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Saturday Schedule:

11 a.m. Garage Opens
1:15 p.m. Driver/Crew Chief Meeting
5 p.m. Qualifying
6:15 p.m. Race (125 laps, 66.625 miles)

That completes tonight’s coverage from Bristol. We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon in preparation for qualifying and the Widow Wax 125 Presented by Seal Wrap Repair Tape.

1 Nelson Piquet Jr. 16.137
2 Corey LaJoie 16.234
3 Ben Kennedy 16.239
4 Darrell Wallace Jr. 16.274
5 Brett Moffitt 16.308
6 Ryan Blaney * 16.319
7 Brandon Gdovic 16.34
8 Dylan Presnell * 16.356
9 Dale QuarterlEy 16.382
10 Chad Finchum * 16.411
11 Michael McGuire * 16.413
12 Chase Elliott 16.475
13 Kyle Larson * 16.517
14 Sam Hunt * 16.539
15 Ryan Gifford 16.57
16 David Mayhew 16.59
17 Daniel Suarez 16.602
18 Carlos Iaconelli * 16.622
19 Bryan Ortiz * 16.629
20 Jimmy Weller * 16.64
21 Jorge Contrearas Jr. * 16.646
22 Chad Boat 16.687
23 Andrew Smith 16.711
24 Scott Saunders * 16.711
25 CJ Faison * 16.729
26 Jorge Arteaga * 16.75
27 Travis Pastrana * 16.763
28 Spencer Gallagher 16.766
29 Eddie MacDonald 16.825
30 Derek Ramstrom 16.849
31 Blake Jones * 16.902
32 Candace Muzny * 16.929
33 John Salemi 16.978
34 Ray Courtemanche Jr. * 17.116
35 Sergio Pena No Time

The race isn’t tonight.  It’s tomorrow after the NASCAR Nationwide Series event here at Bristol.  It will not be televised live, but will be recorded for a later broadcast TBA on SPEED.
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is the k&n race on tv tonight i live in south bend in

Garage action late from practice (Speed51.com Photo)
We couldn’t help but laugh at Nelson Piquet’s Twitter “biography” on his Twitter page @NelsonPiquet:

“Racing Driver. Started in Super Mario Kart. 3-time national champ in real karts. F3 Champ. Le Mans. A1GP race winner. GP2 runner-up. F1. Living the NASCAR dream”

Nelson Piquet, Jr. finished atop the board in the final session. (Speed51.com Photo)
“That was a good mock qualifying lap for us,” said Piquet, a regular in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, about his fast time in the final session. “I’m just out here on my off weekend because I love this track. I have so much fun every lap I take around here.”
Nelson Piquet ends up top of the charts
As soon as final practice results are available from NASCAR Timing & Scoring, we’ll post them.
Final practice top-10:
1. Nelson Piquet, Jr.
2. Corey LaJoie
3. Ben Kennedy
4. Darrell Wallace, Jr.
5. Brett Moffitt
6. Ryan Blaney
7. Brandon Gdovic
8. Dylan Presnell
9. Dale Quarterley
10. Chad Finchum
Practice is now complete. Nelson Piquet, Jr. finished atop the board.
There’s still scheduled to be two minutes left in practice. Cars are still in line on pit road to hit the track once cleanup is complete.
YELLOW: Jorge Contreras has hit the turn two wall, but he pulled away.
Teams rush in the final five minutes of practice
Five minutes remaining in practice.
New driver atop the speed chart and it’s Brasilia, Brazil driver Nelson Piquet, Jr. in the X Team Racing No. 14.
Yes, that’s the five slowest in this session.
Comment From Norm D 

did the five slowest all go out in second practice?

Blaney is apparently going out for a mock qualifying run
Ryan Blaneys team examines tire wear as they put on stickers
The slowest five drivers at this point are:
30. Derek Ramstrom
31. Blake Jones
32. John Salemi
33. Candace Muzny
34. Ray Courtemanche, Jr.
Corey LaJoie has gone back to the top of the board.
Brandon Gdovic has been quick in this session. (Speed51.com Photo)
1394 laps were run in the first session with each driver averaging 41 Laps. Sam Hunt ran the most with 63 as Candace Muzny ran on 22.
Chase Elliott, Blake Jones, Andrew Smith, Ryan Gifford, Ray Courtemanche, Jr., Spencer Gallagher, Travis Pastrana and Sam Hunt are all on track.
Sun begins to set at Bristol
Twenty minutes left in final K&N practice. It’s still Wallace, Blaney, Gdovic, Presnell and now Dale Quarterley in fifth. Chad Finchum has moved all the way up to sixth.
Darrell Wallace, Jr. just re-claimed the top spot in final practice. Ryan Blaney also just jumped up to second, knocking Brandon Gdovic back to third.
In case you couldn’t tell from the hood, this is Chad Finchum’s new 37 ride. (Speed51.com Photo)
Jorge Contreras, Jr., Chad Finchum, Corey LaJoie, Ray Courtemanche, Jr., Bryan Ortiz and Spencer Gallagher are currently among the cars on track.
We hadn’t seen Conley on track or in the pits, so we asked NASCAR PR representative Jason Cunningham. Conley, who is driving for JTG-Daugherty Racing this season, withdrew from the event this morning. The team was here at Bristol, but withdrew for unknown reasons.
Comment From WV Fan 

Has Cale Conley made it on to the track yet?

New driver atop the board: Brandon Gdovic. Gdovic tops Wallace, Presnell, LaJoie and Blaney in the top five with about 40 minutes to go in practice.
Practice during backstretch
Tense moments for David Mayhew and Michael McGuire. They had to split the much slower car of Ray Courtmanche Jr. off turn two, where there isn’t much room for error. Everyone made it through unscathed and Courtmanche escaped to pit road.
We checked in with Sergio Pena. The throttle stuck going into turn one, causing him to smack the outside wall a few moments ago. According to Pena, the damage is repairable for tomorrow’s qualifying and the race.
Series director Kip Childress watches practice
Ryan Gifford, the lone holdover from last year’s Revolution Racing K&N East team, is on track with his Rev Racing machine.
The right front appears to be the most ruffled part of Pena’s machine
Back under green and the track is buzzing. Blake Jones, Brett Moffitt, Eddie MacDonald, Dale Quarterley and Scott Saunders are among the cars on track.
Top five during cleanup:
1. Wallace
2. Dylan Presnell
3. Corey LaJoie
4. Ryan Blaney
5. Nelson Piquet, Jr.
Pena’s pancaked ride (Speed51.com Photo)
The track has gone to a red flag condition to clean up any potential debris in turn one.
YELLOW: Something appeared to lock up or break beneath Sergio Pena’s car going into turn one. He slid all the way up the banking and hit the outside wall right-front-first. There is some damage to the right-front, but he pulled away and back to his pit stall.
Corey LaJoie rocketed to second-quick on his second lap at speed in this session.
Wallace has plenty of laps here, having finished in the top-five twice in three UARA-Stars Late Model Stock Car races at Bristol.
Five minutes into final practice, Darrell Wallace, Jr. is quickest, followed by Ryan Blaney, Brett Moffitt, Ben Kennedy and David Mayhew.
For those who are wondering we will start all 35 cars tomorrow for the Widow Wax 125.
Pastrana and CJ Faison were the first two to answer the call for final practice.
The second and final practice is now underway. Travis Pastrana is first out.
We just spoke with Jimmy Weller who will run for the Rookie of the Year honors in the East Series. He joked about half the guys he will run against will be half his age. Weller is 26 as most rookies are teenagers this season.
1 Corey LaJoie 16.311
2 Brett Moffitt 16.519
3 Darrell Wallace Jr. 16.543
4 David Mayhew 16.558
5 Ryan Blaney * 16.56
6 Ben Kennedy 16.578
7 Nelson Piquet Jr. 16.612
8 Chase Elliott 16.617
9 Ryan Gifford 16.626
10 Bryan Ortiz * 16.627
11 Brandon Gdovic 16.635
12 Derek Ramstrom 16.64
13 Dale Quarterley 16.655
14 Kyle Larson * 16.655
15 Michael McGuire * 16.662
16 Sergio Pena 16.669
17 Andrew Smith 16.679
18 Dylan Presnell * 16.68
19 Jimmy Weller * 16.687
20 Carlos Iaconelli * 16.717
21 Jorge Arteaga * 16.72
22 Travis Pastrana * 16.742
23 Chad Finchum * 16.773
24 Daniel Suarez 16.787
25 CJ Faison * 16.794
26 Eddie MacDonald 16.798
27 Scott Saunders * 16.803
28 Sam Hunt * 16.804
29 Chad Boat 16.827
30 Spencer Gallagher 16.847
31 Jorge Contrearas Jr. * 16.977
32 Blake Jones* 17.128
33 Ray Courtmanche Jr. * 17.182
34 Candace Muzny * 17.41

* Sunoco Rookie of the Year contender

No. Gresham has moved up to the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series with Joe Dennette Motorsports. Darrell Wallace, Jr., who will compete in some K&N East and NASCAR Nationwide Series races for Joe Gibbs Racing, is in the JGR No. 18 this weekend.
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Is the champion Gresham in the 18?

Nelson Piquet Jr.’s team has shown their support for the Kony 2012 movement that has gone viral in the last two weeks
The second and final practice will kick off in about eight minutes.
John Salemi works on his number 63. (Speed51.com Photo)
Corey Lajoie is no stranger to going fast at Bristol. He won a Pro Challenge Series event here in 2008. (Speed51.com Photo)
Brett Moffitt is back with Andy Santerre at Hattori Racing and was second the charts in practice. Two months ago this team had nothing and they sit second on the charts. They are very close to being right where they want the car, but are still fine tuning.
We’re still awaiting the final times from the first practice from Timing & Scoring.
Rev Racing’s Kyle Larson ponders changes to his car for the second session. (Speed51.com Photo)
Ryan Blaney says his car is good as they never really got a full lap without traffic. Blaney was fifth on the charts and his car is not as good as last year at Phoenix.
Chase Elliott says his team has a lot of work to do. We asked him if anything transferred over from Pro Cup experience and he said not at all. Different driving style, different tire. “Square One”
Chase Elliott debriefed with Lance McGrew
Joey Logano chats with Corey LaJoie (Speed51.com Photo)
LaJoie was P1. (Speed51.com photo)
Darrell Wallace, Jr. was all smiles after a good first practice. He says he has a lot of confidence after some good UARA races here. He is just trying to tweak on a car that is loose into turn one
Corey LaJoie was quickest in first K&N East practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
We’ll have full practice results as soon as they are available from NASCAR Timing & Scoring.
Eddie MacDonald’s No. 71. (Speed51.com Photo)
A learning and thankfully clean first hour of practice concludes for the K & N Pro Series East competitors as Bristol. Corey LaJoie paced practice with a 117.638 MPH lap.
Ryan Blaney’s Widow Wax-backed No. 10. (Speed51.com Photo)
New colors and a new team for Sergio Pena in 2012. (Speed51.com Photo)
We will have a thirty minute break after this session and then we will have another hour of practice to close out the day.
David Mayhew continues to work his way methodically up the charts. He was eighth for most of this session, was up to fifth a few minutes ago, and is now third. Corey LaJoie still looks to have the fastest time.
Five minutes to go.
Travis Pastrana, making his return to NASCAR after a broken ankle, also making a lot of laps late in this session. Pastrana, who has had a lot of media attention today, is 22nd thus far.
Nelson Piquet, Jr. (14) and Candace Muzny (92). (Speed51.com Photo)
Few cars still on the track. Don’t have any way to verify this, but Sam Hunt who is currently on the track may have run the most laps of everyone thus far.
A lot of folks asking where their driver is on the speed charts. Unfortunately, timing & scoring has limited availability so we can only look at the times fleetingly. This practice ends in 10 minutes and soon after we’ll have the full times for everyone.
Chase Elliott has cracked the top-ten, running in sixth.
The drivers at the top of the chart – LaJoie, Wallace, Moffitt – seem to be making most of their ground on corner entrance. They are charging those corners.
Ben Kennedy’s car is really slinging the car on corner exit. Maybe most of everyone we’ve seen thus far.
Kyle Larson’s machine looks a little unstable on corner exit, but he’s running around 12th.
Comment From Steven Blakesley 

Please keep us posted on how Kyle Larson looks

Watching him right now. Car looks smooth but is stuck in 23rd on the speed charts. He is the new driver out of the Gdovic Motorsports stables, more or less taking over the machine that Rick Gdovic drove last year. Brandon, Rick’s son, will continue to pilot the #46 this year.
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how is sam hunt doing?

Brad Keselowski is current in the Media Center talking about his Checked Flag Foundation, which is often featured on his #29 BKR racing car you see at the Super Late Model shows across the south. It’s a foundation that helps out wounded U.S. soliders from Afghanistan and Iraq as well as police officers wounded in the line of duty. You can learn about the Checkered Flag Foundation here:http://checkeredflagfoundation.org
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Halfway through practice, it’s Corey LaJoie, Darrell Wallace, Jr., Brett Moffitt, David Mayhew and Ryan Blaney your top-five.
Ray Courtemanche, Jr., making his NASCAR debut, had one of the biggest saves we’ve seen thus far this session after getting slideways out of Turn Two.
Aric Almirola helps measure a tire on Kyle Larson’s ride. (Speed51.com Photo)
Pit road is busy with cars.
NASCAR’s last official count had 36 cars on the grounds. 33 have thus far practiced.
Corey LaJoie didn’t take too kindly to that, returning to the top of the charts once again. He is the first to crack the 116 MPH mark.
David Mayhew had a long trip to the east side for this Bristol race.
Darrell Wallace, Jr. has just taken the top of the leaderboard with sixteen minutes complete in practice. Corey Lajoie and Brett Moffitt second and third.
Eddie MacDonald is on pit road with the hood up as they attend to the right front suspension.
Drivers have given each other plenty of space thus far on the track. It’s a tough track and everyone is respecting each other’s room as they try to figure out how to run this half-mile.
Corey LaJoie is the fastest so far. He won a Pro Challenge race here a few years back. (Speed51.com Photo)
Yes, both drivers have made it out. David Mayhew has had a habit of running well on the big tracks in his NASCAR career – winning in Phoenix a few weeks ago and being a perennial threat at Iowa. No exception here, he runs 8th out of 27 cars out thus far.
Comment From Spotter Bob 

Has David Mayhew or Pena made it out?

Ryan Gifford climbs into his Toyota. (Speed51.com Photo)
They go under the hood on Chad Boat’s car. (Speed51.com Photo)
Australian Scott Saunders is attempting his first K&N East race. (Speed51.com photo)
21 cars have already taken to the track in the first five minutes of practice.
Brett Moffitt has jumped to the top of the speed charts right off though his car is jumping pretty noticably too.
Practice begins.
Finchum is the first car in line for practice.
Coleman Pressley is the crew chief for Daniel Suarez. He’s having a blast, but wants people to know he’s not retired. (Speed51.com Photo)
This race will be taped by SPEED Channel this weekend. It will not be shown live and the tape viewing schedule is still TBA.
Chad Finchum, who competed in several events in 2011 with Troy Williams Racing, bought a former Germain Racing car and will enter a few races this season with his family team. (Speed51.com photo)
While this is the first East race at Bristol, this will be the first East race for a number of drivers: Bryan Ortiz, Kyle Larson, Michael McGuire, Jorge Contreras, Jr., NCWTS driver Nelson Piquet, Jr., Carlos Iaconelli, Sam Hunt, Scott Saunders, Blake Jones, Candace Muzny.
Travis Pastrana chats with former series regular Martin Truex, Sr. (Speed51.com photo)
This is the first K & N Pro Series East trip ever to Bristol Motor Speedway. Most of the drivers will be relying on their experience at similarly high-banked, high-speed concrete Dover International Speedway in the opening laps of practice.
Eddie MacDonald is ready to go. (Speed51.com Photo)
Cars have been rolled into infield for the practice sessions. We will be underway at the top of the hour.
Practice is scheduled to start in ten minutes.
Chase Elliott and Ryan Blaney share a word before practice.
Bubba Wallace ready to practice. (Speed51.com Photo)
This weekend’s NASCAR K&N Pro Series East event here at Bristol is sponsored by Widow Wax, a new company offering high-quality car-care products. According to their website Widow Wax has “made it a point to go above and beyond all industry standards while choosing our key ingredients and have brought you products that offer you the easiest application while delivering the most professional results. Widow products are sold with 100% Money Back Guarantee, if you are not satisfied.” Visit them online at www.widowwax.com.

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Brett Moffitt tweeted this picture (follow him: BrettMoffitt11) from inside his car as the K&N drivers get ready for practice.
NASCAR Sprint Cup Time Trials are taking place right now and will be done in a few minutes.
Right now the cars are at the dragstrip and will be coming down to the track in about 25 minutes.
Pre-Race Entry List

1 Sergio Peña, Winchester, Va.
2 Ryan Gifford, Winchester, Tenn.
4 Bryan Ortiz, Bayamon, Puerto Rico *
6 Kyle Larson, Elk Grove, Calif. *
O7 Corey LaJoie, Concord, N.C.
7 Michael McGuire, Vinton, Va. *
8 Jorge Arteaga, Aguascalientes, Mexico *
9 Chase Elliott, Dawsonville, Ga.
10 Ryan Blaney, High Point, N.C. *
11 Brett Moffitt, Grimes, Iowa
12 Jorge Contreras Jr., Naucalpan, Mexico *
14 Nelson Piquet Jr., Brasilia, Brazil
15 Carlos Iaconelli, Sao Paulo, Brazil *
16 Daniel Suarez, Monterrey, Mexico
18 Darrell Wallace, Jr., Concord, N.C.
22 Sam Hunt, Midlothian, Va. *
23 Spencer Gallagher, Las Vegas, Nev.
26 Dylan Presnell, Sevierville, Tenn. *
31 Jimmy Weller, Hubbard, Ohio *
32 Dale Quarterley, Westfield, Mass.
35 Derek Ramstrom, West Boylston, Mass.
37 Chad Finchum, Knoxville, Tenn. *
39 CJ Faison, Seaford, Del. *
46 Brandon Gdovic, Yorktown, Va.
47 Cale Conley, Vienna, W.Va.
49 Scott Saunders, Brisbane, Australia *
62 Andrew Smith, Pooler, Ga.
63 John Salemi, Nashua, N.H.
71 Eddie MacDonald, Rowley, Mass.
77 David Mayhew, Atascadero, Calif.
80 Blake Jones, Sevierville, Tenn. *
83 Johnny Borneman, Ramona, Calif.
92 Candace Muzny, Oklahoma City, Okla. *
96 Ben Kennedy, Daytona Beach, Fla.
98 Chad Boat, Phoenix, Ariz.
99 Travis Pastrana, Annapolis, Md. *
*Means Rookie Contender

Friday Schedule
12 p.m. Garage Opens
5-6 p.m. Practice
6:30-7:30 p.m. Final Practice
8-9 p.m. Driver Autograph Session (BMS Hospitality Area)
9 p.m. Garage Closes
Today is all about practice. The K&N East cars will have two rounds later on today. Qualifying will take place tomorrow.
Speed51.com’s Trackside Now coverage this weekend of the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East season opener at Bristol Motor Speedway (TN) is be presented by Wholesale Controls International, www.wciparts.com. Longtime short track racer and supporter Bobby Reuse’s WCI is based in Pelham, Alabama and stocks thousands of HVAC parts and supplies to complete new projects as well as service existing jobs. Whether you need a truckload of parts or just one item, WCI can get you what you need fast! Reuse and his family have long been a part of the Southeastern Late Model scene and WCI has sponsored NASCAR Sprint Cup Series efforts for Dave Blaney and Johanna Long’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series entries in recent seasons. For more on WCI, visit www.wciparts.com or call 1-800-295-2476.
Good afternoon and welcome to the practice day for the NASCAR K&N Pro Series cars here at Bristol Motor Speedway (TN). This weekend will be the first ever race for the K&N cars here at the Bristol half mile. We’ll have all the action here onSpeed51.com
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Trackside Now – 03/16/12 – Widow Wax 125 – Bristol Motor Speedway (TN)