Practice for the PASS North Super Late Models has wrapped up for tonight. Thanks for tuning in this evening and be sure to join us tomorrow and Sunday for more Trackside Now coverage from the TD Bank Oxford 250 weekend. Good night! 
Johnny Clark is making another run since he has not been happy today. 
Comment From Brandon 

Got Busch turning a 15.4 second lap while I was there. Mike Rowe was also around that pace, but outside of that a lot of 15.9’s + 16.0’s. 

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Kirk Thibeau and Steven Legendre are the only two cars on the track
Practice winding down now. A few laps remaining. Cassius Clark, Alan Wilson. 
It’s not a big crowd, but there are plenty of diehard fans who have stuck around to watch SLM practice. 
Comment From madmax 

How’s the crowd for SLM Happy Hour? 

Yes, he has been practicing during this session. 
Comment From Guest 

tracy gordon show up 

Comment From RacinNasonFan 

To answer the question about Sommerville and his car, he’s running two different cars…..He ran the “Built engine package car” at Thompson and he’s suppose to be running the crate engine package car at Oxford. 

PASS Modified driver Andy Shaw is practicing the #16 SLM of Kevin Roberge. 
Scott Alexander has just looped his #17A SLM. The caution has come out. 
Veteran car owner Jay Cushman is here this weekend helping out the team of Jay Fogelman. 
Nope…it’s been a clean and green practice session so far – except for the stalled car of Alan Wilson. 
Comment From Guest 

no wrecks yet 

Comment From ben wilder 

been watching racing for 45yrs,have to say kyle busch is best that i have ever seen,ben rowe 2nd 

No, Austin Theriault is only entered in the TD Bank Oxford 250. His RPM Motorsports teammate Brian Hoar is entered in both the 250 and the PASS North event. Theriault did make a few PASS North starts early last season, so he has a little bit of experience on that tour. 
Comment From Kris 

I thought Austin T was going to race in the PASS race tomorrow? 

Comment From Matt 

Tomorrow night is going to take me and many others back to the day of the Twin 100’s but this is gonna be even better. Bringing PASS back was a genius move. 

Comment From madmax 

If your from Maine…That’s ah hundred lappah! 🙂 

Word from the pits is that Johnny Clark was not very happy with his first run so they will make some adjustments. 
Ajay Picard, from the same Palmyra, Maine area where are own “Stat Boy” Elgin Traylor is a native of, is also practicing a Super Late Model tonight. Picard is wheeling an immaculate #99. 
Kyle Busch has raced a Modified at New Smyrna Speedway (FL) during Florida Speedweeks before. That didn’t go very well for him and we haven;t seen him in that type of racecar since. 
Comment From Matt 

I am REALLY hoping that some modified owner is gonna step forward and put Kyle Busch in that 100 lapper tomorrow night. 

By Elgin’s count, there were 34 cars on the preliminary entry list. The blank calls for up to 36 cars, so if more show up, heats could be really important tomorrow. 
Not at the moment, but he has been practicing his Hood #21 this evening. 
Comment From jason 

is David Oliver #21 out? 

Alan Wilson has stalled his Super Late Model in the infield and is being pushed back to the outside pit area. That has brought out the caution flag. 
Yes…Rowe has split his time between the #24 owned by Peter Petit, but the car was wrecked at Beech Ridge and we don’t think that the team will be back on track this year. He has since gotten back into the #2 PT Watts car for the past few races and got into a wreck with Derek Ramstrom there on Thursday night. We heard a rumor that Ben Rowe might have been practicing the #2 tonight, so that is why we didn’t say that Mike was absolutely in the car. Since then though, we have seen Ben in his regular #4 ride hit the track, so we can now say that it is Mike Rowe in the #2 tonight. 
Ben Rowe is now on the track with his #4 SLM. 
Comment From Matt 

Mike Rowe has been in the PT Watts car for the last 3 races since he hit the wall at Beech Ridge hard 3 weeks ago. The 24 har he was drving just never seemed to get up to snuff. 

Kyle Busch making laps. Car looks good at this point. 
Jay Fogleman has repaired his car from last night and is making practice laps. It sounds really rough though. 
Patrick Laperle, Brian Hoar, Johnny Clark, and Mike Rowe on the track at the same time. Good racers on display tomorrow night. 
The famed #2 PT Watts Super Late Model has hit the track. Although we have no official confirmation that Mike Rowe is in the car tonight, we are fairly sure he is behind the wheel. Rowe is a three-time Oxford 250 winner and the winningest driver ever at this track. 
Again, this practice is completely optional since it’s a day before the race. So some drivers might just be saving some money by not coming while some might be repairing cars. 
Haven’t seen him yet. 
Comment From Matt 

Is Sommerville in the 48? He wrecked hard last night. 

Brian Hoar is driving in his first ever PASS event. The 7-time ACT champion will compete in the 250 as well on Sunday, but he has never had much luck in the big race. In PASS, he is driving the familiar #37 Goss Dodge machine for those familiar with the ACT tour. 
Johnny Clark is now out on the track for the first time tonight. 
Alan Wilson in Victory Lane (Speed51 Photo)
Scott Mulkern is now out on the track. The team owner for Lonnie Sommerville will also be his teammate for this weekend’s PASS North event. 
ACT Late Model regular Brad Babb has just gone out onto the track with the same car that he races in occasional weekly shows at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway (ME).
We will probably not have any practice times from this session, as not all of the cars have transponders on them for this optional practice session. 
Lonnie Sommerville is now heading out onto the track. 
For the first time in five years, there are Super Late Models on the track in an organized practice session. Among those on the track right now are Kyle Busch, Brian Hoar, Patrick Laperle, Matt Frahm, Tracy Gordon, Scott Chubbuck and Travis Benjamin. 
We see about 18 cars on the track now. 
We just caught up with 250 driver Austin Theriault, who is actually sitting in the stands to watch tonight’s races since the Late Models don’t get any practice time until tomorrow afternoon. Theriault, who drove down from Fort Kent, Maine this morning (about a six hour drive), is sticking around to watch the upcoming PASS North practice session and hopes that he might be able to learn a thing or two from studying the field. 
PASS Happy Hour is beginning. 
Yes, PASS Happy Hour is next. That is all left on the card for today. They will race tomorrow with the Modified Racing Series. 
Comment From Eric 

Only PASS happy hour tonight, no feature? 

Comment From Matt 

Congrats to the 53. Good to see he has dug is pro stock out of the mothballs for a crack at a PASS race! 

Comment From paul 

Alan is a true sportsman 

Comment From ben wilder 

great job alan,one of the nicest guys in racing 

Comment From Dennis the Menace 

Congrats on your win Mr. Wilson. 

Here is the running order as far as we could make it out:

1 53 Alan Wilson
2 66 Andy Shaw
3 56 Glen Luce
4 60 Dana Reed
5 33 Billy Dixon
6 50 Sumner Sessions
7 28 Austin McDaniel
8 3 Travis Buzzell
9 05 Ron Henry
10 56 Rich Ferriera
11 77 Jon Brill (out-accident) 

Comment From Matt 

ATTA BOY #53…..Somebody HAD to beat that 66 once and for all as much as I like Andy Shaw. 

This is Alan Wilson’s second PASS Modified victory in 16 starts. His other victory came at Spud Speedway last year. 
LAP 40 – CHECKERED – Alan Wilson wins his first PASS Modified race of the season. 
LAP 39 – WHITE – Wilson leads by a carlength. 
LAP 38 – Shaw is there. Wilson by half a carlength. 
Luce is in the #56. Got my number wrong earlier. 
Comment From guest 

Jeff Rich owns the car that Glen Luce is driving 

LAP 35 – Glen Luce has made a nice recovery and is 3rd. 
LAP 32 – Alan Wilson has only won one PASS Modified race in his career. Looks like Shaw is closing in on one final run. 
LAP 28 – Alan Wilson looks like he may braek Shaw’s streak. Not pulling away but maintaining a three carlength advantage. 
LAP 25 –

1 Alan Wilson
2 Andy shaw
3 Bill Dixon
4 Glen Luce
5 Dana Reed
6 Sumner Sessions
7 Austin McDaniel
8 Mark Landblud
9 Travis Buzzell
10 Rich Ferreira 

LAP 22 – Shaw running a groove higher and better in the corner, but Wilson holds steady down the straightaways. 
LAP 20 – HALFWAY – Andy Shaw has begun to reel in Wilson. 
Luce is in the 86 car. Not sure on car owner. 
Comment From Matty sanborn 

Glen luce???? What’s he in? Great coverge!! See ya Saturday ! And Sunday! 

LAP 15 – Andy Shaw can’t catch Alan Wilson at this point. Dana Reed takes fifth from Sessions. 
LAP 12 – Sessions slide backwards continues. He falls to fifth behind a surging Glen Luce. 
LAP 10 – Shaw rolls around the outside of Sessions for second. Dixon also tries the outside of Sessions. 
LAP 9 – Wilson just got a heckuva run to take the lead from third on the backstretch 
LAP 8 – Sumner Sessions under attack from Andy Shaw with Alan Wilson close behind. 
LAP 6 – Shaw will not waste time. He just took third and second in half a lap. 
LAP 5 – Here comes Andy Shaw. Up to fifth already. Dives under Henry for fourth. 
LAP 4 – Sessions gets a good start as Lundblad slides into second. 
LAP 3 – Under caution:

1 Sumner Sessions
2 Ron Henry
3 Mark Lundblad
4 Billy Dixon
5 Alan Wilson
6 Austin McDaniel
7 Andy Shaw
8 Travis Buzzell
9 Glen Luce
10 Dana Reed
11 Jon Brill (off track) 

LAP 3 – CAUTION – Glen Luce and Jon Brill tangle in turn three. 
LAP 2 – Top-five single file. Sumner Sessions by half a second on Ron Henry. 
GREEN FLAG – Lap 1 – Sumner Sessions clears and leads lap one. 
PASS Modifieds on the track. Sumner Sessions will start on the pole, Andy Shaw starts last trying to go 6-for-6 in 2011
Earlier in the day we gave you the entry list for the PASS Race here on Saturday. Since then we checked the PASS site as see they have over 34 on the list for tomorrow. 
Comment From Mike Ray 

Thanks Speed51.com for the 3 day coverage!Big weekend! 

Josh Childs beats Billy Childs and Guy Childs in the second Outlaw feature. 
We hope you’re enjoying tonight’s Trackside Now coverage of Oxford 250 Weekend Friday. We will be here for the rest of the weekend, so if you can’t make it down to the track, we will be back for Trackside Now when practices begin tomorrow at around 12:30. 
We actually have a second Outlaw feature. Hopefully this one will be more clean. 
Tyson Jordon gets the win here in the first Outlaw race. 
We did see Laperle here, who said he is not sure if he will compete in the PASS tomorrow. But it’s a safe bet we’ll see the popular Frenchman. 
Comment From Bobby Prezeau 

Alexandre Gingras 27, Patrick Laperle 91, Kevin Roberge 16, Martin Latulippe 84 are the 4 Quebec drivers schedule to take part of PASS North heat races tomorrow 

A oil leak just sent six cars into the the Turn 3 grass. 
Rebel feature is finally getting some laps in. PASS Modifieds will be the final feature of the night after that. 
And we still haven’t gotten a lap in I believe. 
We have had a few problems getting the Outlaw feature going and once we do we have debris on the track. 
Outlaw cars make pace laps as the sunset sets over Oxford Plains (51 Photo)
Outlaws are on the track for their 20 lap feature. 
We have not seen Ben Rowe tonight. Ben is a two-time Oxford 250 champion, but he never won any of the PASS Super Late Model events here. 
Comment From quest 

Is Ben Rowe there tonight? 

Check out some of our pages from the past as the 250 comes up on it’s 40th year there have been lots of memories.  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.405739235980.199141.57768655980&type=1
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Speaking of KBM, Bond Suss was here was here for a 250 back in 1994 with Kevin Cywinski. They finished 10th that day.
NASCAR CWTS driver Brian Ickler hanging out with the Kyle Busch Motorsports team this weekend. KBM driver Josh Richards is in action this weekend, so Ickler is here hanging out. 
Corey Bulia (#84) won the Rebel feature by a nose. 
Judging by the crowd, it is going to be a PACKED weekend here at the Plains. Join the festive crowd here – Tickets remain for the 250, but are going fast. Go to OxfordPlains.com

A crash on the backstretch just took out three Rebels in a cloud of dust. 

Rebels appear to have the highest car count of the evening. Two dozen cars just pulled onto the track. 
Johnny Clark, last night’s PASS Super Late Model winner, just pulled into the facility. Practice for those cars will be coming up after three more features. 
Glenn Farr (/#69) won the Truck feature 
Corey Williams’ truck comes to rest just seconds after flipping (Speed51 Photo)
Corey Williams just flipped his lid in Turn Three. He is okay. 
We are unsure of Rowe’s plans for the weekend. We suspect he will definitely be in the PASS race tomorrow, but the 3-time winner of the 250 has not run in the Sunday feature since the switch to ACT-style cars. We will definitely follow up on that tomorrow. 
Comment From quest 

Is Mike Rowe there? 

The third place finisher’s, Missy Morgan, is the wife of OPS regular Corey Morgan. 
DeAnna Bisby won the Women’s feature by half a carlength. 
PASS North teams are working their way into the track and will practice at the conclusion of tonight’s scheduled features. Travis Benjamin has just pulled into the track. He joins Lonnie Sommerville, Kyle Busch, Joey Doiron, Scott Alexander, Matt Frahm, Kyle Busch, David Oliver and Patrick Laperle as a few of the SLM competitors set up in the pit area. 
Veteran driver Ron Henry, from nearby New Gloucester, is here tonight to run his #05 PASS Modified. Henry is a former ACT Late Model regular who had to cut back his schedule to fit his budget. 
The Women’s Feature has been pretty exciting thus far. Three cars have been battling and a late caution will set up a three-lap shootout. 
As the action goes on in track side in the pits the Super Late Model teams prep for their hour when the sun goes down. We see about a dozen or so Super Late Models in the pits. 
Nice field of Women’s Racers on track. One dozen cars will go twenty laps here. 
Jeff Lowe has won the Renegade feature. There was a big crash coming to the line, with the #4 car losing a bumper. 
Comment From JudyB 

You guys are “AWESOME” as ever. 

The Renegade feature is about to kick off the evening’s events. We’ll try to give you the winner’s of these local races as we lead up to PASS Modifieds and PASS Super Late Model Series Happy Hour.

Event Format
Renegade feature (20 laps)
Ladies feature (20 laps)
Truck feature (20 laps)
Rebel feature(s) (20 laps)
Outlaw feature(s) (20 laps)
PASS Modified feature (40 laps)
PASS Super Late Model Happy Hour

It’s so hot here in Maine that even the mighty moose is seeking air conditioning (Speed51)
We are pleased to report that the front grandstand is already at half capacity on this Friday local show. 
Racing begins at the bottom of the hour. 
(Speed51 Photo)
We hope you are making a plan to be here for Oxford 250 weekend as we are thinking we will have close 120 cars in the pits tomorrow not counting the local classes. We have the Oxford 250 (ACT Type cars) PASS Super Late Models and the Modified Racing Series will be in for a 100 lapper as well. 
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Kyle Busch unloaded his first machine for the weekend his Super Late Model. (Speed51.com Photo)
Kyle Busch signs autographs for fans (51 Photo)
250 cars are already getting in line for Saturday morning. (Speed51.com Photo)
Fans are packed to the start-finish line trying to squeak in an opportunity to get Kyle Busch’s autograph in Turn One. 
The Kyle Busch Motorsports team has unloaded their Aarron.com Super Late Model that has won it’s last two races with Kyle behind the wheel.  At Slinger Speedway (WI) and the Rowdy 251 at Berlin Raceway (MI). 
The local driver’s meeting has just ended and we will be rolling of with races soon. 
The track has quieted down for a while. We’re going to head down to see the Kyle Busch autograph session. 
PASS Mods are halfway through their final practice. Let’s try to give you a quick rundown of who we see on track

#66 Andy Shaw
#60 – Dana Reed
#77 – Jon Brill
#33 – Billy Dixon
#21 – Charlie Smal
#53 – Leo Oliveira
#3 – Travis Buzzell
#53w – Alan Wilson
#14 – Scott McDaniel
#50 – Sumner Sessions

I believe there are two or three others who have not practiced yet or will not practice here in the final session. 

PASS Mods will be on the track next for their final practice round.  We will be right back. 
PASS Modifieds will get a chance to practice again here in a second. Andy Shaw will be the heavy favorite to win here tonight. Shaw, who has a lot of Oxford Plains experience to begin with,  has won six straight PASS Modified races, including all five thus contested in 2011. 
Alan Wilson will be doing double duty this weekend with PASS Mods and a PASS Super Late Model. Wilson has many wins at this track and almost won the 2004 Oxford 250 as he was leading in the final laps. 
Alan Wilson will run two races this weekend. (Speed51.com Photo)
Big thanks to sponsoring our Oxford 250 weekend goes to Competition Auto Supply. Let them know you appreciate their support of short track racing by checking them out. 
This weekend, Eddie MacDonald will try to earn his place in Oxford 250 history. Flying back from the K & N Pro Series East race at Columbus Motor Speedway Saturday night, Eddie Mac will strap in Sunday morning in pursuit of three consecutive Oxford 250 victories. Only one other driver in the history of this race has won three straight 250s: Ralph Nason (1998, 1999, and 2000). 
Unofficial Entry List for PASS Super Late Model show.

1 51 Kyle Busch
2 97 Joey Pole
3 17 Travis Benjamin
4 11 Austin Brehio
5 77 Scott Chubbuck
6 54 Johnny Clark
7 12 John Dabowski
8 01 Joe Decker
9 88 Kyle Desouza
10 10 Scott Dragon
11 45 Travis Dunbar
12 23 Dave Farrington Jr.
13 4 Jay Fogleman
14 14M Matt Frahm
15 14G Tracy Gordon
16 00 Bryan Kruckzek
17 20 Steven Legendre
18 47 Kelly Moore
19 84 Scott Mulkern
20 21 David Oliver
21 0 Bill Penfold
22 35 Derek Ramstrom
23 4 Ben Rowe
24 48 Lonnie Sommerville
25 28 Kirk Thibeau
26 9 JT Thurlow
27 53 Alan Wilson
28 75 Gary Smith

Also heard after last night’s race at Thompson that Derek Ramstrom will not be able to get his car back in shape after a tough night at Thompson. 
We are hearing the Joey Pole, will not be showing up tonight for Super Late Model practice. The ACT or American Canadian Tour standout will roll into the Oxford gates on Saturday morning. 
Alan Wilson (#53) and John Brill (#77) battle in practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
PASS Mods are already done with their first round of practice. They will not get a lot of action before race time tonight. 
Tracy Gordon is back here at OPS with PASS. (Speed51.com Photo)
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We are all here of course for the Oxford 250, the 250 cars will not really make any inside the gate appearances until tomorrow. Some teams who are doing double duty have then in their rigs in the pits. 
Super Late Model happy hour at the end of the night will be a treat for some as PASS makes it’s return to OPS for the first time since 2006. Patrick Laperle and Cassius Clark won the races that year for the Super Late Models. 
This is the fifth career stop at OPS for the PASS Modifieds. Chris Staples won all of the four races run here in the past. 
PASS Mods are rolling onto the track for action. 
Tonight is a busy night for Speed51.com and so is the weekend. We will be all weekend leading up to the Oxford 250 at 2pm on Sunday. At the same time we are bringing you coverage of Pro Late Model action from the Deep South. Head back to Speed51.com to see the all the coverage. 
Checking in on the Jay Fogleman situation: Steven Legendre told us they are working on the car and are coming.
PASS Modifieds are up next for Practice. 
Andy Shaw will be going for Six PASS Modified wins in a row tonight. (Speed51.com Photo)
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Some southern drivers competed at Thompson last night as the event counted towards National Championship points. Those drivers were Jay Fogleman and Preston Peltier.

Fogleman is entered here for Saturday’s race, but got wrecked early at Thompson and we don’t know his plans. We’re not sure about Peltier either, He is not on PASS’ prelminary entry list 

PASS North Super Late Models are still rolling into this facility. Last night, 19 PASS North drivers competed at Thompson International Speedway in a 100-lapper. Johnny Clark won the race over Cassius Clark. Unfortunately, the race turned into a bit of a wreckfest, so a number of drivers will have to repair their machines on arrival prior to practice. 
Local Division practice has begun on what is an abysmally hot day here in Oxford Plains, Maine. Temperatures, much like most of the Eastern Seaboard are expected to crest the 100 degree mark. 

Practice Times

3p.m. Pit gate opens
4:00 Renegade
4:05 Ladies
4:15 Sport Truck
4:25 Runnin’ Rebel
4:35 Outlaw
4:45 PASS Modified
5:00 Renegade
5:05 Ladies
5:15 Sport Truck
5:25 Runnin’ Rebel
5:35 Outlaw
5:45 PASS Modified
6:00 Track closed
6:05 Drivers meeting
6:25 Pastor Don’s thought/anthem
6:30 Green flag

Event Format
Renegade feature (20 laps)
Ladies feature (20 laps)
Truck feature (20 laps)
Rebel feature(s) (20 laps)
Outlaw feature(s) (20 laps)
PASS Modified feature (40 laps)
PASS Super Late Model Happy Hour 

Today is a special treat as we get to bring you the Friday night action for the first time on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now. Also, the PASS Modifeds and the PASS Super Late Models will hit the track as well. 
Good afternoon and welcome to the 38th Annual TD Bank 250 weekend at Oxford Plains Speedway (ME). 

Trackside Now: 38th Annual TD Bank 250 – Friday – Oxford Plains Speedway (ME) – 7/22/11