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That concludes our coverage of the Widow Wax 125 Presented by Seal Wrap Repair Tape from here at Bristol Motor Speedway.
Nelson Piquet, Jr. raises the Brazilian flag in victory lane. (Speed51.com Photo)
Corey LaJoie (07) and Nelson Piquet, Jr. (14) battle for the lead. (Matthew Dillner for Speed51.com Photo)
Chase Elliott (9) goes for a spin after contact with Ryan Blaney. (Matthew Dillner for Speed51.com Photo)
Threewide battle between Wallace (18), LaJoie (07) and Kennedy (96). (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From bigbill 

chase and Ryan Blaney are real good freinds he didn’t want to sp[in him out

Comment From Pedro Mugarte 

Thanks for the informations, Nelson Piquet P1! Brazil loves NASCAR!

Depending on the point of view of “should”. Under the rulebook, Blaney not getting sent to the rear matches the current NASCAR rulebook. Now whether or not you subscribe to the CRA/ASA Midwest Tour style of “cause a caution, to the rear” policy is another matter if that is what you mean by “should”
Comment From Guest 


NASCAR does not have a rule that some series have that if you are clearly the cause of a caution, you get sent to the rear automatically. NASCAR only penalizes drivers in this manner if the contact seemed to be intentional
Comment From Guest 

Blaney should have been in the rear for causing the caution !

More mid-race action (Speed51.com Photo)
Piquet is now giving a winner’s interview in Portuguese, the language of Brazil.
Carrier: “I like the Brazilian flag. It’s green and yellow like the Green Bay Packers”.
Chris Carrier (winning crew chief): “There’s nothing better than being in Victory Lane in my hometown. In my opinion, this is the greatest racing facility in the world”

Piquet: (laughing): “Well, you haven’t been to Europe yet.”

Ryan Gifford seemed very pumped about this season in his post-race interview. Last year, he seemed to have the roughest time of the Rev Racing drivers with a lot of bad luck. Just happy to get the year off on the right foot.
Blizzard Race Number 1 is Next Week!
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Action from the backstretch on the final lap. Notice the hurricane forming around 7th (Speed51.com Photo)
Blaney is saying in his post race interview that he was actually not penalized by NASCAR as it appeared he had been for the contact with Elliott but he had been sent back to 14th for not maintaining his minimum speed on the caution for the Elliott spin. He said he hit the kill switch.
Blaney: (on the contact with Elliott): “I was all over him and just biding my time. I decided I’d rather just be up front to get the lane choice. I got into one way too hot and just touched his left rear. Unfortunately spun him out, I apologize to him for that”
Ryan Blaney – “I was kind of bummed the caution came out. I was better than him driving through lapped traffic the later the run. We weren’t really good the first three-four laps of a run”
Look for updates from the UARA race later tonight on Speed51’s Five Star Racing Bodies Facebook page (facebook.com/speed51) and a story from Kyle McGowan next week on our site.
Comment From Kyle McGowan 

Vintage cars have rolled off here at Hickory. UARA is next… I am all set up in the media tower. — Kyle

Nelson Piquet, Jr. celebratory donuts (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From rob staley 

what a great run for the underfunded team of michael mcguire.

Nelson Piquet takes the checkered flag in the Widow Wax 125 (Speed51.com Photo)
Pquet just dedicated his win to crew chief Chris Carrier, whose hometown is just a few miles down the road.
Nelson Piquet gets interviewed by the track announcer. (Speed51.com Photo)
Piquet – “My goal is to be the first successful Brazilian in NASCAR. [on Bristol] I really love this track even more now.”
Piquet, Jr. – “The last caution got me really worried. They dropped oil right where my line was. I’m really happy. I think this is just going to be the first victory of many with my crew”
Ryan Blaney gets congratulations on his runner-up finish from the Widow Wax contingent. (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Gail G – 1/4Ley Racing 

Thanks for the coverage – I’m home in MA and this is the only way I could keep track of Dale in the 32!

Believe it’s going to be Piquet just above Elliott. But that’s pretty unofficial.
Comment From Jacob 

Do you guys know who led the most laps? Curious.

Comment From missouriracefan 

Fantastic win for Nelson Piquet Jr and for NASCAR diversity.

Comment From ryan krieger 

pastrana can do anything

Comment From Froggie 

Thanks so much again for your great coverage.

Glad to have you with us, 2011 KNPSW car owner.
Comment From Guest 

Great coverage, Gene Price, Parker, AZ

Unofficial Results – Widow Wax 125:

1 14 Nelson Piquet, Jr. 127
2 10 Ryan Blaney 127
3 2 Ryan Gifford 127
4 62 Andrew Smith 127
5 35 Derek Ramstrom 127
6 96 Ben Kennedy 127
7 37 Chad Finchum 127
8 7 Michael McGuire 127
9 6 Kyle Larson 127
10 9 Chase Elliott 127
11 77 David Mayhew 127
12 99 Travis Pastrana 127
13 31 Jimmy Weller 127
14 4 Bryan Ortiz 127
15 16 Daniel Suarez 127
16 49 Scott Saunders 127
17 23 Spencer Gallagher 127
18 1 Sergio Pena 127
19 18 Darrell Wallace, Jr. 127
20 32 Dale Quarterley 127
21 46 Brandon Gdovic 126
22 07 Corey LaJoie 125
23 26 Dylan Presnell 125
24 22 Sam Hunt 125
25 15 Carlos Ianacelli 124
26 63 John Salemi 120
27 39 C.J. Faison 117
28 71 Eddie MacDonald 117
29 80 Blake Jones 111
30 8 Jorge Arteaga 96
31 72 Ray Courtemanche, Jr. 90
32 11 Brett Moffitt 69
33 92 Candace Muzny 63
34 98 Chad Boat 26
35 12 Jorge Contreras, Jr. 0
It was pretty tight sixth to tenth as everyone in the press box was waiting for them to crash after taking the checkered.

Sixth to Kennedy, Finchum to seventh, McGuire eighth, Larson ninth, and Elliott tenth.

Full results in a second.

CHECKERED – Nelson Piquet, Jr. becomes the first Brazilian driver in NASCAR history to win a touring series race. Ryan Blaney, Ryan Gifford, Andrew Smith, and Derek Ramstrom were your top-five.
WHITE – Nelson Piquet just needs to be smooth and will win.
RESTART – Piquet gets away by three carlengths.
We will have a GREEN-WHITE-CHECKERED. Piquet picks the outside line for the restart.
Comment From missouriracefan 

Come on Nelson Piquet Jr!

Been told that Faison and MacDonald, the two drivers who could not drive away from that wreck, have been evaluated and released from the infield care center.
Wallace, who had suddenly faded in the last five laps of that run, is now on pit road with some sort of mechanical issue being attended to.
About a dozen years removed from series competition.
Comment From Tony 

wheres travis benjamin

Comment From ryan krieger 

go travis lol

Comment From Bob C. 

Did I mention Come on Ramsrtom!!!!!!

Cars refiring and rolling.
The cars come to a rest on the backstretch under red. (Speed51.com Photo)
A lot of fluid was dropped in turn three. (Speed51.com Photo)
RUNNING ORDER – RED – After 121 of 125 scheduled laps:

1 Nelson Piquet, Jr.
2 Ryan Blaney
3 Derek Ramstrom
4 Ryan Gifford
5 Ben Kennedy

6 Andrew Smith
7 Chad Finchum
8 Darrell Wallace, Jr.
9 Michael McGuire
10 Kyle Larson

11 David Mayhew
12 Travis Pastrana
13 Chase Elliott
14 Jimmy Weller
15 Bryan Ortiz

16 Daniel Suarez
17 Scott Saunders
18 Dale Quarterley
19 Spencer Gallagher
20 Sergio Pena

21 Brandon Gdovic
22 Corey LaJoie
23 Sam Hunt
24 Dylan Presnell
25 Carlos Ianacelli

26 C.J. Faison
27 Eddie MacDonald
28 John Salemi
29 Blake Jones
30 Jorge Arteaga

31 Roy Courtemanche, Jr.
32 Brett Moffitt
33 Candace Muzny
34 Chad Boat
35 Jorge Contreras, Jr.

The cars come to a rest on the backstretch under red. (Speed51.com Photo)
The tail end of that crash with MacDonald and Faison (Speed51.com Photo)
We mentioned that Darrell Wallace Jr had been fading the run up to that wreck. He is now eighth.

Due to the needed cleanup, we are now under RED.

Based on the needed cleanup, we suspect we are headed to a GWC.
Sergio Pena also with some damage from that contact.
LAP 118 – CAUTION – Big crash in Turn Three. MacDonald will need a front clip after a heavy impact. C.J. Faison will need a rear clip and Dale Quarterly also got a piece.
LAP 117 – Blaney running down Piquet in lapped traffic. Piquet badly hurt by his teammate Ianacelli as he tried to get around.
LAP 115 – With ten to go, Nelson Piquet, Jr. leads Ryan Blaney by nearly two seconds.
LAP 115 – Wallace fading late in this run, Blaney back up to second.
LAP 112 – Early leader Chase Elliott has not regained his previous form, only up to 13th.
LaJoie is very fast still, but three laps down in 27th.
Comment From Guest 

is Lajoie fast enough to contend or is he laps down

LAP 108 – Seventeen laps to go. Kennedy and Andrew Smith at it for sixth.
LAP 107 – Chad Finchum advances to eighth, his high point today.
LAP 105 – Blaney by Ramstrom for third.
LAP 104 – After all that excitement, it’s Piquet, Wallace, Ramstrom, Blaney, and Gifford your top-five.
Corey LaJoie pits with a flat tire.
LAP 103 – Kyle Larson appears to be in trouble, he just backed up six spots and nearly caused a huge wreck.
LAP 102 – Heartbreak for Corey LaJoie, some contact with Piquet probably got that tire.
LAP 101 – LaJoie flat tire.
LAP 100 – LaJoie now has Piquet muscling his way onto the outside.
LAP 98 – Ramstrom having a career day as he takes fourth.
LAP 97 – RESTART – Pretty poor restart for Wallace. Piquet back to second. Wallace spun the tires and will have to settle in third.
LaJoie leads Wallace under yellow. (Speed51.com Photo)
One to go. LaJoie will choose the outside once more.

1 Corey LaJoie
2 Darrell Wallace, Jr.
3 Ryan Gifford
4 Nelson Piquet, Jr.
5 Kyle Larson

6 Derek Ramstrom
7 Ryan Blaney
8 Ben Kennedy
9 Andrew Smith
10 Chad Finchum

Sergio Pena will get the lucky dog it appears. He is 26th.
Scott Saunders also pitted under this caution to apply some tape to the nose.
Chase Elliott pits on lap 93. (Speed51.com Photo)
Great to hear from you and welcome. Two Brazilians in today’s race with Piquet now fourth and Ianacelli 16th.
Comment From Pedro Mugarte 

Thanks for the support, here in Brazil

Also noticing Chase Elliott with a huge gash on his right side door.
LAP 90 – CAUTION – MacDonald and Gdovic together off of Turn Two. Daniel Suarez also with a crinkled left front.
LLAP 88 – Darrell Wallace, Jr. and Corey LaJoie with some major contact in Four as they race for the lead, but they keep it straight with LaJoie still ahead.
LAP 87 – Wallace has run LaJoie back down for the lead.
LAP 86 – Blake Jones has come to pit road.
LAP 85 – Blaney up to eighth now.
LAP 84 – Piquet with a megawiggle as he tries to repass Gifford third.
LAP 83 – Ryan Blaney did in fact start about eight spots in front of Elliott. Now Blaney is already up to 10th and charging hard.
LAP 82 – LaJoie, Darrell Wallace, Ryan Gifford, Nelson Piquet Jr, Kyle Larson.
RESTART – LAP 80 – LaJoie easily clears Wallace for the lead.
Of note, Travis Pastrana has also made a nice move lately, he is 12th. David Mayhew leads the West invaders in 13th.
Lance McGrew just ask the NASCAR official why they had to go to the rear when they gave the 10 the whole $&@&”” race track?

1 LaJoie
2 Darrell Wallace, Jr.
3 Nelson Piquet, Jr.
4 Ryan Gifford
5 Kyle Larson

6 Derek Ramstrom
7 Michael McGuire
8 Ben Kennedy
9 Chad Finchum
10 Andrew Smith

Blaney appears to be 14th, Elliott 22nd. That’s probably going to change more in a second as NASCAR sorts this out.

Ryan Blaney’s pit box after the incident. (Speed51.com Photo)
Corey LaJoie is now the leader.
NASCAR says no to that, but Mr. Elliott will be joined in the rear by Mr. Blaney.
Brett Moffitt climbs from his 11 ride after power steering issues put him out of the race. (Speed51.com Photo)
Elliott now drives back up to the lead position under this caution. Let’s see if NASCAR lets him stay there.
LAP 75 – CAUTION – Blaney spins out Chase Elliott as they battled for the lead!
LAP 74 – Blaney now hustling Elliott for the lead. He takes a peak through turn three.
LAP 73 – The sun has cleared the grandstands and now the track descends completely into shadow.
LAP 72 – Wallace clears Piquet for fourth
LAP 70 – LaJoie takes third from Piquet as Piquet under attack from Wallace for fourth.
RESTART – Elliott gets the lead safely but Blaney like a rocket to second.
Brett Moffitt has just suddenly pulled into the garage. He was 13th. We will follow up.
Pit action (Speed51.com Photo)
Cars are now rolling and we will have one to go. The laps after lap 70 have not counted.
Jorge Arteaga spins into the inside frontstretch wall earlier in the race (Speed51.com Photo)
During halfway break we notcied NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Aric Almirola is hanging out in the Ryan Gifford pit this afternoon. Jeff Burton, meanwhile, remains in the press box and is having a good time watching the conclusion of this afternoon’s Widow Wax 125
The Elliott camp made air pressure change and a track bar adjustment. Chase says the car is a little tight.
The field coming to green earlier (Speed51.com Photo)
Break is now concluding and cars will start to roll to form up the lineup for the restart.
Nelson Piquet Jr. Will look to “chase” down Elliott. (Speed51.com Photo)

1 Chase Elliott
2 Nelson Piquet, Jr.
3 Darrell Wallace, Jr.
4 Ryan Blaney
5 Ryan Gifford

6 Corey LaJoie
7 Derek Ramstrom
8 Kyle Larson
9 Michael McGuire
10 C.J. Faison

11 Ben Kenendy
12 Andrew Smith
13 Brett Moffitt
14 Chad Finchum
15 Dyan Presnell

16 Travis Pastrana
17 Jimmy Weller
18 Blake Jones
19 Bryan Ortiz
20 Daniel Suarez

21 David Mayhew
22 Brandon Gdovic
23 Dale Quarterley
24 Carlos Ianacelli
25 Eddie MacDonald

26 Scott Saunders – WILL GET THE LUCKY DOG
27 Spencer Gallagher (-1)
28 Sergio Pena (-1)
29 Sam Hunt (-2)
30 Candace Muzny (-6)

31 John Salemi (-6)
32 Ray Courtemanche, Jr. (-18)
33 Jorge Arteaga (OUT – accident)
34 Chad Boat (OUT – engine)
35 Jorge Contreras, Jr. (OUT – DNS – Engine)

Corey LaJoie gets attention from his crew. (Speed51.com Photo)
A busy backstretch pit road. (Speed51.com Photo)
Leader Chase Elliott on pit road. (Speed51.com Photo)
Piquet is one of the X Team Drivers along with Daniel Suarez and Carlos Ianacelli.
Darrell Wallace on pit road. (Speed51.com Photo)
Work in the Ryan Blaney pit. (Speed51.com Photo)
Teams now given the a-okay to work on their machines.
SPEED’s Derek Pernesiglio has just told us that practically everyone is complaining of a loose condition. It was very noticable from our vantage point in Turn two.
Derek Ramsrtrom’s crew waits to work on the car. (Speed51.com Photo)
This caution has brought us to the halfway break. Drivers and teams will have ten minutes to work on the car. They have a full change of tires available if desired.
Heavy damage to Candace Muzny’s car. (Speed51.com Photo)
MacDonald pitted to look after any damage. It doesn’t appear as though MacDonald really got much of anything, Muzny seemed to overcorrect trying to stay off of MacDonald.
Scott Saunders will apparently be the lucky dog. This may bring us to the halfway break.
HALFWAY – CAUTION – Eddie MacDonald and Candace Muzny fought for the same room and Muzny lost. She noses the inside frontstretch wall a good bit.
LAP 62 – Larson has slid to eighth in recent laps. Ryan Gifford has taken fifth, LaJoie sixth, and Ramstrom seventh.
LAP 60 – Elliott and Piquet now at it for the lead. They are four seconds up on the third place car. Ten laps to the break.
LAP 57 – Once again, though, once Blaney makes the pass, he loses it right back. Wallace to third and Blaney will have to start all over again.
LAP 56 – Piquet has reeled Elliott back in. Blaney by Wallace for third.
LAP 55 – Larson struggling. Wallace by for third, Blaney by for fourth. Now Blaney will work on Wallace for third.
LAP 52 – Chase Elliott’s lead shrunk for a few laps but has stabilized at right at a second. Larson, meanwhile, has suddenly fallen way off Piquet’s second place machine.
LAP 51 – Blaney finally does the slide job back around Gifford for fifth.
There will be a break for fuel and tires at Lap 70
Comment From Captain 

can or do you think these cars can go the entire way without pit stops. ( fuel & tires)

LAP 48 – Blaney getting noticably agitated with Gifford, starting to give him the chrome horn.
Comment From Tina 

Sitting in turn one watching the race and your coverage. This is great.

LAP 45 – Gifford holds fifth, but appears to be holding up Blaney in sixth, LaJoie in seventh, and Faison in eighth.
LAP 42 – Larson is catching Piquet for second. Gifford has made another run and back by Blaney for fifth.
LAP 41 – Elliott has opened up a second lead.
LAP 40 – Courtemanche pits. Meanwhile, NASCAR sprint Cup star Jeff Burton joins us in the media booth to watch this event.
LAP 39 – Blaney powers his neon green Widow Wax machine past Ryan Gifford for fifth place.
LAP 37 – Hornets nest around 8th to 12th. LaJoie, Faison, Ramstrom, McGuire, Smith, and Kennedy playing pinball
LAP 36 – Larson took third from Wallace on the restart as well.
LAP 35 – RESTART – Chase Elliott smokes Piquet through three and takes the lead.
One to go to the restart. Nelson Piquet will choose the outside line.
Lined up for the restart. (Speed51.com Photo)

1 Nelson Piquet, Jr.
2 Chase Elliott
3 Darrell Wallace, Jr.
4 Kyle Larson
5 Derek Ramstrom

6 Ryan Gifford
7 Ryan Blaney
8 C.J. FAison
9  Michael McGuire
10 Corey LaJoie

11 Brett Moffitt
12 Andrew Smith
13 Ben Kennedy
14 Jimmy Weller
15 David Mayhew

16 Brandon Gdovic
17 Dylan Presnell
18 Chad Finchum
19 Dale Quarterley
20 Travis Pastrana

21 Daniel Suarez
22 Blake Jones
23 Eddie MacDonald
24 Bryan Ortiz
25 Candace Muzny

26 Carlos Ianacelli
27 Spencer Gallagher
28 Scott Saunders
29 Sergio Pena

Right front and right rear damage on the #8 of Arteaga
LAP 30 – CAUTION – We watched Jorge Arteaga spin by himself coming out of Turn Four. He gives the inside frontstretch wall a nice little whack.
LAP 28 – Kyle Larson under and past Wallace for third.
LAP 27 – Chad Boat pits with engine smoke.
LAP 26 – Travis Pastrana, in his return to stock car racing, just nudged the Turn Four wall as he runs 20th.
Lance McGrew looks on as Chase Elliott goes to second.
LAP 24 – Ryan Blaney and Corey LaJoie first side-by-side battle as they go at it for ninth.
LAP 23 – Piquet by two carlengths on Elliott. Wallace third, Larson fourth, Ramstrom fifth.
LAP 21 – C.J. Faison also a big winner on the restart, up to 7th. McGuire has slid to eighth.
RESTART – LAP 19 – Chase Elliott gets a run on the restart, to second past Wallace
One to go to green again. Some notes:

Pena pitted with some noticable right rear damage.

John Salemi returns after spending some laps in the pit

Courtemanche is your lucky dog.

Contreras was never able to fire and will finish 35th.

RUNNING ORDER under caution:

1 Nelson Piquet
2 Darrell Wallace
3 Kyle Larson
4 Chase Elliott
5 Michael McGuire
6 Derek Ramstrom
7 Brett Moffitt
8 Ryan Gifford
9 Ryan Blaney
10 C.J. Faison

11 Ben Kennedy
12 Corey LaJoie
13 David Mayhew
14 Andrew Smith
15 Brandon Gdoivc
16 Jimmy Weller
17 Dylan Presnell
18 Travis Pastrana
19 Dale Quarterley
20 Daniel Suarez

Yes, Ortiz did start. Our apologies for omitting him from the lineup  – as he did not take time, he was not on the qualifying chart.
Comment From Mike 

You showed a pic of the #4 Ortiz spinning yet he is not shown in the lineup. Yet all cars qualified.

LAP 14 – CAUTION #1 – Two incidents: Sam Hunt noses his car just barely into the inside frontstretch wall. Meanwhile, Jorge Arteaga got spun out of Turn Two.
LAP 13 – Pena bounces off the backstretch wall with an assist from the #31
LAP 12 – Ray Courtemanche, Jr. becomes the first car to fall a lap down. Piquet still up by two carlengths.
LAP 11 – Larson will finally complete the pass on McGuire and Elliott looks to follow past for fourth.
LAP 9 – Larson diamonds four to get a run alongside McGuire.
LAP 7 – Piquet by a carlength and a half on Wallace. Then McGuire about half a straight back with pressure coming from Larson.
LAP 7 – C.J. Faison dives under Brett Moffitt in a battle for seventh.
LAP 5 – Larson passes Ramstrom for fourth. Chase Elliott up to sixth.
Nelson Piquet (14) leads the first ever K&N East lap at Bristol. (Speed51.com Photo)
Cars are very loose exiting Turn Four as that is where the sun still shines.
We are underway.
LAP 2 – Piquet and Wallace already pulling way away from the field. Ramstrom is fourth but has a challenge from Larson.
START – Piquet gets a good start with Wallace hanging onto second. McGuire settles to third.
Piquet has chosen the outside line for the start.
Most of the heavy hitters today will be pitting on the frontstretch. They are using both pit roads today and just like in the NASCAR national series, under caution, drivers must enter at the Turn Two pit road entrance and maintain pit road speed all the way to the exit of Turn One.
Bill Elliott gets set to watch his son Chase run Bristol. (Speed51.com Photo)
Casey LaJoie, better known by his nickname, “Beaver Dragon,” prepares tires for his brother Corey’s pit stop later in the day. (Speed51.com Photo)
Thanks again to WCIParts.com of Pelham, Alabama for their support of the Speed51.com Trackside Now coverage of the Bristol event this weekend.
Cars are rolling!
A healthy fan base stuck around after the Nationwide race for the K&N race. (Speed51.com Photo)
Starting Lineup – Widow Wax 125:

1 14 Nelson Piquet, Jr.
2 18 Darell Wallace, Jr.
3 35 Derek Ramstrom
4 7 Michael McGuire
5 6 Kyle Larson
6 39 C.J. Faison
7 2 Ryan Gifford
8 11 Brett Moffitt
9 10 Ryan Blaney
10 9 Chase Elliott
11 07 Corey LaJoie
12 96 Ben Kennedy
13 62 Andrew Smith
14 77 David Mayhew
15 31 Jimmy Weller
16 1 Sergio Pena
17 98 Chad Boat
18 46 Brandon Gdovic
19 99 Travis Pastrana
20 26 Dylan Presnell
21 16 Daniel Suarez
22 32 Dale Quarterley
23 71 Eddie MacDonald
24 8 Jorge Arteaga
25 37 Chad Finchum
26 15 Carlos Ianacelli
27 80 Blake Jones
28 23 Spencer Gallagher
29 49 Scott Saunders
30 12 Jorge Contreras, Jr.
31 63 John Salemi
32 22 Sam Hunt
33 92 Candace Muzny
34 72 Ray Courtemanche, Jr.


Command to fire engines have been given.
The Jorge Contreras car is not firing. They are in the pits still moments before the call to start engines. (Speed51.com Photo)
All thirty-four cars who took time will start.
Comment From Mike 

How many cars took time? did they send anyone home?

Invocation and National Anthem.
Fun fact: Piquet is the fourth driver in the last six seasons in which the driver who won the season-opening pole was making their first KNPSE start – Joey Logano (2007), Brett Moffitt (2009), and Cole Whitt (2010).
This weekend’s NASCAR K&N Pro Series East event here at Bristol is sponsored by Widow Wax, a new company offering high-quality car-care products. According to their website Widow Wax has “made it a point to go above and beyond all industry standards while choosing our key ingredients and have brought you products that offer you the easiest application while delivering the most professional results. Widow products are sold with 100% Money Back Guarantee, if you are not satisfied.” Visit them online atwww.widowwax.com.
Nelson Piquet knew the story as he passed the scoreboard – first career pole in first career KNPSE race (Speed51.com Photo)
They have moved up the start time to 5:30, in just about 10 minutes.
Comment From Guest 

Are they still going to start the race about 615? Or are they going to start earlier?

Bryan Ortiz looped it in quals (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Joe 

Wow…..what a great job of qualifying to young Michael McGuire in his first K&N attempt.

Derek Ramstrom’s third-best qualifying effort is impressive because he hadn’t been super-high on the speed charts in practice yesterday. Turns out, his team only had one set of practice tires to use yesterday and his qualifying effort today was his first time on new tires.
Comment From Cherie 

Thanks for your live coverage, I am feeding info to my team, and I’m in Massachusetts!!

Not for this event, but discussions between Speed 51 Radio and NASCAR Home Tracks have taken place about radio for future NASCAR K&N Pro Series, Modified and more events this season.
Comment From Froggie 

Will there by any chance be an audio feed for today’s K&N race?

Qualifying Times – Widow Wax 125:

1 14 Nelson Piquet, Jr. 118.811
2 18 Darell Wallace, Jr. 118.058
3 35 Derek Ramstrom 117.906
4 7 Michael McGuire 117.689
5 6 Kyle Larson 117.372
6 39 C.J. Faison 117.286
7 2 Ryan Gifford 117.250
8 11 Brett Moffitt 117.036
9 10 Ryan Blaney 117.014
10 9 Chase Elliott 117.000
11 07 Corey LaJoie 116.779
12 96 Ben Kennedy 116.722
13 62 Andrew Smith 116.609
14 77 David Mayhew 116.545
15 31 Jimmy Weller 116.390
16 1 Sergio Pena 116.291
17 98 Chad Boat 116.136
18 46 Brandon Gdovic 116.080
19 99 Travis Pastrana 115.702
20 26 Dylan Presnell 115.563
21 16 Daniel Suarez 115.486
22 32 Dale Quarterley 115.396
23 71 Eddie MacDonald 115.299
24 8 Jorge Arteaga 115.236
25 37 Chad Finchum 115.086
26 15 Carlos Ianacelli 115.001
27 80 Blake Jones 114.823
28 23 Spencer Gallagher 114.644
29 49 Scott Saunders 114.364
30 12 Jorge Contreras, Jr. 113.977
31 63 John Salemi 113.532
32 22 Sam Hunt 113.431
33 92 Candace Muzny 112.904
34 72 Ray Courtemanche, Jr. 111.422
That will conclude qualifying. Nelson Piquet, in his first-ever NASCAR K&N Pro Series East event, has earned his first Coors Light Pole in the series.
#32 – Dale Quarterley
L1: 115.396
L2: 115.357

Position: 22nd

Final qualifier is on track: Dale Quarterley
#98 – Chad Boat
L1: 116.136
L2: 115.437

Position: 17th

#23 – Spencer Gallagher
L1: 114.644
L2: 113.491
Position: 26th
#6 – Kyle Larson

L1: 116.957
L2: 117.372

Position: 6th

#12 – Jorge Contreras, Jr.

L1: 113.977
L2: 111.119

Position: 26th

Longtime series crew chief Jerry Babb is working with the Jorge Contreras team this weekend. (Speed51.com Photo)
#96 – Ben Kennedy

L1: 116.363
L2: 116.722

Position: 11th

#16 – Daniel Suarez

L1: 114.768
L2: 115.486

Position: 18th

Ryan Gifford was sixth quick.
#72 – Ray Courtemanche, Jr.

L1: 111.422
L2: 108.652

Position: 27th of 27

#2 – Ryan Gifford

L1: 117.250
L2: 117.184

Position: 6th

#1 – Sergio Pena

L1: 116.291
L2: 115.919

Position: 13th

Pena had one of the longest slides we’ve seen out of Turn Four yet this session.

#26 – Dylan Presnell

L1: 115.403
L2: 115.563

Position: 15th

#15 – Carlos Ianacelli

L1: 114.548 MPH
L2: 115.001 MPH

Position: 18th

#77 – David Mayhew

L1: 116.545
L2: 116.480

Position: 11th

Brandon Gdovic keeps an eye on the qualifying scoreboard. (Speed51.com Photo)
#22 – Sam Hunt

L1: 113.431
L2: 113.110

Position: 20th of 21.

Nelson Piquet Jr. Chats with his crew as the prep for race conditions. (Speed51.com Photo)
#39 – C.J. Faison

L1: 117.286
L2: 117.437

Position: 5th

#80 – Blake Jones

L1: 114.446
L2: 114.823

Position: 16th

As we are halfway through qualifying, here is your current top-five:

118.811 14 Nelson Piquet, Jr.
118.058 18 Darell Wallace, Jr.
117.906 35 Derek Ramstrom
117.689 7 Michael McGuire
117.036 11 Brett Moffitt

#9 – Chase Elliott

L1: 117.000 MPH
L2: 116.971 MPH

Position: 7th

#07 Corey LaJoie

L1: 116.779
L2: 116.024

Position: 7th

#62 – Andrew Smith

L1: 116.609
L2: 115.751

Position: 7th

#99 – Travis Pastrana

L1: 114.919
L2: 115.702 (+)

Position: 9th

Blake Jones (Speed51.com Photo)
#14 – Nelson Piquet, Jr.

L1: 118.811
L2: 118.109

POLE after fourteen cars

#71 – Eddie MacDonald

L1: 115.299 MPH
L2: 113.351 MPH

Position: 8th

#10 – Ryan Blaney

L1: 117.014 (+)
L2: 116.305

Position: 5th

CJ Faison strapped in. (Speed51.com Photo)
Scott Saunders – #49

L1: 113.747 MPH
L2: 114.364 MPH (+)

Position: 9th

Brett Moffitt – #11

117.036 MPH

4th of ten cars.

Drivers were told to stay in their cars after their qualifying laps, but a few have gotten out.
#63 – John Salemi – 113.532 MPH – 8th of nine cars thus far with time.
By the way, we are providing lap speeds and not times today because that is how the timing and scoring is set up here in the press tower.

Ortiz drove away from his spin without any damage.

Darrell Wallace Jr. Said his lap was good, but he didn’t think it was good enough for the pole.
#31 – Jimmy Weller – 116.390 MPH

#4 – Bryan Ortiz spun on his lap.

Brandon Gdovic ran a 116.080 MPH lap
Sergio Pena gets some last-minute tips from former series competitor Sean Caisse. (Speed51.com Photo)
Damage to Derek Ramstrom’s car. (Speed51.com Photo)
Spencer Gallagher watches Candace Muzny’s lap. (Speed51.com Photo)
#7 – Michael McGuire

L1: 117.458 MPH
L2: 117.889 MPH

Position: 3rd

#18 Darrell Wallace, Jr.

118.058 MPH

POLE after five cars.

#92 Candace Muzny

L1: 112.904 MPH
L2: 112.276 MPH

Position: 4th

Ryan Gifford gets interviewed by the track announcer. (Speed51.com Photo)
Jorge Arteaga – #8

L1: 113.559 MPH
L2: 115.236 MPH

Position: 2ne

Derek Rastrom ran a 117.093.

Both Finchum and Ramstrom tapped the Turn Four wall on their lap but no visible damage to either.

Chad Finchum was the first qualifier. He ran a 115.036 MPH lap.
Notable KNPSE graduates in today’s NASCAR Nationwide race – Joey Logano (4th), Trevor Bayne (6th), Joey Logano (10th), Austin Dillon (12th), Jeffrey Earnhardt (26th), Kyle Fowler (28th).
Once on the qualifying grid, teams can put their qualifying tires on like Eddie MacDonald’s team is here. (Speed51.com Photo)
Ready for qualifying. (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Richard 

Thanks for the coverage. Bristol is the best!!!!

Comment From Joe Clouatre 

Thanks Speed51 for covering todays race!

Our view as KNPSE cars begin to make it on track (Speed51.com Photo)
The NASCAR Nationwide Series race has concluded with Elliott Sadler the winner. The KNPSE cars will be entering the track shortly to get set for qualifying.
Brett Moffitt just tweeted this photo from inside his car as he gets ready to enter the track for qualifying. (@brettmoffitt11 on Twitter)
It’s our pleasure, and thanks to WCIParts.com for their support and allowing us to be here!
Comment From Mike Ray 

Thank you for today’s coverage!

The NASCAR Nationwide Series race is now over. We’re going to be getting ready for the K&N East race in the next few minutes.
Thanks again to WCIParts.com of Pelham, Alabama for their support of theSpeed51.com Trackside Now coverage of the Bristol event this weekend.
As we mentioned yesterday, the 47 of Cale Conley withdrew from this event yesterday morning. This was to be Conley’s first race with the JTG-Daugherty Racing team in the East Series. The reason is unknown at this time, but they did withdraw after getting to the track and before the car even hit the racing surface.
Rev Racing crew members take pit equipment through the tunnel into the infield. The teams have to make quite a hike from where the cars are kept outside the track into the infield. (Speed51.com Photo)
15 laps to go in the Nationwide race.
The K&N East war wagons sit staged in the infield. (Speed51.com photo)
The NASCAR Nationwide Series race that is currently on track is running ahead of schedule. There are just 40 laps to go, putting the checkered flag out around 4pm ET, give or take some time. The green flag for the East race is scheduled for 6:15, but according to NASCAR officials, the East race can go green ahead of schedule. As soon as the track is clear after the Nationwide race, no matter when it ends, the East cars will begin assembling for qualifying.
Also, PASS South Super Late Model regular and former K&N East racer Jody Lavender is here working on the cars of Dale Quarterley and Derek Ramstrom. Lavender has been busy working on his chassis company’s customers’ cars to put his Super Late Model together for races this year, but he plans to get back behind the wheel when his schedule allows.
Earlier today, we ran into former NASCAR K&N Pro Series East competitor Sean Caisse. The Pelham, New Hampshire has been off the racing map for the past year or two after some brief stints in the NASCAR Nationwide and ARCA Racing Series and some time to raise a now-19-month-old daughter. Now he’s back and actively pursuing a ride. He’s here at Bristol talking to several potential car owners in the NASCAR Nationwide Series and the K&N East Series. Caisse is a seven-time K&N East winner.
The creek next to Bristol Motor Speedway is in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. (Speed51.com Photo)
This weekend’s NASCAR K&N Pro Series East event here at Bristol is sponsored by Widow Wax, a new company offering high-quality car-care products. According to their website Widow Wax has “made it a point to go above and beyond all industry standards while choosing our key ingredients and have brought you products that offer you the easiest application while delivering the most professional results. Widow products are sold with 100% Money Back Guarantee, if you are not satisfied.” Visit them online at www.widowwax.com.
Many folks have been asking if there is television coverage of today’s Widow Wax 125. It will not be televised live, but SPEED cameras will be recording the event for future broadcast, date and time TBA.
Jason Dietsch’s CRA Super Series #7 Widow Wax Super Late Model is on display at Bristol Motor Speedway. (Speed51.com Photo)
Nelson Piquet, Jr. was quickest in final practice yesterday. (Speed51.com Photo)
Before the Nationwide race the field gathered for a group photo in victory lane. (Speed51.com Photo)
If you missed any of yesterday’s Trackside Now coverage from Bristol, click this link:


Currently, cars are gridded in the K&N East garage area, which this weekend is up at the Bristol Dragway adjacent to the oval track. At the conclusion of the NASCAR Nationwide Series race, which currently has about 130 laps remaining, drivers will begin strapping into their machines. Then, the cars will move to the track and qualifying will begin at 5:15pm.

After qualifying, the drivers will remain strapped int their cars. After a brief period for minor adjustments, the engines will fire again and they will line up for the 125-lap feature.

The NASCAR K&N Pro Series East driver’s meeting. (Speed51.com Photo)
Check out Speed51.com’s photo gallery from yesterday’s action at Bristol:


We attended the drivers meeting earlier today and some key notes from the meeting where about the competition caution. At lap 70 (or around it) the teams will come to pit road for a 10 minute break. Four crew members will be allowed over the wall as teams can fuel the car and change four tires. No other tire changes will be allowed during the race unless there is an approved flat. Teams will not be allowed to raise the hood or rear deck lid. Also, normal caution lap procedures will apply with cars entering the pits in turn two and exiting in turn one. Under green, teams can pit on their pit road side with no penalty.
$10,000 Will be on the Line on April 7th in Gresham, GA.

1 Nelson Piquet Jr. 16.137
2 Corey LaJoie 16.234
3 Ben Kennedy 16.239
4 Darrell Wallace Jr. 16.274
5 Brett Moffitt 16.308
6 Ryan Blaney * 16.319
7 Brandon Gdovic 16.34
8 Dylan Presnell * 16.356
9 Dale QuarterlEy 16.382
10 Chad Finchum * 16.411
11 Michael McGuire * 16.413
12 Chase Elliott 16.475
13 Kyle Larson * 16.517
14 Sam Hunt * 16.539
15 Ryan Gifford 16.57
16 David Mayhew 16.59
17 Daniel Suarez 16.602
18 Carlos Iaconelli * 16.622
19 Bryan Ortiz * 16.629
20 Jimmy Weller * 16.64
21 Jorge Contrearas Jr. * 16.646
22 Chad Boat 16.687
23 Andrew Smith 16.711
24 Scott Saunders * 16.711
25 CJ Faison * 16.729
26 Jorge Arteaga * 16.75
27 Travis Pastrana * 16.763
28 Spencer Gallagher 16.766
29 Eddie MacDonald 16.825
30 Derek Ramstrom 16.849
31 Blake Jones * 16.902
32 Candace Muzny * 16.929
33 John Salemi 16.978
34 Ray Courtemanche Jr. * 17.116
35 Sergio Pena No Time

Blizzard Race Number 1 is Next Week!
Saturday Schedule:

11 a.m. Garage Opens
1:15 p.m. Driver/Crew Chief Meeting
5 p.m. Qualifying
6:15 p.m. Race (125 laps, 66.625 miles)

Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage this weekend of the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East season opener at Bristol Motor Speedway (TN) is be presented by Wholesale Controls International, www.wciparts.com. Longtime short track racer and supporter Bobby Reuse’s WCI is based in Pelham, Alabama and stocks thousands of HVAC parts and supplies to complete new projects as well as service existing jobs. Whether you need a truckload of parts or just one item, WCI can get you what you need fast! Reuse and his family have long been a part of the Southeastern Late Model scene and WCI has sponsored NASCAR Sprint Cup Series efforts for Dave Blaney and Johanna Long’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series entries in recent seasons. For more on WCI, visit www.wciparts.com or call 1-800-295-2476.
Good afternoon and welcome to raceday here at Bristol Motor Speedway (TN) here for the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East Cars. We’ll have action from qualifying and the race later on today after the nationwide race.
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Trackside Now – 03/17/12 – Widow Wax 125 – Bristol Motor Speedway (TN)