Alright, we are signing off for the night here. We’ll be back tomorrow morning with continuing coverage of the 43rd Annual Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway. If anything comes up in tech, we will let you know all the details in the morning. 
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The No. 33 of Steve Buttrick in Victory Lane with mascot Snowball as Buttrick celebrates his Sportsmen victory. (51 Photo)
We’re hearing from track officials that the No. 14 of Brian Lane and the No. 20 of Tally Warrick in the Bomber division are being disqualified from their top five finishes for unspecified reasons. We’ll work on the details and let you know more in the morning. 
Former racer Doug Stevens, who now works for Tyler Millwood, won the Snowball Showdown Karting race at Fast Eddie’s in Pensacola, FL. Andy Pugh, who won the Snowball Drivers Karting prelim earlier in the evening, finished second. Rebecca Kasten, who is working for Speed51.com at the Derby, won the Celebrity Karting event. 
The top five finishers in the Sportsmen division tonight, pending tech, are: Stevie Buttrick, Stevie Mercer, Brannon Fowler, Randy Thompson and Jonathan Langham. 
Steve Buttrick is your unofficial winner in the Sportsmen division. 
White flag being shown to Steve Buttrick. 
The No. 72 of Stevie Mercer is all over the back of the leader, the No. 33 of Steve Buttrick. Buttrick holds on to it and pulls away as he clicks away lap 48. 
Green flag again with just six laps to go. 
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CAUTION Lap 44: The No. 38 Steve Stagner goes for a single car spin. Steve Buttrick is still leading in his No. 33 machine. 
Ten to go and its still Steve Buttrick, but Stevie Mercer is back to the bumper of Buttrick. 
Steve Buttrick gets a nudge from Stevie Mercer in the No. 72, but Buttrick is able to maintain the lead on lap 35. 
Green flag is in the air. 
The top five are: Steve Buttrick, Stevie Mercer, Randy Thompson, Billy Hoover and Brannon Fowler as of lap 34. 
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give us a run down of the top 5 r 10 cars Thanks 

CAUTION Lap 34: The No. 38 of Steve Stagner brings out the caution for an incident on the backstretch. Steve Buttrick is still your leader. 
We are green under the second attempt. The No. 33 of Steve Buttrick goes to the lead. 
The No. 53 of Bob Bryant will go to the back of the pack for jumping the restart. The field lines up behind the pace car again as the restart was waved off. 
We get the one to go signal again tonight as the field prepares to go back to green flag racing. 
CAUTION Lap 31: The No. 102.7 of Marty White goes for another spin, but this time its in Turn 1. There were no other cars involved. Stevie Mercer still sets the pace for the rest of the Sportsmen. 
We’ve reached the halfway mark with Stevie Mercer going uncontested as the leader of the field. 
The green flag is out again here for the Sportsmen division. Stevie Mercer leads the field as they put lap 23 in the books. 
CAUTION Lap 22: We go back to caution without completing a lap. The No. 12 of Bubba Winslow brings out the caution as he moves up the racetrack in Turn 2. 
Green flag is being shown to the field again. 
CAUTION Lap 22: No. 102.7 of Marty White spun in Turn 2. Your leader is still Stevie Mercer. 
One to go as the field crosses the line this time by. We will be green again in a matter of seconds. 
CAUTION Lap 11: The No. 38 of Steve Stagner comes to a stop on the backstretch for a flat right rear tire. He will receive a two lap penalty for stopping on the racetrack as he was able to get the car refired after he forced the caution. 
We’ve made it through lap 10 and Stevie Mercer is still your leader. 
The green flag is out again as the field completes two laps in the feature event. 
Your leader is the No. 72 of Stevie Mercer with just one lap complete. 
CAUTION Lap 1: Mark Barnhill spins in Turn 3, bringing out the first caution of the night. 
The Sportsmen are taking the green here at Five Flags Speedway. This is a 50-lap feature that will only count green flag laps. 
Mike Goraum, driver of the No. 5 in Victory Lane at Five Flags Speedway after his Bomber division win. (51 Photo)
Your Unofficial Bomber top five finishers are:

1. Mike Goraum
2. Courtney Rodrigues
3. Brian Lane
4. Tally Warrick
5. Gary Goodwin 

White flag has been displayed. 
Lap 26 and Mike Goraum is still your leader. 
Green, green, green for the Bombers here at Five Flags Speedway. 
CAUTION Lap 11: A three-car collision brings out the third caution period of the night. 
Lap 11 and the No. 11 loses the lead to the No. 5 Mike Goraum. 
We restart the race again in the Bomber division. The No. 11 of Johnathan Day takes the lead on lap 10. 
The caution flag is back out here for the Bombers after an extended red flag. 
There are a total of nine laps are on the board. 
Green flag is shown and we don’t even get through a lap. We’re going to a red flag stoppage as the safety crews go to work on the cars involved in Turn 2. We count a total of five cars with major damage. 
CAUTION Lap 9: The leader, Curtis Faircloth turns the No. 32 of Shane Scott as he was holding up the leader. Scott will stay on the lead lap, but he will restart at the tail end of the longest line. 
Back to green flag racing and the No. 7 of Curtis Faircloth takes the lead in Turn 3 on lap 4. 
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hood pins are a wonderful thing.. lol.. man the guys that go to the go kart track miss some of the best races of the weekend.. 

CAUTION Lap 4: The No. 32 of Shane Scott goes around and collects the No. 29 Derek Long on the backstretch. Meanwhile the No. 98 of Jay Jay Day goes to the pits with a bad oil leak. That makes the No. 5 of Mike Goraum your leader. 
The field goes green and the No. 98 of Jay Jay Day takes the lead from the No. 5 of Mike Goraum on Lap 1. 
CAUTION: Michael T. Nelson in the No. 03 will go to the rear of the field because his hood flew up on the windshield as the field attempted to take the green flag. There are no laps on the board. 
The Bombers are rolling under caution as they get ready to start their 30-lap feature. Remember, only green flag laps count. 
Bo Resmondo, Micheal Ledlow, Sonny Holland and Michael Couture are your Sportsmen cars who will advance to the feature. 
There was an unexpected ammendment to the schedule and the Sportsmen will run 15 laps instead of 10 in the B-Main. The top four will still earn the transfer spots. 
Green flag is being shown for the Sportsmen B-Main field again. 
Hearing that the No. 2 of Justin Babb has blown an engine, bringing out the first caution of the Sportsmen B-Main. The cars will show just one of ten green flag laps complete. 
The Sportsmen B-Main cars are lined up and ready to go on the frontstretch. This event will be another 10-lap shootout with the top four finishers moving into the feature. Only green flag laps will count. 
Wayne Ridgeway, Shane Scott, Chad Roberts and Tony Jones are the Bomber drivers that will advance to the feature tonight. 
While we are getting things sorted out, the top 10 qualifiers in the Sportsmen division are:

1. Stevie Mercer
2. Brannon Fowler
3. Billy Hoover
4. Steve Buttrick
5. Johnathan Langham
6. Bubba Winslow
7. Randy Thompson
8. Thomas Warren, Jr.
9. Wayne Burkett
10. Steve Stagner 

Big incident in Turn 3 as the field of Bombers took the green. We counted at least four of the 17 cars that started this 10-lap sprint. Caution flag laps do not count in the B-Mains as well as the feature. 
The Bomber B-Mains are gettting ready to start. There will be one race to determine the four competitiors that will move into the feature tonight. The top four in this 10-lap event will move into the feature. 
Stevie Mercer (No. 72) wins the pole for the Sportsmen Division Feature with his track record setting lap of 20.853 seconds. B-Main races for Bomber and Sportsmen Divisions next! 
Stevie Mercer (No. 72) sets a new track record here at Five Flags Speedway for the Sportsmen division with a 20.853-second lap. 
Justin Babb has a major suspension problem as the right front collapses. He makes it around and we continue on with the Sportsmen qualifying trials. 
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The Sportsmen track record is 21.000-seconds which was set here back in October of this year. 
Tina Davidson is the first car in the Sportsmen division to qualify for tonight’s race. 
Pit road is busy right now as the Sportsmen line up for their qualifying efforts. The top 20 cars will be locked into the show and the rest will compete for the four transfer spots. There are a total of 35 Sportsmen cars attempting to make the show. 
The top 10 qualifiers for tonights Bomber feature are:

1. Mike Goraum
2. Jay Jay Day
3. Johnathan Day
4. Michael T. Nelson
5. Courtney Rodrigues
6. Curtis Faircloth
7. Edward Calvert
8. Brian Lane
9. Tally Warrick
10. Jeremy Boddie 

Mike Goraum (No. 5G) is your unofficial polesitter for the Bomber race here tonight with a 22.052-second lap. 
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Just want to say thanks for the great coverage!!! Made the work day go by fast….can’t wait ’til tomorrow. 

The No. 32 of Shane Scott goes around in Turn 2. He makes it around the speedway to take the checkered flag, but he’ll have to rely on the B-Main to get in the show. 
Looks like we have less than 10 cars left in the Bomber qualifying session. Again, the top 20 times will be locked into the show and they remaining cars will have to duke it out for the four transfer spots in the B-Main races later this evening. 
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The Snowball Showdown Go-Kart event at Fast Eddies Fun Center in Pensacola, FL, begins in just 15 minutes. The Media Race is first, followed by the Driver Race, Showdown Heat Races and the Feature. Anyone can participate and the top prize is $151. 
Just heard from track officials that there are actually 40 Bombers attempting to make tonight’s race. 
Qualifying is underway for the Bomber division the top 20 will be locked into the feature and there will be Consi races for to determine the four transfer positions. The Sportsmen will follow the same format. 
Landon Cassill’s Snowball Derby Diary: Thursday:
51’s BD and Adam recap Snowball Derby Thursday:
Next up, we’ve got Bomber qualifying. 
Looks like the Sportsmen are done with their practice session as the checkered flag is being shown to the field. 
While part of our 51 Mafia sticks around at the track to cover the Bombers and the Sportsmen, others of us (BD, Duke, Adam, Elgin and Becca) are checking in from Beef ‘O’ Brady’s on Mobile Highway at the same time! We’re stuffing our faces here while the rest of the gang works hard at the track! Once we’re done eating, we’re headed over to Fast Eddie’s Fun Center right down the road for tonight’s Snowball Showdown. We’ll be posting updates from that race later tonight on our Facebook page. Make sure you’re a fan of our FB page for all the latest from the kart track! 
After a few laps under caution, the Sportsmen go back to green in the only practice session for the feature tonight. 
CAUTION: One of the Sportsmen blows a motor going down the frontstretch. The track safety crew is working to clean up the oil that the car left behind. 
The Sportsmen go back green after a quick caution for a spin in Turn 3. 
CAUTION: The No. 20H of Sonny Holland went around in Turn 3. He gets it going again with minimal to no damage. 
There are a total of 39 Bombers and 35 Sportsman cars here at Five Flags Speedway. The Bombers have a 30-lap feature and the Sportsmen division will run 50 laps. Both divisions are only counting green flag laps. 
The Bombers have finished their practice sessions. Next up we have the Sportsman division practice. 
The Bombers are going back green after the second caution of the evening. 
CAUTION: The No. 9 car gets into the wall in the middle of Turns 3 and 4. It looks like the car has come to a stop at the top of the track in Turn 4. 
Bombers are back to green here at Five Flags Speedway. 
CAUTION: We have a bomber in the wall in Turn 1. 
Bomber Practice is now underway; 30 minutes of practice. 
Thursday Snowball Derby Diary: Landon Cassill:  click here
Late Model Final Practice at Five Flags Speedway:

1) 51 T.J. Reaid 16.596
2) 82 Grant Enfinger 16.681
3) 10 Ryan Blaney 16.701
4) 10L Johanna Long 16.713
5) 74 Ryan Lawler 16.746
6) 42 Dennis Prunty 16.754
7) 5 David Ragan 16.757
8) 83 Cale Gale 16.776
9) 82W Donnie Wilson 16.777
10) 4 Derrick Griffin 16.812
11) 99S Casey Smith 16.831
12) 11 David Rogers 16.859
13) 35 David Stremme 16.862
14) 08 Bubba Pollard 16.889
15) 71 Kyle  (PLM) 18.896
16) 61 Johnny VanDoorn 16.901
17) 67 Jeff Fultz 16.920
18) 29 Andy Loden 16.927
19) 43 Dennis Schoenfeld 16.939
20) 21 Brandon Carlson 16.947
21) 5 Jerry Artuso 16.949
22) 02 Matt Smith 16.976
23) 99 Wayne Niedecken, Jr. 16.985
24) 97 Jimmy Garmon 16.993
25) 8 Andy Ponstein 16.998
26) 31 Tyler Millwood 17.001
27) 10C Ryan Crane 17.015
28) 1 Stephan McCurley 17.021
29) 112 Augie Grill 17.022
30) 36 Dan Fredrickson 17.028
31) 27 Jason Young (PLM) 17.034
32) 16 Korey Ruble 17.036
33) 41 Chris Davidson 17.043
34) 11 Logan Boyett (PLM) 17.062
35) 72 Eddie Mercer 17.100
36) 9 Chase Elliott 17.119
37) 26 Joey Herques (PLM) 17.125
38) 25 Ross Kenseth 17.136
39) 91 Heath Hindman 17.159
40) 47 Dakota Stroup (PLM) 17.163
41) 7 Landon Cassill 17.175
42) 14 Jake Kruger (PLM) 17.184
43) 14 Tyler Roahrig 17.185
44) 29 Allen Karnes 17.247
45) 39 Ryan Sieg 17.249
46) 18 Bubba Pollard (PLM) 17.252
47) 1 Mike Garvey 17.263
48) 3 Dillon Oliver (PLM) 17.267
49) 2 John Bolen 17.279
50) 28 Thomas Praytor (PLM) 17.279
51) 36 Keith Thorpe (PLM) 17.294
52) 41 Chris Davidson (PLM) 17.297
53) 17 Chuck Tuck (PLM) 17.297
54) 66 Daniel Hemric (PLM) 17.300
55) 39 Kenzie Ruston (PLM) 17.307
56) 07 Blake Ferguson (PLM) 17.315
57) 98 Mason Mingus 17.348
58) 2 John Bolen (PLM) 17.354
59) 40 Tyler Miles (PLM) 17.356
60) 11 Austin Kirkpatrick (PLM) 17.356
61) 2 Clay Rogers 17.363
62) 4 Erik Jones (PLM) 17.389
63) 64 David Jones (PLM) 17.398
64) 45 Dwayne Buggay (PLM) 17.401
65) 72 Scott Hantz 17.452
66) 49 Josh Hamner 17.461
67) 30 Bobby Knox, Jr. (PLM) 17.473
68) 18 Dave Mader III 17.489
69) 02 Scott Patton (PLM) 17.490
70) 42 Tony Clark (PLM) 17.511
71) 75 David Odell (PLM) 17.513
72) 47 Casey Roderick (PLM) 17.522
73) 03 Donny Kelly (PLM) 17.652
74) 15 Cody Smith (PLM) 17.564
75) 6 Brandon Bendele (PLM) 17.595
76) 43 Justin South (PLM) 17.603
77) 4 Chase Knox (PLM) 17.646
78) 81 Dillion Spreen (PLM) 17.665
79) 14 Davey Coble (PLM) 17.735
80) 4 Elliott Massey (PLM) 17.794
81) 45 Giancarlo Serenellli (PLM) 17.945
82) 53 Charles Evans, Jr. (PLM) 18.272
The KBM team of TJ Reaid (left) and Crew Chief Chris Gabehart (right) were fastest in the final practice. (51 Photo)
Jason Young (PLM #27) and Tyler Millwood (SLM #31) on track. (51 Photo)
We will be posting final practice times shortly. 
Comment From charles 

are you going to post overall times 

Johnny VanDoorn (#61) passes Cody Smith (#15) in practice. (51 Photo)
There was a lot of work done under Josh Hamner’s #49 to find a vibration with the Super Late Model. (51 Photo)
Davey Coble checks out his #14 PLM after its was smoking on the track. (51 Photo)
Mason Mingus talks with Crew Chief Chuck Barnes Jr. after dropping a cylinder in his Super Late Model late in the day. (51 Photo)
Scott Hantz (#72) passes Keith Thorpe (#36) late in practice. (51 Photo)
DJ Vanderley’s Pro Late Model sat on pit road all day while he finished up college for the week.
The Late Models have been shown the checkered flag, ending today’s final practice session at Five Flags Speedway. Practice for the Late Models will begin at approximately 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. 
Andy Loden in the No. 29 made mock qualifying run on four lap tires. He is skating all over the track. The crew is telling us that they’ve made some air pressure adjustments, but it doesn’t look like they’ve helped much. 
There are 10 minutes left in today’s final practice session. 
Junior Niedecken bottomed out the nose in Turns 1 and 2 which shot him up the racetrack as he made his mock qualifying run in the No. 99. 
Junior Niedecken is out on the track in the No. 99 Super Late Model for his mock qualifying run. 
Johnny VanDoorn’s #61 Super Late Model has left his team very frustrated. The crew, led by JVD’s brother Ben, has changed a bunch in rear end throughout the day to finally get the car to turn well late in practice. Another gear change to get more speed out of it is on tap and for first time they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
The vibration that Josh Hamner felt earlier this morning is still present in his car. His crew has changed the rear end and transmission, but it didnt make a difference. They are now changing the driveshaft to see if thats the problem. 
T.J. Reaid has now shot to the top of the charts with his Kyle Busch Motorsports #51 Toyota SLM with a lap of 16.596. 
13-year-old Kyle Benjamin, who will turn 14 on Friday, remains atop the speed charts for the Pro Late Models today in his first-ever on-track laps at Five Flags. (51 Photo)
Jimmy Garmon’s spin just a few minutes ago was caused by an aggressive change in the springs and shocks to free their #97 Super Late Model up. The adjustments made the car so loose that Garmon spun in turn two without contact. Garmon is now done for the day and the team will make their mock qualifying runs in the morning. 
Former Snowball Derby champion, Ricky Turner, the crew chief for Chase Ellliott, says their car is “decent”. They are battling a tight condition which they have not seen here all year. He said they have not made a mock qualifying run today either. 
We only have 30 minutes left in practice today. Once teams wrap up their work in the pits today, on-track activity will switch to the local divisions, the Sportsmen and the Bombers, while many of the drivers and crew members for the Late Models will head over to Fast Eddie’s Fun Center here in Pensacola for tonight’s Snowball Showdown go-kart race.

At Fast Eddie’s (www.fasteddiesfuncenter.com), fans can rub fenders with Derby and Snowflake drivers in a Showdown that has $151 on the line for the winner, as put up by Speed51.com. There will also be a Snowball drivers-only race, as well as a media race (in which we at Speed51.com hope to take home the winner’s trophy). 

Ross Kenseth and crew says that they are kind of iffy on the setup of their No. 25 Super Late Model. According to the crew, they’ve been bouncing between tight and loose all day. Kenseth is still trying to find that happy medium for Sunday’s Snowball Derby. 
Bad news for the 98 of Mason Mingus. His motor has dropped a cyllinder and they do not have a back-up motor. They are currently diagnosing the problem, to see if they can fix it. 
The string of mock qualifying runs continues as Johanna Long takes her No. 10 machine out for a run with the nose taped and a set of stickers on the car. 
We noticed some smoke coming from Davey Coble’s #14 a while ago. The former Highland Rim (TN) track champion isn’t quite sure what the cause of the smoke was. He didn’t feel anything noticable, but the team is currently dissecting the potential problems in the pits. 
Donnie Wilson in the No. 82 has the front end taped up and he is ready to make his mock qualifying run. 
Kenzie Ruston is all done for afternoon. She said she was battling a tight condition all day, however they made some changes in the right direction. They did throw on new tires one time, but did not make a mock qualifying run yet. Tomorrow’s goal is to fix the tight off condition she is still experiencing. 
Landon Cassill reports that his Pro Late Model is pretty sporty, but he and the Jeg’s crew are having a hard time dialing in their Super Late Model. According to Gary St. Amant’s father Bud, who is also working on the Cassill entries, the car had a hard time getting through tech because it was either too low or too wide. It has cleared tech finally, but it’s now hitting the track and not quite up to the speed the team wants. 
Kyle Benjamin proves that age is just a number. The 13-year-old has a new crew chief in Joe Bishop and it appears that the two work well together. Bishop says that the car has been on a rail today. Kyle Benjamin has been the fastest Pro Late Model all day long at a track that he has never even seen before making laps today. 
Grant Enfinger has gone to the top of the speed charts with about 40 minutes in practice after making a mock qualifying run. (51 Photo)
Caution has come out as the 97 of Jimmy Garmon has spun in turn 2. It appears as though he didn’t hit anything. 
Justin South hasn’t practiced much today with his Pro Late Model either. Why?

“Because there’s a bunch of crazy son of a b____es out there!” said South. 

Grant Enfinger has bolted on sticker tires on his new GARC car and is getting ready to hit the track. 
One word that Casey Roderick used to sum up his day? “Struggling.” Roderick has not practiced much with his #47 to this point today because the backside of a throwout bearing was missing, so they were leaking fluid in its first run on the track. Lately, the car has developed a sputter in engine or carburetor. The team is currently diagnosing the issues as we speak. 
Derrick Griffin, who currently sits in the top five on speeds, set that quick lap earlier in the day on sticker tires, which many drivers have not yet done. The #4 Welch & Wilson team have been fighting a tight condition and the team changed just about everything but the seat to get it to turn better in the center of the corner. 
David Ragan has his car all taped up, with sticker tires on. It appears as though he will be making a mock qualifying run shortly. 
Cale Gale tells us that he’s pretty happy with both the Super and Pro Late Model rides. They’ve been really working on the car under long runs and old tires. According to Gale, they will be heading out to make a mock qualifying run during this last session. 
Sixteen year old Dylan Spreen hasnt been happy with the way his Pro Late Model unloaded today. He says they have been working on front shocks, as his car was really tight through the corners. They found that the more rebound they take out, the better their car cuts. 
Jason Young has been one of the quickest of the Pro Late Models all day. They have one run on stickers which is where they landed their big time of the day. They haven’t taped up or done any of the other tricks of the trade, but they are feeling pretty confident about the car nonetheless. 
Super Late Model driver Stephan McCurley says his car is good. He has been working on race pace runs all day long. Like many of the teams, if the track gets cool enough, they will bolt on stickers before the end of the day. 
Travis Kittleson is packing up for the day. He has been working on mock qualifying runs thus far and says the track conditions right now are way too hot to continue practice. He said that after switching to a set of front shocks built by R/E Suspension, the handling of his car improved a lot. 
Current top-five speeds:
1.  Dennis Prunty (SLM) – 16.754
2.  Derrick Griffin (SLM) – 16.812
3.  Kyle Benjamin (PLM) – 16.896
4.  Ryan Blaney (SLM) – 16.921
5.  Ryan Lawler (SLM) – 16.923 
DISCLAIMER: All updates posted on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now are property of 51 Sports, LLC and may not be duplicated in any form unless prior permission has been given by 51 Sports, LLC. 
Ryan Lawler just made a jump up the fifth position on the charts in this session. Lawler tells us that they made several changes after unloading, only making the car handle worse. The team decided to go back to the where they unloaded and when they came in to take tires, they ended up running the fastest times they’ve run all day. 
Grant Enfinger’s brand new Grand American Race Cars machine is up on jack stands, waiting for things to cool down before he heads back out on track for some mock qualifying laps. 
Jeff Flutz is making preperations to head out in his backup car after blowing a motor earlier. He intends to swap motors later on and still race with his primary car. 
Another driver waiting for the temps to cool down a bit is David Ragan.  Car owner and crew chief Richie Wauters told us that Ragan was pretty happy with the #5 Super Late Model, with his only complaint being just a little on the tight side in the center of the corners.  Once things cool off, Ragan will be out for mock qualifying runs today. 
We ran into Junior Niedecken, who admits that his car is a “show car” for the early part of practice today.  He went out earlier in the day just to shake down his #99 Super Late Model with 25-lap scuff tires.  He is hoping to wait until the weather cools down a bit near the end of the practice today to go out and hopefully make some mock qualifying runs. 
Dan Fredrickson is packing up for the day. He says he is very happy with the car after the last few sessions. Earlier in the day he was puzzled with the handling of his car before he discovered the right front shock was broken. After discovering this, the 36 car was back to normal. 
Bubba Pollard is much happier with the handling of his No. 18 Pro Late Model machine. He says the car feels much better, despite what the times show. 
Augie Grill has come out of the transporter and it looks like we’ll see the No. 112 soon. 
Bond Suss, General Manager of Kyle Busch Motorsports, says the the No. 51 of T.J. Reaid is really good. They are going out for one more mock qualifying run in this last session to see if they can better their times, but overall they are pleased with the car. 
Comment From Lefthander Chassis 

Go Dennis Prunty and Dan Fredrickson. Make lefthander proud. Dont mean to leave anyone out, but not sure of who else down there has a Lefthander. -Dan Lensing 

Want a trip down memory lane of some Snowball Derbies from yesteryear? Speed51.com fan Matt Wyse sent us an assortment of photos from the Snowball Derby from the mid-1990’s.  We know who just about all of them are, but perhaps our fans of our Facebook page can help us name them all!  Go to our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/speed51, and click “Like” to be a fan of our page, then flip through Matt’s old school photos and see if you remember who everyone is! 
We may be chasing history here this weekend with an overall Super Late Model track record. Augie Grill holds the track record with a 16.440, from back in April of this year. The overall Snowball Derby track record is a 16.33 held by Gary Balough from back in 1980. On Friday night, the 30 year old record could go down, with the current speeds that are being posted. 
Korey Ruble is pulling double duty in both the Super and Pro Late Models here at Five Flags Speedway. He said that he is pretty satisfied with his Super Late Model, but his Pro Late Model car just can’t seem to get into the track well. The Pro he’s running here this weekend is the same car that he wrecked in the Snowball Derby open test session they had a few weeks back. 
Dennis Prunty’s current fast-time is the fastest time of the day. 
CURRENT: Practice Session #3, Thursday, 12/2/10
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

1) Dennis Prunty 16.754
2) Kyle Benjamin (PLM) 16.896
3) Ryan Lawler 16.923
4) Tyler Millwood 17.001
5) Dan Fredrickson 17.028
6) Casey Smith 17.028
7) Johanna Long 17.047
8) Korey Ruble 17.053
9) Joey Herques (PLM) 17.125
10) Jason Young (PLM) 17.128
The blown engine of Danny Bagwell in the No. 10 marked the end of the second practice session here at Five Flags Speedway. Timing and scoring reset for the remaining afternoon practice as cars took to the speedway again. 
Kristen Wallace is not here this weekend at Five Flags Speedway. 
Comment From Joe 

Is Kristen Wallace racing her PLM this weekend? 

Super Late Models and Pro Late Models are on the same tire. They are required to purchase tires from the track for the race. 
Comment From Joe 

Are the Super and Pro’s running on the same Hoosier tire? Are the teams required to purchase tires only from the track? 

Comment From Forrest MMS Fire 

If Danny has a way to get his engine to Prattville, Al I can haul it from there to the Derby… leaving tomorrow. 

Jake Kruger is racing at FFS this week.
Comment From Guest 

Is Jake Kruger from Texas racing his PLM this weekend? 

We are doing all we can to keep you updated.  It takes time to type everything on to the site so we usually wait till after each round to do so. 
Comment From squirrel kew 

Can you post times of those that have been on the track? 

Dennis Schoenfeld (#43 SLM) just took his first laps of the day.  He turned a time of 17.251, which is currently 10th best overall. 
Smoke billows out from underneath Danny Bagwell’s #10. (51 Photo)
Casey Smith, David Ragan, Brandon Carlson, Chase Elliott, Heath Hindman, Jason Young, and John Bolen are just some of the racecars on the track at this time. 
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Good Luck to Mason Mingus in the Derby Sunday 🙂 

Comment From Guest 

You guys are defintitely making the work day a little easier. Wish there was coverage for races like this all year long. 

Comment From LB 

Speed 51 Coverage is GREAT !!!! 

Danny Bagwell does not have his PLM here this week. 
Comment From Guest 

Does Bagwell have his PLM? 

Tim Bryant, from Five Flags Speedway, has confirmed that this year’s top prize is $22,500 for the victory in the Snowball Derby. 
Last year’s fast time was a 16.463 posted by Johanna Long. A 16.742 was the cutoff to make the race. 
Comment From Guest 

What was fast time for the snowball last year? what time did it take to lock into the show? 

The two 19-year old Snowball Derby rookies, Tyler Roahrig and Derrick Griffin, have been logging laps on older tires. Scott Neal, a crew chief on the Griffin car said Roahrig went 20th quick on 10-lap tires, while Griffin went 26th on 50-lap old tires. He was real happy with Griffin’s car not falling off as much as others during a sizable run. Mock qualifying runs coming later for both. 
Comment From rickg66 

DJ VanderLey just posted on his FB page that he’s leaving Auburn & heading to Pcola. 

Speed 51 Radio will have live coverage of the Allen Turner Hyundai Snowflake 100 beginning at 8pm EST, Saturday on RaceTalkRadio.com
Comment From Kyle 

What time in the Snowflake 100 on Saturday…and what time does RTR being coverage? 

Comment From Roger Reuse 

Would just like to thank speed51 for keeping us up to date on what is going on at the track. First time in about ten years that i’m sitting at my desk on Derby Thurday. That goes for my brother Bobby also. And by the way Go Josh Hamner!!!! 

Comment From Max Gresham 

Thanks for the updates. Helping me make it thru history class! 

The entire payout for the Derby can be found on snowballderby.com
Comment From Larson12 

What is the pay out through out the field? 

The cost to run a Pro Late Model for the week here at FFS runs from $5,000 – $12,500.
Comment From Guest 

How much to field a Pro Late Model? 

Two-time Derby champ Augie Grill has hit the racetrack for the first time today in his Pro Late Model.  His lap of 17.032 is third quick overall and first among the PLMs.
A dejected Danny Bagwell sits in his #10 after engine problems in practice. (51 Photo)
DJ VanderLey, the 2010 Pro Late Model Champion at Five Flags Speedway will not be here practicing today. Instead, he’s busy taking classes at school. 
The winner of the Snowball Derby on Sunday will receive $22,500 for his efforts. 
Comment From Guest 

What does it (the Derby)pay to win? 

Clay Alexander is not competing in this year’s Derby week. 
Comment From Joe 

Any sign of Clay Alexander? 

The costs to run a Super Late Model in the Snowball Derby range from $10,000 to $17,500. 
Comment From Steven 

Do you guys have an estimate for how much it costs to campaign a Super Late Model in the Snowball Derby? 

CURRENT: Pro Late Model Times, Practice #2, Thursday, 12/2/10
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

1) Jason Young 17.251
2) Danniel Hemric 17.281
3) Kenzie Ruston 17.281
4) Chase Elliott 17.284
5) Bubba Pollard 17.313
Danny Bagwell told us he does not have a back-up engine at the racetrack.  He does have another at his shop in Cordova, Alabama and is trying to decide whether to go back and get it or pack up for the weekend. 
The youngest driver to take practice laps today is 13-year-old Kyle Benjamin (#71 PLM).  He will turn 14 tomorrow. 
Comment From Tony Eldridge 

Who is the youngest drive to hot lap so far? 

We are under Red Flag conditions here at Five Flags Speedway while the track works to clean up the oil left by the No. 10 Super Late Model of Danny Bagwell. 
Scott Carlson has decided to retire and instead hand over the reigns of the team’s Super Late Model to his son, who is attempting to make his first Derby start. 
Comment From Chris 

I see scott carlson’s son on the lineup; is Scott not running?? 

Danny Bagwell (#10 SLM) has indeed blown an engine.
There is oil on the racetrack that FFS safety crews are beginning to clean up. 
Gary St. Amant, working with Landon Cassill this weekend, said that the team is happy with the Pro car. They were 7th quick in that class for the morning session. They are still putting the finishing touches on the Super, including graphics, as the car came just plain yellow this weekend. 
CAUTION: The yellow flag has been thrown.  Danny Bagwell’s car has erupted in smoke.  We are currently efforting information on exactly what happened.
Pat Anderson is Scott Hantz’s Crew Chief.  They work together on the cars in the EMF Corporation building in Angola, IN. 
Comment From Guest 

Who works with Scott Hantz on building and setting up his car? 

We are told Tim Steele will not be at this year’s Snowball Derby. 
Comment From Guest 

Any sign of Tim Steele? 

Both Super Late Model and Pro Late Model cars here at the Derby are governed by ABC Body rules and therefore template-bodied racecars. 
Comment From Guest 

Are the SLM template cars? 

We have not seen Matt Kenseth here just yet. 
Comment From guest 

Is Matt Kenseth down there with Ross? 

Comment From Guest 

Jimmy Weller had motor troubles a the goveners cup a couple weeks ago. 

The Super Late Model has a bigger engine and carb than a Pro Late Model.  The PLM usually utilizes a crate engine with a big carb or a bigger engine with a two-barrel carb. 
Comment From brian 

What is the diffrence between a SLM and a PLM? 

Super Late Model teams will get 4 sets of tires for the Snowball Derby. Pro Late Model teams will get one set for the Snowflake race. 
Comment From D 

How many sets of tires do they get for the Snowball? Snowflake? 

Travis Kittleson (#12 SLM) has moved to the top of the speed charts with a lap time of 16.868.  It is also the fastest time posted today. 
David Rogers in the No.11 is going out on a sticker set of tires right now. 
CURRENT: Practice #2, Thursday, 12/2/10
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

1) Dan Fredrickson 16.895
2) Andy Loden 17.039
3) Casey Smith 17.043
4) TJ Reaid 17.047
5) David Stremme 17.072
6) Ryan Crane 17.089
7) Danny Bagwell 17.096
8) Mike Garvey 17.126
9) Dennis Prunty 17.191
10) Johanna Long 17.233
Comment From Brian Doherty 

Fultz just has no luck whatsoever at the Derby… 

Augie Grill is still in his street clothes down in the pits. Grill says that he’s in no hurry to go out. 
Tyler Miles is here at Five Flags Speedway with his Pro Late Model. 
Comment From Guest 

does Tyler Miles have his PLM instead of his SLM at FFS? 

We have not seen Augie Grill out on the track yet. 
Comment From Guest 

Has Augie Grill been out yet? 

The No. 67 team of Jeff Fultz is pulling the motor out of their backup car as we speak. We believe that this motor will be replacing the ill motor in his primary car. 
Bubba Pollard is making his first run of the day in his newly unveiled 08 Super Late Model. The fastest lap of his first run was a 17.229. 
Scott Hantz at speed. (51 Photo)
Jimmy Weller is not here at Five Flags Speedway this weekend. 
Comment From Guest 

did Jimmy Weller not end up coming to the derby? 

David Ragan (#5 SLM) is getting really racey.  He has passed several cars during this current run. 
The Pro Late Model of Justin South has just rolled out onto the track for the first time today. 
Jimmy Garmon is really pleased with his Super Late Model. He posted the second fastest time in the first practice session without even attempting a mock qualifying run. Garmon experienced rear-end problems earlier, but the team fixed them and it made a huge difference in his No. 97 machine. 
A little work being done under the hood of Danny Bagwell’s Super Late Model. (51 Photo)
Former Snowflake winner Hunter Robbins will not be practicing today. He has elected not to practice as he is busy attending school at Auburn. 
The Super Late Model of David Ragan passes the Pro Late Model of Thomas Praytor. (51 Photo)
The track is full of cars right now. There are several cars running slow around on the bottom groove while others who are up to speed are forced to run the high groove. 
Dennis Prunty (#42) tells us his car is loose coming off the corners, but that he is practicing on old tires.  He says he needs to get used to that because after 20-laps on the track during the race, it will be the same conditions. 
North Carolina driver, Dennis Schoenfeld has yet to practice on the track today. Schoenfeld and team are working on bump stop combinations for later. 
Below is the qualifying order for Friday’s Super Late Model Qualifying scheduled to take place at 6 p.m. tomorrow.

Car No. Driver Hometown
82 Donnie Wilson Oklahoma City, OK
98 Mason Mingus Brentwood, TN
18 Dave Mader III Irvington, AL
2 Clay Rogers Troutman, NC
39 Ryan Sieg Tucker, GA
21 Brandon Carlson Pensacola, FL
112 Augie Grill Hayden, AL
25 Ross Kenseth Spring Valley, WI
7 Landon Cassill Charlotte, NC
10 Ryan Blaney High Point, NC
36 Dan Fredrickson Lakeville, MN
9 Chase Elliott Dawsonville, GA
16 Korey Ruble Dothan, AL
02 Matt Smith Houston, TX
2 John Bolen Jasper, AL
42 Dennis Prunty Knowles, WI
8 Andy Ponstein Husdsonville, MI
74 Ryan Lawler Colleyville, TX
14 Tyler Roahrig Bremen, IN
82 Grant Enfinger Montrose, AL
43 Dennis Schoenfeld Concord, NC
91 Heath Hindman Signal Mount, TN
51 T.J. Reaid Mooresville, NC
67 Jeff Fultz Troutman, NC
10 Ryan Crane Panama City, FL
83 Cale Gale Winston-Salem, NC
99 Wayne Diedecken, Jr. Pensacola, FL
4 Derrick Griffin Indianapolis, IN
72 Scott Hantz Angola, IN
1 Stephan McCurley Humble, TX
10 Johanna Long Pensacola, FL
35 David Stremme Davidson, NC
11 David Rogers Orlando, FL
5 Jerry Artuso Sault Ste Marie, ONT
29 Allen Karnes Sharpsbury, GA
10 Danny Bagwell Cordova, AL
08 Bubba Pollard Senoia, GA
47 Casey Roderick Lawerenceville, GA
29 Andy Loden Stanley, NC
1 Mike Garvey McDonough, GA
5 David Ragan Unadilla, GA
99S Casey Smith Austin, TX
72 Eddie Mercer Pensacola, FL
12 Travis Kittleson Merritt, FL
49 Josh Hamner Harpersville, AL
61 Johnny VanDoorn Coopersville, MI
31 Tyler Millwood Kingston, GA
97 Jimmy Garmon Hoschtom, GA 

Only a handful of Super Late Models have been out on the track lately. Its been mostly Pro Late Models out in this practice. 
Dan Fredickson draws for his qualifying spot. (51 Photo)
We will be bringing you coverage tonight of the local classes. 
Comment From Guest 

i know yall deal with the late models mostly but are yall covering the local classes when they qualify and race? 

Johanna Long just took her first laps of the day in the second practice session. Her best lap thus far was a 17.233. 
Comment From Guest 

Where’s Jo Long?? 

Dan Fredrickson’s #36…check out below for a link to the first “Dan’s Derby Diary” presented by DirectPEX.com. (51 Photo)
Ross Kenseth’s #25. (51 Photo)
Nope, we have yet to have a winner in both Snowflake and Snowball Derby in the same year. 
Comment From Guest 

has anyone won the snowflake and the snowball in the same year? 

Clay Rogers in the Terminal Trucking-themed #2. (51 Photo)
Comment From Guest 

I like Auggie’s approach to things. Layed back and doesn’t get to fired up. 

Snowball Derby Practice #1 – Thursday, 12/2/10
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

1) TJ Reaid 16.901
2) Jimmy Garmon 16.925
3) Ryan Crane 16.925
4) Casey Smith 16.947
5) David Ragan 16.954
6) Travis Kittleson 16.968
7) Mike Garvey 16.973
8) Donnie Wilson 17.023
9) Chris Davidson (PLM) 17.068
10) Chris Davidson (SLM) 17.075
11) David Stremme 17.092
12) Dan Fredrickson 17.104
13) Ross Kenseth 17.107
14) Chase Elliott 17.113
15) Ryan Blaney 17.114
16) David Rogers 17.140
17) Stephan McCurley 17.144
18) Ryan Lawler 17.149
19) Andy Pugh (PLM) 17.152
20) Cale Gale 17.167
21) Kyle Benjamin (PLM) 17.177
22) Eddie Mercer 17.190
23) Tyler Roahrig 17.213
24) Tyler Millwood 17.224
25) Clay Rogers 17.224
26) Mason Mingus 17.224
27) Scott Hantz 17.231
28) Derrick Griffin 17.251
29) Bubba Pollard (PLM) 17.269
30) Kenzie Ruston (PLM) 17.270
31) Logan Boyett (PLM) 17.287
32) Danny Bagwell 17.287
33) Jason Young (PLM) 17.290
34) Dennis Prunty 17.302
35) Johnny VanDoorn 17.303
36) Landon Cassill (PLM) 17.336
37) Dave Mader III 17.352
38) Jake Kruger (PLM) 17.388
39) Dakota Stroup (PLM) 17.420
40) Josh Hamner 17.425
41) Erik Jones (PLM) 17.426
42) Daniel Hemric (PLM) 17.440
43) Cale Gale (PLM) 17.451
44) Brandon Bendele (PLM) 17.457
45) Matt Smith 17.458
46) Joey Herques (PLM) 17.476
47) Thomas Praytor (PLM) 17.493
48) Bobby Knox Jr. (PLM) 17.495
49) Scott Patton (PLM) 17.582
50) Allen Karnes 17.606
51) Andy Ponstein (PLM) 17.612
52) David Odell 17.628
53) Ryan Sieg 17.666
54) Jeff Fultz 17.671
55) Dwayne Buggay (PLM) 17.689
56) Giancarlo Serenelli (PLM) 17.715
57) Tony Clark (PLM) 17.743
58) Cody Smith (PLM) 17.752
59) Korey Ruble 17.774
60) Donny Kelly (PLM) 17.777
61) Chase Knox (PLM) 17.788
62) Chuck Tuck (PLM) 17.809
63) Dillon Oliver (PLM) 17.904
64) Davey Coble (PLM) 17.931
65) Rodney Benefield (PLM) 17.931
66) Keith Thorpe (PLM) 18.502
67) Elliott Massey (PLM) 18.709
68) Blake Ferguson (PLM) 19.325
Ross Kenseth is the first car to roll off for the begining of this afternoons practice. 
Comment From Kim Brown – NSS 

Thanks for the great coverage! We’ll be hanging out at home following all weekend. 

Thanks for the update…we encourage any other teams checking in on our coverage today to keep us posted on how your driver is faring on the track. 
Comment From Guest 

David Rogers super late model time was 16th overall on the practice chart. Rogers liked the feel of his car but was still going with a few different setup options to see what worked best. 

As a follow-up, Davidson’s Pro Late Model was the quicker of his two cars that were within .09-seconds of one another. 
Throughout the week, we’ll be catching up with several drivers and filming our unique and anticipated “Derby Diaries.”  Dan Fredrickson had the pleasure of providing our first “Dan’s Derby Diary” yesterday during his first-ever day as a competitor at the Snowball Derby.  We’ll be catching up with Dan throughout the week, as well as Landon Cassill and more for our Derby Diaries.

To check out Dan’s thoughts on Derby Wednesday, click here

Junior Neidecken has been out but none of his laps have been recorded because he’s missing a transponder. Officials here at Five Flags Speedway are working to resolve the situation. 
Two-time Snowball Derby winner, Augie Grill has yet to hit the track today. He spent most of the morning in tech, because he chose not to go through inspection yesterday. 
Chris Davidson’s Pro and Super Late Models were within .09 of a second of each other. 
Seven cars were in the 16-second bracket during the last practice session. We are efforting a complete rundown of times as we speak. 
Sixty-Eight cars have taken practice laps so far today A good mix of both Pro Late Models and Super Late Models have been out. 
Jeff Fultz is reporting that the motor in his Super Late Model has failed. Fultz does have another motor with him and is making the swap right now. 
Cars have just been shown the checkered flag. On track activities will break for 30 minutes, for lunch. 
Today’s coverage of Speed51 Trackside Now is being brought to you by Schoenfeld Headers. 
CRA champ Johnny VanDoorn’s Snowball #61. (51 Photo)
The top practice times have remained mostly unchanged this morning. We will be bringing you a full rundown of times shortly. 
Cale Gale’s #83 Super Late Model at speed. (51 Photo)
Erik Jones spent the first 20 minutes of practice standing in turn three to watch the line of other competitors. 
Erik Jones (51 Photo)
Erik Jones is reporting that he just needs to get some laps. The 14 year old ASA North Rookie of the Year has never been to Pensacola before. 
Logan Boyett’s Pro Late Model #11. (51 Photo)
We caught up with Travis Kittleson. He said his car was good and they are going to focus on qualifying trim now. 
In fifteen minutes all activities at the track will cease, as a funeral near the track is taking place. Practice will break for about 30 minutes. 
Team Fultz in the pits: #67 – Jeff Fultz & #66 – Daniel Hemric. (51 Photo)
TJ Read’s lap of a 16.901 is still the fastest lap thats been laid down so far. 
Jimmy Garmon’s #97 was second quick in the morning session. (51 Photo)
We caught up with Bubba Pollard who said his Pro Late Model is tight right now and they have some work to do. 
The track is seeing a lot of activity right now. A line is begining to form for cars to get on the track. 
Josh Hamner’s car appears tight in turn three. (51 Photo)
We caught up with Josh Hamner to see how things are going. He said his car felt good, however hes feeling a vibration in the car. 
Stephan McCurley drives through turn two. (51 Photo)
We peeked over officials shoulders. TJ Read is currently the fastest Super Late Model followed by Jimmy Garmon, Ryan Crane, Casy Smith and David Ragan. 
TJ Reaid, driver for Kyle Busch, in the #51. (51 Photo)
CRA Promoter RJ Scott has made the trip to Pensacola to spot for Welch and Wilson Motorsports driver Tyler Roahrig. 
Landon Cassill and former Crew Chief Rich Lushes working on their bump stop package on the Gale Force machine at FFS. (51 Photo)
Scott Hantz, three time CRA Super Late Model Series Champion is reporting that his car feels very balanced, however its just lacking speed. 
Ryan Blaney, son of NASCAR driver Dave, enters turn three at FFS. (51 Photo)
A black flag is being shown to the number 45 of Dwayne Buggay. He went out to take practice laps, despite not rolling through tech. 
Veteran Crew Chief Freddie Query coaches Donnie Wilson at FFS. (51 Photo)
NASCAR Sprint Cup driver David Ragan in Richie Wauters #5 Super Late Model. (51 Photo)
Cars have been able to get plenty of clear track to make practice runs. The most cars weve seen on the track at one time so far has been about ten. 
David Stremme was among the first dozen cars on track. (51 Photo)
Kyle Busch Motorsports Driver TJ Read watches early practice from atop his hauler. (51 Photo)
Cars are rolling out for the third practice session. We have just gotten word that practice times will be avalable after this one hour session. 
Qualifying tire selection has just begun for teams. 
Five Flags timing and scoring are busy entering transponder numbers into the scoring system as we speak. We won’t be able to provide times until that’s wrapped up. 
The second round of practice has just wrapped up. We will be bringing you practice times shortly. 
We knew Bubba Pollard wouldnt be one of the early birds in practice today. His firesuit was sitting on the railing outside the track. (51 Photo)
The go-kart race you’re speaking of is the Fast Eddie’s Snowball Showdown here in Pensacola. That race is actually tonight and we’ll have some updates on our Facebook page from the event. We’ll have more about the Snowball Showdown later on today. 
Caution is out as the Pro Late Model of Chuck Tuck has just spun and made minor contact with the turn one wall. 
Comment From guest 

thanks for the great coverage. could you tell us about the go cart race last night. thanks. 

Scott Hantz was one of the few cars out in the first session. (51 Photo)
We caught up with David Rogers who was standing in turn three watching practice. Rogers said “This is cheap testing here. No tires are getting burned up and I just get to see where everybody else is screwing up.” 
We will be posting a ton more photos each day in our Facebook Photo Galleries. Check out www.facebook.com/speed51 for a bunch more.

In fact, our Facebook page will also have daily videos from our staff previewing and reviewing each day’s action from the track. To check out today’s, head over to the Facebook page for 51’s Duke Kentfield and Bob Dillner’s preview of the Thursday action. 

The second practice group has just gone out on the track. Some of the heavy hitters such as David Ragan, Josh Hamner, Johnny Van Doorn, Ryan Lawler and Ross Kenseth are out now. 
Landon Cassil will be pulling double duty this weekend the Jeg’s sponsored cars for Gary St. Amant. (51 Photo)
Our Speed 51 Radio on RaceTalkRadio.com coverage will kick off Saturday night with a live broadcast of the Allen Turner Snowflake 100, and will continue on Sunday afternoon for the Snowball Derby. Until then, thanks for following along with our Trackside Now coverage all week long. 
Comment From Guest 


Comment From chadden24 

thank you for day 2 of snowball coverage. 

Pro Late Models and Super Late Models will be mixed in the same practice group all day. They will be seperated for practice later in the week. 
Comment From SG 

Who is on the track now..PM or Super 

We are hearing that teams are waiting to practice for the track to rubber up. Many of the heavy hitters such as Augie Grill and David Ragan say they will be out shortly after they feel the track has sufficent rubber layed down. 
We are almost 20 minutes into practice this morning and only about ten cars have elected to take laps so far. 
We will be bringing you practice times throughout the day. 
Comment From Dan C 

Are you goin to have practice times later? TIA 

Five Flags officials will try to limit the number of cars on the track to 15 at a time throughout practice today. 
Cars have hit the track for practice. Only three cars have elected to head out for the first session. 
Ricky Brooks talks the drivers before practice. (51 Photo)
Comment From Norwood Arena Fan 

thank you to the marines for cleaning the track and defending the USA keep up the great work speed 51 

Andy Pugh’s car which failed tech yesterday for heavy body infractions has gone back through tech and cleared. The team says they acctually went a little too far with correcting the problems, but they are just glad they madde it through. 
While the track is clean, no cars have run here at Five Flags since the rain storm passed through on Tuesday. 
The track is in beautiful shape. Five Flags staff worked until 1 am last night sweeping the track and cleaning the infield with help from a group of Marines. 
Donnie Wilson is the first car in line for practice. He will be led by veteran crew chief Freddie Query this weekend. 
Everyone gathers for the drivers meeting before practice. (51 Photo)
Afew engines have fired in the pits. Teams are warming up their cars for practice, which begins in 15 minutes. 
The current tally of cars that have gone through tech is 46 Super Late Models and nearly 50 Pro Late Models. There may be some other cars, such as Augie Grill, who have not been through tech and have not been counted. 
The draw for Late Model qualifying is curently being done. Drivers are pulling numbers near the tech shed to determine their spot. 
Its only Thursday here at the Derby, but teams are already feeling the effects of the long days. Some are taking naps in the grandstands. (51 Photo)
The mandatory drivers meeting is currently taking place with all Late Model competitors. 
We have two more Pro Late Models that have come into the speedway since we left you last night. Austin Kirkpatrick and Dwayne Buggay have been added to the roster. 
Comment From Guest 

any chance of additional PLM or SLM teams pulling in today? 

It’s currently a cool, crisp 52 degrees out right now. However, the sun is shining brightly and the projected high for the day is 63 degrees. The forecast looks good for the rest of the week, with no inclement weather predicted. 
Everybody has unloaded thier cars in the infield this morning and teams are making preperations for the day. 
Bombers and Sportsmen cars are on hand for tonights racing activities. (51 Photo)
The tech line is already open as teams look to get their cars over the scales in preparation for practice which starts at 10am Central time. We have the first driver’s meeting of the weekend coming up at 9am Central. 
DISCLAIMER: All updates posted on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now are property of 51 Sports, LLC and may not be duplicated in any form unless prior permission has been given by 51 Sports, LLC.
8 am Pits Open
9 am LM Drivers Meeting. Tech Opens
10 am-4 pm Snowball /Snowflake Practice
4:30 pm Bomber/Sportsmen Drivers Meeting
5-6 pm Bomber & Sportsmen Practice
6:15 Bomber & Sportsmen Quals (top 20)
8 pm Bomber & SP B Main 10 Laps (transfer 4)
Bomber Feature 30 Green Laps
Sportsmen Feature 50 Green Laps 
Good morning and welcome to 43rd Annual Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway (FL). Today is the first time we will see cars on practice as this is the first day of practice for Super Late Models and Pro Late Models. We will have all the action of practice as Speed51.com will have their staff all around the half mile track covering the Super Bowl of Short Track Racing.

Trackside Now: 43rd Annual Snowball Derby – Practice Day – Five Flags Speedway – 12/2/10