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We will be back at 9am CST Sunday for Trackside Now coverage of the 43rd Annual Snowball Derby, along with a live RTR broadcast of the Derby at 2pm CST.

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Landon Cassill: “I’m not mad at all. I raced my butt off for second place. Hey, we should have added five pounds to the right side before the race.” 
We have the official word from tech that everyone cleared except the No. 1 of Landon Cassill who was disqualified for a weight infraction. 
Chase Elliott is your official winner of the Allen Turner Snowflake 100. 
2pm Central Time. Our Radio coverage will start at noon here in the central time zone. That’s a 3pm start in the east and 1pm for our radio coverage on RaceTalkRadio.com
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What time does the Snowball Derby start tomorrow? 

We are down in tech where there is no new news to report. We do know that Landon Cassill has been disqualified for too much left-side weight. Chase Elliott, Bubba Pollard, Mike Garvey and John Bolen remain in tech. 
We’re still awaiting official word from tech. We do know they are currently still working on the cars. 
Chase Elliott takes the checkers in the Snowflake 100. (51 Photo)
Mike Garvey (#1) puts the moves on David Odell (#75). (51 Photo)
Bubba Pollard (#18) passes Kyle Benjamin (#71). (51 Photo)
Pole-sitter Hunter Robbins (#18) and Augie Grill (#112) battle early in the race. (51 Photo)
Chris Davidson’s wrecked racecar. (51 Photo)
Chase Elliott (#9) and Daniel Hemric battle during the Snowflake 100. (51 Photo)
Charles Evans Jr. (#53) and John Robicheaux (#63) wrecked in the Snowflake Last Chance race. (51 Photo)
The No. 9 of Chase Elliot (left) and the No. 18 of Bubba Pollard (right) in post-race tech inspection. (51 Photo)
According to Gary St. Amant, the car owner for Landon Cassill, Cassill’s No. 1 Pro Late Model has not passed post-race technical inspection. We have no official word from tech. 
Comment From chris vandergriff 

Hedman Huslers first second third fourth fifth!!!!!!! Enough Said!!!!!!! 

Chase Elliott gets sprayed with Red Bull in victory lane. (51 Photo)
Chase Elliott the unofficial winner of the 2010 Snowflake 100 at Five Flags Speedway.
Thanks Buck! 
Comment From Jason “Stix” Buckley 

I wanted to write in and say GREAT JOB to Speed51.com for the coverage so far of the Snowball Derby weekend. I wish I could have been there helping you all this year … I miss it! You all are the BEST in short track racing coverage! 

Full Unofficial Allen Turner Hyundai Snowflake 100 Finishing Order :

1. Chase Elliott
2. Landon Cassill
3. Bubba Pollard
4. Mike Garvey
5. John Bolen
6. Daniel Hemric
7. Augie Grill
8. Erik Jones
9. Cale Gale
10. Andy Pugh
11. Kenzie Ruston
12. DJ Vanderley
13. Johanna Long
14. Matt Smith
15. Brandon Bendele
16. Cody Smith
17. David Odell
18. Jason Young
19. Tony Clark
20. Logan Boyett
21. Shanna Ard
22. Chuck Tuck
23. Kyle Bryant
24. Austin Kirkpatrick
25. Dwayne Buggay
26. Brandon Odom
27. Hunter Robbins
28. Kyle Benjamin
29. Dillon Oliver
30. Justin South
31. Thomas Praytor
32. Chris Davidson
33. Scott Patton
34. Tommy Rollins
35. David Jones
36. Robert Royce 

Unofficial Top-15 :

1. Chase Elliott
2. Landon Cassill
3. Bubba Pollard
4. Mike Garvey
5. John Bolen
6. Daniel Hemric
7. Augie Grill
8. Erik Jones
9. Cale Gale
10. Andy Pugh
11. Kenzie Ruston
12. DJ Vanderley
13. Johanna Long
14. Matt Smith
15. Brandon Bendele 

Landon Cassill came home second and Bubba Pollard brought home third. 
Chase Elliott wins the 2010 Allen Turner Hyundai Snowflake 100. 
Lap 98 : 2 laps to go for Dawsonville, Georgia’s Chase Elliott. 
Lap 97 : Landon Cassill makes his way by Bubba Pollard for third. 
Lap 96 : Elliott is encountering lapped traffic. 
Lap 95 : 5 laps to go 
Lap 93 : Elliott leads Pollard, Cassill, Grill, Garvey, Bolen, and Hemric. 
Lap 90 : Chase Elliott now has a straightaway lead over Bubba Pollard. 
Lap 88 : Landon Cassill has taken the third spot from Augie Grill. 
Lap 87 : Chase Elliott has pulled away from the rest of the field as he sets this track on fire. 
Lap 86 : Chase Elliott moves by Bubba Pollard for the lead. 
Lap 83 : Lapped car of Allen Karnes in the way of Chase Elliott trying to catch Bubba Pollard. 
Lap 82 : Pollard is moving though lapped cars 5 car-lengths ahead of Elliott. 
Lap 80 : Augie Grill has fallen to third as Chase Elliott makes his way by. 
Lap 79: Bubba Pollard has taken the lead. 
Lap 78 : Robbins off the pace on the back stretch 
Lap 77 : Elliott has taken third from Buggay 
Lap 74 : Chase Elliott is closing in on Dwayne Buggay for third. 
Lap 73 : Bubba Pollard is now within 5 car-lengths of Grill as they move through lapped traffic. 
Lap 72 : Chase Elliott makes his way by Brandon Bendele for the fourth spot. 
Lap 71 : Augie Gill is now navigating his way through lapped traffic. 
Lap 70 : Chase Elliott makes the pass on Hunter Robbins for fifth. 
Lap 69 : Leader Augie Grill is approaching lapped traffic. 
Lap 67 : Buggay makes the pass off turn four around Hunter Robbins for fourth. 
Lap 66 : Elliott has made his way by Garvey for 6th. 
Lap 65 : Mike Garvey and Chase Elliott have made their way by Johanna Long for 6th and 7th, 
Lap 63 : Brandon Bendele makes his way under Hunter Robbins in turns three and four to take the third spot away. 
Lap 62 : Augie Grill now leads Bubba Pollard by ten car-lengths. 
Lap 61 : Bubba Pollard has just made his way by Hunter Robbins for the second spot. 
Lap 60 : Garvey and Gale battle hard for 8th. 
Lap 60 : Landon Cassill is closing in on the #08 of Andy Pugh for 11th. 
Lap 57 : The best battle on the racetrack right now is between Johanna Long and Dwayne Buggay for the 5th spot. 
Lap 54 : Grill continues to lead Robbins, Pollard, Bendele, Long, Buggay, Gale, Garvey, Pugh, Elliott, Cassill, and Hemric. 
Lap 50 : Buggay pinched Cale Gale down to take the 6th spot away. 
Lap 48 : Cale Gale apparently made his initial pass on Johanna Long before the green flag fell and has been ordered to give the spot back. 
Lap 47 : Gale gets the spot and Long falls to 6th. 
Lap 46 : Johanna Long and Cale Gale are now side by side battling for 5th. 
GREEN : Grill gets another flawless restart over Robbins and Pollard. 
One lap to green. 
Current Top-15 :

1. Augie Grill
2. Hunter Robbins
3. Bubba Pollard
4. Brandon Bendele
5. Johanna Long
6. Cale Gale
7. Andy Pugh
8. Dwayne Buggay
9. Mike Garvey
10. Jason Young
11. Chase Elliott
12. Kyle Benjamin
13. Landon Cassill
14. Logan Boyett
15. Daniel Hemric 

Logan Boyett has come into the pits and the crew is looking under the hood of his #11. 
Hearing that the No. 28 of Thomas Praytor is out of the race as he is without brakes. 
That’s tough to say but the 3 leaders who have pulled away are all veterans and winners here at Five Flags Speedway. 
Comment From bgf2 

do y’all think the leaders might be pushing too hard considering the 4 tire rule? 

YELLOW : Caution is out for the one-car spin by Dillon Oliver in turn two. 
Lap 46 : Dillon Oliver has fallen off the pace and gone high and spun in turn two. 
Lap 45 : The top-3 are now a full straightaway ahead of the field. 
Lap 43 : Johanna Long and Cale Gale have also made their way by Oliver for the 5th and 6th positions. 
Lap 42 : Brandon Bendele has made his way by Dillon Oliver for fourth. 
Lap 41 : The top-3 now have a half a straightaway lead on the remainder of the field. 
Lap 39 : Grill leads Robbins by 5 car-lengths who is only one car-length over Pollard. 
Lap 37 : Johanna Long has now made her way by Jason Young for 5th and now has her eyes on Dillon Oliver in 4th. 
Lap 35 : Dillon Oliver and Jason Young are in a fierce battle for fourth that continues to send the duo up the racetrack. 
GREEN : Grill gets a solid run off turn four and pulls away from Robbins and Pollard battling side by side for second. 
The No. 02 of Scott Patton is out of the race with transmission issues. 
One lap to green. 
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lets go Oliver!! 

Justin South is in the pits and the crew is looking under the rear end of his #43 machine. He was being shown in the 9th position. 
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Go Johanna you are great 

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Chase Elliot’s making a hard charge to the front…go get ’em!! 

The cars are rolling behind the pace car as we make our way towards the green again soon here at Five Flags Speedway. 
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go Landon 

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go elliott 

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GO Kenzie, Daniel, and Cale!!!! 

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great job 

War Eagle! 
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Auburn blew South Carolina out 56-17 game over 

Current Running Order :

1. Augie Grill
2. Hunter Robbins
3. Bubba Pollard
4. Dillon Oliver
5. Jason Young
6. Johanna Long
7. Brandon Bendele
8. Cale Gale
9. Justin South
10. Andy Pugh
11. Dwayne Buggay
12. Kyle Benjamin
13. Logan Boyett
14. Mike Garvey
15. Matt Smith
16. Kenzie Ruston
17. DJ Vanderley
18. Chase Elliott
19. Landon Cassill
20. Cody Smith
21. Tony Clark
22. Brandon Odom
23. Kyle Bryant
24. Daniel Hemric
25. John Bolen
26. Erik Jones
27. Thomas Praytor 

Lap 34 : We’re going under a red flag and the cars are stopping on the back straightaway. 
YELLOW : Tommy Rollins spins into the turns one and two outside wall and a few moment later Chris Davidson encountered Rollins and hit the wall as well. 
Lap 32 : Grill has stretched his lead to half a straightaway over Robbins and Pollard. 
Due to the exciting nature of this race we will not be able to answer all of your comments during the event. However look back at our Snowball Derby Index page, scroll down to our earlier posts, or check out our coverage for the past few days to answer your inquiries. 
Lap 28 : Mike Garvey has pushed his way by Kenzie Ruston for the 15th spot. 
Lap 23 : Augie Grill continues to lead Hunter Robbins, Bubba Pollard, Dillon Oliver, Jason Young, Chris Davidson, Johanna Long, Cale Gale, Matt Smith and Brandon Bendele. 
Lap 18 : The field is strung out single-filed all the way around this racetrack. 
The No. 88 of Robert Royce has pulled into the pits on lap17. He pulls it to the garage, he’s done for the night. 
Lap 15 : Chase Elliott has worked his way up from 31st to 23rd in just 15 laps. 
Lap 14 : Grill holds a six car-length lead on Robbins and it’s 3 car-lengths back to Pollard. 
Lap 12 : Cale Gale and Matt Smith battle hard for eighth. 
Lap 9 : Grill leads Robbins, Pollard, Oliver, Jason Young, Chris Davidson, Cale Gale and Johanna Long. 
Lap 8 : Robbins also makes his way by Pollard for second. 
Lap 7 : Pollard and Grill battle side by side for the lead with Robbins just behind in third. 
Lap 6 : Grill takes the lead off turn four. 
Lap 5 : Grill closes in on Pollard for the lead 
Lap 3 : Grill makes his way by Robbins on the outside in turn three for the second spot. 
Lap 2 : The top ten are single filed and they are double-filed through the end of the field behind that. 
Lap 2 : Pollard leads Robbins as Augie Grill and Dillon Oliver battle side by side for second. 
GREEN : Bubba Pollard gets a great start on the outside and takes the lead off turn two. 
A duo of 18’s (Robbins and Pollard) pace the field down the back straightaway. 
The lights are out on the pace car signalling one lap to green here at Five Flags Speedway. 
Comment From Chris – RACE22.com 

Thanks SPEED51 for the coverage this week! 

The cars are now rolling and making their pace laps. 
We will give you the play-by-play for the Snowflake 100 here as well. 
Comment From charlie 

I cant listen so will you still cover the race here? 

The national anthem is complete and the command to fire engines has been given. The ground is rumbling as these 36 late models roar to life and get ready for the 2010 Allen Turner Hyundai Snowflake 100. 
Comment From RaceTalkRadio 

If you are having issues connecting to RaceTalkRadio broadcast, email me at [email protected] so I can help you with any issues you are having…thanks 

The No. 29 of Shannon Ard and the No. 88 of Robert Royce made the Snowflake on provisionals. 
Comment From Guest 

How did 29 and 88 get in the race? 

Click the “Listen Live” link on the top right hand side of the screen. 
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how do i get racetalkradio.com to work 

The driver introduction stage has driven away and the driver’s are all strapped in and getting ready to fire the engines. 
Speed51 Radio is now live on RaceTalkRadio.com so tune in and enjoy the Allen Turner Snowflake 100. 
So do we! 
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Driver intro’s are underway at the moment. Up next the drivers will strap in and get ready to roll. 
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my computer screen went out an hour ago, went to best buy and got another one. good thing you guys keep the play by play up 

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Jasper ga wants to see mike Garvey win it! 

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Go Kenzie Ruston #39! And thank you for all of your support of Racing 2 Cure!!! 

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GARC top three and four of top five 

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Canton Ga wants an Elliot to win to night and tomorrow!!!! 

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Go Cale Gale! 

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Let’s go Kenzie Ruston, show ’em what you got girl!! 

Allen Turner Snowflake 100 Starting Lineup:

No Car # Name
1 18 Hunter Robbins
2 18 Bubba Pollard
3 112 Augie Grill
4 3 Dillon Oliver
5 27 Jason Young
6 41 Chris Davidson
7 02 Matt Smith
8 33 Cale Gale
9 71 Kyle Benjamin
10 10 Johanna Long
11 6 Brandon Bendele
12 43 Justin South
13 08 Andy Pugh
14 45 Dwayne Buggay
15 11 Logan Boyett
16 2 DJ VanderLey
17 28 Thomas Praytor
18 42 Tony Clark
19 39 Kenzie Ruston
20 17 Chuck Tuck
21 1 Landon Cassill
22 81 Brandon Odom
23 15 Cody Smith
24 02 Scott Patton
25 79 Kyle Bryant
26 1 Mike Garvey
27 75 David Odell
28 64 David Jones
29 12 Tommy Rollins
30 11 Austin Kirkpatrick
31 9 Chase Elliott
32 2 John Bolen
33 66 Daniel Hemric
34 4 Erik Jones
35 29 Shanna Ard
36 88 Robert Royce

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just met the Speed51 crew planning for the Snowflake. awesome people! Great job! 

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Hunter Robbins is my hero! 

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Chase Elliott put your foot in it and WHEEL IT!!! 

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go bubba pollard 

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good luck bubba 

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Good luck to Chase Elliot and his crew chief Ricky Turner!!! 

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go get them bubba good luck 

It was the former Augie Grill car. 
Comment From Guest 

Was the 47 that got wrecked the former “white rabbit” of Augie Grill? 

Comment From BG in GA 

GO Bubba!!! Win for ronnie and beau. Tonight and tomorrow. 

After the last qualifying race, a member of Jake Kruger’s team met John Bolen’s crew in the pits. Both teams exchanged words, but nothing escalated from there. 
We are going to take a quick break to have a meeting with our team about our Speed 51 Radio coverage on RaceTalkRadio.com and then we’ll be right back. 
There were only 4 cars remaining at that point. 
Comment From th 

When we go back to yellow, John Bolen will be sent to the rear of the field, leaving Erik Jones in the lead What happened here??? 

Unofficial Finish of Snowflake Last Chance Race #2

1 John Bolen #2
2 Erik Jones #4
3 Keith Thorpe #36
4 Elliott Massey #4
5 Jake Kruger #14 (OUT)
6 Eddie Craig #4 (OUT)
7 Blake Ferguson #07 (OUT)
8 Tyler Miles #40 (OUT)
9 Dakota Stroup #47 (OUT)
Comment From Robin Wagner 

Great coverage Speed 51 guys! Enjoying the coverage. 

John Bolen wins and transfers into the Snowflake 100 with second place finisher Erik Jones. Keith Thorpe came home third followed by Elliott Massey in fourth. 
White Flag : Bolen and Jones are in the transfer spots. 
Lap 23 : Two laps to go and Bolen leads Erik Jones, Keith Thorpe and Elliott Massey. 
Lap 22 : Bolen makes the pass in turn one and takes the lead. 
Lap 20 : Bolen makes his way under Jones on the backstretch but can’t finish the pass. 
Lap 19 : Bolen is closing in on Jones for the lead with Thorpe three car lengths back. 
Lap 15 : Bolen takes the second spot off turn four and sets his sights on Jones. 
Lap 14 : Bolen looks under Thorpe in turn three. 
Lap 12 : The frotn three cars (Jones, Thorpe and Bolen) are single-filed and have pulled away from Massey. 
Lap 10 : Elliott Massey has lost a lot of ground to the leaders. 
Lap 9 : Bolen closes in on Thorpe in turns one and two. 
Lap 7 : Erik Jones continues to lead Keith Thorpe, John Bolen and Elliott Massey. 
Lap 5 : Bolen takes third from Elliott Massey in turn three. 
Comment From JHP 

Seems as though the term “Boys Have At It” from Nascar as spilled over (to the Derby). 

GREEN : Erik Jones got a clean start off four and leads Keith Thorpe into turn one. 
One lap to green. 
We are back rolling under the yellow flag. 
Comment From Pam 

Great lap by lap coverage. I am in Wisconsin at work following the race on speed51.com, while my husband is at the track watching the race with you. 

Comment From Del Griffith 

Great coverage speed51! 

Comment From Brian Fantana 

Awesome updates! 

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Great pics and covarge. Keep it up. 

When we go back to yellow, John Bolen will be sent to the rear of the field, leaving Erik Jones in the lead. 
A crewmember from an unidentified team climbed over the pitwall to go after John Bolen.  Officials prevented him from getting to the #2 car. 
RED : We are under a red flag at lap 4. 
We are not live yet on RaceTalkRadio.com.  We will go live at 7pm CST, 8pm EST.  Until then RTR is broadcasting other programming.
Comment From EASTERWOOD50 


Lap 4: Jake Kruger climbed out of the car and went to go after the #2 of Bolen, but officials held him back.  Kruger simply threw his hands up and then threw his helmet at his own car in frustration. 
Kruger is out of the car and wants a piece of John Bolen. 
Lap 4 : Bolen turns Kruger into the turn three wall. Kruger hits wall hard head on. 
Lap 4 : Bolen pushes Kruger into turn one and the two battle for the lead. 
GREEN : Kruger gets a good start off four and leads Bolen into turn one. 
Lap 3 : Jake Kruger leads John Bolen, Erik Jones, Keith Thorpe and Elliott Massey. 
YELLOW : Lap 3 – Eddie Craig and gets into the wall in turn one with help from Elliott Massey. 
GREEN : Jake Kruger leads as Elliott Massey and Eddie Craig battle for second. 
Live audio coverage of tonight’s Snowflake 100 will begin at approximately 7 PM Central. Speed51 Radio at racetalkradio.com.
Fans in the stands at FFS looking at Speed51.com on their phone.
The cars are back rolling under the yellow flag. 
Nick’s Photography Photo
The start of the last-chance Snowflake “big one.” (Nick’s Photography Photo)
Tyler Miles was ok after he went for a wild airborne ride coming off turn four. (51 Photo)
Dakota Stroup in the wall after a hard wreck in the second last-chance race. (51 Photo)
Jake Kruger leads Elliott Massey, Eddie Craig, Erik Jones, John Bolen and Keith Thorpe. 
We are under a red flag for clean up. 
The cars were nose to tail and beating and banging off turn four. Tyler Miles ended up riding the pit wall down the front straightaway while tangling with Stroup and Ferguson before the came to a rest at the end of the front straightaway. 
YELLOW : Tyler Miles, Dakota Stroup and Blake Ferguson spin on the front straightaway. 
GREEN : Jake Kruger gets a good start off turn four and holds the lead over Elliott Massey into turn one. 
The lights are out on the pace car and we’re one lap from the green. 
Comment From spotterrick 

thanks for the great coverace speed 51 up to min. updates are great 

Comment From legends39 

Way to go HOTSHOE!! 

John Bolen failed tech twice prior to qualifying and was not allowed to take time.  He is forced to run this Last Chance race for the PLMs. 
The cars are rolling for the second and final Snowflake 100 last chance race. 
Drivers in the qualifying results with “NT” beside their names did not take times. 
Comment From mike 

Why so many people have NT beside their name……..did they not qualify ???? Thanks 

Comment From Guest 

Ricky really knows how to get these cars set up many believe he’s the best in the buisness. 

Comment From FLUIDYNE 

Way to go Chase! 

Chase Elliott’s crew chief is former Snowball Derby winner Ricky Turner. 
Comment From Guest 

Who is Chase Elliot’s crew chief? 

Two cars will also transfer from this final Snowflake Last Chance race. 
Daniel Hemric in the #66 PLM won the Legends Million event at Charlotte Motor Speedway this year. 
Comment From Guest 

Is hemric the guy who won the legends million race?? 

Starting Line-up – Snowflake Last Chance Race #2

1 Jake Kruger #14
2 Elliott Massey #4
3 Blake Ferguson #07
4 Eddie Craig #4
5 Tyler Miles #40
6 Erik Jones #4
7 Dakota Stroup #47
8 Keith Thorpe #36
9 John Bolen #2
Comment From Kyle Busch 

Hey Speed 51 this is Kyle Busch just checking on the coverage. You’re doing great. Keep it up. 

Unofficial Finish – Snowflake Last Chance Race #1

1 Chase Elliott #9
2 Daniel Hemric #66
3 Joey Herques #26
4 Bobby Knox #30
5 Dillon Spreen #81
6 Donnie Kelley #03
7 Davey Coble #14
8 Chase Knox #4
9 John Robicheaux #63 (OUT)
10 Charles Evans Jr. #53
Comment From Guest 

Way to go Chase!!! 

Comment From Guest 

Thanks Speed 51 

Comment From DSR 

way to go Hemric!!!! 

Our bad, Dakota Stroup was not in that event. 
They were followed in third by Herques, Bobby Knox, Dillon Spreen, Donnie Kelly, Davey Coble and Chase Knox. 
Chase Elliott takes the win and will transfer into tonight’s Snowflake 100 along with second place finisher Daniel Hemric. 
Comment From chadden24 

thank you once again for your hard work in bringing us snowball coverage. 

Lap 24 : White flag. Elliott and Hemric in the transfer spots with no pressure from behind. 
Lap 22 : Elliott and Hemric are now half a lap ahead of Herques in third. 
Lap 20 : 5 laps remaining as Chase Elliott and Daniel Hemric stand solid in the top-2 spots. 
Lap 18: Dakota Stroup has pulled his #47 down pitroad and retired from the event.  He has qualified in the top-five, but was DQed for illegal fuel. 
Lap 17 : Elliott has now pulled away from Hemric but they still hold a sizable lead over Herques, Spreen, Coble and Kelly. 
Yes, the top two from each of the two last chance races will make it into the Allen Turner Snowflake 100 later tonight. 
Comment From dave 

Top 2 transfer right? 

Lap 12 : Chase Elliott and Daniel Hemric have pulled away from the rest of the field as they hold the two transfer spots from this event into tonight’s Allen Turner Hyundai Snowflake 100. 
Lap 12: Robicheaux (#63) has brought his car to pitroad and retired from the event. 
Lap 10 : Elliott and Hemric both make their way around Knox to take the two transfer spots. 
Lap 9 : Elliott and Hemric have now caught the leaders. 
Daniel Hemric looks to come from the rear in the first last-chance race. (51 Photo)
Lap 7 : Hemric and Herques now battle side by side for third. 
GREEN : Bobby Knox pulls away from the field as Chase Elliott passes on the outside to take the second spot from Herques. 
The lights are out on the pace car once again and we’re ready to go green. 
Current Order of Snowflake Last Chance Race #1

1 Bobby Knox #30
2 Joey Herques #25
3 Dillon Spreen #81
4 Chase Elliott #9
5 Daniel Hemric #66
YELLOW : Spin in turns one and two by Charlie Evans Jr and John Robicheaux. 
Lap 6 : Hemric and Elliott side by side for the 4th spot. 
Lap 5 : Knox continues to lead Herques, Spreen, Elliott and Hemric. 
Lap 3 : Daniel Hemric is following right in Elliott’s tire tracks. 
Lap 2 : Chase Elliott is making passes on the outside and is already up to the 5th spot. 
GREEN : Bobby Knox pulls by Joey Herques to lead lap one. 
The lights are off on the Allen Turner Hyundai pace car. 
They have now gotten the two-to-go signal from the flagman. 
Line Up for Snowflake Last Chance Race #1

1 Joey Herques #26
2 Bobby Knox #30
3 Dillon Spreen #81
4 Davey Coble #14
5 Donnie Kelly #03
6 Chase Knox #4
7 Charlie Evans #53
8 Chase Elliott #9
9 Daniel Hemric #66
10 John Robicheaux #63
The cars are on track and making their pace laps for the first Snowflake last chance race. 
Comment From charlie 

Ricky Brooks does a fine job. 

Comment From Scott19 

I think it is great that Brooks and crew are so strict. If this is the Daytona 500 of short track racing then it should be teched that way. Good to hear there are some good tech guys out there! 

Comment From Guest 

Thank you Speed 51 for the coverage, makes us feel as if we are there….. BTW it is 33 deg and sleeting in Concord, NC 

Comment From Smycar 

Best tech ever! They did Crown, too. I wish the tech was that accurate and consistent everywhere! 

The frequency to listen to our radio coverage at Five Flags Speedway tonight and tomorrow is 454.000.  If you are not at the track, you can listen to Speed 51 Radio on RaceTalkRadio.com.  Tonight’s coverage will begin at 7pm. 
Comment From Sportsman12 

Our boys from Houma, LA would like to say thanks to Speed51 for all the coverage. We’re in turn 1 and loving it! 

Ryan Blaney falls out of the Snowball Derby last chance race Saturday with a flat right front. (51 Photo)
A lot of people are commenting on the tech process for the SLMs and PLMs.  We assure you that this tech, led by the Ricky Brooks staff, is fair and accurate.  In fact, it is probably one of the best tech crews in short track racing. 
The No. 72 of Scott Hantz and the No. 39 of Ryan Sieg head to the finish line in the Snowball Derby last chance race. (51 Photo)
Last year Bobby Gill, in the BDI Racing #51 Chevy, used the Past Champions provisional and finished fourth in the Snowball Derby. 
Clay Rogers did receive the Past Champions Provisional for the Snowball Derby. 
Comment From Guest 

Did Clay Rogers get in on past champion prov? 

Comment From CRAFAN 

Hells Yeah! That a way Hurricane and JVD!! Lets get ’em dialed in for 300 tomorrow! Good luck Derrick Griffiin as well! 

Good quesiton.  Nobody else was brought through tech.
Comment From Guest 

When Elliott and Stroupe failed tech did Grill and Oliver have to go through? 

Heath Hindman had engine trouble in the Snowball Last Chance race. 
Comment From guest 

Any idea what may have happened to Hindman? 

Comment From Guest 

This is for Duke and Elgin, 5″ of snow here in Lafayette (IN) today. Not sure I like you guys in FL any more. 

Comment From Hurricane Fan 


Comment From Guest 

Way to go Hurricane and JVD! 2 more from the CRA! 

Scott Hantz, winning the Last Chance race moments ago, said that he still has some work to do with the setup on his car.  Despite the win, he stated that his tires were showing signs of blistering and that he thinks his set-up needs to be adjusted. 
Chase Elliott will run one of the Snowflake last chance races. We will have full line ups for those 25-lap races coming up shortly. 
43rd Annual Snowball Derby Unofficial Starting Line-up

1 83 Cale Gale Winston-Salem, NC
2 74 Ryan Lawler Colleyville, TX
3 2 John Bolen Jasper, AL
4 10 Johanna Long Pensacola, FL
5 82 Grant Enfinger Montrose, AL
6 97 Jimmy Garmon Hoschton, GA
7 82 Donnie Wilson Oklahoma City, OK
8 36 Dan Fredrickson Lakeville, MN
9 7 Landon Cassill Charlotte, NC
10 9 Chase Elliott Dawsonville, GA
11 47 Casey Roderick Lawrenceville, GA
12 51 TJ Reaid Acworth, GA
13 4 Derrick Griffin Indianpolis, IN
14 42 Dennis Prunty Knowles, WI
15 49 Josh Hamner Chelsea, AL
16 25 Ross Kenseth Spring Valley, IL
17 35 David Stremme Moorseville, NC
18 112 Augie Grill Hayden, AL
19 43 Dennis Schoenfeld Van Buren, AR
20 29 Andy Loden Stanley, AL
21 41 Chris Davidson Pearland, TX
22 72 Eddie Mercer Pensacola, FL
23 08 Bubba Pollard Senoia, GA
24 16 Korey Ruble Headland, AL
25 12 Travis Kittleson Marret Island, FL
26 21 Brandon Carlson Cantonment, FL
27 98 Mason Mingus Brentwood, TN
28 99 Casey Smith Austin, TX
29 5 David Ragan Unadilla, GA
30 18 Dave Mader III Irvington, AL
31 72 Scott Hantz Angola, IN
32 39 Ryan Sieg Tucker, GA
33 5 Jerry Artuso Sault Ste Marie, ON
34 61 Johnny VanDoorn Coopersville, MI
35 1 Mike Garvey McDonough, GA
36 67 Jeff Fultz Troutman, NC
37 2 Clay Rogers Troutman, NC
Due to the DQ of Chase Elliott and Dakota Stroup in Snowflake PLM post-qualifying tech, Tommy Rollins (qualified 31st) and Austin Kirkpatrick (qualified 32nd) advance into the field. 
Next up will be the first of two Last Chance races for the Snowflake 100 cars. Each race will be 25-laps and the top-two from each race will transfer. 
Qualifying Results for Snowflake 100
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

1 Hunter Robbins 16.825
2 Chase Elliott DNQ 16.913
3 Bubba Pollard 16.961
4 Dakota Stroup DNQ 16.998
5 Augie Grill 17.000
6 Dillon Oliver 17.008
7 Chris Davidson 17.029
8 Matt Smith 17.070
9 Cale Gale 17.085
10 Kyle Benjamin 17.092
11 Johanna Long 17.099
12 Brandon Bendele 17.107
13 Jason Young 17.115
14 Juston South 17.130
15  Andy Pugh 17.130
16 Dwayne Buggay 17.137
17 Logan Boyett 17.143
18 DJ VanDerLey 17.153
19 Thomas Praytor 17.185
20 Tony Clark 17.205
21 Kenzie Ruston 17.209
22 Chuck Tuck 17.212
23 Landon Cassill 17.218
24 Brandon Odom 17.230
25 Cody Smith 17.237
26 Scott Patton 17.255
27 Kyle Bryant 17.255
28 Mike Garvey 17.285
29 David Odell 17.294
30 David Jones 17.323
31 Tommy Rollin 17.325
32 Austin Kirkpatrick 17.341
33 Joey Herques 17.373
34 Jake Kruger 17.375
35 Bobby Knox Jr. 17.390
36 Elliott Massey 17.398
37 Dillon Spreen 17.404
38 Blake Ferguson 17.417
39 Davey Coble 17.480
40 Eddie Craig Sr. 17.564
41 Donnie Kelly 17.693
42 Rodney Benefield 17.708
43 Tyler Miles 17.720
44  Chase Knox 17.758
45 Erik Jones 17.953
46 Charles Evans Jr. 18.180
47 Shanna Ard NT
48 Josh Bragg NT
49 Keith Thorpe NT
50 John Bolen NT
51 John Robicheaux NT
52 Tim Baker NT
53 Daniel Hemric NT
54 Giancarlo Serenelli NT
55 Robert Royce NT
56 John Thompson NT
57 Korey Ruble NT
After being DQ’d after Snowflake qualifying for a fuel issue, Dakota Stroup will run the last chance race. 
We just received word that tech is clear, all four qualifiers have passed for the Snowball Last Chance race. 
The top-four qualifiers from the Snowball Derby Last Chance race are now going through tech.
Unofficial Finish: Snowball Last Chance Race
50-Laps, Top Four Transfer

1 Scott Hantz #72
2 Ryan Sieg #39
3 Jerry Artuso #5
4 Johnny VanDoorn #61
5 Allen Karnes #29
6 Stephan McCurley #1
7 Tyler Roahrig #14
8 Tyler Millwood #31
9 Ryan Blaney #10 (OUT)
10 Heath Hindman #91 (OUT)
11 David Rogers #11 (OUT)
12 Calvin Martinez #8 (OUT)
After the race on the radio Johnny VanDoorn’s spotter told him go right to tech. They know they did there part on the track and now the tech line awaits. 
Hantz, Sieg, Artuso and VanDoorn unofficially get the transfer spots. 
Scott Hantz takes the win. 
Lap 48 : Johnny VanDoorn got revenge coming off turn two to get the spot back. 
Lap 46 : Stephen McCurley used his bumper to make it by VanDoorn and into the final transfer spot. 
Lap 46 : Hantz continues to lead Sieg, 
Lap 44 : With heavy pressure from behind by Stephen McCurley, Johnny VanDoorn is really trying to use his bumper to get around Artuso. 
Lap 42: Johnny VanDoorn is being pressured by McCurley. 
Lap 42 : That moves VanDoorn into the final transfer spot. 
Lap 40 : Ryan Blaney is off the pace and Artuso, Vandoorn and McCurley all make their way by. 
Lap 40:
1) Hantz (#72)
2) Sieg (#39)
3) Blaney (#10)
4) Artuso (35)
5) VanDoorn (#61)
6) McCurley (#1)
7) Karnes (#29) 
Lap 39 : Ryan Sieg has now made his way by Blaney for the second spot and has set his sights on Scott Hantz. 
Lap 38 : Johnny VanDoorn is putting the heat on Artuso for the final transfer spot. 
Lap 35 : Scott Hantz leads Ryan Blaney, Ryan Sieg, Jerry Artuso, Johnny VanDoorn, Stephen McCurley, Allen Karnes, Tyler Millwood and Tyler Roahrig. 
Lap 30 : Hantz and Blaney now hold a half straightaway lead over the rest of the field. 
Lap 30: Johnny VanDoorn is now gaining on Artuso for the final transfer spot. 
Lap 28 : Ryan Sieg has just passed Artuso for the third spot. 
Lap 27 : Heath Hindman has fallen off the pace and that puts Ryan Sieg in the final transfer spot. 
Lap 26: David Rogers is officially out of the race. His #11 experienced a rear-end problem. 
Lap 25 : Hantz, Blaney, Hindman and Artuso are currently the drivers in the transfer posts, however Ryan Sieg is closing in fast. 
Lap 25: Jerry Artuso currently holds the final transfer spot. 
Lap 23 : Heath Hindman makes his way by Jerry Artuso for the third spot. 
Lap 22: David Rogers is off the pace. 
Lap 21 : Ryan Sieg has just made his way under Johnny VanDoorn for 6th. 
Lap 19: David Rogers (#11) muscles his way past Johnny VanDoorn (#61) for 5th. 
Lap 19 : Hantz and Blaney have broken away from the rest of the field as Blaney puts pressure on Hantz for the lead. 
Lap 15: The cars are now all single-file.
Lap 13 : Current Running Order – Hantz, Artuso, Blaney, Hindman, VanDoorn, David Rogers, Ryan Sieg, Roahrig, Tyler Millwood, Stephen McCurley and Allen Karnes. 
PRO LM TECH: Stroup and Elliott are the only cars disqualified from their laps this afternoon. Ricky Brooks said that the left front fender was too low on Elliott’s car, while the team told 51 earlier that they believed it was the nose piece that was too low. Regardless, his time was disallowed due to an infraction. 
Lap 10 : The field continues to run single-filed behind Hantz. 
Andy Ponstein just ran up to the press box to inform us that he is not in the #8 car now. The driver-swap drama for the 8 continues today. It appears Calvin Martinez is back in the car. 
Only green flag laps count in the last chance race. 
Comment From mike 72 

do caution laps count 

GREEN : Scott Hantz leads into turn one as Artuso, Blaney and Heath Hindman battle nose to tail behind him. 
Chase Elliott failed post-qualifying technical inspection for the Allen Turner Snowflake 100. (51 Photo)
Caution : The caution is out as Calvin Martinez (#8) spins on the front straightaway. 
Lap 3: Artuso (#5) is now second. 
Lap 2: Jerry Artuso is on the outside of Ryan Blaney in a battle for second. 
GREEN: Scott Hantz takes the lead off of turn #2 with Ryan Blaney (#10) following. 
The official reason for Dakota Stroup’s disqualification was fuel. He was found to have 93 octane in his cell and not fuel purchased from the track. The team stated they did not have enough money to purchase the track fuel, and used regular 93 octane trying to save a buck. 
One lap till green in the Snowball Derby Last Chance 50-lap race. Four drivers will transfer into tomorrow’s 300-lap Snowball Derby. 
Comment From Hurricane Fan 

Good Luck Hurricane!!! 

Comment From Guest 

Bubba Pollard is the best!!! 

Johnny VanDoorn was focused in a ready to go for the last chance race. (51 Photo)
Dakota Stroup has failed post-qualifying tech for the PLMs. We have not been given an official reason as of yet. 
Snowflake 100 pole-sitter Hunter Robbins says his car was good in PLM post-qualifying tech, but he did pick up weight during his qualifying run because, as he put it, “he ate too many cheeseburgers.” 
Engines have fired and the cars are rolling for the 50-lap Snowball Derby last chance race. The top four finishers will transfer into the 43rd Annual Snowball Derby. 
Comment From billy fulson 

Bubba Pollard is my hero!!! haha 

Comment From SC Boy 

Bubba Pollard you have won a lot of fans this weekend…..go get that SnowFlake Win tomorrow and best wishes to Beau and Jessica this week…… 08 to the Front. 

Chase Elliott has been DQed from PLM time trials. The nose of Elliott’s racecar was too low in post-qualifying tech. He is now forced to run the Last Chance race for the Snowflake PLMs. The team said they are awaiting the line-up for their particular last chance race to determine whether or not they will attempt to make the field through it. 
Beau Slocumb arrived here at Five Flags Speedway just before Snowflake 100 qualifying started to look over his tribute paint scheme on Bubba Pollard’s Snowball Derby Super Late Model.
There appears to be a tech infraction for Chase Elliott’s #9 PLM in post-qualifying tech. We will have more information as soon as it is available. 
Hunter Robbins takes the unofficial pole for the Allen Turner Snowflake 100. (51 Photo)
One guy who will be watching the last chance race is Jimmy Garmon. We spoke with Garmon and he will start 6th on Sunday. Check out this video as we spoke with him after practice.  http://www.youtube.com/my_videos?feature=mhum
Photo of pitroad at FFS provided by Kevin Streigle
The cars for the last chance race are being lined up on the fronstretch here at FFS.
Snowball Derby Last Chance Race Line-Up

1 Scott Hantz #72
2 Ryan Blaney #10
3 Heath Hindman #91
4 Jerry Artuso #5
5 Tyler Roahrig #14
6 Dave Rogers #11
7 Johnny VanDoorn #61
8 Matt Smith #02
9 Stephan McCurley #1
10 Danny Bagwell #10
11 Tyler Millwood #31
12 Allen Karnes #29
13 Junior Niedecken #99
14 Ryan Sieg #39
15 Andy Ponstein #8
Next up here at Five Flags Speedway will be the Snowball Derby 50-lap last chance race. The top-4 finishers from that event will transfer into tomorrow’s 43rd Annual Snowball Derby. 
Unofficial Qualifying Results for the Snowflake 100:

Name Fast Lap
1. Hunter Robbins 16.825
2. Chase Elliott 16.913
3. Bubba Pollard 16.961
4. Dakota Stroup 16.998
5. Augie Grill 17.000
6. Dillon Oliver 17.008
7. Chris Davidson 17.029
8. Matt Smith 17.070
9. Cale Gale 17.085
10. Kyle Benjamin 17.092
11. Johanna Long 17.099
12. Brandon Bendele 17.107
13. Jason Young 17.115
14. Juston South 17.130
15. Andy Pugh 17.130
16. Dwayne Buggay 17.137
17. Logan Boyett 17.143
18. DJ VanDerLey 17.153
19. Thomas Praytor 17.185
20. Tony Clark 17.205
21. Kenzie Ruston 17.209
22. Chuck Tuck 17.212
23. Landon Cassill 17.218
24. Brandon Odom 17.230
25. Cody Smith 17.237
26. Scott Patton 17.255
27. Kyle Bryant 17.255
28. Mike Garvey 17.285
29. David Odell 17.294
30. David Jones 17.323
31. Tommy Rollin 17.325
32. Austin Kirkpatrick 17.341
33. Joey Herques 17.373
34. Jake Kruger 17.375
35. Bobby Knox Jr. 17.390
36. Elliott Massey 17.398
37. Dillon Spreen 17.404
38. Blake Ferguson 17.417
39. Davey Coble 17.480
40. Eddie Craig Sr. 17.564
41. Donnie Kelly 17.693
42. Rodney Benefield 17.708
43. Tyler Miles 17.720
44. Chase Knox 17.758
45. Erik Jones 17.953
46. Charles Evans Jr. 18.180
47. Shanna Ard NT
48. Josh Bragg NT
49. Keith Thorpe NT
50. John Bolen NT
51. John Robicheaux NT
52. Tim Baker NT
53. Daniel Hemric NT
54. Giancarlo Serenelli NT
55. Robert Royce NT
56. John Thompson NT
57. Korey Ruble NT

Comment From Maureen Etheridge 

Wishing Casey Roderick Best of Luck in Snowball. All worked really hard to get to Pensacola. 

Comment From stephen 

Go get um Dakota!!!!!!#47 

The race begins shortly after 7pm CST and can be heard through Speed 51 Radio on RaceTalkRadio.com
Comment From matt 

When does the race start? 

Ronnie Smith finished second in Pro Late Model points at Five Flags Speedway this year, but will not be in tonight’s show. He sold his car a few weeks ago and took delivery of another one, but did not have an engine for the machine. He did have a guaranteed spot for the Snowflake 100. 
Comment From Ronnie Smith 

Thank you for your coverage, its hard to not be able to race and have a starting spot. 

Hunter Robbins is your provisional pole-sitter for the Snowflake 100. The top-five qualifiers are now going to tech. 
Jason Young Lap 1: 17.018 Lap 2: 17.115 Best Lap : 17.018
Dakota Stroup: “Man, I got real nervous right before qualifying. I’m happy with that lap though and I know we have an even better race car than a qualifying car.” 
Andy Pugh Lap 1: 17.193 Lap 2: 17.13 Best Lap : 17.13
Elliott Massey Lap 1: 17.398 Lap 2: one lap Best Lap : 17.398
Thomas Praytor Lap 1: 17.267 Lap 2: 17.185 Best Lap : 17.185
Blake Ferguson Lap 1: 17.64 Lap 2: 17.417 Best Lap : 17.417
Dakota Stroup Lap 1: 16.998 Lap 2: 17.358 Best Lap : 16.998
Brandon Odom Lap 1: 17.225 Lap 2: 17.23 Best Lap : 17.225
Cale Gale Lap 1: 17.133 Lap 2: 17.085 Best Lap : 17.085
Logan Boyett Lap 1: 17.143 Lap 2: 17.145 Best Lap : 17.143
It has dropped four degrees from the start of qualifying to right now. It is currently 68 degrees. 
Davey Coble Lap 1: 17.48 Lap 2: 17.987 Best Lap : 17.48
Chris Davidson Lap 1: 17.178 Lap 2: 17.029 Best Lap : 17.029
Justin South Lap 1: 17.158 Lap 2: 17.13 Best Lap : 17.13
Chase Elliott: “I kind of messed up in turn one and drove it in too low, but we will be alright for the race.” 
Rodney Benefield Lap 1: 17.708 Lap 2: one lap Best Lap : 17.708
Joey Herques Lap 1: 17.632 Lap 2: 17.373 Best Lap : 17.373
The Snowball Derby Last Chance race is up next after Allen Turner Hyundai Snowflake 100 qualifying. 
Hunter Robbins: “That felt pretty good. I knew we had a good car. I just hope it holds up. There’s still Chase Elliott and some more good guys to go.” 
Chase Elliott Lap 1: 16.94 Lap 2: 16.913 Best Lap : 16.913
Tommy Rollins Lap 1: 17.442 Lap 2: 17.325 Best Lap : 17.325
New pole sitter is former Snowflake 100 winner Hunter Robbins who hadn’t been on the track before today due to school duties as a freshman at Auburn University. 
Hunter Robbins Lap 1: 16.825 Lap 2: 16.914 Best Lap : 16.825
Matt Smith: “I just drove it in hard and didn’t hit the brakes. That’s the secret, I guess.” 
Tyler Miles Lap 1: 17.72 Lap 2: 17.724 Best Lap : 17.72
32 of 57 cars have taken time so far in Snowflake qualifying. 
Erik Jones Lap 1: 17.953 Lap 2: one lap Best Lap : 17.953
Brandon Bendele Lap 1: 17.3 Lap 2: 17.107 Best Lap : 17.107
Matt Smith Lap 1: 17.315 Lap 2: 17.07 Best Lap : 17.07
Dillon Oliver: “I wish we would’ve had a second lap. In tech, we went through before and we were an eighth-inch too wide. We fixed it, and now we are an eighth-inch too narrow, so I don’t know. There must have been a miscommunication somewhere in tech, but I take responsibility and there is no arguing with them in tech.” 
Chuck Tuck Lap 1: 17.212 Lap 2: 17.401 Best Lap : 17.212
David Jones Lap 1: 17.622 Lap 2: 17.323 Best Lap : 17.323
Landon Cassill Lap 1: 17.218 Lap 2: one lap Best Lap : 17.218
Donnie Kelly Lap 1: 17.805 Lap 2: 17.693 Best Lap : 17.693
Dwayne Buggay: “I gave (a better lap time) up going into turn one over there. I drove it down into turn one to the end of pit wall and I just had to wait and wait to get on the gas.” 
Dillon Oliver Lap 1: 17.008 Lap 2: one lap Best Lap : 17.008
Austin Kirkpatrick Lap 1: 17.342 Lap 2: 17.341 Best Lap : 17.341
Driver: Bobby Knox Jr Lap 1: 17.633 Lap 2: 17.39 Best Lap : 17.39
Kyle Benjamin: “We needed to be a little looser going into the corner, but we have a good race setup.” 
Driver: Dwayne Buggay Lap 1: 17.137 Lap 2: 17.203 Best Lap : 17.137
Driver: Kyle Bryant Lap 1: 17.383 Lap 2: 17.255 Best Lap : 17.255
Driver: Kyle Benjamin Lap 1: 17.173 Lap 2: 17.092 Best Lap : 17.092
Driver: David Odell Lap 1: 17.34 Lap 2: 17.294 Best Lap : 17.294
Driver: Chase Knox Lap 1: 17.758 Lap 2: one lap Best Lap : 17.758
Driver: Mike Garvey Lap 1: 17.33 Lap 2: 17.285 Best Lap : 17.285
Driver: Tony Clark Lap 1: 17.205 Lap 2: 17.75 Best Lap : 17.205
Driver: Scott Patton Lap 1: 17.462 Lap 2: 17.255 Best Lap : 17.255
Bubba Pollard: “We made a couple changes right before qualifying and we didn’t know what it would do, but it really helped. It was a little tight off, and I don’t know if it will hold up, but it will be good for the race.” 
Driver: Dillon Spreen Lap 1: 17.725 Lap 2: 17.404 Best Lap : 17.404
Driver: Kenzie Ruston Lap 1: 17.258 Lap 2: 17.209 Best Lap : 17.209
That puts Pollard on the provisional pole. 
Driver: Bubba Pollard Lap 1: 17.015 Lap 2: 16.961 Best Lap : 16.961
Augie Grill: “That wasn’t bad, but I sure wish I had a second lap.” 
Driver: Cody Smith Lap 1: 17.475 Lap 2: 17.237 Best Lap : 17.237
Driver: Augie Grill Lap 1: 17.000 Lap 2: one lap Best Lap : 17.000
Driver: Eddie Craig Sr Lap 1: 17.564 Lap 2: 17.6 Best Lap : 17.564
DJ Vanderley said his car was tight in the center and loose off the corner, just as it was earlier today 
Shanna Ard’s time has been disallowed because his crew took tape off the grille before allowed to do so after his run. 
Driver: DJ Vanderley Lap 1: 17.213 Lap 2: 17.153 Best Lap : 17.153
Driver: Johanna Long Lap 1: 17.246 Lap 2: 17.099 Best Lap : 17.099
Driver: Shanna Ard Lap 1: 17.932 Lap 2: 17.647 Best Lap : 17.647
All of today’s practice speeds have been posted here on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage presented by Hedman Husler Hedders. 
The first qualifier has taken the track. 
Comment From Ayden 

Let’s go Dillon!! SHow em you don’t need that 2nd lap!! 

Comment From Guest 

look for the young gun Kyle to be a contender for the pole 

Comment From Dena Swartz 

come on cassill 

Comment From Doug M 

Go Austin Kirkpatrick! 

Still getting lined up, we will be rolling shortly. 
Comment From poppadog1955 

whats going on with snowflake qualifying 

Comment From Big Dave 

Bubba you need to bust off a great lap 

Comment From TN Cuz 

Roderick is looking good. Good Luck for tomorrow 

This week’s Snowball Derby coverage on Speed51.com is presented by Panhandle Grading and Paving. 
We will not be broadcasting the last chance race live on the radio this afternoon. Our coverage of the Snowflake 100 will begin at 7 p.m. Central Time. 
Comment From frank 

will all of the last chance qualifiers be broadcast live audio as both the snowflake and snowball are? 

Comment From Don 

go Bubba go 

Bill often spots for Chase and has been seen here today. 
Comment From Guest 

any idea if bill Elliot or Matt kenseth might show up? 

check out our video with David Ragan as he preps for his first Snowball Derby. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqQAQz_vLOM
We spoke to our resident JVD expert, Matt “Duke” Kentfield, and Redder is scheduled to fly in tonight. 
Comment From Chap 

Did the spotter for Johnny VanDoorn show up yet at the track, Dirk Redder. 

We will post both live qualifying times and then a full rundown after qualifying is over. 
Comment From Guest 

are you going to list times instantly or wait untill they all run? 

All cars have now made it though tech and are lining up to go out for qualifying. 
Here is the current list of penalties :

These cars have 2-lap qualifying penalties and will run the last chance race –
Keith Thorpe
John Bolen
John Robicheaux
Daniel Hemric
Giancarlo Serenelli
Robert Royce

These cars will have only one lap of qualifying –
Chase Knox
Dillon Oliver
Landon Cassill
Eric Jones
Rodney Benefield
Elliott Massey 

Although Snowflake qualifying was scheduled for 2pm we are still waiting for the last few cars to make it through tech before the green flag drops. 
John Robicheaux in the No. 63 Pro Late Model will have to run the last chance race for the Snowball Derby because of a weight infraction in tech. 
Currently, Cassill will only receive one lap in qualifying. He has one more chance to pass tech. 
The No. 99 Junior Neidecken says he’s feeling a little sore from yesterday, but he’s getting around just fine. According to Neidecken, they went through the motions of bringing out the back up car and trying to qualify yesterday because his team has worked so hard. He knows that the car isn’t fast and they have decided to just pack up and not run the last chance race. 
Landon Cassill’s number-1 PLM just had trouble in tech. His left rear quarter panel was two-inches too low and left door was three-quarters of an inch too low. 
Near the tech shed, 52-year-old PLM driver Chuck Tuck told us it’s been 23 years since he’s returned to Pensacola to race during the Snowball Derby week. 
Dillon Oliver, #3 Snowflake car, will get one lap in qualifying for being too wide in the front 
The Snowball Derby last chance race is scheduled to start at 4 p.m. Central Time. 
Comment From Guest 

what time is the last chance race? 

Richie Etheridge is the crew cheif on the #47 Bowen family-owned Super Late Model. 
Comment From Race Fan 

Who is the crew chief for Casey Roderick? 

Branden Lines, spotter for Derrick Griffin, watches his driver closely during the Saturday Snowball Derby only practice session. (51 Photo)
The No. 47 Super Late Model of Casey Roderick was atop the charts in Saturday’s Snowball Derby only practice. (51 Photo)
The weather is clear here in Pensacola and will be tomorrow as well. And yes, there are general admission tickets still available. 
Comment From Dann B. 

How is the weather and also are tickets available for tomorrow 

Charles Evans Jr will only get one lap of qualifying due to a left side door issue in tech and Chase Knox will only get one lap due to a quarter panel being to high and the left side door being to low. 
The 88 of Robert Royce will not get to qualify due to a technical infraction, the team did not fix a carbuerator issue that was found previously. He will run the last chance race. 
Another note for Daniel Hemric, after going back through tech his left front valance was found to be too short so he will now get no qualifying lap and will have to run the last chance race to attempt to make the show. 
We have had yet another driver change in the #8 Snowball Derby entry that was originally driven by Andy Ponstein. After not qualifying in the show on time last night car owner Calvin Martinez decided to get in the car. But after practice, Martinez is out and Ponstein is back in the drivers seat for the Last Chance race as well as the Derby should they make it. 
Ryan Crane, who did not qualify in the top 30 last night, will not race in the last chance race.  When asked why, he simply said, “I just dont want get out there.” 
The #66 Pro Late Model of Daniel Hemric will only get one lap in Snowflake qualifying for being too late on the scales. 


Super Late Model Final Practice Times:

Casey Roderick


2 Korey Ruble 17.165
3 Jeff Fultz 17.189
4 David Ragan 17.193
5 Ryan Blaney 17.199
6 Eddie Mercer 17.208
7 Johanna Long 17.239
8 Dan Fredrickson 17.248
9 TJ Reaid 17.250
10 Augie Grill 17.265
11 Bubba Pollard 17.281
12 Ryan Sieg 17.293
13 David Stremme 17.306
14 Jimmy Garmon 17.329
15 Jerry Artuso 17.362
16 Mason Mingus 17.365
17 Ross Kenseth 17.391
18 Travis Kittleson 17.407
19 Ryan Lawler 17.408
20 Johnny VanDoorn 17.418
21 David Rogers 17.421
22 Derrick Griffin 17.428
23 Landon Cassill 17.436
24 Scott Hantz 17.436
25 Dennis Prunty 17.443
26 Donnie Wilson 17.452
27 Chase Elliott 17.468
28 Casey Smith 17.471
29 Josh Hamner 17.494
30 Stephan McCurley 17.496
31 Andy Loden 17.506
32 Mike Garvey 17.525
33 Grant Einfinger 17.540
34 Dennis Schoenfeld 17.553
35 Heath Hindman 17.580
36 Tyler Roahrig 17.599
37 Allen Karnes 17.630
38 Brandon Carlson 17.653
39 Clay Rogers 17.663
40 John Bolen 17.723
41 Dave Mader III 17.756
42 Chris Davidson 17.778
43 Tyler Millwood 17.800
44 Calvin Martinez 19.516
45 Cale Gale 24.561
Comment From Renee 

Casey Roderick is a class act! 

Comment From Norwood arena fan 

Have a great weekend Bubba Pollard win the derby 

The No. 4 Pro Late Model of Erik Jones gets one lap for quarterpanel infraction. Eddie Craig gets just one lap for not getting his carburetor checked before rolling through the tech inspection line. Today is the first time that Craig has unloaded, but he was told to get it checked before rolling through the line and he did not comply. 
Bond Suss, General Manager of Kyle Busch Motorsports watches the No. 51 of T.J. Reaid make laps in Saturday’s Snowball Derby practice. (51 Photo)
He is currently still with BEDD but is allowed to pursue other opportunities for events where they are not fielding an entry for him. 
Comment From Mike 

Wasn’t Casey Roderick a development driver for Bill Elliott? 

Snowball Super Late Model practice has now concluded and Casey Roderick is on the top of the charts with a 17.115. 
Keith Thorpe also was not right on his second attempt and will not be allowed to time trial. 
No tire changes are allowed durring the last chance race, unless you have a flat tire.  
Comment From D 

So no tire changes during the last chance? 

John Bolen will not be allowed to time trial for the Snowflake 100 due to not passing tech with a left-side door infraction. He was not right on his second attempt through tech and will now have to transfer to the feature through the last chance race. 
Comment From Hoss 

Ricky Turner started 34th and won in 2002! 

57 cars will attempt to qualify for the Snowflake 100. 
Comment From SWD3 

How many cars are going to attempt to quaify for the snowfkake? 

Five minutes remain in the final Snowball Derby practice.
Comment From wax 

Snow in Statesville NC ,hope its warm down there. 

Augie Grill started 37th when he won two years ago and Charlie Bradberry started the the rear of field and won in 2003. 
Comment From DB22DODGE 

What is the furthest back someone has started and won ? 

Unfortunately, we will not have radio for the last chance race tonight. Out coverage will start at 7 p.m. Central time for the Allen Turner Snowflake 100. 
Comment From Guest 

Will the last chance race be on Radio tonight? 

Comment From Dono 

Hope the weather good! It’s sleeting at Charlotte Motor Speedway. 

Blaney will have to race his way in during today’s Last Chance races. 
Ryan Blaney, who was fast all day yesterday, just had no grip in qualifying.  We spoke to him afterwards and he thought the track would have gained grip, but he says that was far from the truth. 
Comment From DB22DODGE 

Wondering what happen to Ryan Blaney? Thought he would have qualified better. 

It seems that the Pro Late Model No. 36s share more than just a number. The second No. 36 of Keith Thorpe just rolled through tech and was docked one lap in qualifying for his left side door being too low. Also, we’ve learned that the No. 2 of John Bolen will only receive one lap in qualifying for the same infraction. 
While we’re on the subject of statistics, it should be noted that several former Snowball Derby winners have finished in the runner up spot only a few years before winning the big show. Darrell Waltrip was second in 1972 before winning in ’76, Freddy Fryar was second in ’71 before getting the win in ’79, Jody Ridley was the runner up in 1980 before winning in ’85, Butch Miller was finished second in both ’84 and ’86 before winning in ’87, Rick Crawford was second in ’88 before getting his win in ’89, Rick Bickle Jr was second in ’89 before winnng his 5 Derby’s in ’90, ’91, ’96, ’98, and ’99, Jeff Purvis came home second in both ’91 and ’92 before getting his win in 1995 and Eddie Mercer was second in ’94, ’97 and 2004 before winning in 2005.

Of the drivers entered in this year’s 43rd Annual Snowball Derby Grant Enfinger is the only driver in the past 10 years to finish second that is currently without a Derby win. 

Ryan Sieg failed tech twice last night on height issues.  The ruling is that if you fail tech twice, you are eliminated from time trials.  The team reports that their height issues stemmed from the right rear spring not sitting in its pocket. 
Comment From Performance Used Parts 

What happened to Ryan Sieg in qualifing last night??? 

The drivers in the Snowball Derby last chance race must run on the tires that they qualified on. If they make it into the show, they are given one set of tires. 
Comment From D 

Are drivers limited to one set of tires for the snowball last chance race? 

Chase Elliott, son of former NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion, is currently 26th fastest in this session.  He will start 10th Sunday in the Snowball Derby. 
Current Times – Super Late Model Final Practice
Five Flags Speedway, Pesacola, FL

21 Derrick Griffin 17.428
22 Landon Cassill 17.436
23 Scott Hantz 17.436
24 Dennis Prunty 17.443
25 Donnie Wilson 17.452
On the track right now we have:Derrick Griffin, Scott Hantz, Grant Enfinger, Donnie Wilson, Andy Loden, Landon Cassill, Josh Hamner, David Stremme, David Rogers, Mike Carvey and Brandon Carlson. This is the first time that we’ve seen Andy Loden out today. 
Current Times – Super Late Model Final Practice
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

11 Bubba Pollard 17.281
12 Ryan Sieg 17.293
13 David Stremme 17.306
14 Jimmy Garmon 17.329
15 Jerry Artuso 17.362
16 Mason Mingus 17.365
17 Ross Kenseth 17.391
18 Ryan Lawler 17.408
19 Johnny VanDoorn 17.418
20 David Rogers 17.421
Casey Roderick is in a car owned by the Bowen family, the same team he ran with for the World Crown 300 at Gresham Motorsports Park with just last month. 
Comment From dman 

can you tell me whos car casey roderick is in 

The No. 42 Super Late Model team of Dennis Prunty working on their engine. (51 Photo)
Rich Bickle was the slowest of those times in 1996 with a 17.403. But you have to take into consideration the amount of tire soaking that has been allowed here in the past. 
Comment From SWD3 

What is the slowest qualifying time in the snowflake race ever to win? 

Dennis Prunty’s #42 SLM broke a rocker arm and a lifter in the engine. The team is taking the engine out and they will attempt to make repairs before they go to a backup. 
Current Times – Super Late Model Final Practice
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

1 Casey Roderick 17.115
2 Korey Ruble 17.165
3 Jeff Fultz 17.189
4 David Ragan 17.193
5 Ryan Blaney 17.199
6 Eddie Mercer 17.208
7 Johanna Long 17.239
8 Dan Fredrickson 17.248
9 TJ Reaid 17.250
10 Augie Grill 17.265
The final half hour of Super Late Model practice is now undwerway with Josh Hamner, Scott Hantz, Bubba Pollard, David Rogers, Stephen McCurley, Korey Ruble, David Ragan and Donnie Wilson currently on track. 
Rodney Benefield has gone through tech again and passed, so he will receive one lap in qualifying. 
4 people, 5 times. Gary Balough in 1980 and 1986. Butch Miller in 1987. Rich Bickle in 1996 and Eddie Mercer in 2005. 
Comment From Latemodelfan 

Getting ready to leave Mobile,heading to P’cola.Can’t wait for the races tonight and tomorrow.Thanks for all the updates Seed 51,I feel like I;ve been there all week. 

Nine cars have rolled through pre-qualifying tech for the Snowflake 100 so far. There has only been one issue so far. The No. 36 of Rodney Benefield had a left side door that was too low. According to tech officials, Benefield will be docked one lap in qualifying and he must roll through tech again before qualifying starts. If Benefield rolls through tech and the problem hasn’t been corrected, he will not qualify. 
Comment From Guest 

How many people have won the Derby from the Pole Position? 

Times of Driver Not Qualified As of Yet
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

5) Ryan Blaney 17.199
12) Ryan Sieg 17.293
15) Jerry Artuso 17.362
18) Johnny VanDoorn 17.418
19) David Rogers 17.421
22) Scott Hantz 17.346
29) Stephan McCurley 17.496
35) Heath Hindman 17.580
36) Tyler Roahrig 17.599
41) Allen Karnes 17.763
43) Tyler Millwood 17.800
44) Calvin Martinez 19.516
Matt Smith No Time
Ryan Crane No Time
After a disappointing qualifying effort in his Super Late Model last night, Mike Garvey explained that he just couldn’t get the car to come in on cold tires. However, he says the car is perfect in race trim and he knows he can pass a lot of cars. 
Ryan Lawler, who will start on the outside of the front row for tomorrow’s Snowball Derby, is currently 17th quick with a lap of 17.408. 
Apparently the #97 of Jimmy Garmon had too much transmission fluid which overflowed into the pits of both Tyler Roahrig and Casey Roderick. The overflow was the eventual cause of Roahrig’s spin. 
Comment From 14fan 

Did find out any more about Tyler Roahrig’s car? Was it the motor? 

Comment From Cale Thompson 

Good luck to Jerry Artuso as Canada is following along! 

Johanna Long has just popped up in the top-10.  She is now seventh with a time of 17.239. 
Scott Hantz, TJ Reaid, Bubba Pollard, Johanna Long, Josh Hamner, Travis Kittleson, Dennis Schoenfeld and Brandon Carlson are currently on the track. 
Hunter Robbins maintains that he is not worried about his #18 Pro Late Model due to his lack of track time this weekend. He actually says that it is faster than his transponder times show and he is ready for qualifying this afternoon and tonight’s Allen Turner Snowflake 100. 
The lone Canadian in the SLMs, Jerry Artuso, is currently 14th quick with a time of 17.362. 
Jeff Fultz is now third with a lap of 17.189.  He has a Blizzard Series provisional for the Snowball Derby. 
Cale Gale will still start on the pole even though he is changing his rear end. 
Comment From jasonh 

will cale still have the pole after changing the rear end ? 

Alex Query works on the rear-end out of the pole-winning #83 car. (51 Photo)
Korey Ruble just jumped to second quick with a lap of 17.165. 
Korey Ruble, David Ragan, Landon Cassill, David Rogers, Dave Mader III, David Stremme, Casey Smith, Brandon Carlson, Josh Hamner, Casey Roderick, Eddie Mercer, Grant Enfinger and Jeff Fultz are just some of the cars on the racetrack right now. 
The #83 of Cale Gale has broken a spur gear and they are taking the rear end apart at the moment. Gale maintains that they will be just fine in tomorrow’s Snowball Derby. 
Dan Fredrickson is the first car lined up to go out as they put Super Late Model practice. 
Current Times Final Snowball Practice
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

1 Casey Roderick 17.115
2 Jeff Fultz 17.189
3 David Ragan 17.193
4 Ryan Blaney 17.199
5 Eddie Mercer 17.208
6 Dan Fredrickson 17.248
7 TJ Reaid 17.250
8 Augie Grill 17.265
9 Bubba Pollard 17.281
10 Ryan Sieg 17.293
Cale Gale and his #83 crew have chosen to put a whole new rear end under their car before the 43rd Annual Snowball Derby tomorrow. 
We have an hour remaining in this Snowball Derby only practice session. 
There is no KBM Snowflake 100 entry this year, it is only TJ Reaid running the Snowball Derby. 
Comment From Jeremy 

Where is kbm’s snowflake car? 

Augie Grill, Dennis Prunty, Derrick Griffin, Jimmy Garmon, Casey Roderick, Donnie Wilson, David Rogers, Eddie Mercer, Mason Mingus, Dennis Schoenfeld, Chase Elliott and Corey Ruble are on the race track now. 
Midwest drivers Ross Kenseth and Scott Hantz have both lined up to head out to see what their Super Late Models can do in this practice session. 
We are seeing some feverish work going on in the rear end area of the #83 car of Snowball Derby pole sitter and new track record holder Cale Gale. 
Early in Final Super Late Model practice, the top speeds are:

Casey Roderick 17.115
Jeff Fultz 17.189
David Ragan 17.193
Ryan Blaney 17.199
Eddie Mercer 17.208
Dan Fredrickson 17.248
TJ Reaid 17.250
Augie Grill 17.265
Bubba Pollard 17.281
Ryan Seig 17.293 

Comment From Kevin 

A near perfect day here in Penacola! Were down in the pits so it’s tough to see everything so following along with you guys! 

A little racing nostalgia in the beer stand at FFS. (51 Photo)
We are back under green in Super Late Model practice here at Five Flags. 
These guys are ready for a serious campfire after the races tonight. (51 Photo)
From our vantage point in the tower, we can see that the lift gate is now down but no cars have been unloaded and the doors remain closed. 
Comment From Patrick 

Has there been any activity around Ryan Cranes snowball trailer yet 

Pro Late Model Final Practice:

1 Chase Elliott 17.039
2 Cale Gale 17.064
3 Bubba Pollard 17.145
4 Kyle Benjamin 17.145
5 DJ Vanderley 17.174
6 Logan Boyett 17.188
7 Johanna Long 17.214
8 Hunter Robbins 17.235
9 Kenzie Ruston 17.253
10 Daniel Hemric 17.257
11 Landon Cassill 17.227
12 Augie Grill 17.280
13 Erick Jones 17.305
14 Dillon Oliver 17.308
15 Dakota Stroup 17.340
16 Jason Young 17.346
17 Dwayne Buggay 17.359
18 Mike Garvey 17.376
19 Branson Odom 17.389
20 Andy Pugh 17.398
21 Austin Kirkpatrick 17.398
22 Matt Smith 17.424
23 Blake Ferguson 17.452
24 Cody Smith 17.457
25 Chris Davidson 17.459
26 Bobby Knox Jr 17.463
27 Tommy Rollins 17.478
28 Davey Coble 17.484
29 Justin South 17.497
30 Kyle Bryant 17.499
31 Dillon Spreen 17.505
32 Brandon Bendele 17.538
33 Jake Kruger 17.542
34 John Bolen 17.552
35 Eddie Craig 17.562
36 Thomas Praytor 17.579
37 Joey Herques 17.642
38 Scott Patton 17.673
39 Elliott Massey 17.702
40 Tony Clark 17.702
41 David Jones 17.709
42 David Odell 17.717
43 Keith Thorpe 17.726
44 John Robicheaux 17.777
45 Shanna Ard 17.809
46 Tyler Miles 17.813
47 Donny Kelly 17.846
48 Chase Knox 17.861
49 Robert Royce 17.993
50 Giancarlo Serenelli 18.059
51 Charles Evans Jr 18.092
52 Rodney Benefield 18.828
53 Chuck Tuck 18.523

Who says you can’t play a little football at the racetrack? (51 Photo)
Caution is out on the track for trouble by Tyler Roahrig in turn four. Possible blown motor. 
Good Nathan’s Hotdogs are being sold behind the frontstretch grandstand closer to turn four. (51 Photo)
The Snowball Derby Super Late Models will be on track from 11:30 to 1pm with breaks every half hour to clear the gates and let fans and crews across the track. 
Fans have arrived early to watch practice. (51 Photo)
Ryan Blaney, David Ragan, TJ Reaid, Ryan Lawler, Heath Hindman, Johnny VanDoorn, David Rogers, Josh Hamner and Mason Mingus are among the cars now on track. 
Johanna Long (#10) passes Robert Royce (#88) in turn four.
Super Late Model practice is now underway. 15 cars will be allowed on the track at a time during this session. 
It wasn’t just a late night last night for the competitors and fans that stuck through the Super Stock and Modified features, but also for the local power company, who were here from midnight until 4:30am today replacing two transformers on the property.

Thursday night, one of the transformers was repaired, then last night the power company was here replacing two. 

The final Snowflake practice is complete. We will have a complete list of times as soon as we can upload them. 
Pit Road is a busy place today. (51 Photo)
Cale Gale has now moved to the 2nd spot in the practice with a time of 17.064. 
Brandon Bendele (#6) passes his competition during final Snowflake practice. (51 Photo)
Regarding the driver change we have in the Snowball Derby lineup where Calvin Martinez is taking over the driving duties from Andy Ponstein, we have learned that Martinez is a 19-time AMA Pro Racing Champion and is actually the owner of the team that is a teammate to Dennis Prunty. Since their #8 entry will have to run the Snowball Derby Last Chance race this afternoon, he decided to take the wheel since he’s raced here at Five Flags Speedway in the past and Ponstein had not. If they make it into the show, Martinez will stay in the car on Sunday. 
Thomas Praytor’s GARC chassis Snowflake entry. (51 Photo)
Speed51.com is once again presenting the Snowball Derby Best Appearing Car Award.  Fans have until 11:59pm CST (local in Pensacola) to vote for what they think is the best looking Super Late Model amongst our 10 finalists.

To vote for the 2010 Speed51.com Snowball Derby Best Appearing Car Award, click here

Chase Elliott has now hit the track with David Odell, Brandon Odom, Chris Davidson, and Logan Boyett and we close in on the final 15 minutes of Snowflake practice. 
DISCLAIMER: All updates posted on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now are property of 51 Sports, LLC and may not be duplicated in any form unless prior permission has been given by 51 Sports, LLC.

Augie Grill and Thomas Praytor are also both done practicing their Pro Late Models and have hung up their helmets until qualifying. 
Comment From racecar56 

what is the technical difference between a snowball and a snowflake car? 

The Snowball Derby is a Super Late Model event and the Snowflake 100 is a Pro Late Model event. The cars and tires are indentical, the only difference is the motor and carbeurator packages are different. The Super Late Model motor and carb package puts out about 600 hp where the Pro Late Model would be around 430 hp. 
Johanna Long, Chuck Tuck, Jake Kruger, Jason Young, Tony Clark, and a host of other Snowflake cars are back on track for their final half hour of practice before they qualify here at 2pm. 
Fans coming to Pensacola for tonight’s Snowflake 100 and/or Snowball Derby tomorrow, bring your scanners and tune them to 454.0000 to listen to the live play-by-play call from our Speed 51 Radio broadcast.
DJ VanDerLey and his team have made their way to the tech station and are done practicing for the day and are ready for qualifying. 
Landon Cassill is now happy with his car after a track bar adjustment to help his #1 machine turn in the center of the corner. They have been on 25-lap tires and will now make their mock qualifying run in the final half hour of practice. 
While Lakeville, Minnesota’s Dan Fredrickson was in Pensacola setting the eighth-quickest lap in Snowball Derby, his family and fans back home were getting snowed on back in Minnesota. Dan didn’t forget about them, however, as he basked in the Florida sunshine this morning, and mentioned them in his latest “Dan’s Derby Diary,” presented by DirectPEX.com.

For Dan’s latest Derby Diary entry, click here.

We’ve checked in with former Allen Turner Snowflake 100 winner and current Auburn University freshman Hunter Robbins and he says not only does he feel good about his English term paper but he also feels good about his #18 Snowflake ride today. They practiced here last week and he says that although the car is a little more snug now than it was then, he still feels good about it. This practice session is Robbins first time on track this weekend but he says he doesn’t feel behind in the least. Robbins recounted that they didn’t unload and hit the track until this time (Saturday morning) in last year’s event as well and he feels right on track with everyone else. 
We are under a quick caution for the top-of-the-hour break during Pro Late Model practice. 
Logan Boyett just jumped to fifth on the board with a lap of 17.188. 
Blake Ferguson, Dakota Stroup, Davey Coble, Mike Garvey, Thomas Praytor, Elliott Massey, Cale Gale and David Jones are some of the cars on the racetrack right now. 
After putting fresh tires on his #9 machine Chase Elliott was unhappy with the handling of his car and knew they had work to do so they made some adjustments and headed back out on track. They are now at the top of the charts. 
NASCAR driver Landon Cassill is currently 22nd quick with a lap of 17.484. 
Daniel Hemric has climbed to sixth with a time of 17.257. 
Much like Logan Boyett, Andy Pugh has also been practicing on older tires and is now putting new sticker tires on to make a mock run for qualifying. 
Comment From Tommy 

Thanks for the coverage. On another note Nashville, Tn needs help on saving the historic racetrack that our Mayor is wanting to tear down. You can sign the petition @ http://www.savemyfairgrounds.com/

Former Snowball Derby winner Gary Balough is scheduled to be at FFS on Sunday. 
Comment From jerry 

Is Gary Balough going to be there at any point this weekend? 

We’ve gotten word from the pits that Bubba Pollard is now much happier with his #18 Pro Late Model than he has been the past few times its hit the asphalt. Several other teams are making minor adjustments to their cars but nothing major coming from the front-runners. 
Hunter Robbins has moved to seventh quick with a lap of 17.280. 
Chase Elliott just shot to the top of the speed chart with a lap of 17.039. That’s a tenth-of-a-second faster than second place. 
Andy Pugh’s #08 Snowflake car. (51 Photo)
The Knox brothers Pro Late Model duo of Bobby and Chase Knox have switched cars in this round of practice to see if they can find a little something extra in their #4 and #30 cars. 
Jeff Fultz and Mike Garvey received the Blizzard Series points provisionals for Sunday’s feature. 
Comment From CRAfan 

is jeff futlz in the show? 

Johanna Long (#10) and Tommy Rollins (#12) speed under the flagstand in Snowflake practice. (51 Photo)
Austin Kirkpatrick, Rodney Benefield, Kyle Benjamin, Eddie Craig Sr, Blake Ferguson, Dwayne Buggay, and Daniel Hemric are among the cars now on track for this round of Snowflake practice. 
A gaggle of Pro Late Models practice for tonight’s Snowflake 100. (51 Photo)
Comment From Larrikin 

Thanks for the Snowflake qualifying order. The Snowball qualifying order you posted yesterday was helpful and appreciated! 

Comment From Racing 2 Cure 

Racing 2 Cure would like to thank Kenzie Ruston #39 for her efforts of collecting pledges for each lap she finishes in today’s snowflake. Racing 2 Cure helps families that are fighting cancer. www.Racing2cure.org or www.Kenzieracing2cure.com

We’ve spoken to Logan Boyett’s crew and they informed us that they have been practicing on 60-lap old tires this session. They are now preparing to put a fresh set on and make a mock qualifying run. 
Continued Current Times – Snowflake Practice
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

11) Brandon Odom 17.441
12) Cody Smith 17.457
13) Bobby Knox Jr. 17.463
14) Tommy Rollins 17.478
15) Daniel Hemric 17.482
16) Chase Elliott 17.482
17) Davey Coble 17.484
18) Erik Jones 17.484
19) Logan Boyett 17.494
20) Kyle Bryant 17.499
Paul Jean was DQed from the Super Stock race for failing post-race tech. 
Comment From Allan 

What was Paul Jean dq’d for in the Super Stock race last night? 

Current Times – Snowflake Practice, Sat., 12/4/10
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL

1) Kyle Benjamin 17.145
2) DJ Vanderley 17.174
3) Bubba Pollard 17.221
4) Kenzie Ruston 17.253
5) Augie Grill 17.280
6) Dillon Oliver 17.308
7) Dwayne Buggay 17.359
8) Mike Garvey 17.376
9) Austin Kirkpatrick 17.398
10) Johanna Long 17.399
Don’t forget to check out our Snowball Derby Index page on Speed51.com for all the latest info on what’s going on here in Pensacola, Florida as well as reflections on what’s happened all year long at Five Flags and in years past. 
Snowflake 100 (PLM) Qualifying Order
Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL (2pm)

1) Shanna Ard #29
2) Josh Bragg #22
3) Johanna Long #10
4) DJ Vanderley #2
5) Keith Thorpe #36
6) Charles Evans Jr. #53
7) Eddie Craig Jr. #4
8) Augie Grill (Def Winner) #112
9) Cody Smith #15
10) Bubba Pollard #18
11) Kenzie Ruston #39
12) Dillon Spreen #81
13) Scott Patton #02
14) Tony Clark #42
15) Mike Garvey #1
16) John Bolen #2
17) Chase Knox #4
18) David Odell #75
19) Kyle Benjamin #71
20) Kyle Bryant #79
21) Dwayne Buggay #45
22) Bobby Knox Jr. #30
23) Austin Kirkpatrick #11
24) Dillon Oliver #3
25) Donnie Kelly #03
26) Landon Cassill #1
27) David Jones #64
28) Chuck Tuck #17
29) Matt Smith #02
30) Brandon Bendele #6
31) Erik Jones #4
32) John Robicheaux #63
33) Tyler Miles #40
34) Hunter Robbins #18
35) Tim Baker #30
36) Daniel Hemric #66
37) Tommy Rollins #12
38) Chase Elliott #9
39) Joey Herques #26
40) Giancarlo Serenelli #45
41) Robert Royce #88
42) Jake Kruger #14
43) John Thompson #54
44) Rodney Benefield #36
45) Justin South #43
46) Chris Davidson #41
47) Davey Coble #14
48) Logan Boyett #11
49) Cale Gale #33
50) Korey Ruble #16
51) Brandon Odom #81
52) Dakota Stroup #47
53) Blake Ferguson #07
54) Thomas Praytor #28
55) Elliott Massey #4
56) Andy Pugh #08
57) Jason Young #27
Comment From Da 

Here from SC for the race. My 6th or 7th year. This is what racing is about. THANKS for the coverage, you guys do an AWESOME job!!! 

Those are the only two provisionals that we are aware of. 
Comment From robert 

what other provisionals are there 

It’s under the Snowball Derby tab on 5flagsspeedway.com
Comment From Guest 

There is no schedule under 5 Flags Speedway 

Times have slowed down a little bit today as the track continues to rubber up and everyone practices their race set-up rather than mock-qualifying runs. Plus, the track temp is hottest its been all week due to the 70-degree temperature. 
The Last Chance races are always exciting! 
Comment From Racing Rivets 

Lot of heavy hitters in the last chance race for the snowball this year.. Great Job Cale Gale on the Pole.. 

Bubba Pollard (#18) is the quickest so far in this session with a 17.211. 
30 are locked in on time and four will transfer from the last chance races. Then Past Champion Provisionals and any Promotors Options will be handed out. 
Comment From derbyfan 

Sorry let me ask it another way guys!! How many cars will start for the SnowFlake and the SnowBall Derby is what i meant?? 

Hunter Robbins, Bubba Pollard, DJ VanDerLey, Johanna Long and Daniel Hemric are among some of the notables on track right now during this round of practice. 
Comment From john henry 

way to go mark on your win last night 

Mark Chrudimsky took the checkers in last night’s modified feature. 
Comment From stephen c 

who won the modfied race last night 

30 were locked in last night in Snowball Derby qualifying and 30 will be locked in today in Snowflake qualifying. 
Comment From derbyfan 

How many cars will be locked in for the SnowFlake 100 and the SnowBall Derby?? Yall are doing a great job by the way also!! 

The Pro Late Models are now on track for their final hour and a half practice before tonight’s Allen Turner Snowflake 100. 
We’ve just gotten word that Wayne Niedecken Jr will not attempt to run the Snowball Derby last chance race today. We can also note that Ryan Crane’s trailer has yet to open and there has been no one seen around their hauler. 
Last-Chance Race LIne-Up
(50-Laps, Four to Transfer)

1) Scott Hantz #72
2) Ryan Blaney #10
3) Heath Hindman #91
4) Jerry Artuso #5
5) Tyler Roahrig #14
6) David Rogers #11
7) Johnny VanDoorn #61
8) Matt Smith #02
9) Stephan McCurley #1
10) Ryan Crane #10
11) Danny Bagwell #10
12) Tyler Millwood #31
13) Allen Karnes #29
14) Junior Niedecken #99
15) Ryan Sieg #39
16) Calvin Martinez #8
You are correct, they will fall to the rear of the lead lap cars under the caution. 
Comment From patrick 

so from what race procedure said does that mean that the lap cars wont get to line up on the inside of lead lap cars for restarts 

If you’ll scroll down just a little bit, we’ve posted today’s schedule below. 
Comment From andy 

what time will quilifying start for the snowflake cars? 

Ricky Brooks had afew things to say at this mornings drivers meeting. For the Snowflake cars, he is requiring everyone must bring their air cleaners for inspection before qualifying. If anyone forgets to do this, they will loose one lap in qualifying.

He also stressed that nobody is allowed to touch a car before it has been through tech, after it comes off the track from qualifying. Teams are not even allowed to check air pressures. If a team violates this rule, they will have to race thier way in from the last chance race. 

57 cars will attempt to qualify for today’s Allen Turner Snowflake 100. 
Comment From Rowdy 51 

How many PLM in the pits for the Snowflake? 

Thanks for joining us! 
Comment From Dennis Robison 

Way to go Speed 51 the best coverage of the Snowball I have seen live or read online Thanks 

Today at the drivers meeting teams were notified that all race procedures for the weekend will be identical to the rules used for the Late Model races that have been run here all year at Five Flags.

Notable rules include:

-All restarts are single file. (Except for the initial start)
-A “Lucky-Dog” is given to the first car one lap down every caution, except for the last 10 laps.
-All lap cars will move to the rear of the lead lap cars under caution.
-If a driver stops his car on the track to bring out a caution, they will recieve a 2 lap penalty.
-Once the white flag has been displayed to the leaders, the next flag will be the checkered. If there is a problem, the yellow track lights will come on however it is still a race to the finish, unless the track is blocked.

For tonights 100 Lap Snowflake Race:
-Caution laps will not count, therefore cars cannot go a lap down under yellow if they decide to pit.
-It’s only a 4 tire race, so teams can only change a tire if they have a flat. 

Comment From Dale 

Are Chase Elliot and Ross Kenseth in the Snowflake? 

Snowflake cars don’t qualify until 2pm and as long as they qualify in the top-30 they will be in on time. If they did not make it on time, they would have to run one of the 25-lap last chance races. However, Chase Elliott would have a provisional that would lock him into the show since he is the 2010 Five Flags Speedway Blizzard Series Champion. 
There will be a driver change for the Snowball Derby last-chance race. Andy Ponstein, who was slated to start 12th in the 50-lap last-chance race, will be replaced by Calvin Martinez in the #8. Martinez will start at the tail of the event. 
We’ve got a couple of adjustments to the qualifying line up due to drivers posting identical times. Bubba Pollard will actually start tomorrow’s Snowball Derby in 22nd ahead of Eddie Mercer because he posted his time first. Also, Mason Mingus will start 26th ahead of Brandon Carlson due to identical qualifying times and the order in which they went out. 
Go to 5flagsspeedway.com and click “Schedule” under the Snowball Derby tab at the top. 
Comment From Mike 

Where can I find the schedule for the rest of the weekend? 

Five Flags Speedway, Pensacola, FL
43rd Annual Snowball Derby (SLM)

1 Cale Gale 16.335
2 Ryan Lawler 16.403
3 John Bolen 16.417
4 Johanna Long 16.42
5 Grant Enfinger 16.442
6 Jimmy Garmon 16.483
7 Donnie Wilson 16.484
8 Dan Fredrickson 16.495
9 Landon Cassill 16.516
10 Chase Elliott 16.525
11 Casey Roderick 16.533
12 TJ Reaid 16.562
13 Derrick Griffin 16.565
14 Dennis Prunty 16.579
15 Josh Hamner 16.586
16 Ross Kenseth 16.59
17 David Stremme 16.625
18 Augie Grill 16.635
19 Dennis Schoenfeld 16.662
20 Andy Loden 16.663
21 Chris Davidson 16.703
22 Eddie Mercer 16.71
23 Bubba Pollard 16.71
24 Korey Ruble 16.712
25 Travis Kittleson 16.715
26 Brandon Carlson 16.717
27 Mason Mingus 16.717
28 Casey Smith 16.75
29 David Ragan 16.757
30 Dave Mader III 16.77
31 Scott Hantz 16.772
32 Mike Garvey 16.775
33 Ryan Blaney 16.779
34 Heath Hindman 16.805
35 Jerry Artuso 16.813
36 Tyler Roahrig 16.823
37 David Rogers 16.824
38 Jeff Fultz 16.84
39 Johnny VanDoorn 16.85
40 Matt Smith 16.863
41 Stephen McCurley 16.87
42 Ryan Crane 16.875
43 Danny Bagwell 16.944
44 Andy Ponstein 16.949
45 Tyler Millwood 16.951
46 Allen Karnes 17.125
47 Wayne Niedecken, Jr. 17.23
48 Clay Rogers 17.555
49 Ryan Sieg no time

Bubba Pollard’s crew shines up the #18 Pro Late Model for today’s Snowflake 100. (51 Photo)
Teams prepare their cars for a busy Snowball Saturday. (51 Photo)
Congratulations to Cale Gale on capturing the pole for Sunday’s 43rd annual Snowball Derby by turning a track record of 16.335 last night in qualifying. 
Today’s Trackside Now coverage on Speed51.com is brought to you by Hedman Husler Hedders. 
The drivers are currently coveigned at the tech station for their only drivers meeting of the day. Next up will be Pro Late Model practice for the Allen Turner Snowflake 100 at 10am. 
Augie Grill is the defending winner of the Allen Turner Snowflake 100 Pro Late Model race at FFS. 
Today’s Schedule of Events :

8am – Pits Open
9am – Driver’s Meeting
10 – 11:30am – Snowflake Only Practice
11:30 – 1pm – Snowball Only Practice
Snowflake Cars to Pre-Qualifying Tech
2pm – Snowflake Qualifying (30 locked in)
4pm – Snowball Qualifier (50 laps, 4 transfer)
5pm – Snowflake Qualifiers (25 laps each, 2 transfer from each)
6:45pm – Snowflake Driver Introductions
7pm – Allen Turner Snowflake 100 (100 green flag laps)

Announcer Robbie Harvey informed us that the next full moon for the Snowball Derby Week will be in 2014. Plan on being here at Five Flags Speedway. Can you tell its early in the morning? 
It’s already a beautiful 64-degrees in what is expected to be the nicest day of the Snowball Derby Week in Pensacola, FL. There are a few clouds in the sky, but temperatures are expected to reach the low 70’s today. 
We’re now live with Day 4 of our Live Trackside Now Coverage from the 2010 Snowball Derby festivities here at Five Flags Speedway. Now that we’ve got the Super Stock and Modified features behind us as well as qualifying for the Snowball Derby we’re pushing forward and focusing on our Snowflake 100 activities today.

Trackside Now: 43rd Annual Snowball Derby – Allen Turner Snowflake 100 – Five Flags Speedway – 12/4/10