That concludes our coverage from Dixie Motor Speedway tonight. Remember, stay tuned to all the post-race news and information on Speed51.com on Saturday.Thanks for joining us and thanks again to Matt Prieur and the staff here at Dixie for their hospitality tonight. Stay tuned to 51 for all the latest short track racing news, and be sure to join us again on Tuesday for live “Trackside Now” coverage of the Rowdy’s Revenge 251 at Berlin Raceway (MI) as well as a Speed 51 Radio broadcast on RaceTalkRadio.com of the CRA Super Series-sanctioned event at Berlin.

Good night from Dixie!

PHOTO: Terry Senneker in victory lane as the winner of the East Vs. West Shootout. (51 Sports Photo) 
We will have lots of post-race footage on Speed 51 Video tomorrow of the crazy East Vs. West Showdown here at Dixie Motor Speedway. We saw guys run out of fuel late in the race, bump-and-run moves for the lead, some verbal jabs thrown post-race and some real jabs thrown in the pit area, as well. We’ll have more on it all on Saturday on Speed 51 Video on Speed51.com
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WOW! Is it a full moon??? Go get em Senneker! 

1 37S Terry Senneker 100
2 41 Brent Jack 100
3 21 Steve Cronenwett Jr. 100
4 116 Jack Varney 100
5 4 Justin Schroder 100
6 88 Ron Allen 100
7 97 Steve Sauve 100
8 9 Mike Root 98
9 40 Mike Luberda Jr. 89
10 8 Dakota Carlson 86
11 00 Andrew Hagen 85
12 5 Eric Lee 73
13 11 Tim Felver 70
14 51P Scott Pemberton 68
15 75 Rod Laney 58
16 14 Steve Needle 50
17 40X Todd Jackson 50
18 14 Tim Ryan 17
19 22 Jay Sommers 17
20 32 Cliff Pulley 2
We’ve got a lot of work to do in the pits…we’ll have more reaction and results later on…for now, congrats to Terry Senneker, the winner tonight. Stay tuned for more. 
Terry Senneker has won the East Vs. West Showdowon tonight at Dixie as Steve Sauve slows on the last lap and falls to the last car on the track out of second. 
Senneker takes the white flag… 
GREEN FLAG: Senneker has opened up a two-carlength lead on Sauve at the start with four to go. 
Terry Senneker has been given the lead back. He’ll lead at the restart over Sauve, Jack, Cronenwett and Schroeder. 
PHOTO: Mike Luberda, Jr. voices his displeasure with the way this race is going with Dixie officials in the grandstands. 
Mike Luberda climbed from his car in the pit area and ran up to the official’s tower to voice his displeasure over this race. Photo to follow… 
The field will go red again to align the cars on the frontstretch. 
As the field runs under yellow, the #988 of Ron Allen has come to a stop between turns one and two. We’re going crazy over all this action here late in this one folks! 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 96: Sennker dives to the bottom of Varney, takes the lead off turn two, but going into turn three Varney clobbered the rear end of Senneker’s car. Senneker went for a half-spin, losing the lead as the yellow came out. 
5 to go: Senneker tries the high side again to no avail, but he’s right there on the leader Varney now. 
GREEN FLAG: Sauve got sideways trying to hold the bottom around Varney. That allowed Senneker to run the high side to the second spot and he’s now chasing down Varney with six to go. 
Officials have put Senneker back to third, moving Sauve up to second on the restart. 
GREEN FLAG/YELLOW FLAG: Terry Senneker took a peek under Varney as the green came out, but the officials did not like that. The field came back under yellow after a half-lap due to the jumped restart. 
One lap to green… 
Restart order: Varney, Sauve, Senneker, Jack, Allen, Cronenwett 
Luberda got re-fired as the field went yellow and was then subsequently stopped in turn four for a talking-to by the officials. 
RED FLAG: The field is being stopped under a red flag to sort out the restart order. 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 93: Mike Luberda came out of the pits and once again his car stalled right at the start-finish line. Could that have been done to close up the gap and give Terry Senneker a shot at the win? We shall see… 
Terry Senneker is trying the outside lane around Jack and it works. Give third to Senneker as he goes for second on the high groove around Sauve and has it with seven to go 
10 laps to go: Verney leads by two carlengths as Sauve is second. Terry Senneker is pressuring Brent Jack for third. 
GREEN FLAG: Varney pushes up in one, allowing Sauve to poke a nose under him, but Varney holds strong. 
That leaves Jack Varney, Steve Sauve, Brenth Jack, Terry Senneker as your top four. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 88: The leader Mike Luberda has slowed to a stop in turn one. We can’t confirm yet, but we’re wondering if these guys are starting to run low on fuel? 
GREEN FLAG: Luberda holds the lead over Varney. Sauve gets a nudge from Jack for the third spot, but can’t make the pass stick as Senneker lurks behind them. 
YELLOW FLAG: For what, we don’t know…likely Jack’s speedy restart. 
GREEN FLAG: Luberdaholds strong over Varney now, with Sauve third and Senneker fourth. Fifth place Brent Jack pitted under the last yellow and came back just as they went back to green and passed almost the entire field to get his spot back before the green flag came out. 
Carlson is getting pushed by a push truck into the pit area off turn two. It appears that his bid for a second-straight East Vs. West Shootout victory is done. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 86: Second-place running Dakota Carlson has slowed to a stop off turn two. The yellow flies as Carlson tries to get rolling, but the #8 car again stops going into turn three. 
GREEN FLAG: Luberda clears Carlson by three as they go down the backstretch. 
One lap to green… 
While Luberda has been in command on the last few restarts, keep in mind…Dakota Carlson won this race last year on a late-race restart, so this race is far from over with 15 laps remaining. 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 85: Andrew Hagen was spun in turn two to bring out the yellow with 15 laps remaining. 
Lap 80: Carlson is staying three carlengths behind Luberda up front. Varney has distanced himself from the rest of the pack in third, with Sauve, Jack and Senneker all battling for the fourth spot now. 
The front two have checked out a bit, but Verney, Sauve, Jack and Senneker now all have a four-car battle for the third spot. Varney still holds it, but the’re all criss-crossed behind him. 
GREEN FLAG: Carlson stayed close to Luberda, but Luberda still holds the lead by a carlength. 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 75: Mike Root has spun off turn two. 
25 Laps to go: Luberda, Carlson, Varney, Sauve, Root, Jack 
GREEN FLAG: Luberda, Carlson and Varney stay close for a lap, but Luberda opens up a two-carlength lead to get us to 26 to go. 
One lap to green… 
The track crew has finished their cleanup in turn one and the engines have re-fired. 
Under this red flag , Eric Lee climbed from his #5 car and checked out the right-front of his racecar. THe scene was reminiscent of Sterling Marlin climbing from his car in the 2002 Daytona 500. In this situation, though, Lee did not actually touch his #5 car as far as we could tell. 
RED FLAG for cleanup 
This caution will require even more oil dry in turn one, so the field has gone to a red flag as the cleanup crew goes to work. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 73: Rod Laney looped his #75 and hit the turn-one wall hard nose-first. Laney has climbed from his car and is okay. 
GREEN FLAG: Luberda is back in front over Carlson, as Carlson remains four carlengths back of the leader. 
Some significant oil dry was dropped all around the track after Felver’s car dumped it as his car went to the pits. The field is running half-speed hot laps around the track to work in the substance. 
This bunches the field back up with just 30 laps to go. Luberda leads Carlson, Varney, Lee, Sauve, Root, Jack, Senneker, Allen, Hagen, Cronenwett and Laney. Those are the only cars on the track at this moment. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 71: Tim Felver’s #11 car slowed to a crawl in turn two. Felver took his car right to the pit area as the yellow flag flew. 
Lap 70: Luberda is quickly catching a big wad of lapped traffic, including Justin Schroeder, Tim Felver, Steve Cronenwett, Jr. and Andrew Hagen, who has apparently developed a problem in his #00. 
Lap 66: Scott Pemberton takes his car to the pits. 
Lap 65: Luberda is up still 10 carlengths on Carlson. Varney is 10 lengths back of Carlson and now has Eric Lee in his rear-view mirror. 
Lap 62: Mike Root jumped to the outside of Hagen off turn two, but Hagen moved up the track and almost put Root into the fence. Root earned the spot and took Terry Senneker along with him to eighth. 
Lap 60: The front three are spaced out extensively. The best battle on the track right now is for seventh, as Hagen is trying to hold off Mike Root and Terry Senneker. 
Lap 55: Luberda has a 10-carlength lead over Carlson. Varney is eight in back of Carlson in third. Fourth is Eric Lee, followed by Steve Sauve, Brent Jack and Andrew Hagen. 
Lap 51: off turn two, Carlson dove to the bottom of Varney and held the second spot to complete lap 52. 
GREEN FLAG: Luberda jumps to a three-carlength lead over Varney and Carlson, who are still nose-to-tail for second. 
One lap to green here on lap 50. 
Officials have sent both Root and Pemberton away and back into their restart order. Under this yellow, Tim Felver went on and off pit road for an adjustment. 
We’re still under caution as the officials have stopped Scott Pemberton’s and Mike Root’s cars in turn four and are conversing with them on the track. 
The scoreboard has reverted back to lap 50 now, as it once showed lap 52 on the previous caution. We’re halway now apparently in this event. 
GREEN FLAG/YELLOW FLAG: Luberda slipped a little on the restart, allowing Varney to stay close, but the yellow immedialtely flew…for what, we can’t tell.. 
Top-12 running order: 1) Luberda 2) Varney 3) Carlson 4) Lee 5) Sauve 6) Needles 7) Jack 8) Hagen 9) Allen 10) Senneker 11) Root 12) Felver 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 52: Scott Pemberton has looped his P51 car off turn three. 
HALFWAY LAP 50: Luberda has an eight carlength lead over Varney, who has a mirror full of Carlson for second. Eric Lee runs fourth, with Sauve, Needles, Brent and Hagen behind them. 
The top three, Luberda, Varney and Carlson all run nose-to-tail up front. 
Lap 44: Luberda jumps to the bottom of Varney and they ride door-to-door across the stripe. Off turn two, however, give Luberda the lead on the bottom to complete lap 45. 
Just before the field went back to green the most recent time, Terry Senneker did make it back on track. Tim Ryan, however, has pulled into the infield and has climbed from his car and out of the race. 
Lap 40: Jack Varney has his hands full of Mike Luberda, Jr. for the lead. Luberda pokes his nose under Varney into each corner, but Varney holds tough on the outside for the time being. 
Dakota Carlson is next to pursue Lee, poking a nose under the #5 car. They’re side-by-side off turn two on lap 36 as Carlson takes the spot off turn four. 
GREEN FLAG: Varney has opened up a three-carlength lead, but behind him Mike Luberda, Jr. has passed Eric Lee for second on lap 34. 
Running order: 1) Varney 2) Lee 3) Luberda 4) Carlson 5) Sauve 6) Brent 7) Needles 8) Hagen 9) Allen 10) Pemberton 
Officials have given Steve Sauve his position back and is now in his fifth spot. Mike Root is at the rear of the field for his role in the incident. 
Under this caution, Terry Senneker has taken his #37 to the pit area. As the field went to caution, Senneker’s car slowed on the frontstretch with perhap a transmission or rear end problem. Senneker got back rolling, but has not yet appeared from the pits. 
YELLOW FLAG Lap 33. Mike Root and Steve Sauve made contact between turns three and four. Both cars went into the spin cycle, but did not appear to make any contact with anyone or anything beyond the initial contact that sent them around. 
Lap 30: Dakota Carlson has jumped to the bottom of Steve Sauve and has taken the fourth spot back. Behind him, Mike Root has made a move by Brent Jack for sixth. 
Lap 27: Give the third spot to Luberda with a power move by Sauve on the low side into turn three. Sauve now runs fourth with Carlson in fifth. Brenth Jack is sixth, followed by Mike Root, Terry Senneker and Steve Needles. 
Lap 25: Varney leads by three carlengths over Lee. Sauve is five carlengths behind Lee in third and has a mirror full of Luberda for the spot. 
Lap 21: Carlson jumps to the bottom of Sauve for third, but gets crossed up in doing so. Carlson checked up on the bottom groove and has fallen from fourth back to seventh. 
In two laps since the restart, Mike Luberda, Jr. has been tryin gto make the outside groove work. He’s now on the outside of Carlson for fourth and is making it stick, but not yet enough to make the pass. 
GREEN FLAG: Varney holds strong on the single-file restart on lap 17, 
PHOTO: Jay Sommers’ car gets towed back to the infield after hitting the turn-one wall. (51 Sports Photo) 
Cleanup is continuing down in turn one. 
Running order of cars on the track at lap 17: 1) Jack Varney 2) Eric Lee 3) Steve Sauve 4) Dakota Carlson 5) Mike Luberda, Jr. 6) Brent Jack 7) Mike Root 8) Terry Senneker 9) Justin Schroeder 10) Steve Needles 11) Andrew Hagen 12) Ron Allen 13) Scott Pemberton 14) Tim Felver 15) Todd Jackson 16) Steve Cronenwett, Jr. 17) Rod Laney 18) Tim Ryan. 
Cleanup continues in turn-one. Yellow flag laps do not count in this 100-lap feature. 
YELLOW FLAG: Lap 17: The #22 of Jay Sommers has spun in turn one and slammed the outside retaining wall driver-side first. 
Lap 14: Steve Sauve is pressuring Lee for the second-spot with Carlson right on his bumper. Lee is able to keep Sauve pinched down enough to not allow Sauve to get a run off the corner. 
The top-four, Varney, Lee, Sauve and Carlson are all single file, separated only by a carlength between each. 
Lap 8: Dakota Carlson has moved to the inside of Mike Luberda and taken the fourth spot. 
Lap 5: It’s Varney, Lee, Sauve, Luberda, Carlson, Brent Jack and Mike Root. 
Three laps in and there’s a side-by-side battle for fourth between Mike Luberda, Jr. on the inside and Justin Schroeder on the outside. Give Luberda the spot. 
GREEN FLAG: We’re under way here at Dixie. Jack Varney has taken the lead on the outside groove, bringing Steve Sauve wth him, but Sauve can’t pass Lee for the second spot as they click off the first lap. 
PHOTO: Eric Lee prepares for battle. (51 Sports Photo) 
PHOTO: Eric Lee (#5) and Jack Varney (#116) will lead the field to green tonight. (51 Sports Photo) 
The drivers are being introduced as we speak. 
The Outlaw Super Late Models are lining up on the frontstretch as we speak. We’ll be going green in just a few minutes! 
PHOTO: Late Model Digest’s (and all around good guy) Jim Carson snapped this photo of Todd Jackson, driver of the #40x car here tonight. Super Late Model fans in the Southeast may recognize the shirt and hat that Jackson’s wearing at Dixie. Jackson’s sporting one of two-time Snowball Derby Champion Augie Gril’s shirts and hats. Strange to see an Augie Grill fan in the Upper Midwest? Perhaps, but it all make sense. Jackson turned wrenches on Jerry Artuso’s Super Late Model several years ago when Artuso was driving a car built by Grand American Race Cars (GARC) of Dolomite, Alabama, which is owned by Augie’s father Frankie Grill. A strange tie-in, but a tie-in nonetheless. 
Remember fans, our Midwestern swing of coverage here on Speed51.com started with last night’s Angola Motor Speedway (IN) Stan Perry Memorial, continues tonight here at Dixie and will go on throughout the weekend and into next week.The highlight of our weekend’s activity is Tuesday’s live Trackside Now and exclusive Speed 51 Radio broadcast on RaceTalkRadio.com of the Rowdy’s Revenge 251 Super Late Model race at Berlin Raceway in Marne, Michigan.

The entire 51 Mafia will be in Berlin for the big show, with Duke, Stat Boy and SPEED’s Bob Dillner on the call of the CRA Super Series-sanctioned event on Tuesday night. You can watch live updates here on Trackside Now and listen live at RTR. Planning on going to Berlin Tuesday night? Bring your scanner and listen to us in the grandstands! Need a scanner, check out our friends at Racing Electronics for all your racing communications needs!

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great im voting for felver hows it goin hollywood 

You’re not the only one thinking Felver will have a shot to win tonight. A quick poll of the pit area found Felver’s name to be the one most mentioned as a favorite. Felver’s a good shoe to begin with, but his #11 car is only considered #11 because that’s the number that most resembles the “H” on his door. That “H” stands for Howe Racing Products & Chassis of Beaverton, Michigan. Howe is synonymous with Super Late Model success in this part of the country, and Felver’s car is actually a development vehicle for Howe.The car is a brand new 2012 prototype Outlaw SLM chassis. While the talk in the pits is that the car is 100% within the rules, it has several cutting-edge components that the Howe folks hope will be the wave of the future of this type of racing.
The local division heats are ongoing. We should be going green for the Super Late Models within the hour. 
Thanks for following along! 
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sorry we won’t make it out tonight, i will keep reading the updates thank you, see you june 19th 

We’ll have live updates from green flag to checkered here on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now. There’s no live streaming video or audio here tonight, but we’ll provide all the action right here if you can’t make it out to Dixie tonight. 
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is the race live to watch or to read, we are in the state of wyoming and curious 

2. Jack Varney
3. Steve Sauve
4. Justin Schroeder
5. Mike Luberda, Jr.
6. Dakota Carlson
7. Ron Allen
8. Brent Jack
9. Mike Root
10. Steve Needles
11. Terry Senneker
12. Steve Cronenwett, Jr.
13. Andrew Hagen
14. Scott Pemberton
15. Tim Felver
16. Jay Sommers
17. Todd Jackson
18. Tim Ryan
19. Rod Laney
20. Cliff Pulley
During this break, the Outlaw Super Late Models had a re-draw for their starting positions. The roll of the dice was a 10, meaning Eric Lee will start on the pole. Fast timer Steve Needles will start from position #10. 
The first weekly division heat race is currently lining up on the pit access road. 
PHOTO: Speed51.com partner site SpeedEats.com’s Matthew Dillner loves short track racing in the Midwest. No, MD is not here at Dixie tonight, but undoubtedly he’d love the short track action – but he’d probably love the food even more. Tonight, Duke enjoyed a special Michigan bratwurst with sauerkraut just for ol’ MD tonight. 
We’re just about a half hour away from the start of heat races and features. Track PR guru and announcer Matt Prieur has told us that the plan is to go green with the Super Late Model feature somewhere around 8:45.While we have some time, we have to express our gratitude to Prieur and the staff of Dixie Motor Speedway for providing us with free drinks and popcorn so far here tonight, as well as a nice spot to check out the races. Thanks also to the staff at Angola Motor Speedway who showed Duke around yesterday in his first-ever visit to that track.
We talked with Scott after last night’s disappointing run at Angola and he said he would not be here tonight. He’ll be at Baer Field Speedway (IN) tomorrow night with his Outlaw Super Late Model, instead. 
Comment From Stephen Barker 

Hantz’s car must have been too banged up from last night’s race to race tonight 

Some of the local, support divisions are on track for their time trials as we speak. Feature events are scheduled to kick off in less than an hour. There will be a few local division heat races before features kick off. 
There are now officially two scratches from tonight’s race. We already mentioned Ken O’Connor having withdrawn after practice, but now ad Brad Birr to that list. Both drivers suffered engine failures before qualifying. 
2 Mike Root 14.614
3 Brent Jack 14.633
4 Ron Allen 14.648
5 Dakota Carlson 14.653
6 Mike Luberda, Jr. 14.653
7 Justin Schroeder 14.683
8 Steve Sauve 14.705
9 Jack Varney 14.771
10 Eric Lee 14.784
11 Terry Senneker 14.81
12 Steve Cronenwett, Jr. 14.889
13 Andrew Hagen 14.964
14 Scott Pemberton 15.055
15 Tim Felver 15.116
16 Jay Sommers 15.158
17 Todd Jackson 15.198
18 Tim Ryan 15.322
19 Rod Laney 15.475
20 Cliff Pulley 16.697
PHOTO: Steve Needles put his number 14 car on the pole. (51 Sports Photo) 
Now it’s a done deal…Steve Needles is the fast qualifier for tonight’s event. 
Mike Root
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
14.737 14.614 14.614
Oops, one more qualifier…Mike Root has been holding up the program all day (joking, of course), but is out for his attempt long after everyone else did. 
Steve Needles has set fast time for tonight’s East Vs. West Shootout in Speedway Grafix Qualifying at Dixie Motor Speedway. Full results to follow. 
Jay Sommers
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
15.31 15.158 15.158
Dakota Carlson
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
14.792 14.653 14.653
Cliff Pulley
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
16.697 n/a 16.697
Jack Varney
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
14.771 14.817 14.771
Justin Schroeder
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
14.77 14.683 14.683
Eric Lee
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
14.981 14.784 14.784
Ron Allen
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
14.653 14.648 14.648
Brent Jack
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
14.689 14.633 14.633
Mike Luberda, Jr.
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
14.703 14.653 14.653
Todd Jackson
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
15.295 15.198 15.198
Steve Needles
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
14.473 14.537 14.473
Terry Senneker
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
14.81 14.895 14.81
Tim Felver
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
15.116 15.316 15.116
Scott Pemberton
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
15.392 15.055 15.055
Andrew Hagen
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
14.995 14.964 14.995
Steve Sauve
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
14.705 14.73 14.705
Steve Cornenwett, Jr.
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
15.025 14.889 14.889
Tim Ryan
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
15.322 15.433 15.322
Rod Laney
Lap 1 Lap 2 Best
15.834 15.475 15.475
Qualifying is now underway. The track record is held by the now-retired John Grega on September 8th, 2006 with a lap of 14.415 
PHOTO: A string of boats align the back pit area here at Dixie in preparation for an upcoming trailer race. They dare someone to hit the boat, but since it doesn’t look quite sea-worthy, I think we’ll pass. 
Root was involved in an opening-start crash last night in the Stan Perry Memorial 110 at Angola Motor Speedway. The race had plenty of carnage and a last-lap bump-and-run to the checkered flag. If you haven’t read about the race or seen the video of the crazy last four laps yet, check it out here…
We’re actually just a few minutes away from qualifying. Mike Root in the #9 just took a few hot laps after just having arrived from working on their car from a crash last night at Angola Motor Spedway. Root was given a handful of warmup laps. Qualifying will now begin in just a few.
OO Andrew Hagen
4 Justin Schroeder
5 Eric Lee
6 Brad Birr
8 Dakota Carlson
9 Mike Root
11 Tim Felver
14 Tim Ryan
14 Steve Needles
21 Steve Cronenwett, Jr.
22 Jay Sommers
32 Cliff Pulley
37S Terry Senneker
40 Mike Luberda, Jr.
40X Todd Jackson
41 Brent Jack
43 Ken O’Connor
51P Scott Pemberton
75 Rod Laney
88 Ron Allen
97 Steve Sauve
116 Jack Varney
Here are the 22 cars that were signed into the pit area. We’re now down to 21, as the 43 of Ken O’Connor having blown a motor in practice. 
Twenty-one cars will take time. Everyone will make the show on time. 
Practice is all wrapped up here at Dixie. Super Late Model qualifying is just about to kick off here for tonight’s East Vs. West Showdown. We’ll have a full recap of the qualifying when it’s complete. 
Dakota Carlson, last year’s East-West winner is in the field tonight, but the big winner here last was John Doering, Jr, who won the Dixie Classic for the seventh time in his career. He hung up his helmet later in the 2009 season. 
This race is the first in a three race Triple Crown series for Super Late Models here at Dixie Motor Speedway. The second leg will be held on Friday, July 16th at the 47th Annual Dixie Classic 100. The final segment will be held on Friday, August 6th with the BIG ONE VII – the Grate Lakes 100. 
PHOTO: Ron Allen had a quick car in the early practice sessions. (51 Sports Photo) 
PHOTO: Eric Lee’s number 5 coming onto pit road. (51 Sports Photo) 
PHOTO: The Super Late Models have already been on the track today. (51 Sports Photo) 
The spectator gates just opened here at Dixie for tonight’s event and the fans are shuffling into their seats for a great night of action.The Outlaw-bodied Super Late Models are the headline division here tonight. 100 laps will be the distance in this second-annual event. Last year’s inaugural East Vs. West Showdown was won by young Dakota Carlson.
2 Ron Allen 14.853
3 Terry Senneker 14.933
4 Brent Jack 14.99
5 Steve Suave 15.004
6 Steve Cronenwett, Jr. 15.046
7 Steve Needles 15.084
8 Todd Jackson 15.144
9 Ken O’Connor 15.146
10 Eric Lee 15.161
11 Tim Ryan 15.423
12 Rod Laney 15.483
13 Brad Birr 15.633
14 Jay Sommers 15.649
15 Dakota Carlson 15.653
16 Scott Pemberton 16.038
17 Mike Luberda, Jr. 16.198
18 Jack Varney 16.279
19 Tim Felver 17.018
20 Andrew Hagen 27.099
2 Brent Jack 14.97
3 Tim Felver 15.066
4 Eric Lee 15.071
5 Justin Schroeder 15.085
6 Mike Luberda, Jr. 15.087
7 Steve Needles 15.103
8 Ken O’Connor 15.143
9 Steve Sauve 15.147
10 Dakota Carlson 15.15
11 Todd Jackson 15.194
12 Scott Pemberton 15.315
13 Andrew Hagen 15.331
14 Jay Sommers 15.494
15 Brad Birr 15.88
2 Jack Varney 15.024
3 Andrew Hagen 15.051
4 Steve Cronenwett, Jr. 15.124
5 Todd Jackson 15.182
6 Ken O’Connor 15.187
7 Dakota Carlson 15.345
8 Scott Pemberton 15.417
9 Tim Ryan 15.867
10 Rod Laney 15.944
11 Brad Birr 15.954
12 Cliff Pulley 17.231
2 Steve Sauve 14.964
3 Tim Felver 14.995
4 Justin Schroeder 15.042
5 Ron Allen 15.047
6 Eric Lee 15.06
7 Steve Cronenwett, Jr. 15.111
8 Dakota Carlson 15.154
9 Andrew Hagen 15.198
10 Scott Pemberton 15.281
11 Jay Sommers 15.474
12 Todd Jackson 15.48
13 Tim Ryan 15.662
14 Brad Birr 16.486
15 Cliff Pulley 17.424
Practice has been underway here at Dixie since about 3pm. We’ve already had a few Super Late Model practice times and we’ll provide those for you in just a minute. 
Matt “Duke” Kentfield and Elgin “Stat Boy” Traylor are here in the not-so-booming metropolis of Birch Run for the first time for each of us as we hope to bring you all the action of tonight’s Outlaw Super Late Model event. 
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Second Annual East Vs. West Shootout 100 here at Dixie Motor Speedway in Birch Run, Michigan. 

Trackside Now: 2nd Annual East vs. West Shootout – Dixie Motor Speedway – 6/11/10