We will be heading up the road to rest up for big day on Speed51.com as we will have Trackside Now, and radio all across the county.  Thanks for watching. Goodnight.
Final Times Provided by the Track
1 22P Nick Panitzke 17.38
2 87H Nathan Haseleu 17.522
3 5M Jeremy Miller 17.573
4 21 Tim Schenndel 17.618
5 12 Nick Murgic 17.655
6 71 Blake Brown 17.731
7 77 Jonathan Eilen 17.742
8 34 Brandon Hill 17.784
9 36 Dan Fredrickson 17.935
10 81 Ed Szelagowski Jr. 18.253
11 6L Austin Luedtke 18.363
12 1W Buddy Willberg 18.914
Practice has come to an end here at Madison Int’l Speedway (WI). We’ll have the practice speeds up in a few minutes.
Final few minutes of practice now for the Super Late Model.
Remember we will be back on tomorrow with live coverage from this race as well as radio coverage as well. This event along with CRA race at Berlin Raceway (MI) and the Super Late Model show at Gresham Motorsports (GA) will also have live radio coverage.
Late in practice here teams are making mock time trial runs.
We have only had one car or so at a time working the track. You can tell we are close to being done for the day.
Fast time is still a 17.380 by Nick Panitzke
Comment From Fishface 

Thanks for posting the pic of Mark getting t-boned. It’s not a great memory, but his comeback from the wreck that season was amazing. He raced with a hand clutch several times. Plus he won a 150 lap ASA race at Milwaukee and stood in victory lane on crutches getting interviewed. Might the only time that’s ever happened in the history of racing.

Blake Brown and Chris Wimmer are on the speedway.
Things are busy again here in the final half hour of practice.  Most teams will wait till tomorrow to get on the track.
Cars are back on track. Dan Freddrickson is the first car on the track. He took one lap and went back to the pits.
The track is quite right now before we push for the final 50 minutes of practice.
A member of  Jonathan Eilen crew told us that they are done for the day.  
Chris Wimmer on track. (Speed51.com Photo)
We are now entering our final hour of practice.  The pit gates open at 9:00am with the Madison Late Models practicing at 11:30am, ASA Midwest Tour practice 12:15pm.  Qualifying will start at 1:10pm with racing at 2:30pm.  All Central Time.
For those cars with transponders on them, the top-five so far are…

Nick Panitzke 17.380
Jeremy Miller 17.635
Nick Murgic 17.655
Nathan Haseleu 17.698
Jonathan Eilen 17.742

Unofficially, Nick Panitzke turned a lap time of 17.380 seconds a little while ago in practice.
cars are coming back out for practice. We are going to take photos.
We have switched from Late Models back to local cars now.
Andrew Morrissey and Nick Panitzke waiting to head out on the track.
It is true. This place has some history and this was a big crash here back in 1980.
Mark Martin (car to left) was Bradley hurt in this crash here years ago.
Comment From Fishface 

Is it true that they have a picture of the wreck that broke both of Mark Martin’s ankles in July 1980 somewhere at the track?

Chris Wimmer does some work under his car before heading out.
Chris Wimmer has also roleld into the track for practice.
A friend of Speed 51, Dan Fredrickson, just unloaded.
While this is the first of two stops for the ASA Midwest Tour here, there are four Super Late Model events here this season set up by the track.  June 8th, July 6th, September 22nd and September 23rd will host big events as a part of the Triple Crown Championship Series.
We have about 90 minutes left in practice.
Practice is still pretty smooth as we have about three on the track right now.
Nathan Haseleu is out for the first time today.
We have just gotten word from the guys here on staff who are working with the scoring computer that Nick Panitzke ran a lap at 17.388 which is under the track record.  It’s still unofficial as it’s not a time trial run.
He did not hit anything.
Brandon Hill has spun in turn two.
Ty Majeski on track for action. (Speed51.com Photo)
Now we are back to Super Late Models with Andrew Morrissey, Boris Jurkovic and several others.
We have changed from Late Models to local divisions again.
First Joe Shear Classic winner Nathan Haseleu just rolled his car out of the hauler.
Jonathan Eilen said his car is already better than last week. He is now trying to remind himself on how to drive the car…he said.
Ross Kenseth, who won this race last year will start third tonight down at Wake County.  Follow our Speed 51 twitter feed at   https://twitter.com/#!/speed51dotcom for information, but not live updates.
Jonathan Eilen has a little buddy on the grill of his Ford Fusion.
It’s a big Super Late Model weekend here on Speed51.com and there is a PASS South event going on tonight at Wake County Speedway (WI).  Kyle Grissom set fast time and will try to redraw for the pole for the 125 lapper tonight.
Nick Murgic sits in his car waiting to head back out.
Brandon Hill and his crew discuss setups.
We’ll be here till 8pm or when they finish things up tonight with practice.
Right Now Blake Brown, Ty Majeski and Austin Luedtke are on the track as others work in the pits.
Jesse…message delivered to Andrew and he says thank you.
Andrew Morrissey and his crew watch video from a camera posted inside of his car so they can look at the suspension on the right front side.
While we look around the our we see that Andrew Morrissey is the track record holder here at Madison in a Super Late Model. He ran a lap 17.413 back in 2004 with a four-barrell carburetor.
Matt Tifft (left) talks setup with Tim Schendel (right).
That’s right, he’s 28 today according to our records.
Comment From Jesse 

I want to say a Happy Birthday To Andrew Morrissey!!

Speed51.com will have live Trackside Now coverage at Madison for ASA Midwest, at Berlin for ARCA/CRA, and at Gresham for Super Late Models. We are planning coverage at Montgomery for the Show Me The Money event as well.   We will also have live radio coverage at Berlin and Madison.  We will also provide a Spanish Broadcast for the NASCAR Mexico race on NASCAR Home Tracks.
Comment From Lenny Whitehead 

Will speed51 be covering the CRA super series race tomorrow?

Super Late Models are back on the speedway and 2011 Champion Andrew Morrissey is making his first laps of the day.
While we have a chance we will let you know about some of the changes in how the field will be set with ASA this year.

The 2012 race procedures will be as follows: The top 16 in time
will be locked in to the main event. The top 16 will run a qualifying
event with a 14 invert to determine starting spots for the main
event based on each drivers finish. Cars not locked in will run
transfer heats starting straight up based on qualifying times with
2 cars transferring from each event for positions 17-20. Remaining cars will run a last chance ,starting straight up with 3 cars
transferring. Provisional 24- Highest in ASAMT Points, Provisional
25- Highest in Local SLM Pointsor ASAMT Points, Provisional 26-

Highest TS not in the show or highest in ASAMT Points.

We have taken a brake from Late Models on the track as some locals come out for some action.
Ty Majeski who is a former Big 8 Seires winner is on the track.
Austin Luedtke on track. (Speed51.com Photo)
2011 Winchester 400 winner Boris Jurkovic is now on track.
We continue to have two and three cars on the track at a time.
Comment From Mark 

Will be there Saturday,should be a good race day. Porter In.

Shane Morrissey is on track in his MIS Late Model and Blake Brown in his ASAMT Late Model.
Madison International Speedway was built in 1968 and is still Wisconsin’s Fastest Half-Mile oval and known as Capital Super Speedway.  There was a period in 1987-88 where it was ran as a dirt track as Impact Speedway.  The track was silent until May, 1992 when it re-opened as Madison International Speedway and has been operating every year since that time.
Currently, three ASA Midwest Tour cars and two MIS Late Model cars are on track. Panitzke, Tifft, and Hill. Multi-time track champion Bobby Wilberg and Tyler Kelly are in their MIS Late Models.
Practice is scheduled to go on until 8:00pm Central Time tonight.  The forecast looks great for tomorrow afternoon’s fourth running of the Joe Shear Classic.  Qualifying is scheduled for 1:00pm with Racing at 2:30pm.
Nick Panitzke heads out.
It appears there was no fluid on the track and we are green for practice.  Former MIS Track Champion Dave Feiler is on the track along with ASAMT Touring Star Nick Panitzke.
Tim Schendel’s ride. (Speed51.com Photo)
Track is currently under a red flag condition as the safety officals are looking at possible fluid on the frontstretch.
Other notables that competed in that 2007 race were Kyle Busch, Rich Bickle, Johnny Sauter and Dick Trickle.
Brandon Hill picked up his only ASA Midwest Tour here at Madison during the series inaguaral season in 2007.  He won the Five Star Race Car Bodies No Bull 100 in front of his fellow Five Star employees.
Pretty much the track is open for both the ASA Midwest Tour and Madison Late Models.  MIS Late Model competitor Zack Riddle is on the track as well as ASAMT’s Brandon Hill.
Jonathan Eilen and Jeremy Miller have now come out on the track.  Blake Brown in the number 71 has joined them.
All three drivers on the track are rookies this year with ASA Midwest.
Cars are still working there way into the speedway for this session.  We are in the tower and no timing and scoring is set up so we will not have practice speeds.
First three cars to hit the track for practice are Ed Szelagowski, Matt Tifft and Austin Luedtke.
Tomorrow is a big day here in Madison with the 100 lap event which will have live radio coverage and Trackside Now from this high banked half mile.  That’s not all the action that Speed51.com will have for you as we’ll give you details later on today.
We will be getting underway in a few minutes.  There are ASA Midwest Tour Late Models in the ptis as well as local Limited Late Models that run here weekly.  We also see more local classes coming in.
Good afternoon and welcome to the Madison Int’l Speedway (WI) for the optional practice for the Fourth Annual Joe Shear Classic for the ASA Midwest Tour.  We’ll be here during the day with live updates and photos of the action.
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Trackside Now – 05/11/12 – Joe Shear Classic – Madison Speedway (WI)