust tip in order to correct the problem. 
Snowflake 100 competitor Hunter Robbins is still about 20 minutes away from the track after making the trip into town from Auburn University, where he is a student.  With only a few minutes left in final Snowflake practice today, it appears that Hunter won’t be on track at all until tomorrow. 
Jason Young, Brandon Bendele, Landon Cassill, Logan Boyett, Davie Coblo, Chase Elliott, David Odell, and Cody Smith are on the track right now. 
The Super Stocks have started lining the pit wall in preparation for their qualifying session which is scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. 
Comment From Kevin 

At 30,000 feet on our way to the track from Charlotte! Excellent coverage like normal from you guys. Thank you! 

Comment From Craig 

Thanks again for the tremendous reporting you are doing, those of us that can’t be there appreciate it greatly!!! 

Landon Cassill’s #1 Snowflake team is making a track bar adjustment to correct a loose condition. 
You might! Its always better to be safe than sorry. 
Comment From Guest 

will i need sunscreen? 

We have 15 minutes left in practice for the Snowflake only session. 
Danny Bagwell’s new engine that was brought in from Alabama overnight after the primary engine was blown up last night is slightly bigger size-wise than the original, according to the #10 SLM team.  That size difference has been holding up the team from getting much practice time today, as they have not been able to get the hood to fit over the air cleaner properly.
Its a beautiful day here at Five Flags Speedway. Currently it is 66 degrees and sunny. 
An update from David Jones’ pit after his spin at the start of Snowflake practice…Jones thinks an axle broke in the #64 PLM and the spin that resulted caused more than just cosmetic damage.  The team is contemplating going to a backup car.  There is extensive damage to the left front and left rear. 
Comment From Guest 

cant wait to get there ya’ll keep us up thanks 

Thomas Praytor, Shanna Ard and Andy Pugh are out on the track right now. 
David Odell, Kyle Benjamin, Jason Young, Danie Hemric, DJ Vanderley, Erik Jones, Charles Evans, Jr. and Dwayne Buggay are out on the track in this Pro Late Model practice. 
Current Top Fifteen in Pro Late Model Final Practice:

Kyle Benjamin 17.172
Dwayne Buggay  17.181
Dillion Oliver  17.200
DJ VanderLey  17.221
Brandon Odom  17.328
Daniel Hemric  17.330
Logan Boyett 17.335
Chase Elliott  17.361
Tony Clark 17.386
Jason Young  17.395
Andy Pugh  17.406
Justin South 17.414
Dakota Stroup  17.417
Davey Coble  17.426
John Bolen  17.435

We are back under green for this Pro Late Model only qualifying session. 
YELLOW FLAG: David Jones in the No. 64 Pro Late Model goes around on the backstretch. He made contact with the guardrail. He has major damage to the left rear quarterpanel and bumper. 
Our competition has traditionally been amongst Snowball Derby competitors.  If you or a company would like to sponsor for a Snowflake Best Appearing Car award, let us know by emailing [email protected]
Comment From Guest 

do the Snowflake cars get to bet put in appearence for the best looking ones, too? 

Official Times – Super Late Model Practice, Friday, 12/3/10
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

1 TJ Reaid 16.654
2 Ross Kenseth 16.691
3 Dan Fredrickson 16.739
4 Johanna Long 16.751
5 Ryan Blaney 16.795
6 Cale Gale 16.821
7 Jimmy Garmon 16.847
8 Donnie Wilson 16.882
9 David Ragan 16.882
10 Korey Ruble 16.885
11 Dennis Prunty 16.888
12 Chase Elliott 16.906
13 Scott Hantz 16.912
14 Landon Cassill 16.927
15 Jerry Artuso 16.944
16 Derrick Griffin 16.945
17 Dennis Schoenfeld 16.955
18 Ryan Crane 16.961
19 David Stremme 16.962
20 Grant Enfinger 16.967
21 Ryan Seig 16.992
22 Ryan Lawler 17.009
23 Bubba Pollard 17.016
24 Johnny Van Doorn 17.017
25 Josh Hamner 17.020
26 Mason Mingus 17.035
27 Mike Garvey 17.076
28 Stephan McCurley 17.082
29 Casey Smith 17.089
30 Jeff Fultz 17.091
31 Heath Hindman 17.093
32 Brandon Carlson 17.095
33 Tyler Roahrig 17.115
34 Andy Loden 17.138
35 Eddie Mercer 17.153
36 Matt Smith 17.167
37 Chris Davidson 17.196
38 Augie Grill 17.242
39 John Bolen 17.244
40 Andy Ponstein 17.303
41 Travis Kittleson 17.306
42 Dave Mader III 17.337
43 Tyler Millwood 17.392
44 Allen Karnes 17.499
Dakota Stroup, Kenzie Ruston, Kyle Benjamin and Daniel Hemric are some of the faster drivers out on the track in the first group of cars for Snowflake practice.
The Pro Late Models have taken to the track for their Snowflake only practice session. This session is scheduled to end at 3 p.m. 
David Stremme said his #35 Super Late Model was tight all the way through the corners in the final SLM practice today.  The team is dissecting the car currently wondering if there is an issue or if they just missed the setup. 
Approximately 30 Snowflake 100 cars are lined up on pit road to get ready for their final practice of the day. 
Ritchie Wauters, David Ragan’s car owner, is telling us that he is pretty happy with the No. 5 Super Late Model machine right now. The team is making small air pressure adjustments, but other than that they are all set for qualifying. 
Augie Grill said his car was better, but he thinks it was just a the new tires. 
Speed51.com is once again presenting the Snowball Derby Best Appearing Car Award.  Fans have until 11:59pm CST (local in Pensacola) to vote for what they think is the best looking Super Late Model amongst our 10 finalists.

To vote for the 2010 Speed51.com Snowball Derby Best Appearing Car Award, click here

While most thought Super Late Model practice was over, Augie Grill hit the track for three final laps before the checkered flag flew. 
Here is the order for the 43rd Annual Snowball Derby qualifying session which is slated to start 6 p.m.

Car No. Driver Hometown
82 Donnie Wilson Oklahoma City, OK
98 Mason Mingus Brentwood, TN
18 Dave Mader III Irvington, AL
2 Clay Rogers Troutman, NC
39 Ryan Sieg Tucker, GA
21 Brandon Carlson Pensacola, FL
112 Augie Grill Hayden, AL
25 Ross Kenseth Spring Valley, WI
7 Landon Cassill Charlotte, NC
10 Ryan Blaney High Point, NC
36 Dan Fredrickson Lakeville, MN
9 Chase Elliott Dawsonville, GA
16 Korey Ruble Dothan, AL
02 Matt Smith Houston, TX
2 John Bolen Jasper, AL
42 Dennis Prunty Knowles, WI
8 Andy Ponstein Husdsonville, MI
74 Ryan Lawler Colleyville, TX
14 Tyler Roahrig Bremen, IN
82 Grant Enfinger Montrose, AL
43 Dennis Schoenfeld Concord, NC
91 Heath Hindman Signal Mount, TN
51 T.J. Reaid Mooresville, NC
67 Jeff Fultz Troutman, NC
10 Ryan Crane Panama City, FL
83 Cale Gale Winston-Salem, NC
99 Wayne Diedecken, Jr. Pensacola, FL
4 Derrick Griffin Indianapolis, IN
72 Scott Hantz Angola, IN
1 Stephan McCurley Humble, TX
10 Johanna Long Pensacola, FL
35 David Stremme Davidson, NC
11 David Rogers Orlando, FL
5 Jerry Artuso Sault Ste Marie, ONT
29 Allen Karnes Sharpsbury, GA
10 Danny Bagwell Cordova, AL
08 Bubba Pollard Senoia, GA
47 Casey Roderick Lawerenceville, GA
29 Andy Loden Stanley, NC
1 Mike Garvey McDonough, GA
5 David Ragan Unadilla, GA
99S Casey Smith Austin, TX
72 Eddie Mercer Pensacola, FL
12 Travis Kittleson Merritt, FL
49 Josh Hamner Harpersville, AL
61 Johnny VanDoorn Coopersville, MI
31 Tyler Millwood Kingston, GA
97 Jimmy Garmon Hoschtom, GA 

Eddie Mercer’s crew puts fresh tires on the #72 SLM for a mock qualifying run. (51 Photo)
Concord Speedway (NC) Pro Late Model Champion and winner of the CRA North-South Shootout Super Late Model race a few weeks ago Colt James is turning wrenches on Cody Smith’s car this weekend. (51 Photo)
Comment From Hamke Race Cars & Parts 

GOOD LUCK to all our people from us here working at the shop!!! 

The teams are required to purchase both tires and fuel here at the track. 
Comment From Steve 

Did drivers have to buy tires at the track or could they have brought their own? What about fuel? 

Chase Elliott pushes his car back through the pits. (51 Photo)
Comment From Rick Alexander 


There are just shy of 10 minutes remaining in this Snowball Derby only practice session. Next up is the Snowflake only practice session. 
David Ragan in his No. 5 Super Late Model just left the pits with about 100 ice cubes trailing from his car. Looks like they are trying to get that car cooled down for a mock qualifying run. 
Stevie Mercer, brother of No. 72 Super Late Model driver Eddie Mercer, tells us that they are not too happy with the way that the car is handling right now. Eddie can’t seem to get through the center of the corners well. The team made several rear shock and spring adjustments, but they are still really tight in the center. 
Two-time Snowball Derby winner Bobby Gill, who finished fourth in last year’s Snowball Derby, skipped a fishing tournament this weekend in North Carolina to hang out in the pits at this year’s race. (51 Photo)
Clay Rogers’ team gets the damaged engine ready to come out, as the McGunegill sealed engine, which he won with a few years back, is ready to go in. (51 Photo)
Comment From Racing Rivets 

Good Luck to all at the Snowball this year.. 

Dan Fredrickson, driver of the No. 36 Super Late Model, has changed out of his firesuit and back into his street clothes. It looks like Fredrickson is done for the day until he goes out for Snowball Derby qualiftying at approximately 6 p.m. 
Andy Loden (#29) and Jeff Fultz side-by-side in turn four.
Comment From Hughes Motorsports 

Hughes Motorsports & driver Bobby Measmer Jr. wish all competitors a safe and successful Derby weekend. We will be back next year with a healed up driver and fast car, promise! 

TJ Reaid is fastest so far in this practice session. (51 Photo)
There are unlimited tires for practice, but the Super Late Model teams are restricted to 16 tires total for Sunday’s Snowball Derby. 
Comment From B. BROOKS 

is the a tire limit for sundays race. 

Practice has resumed.  Andy Loden, Chris Davidson, Allen Karnes, David Ragan, Andy Ponstein, Landon Cassill, Corey Ruble and Ryan Seig are out right now.
Comment From Racing Electronics 

Good luck to all of our valued competitors this derby weekend! 

If anyone here is making money this weekend its the fuel station. According to reports they have sold 2,000 gallons of fuel so far this week. Depending on the octane, the fuel is either $8.25 or $9.25 per gallon. The Law of Averages says that is about $18,000. 
Landon Cassill just made a mock run.  He feels the car is better but they need to get more out of it. 
Chase Elliott’s team says they feel they are pretty good.  They have been working on qualifying runs today and they are going to start working on race runs.  They have not been making many adjustments today. 
Comment From In the know 

The car Clay Rogers has it the Derby is a big spring car w/steering box instead of the popular coilover/rack style everyone else is running… It was built at Billy Hess’s shop 

Comment From Mike D 

Wishing I was home for the Derby! Hopefully a Pensacola Boy or Gal can bring it home this year! 

39 Super Late Models have been on track during this session. 
Cale Gale is now sixth quick with a lap of 16.821. 
Jeff Freeman of Hoosier Tires South tells us that about 800 Pro and Super Late Model tires have been sold here since Thursday. Freeman tells us that they brought about 2,200 tires for the Late Model divisions and about 2,800 total for all divisions. 
TJ Reaid just climbed to the top of the speed charts with a lap of 16.654. 
Speed51.com is “The Official Site of the Snowball Derby.”  Today’s Trackside Now coverage is brought to you by Shoenfeld Headers. 
Brandon Carlson is only running his Snowball Super Late Model. 
Comment From Guest 

Is Brandon Carlson running a PLM this weekend? 

On the radio we heard Johnny VanDoorn’s team have some issues with traffic on their mock qualifying run. The team didn’t get to finish the run and they will be going back out shortly to try again. 
Comment From TEAM REPORT

Dillion Oliver is finding the speed he needs. 

Augie Grill and team made a rear differential change earlier this morning and it seems to be just what they were looking for. Grill just made his first laps in the No. 112 Super Late Model after the change and came back into the pits to make only minor adjustments. 
Comment From Guest 

Richie (Wauters)going dirt style. 

Right now TJ Reaid, Dan Fredrickson, Landon Cassill and Jeff Fultz are out on the track. 
Chase Elliott just jumped to sixth quick with a 16.906. 
Current Times – Super LM Only Practice, Friday, 12/3/10
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

1) Ross Kenseth 16.691
2) Dan Fredrickson 16.739
3) Johanna Long 16.751
4) Ryan Blaney 16.795
5) TJ Reaid 16.900
6) Scott Hantz 16.912
7) Dennis Prunty 16.950
8) Ryan Crane 16.961
9) David Stremme 16.962
10) David Ragan 16.964
Ross Kenseth says they are working on finding a balance between being fast on new tires and old tires.  He feels they are just as good as least year, when they qualified on the outside pole. 
More on Clay Rogers engine problems. The No. 2 team is removing the Automotive Specailsts engine after the lifter got stuck in the block. They are now in the process of replacing that engine with at McGunegill sealed motor. Rogers won the 2006 Snowball Derby with a McGunegill. 
Only three cars are buzzing around the track right now.  Practice isn’t as hectic as we saw earlier today. 
Eddie Mercer ready for practice. (51 Photo)
The No. 2 Super Late Model of Clay Rogers is changing engines after they broke a lifter in the primary Automotive Specialists engine. 
Evidently car owner Richie Wauters doesn’t want anybody to see what’s going on on the left-rear of David Ragan’s SLM. (51 Photo)
Johnny VanDoorn says his car is much better than yesterday.  They have been focusing on race set-up and have yet to put new tires on today.  He said “We are about to put tires on and get stupid with it.” 
2010 North-South Shootout Winner and Concord Pro Late Model Champion, Colt James will be serving as the crew chief for the No. 15 of Cody Smith this weekend. 
Augie Grill said on radio that his car feels like it has 50 pounds of air in the tires. They ran a few laps and have come in to adjust the shocks. 
Landon Cassill climbs in his car for practice. (51 Photo)
Comment From Twisty 

Following along here up in Maine where we looked through the Derby photo galleries and my daughter asked, “where are the pink racecars?” I told her there weren’t any at the Derby. Then we saw Trevor Edwards’ Modified and that has made a three-year-old girl’s day. “You found it!” she screamed in joy. 

Augie Grill, Dan Fredrickson, David Stremme, Ryan Lawler, Jimmy Garmon, Andy Loden and Eddie Mercer are all out right away in this practice.  They are limiting the number of cars on the track to ten for the duration of this practice.    
This Snowball Derby only practice is the first time all week that a practice has been exclusively for Super Late Models. 
PLM Donnie Kelly (#03) & SLM Tyler Roahrig (#14) practiced together this morning. (51 Photo)
Jeff Fultz is happy with his backup car and they are lower on the speed charts because they have not put on tires yet. Also, his Pro Late Model drivers are happy and they have not put on tires as well. 
The tire barn has just started releaseing tires for Snowball Derby Qualifying scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. 
The Snowball Derby only practice is about to begin. This session will include just Super Late Models. 
Wrong way! (51 Photo)
We are about 5 minutes from afternoon practice.  Allen Karnes is the first and only car waiting in line right now.  
Trevor Edwards, in the pink Breast Cancer Awareness Mod, wheelin’ it on the outside. (51 Photo)
Comment From Guest 

that car is done…. 

Augie Grill’s mean-looking Modified. (51 Photo)
“This place is awsome,” said Erik Jones, driver of the No. 4 Pro Late Model. Jones says that the car is just so, so, but he clearly likes the track. 
The No. 40 Pro Late Model of Tyler Miles was 19th on the practice sheets on 20-lap old tires. He is reporting that he starts out tight and then breaks loose as he gets further into the run. 
Super Stocks practiced this morning. (51 Photo)
Logan Boyett has major carburetor problems on his No. 11 Pro Late Model. Dan Vanderlay, father of DJ Vanderlay, is working to repair the issue. 
Cotto walked away from the crash uninjured. (51 Photo)
Chris Cotto’s Modified machine after his hard hit in the Turn 3 wall.(51 Photo)
We are now under a 30-minute lunch break. 
DJ Vanderley (#2) and Davey Coble (#14) on track. (51 Photo)
FINAL TIMES: Modifieds – Session #1
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

(TOP 10)

1) Korey Ruble (#66) 17.918
2) Augie Grill (#112) 17.944
3) Todd Jackson (#51) 18.018
4) Stephan McCurley (#007) 18.081
5) Jason Morman (#33) 18.153
6) Bubba Gale (#83) 18.169
7) Nathan Davis (#05) 18.245
8) John Sarppraicone (#88) 18.269
9) Gerald Wilkinson (#98) 18.288
10) Kevin Peel (#18) 18.312
Chris Cotto pounded his first into the roof of his Modified after he walked away from a hard hit in the Turn 3 wall. 
There are now 40 Modifieds in the pits at FFS. (51 Photo)
YELLOW FLAG: Chris Cotto hits hard in Turn 3. 
Junior Niedecken walked away from a hard hit in Late Model practice. (51 Photo)
Comment From Logan Boyett 

Our car had some play in the left front upper ball joint and everything has checked out fine…. However, we did discover a broken shaft on the carburetor as we finished our daily chassis check… and our crew member and sponsor Bill Robey of Bill’s RV Service says “HEY” to brother Rick in Maryland 

Birthday boy, now 14-year-old Kyle Benjamin (#71 PLM). (51 Photo)
There are 10 minutes left in the Modified practice session. 
The current Modified record holder is Bubba Gale who laid down a time of 17.587 seconds here at Five Flags Speedway in December 2009. 
Comment From Guest 

What is the current track record for the Modifieds? And who is it set by? 

CURRENT TIMES: Modifieds – Session #1
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

1) Korey Ruble (#66) 17.918
2) Augie Grill (#112) 17.944
3) Todd Jackson (#51) 18.018
4) Stephan McCurley (#007) 18.081
5) Jason Morman (#33) 18.153
Derby rookie Brandon Carlson pushes his car to the line. (51 Photo)
The Modifieds are running on 8-inch Hoosier tires as far as we know. 
Comment From bobg 

what tires do the modifieds run on 

Danny Bagwell’s team changes an engine. (51 Photo)
Travis Kittleson #12), Casey Roderick (#47) and Dillon Spreen (#81) on track.
YELLOW FLAG: Debris in Turn 2. 
CURRENT TIMES: Modifieds – Session #1
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

1) Korey Ruble (#66) 18.000
2) Todd Jackson (#51) 18.018
3) Stephan McCurley (#007) 18.081
4) Augie Grill (#112) 18.135
5) Bubba Gale (#83) 18.169
YELLOW FLAG:  John Schultz spun his #14 Modified in turn two without contact and he continued to pit road. 
Official tally shows 38 Modifieds in the pits today. 
Dillon Spreen (#81 PLM) spins in practice. (51 Photo)
YELLOW FLAG in Modified practice.  Jason Bates (#22) ne up in a plume of smoke in turn three. 
We have well over 25 Modifieds here today for their 50 lapper tonight. 
Todd Jackson’s cool looking #51 Modified.
Modified practice is on track for the first time today. 
Junior Niedecken’s wrecked #99. (51 Photo)
Austin Kirkpatrick (#11) and Mason Mingus (#98) race each other during practice. (51 Photo)
Super Stock practice is in the books and the Modifeds will be out next. We see about 15 Modifieds in the line for practice. 
Augie Grill’s team has changed the rear-end differential in the #112 Super Late Model for no other reason than trying to get a little more speed out of it. 
Official Times LM Session #1 – Thusday, 12/3/10
FIve Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

1) Ryan Crane 16.667
2) Derrick Griffin 16.806
3) David Ragan 16.846
4) Chase Elliott 16.853
5) Grant Enfinger 16.882
6) TJ Reaid 16.883
7) Ross Kenseth 16.885
8) Ryan Lawler 16.917
9) Jerry Artuso 16.918
10) Cale Gale 16.933
11) David Rogers 16.935
12) Jimmy Garmon 16.951
13) Travis Kittleson 16.951
14) David Stremme 16.955
15) Ryan Blaney 16.983
16) Mike Garvey 17.008
17) Josh Hamner 17.011
18) Dennis Schoenfeld 17.023
19) Scott Hantz 17.028
20) Andy Loden 17.042
21) Johnny VanDoorn 17.055
22) Casey Smith 17.060
23) Bubba Pollard 17.083
24) Landon Cassill 17.107
25) Heath Hindman 17.130
26) DJ Vanderley (PLM) 17.143
27) Jeff Fultz 17.153
28) Dan Fredrickson 17.175
29) Stephan McCurley 17.182
30) Dwayne Buggay (PLM) 17.194
31) Chris Davidson 17.196
32) Mason Mingus 17.197
33) Eddie Mercer 17.200
34) Junior Niedecken 17.214
35) Tyler Roahrig 17.216
36) Tyler Millwood 17.241
37) Dillon Oliver (PLM) 17.277
38) Jason Young (PLM) 17.289
39) Daniel Hemric (PLM) 17.301
40) Matt Smith (PLM) 17.311
41) Clay Rogers 17.314
42) Andy Ponstein (PLM) 17.330
43) Cale Gale (PLM) 17.349
44) Allen Karnes 17.354
45) Jake Kruger (PLM) 17.356
46) Brandon Carlson 17.358
47) Logan Boyett (PLM) 17.362
48) Thomas Praytor (PLM) 17.375
49) Scott Patton (PLM) 17.377
50) Dillon Spreen (PLM) 17.404
51) Andy Pugh (PLM) 17.421
52) David Jones (PLM) 17.483
53) Kenzie Ruston (PLM) 17.494
54) Dave Mader, III 17.499
55) Dennis Prunty 17.501
56) Giancarlo Serenelli (PLM) 17.524
57) Brandon Bendele (PLM) 17.527
58) Korey Ruble (PLM) 17.533
59) Ryan Sieg 17.540
60) Erik Jones (PLM) 17.558
61) Tyler Miles (PLM) 17.559
62) Austin Kirkpatrick (PLM) 17.565
63) David Odell (PLM) 17.615
64) Elliott Massey (PLM) 17.623
65) Matt Smith (PLM) 17.625
66) John Bolen (PLM) 17.638
67) Blake Ferguson (PLM) 17.686
68) Bobby Knox, Jr. 17.716
69) Donny Kelly (PLM) 17.759
70) Brandon Odom (PLM) 17.781
71) Cody Smith (PLM) 17.850
72) Chase Knox (PLM) 17.863
73) Tony Clark (PLM) 17.892
74) Davey Coble (PLM) 17.901
75) Casey Roderick (PLM) 17.902
76) Justin South (PLM) 18.051
77) Joey Herques (PLM) 18.140
78) Charles Evans, Jr. 18.256
We’ve just heard that Junior Niedecken is already back at his shop getting his backup car ready.  They don’t think they can get the car ready to go for qualifying tonight, so they will take their chances on making the Snowball Derby through the last-chance races on Saturday night.
Super Stocks are still on the track for their practice. We will have the Modifieds up after that. 
If you want see some of the action from last night’s Snowball Showdown go-kart event at Fast Eddies Fun Center then check out the link below.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jEc77Y0tYQ
If you would like to see past results of the Snowball Derby check out ShortTrackHistory.org  http://www.shorttrackhistory.org/Derby.html
Nidecken’s car was driven on the flatbed trailer right to his shop in town.
Niedecken’s car is now off the track and we are getting ready to roll with Super Stock practice. 
Junior Niedecken assesses the damage to his #99 after hitting the wall late in Friday morning’s practice. (51 Photo)
Junior Niedecken told us he’s “definitely going to be sore” after that hit.  The team does have back-up car at their shop here in Pensacola, FL, but no springs or shocks are currently on it.  They are trying to decide what they should do. 
Mike Williamson, who is Niedecken’s shock guy, reports that a shock mount broke on the car entering turn number one. 
Junior Niedecken’s #99 was a brand new racecar. 
Super Stock practice is next on track here at FFS. 
This Late Model session is now over. 
Junior Niedecken has climbed out of the car.
CAUTION: Junior Niedecken (#99 SLM) has hit the wall hard in between turns one and two. 
Less than five minutes remain in this practice session. 
Donnie Wilson has elected to sit out from this practice. He says he only has one set of tires left. He feels confident that he wont need the practice because he’s qualified well here in the past. 
Earlier this morning, we caught up with Minnesota’s Dan Fredrickson about his practice on Thursday, the Fast Eddie’s Go-Kart Showdown and his preview of qualifying later today. It’s all in “Dan’s Derby Diary” here on Speed51.com, presented by DirectPEX.com.

click here for “Dan’s Derby Diary” 

That has been the case many times.  Freddie Query was the only southerner to show up to Tom Mayberry’s Big Dawg $100,000 showdown a few years ago in the Northeast.  At the same time, the Snowball Derby is the most prestigous Super Late Model race of the year. 
Comment From Dave 

Maybe no one from the northeast came down was for the same reason the southern teams don’t support northern shows? $$$$ 

Stephan McCurley, driver of the #1 SLM, will race a Modified tonight at FFS.  It is #007.
The Pro Late Model number 11 of Logan Boyette has an issue with the Left Front spindle on his car. Logan said he felt play in it and decided to swap it out. Logan is making the change all by himself. 
Comment From Voice of NSS 

Announcer Mark Keeler, Promoter Tim Lake and Owner Robert Hart from New Smyrna Speedway are on our way to the Derby to support FFS and all the Drivers that are in attendance! Can’t wait to get there later today! 

Qualifying will begin at 6pm CST for the Snowball Derby and Speed51.com will have live scoring. 
Comment From Guest 

What time is qualifying scheduled to start? 

Ross Kenseth (#25 SLM) has now jumped up to fifth with a time of 16.885. 
We are surprised nobody from the Northeast made it down to the Snowball Derby. 
Comment From Guest 

Very surprised with the season Johnny Clark just had that he is not racing the derby this year. He was fast last time down there. 

The vibration issue that has interfered with Josh Hamner’s car throughout practice has finally been resolved. Josh says they think it was something in the transmission. They made the swap of transmissions late yesterday and it appears as though it has paid off. 
Kyle Busch is celebrating his NASCAR Sprint Cup season at the banquet in Las Vegas tonight.  You can watch the banquet on SPEED.  His car is being driven by TJ Reaid this year. 
Comment From superchargedphotos 

Why is Kyle not driving this year? 

A lot of cars are making “sticker” or mock-qualifying runs this morning in preparation for Snowball qualifying later today at FFS. 
Comment From Ben 

Are alot of cars out on stickers this morning? 

Thanks to the communication support from Racing Electronics, we were able to listen in to TJ Read’s channel and hear about his progress. He says his car is a little tight this morning. 
Dave Mader III (#18 SLM) says he is not bad, not great.  Right now they are just working on making the car comfortable for the former Snowball Derby winner. 
Dennis Prunty, Jeff Fultz, Scott Hantz, TJ Reaid, Mike Garvey, Bubba Pollard and Ryan Blaney are among the first to head back out in this practice. 
For the weekend, there are currently 397 drivers in the FFS database between all the divisions that will compete here during the week. 
There are 30 minutes left in practice for Snowball & Snowflake cars. 
Mason Mignus says hes running the best he’s run all weekend, after the motor change. He says his cars handling is a little too free off, but they are pleased with the progress made so far. 
CURRENT TIMES: Session #1, Thursday, 12/3/10
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

1) Ryan Crane 16.667
2) Derrick Griffin 16.806
3) Grant Enfinger 16.882
4) TJ Reaid 16.883
5) David Rogers 16.935
6) Jimmy Garmon 16.948
7) Travis Kittleson 16.951
8) David Stremme 16.955
9) Ryan Lawler 16.964
10) Ryan Blaney 16.983
11) Jerry Artuso 17.010
12) Mike Garvey 17.011
13) Dennis Schoenfeld 17.023
14) Andy Loden 17.054
15) Johnny VanDoorn 17.055
16) Casey Smith 17.060
17) Bubba Pollard 17.083
18) Landon Cassill 17.113
19) Heath Hindman 17.130
20) Jeff Fultz 17.153
Late in the last session, Ryan Crane jumped to the top of the speed charts with a lap of 16.667. Ten cars were under the 16 second bracket in that practice. 
The checkered flag has been displayed in this practice session. The track has broken up practice to allow teams and fans to cross over. 
Travis Kittleson, who is currently 7th on the board, has no concrete plans for 2011, but is seeking a ride. 
Comment From Guest 

Does travis kittleson plan on doing more racing next season? 

Teams can utilize as many practice tires they want for both the Snowball and Snowflake sessions. 
Comment From Grant 

Is there a rule that limits the number of tires for practice? 

Jerry Artuso is the lone Canadian and he is currently 10th quickest in this practice session. 
Comment From Dan 

Any Canadians entered this year? 

The link to the radio show at Beef ‘O Brady’s on Tuesday night is on the front page of Speed51.com
Comment From Guest 

great interview with David Stremme on your radio show the other night. is there a way that we can listen to that again? 

Veteran David Rogers is now fourth on the speed chart with a time of 16.935.
Drivers making laps on track right now include Josh Hamner, Ryan Seig, Jeff Fultz, David Rogers and Matt Smith. 
Ryan Lawler is driving the Hamke house-car. 
Comment From matt 

Who is Ryan Lawler driving for?? thanks 

Jimmy Garmon (#97 SLM), who was one of the fastest yesterday, has climbed to fourth fastest with a time of 16.948. 
Grant Enfinger (#82 SLM) is now second on the board with a time of 16.806. 
Dennis Schoenfeld (#43 SLM) has moved into the 9th spot with a time of 17.023. 
No sooner did we post that, Derrick Griffin (#4 SLM) turned the top time of 16.806. 
CURRENT PRACTICE TIMES – Session #1 (Combined), Friday, 12/3/10
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

1) TJ Reaid 16.883
2) David Stremme 16.955
3) Ryan Lawler 16.964
4) Ryan Blaney 16.993
5) Jerry Artuso 17.010
6) Mike Garvey 17.011
7) Johnny VanDoorn 17.055
8) Casey Smith 17.060
9) Jeff Fultz 17.153
10) Travis Kittleson 17.187
Comment From Dale 

Kyle Busch not only knows how to drive, he can also assemble a team and driver to be fast! 

Early on in practice TJ Reaaid is once again atop the charts with a lap of 16.883. He is followed by Ryan Blaney, Mike Garvey, Casey Smith and Travis Kittleson. 
Daniel Hemric (PLM), Ross Kenseth (SLM), Cale Gale (PLM), Brandon Benedele (PLM), Andy Pugh (SLM), Mason Mingus (SLM), Mike Garvey (SLM), Scott Hantz (SLM), Duane Buggay (PLM) are those on the racetrack. 
Comment From Guest 

Sitting here @ work in Wisconsin where they are predicting up to 8 inches of snow for the weekend. Thanks again for the great coverage. Wish I could be there. 

The green has been displayed once again for practice to continue. 
TJ Reaid is in the Kyle Busch Motorsports #51. 
Comment From Dale 

Who will be driving Kyle Busch Motorsports cars? 

Caution is out for a spin on the entrance of pit road. The 81 of Dylan Spreen was the only car involved. 
Among the cars currently on the racetrack: Kenzie Ruston (PLM), TJ Reaid (SLM), Clay Rogers (SLM), Chase Knox (PLM), Dillon Spreen (PLM), Chris Davidson (SLM), Brandon Carlson (#21). 
The track is seeing alot of action right now. Similar to yesterdays practice, several cars are running slow around the bottom while cars who are up to speed are forced to run around the high groove. 
The Snowball Derby will not be on TV, but it can be heard through Speed 51 Radio on RaceTalkRadio.com on Sunday. 
Comment From Dale 

Will the Derby be on TV? 

It appears as though Mingus has not suffered any major damage. 
YELLOW: Mason Mingus (#98) has spun on the backstretch to bring out the caution just minutes into the first practice. 
Giancarlo Serenelli (PLM) is from Venezuela. 
Comment From Dan 

What is the furthest any driver has come to race this weekend? 

Cars are rolling out on the track for this mornings one hour session. Chase Elliott, Erick Jones, Ryan Blaney are some of the heavy hitters out right now. 
Many teams tell us they will be doing mock-qualifying runs this morning in practice. Due to the cooler temperatures this morning, it will be the best representation of qualifying, which is scheduled for 6pm today CST. 
Snowball Derby race tire selection will begin at 11:30 this morning. Teams have already selected qualifying tires, but need to choose the remaining three sets they will burn up in the race. 
Happy Birthday to Kyle Benjamin. The fastest PLM driver from yesterday’s sessions turns 14 today. In 2010 Benjamin raced his PLM at Montgomery Motor Speedway (AL) and Lanier Nat’l Speedway (GA). 
Comment From Guest 

Where has Kyle Benjamin raced this season? 

Josh Hamner will be going out early to see if the team has fixed the vibration in their #49. They are awaiting a brand new driveshaft to be delivered to FFS today. 
Ross Kenseth is the first car in line for today’s first practice session, followed by Josh Hamner. Practice dosent start for fifteen minutes, but teams are already starting to line up. 
Comment From Steve 

I know it has been said many times already, but thank you for the great job y’all are doing for us who have to work. However, I will be heading to Pensacola this afternoon for the whole weekend. Great job! 

Comment From Shawn 

Where can I find out information on the different classes. I’m lost on the late, super, pro models. 

PLM FINAL FINAL PRACTICE TIMES (Top 5) – Thursday, 12/2/10
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

1) 71 Kyle Benjamin (PLM) 16.896
2) 27 Jason Young (PLM) 17.034
3) 11 Logan Boyett (PLM) 17.062
4) 26 Joey Herques (PLM) 17.125
5) 47 Dakota Stroup (PLM) 17.163
Five Flags Speedway is notorious for burning up tires in a hurry. Perhaps the roughest track on tires, speeds fall off drastically with every lap run on a set of stickers. You can expect cars to fall off almost a second in a twenty lap run. 
Comment From Guest 

What is the difference in times compared to new and used tire? 

2010 Five Flags Pro Late Model Champion DJ VanderLey is here this morning. He missed yesterday’s practice to take a history test at Auburn University. He said it was “rediculously hard” knowing that he could not be practicing at the track. 
Here is a link to the pictures from the Snowball Showdown Go Kart race, that took place last night, at Fast Eddies.  http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=261220&id=57768655980&ref=mf
The drivers meeting for Derby qualifying day is complete. No real bombshells were announced but a couple of items were covered. The 10:00-11:00 Late Model practice will be mixed between the two divisions with 15 cars on the track at a time. When the divisions are split for practice starting at 1:00, only 10 cars will be on the track per group. This will allow more space for qualifying runs, etc. 
Its a comfortable, sunny 63 degrees right now in Pensacola. Its the warmest morning weve had so far this week, with a projected high of 66 for the day. We are not expecting any poor weather for the rest of the weekend. The forecast shows clear and sunny skies. 
Mason Mingus dropped a cylinder in his Super Late Model yesterday during practice. Crew Chief Chuck Barnes Jr. and the team took the engine out of their back-up car last night and put it in their primary car. The team will be on the track today. 
Danny Bagwell granaded an engine in his Super Late Model during practice yesterday. There was some doubt whether they could get an engine from their shop in Cordova, AL, which is five hourse and 250 miles away. However, that engine has arrived and Bagwell does plan to practice today. 
Comment From Guest 

Did Danny Bagwell end up getting his motor? 

The Late Models have been unloaded this morning at FFS and crews are prepping them for the beginning of practice at 10am CST. 
Jeff Fultz’s crew burned the midnight oil to get a new rear end in their backup car after having engine problems with their primary on Thursday.
Jeff Fultz has gone to a backup car. The team unloaded another #67 from the trailer and replaced the rear end in it with the one from the primary car late last night. 
Comment From McCann 

did fultz ever get his car running after motor blew… 

Comment From Guest 

Just wanted to thank you guys for the dedication it takes to provide this coverage, it’s definitely appreciated. 

Speed51.com will have coverage of the Modifieds and Super Stocks today, including practice times if they are available. 
Comment From #32 mod fan 

Will you have any practice times for the mods later today? 

Comment From Ed 

Thank you guys for your coverage; it’s the best in the biz !!! 

There have been no Red Farmer sightings here at the Derby this year. Farmer was the polesitter for the inaugural Snowball Derby in 1968. 
Comment From Mike D 

Any sightings of Red Farmer down in the pits this year? 

Late Model Stock Cars cannot run with either Super Late Models or Pro Late Models here at the Derby. They are a different syle of car. 
Comment From Guest 

Can late model stock cars run the snowball or snowflake from whelen late models? 

Snowball Derby Qualifying is at 6pm CST today. We will have live scoring of each lap for each competitor here on Speed51.com. Snowflake Qualifying is on Saturday at 2pm and again, Speed51.com will have live scoring. 
Comment From Guest 

What time is snowflake qualifying and is there anywhere to see the timing and scoring live? 

The staff at Five Flags Speedway is one of the hardest working groups in the biz.  Last night night, after the races were over, a transformer blew at the track.  Tim Bryant, track operator, began working with Gulf Power when they arrived at the track at 5am this morning.  The work was completed at 7:15am and FFS is good to go for the day.
Street Stock and Modified haulers roll in for tonights features. (51 Photo)
Roughly 40 Modifieds and a plethora of Stuper Stocks are on hand here, for tonights feature races.
The mandatory drivers meeting for all Snowball and Snowflake competitors is now underway.
FINAL PRACTICE TIMES – Thursday, 12/2/10
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

1) 51 T.J. Reaid 16.596
2) 82 Grant Enfinger 16.681
3) 10 Ryan Blaney 16.701
4) 10L Johanna Long 16.713
5) 74 Ryan Lawler 16.746
6) 42 Dennis Prunty 16.754
7) 5 David Ragan 16.757
8) 83 Cale Gale 16.776
9) 82W Donnie Wilson 16.777
10) 4 Derrick Griffin 16.812
DISCLAIMER: All updates posted on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now are property of 51 Sports, LLC and may not be duplicated in any form unless prior permission has been given by 51 Sports, LLC.
Today’s Schedule:
Friday Dec 3rd
WXBM Pole Night

8 am Pits open, 9 am LM drivers meeting
10 am Snowball & Snowflake Practice
11 am Super Stock Practice
11:45 am Modified Practice
1 pm Snowball Practice
1 pm Super Stocks to Tech, 1:30 Mods to Tech
2 pm Snowflake Only Practice
3 pm Qualification for Super Stocks Modifieds follow
Snowball Cars to Tech
5:15 Super Stock & Mods Drivers Meeting
6 pm Snowball Qualifying. Lock in top 30 

The Modified rigs are currently pulling into the infield at FFS. They were lined up out Pine Forest Road (road the track is on) at midnight last night. 
In addition to Snowball and Snowflake Late Models, the Modifieds and Super Stocks will be on track today at the half-mile facility. 
Welcome to Day #3 of the Snowball Derby Week at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, FL. This is probably the most intense time of the week as its “Qualifying Day” for the 43rd annual Snowball Derby. The top-30 in Super Late Model time trials will lock into Sunday’s field later today.

Trackside Now: 43rd Annual Snowball Derby – Qualifying Day – Five Flags Speedway – 12/3/10