Thanks for joining us tonight and we’ll see ya tomorrow here at GMP for the Beau Slocumb Memorial. Goodnight!



That ends ouur coverage today as we’ll be back to GMP in about 12 hours.

Here is tomorrow’s schedule:

Saturday, April 7th, 2012
7:30 am Pit Ticket Sales Open
8:00 am Pit Gate Opens, Local Division Driver Registration Opens
8:30 am Tech Opens for all divisions
9:15 am Tire Selection – Pro Late Models (6 tires – Based on Order of Entries Received)
10:15 am Pro Late Model Driver’s Meeting (Qualifying Position Pick)
11:00 am Grandstands and Trackside Parking Opens
11:00 am – 12:30 pm Pro Late Model Practice
12:35 pm – 2:45 pm Tech for Pro Late Model Qualifying (Mandatory: Failure to be off scales and FINISHED by 3:45 pm = 1 lap to Qualify)
12:35 pm – 2:45 pm Practice and European-style Qualifying for Local Divisions – Trucks, Outlaw Late Models, Sportsman/Renegades, Mini Stocks
Top 5 MUST CROSS SCALES – Round 2 lap times will be lap of record for Qualifying.
2:45 pm Chapel Services at Infield Tech Building
3:00 pm MANDATORY Driver’s Meeting for ALL GMP LOCAL DIVISIONS (Trucks, Outlaw Late Models, Sportsman, Mini Stocks, Renegades)
3:45 pm Pro Late Model Qualifying (This will be an impound race)
4:25 pm Helicopter Egg Drop
5:25 pm Opening Ceremonies
Feature Events
Mini Stock – 25 Laps or 15 minutes
Sportsman / Renegade – 20 Laps or 15 minutes
Pro Late Model Last Chance (If Needed) – 25 Laps
Trucks – 35 Laps or 30 minutes
Outlaw Late Models – 35 Laps or 30 minutes
Beau Slocumb Memorial 208 – Pro Late Models – Segment 1 – 100 Green Flag Laps
– Segment 2 – 75 Green Flag Laps
– Segment 3 – 33 Green Flag Laps



Augie Grill lead the final practice, but Chase Elliott had the fast time today. (Speed51.com Photo)




Local cars are on the track for thier final rounds of practice.



Practice Four Times – Pro Late Models
1 112 Augie Grill 16.936
2 9m Mason Massey 16.957
3 15 Colt James 17.016
4 9 Chase Elliott 17.037
5 24 Austin Hill 17.083
6 29 Anderson Bowen 17.086
7 12 Eric Wallace 17.105
8 1 Mike Garvey 17.106
9 2 Brady Boswell 17.127
10 26 Willie Allen 17.149
11 98 Russell Fleeman 17.153
12 41 T. J. Reaid 17.201
13 71 Kyle Benjamin 17.212
14 18 Max Gresham 17.220
15 61 Chase Miller 17.245
16 1 Cody Coughlin 17.263
17 56 Gus Dean 17.270
18 10 R S Senter 17.272
19 26 Bubba Pollard 17.301
20 118 Jimmy Henderson 17.333
21 23 Dalton Grindle 17.460
22 10S Shawn Simpson 17.479
23 29 Matthew Wragg 17.501
24 15 Bill Plemons Jr. 17.563
25 97 Tanner Berryhill 17.574
26 55 Mason Mitchell 17.576
27 2 Levi Kyle McCallum 18.167
28 O4 Michael Lance no time
29 29 Spencer Davis no time
30 36 Rodney Benefield no time
31 27 Corbin Cooper no time



Comment From Guest 

Thanks for the updates, following from TX. Wishing I was there.



Practice is over.  Grill finished on top. Full list coming shortly.



Final minutes of Pro Late Model practice.  Augie Grill will end up on top giving us four different practice leaders today.  Grill, Chase Elliott, Russell Fleeman and Max Gresham.



No change in the top five.  Anderson Bowen is the sixth quickest with Eric Wallace and Mike Garvey behind him.



We have less then 10 minutes to go in the final practice.  Some teams are already packing it up as tomorrow has an early start with pits opening at 8am.



Grill still leads practice with Massey, James, Elliott and Austin Hill in the top five.



Paul Kelley watches final practice.




Grill is now done for the day. He will load up and be ready for tomorrow.



Quick changes going in for Anderson Bowen. (Speed51.com Photo)




25 cars have been out in this practice.



Augie Grill is going back out for more even after leading the speed chart.



Mason Massey and Colt James are second and third.



Augie Grill goes to the top of the charts in the final practice.



things have cooled off so the speeds should go up in this final run.



Coming June 12th!




Team will have a real challenge as the sun is setting and the apporach to turn three is very bright.



The final Pro Late Model practice is underway.



We had some fans ask about the outlaws so here are their practice charts.




Comment From Mom

go KB71



The sun is beginning to dip off in turns three and four. (Speed51.com Photo)




Comment From Jesse

Augie Grill Is A Class Act! Definitely A Hero Of Mine! Go 112!



Comment From Lenny

Good luck Nasse,Garvey,and Berryhill



We see another team loading up, Michael Lance has been quick all day.




Spencer Davis is all done for the day ad it is close to his bed time. Lol just kidding, but they are done with practice. (Speed51.com Photo)




Augie Grill in the house for practice.




Practice Three Times – Pro Late Models

1 18 Max Gresham 16.823
2 1 Cody Coughlin 16.833
3 112 Augie Grill 16.839
4 9m Mason Massey 16.877
5 71 Kyle Benjamin 16.925
6 26 Willie Allen 17.009
7 O4 Michael Lance 17.013
8 15 Colt James 17.024
9 1 Mike Garvey 17.055
10 61 Chase Miller 17.120
11 29 Spencer Davis 17.134
12 24 Austin Hill 17.157
13 26 Bubba Pollard 17.218
14 29 Matthew Wragg 17.239
15 29 Anderson Bowen 17.255
16 10S Shawn Simpson 17.267
17 118 Jimmy Henderson 17.276
18 10 R S Senter 17.293
19 97 Tanner Berryhill 17.300
20 56 Gus Dean 17.311
21 36 Rodney Benefield 17.377
22 55 Mason Mitchell 17.418
23 15 Bill Plemons Jr. 17.550
24 2 Levi Kyle McCallum 18.830
25 9 Chase Elliott no time
26 2 Brady Boswell no time
27 41 T. J. Reaid no time
28 98 Russell Fleeman no time
29 12 Eric Wallace no time
30 27 Corbin Cooper no time
31 23 Dalton Grindle no time



Comment From mawmawhill 




Max Gresham wins the third round of practice. Time sheet coming up.



Just as we say that Pollard heads out and puts his car in the top 15 on the chart.



Bubba Pollard is having problems today and has not made many laps.  The team is looking to sort out the issues.



We can add another car to the grid Augie Grill unloaded and has already been on the track for practice.



20 cars have been on the track, Gresham still leads.



Tanner Berryhill was fifth at the World Crown here in 2009. (Speed51.com Photo)




Max Gresham leads Cody Coughlin, and Mason Massey here in the third practice.



It will be seven winners when Stehen Nasse shows up.  He won a Pro Late Model show here last year.



If Augie Grill shows up tomorrow we will have six former GMP winners in the field.  Chase Elliott, Grill, Bubba Pollard, Austin Hill, Mike Garvey, and Max Gresham.



Right now Max Gresham leads the time sheet.



Pro Late Models are back on the track for practice.



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Brady Boswell has had some good times today. (Speed51.com Photo)




Tire selection for Saturday is going on right now so some teams have crew members in both the newly paved tire area and with their race cars.



Chase Elliott’s quick lap didn’t mean much in his eyes.  He said that’s good if it was qualfying, but right now on practice day it’s just a number.  Elliott also went on to remind us he’s had some bad luck here at GMP.  He ran out of gas in the NASCAR east race last june and was third after starting on the tail at the World Crown 300.



No, we have two more.  We got caught up talking with drivers.



Comment From Guest 

is that the last practice for the late models



Chase Elliott ran a great lap and Bubba Pollard was only at speed for half a lap.  We’ll look into both situations.



Practice Two Times – Pro Late Models
1 9 Chase Elliott 16.763
2 10 R S Senter 16.969
3 71 Kyle Benjamin 16.985
4 2 Brady Boswell 17.032
5 O4 Michael Lance 17.067
6 1 Cody Coughlin 17.08
7 15 Colt James 17.100
8 24 Austin Hill 17.147
9 29 Anderson Bowen 17.152
10 1 Mike Garvey 17.171
11 41 T. J. Reaid 17.196
12 26 Willie Allen 17.211
13 29 Spencer Davis 17.218
14 36 Rodney Benefield 17.221
15 118 Jimmy Henderson 17.24
16 18 Max Gresham 17.264
17 98 Russell Fleeman 17.328
18 12 Eric Wallace 17.33
19 9m Mason Massey 17.383
20 61 Chase Miller 17.412
21 56 Gus Dean 17.428
22 29 Matthew Wragg 17.465
23 55 Mason Mitchell 17.536
24 97 Tanner Berryhill 17.572
25 15 Bill Plemons Jr. 18.195
26 27 Corbin Cooper 18.482
27 2 Levi Kyle McCallum 18.624
28 26 Bubba Pollard 23.315
29 10S Shawn Simpson no time
30 23 Dalton Grindle no time



Practice two is complete.  We will have the rundown in a second.



Not yet, but he should be late tonight or ealry tomorrow.



Comment From Guest 

is augie grill there?



RS Senter has shot up to second on the charts. Chase Elliott still leads.



We are in the final few minutes of Pro Late Model practice round number two. Practice goes till 8pm tonight.



If you are coming out to the race track tomorrow remember thier will be a helicopter egg drop for the kids at 4:25pm.



Cody Coughlin is now into the top five here in practice.



Austin Hill has been in the top five in both practice rounds. (Speed51.com Photo)




Comment From Don Patrick 




Comment From Case James 

good luck this weekend to my dad colt james #15 🙂



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Coming June 12th!




Michael Lance is also back in the top three.



Brady Boswell has now jumped up to second on the time sheet.  Chase Elliott still leads.






Corbin Cooper after his spin. (Speed51.com Photo)




Fans can see live scoring in the infield. Chase Elliott leads Kyle Benjamin and Austin Hill.




Corbin Cooper just went for a spin in turn two. He didn’t hit anything and we are back to green.



David Bowen (his son Anderson Bowen) chats with Steve Benjamin (his son is Kyle Benjamin). ( Speed51.com Photo)




We are heading back out for the second round of Pro Late Model practice.



Nothing yet.



Comment From Guest 

Was at Lanier for Buggay’s win last Saturday, some good racing in all divisions. Any word on if that track will reemerge with different ownership?



The Bill Plemons ride.




We will in a few minutes.



Comment From Guest

any pics of bill plemmons i hadnt seen him race since hooters cup days



Comment From Guest

Watching practice on Speed51 fron the Bahamas go Chase, TJ and Mason!



They were quick in Florida at Smyrna Speedweeks and they are quick here today.




For the record the 118 is Jimmy Henderson the son of Johnny Henderson.



Does not look to be. He won last week at Lanier, but is MIA here on Friday.



Comment From Guest

Is Dwayne Buggay not at GMP this weekend?



The Elliott team is working hard on three machines this weekend. (Speed51.com Photo)




Bubba Pollard watches as his dad Sonny works on the right front.




Practice One Times – Pro Late Models

1 98 Russell Fleeman 17.048
2 1 Cody Coughlin 17.119
3 O4 Michael Lance 17.133
4 9 Chase Elliott 17.202
5 71 Kyle Benjamin 17.216
6 41 T. J. Reaid 17.221
7 24 Austin Hill 17.231
8 18 Max Gresham 17.245
9 26 Bubba Pollard 17.27
10 10 R S Senter 17.295
11 1 Mike Garvey 17.339
12 118 Jimmy Henderson 17.376
13 10S Shawn Simpson 17.384
14 29 Matthew Wragg 17.412
15 61 Chase Miller 17.414
16 29 Spencer Davis 17.423
17 36 Rodney Benefield 17.439
18 2 Brady Boswell 17.443
19 12 Eric Wallace 17.448
20 27 Corbin Cooper 17.517
21 9m Mason Massey 17.541
22 15 Colt James 17.614
23 55 Mason Mitchell 17.630
24 23 Dalton Grindle 17.652
25 56 Gus Dean 17.721
26 15 Bill Plemons Jr. 17.781
27 29 Anderson Bowen No Time
28 26 Willie Allen No Time
29 97 Tanner Berryhill No Time
30 2 Levi Kyle McCallum No Time



The first practice is complete. We’ll have the time sheet when available.



Russell Fleeman goes to the top of the board. The former World Crown winner took the honors when it was a Pro Late Model race in 2008.



We have two yellow number ones, but this one is the fastest car of them all. (Speed51.com Photo)




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Chase Elliott at speed here at GMP. He was third in the World Crown here last year. (Speed51.com Photo)




Max Gresham in the Ronnie Sanders 18. (Speed51.com Photo)




Michael Lance is up to second on the time sheet.



We had a minor spin that slowed practice, but we didn’t see who it was.



Early on in practice Cody Coughlin leads Kyle Benjamin and Chase Elliott.



Track is now hot for practice. We are going to go take some photos and we’ll be back.



Coming June 12th!




The winner of this race tomorrow could win $10,000 if they take all three segments. Last year Chris Wimmer won all three segments of the World Crown to take $20,000. We are not sure if it will happen again.



Practice will go till 8pm tonight and the track will close at 9pm.



REMINDER: The track frequency is 461.2000 – If you have questions check with the local radio guys on site here at the track.



Drivers meeting.




We will have the driver’s meeting in a few minutes.



Hope you are coming out this weekend Richard.



Comment From Old Man Richard 

A big early thanks to the Speed51 crew through out the weekend for being on top of the action once again from GMP, at the Beau Slocumb memorial! Our thoughts @ prayers go out to the family! Thanks to all the drivers @ crews @ Dan Elliott @ gang for this event! Happy Easter everyone, be safe! ==== A friend @ Fan. === Conyers, Ga.



Comment From Ryan 

Pollard’s number design is awesome tribute to his friend. Anyone who was fortuanante to talk to Beau knows what kind of person he was. Great tribute to a great wheelman. RIP #08.



Lots of tires will be used this weekend.




Scroll down for the pre-race entry list.



Comment From Guest

how about a driver roster



We have seen 28 cars that are on the grounds today. That does not include Augie Grill, and Stephen Nasse.



Colt James checking his car on the surface plate in the tech shed.




Willie Allen has just come in with his car. He was second here last year in this event. We had a total of 33 cars race in last year’s event.



So far no major issues in tech as a few things need tweaking and some body panels need work.



Micky Cain and Mark Mapp



Comment From guest Pensacola 

Good Afternoon Speed 51!!!!!!!!!! Who is the tech crew this weekend…thanks for the coverage…



Coming June 12th!




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About an hour until the track goes hot for action here at GMP.



Michael Lance in tech.




The Kyle Benjamin machine waits in the tech line.




Gus Dean switched back to Pro Late Models after a Pro Cup race at Anderson.




Austin Hill is back after winning a Pro Late Model show here last year.




Colt James’ crew is making some tweaks after tech.




Joey Clanton works on the ignition to the Anderson Bowen machine.




Greg Simpson always runs well here.




Here is a breakdown of how this three segment race will go tomorrow night.
The 2nd Annual Beau Slocumb Memorial 208 will be open to any Pro Late Model team meeting the rules and specifications with a paid Registration form. The race will be split into three segments as follows:

Segment 1 – 100 green flag laps, $2,500.00 to the winner.
At the end of segment 1, all cars completing segment 1 will transfer to segment 2. The first car one lap down will receive a free pass to return to the lead lap. A predetermined number of lead lap cars will be inverted. During this segment break, teams will be permitted to change tires and make adjustments to their cars without loss of position (this is NOT a hot pit stop), as long as adjustments are completed within the allotted time.

Segment 2 – 75 green flag laps, $3,000.00 to winner.
At the end of segment 2, only the cars on the lead lap plus the first car one lap down will advance to segment 3. During the caution, cars will have the option to pit (This will be a hot pit stop). Cars choosing to pit will return to the lineup based on the order they exit pit road. Should a team choose not to pit, they will move up in the lineup accordingly.

Segment 3 – 33 green flag laps, $4,500.00 to the winner.



We have heard that and he is on his way after they swap out the motors.



Comment From Guest 

Rumor has it Stephan Nasse is coming up, leaving the Easter Bunny 150?



Teams are getting transponders on their cars so we will have times each session here later on tonight.



The pre-race entry list has 30 cars and we know of a few more heading to GMP.



Bill Elliott Racing has three cars here this weekend. Chase Elliott, TJ Reaid, and Mason Massey.



Tech is rolling along smoothly here in the early afternoon hours.



Little Bubby on Mike Garvey’s car had some scrapes, but his car won last Friday at Five Flags.




Bubba Pollard with his tribute to his friend Beau. Pollard won this race lady year. (Speed51.com Photo)




Spencer Davis has a new look for this race as he honors the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame.




REMINDER:  The track frequency is 461.2000 – If you have questions check with the local radio guys on site here at the track.



We have not done a rough count in the pit area yet, but will have some photos as we check out the action.



Today’s Schedule
Friday, April 6th, 2012
11:00 am Pit Ticket Sales Open
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Hauler Parking – Pro Late Model
1:00 pm Hauler Parking – Outlaw, Truck, Sportsman/Renegade, Mini Stock
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Tech Open for Pro Late Models (Mandatory)
2:00 pm Mandatory Safety Inspection for Outlaw, Truck, Sportsman/Renegade, Mini Stock divisions
3:45 pm Driver’s Meeting for all Divisions
4:00 pm – 8:00 pm Rotating Practice – PLM (30 mins), Tr (10 mins), OLM (10 mins), Spmn/Ren (10 mins), M-S (10 mins)
6:00 pm Pro Late Model Qualifying Tire Selection (4 tires – based on Order of Entries Received)
9:00 pm Track Closes



Good afternoon and welcome to the practice day for the Beau Slocumb Memorial 208 at Gresham Motorsports Park (GA). Pro Late Models will hit the track with practice later on today at 4pm.  We’ll have action all day long as cars go through tech and prep to hit the track at 4pm.



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Trackside Now – 04/6/12 – Beau Slocumb Memorial 208 – Gresham Motorsports Park (GA)