Congrats to Chase Elliott on winning tonight’s 100 lapper. Have a safe and blessed rest of the weekend.
Remember, the next big SLM race here is the World Crown. All of the top finishers tonight will be back along with some of the greatest drivers from other parts of the country.

Gresham Motorsports Park has a terrific atmosphere to take in a race and the entire staff would love to have you here for that weekend. In addition to 300, there will be some more action for support divisions and a fireworks show.

Tech is still working but as there are no visible issues developing thus far, our 51 crew honestly needs to hit the road and make the long journey home for some needed shut eye.

Thanks to you for tuning in today.

Absolutely, behind every great driver in this business, there’s a supportive mother. Thanks to all mothers.
Comment From Steve 

Happy Mothers Day to all our mothers out there!!

Unofficial Results – Racing Radios 100:

1 9 Chase Elliott 100
2 26 Bubba Pollard 100
3 10K Paul Kelley 100
4 84 Clay Alexander 100
5 96 Ben Kennedy 100
6 10 Shawn Simpson 100
7 98 Ryan Blaney 100
8 75 David Odell 100
9 56 Gus Dean 100
10 41 T.J. Reaid 99
11 47 Allen Karnes 99
12 36 Rodney Benefield 87
13 33 Brandon Jones 83
14 18 Jimmy Henderson 83
15 51 Stephen Nasse 82
16 71 Jimmy Doyle 79
17 12 Scott Hensley 28
18 2 Donnie Wilson 16
19 23 Dalton Grindle 16
Want to clear up something while we have a chance before publishing these results. Based on some of the comments, it appears people believe Dan Elliott is the race director here. That is incorrect. Dan Elliott is the Track General Manager. Former racer Mickey Cain is the competition director.
We are going to go head up top to get you all a full field rundown. Thanks for your patience!
Ben Kennedy just told 51 he watched a replay and admits he jumped the start “just by a little bit”. Still fairly happy after leading some laps and finishing 5th
Comment From Elgin

Chase Elliott’s 30th career win in Short Track racing. (Super Late Models, Pro Late Models, Pro Cup)

Closer examination of the Henderson car
Post race tech beginning
Reaid is having a very polite and insightful conversation with race director Mickey Cain about his balck flag. Give the young racer a kudos for trying to learn from what happened
Chase will be back for the World Crown July 4
Comment From Guest84

Great run by Clay! Hopefully well see him back for the 300!

Comment From Booth127

Four GARCs in top 5….

Having chatted with the top finishers we are now going to try to chat with Kennedy and Reaid to get their perspectives on their black flags
Comment From Ted

Chalk up another win for Elliott

Comment From Guest

family members shouldnt compete at a track run by family

Comment From Guest

Great run Clay Alexander!!

Comment From Garry

good run for Ben Kennedy! So close man

CHECKERED – Chase Elliott wins over Bubba Pollard, Paul Kelley, Clay Alexander, and Ben Kennedy
LAP 99 – WHITE – Chase Elliott won the first PLM race at GMP this year, looks like he is going to win the first SLM race to boot.
LAP 97 – Elliott begins to stretch it just a little.
LAP 94 – Kennedy under and by Alexander for fourth.
LAP 92 – Chase Elliott’s lead stable at a half-second
LAP 90 – Ten to go. Chase Elliott by half a second on Bubba Pollard. Kennedy coming back in a hurry, up to fifth.
LAP 85 – Paul Kelley has snuck into third, Clay Alexander fourth. Then Simpson and Blaney at it for fifth.
LAP 84 – RESTART – Elliott takes the lead after a lap-long battle with Pollard
Kennedy will acknowledge the penalty here and pull down pit road.

One to go to the restart.

Elliott will choose the inside, Pollard on his inside.

Jimmy Henderson’s mangled racer
Reaid went about halfway through Turn Three on his restart. Kennedy about halfway through Turn Four.

The restart zone starts right at the exit of Turn Four.

It was pretty clear cut from our vantage point both times.
Comment From Richey 

Why do they keep black flagging the leader for jumping?

Reaid will get back on the lead lap this restart. Meanwhile, to reiterate, Ben Kennedy was black flagged for jumping the restart one lap prior. He will have to make a pass through penalty once we restart under the caution.
We are pleased to report both drivers are out of their cars. We are not sure what happened there, we looked up in time to see the sparks of the cars pounding the wall.
The inside wall shows the marks of a hard crash
RED FLAG. Both cars are destroyed and the inside wall will need to be readjusted after being caved in by the careening machines.
LAP 85 – CAUTION – Brandon Jones and Jimmy Henderson HARD crash into the Bubba  Barrier in the inside of the frontstretch
LAP 84 – Ben Kennedy got black flagged for jumping the restart!
One to go to green. 17 laps to determine the winner of this race.
Reaid has run the fastest lap of the night thus far, 16.877
Gus Dean got his lap back, T.J. Reaid pulled up along side the pace truck hoping it was him. Alas, it was not.

1 Ben Kennedy
2 Chase Elliott
3 Bubba Pollard
4 Clay Alexander
5 Paul Kelley

6 Ryan Blaney
7 Brandon Jones
8 Shawn Simpson
9 David Odell
10 Jimmy Henderson

11 Gus Dean
12 T.J. Reaid
13 Allen Karnes
14 Stephen Nasse (OUT)
15 Rodney Benefield

16 Jimmy Doyle (OUT)
17 Donnie Wilson (OUT)
18 Dalton Grindle (OUT)

Unfortunately for T.J. Reaid, Gus Dean will get the Lucky Dog.
CAUTION – to check for fluid from Nasse.
LAP 83 – Nasse might have burned a rear end gear off, you can smell it. Ben Kennedy by two tenths of a second over Chase Elliott in the lead.
LAP 82 – Nasse smokes, he falls from the lead and is done.
LAP 80 – Elliott tried to squeeze into second between Kennedy and a lapped car, but has to back off.
LAP 78 – Late race tire management coming into play. Elliot tand Pollard have just dropped the hammer.
LAP 77 – Nasse just whitewalled his tires coming off of Two. Kennedy is .36 seconds back, Elliott a half second back
LAP 76  – Nasse gave Jimmy Doyle the chrome horn trying to get some room from Kennedy. Pollard to fourth past Alexander
LAP 72 – Nasse’s car just looks too tight to handle lapped traffic from our vantage point. His lead is cut in half again as he struggles to find a way past Gus Dean, being lapped in 13th
LAP 71 – Nasse’s lead may have shrunk mainly due to lapped cars. Now that’s he had some clear track, it’s stabilized at a second.
LAP 69 – In less than ten laps, Nasse went from a 2.9 second lead to a 0.9 second lead.
LAP 67 – As if on cue, teammates Kennedy and Elliott have stepped it up. They are running down Nasse in a hurry.
LAP 65 – Kennedy finally gets second and looks like Elliott will follow him through. Alexander to fourth.
Indeed, they do have the lucky dog rule here so he wants to be the first car one lap down. But it might be getting too late in the race for that to make much of a difference in terms of winning chances for Reaid.
Comment From rob 

reaid is driving the wheels off that car

LAP 60 – Unless Nasse is running too hard, it’s hard to imagine anyone catching him. He is stretching his lead to nearly three seconds.
LAP 57 – Kennedy continues to try the inside to take second from Alexander, draws up door-to-door but then seems to hit an imaginary wall and falls back
LAP 55 – It’s more or less Nasse all by his lonesome up front. Then 2nd-5th pretty much in a clump. 6th place Ryan Blaney then pretty far back of the top-five with Paul Kelley starting to pressure him.
LAP 52 – Lapped machine of Benefield breaks up the battle for second. It’s still Alexander over Kennedy and Elliott for 2nd-4th.
LAP 50 – Nasse leads by 2.269 seconds. HALFWAY
LAP 50 – Kennedy tries hard for second but that allows Elliott to try a challenge on his outside for third.
Yes, Ben Kennedy, Chase Elliott, and Reaid are all Elliott Racing drivers.
Comment From Dennis 

Is kennedy driving a Elliott car

LAP 47 – Pollard continues to try the inside against Elliott but has yet to get a good enough bite down low for the last thirty laps to make a move stick.
LAP 40 – Get the feeling everyone is just riding right now saving their tires

1 Nasse
2 Alexander
3 Kennedy
4 Elliott
5 Pollard

6 Blaney
7 Kelley
8 B. Jones
9 S. Simpson
10 Odell

11 Ji. Henderson
12 Dean
13 Doyle
14 Karnes
15 Benefield

16 Reaid (-1)
17 Wilson (OUT)
18 Grindle (OUT)

LAP 36 – T.J. Reaid is still running the fastest laps of anyone, but he is a lap and a half back after clearly jumping the restart.
LAP 30 – Bubba Pollard trying it again on Elliott, nothing doing.
LAP 29 – Elliott ultimately held off Pollard’s advance and now begins to reel in Kennedy and Alexander.
LAP 26 – Kennedy tries making a move under Alexander, but Alexander uses the high line to hang on to the runner up spot. Nasse up by a second.
LAP 24 – Ben Kennedy now all over the back of Alexander for second.
LAP 22 – Bubba Pollard took fifth from Blaney last lap, under Chase for fourth.
LAP 21 – Nasse your new lead by half a second on Alexander. Reaid lost a lap while honoring the black flag.
LAP 20 – Nasse just moved Alexander out of his way through three and four, Alexander barely hangs on to his car and second.
LAP 19 – A little bump into Turn One as Nasse tries to work past Alexander
LAP 18 – Reaid will serve his pentalty. Alexander over Nasse, Kennedy, Ryan Blaney, and Chase Elliott.
LAP 18 – Clay Alexander rolls around to the lead.
LAP 17 – RESTART – T.J. Reaid will get black flagged for jumping the restart.
Brandon Jones will crack the top-ten for this restart courtesy of the departure of former 8th place Wilson
Comment From 33 fan 

what place is brandon jones in

Grindle came back out during that run for a few circuits, but now parks it.
Wilson will part the wounded #2. It’s not terribly torn up, but it sure could use some work.
LAP 16 – CAUTION – Donnie Wilson’s car started sparking heavily in Turn Three and he looped it, turning his car into the outside Turn Four wall.
LAP 16 – Nasse makes the move, up to second on the outside.
RESTART – LAP 14 – Reaid takes the lead. Nasse tries to get the outside line to go around Elliott for second.
Scott Hensley did not start after stalling on the pace laps and Grindle doesn’t appear as though he will return. Otherwise, everyone is left on the lead lap.

1 41 T.J. Reaid
2  9 Chase Elliott
3 84 Clay Alexander
4 51 Stephen Nasse
5 26 Bubba Pollard

6 10 Paul Kelley
7 98 Ryan Blaney
8 96 Ben Kennedy
9 10 Shawn Simpson
10 2 Donnie Wilson

We will revert to Lap 14.

Grindle and Karnes pit.

He is in Bill Elliott Racing equipment, though his famiy is still heavily involved with the effort.
Comment From guest 

Is T.J. in a family owned car or is he in an Elliot car?

LAP 15 – CAUTION – Dalton Grindle solo spin off Turn Four, Benefield’s right side clips Grindle’s nose as Benefield tries to avoid that incident.
LAP 14 – Pollard conintues to work Nasse, being patient early despite Nasse seemingly cutting off Pollard.
LAP 12 – Leader Reaid was the only car under seventeen seconds that lap but his lead has stabilized at a second.
LAP 10 – Nasse peeks under Alexander for third, nothing doing.
LAP 8  – Nasse really squeezing Pollard down low, holds on to fourth.
LAP 6 – Ben Kennedy past Ryan Blaney using the high line for seventh. Pollard back under Nasse as they fight for fourth.
LAP 5 – T.J. Reaid has pulled away to a second lead.
LAP 4 – Blaney and Kelley fight for sixth, Kelley holds on for now.
LAP 3 – Nasse also past Pollard on the high side, into fourth.
LAP 2 – Reaid now clear of Elliott. Alexander around Pollard on the high side for third.
LAP 1 – Chase Elliott uses the high line to propel himself into the lead down the backstretch, but Reaid comes back to the lead thru three and four.
The start of the race has been delayed after Scott Hensley’s machine stalled in Turn Four during the pace laps. He had a similar thing happen in the early moments of practice.
Comment From Theqtip219 


Comment From quadboi 

go get;em Chase

Comment From Lenny Whitehead 

Go #51

Comment From Steve 

Let’s go BUBBA!!!

Pace laps.
Comment From Ck

Good Luck Paul Kelley. Take to the front!!

Comment From Robel28

Great finish at Madison today! Then I get home to watch the cup race and follow Gresham on my pc. Is this a Great Country or What!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting the grid ready
Starting Lineup – Racing Radios Super Late Model 100:

1 41 T.J. Reaid
2 9 Chase Elliott
3 26 Bubba Pollard
4 84 Clay Alexander
5 98 Ryan Blaney
6 51 Stephen Nasse
7 96 Ben Kennedy
8 10K Paul Kelley
9 33 Brandon Jones
10 10 Shawn Simpson
11 18 Jimmy Henderson
12 75 David Odell
13 23 Dalton Grindle
14 56 Gus Dean
15 2 Donnie Wilson
16 71 Jimmy Doyle
17 36 Rodney Benefield
18 12 Scott Hensley
19 47K Allen Karnes

We were just handed the Truck results from their earlier feature:

1 Cody Haskins
2 Matt Vassar
3 Kevin Vassar
4 Emilee Riley
5 Conrad Compton
6 Aaron Colvert
7 Taylor Donner

In case you are just joining us:

During the drivers meeting it was announced that, effective June 22 via agreement of seven major Southern tracks – Montgomery, Five Flags, Mobile, South Alabama, New Smyrna, Gresham, Orlando – teams will be required to use ONE SPECIFIC IGNITION SYSTEM : Crane Cams 6701. This is mandatory for Pro and Super Lates

No, the regulated ignition box will not be enforced until Mid-June
Comment From SLM RACER 


It went out on the flatbed
Comment From Matt

How bad is Jimmy Motes car?

Super Late Models are next!
Jason Bates greets his crew in Victory Lane
Outlaw LM Results:

1 Jason Bates
2 Mike Davidson
3 Matthew Wragg
4 Terry Martin
5 Michael Silvey
6 David Murphy
7 Jimmy Motes
8 Hoyt Stephens


WHITE – Jason Bates will win by over two seconds
LAP 25 – Ten to go. Jason Bates leads Mike Davidson in the Outlaw LM feature.
Looks like we are going to make it fine, but rain is being watched on the radar.

The Show Me The Money race will be made up June 16th

Comment From Vinnie 

It’s pouring down rain here in Montgomery, Alabama. Unable to run the “Show Me the Money” race this evening. What is the weather forecast for Gresham tonight?

RESTART – LAP 13 – Bates takes the lead while Mike Davidson follows him through to second.
CAUTION – LAP 12 – Michael Silvey has stalled on the backstretch.
RESTART – LAP 10 – Jason Bates will easily pull away from Matthew Wragg as the griend flies once more.
David Murphy appears to have pulled off the track during this caution from 2nd.
Finally getting the one-to-go.
CAUTION – LAP 9 – Jimmy Motes snaps and slams the Turn Two barrier nose-first.
LAP 6 – Jason Bates in to the lead and gone by a country mile.
LAP 4 – Jason Bates by Wragg for second, quickly up to Murphy’s bumper for the lead.
GREEN – David Murphy will lead Matthew Wragg after Lap 1.
Eight outlaw late models out for their feature, then on to the Super Late Models
Cody Haskins in Victory Lane
CHECKERED – Cody Haskins wins over Matt and Kevin Vassar.
WHITE – Matt Vassar made an effort, but Haskins pulled away down the backstretch.
We will have a Green-White-Checkered
CAUTION – LAP 33 – Kevin Vassar around after a three-wide batte between herself, Matt Vassar, and Kevin goes awry for second.
LAP 31 – The Vassars now fight for second and Haskins is back into the night.
LAP 29 – All of a sudden, all three leaders are under a blanket.
LAP 25 – Ten to go – Haskins by a second over Matt Vassar and Kevin Vasser
RESTART – Lap 12 – Haskins away over new second place man Matt Vassar
Yes, Donner’s engine let go and was pushed off the track.
Comment From Guest 

Is the 98 off the track?

LAP 12  CAUTION  – Compton, who was falling back in a hurry, spins in Turn Two. Aaron Calvert and Emilee Riley split the spinning truck and everyone gets away fine.
LAP 12 – LEAD CHANGE – Haskins just powers past Compton and in one lap has a one second lead.
RESTART – LAP 11 – Compton gets away with Haskins settling in to second.
CAUTION – LAP 10 – Taylor Dorner’s #98 up in engine smoke
LAP 8 – Haskins wins just about everytime out and he certainly is not losing any ground, but Compton is doing very impressively thus far.
START – Conrad Compton holds off 2011 truck champ Cody Haskins on the first lap.
We have seven trucks ready to roll in the next feature. 35 laps or 30 minutes, whichever comes first.
He’s in attendance today. But the former Georgia Asphalt Series great has race irreguarly over the last two years. The last race he raced here was the PASS race mid-summer 2011
Comment From Guest 

What happend to russel fleeman

Renegade/Sportsman Finish:

1 07 Jackie Daniel 19
2 20 Jeff Chadwick 19
3 50 Brian Sosebee 19
4 8  Mike Childers 17
5 99 Mathew Widener 17
6 8 Jessie Thomas 16
7 3 Grey Car 5

Jackie Daniel in Victory Lane
Jackie Daniel wins after a charge from Jeff Chadwick.
Green and white flag on this one.
Back under the yellow.
The remains of Thomas’ machine
By the way, we are under red. Seven laps remain in this feature.
LAP 18 – CAUTION – Jessie Thomas slams the Turn Three wall HARD and bursts into flames as the oil cooler comes off. Luckily Thomas is okay, but that was a scary scene as his car burned brightly. Kudos to the safety crew for being on the scene in a hurry.
RESTART – LAP 18 – Daniel, Chadwick, and Brian Sosebee going hot and heavy for the lead. Another great battle shaping up for the support divisions.
LAP 16 – CAUTION – Jessie Thomas’ Dale Earnhardt-themed #8 spinning around.
LAP 15 – Ten to go – Chadwick closing in as Daniel closes in on the fourth and fifth place car.
LAP 10 – Smooth sailing for Jackie Daniel. HIs #07 is up by a second and a half over Chadwick
START – LAP 1 – Jackie Daniel takes the lead over the Tony Stewart-themed #20 of Jeff Chadwick. Already mechanical issues for the backmarkers.
Mini-Stock Feature Results:

1 01 Aaron Calvert
2 4 Vernon Hicks
3 4b Avery Burgess
4 26 Shawn Mize
5 21 Zack Minielly
6 22 Matt Meyer
7 3 Allen Cantrell
8 2 Spanky Hicks
9 46 Greg Swink
10 25 Scotty Beck
DNS 19 B.J. Thrasher


Jackie Daniel will lead the field to green. Yes, he is driving a #07 styled after the old NASCAR Sprint Cup Jack Daniels machine.
Looks like we will have seven Renegades.
Next on the docket – 25L/20Min. Renegade race.
Aaron Calvert emerges as the mini stock winner
Aaron Calvert wins the Mini Stock feature over Vernon Hicks and Avery Burgess
LAP 23 – Vernon Hicks, who spun not ten laps ago, has just taken second.
LAP 21 – Mechanical attrition means only five cars of the 10 who started are on the track. Aaron Calvert pulling away from Avery Burgess.
We have passed the time limit but looks like we will go to 25 laps anyway.
LAP 19 – The #22 of Matt Meyer and #3 of Allen Cantrell, both in the top-five, fall out with mechanical issues.
RESTART – LAP 14 – Aaron Calvert will take the lead easily on the restart.
One to go to the green. We will have two minutes left in the feature.
Now, this race is supposed to be 25 L or 20 Minutes. We are now at 14:18 and probably have at least 2-3 more minutes of clean up ahead.

Aaron Calvert has retaken the lead thanks to Hicks’ crash. Avery Burgess will be his challenge on the restart

Hicks on the hook (Speed51.com Photo)
We’re not really sure what happened to Hicks. We were watching him approach the caution flag and his car seemed to start a slow wiggle before he overcorrected or something broke and turned dead right.

Hicks is okay, luckily. It was a pretty rough crash

CAUTION – LAP 14 – The #26 – Shawn Mize spun off Turn Four. Then leader Spanky Hicks slammed the right front of his machine into the outside wall exiting Turn Four.
LAP 10 – Hicks up to a half-second lead on Calvert. Quite a few cars look super loose off Turn Four. Late model teams watching this race seem to be taking notice.
LAP 8 – Calvert makes a great save trying a crossover on Hicks.
RESTART – LAP 6 – Hicks and Calvert side by side at the line. They have been going at it hot and heavy for the last three-four laps with great, clean door-to-door battling.
CAUTION – LAP 5 – #4 Vernon Hicks around off Turn Four
LAP 4 – Fan favorite Spanky Hicks takes the lead.
LAP 2 – RESTART – Aaron Calvert retakes the lead on the restart.
Caution after one car spins in Turn Two and then two around in Turn Four.
Three-wide into turn one on the first lap! That’s a way to start off the evening. Aaron Calvert made the move stick and took the lead.
Thanks for tuning in tonight. We are one lap away from the start of the fetatures,
11 cars will start the mini-stock feature and they are now on track.
Opening ceremonies complete, Mini Stocks will be first for a 25 lap or 20 minutes feature.
The track is taking a moment to honour Larry Fleeman, the owner of U.S. Auto Sales and a longtime supporter of racing here at GMP. He passed away this week.
Track GM Dan Elliott starts the opening ceremonies by thanking the fans for braving the questionable weather earlier and coming out.
Opening Ceremonies are about to begin.
Of course, the next big race after the KNPSE event will be the World Crown 300 July 3rd and 4th. Expect some of the best SLM drivers in the country to be there. For the drivers here tonight, this is their final tune-up.
Ben Kennedy’s machine reminds fans the next GMP event is the NASCAR KN Pro Series East event June 9th. Make plans to be here!
The Reaid crew waits by their car which will start first tonight (Speed51.com Photo)
Bubba Pollard signing autographs or a little girl who proudly told him Chase Elliott is going to beat him tonight.
Gus Dean signing autographs (Speed51.com Photo)
Polesitter Clay Alexander waits by his machine
While we go down to the autograph session, why don’t you tune into the exciting CRA feature going on right now in Marne, MI?


REMAINING SCHEDULE – Note the Opening Ceremonies will probably occur more towards the 8:00 hour due to the rain earlier

On-track Driver Autograph Session Following Late Model Qualifying (All Divisions)

7:30 pm Opening Ceremonies 

Feature Events

Mini Stock – 25 Laps or 20 minutes
Sportsman/Renegades – 25 Laps or 20 minutes
Trucks – 35 Laps or 30 minutes
Outlaw Late Models – 35 Laps or 30 minutes
Super Late Models – 100 Green Flag Laps  

Comment From Team Alexander 

Way to go Clay! Good luck tonight!

Stephen Nasse just told us that the track didn’t really feel that different during qualifying, a little greasy, but wasn’t a “night and day” difference.
Starting Lineup:

1 41 T.J. Reaid
2 9 Chase Elliott
3 26 Bubba Pollard
4 84 Clay Alexander
5 98 Ryan Blaney
6 51 Stephen Nasse
7 96 Ben Kennedy
8 10K Paul Kelley
9 33 Brandon Jones
10 10 Shawn Simpson
11 18 Jimmy Henderson
12 75 David Odell
13 23 Dalton Grindle
14 56 Gus Dean
15 2 Donnie Wilson
16 71 Jimmy Doyle
17 36 Rodney Benefield
18 12 Scott Hensley
19 47K Allen Karnes

The invert for the Racing Radios 100 will be a FOUR. T.J. Reaid has thus inherited the prime starting position.
The teams are now being given 10 minutes to make adjustments to their cars before impound.
Qualifying Times – Racing Radios 100:

1 84 Clay Alexander 16.599
2 26 Bubba Pollard 16.65
3 9 Chase Elliott 16.682
4 41 T.J. Reaid 16.723
5 98 Ryan Blaney 16.725
6 51 Stephen Nasse 16.754
7 96 Ben Kennedy 16.761
8 10K Paul Kelley 16.762
9 33 Brandon Jones 16.843
10 10 Shawn Simpson 16.846
11 18 Jimmy Henderson 16.855
12 75 David Odell 16.878
13 23 Dalton Grindle 16.95
14 56 Gus Dean 16.967
15 2 Donnie Wilson 17.039
16 71 Jimmy Doyle 17.083
17 36 Rodney Benefield 17.224
18 12 Scott Hensley 17.33
19 47K Allen Karnes 17.624


That concludes qualifying. Clay Alexander has become a second-generation pole winner at this facility. His dad Mike won here quite a few times.
#2 – Donnie Wilson

15th of 19

#96 – Ben Kennedy

7th of 18

Karnes’ machine dropped some debris so they had to stop for a moment to pick things up.
#98 – Ryan Blaney – 16.725 – 5th

#AK47 – Allen Karnes – 17.624 – 17th

#71 – Jimmy Doyle

13th of 15

#9 – Chase Elliott :

3rd of 14

#12 – Scott Hensley – was able to qualify after mechanical issues early in practice:

Hensley ran a 17.330

#18 – Jimmy Henderson – has replaced brother Johnny after Johnny fell under the weather this afternoon

Henderson ran a 16.855

Top-five halfway through qualifying:

16.599 84 Clay Alexander
16.65 26 Bubba Pollard
16.723 41 T.J. Reaid
16.754 51 Stephen Nasse
16.762 10K Paul Kelley
#41 – T.J. Reaid – 16.723
#51 – Stephen Nasse – 16.754
Rodney Benefield 17.224
Money doesn’t seem to be on the minds of the handful of short trackers we talked to, they all believe it’s genuinely to help the field of competition. Bubba Pollard seems to think it’ll make a big difference, but crew chief Ricky Turner just told 51 he doesn’t see much changing.

Only time will tell.

Comment From dp 

I don’t think ignition enough I think we need to add shocks motors radios chassis car colors haulers maybe we should have just one builder draw #s an follow the leader glad I raced when I did every time u change rules all it does is cost us money

Bubba Pollard ran a 16.650, Clay Alexander’s first big bullet.
Luckily, there was a break in the qualifying action and we are back in the booth.

Clay Alexander – 16.599
Paul Kelley – 16.762
Brandon Jones – 16.843
David Odell – 16.878
Gus Dean – 16.967

Unfortunately while following up on the ignition box story qualifying suddenly began. We will give you times when available
Bubba Pollard seems to believe the ignition box rule will help. As for tonight he said the longer the team ran today the better he felt about the car. The fastest lap he ran all day was in race trim
This is going to be a huge story in the Southeast over the coming weeks. We will have follow up on 51 next week
During the drivers meeting it was announced that, effective June 22 via agreement of seven major Southern tracks – Montgomery, Five Flags, Mobile, South Alabama, New Smyrna, Gresham, Orlando – teams will be required to use ONE SPECIFIC IGNITION SYSTEM : Crane Cams 6701. This is mandatory for Pro and Super Lates
Drivers have just been given a stern reminder of the pit road speed, sounds like the track is considering some harsh in race penalties of they continue to see issues
All the drivers that missed the initial roll call did answer the second call
Mini Stock starting lineup
Renegade starting lineup
Bubba Pollard, Stephen Nasse, Allen Karnes, and Dalton Grindle missed roll call at the drivers meeting
Ryan Blaney’s crew has the 98 on jacks as they work thru tech
Comment From Mike Ray

That’s a great Track operator!Deborah Simpkins McDonald was getting up trash last night during the PASS South race at Wake County Speedway.Devoted track employees making it great for the fans.

Johnny Henderson going thru tech (Speed51.com Photo)
Track operator Dan Elliott rolling up his sleeves to help dry the track
You will notice that track drying has begun.
Still there!
Comment From fly n nine 

show us another shot of the race track

We haven’t heard anything about the schedule for the rest of the evening, but provided the rain continues to push out we should be perfectly fine for feature time. That said, qualifying is now in jeapordy as it was scheduled for 6:00 PM EST.

There’s a driver’s meeting at 5:45, which will be the next at-track activity as we continue to dry out.

Blue skies pushing in
To add insult to injury, Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” is now playing on the track PA.
Rain shower has ended but ten minutes was enough to completely wash the track
Outlaw LM Qualifying:

1 22 Jason Bates 17.242
2 27 Mike Davidson 17.307
3 29 Matthew Wragg 17.405
4 85 Hoyt Stephens 17.488
5 11 David Murphy 17.506
6 18 Jimmy Motes 17.74
7 93 Terry Martin 18.198
8 28 Michael Silvey 19.121
We did get Truck Qualifying done:

1 38 Cody Haskins 18.945
2 28 Conrad Compton 19.181
3 2 Matt Vassar 19.45
4 45 Aaron Calvert 19.466
5 44 Kevin Vasser 19.608
6 21 Emilee Riley 19.612
Wow, this is a gullywasher
That came right in the middle of Outlaw LM qualifying.
Rain begins again, this time in earnest.
We’re back to green but there are heavy skies overhead. Weather still looks good for tonight overall.
A pop up shower has halted practice
Support divisions about to take to the track for rotating practice that will last an hour and a half. We’re going to head out and grab some lunch from the concession stands downstairs. If you’ve never been to GMP, they have some of the best race track food you’ll see in the business.

Be back in a bit.

Note that Scott Hensley did not return did not return after stalling on the backstretch during the first half-hour. We will try to follow up if the issue is terminal for the day.
Here’s the Combined Times for Practice:

1 9 Chase Elliott 16.648
2 41 T.J. Reaid 16.692
3 26 Bubba Pollard 16.721
4 51 Stephen Nasse 16.782
5 96 Ben Kennedy 16.819
6 10K Paul Kelley 16.84
7 10 Shawn Simpson 16.968
8 98 Ryan Blaney 16.989
9 84 Clay Alexander 17.03
10 2 Donnie Wilson 17.042
11 18 Johnny Henderson 17.111
12 75 David Odell 17.124
13 47 Allen Karnes 17.174
14 33 Brandon Jones 17.189
15 23 Dalton Grindle 17.201
16 56 Gus Dean 17.206
17 36 Rodney Benefield 17.338
18 71 Jimmy Doyle 17.395
19 12 Scott Hensley 17.854
Final Practice Times:

1 26 Bubba Pollard 16.721
2 9 Chase Elliott 16.82
3 10K Paul Kelley 16.84
4 41 T.J. Reaid 16.842
5 96 Ben Kennedy 16.848
6 51 Stephen Nasse 16.972
7 98 Ryan Blaney 16.989
8 10 Shawn Simpson 16.991
9 84 Clay Alexander 17.03
10 2 Donnie Wilson 17.042
11 47 Allen Karnes 17.174
12 18 Johnny Henderson 17.187
13 33 Brandon Jones 17.189
14 56 Gus Dean 17.206
15 71 Jimmy Doyle 17.297


No, I believe Kyle Benjamin is probably in Montgomery for the Show me the Money event along with Augie Grill.

We are currently doing updates from Montgomery on our Twitter feed.http://twitter.com/speed51dotcom

Comment From Babbi 

Is Benjamin there?

Red and black, practice is over. Bubba Pollard turned in the fastest lap of the day and session.

Those cars will head to tech for qualifying next.

Full times in a second.

Meanwhile, here at Gresham we are ten minutes away from the conclusion of practice for the day. Chase Elliott has just run a 16.82 to slide back into second on the speed chart but Bubba Pollard still has Elliott covered by a tenth of a second.
Chris Wimmer has just set a new track record at Madison International Speedway, besting a 8-year-old record. ASA Midwest Tour qualifying continues and you can jump in Trackside here:http://www.speed51.com/2012_Stories/ASA_MT/Trackside_Now_Madison_5-12.html
Bubba Pollard now at the top of the chart. 16.721. We may be looking at qualifying run time.
Paul Kelley has just eked past Chase Elliott to the top of the speed charts, running a 16.840 to Elliott’s 16.847

Fifteen minutes remain in practice for today.

Elliott is actually on a long run despite having a little more tape on the nose than in previous runs. He goes to the top of the speed charts with Stephen Nasse following him across the stripe and into second place thus far.
Chase Elliott the only car on the track right now and he may be on a qualifying run.
And just like that, the third and final half hour begins with Jimmy Doyle leading the charge onto the racing surface.
Second Half-Hour Times – Complete Times:

1 41 T.J. Reaid 16.692
2 9 Chase Elliott 16.73
3 26 Bubba Pollard 16.753
4 51 Stephen Nasse 16.782
5 10K Paul Kelley 16.878
6 96 Ben Kennedy 16.929
7 98 Ryan Blaney 17.002
8 10 Shawn Simpson 17.035
9 84 Clay Alexander 17.068
10 75 David Odell 17.124
11 2 Donnie Wilson 17.149
12 18 Johnny Henderson 17.154
13 56 Gus Dean 17.224
14 33 Brandon Jones 17.235
15 23 Dalton Grindle 17.283
16 47 Allen Karnes 17.283
17 71 Jimmy Doyle 17.303
18 36 Rodney Benefield 17.394
This half-hour concludes with Reaid and Elliott finishing with the times just posted. Full times in a second.
T.J. Reaid paces Chase Elliott (16.692 to a 16.730) with about five minutes left in this half-hour of practice
Paul Kelley has just cracked the 17-second barrier for the first time today, turning in a 16.878
T.J. Reaid currently leads this half-hour of practice with a 16.692 second lap (Speed51.com Photo)
Clay Alexander thru 1 and 2 (Speed51com Photo)
I saw a #99 of Matthew Widener earlier, but he may actually be a nice-looking support division machine. Scratched my head about it for a few minutes, looked like a late model to me, but I may have been incorrect.
Comment From Lenny Whitehead 

What car hasnt made it out on track yet?

First Half-Hour Practice – Complete Times:

1 9 Chase Elliott 16.648
2 96 Ben Kennedy 16.819
3 41 T.J. Reaid 16.953
4 26 Bubba Pollard 16.962
5 51 Stephen Nasse 16.962
6 01 Shawn Simpson 16.968
7 10K Paul Kelley 17.03
8 2 Donnie Wilson 17.073
9 98 Ryan Blaney 17.097
10 18 Johnny Henderson 17.111
11 84 Clay Alexander 17.114
12 23 Dalton Grindle 17.201
13 33 Brandon Jones 17.217
14 75 David Odell 17.226
15 36 Rodney Benefield 17.338
16 47 Allen Karnes 17.365
17 71 Jimmy Doyle 17.395
18 56 Gus Dean 17.416
19 12 Scott Hensley 17.854
They’re going to take a quick break after one half-hour to let some support divisions late arrivers come in.
There is only one practice, but yes we will give you full practice times.
Comment From superfan 

will you be able to give us a full run down after both pratices?

Ben Kennedy mid-spin (Speed51.com Photo)
Gus Dean will make his first laps of the session as the green flies again.

Your top-five after 15/90 minutes in practice:

9 Chase Elliott – 16.648
96 Ben Kennedy – 16.819
41 T.J. Reaid – 16.953
26 Bubba Pollard – 16.962
51 Stephen Nasse – 16.962

Top-three are all Bill Elliott Racing machines.

Caution waving after the #12 Scott Hensley machine has stalled on the backstretch.
17 of the 20 cars we counted in the pits have already hit practice in the first 15 minutes.
Back to green.
Ben Kennedy just looped it around on the frontstretch and managed to hold on to it without smacking the wall
Just four minutes into practice and T.J. Reaid has already dipped below the 17 second barrier with a 16.95
Correction on the driver roster:

The #10 tonight will not be driven by regular driver R.S. Senter.

Instead, four-time World Crown winner and usual Senter mentor Paul Kelley will be behind the #10 machine.

Scott Henley leads the field onto the track and we’re underway with practice.
Of course, if you can’t make it tonight, make plans to be here July 4th for the World Crown 300, featuring some of the country’s best super late model drivers. Can Georgians retake the Crown or will an invader like Wisconsin’s Chris Wimmer surprise everyone and take home the trophy?
As the Late Models are about to go out, grandstand admission is now open. If you’re within a few hours’ drive of Gresham, we encourage you to come on out. Weather right now is perfect and it’s going to be a good show tonight.
Super Late Models being brought to the line. There will be a one and a half hour practice for the SLMers and it will be the only practice.
Practice will be getting underway here in about 15 minutes.

Remember this is not the only Speed51.com Trackside Now event going on right now!

We have the ASA Midwest Tour SLMs about to kick off their season at Madison International Speedway. We have Trackside Now here:http://www.speed51.com/2012_Stories/ASA_MT/Trackside_Now_Madison_5-12.html

Also about to get started is the ARCA/CRA Super Series event at Berin that is going to have two features tonight. Join 44 beautiful machines here:http://www.speed51.com/2012_Stories/CRA/Trackside_now_Berlin_5_12.html

A very brief drivers’ meeting just took place outlining practice and tech procedures. They will have to come back for a more formal meeting later in the day as track management had some other details they needed to address
Will anyone come close to Cale Gale’s SLM track record tonight? Will Michael Shelton’s blistering 35.899 second motorized scooter record stay safe? (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From reno power

love Pollard’s new paint! hope it’s really fast.

One #18 not in attendance is the familiar black and red Ronnie Sanders Racing machine. Sanders is here helping out Clay Alexander. With Sanders helping out in 2012, Alexanders had some good runs of late. Sanders just smiled and said “I think we’ll be all right” With the crafty veteran helping out, Alexander may be the best dark horse pick tonight against Pollard and the Elliott Racing trio
GMP will be handing out some nice hardware tonight (Speed51.com Photo)
Add Johnny Henderson’s #18 to the SLM’s here. That’s an even 20 thus far
Crew chief Ricky Turner is already playing with springs in the Elliott Racing pot area
Bubba Pollard was #1 in the Short Track Draft. Can he get a major on-track victory tonight? (Speed51.com Photo)
Cars on the ground: 10 RS Senter 33 Brandon Jones 47 Allen Karnes 71 Jimmy Doyle 12 Scott Hensley 56 Gus Dean 36 Rodney Benefield 9 Chase Elliott 98 Ryan Blaney 96 Ben Kennedy 41 TJ Reaid 23 Dalton Grindle 26 Bubba Pollard 99 Matthew Widener 75 David Odell 10 Steven Simpson 84 Clay Alexander 2 Donnie Wilson 51 Stephen Nasse
Tire selection about to begin, Drivers’ Meeting at 1:15
Ben Kennedy’s SLM has just rolled into the facility sporting some new paint on his #96. He will have sponsorship tonight and in the June KNPSE race from longtime GMP partner Slack Auto Parts.
The next big SLM event at Gresham will be the World Crown 300 on July 3-4. Some of the best drivers around the country will enter this rich and prestigious mid-summer showdown. Speed51 is proud to be a media partner of this event and we would love to see you here at the track for the race and fireworks show.
This is the first major Super Late Model event of the season at GMP, just a few weeks removed from Chase Elliott’s capture of the PLM Beau Slocumb Memorial.

Elliott is entered here today.

As you can see, a number of support divisions are racing here tonight and we see a healthy number of those machines filling up the pits.

As for the Late Models, we will be going down shortly to get an accurate count of the cars and drivers here.

Here’s today’s schedule:

12:00 pm Tech Opens for all divisions (Mandatory for Late Model teams)

1:15 pm Late Model Driver’s Meeting

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Late Model Practice

3:30 pm – 5:30 pm Tech for Late Model Qualifying (Failure to be off scales and FINISHED by 5:30 pm = 1 lap to Qualify)

3:45 pm – 5:30 pm Practice and European-style Qualifying for Local Divisions (Trucks, Outlaw Late Models, Sportsman/Renegades, Mini Stocks)

5:30 pm Chapel Services at Infield Tech Building

5:45 pm MANDATORY Driver’s Meeting for ALL DIVISIONS

6:30 pm Late Model Qualifying,

On-track Driver Autograph Session Following Late Model Qualifying (All Divisions)

7:30 pm Opening Ceremonies 

Feature Events

Mini Stock – 25 Laps or 20 minutes
Sportsman/Renegades – 25 Laps or 20 minutes
Trucks – 35 Laps or 30 minutes
Outlaw Late Models – 35 Laps or 30 minutes
Super Late Models – 100 Green Flag Laps

Good afternoon from Gresham Motorsports Park in Jefferson, GA. Cloudy skies and a pleasant low 70s-degree day await approximately 20 Super Late Model teams for tonight’s 100 lap show.
DISCLAIMER: All updates posted on Speed51.com’s Trackside Now are property of 51 Sports, LLC and may not be duplicated in any form unless prior permission has been given by 51 Sports, LLC.

Trackside Now – 05/12/12 – Super Late Model 100 – Gresham Motorsports Park (GA)