Sorry Mother Nature didn’t cooperate tonight folks but we’ll see you tomorrow. Have a great night!
Unfortunately folks that’s about all we can report here tonight from New Smyrna Speedway. We will be back around noontime tomorrow for another day of Trackside Now presented by JEGS.
The two divisions that qualified today will be locked in to their grid for tomorrow.
Updated Schedule:

Thursday, February 23 – SUPER LATE MODELS 50
NASCAR Tour-Type/SK Modifieds | Pro Late Models | Pro Trucks | FL Mods 50 Lapper. 

The Tour-Types will just run the 25 lapper tomorrow. There will be no Blewett Memorial this Speedweeks.
Florida Modifieds will get to run tomorrow, a 50 lapper in additon to the planned events. We are still waiting on the plan for the Tour-Type/SK Modifieds.
Against the Gatorade Duels? Don’t think so.
Comment From Dwayne 

why not do an afternoon show to make up the rain outs, and then do an evening show!!!!

Comment From eric 

per Mason’s facebook page:

Comment From Crew55 

Update for the 55- we got a new motor in and warmed up just before the rain- we’ll be on track tomorrow.

Mitchell’s team reported engine issues yesterday and did not make the feature then. They were not on track today so it’s safe to assume the engine issue is severe and they are either done for Speedweeks or are still waiting for a backup engine.
Comment From JIMBO 96 WIS LEG 

Have you heard or seen the 55Mitchell gang all day!

Comment From guest 

just double it up and give the fans their moneys worth

Comment From Ian 

I may have to play the “i’m sick” card tomorrow, Duel @ Daytona and the World Series…

A very wet New Smyrna Speedway.
We anticipate that’s why track officials are working on readujsting the schedule.
Comment From DCR 54 

Let us know about the fl mods. This was our last night here.

It’s raining the heaviest here it has all evening as we wait for some indication of tomorrow’s schedule.
We take all comments here with a grain of salt. No comment we post is the official “report” of Speed51, we try to confirm these all independently. Sometimes, we do post some Twitter reports or other comments
Comment From ModGal 

Where do these rumors come from? Again, we crew for the 00 Brady Bunch Racing team. After seeing the comment that TC was at JB’s Fish Camp I called Linda Brady. Heck don’t want to be at the “big” track if we are needed to crew here in New Smyrna. So here’s the scoop… Another team member has already dropped TC off at the airport, TC is currently in flight on his way back to Connecticut.

Race officials have just announced tonight’s features will be cancelled We are waiting for word about what will instead be run tomorrow.
One of the most anticipate arrivals to Speedweeks will come tomorrow when Chase Elliott will drive a Super Late Model car. He will also race Saturday night, when Bill Elliott will be signing autographs at the track.
Hopefully for the fans that’s true, we shall see….
Comment From CT Mod Fan 

Just saw TC at JB’s Fish Camp………..Beware for Friday people……..there’s a car coming from the north! Thanks Speed51 for the connection once again! Year after year you never fail!

Fast Qualifier, 1 Cody Coughlin drew a “2” for an inversion, which will place him on the outside of the front row along-side last night’s Feature Winner, 08 Drew Brannon.

Pro Late Models 25-Lap Feature Starting Line-Up Presented by Gary Yeomans Ford 

Row 1
08 Drew Brannon
1 Cody Coughlin

Row 2
47 Dakota Stroup
9 Brandon Watson

Row 3
12 Riley Emmel
26 Nathan Russell

Row 4
20 Anthony Sergi
41 Brandon Johnson

Row 5
29 Spencer Davis
6 Brandon Hermiller

Row 6
25 Cole Powell
81 Andrew Gressel

Row 7
96 John Nutley
05 Brad Corcoran

Row 8
3 Doug Sommers
07 Tom Fares Jr.

Row 9
87 Mike Mazzagatti
48 Dwayne Baker

Row 10
38 Kirk Hooker
94 Donnie Varcoe

Row 11
4 Marc Jacobs
35 Noel Dowler Jr.

Row 12
8 Jason Parker
24 Bruce Bennett

Row 13
32 Joe Rankin
61 Brent Wheller

Row 14
61x Gord Vipond

The inversion for the Tour-Type/SK Modified Feature is FIVE:

1 22 Chuck
2 58 Eric Goodale 17.112
3 79 Daniel Hemric 17.305
4 70 Andy Seuss 17.311
5 07 Patrick Emerling 17.329
6 19 John Jenson 17.493
7 9 Donnie Nall 17.586
8 5 Kyle Ebersole 17.599
9 7 Rich Parker 18.12
10 49 Chris Young 18.395
11 71SK Timmy Zacharias 19.073
A beautiful bolt of lightning just lit up the horizon. Please be aware we may have to go offline for a few minutes if lightning gets worse.

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Pouring here at New Smyrna, unfortunately. We are hopeful that the weather will push through early enough this evening to dry the track and get the features in without going too far off schedule.
Comment From Shannon 

Sitting in Raleigh NC, this New Smyrna boy misses home this time of the year…

Comment From Jake 

Thanks to speed 51 my English class is flying by thanks for the updates

Comment From Long Island 

Thanks for the great coverage. Nice to be able to follow the guys from Long Island. 51 is the next best thing to being there.

The rain has set in here at New Smyrna Speedway. We’ll be here with you waiting it out.
Nemechek is named after his late uncle, John. John Nemechek died in March 1997 after a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series crash at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Later that year, Joe named his newborn son after his beloved brother.
John Hunter Nemechek is 14. Last year he ran the Allison Legacy Race Series and this is his first season planned of Late Models
Comment From AD Motorsports-Ottawa 

how old is Nemechek?

Ryan Moore and David Rogers shoot the breeze. (Speed51.com Photo)
Anthony Sergi waiting to take the Super out. (Speed51.com Photo)
John Hunter Nemechek waits during the rain. (Speed51.com Photo)
Sean Bass surfing the web. (Speed51.com Photo)
Super Late Model qualifying and Florida/IMCA Modified qualifying will occur after this weather delay.
Comment From Jake 

Is this super qual right now

Supers are covered up. (Speed51.com Photo)
SK Modifieds Qualifying Times presented by Gary Yeomans Ford:

1 12SK Rob Shultz 17.704
2 59SK Dave Cranmer 17.927
3 5SK John Wilbur 20.684
4 71SK Jimmy Zacharias 23.977
Jimmy Zacharias
Lap 1: 23.977
Best Lap:  23.977
Due to the rain, Late Model qualifying is going to be postponed while we wait out weather.
Quick qualifier Chuck Hossfeld. (Speed51.com Photo)
Rob Shultz
Lap 1: 17.846
Lap 2: 17.704
Best Lap:   17.704
Dave Cranmer
Lap 1: 17.927
Lap 2: 17.819
Best Lap:  17.819
John Wilbur
Lap 1: 20.684
Best Lap: 20.684
Tour-Type Modified Times presented by Gary Yeomans Ford:

1 22 Chuck Hossfeld 17.029
2 58 Eric Goodale 17.112
3 79 Daniel Hemric 17.305
4 70 Andy Seuss 17.311
5 07 Patrick Emerling 17.329
6 19 John Jenson 17.493
7 9 Donnie Nall 17.586
8 5 Kyle Ebersole 17.599
9 7 Rich Parker 18.12
10 49 Chris Young 18.395
11 71SK Timmy Zacharias 19.073

Goodale quickest for just a moment. (Speed51.com Photo)
That makes Hossfeld the fastest qualifier thus far.
Chuck Hossfeld
Lap 1: 17.029
Lap 2: 17.019
Best Lap: 17.019
Donnie Nall
Lap 1: 17.709
Lap 2: 17.586
Best Lap:  17.586
Eric Goodale
Lap 1: 17.160
Lap 2: 17.112
Best Lap:  17.112
There is just a sprinkle or two falling on pit road. Not enough to affect the track yet.
Kyle Ebersole
Lap 1: 17.690
Lap 2: 17.599
Best Lap:  17.599
Unfortunately, we see pizza on the radar – yellow and red – heading to the track. We are hoping to get all the qualifying sessions in and the rain will hold off for the 2 hr. dead time before the feature.
Towed out a bit. (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Taps 

yes awesome coverage up there guys… it is starting to mist here in turn 1

Car on the hook. (Speed51.com Photo)
It appears that the left rear tire went down on the #11 machine and that was what caused him to spin.
The view from the tower of the Billy Weichart wreck. (Speed51.com Photo)
Hotshoe Hemric now quickest. (Speed51.com Photo)
Qualifying mishap. (Speed51.com Photo)
Comment From Ian 

Great Coverage Speed51!!!!

Billy Weichart has spun off turn four and did not take the green flag for his qualifying run.
Daniel Hemric
Lap 1: 17.305
Lap 2: 17.394
Best Lap:  17.305
Chris Young
Lap 1: 18.613
Lap 2: 18.395
Best Lap:  18.395
Andy Seuss to the top. (Speed51.com Photo)
Andy Seuss
Lap 1: 17.311
Lap 2: 17.558
Best Lap: 17.311
Timmy Zacharias
Lap 1: 19.808
Lap 2: 19.073
Best Lap:  19.073
Today’s first Tour qualifier Patrick Emerling. (Speed51.com Photo)
Rich Parker
Lap 1: 18.271
Lap 2: 18.120
Best Lap:  18.120
John Jensen
Lap 1: 17.673
Lap 2: 17.493
Best Lap:  17.493
Patrick Emerling
Lap 1: 17.329
Lap 2: 17.349
Best Lap: 17.329
Next up will be the Tour/SK Modified qualifying.
Qualifying Times – Pro Late Models – presented by Gary Yeomans Ford

1 1 Cody Coughlin 17.976
2 08 Drew Brannon 18.012
3 47 Dakta Stroup 18.067
4 9 Brandon Watson 18.179
5 12 Riley Emmel 18.254
6 26 Nathan Russell 18.267
7 20 Anthony Sergi 18.27
8 41 Brandon Johnson 18.291
9 29 Spencer Davis 18.307
10 6 Brandon Hermiller 18.323
11 25 Cole Powell 18.372
12 81 Andrew Gressel 18.417
13 96 John Nutley 18.456
14 05 Brad Corcoran 18.546
15 3 Doug Sommers 18.553
16 07 Tom Fares, Jr. 18.579
17 87 Mike Mazzagatti 18.613
18 48 Dwayne Baker 18.66
19 38 Kirk Hooker 18.69
20 94 Donnie Varcoe 18.727
21 4 Marc Jacobs 18.777
22 35 Noel Dowler 18.801
23 8 Jason Parker 18.807
24 24 Bruce Bennett 18.868
25 32 Joe Rankin 19.86
26 61 Brent Wheller 20.149
27 61x Gord Vipond 20.212
That will conclude Pro Late Model qualifying with Cody Coughlin the fastest qualifier.
Mark Jacobs
Lap 1: 18.777
Lap 2: 18.962
Best Lap: 18.777
Doug Sommers
Lap 1: 18.553
Lap 2: 18.575
Best Lap:  18.553
Two cars left to qualify.
Brandon Johnson
Lap 1: 18.505
Lap 2: 18.291
Best Lap:  18.291
Cole Powell
Lap 1: 18.500
Lap 2: 18.372
Best Lap: 18.372
All motor. Supers run custom engine packages depending on their builder wheras Pros are crates or two-barrells.
Comment From Ted 

Whats the major difference between Pro Late Model and a Super Late Model?

Brent Wheller
Lap 1: 20.149
Lap 2: 20.290
Best Lap:  20.149
Jason Parker
Lap 1: 18.830
Lap 2: 18.807
Best Lap:  18.807
How can one JEGS crew member stand out more than others? Wear bright pink. (Speed51.com Photo)
Spencer Davis
Lap 1: 18.399
Lap 2: 18.307
Best Lap:  18.307
Current top-five after 20  cars:

17.976 1 Cody Coughlin
18.012 08 Drew Brannon
18.067 47 Dakta Stroup
18.179 9 Brandon Watson
18.254 12 Riley Emmel
Gord Vipond
Lap 1: 20.813
Lap 2: 20.212
Best Lap: 20.212
Andrew Gressel
Lap 1: 18.446
Lap 2: 18.417
Best Lap: 18.417
Brad Corcoran
Lap 1: 18.636
Lap 2: 18.546
Best Lap:   18.546
Brandon Hermiller
Lap 1: 18.413
Lap 2: 18.323
Best Lap: 18.323
Dakota Stroup
Lap 1: 18.339
Lap 2: 18.067
Best Lap: 18.067
Nathan Russell
Lap 1: 18.440
Lap 2: 18.267
Best Lap:  18.267
Late arriving NASCAR Tour-Type Modified. (Speed51.com Photo)
Mike Mazzagatti
Lap 1: 18.613
Lap 2: 18.714
Best Lap:   18.613
Kirk Hooker
Lap 1: 18.942
Lap 2: 18.690
Best Lap: 18.690
Top-five after a dozen cars:

17.976 1 Cody Coughlin
18.012 08 Drew Brannon
18.179 9 Brandon Watson
18.254 12 Riley Emmel
18.27 20 Anthony Sergi
Bruce Bennett
Lap 1: 18.962
Lap 2: 18.868
Best Lap: 18.868
Marc Jacobs Batman helmet. (Speed51.com Photo)
Tom Fares, Jr
Lap 1: 18.579
Lap 2: 18.808
Best Lap: 18.579
Joe Rankin
Lap 1: 19.862
Lap 2: 19.860
Best Lap:   19.860
Drew Brannon
Lap 1: 18.019
Lap 2: 18.012
Best Lap:   18.012
His car has just hit the grid, so we now believe Parker will attempt the feature this evening.
Comment From Tom 

Is Parker taking time in pro tonight

Brandon Watson
Lap 1: 18.191
Lap 2: 18.179
Best Lap:   18.179
Donnie Varcoe
Lap 1: 18.727
Lap 2: 18.727
Best Lap:   18.727
The opposite of yesterday, the pros are not being held for tech after qualifying but the supers will.
Anthony Sergi
Lap 1: 18.361
Lap 2: 18.270
Best Lap:   18.270
Top-Five (after five cars):

17.976 1 Cody Coughlin
18.254 12 Riley Emmel
18.456 96 John Nutley
18.66 48 Dwayne Baker
18.801 35 Noel Dowler
Dwayne Baker
Lap 1: 18.660
Lap 2: 18.836
Best Lap:   18.660
Riley Emmel
Lap 1: 18.459
Lap 2: 18.254
Best Lap:   18.254
Noel Dowler
Lap 1: 18.801
Lap 2: 18.810
Best Lap:   18.801
We have not seen him on track, no.
Comment From Johnny 

Is the 39 car of andrew morrissey there today

Cody Coughlin
Lap 1: 17.976
Lap 2: 18.101
Best Lap:   17.976
Kyle Benjamin will be first Super later. (Speed51.com Photo)
Parker is the only driver who we do not believe is going to run tonight. Hooker and Baker’s cars are fixed and in the qualifying lap.
Comment From Dan 

What happened to Jason Parker, Dwayne Baker and Kirk Hooker. I don’t see them listed on the practice times

First Pro John Nutley. (Speed51.com Photo)
John Nutley
Lap 1: 18.491
Lap 2: 18.456
Best Lap:  18.456
PLM qualifying begins.
Supers and Pros lined up to qualify. (Speed51.com Photo)
Radio broadcast will commence at 7:30 PM tonight. Trackside Now will be here through the evening as well for play by play for those of you who aren’t in a place where you can  turn up a radio broadcast and of course post results and photos.
Comment From Mike 

Will you guys be broadcasting live or just on here through messages?

Comment From kyle 

Just arrived in New Smyrna, as fantastic as it has been to follow along with the Speed51 coverage thus far, I’m happy to be in the stands tonight!!!

The 51 crew has just had our Flip Flops lunch arrive at the track so we’re going to spend the next few minutes chowing down on some awesome food. Qualifying at the top of the hour.
Cole Powell’s team had the Modified out for inspection yesterday but have not practice nor run the Modified the last few nights of Speedweeks.
Comment From Kevin 

Does it look like Powell will run both tonight?

Cole Powell is the quiet point leader after five nights. (Speed51.com Photo)
Andy Seuss will be a contender for tonight’s 50 lapper.
Super Late Models now join the Pros in staging. Supers do not have to go through pre-qualifying tech.
Today we remember JB III and how much he is missed. Mary Hodge took this photo of John and Jimmy in 2007 during happy times at New Smyrna. This race will mean a lot to the winner as just about every driver knew of Jon or raced with him often. (Ma
Comment From Derek Pernesiglio 

Thanks for the great coverage. Working at the big track today, then heading over to NSS tonight. First time back to New Smyrna since 2003. Looking forward to it.

Tech begins for qualifying with the Pro Late Models starting to go through the line.
Come on out, the weather is absolutely lovely. High seventies with a nice breeze.
Comment From Guest 

Great coverage guys. Just arrived in Daytona. Hoping to come over to NSS tonight to say hello to the 51 boys and see some good racing!

Just an hour away from qualifying as all four divisions will time in tonight. Cody Coughlin looks for his third pole in a row in the Pro Late Model division whiile the Modified division suddenly looks wide-open in both the qualifying and race with the departure of the #00.
Balance of Today’s Schedule:

4:00 – Qualifying

Pro Late Model
Tour Mods
Super Late Models
Florida/IMCA Mods

6:15 Drivers Meeting 

7:30 – Features – In Order:

Pro Late Models – 25 laps
John Blewett, III Memorial for Tours & SKs – 50 Lap
Super Late Models – 30 laps
Florida Modifieds – 50 laps

Comment From Kevin 

There are a couple of the ontario guys that live withing 20 miles of one another, that drove 20hrs to race together.

Interesting Tidbit of Information;

There have been, or currently are, 19 teams representing our neighbors to the North in Canada with Ontario leading the way with 14 Teams followed by Alberta with 3 and 1 each from Quebec and Saskatchewan.

Practice Times – Florida Modifieds Session #2 – Presented by Gary Yeomans Ford:

1 66 Jerry Symons 18.761
2 15 Tank Tucker 18.857
3 88m John Sappraicone, Jr 18.940
4 10x Travis Roland 19.054
5 57 Tim Moore 19.054
6 0 Josh Todd 19.131
7 1x Wayne Jefferson 19.136
8 86 Mac MacDonald 19.205
9 54 David Hite 19.802
10 96 Matt Wheeler 19.961
11 88 Marty Hanbury 20.297


Florida Modified practice has now concluded and that will complete all practice sessions for the day.  Up next will be qualifying for all four divisions at 4pm.
Jerry Symons is currently on top of the charts in this round of Florida Modified practice with a lap of 18.761.
Kyle Benjamin talking about his Super Late Model victory last night:

The Florida Modifieds are now on the track for their final 15 minute practice session of the day.
Practice Times – Super Late Models Session #2 – Presented by Gary Yeomans Ford:

1 51 Becca Kasten 17.755
2 71 Kyle Benjamin 17.989
3 11 David Rogers 17.994
4 36 Kyle Larson 18.017
5 07 Jeff Scofield 18.037
6 74 Ryan Moore 18.055
7 51 Stephen Nasse 18.057
8 56 Gus Dean 18.105
9 5 Mike Skinner 18.148
10 8 John Hunter Nemechek 18.182
11 27 Bobby Good 18.186
12 84 Martin Latulippe 18.254
13 48 Sam Fullone 18.259
14 12 David Green 18.266
15 18 Bill Catania 18.370
16 47 Dakota Stroup 18.371
17 49 Brian Levant 18.406
18 20 Anthony Sergi 18.408
19 47 David Gibbs 18.438
20 00 Denver Foran 18.567
21 35 Noel Dowler 21.139


The final round of Super Late Model practice for the day is now complete.  Up next will be the Florida Modifieds.  We will post the Super Late Model times shortly.
Yesterday we debuted a new feature on Speed 51 as we take a look into the Cody Coughlin Corner. Each day Cody will have a little write up for us to post into his section on Speed51.com as he looks for his first Late Model win:


Becca Kasten currently leads this session with a lap of 17.831.  Kyle Benjamin is currently second and David Rogers is third.
The Super Late Models are now back on track for their final practice session of the day.
Current points after last night for all divisions. Please remember that any points disputes should be taken up with the track as Speed51 has no sway over the point standings:


Comment From Guest 

Can you link us to the updated points?

Practice Times – Tour/SK Modifieds Session #2 – Presented by Gary Yeomans Ford:

1 58 Eric Goodale 17.247
2 79 Daniel Hemric 17.300
3 22 Chuck Hossfeld 17.365
4 70 Andy Seuss 17.493
5 5 Kyle Ebersole 17.589
6 19 John Jensen 17.597
7 07 Patrick Emerling 17.608
8 71R Timmy Zacharias 17.700
9 12SK Rob Shultz 17.815
10 9 Donnie Nall 17.824
11 11 Billy Weichart 17.836
12 49 Chris Young 18.095
13 7 Rich Parker 18.465
14 5SK John Wilbur 19.487


7:30 PM EST tonight.
Comment From Rick in CT 

What time will Speed51 start broadcasting tonight?

Brian Levant’s blue car will return for this practice, the same machine he’s been running the first few nights.
Reminder that if you are coming to the track tonight, bring your scanner. Speed51’s radio broadcast will be available at frequency 454.5000
Practice concludes for the Tour & SK Modifieds. Times in a jiffy. Super Late Models coming out soon.
Jason Parker was involved with a feature crash last night, we’re going to try to see if he’ll come out tonight.
Comment From Kevin 

Is there a reason that the #8 prolate didnt take practice?

Eric Goodale leads the Tour-type practice sheets for the first time this Speedweeks. Five minutes left in practice.
The new Tour-type cars of Young, Ebersole, and Seuss have all competed today and are on the track now.
Here’s our video with last night’s Florida Modified feature winner, Jerry Symons:

South Alabama Speedway in Opp, Alabama hosts the 36th annual Rattler on Friday-Sunday, March 2-4th
Comment From Mod Man 

Louie Mechalides will be racing #80 in super lates tonight…They are still waiting for car to arrive from maine

Black flag for the Andy Seuss machine on this practice. He comes to pit road.
The Tour/SK Modifieds are back on track for their second practice session of the day.
Jarrell’s #18 with double wreckers. Kind of… (Speed51.com Photo)
Practice Times – Pro Late Models Session #2 – Presented by Gary Yeomans Ford:

1 1 Cody Coughlin 18.308
2 9 Brandon Watson 18.370
3 25 Cole Powell 18.441
4 20 Anthony Sergi 18.469
5 08 Drew Brannon 18.492
6 81 Andrew Gressel 18.517
7 26 Nathan Russell 18.521
8 18 Zack Jarell 18.588
9 5 Travis Swaim 18.619
10 96 John Nutley 18.629
11 3 Doug Sommers 18.630
12 6 Brandon Hermiller 18.660
13 35 Noel Dowler 18.735
14 51 Stephen Nasse 18.765
15 10 Matt Montineri 18.772
16 24 Bruce Bennett 18.827
17 87 Mike Mazzagatti 18.865
18 07x Tom Fares, Jr 18.920
19 4 Mark Jacobs 19.120
20 61 Brent Wheller 19.837
21 61x Gord Vipond 20.184
22 32 Joe Rankin 20.210


Though the car doesn’t seem to be that badly damaged, you can see the electric fan hanging by the wires. (Speed51.com Photo)
Mike Herman, Jr., Ryan Preece’s spotter, just tweeted:

” Not running the 2x tonight, taking the night off to rebuild the 40, we hope to be back tomorrow. #RyanPreece”

Preece’s #40 was badly mangled in an opening night incident coming off of Turn Four. The #2x, owned by Preece’s grandfather, has run the last two nights but seemed to be badly off the page last night after crashing in the final lap the night before.

Join the twitter conversation by using the hashtag #SmyrnaWS

That will conclude this round of Pro Late Model practice.  Next up will be 15 minutes of Tour/SK Modified practice.
Jarrell’s #18 on the hook. (Speed51.com Photo)
Jarrell has not pulled away on his own.  The track crews are now working to tow away his machine.
Young’s family operates nearby Bronson Motor Speedway
Chris Young has joined the Tour Mod field. (Speed51.com Photo)
The caution is now back out for the Zach Jarrell making contact with the turn four wall.
We are back under green flag conditions with just a few moments left in the final round of Pro Late Model practice.
The caution is out on the speedway for a spin in turn two by Brent Wheller.  He did not make contact and has pulled away under his own power.
As he has for the last few days of practice, Cody Coughlin has made his way to the top of Pro practice with a few minutes remaining.
Hooker is just about ready for action. (Speed51.com Photo)
What’s on this piece of paper will surprise you for the 47th annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing. There will be a major announcement later this week on Speed51.com. (Speed51.com Photo)
Gord is a Ontario, Canadia native with stock car experience at the Mosport oval and sports cars at the Mosport Road Course.
Comment From Big Fanl 

Where’s Gord Vipond from?great coverage

The Pro Late Modes are back on track for their second round of practice.  Dewayne Baker’s #48 machine is sporting a new nose today after receiving damage in last night’s event.
Practice Times – Florida Late Models Session #1 – Presented by Gary Yeomans Ford:

1 15 Tank Tucker 18.790
2 0 Josh Todd 18.986
3 88m John Sappraicone, Jr 18.989
4 86 Mav MacDonald 19.024
5 66 Jerry Symons 19.071
6 57 Tim Moore 19.140
7 10x Travis Roland 19.375
8 66D Dewayne Dempsey 19.449
9 1x Wayne Jefferson 19.455
10 88 Marty Hanbury 20.109
11 38 Ricky Moxley 24.558


FOLLOW UP ON MODIFIED TECH FROM LAST NIGHT: We spoke with track General Manager Terry Roberts who told Speed51.com that part of the problem with Christopher’s engine centered around. In the past the rules were set to “NASCAR Tour Type” engines and this year they had been opened up to include the RoC Modified Tour engine packages. Next year the rules will go back to NASCAR Tour Type rules to avoid confusion.
Gord Vipond is another new entry. (Speed51.com Photo)
That will conclude the first round of Florida Modified practice this afternoon.  We will have those times up shortly.
Dakotah Stephens is heading through tech. (Speed51.com Photo)
Tank Tucker continues to lead this practice with five minutes left to go. Thus far, 11 eleven cars have practiced.
Both of the 66’s are back in action today. Symons had to take the wheel of his backup yesterday after mechanical issues arose in his car.
Comment From ModGal 

Just to clarify as it has been posted the 00 Brady Bunch Team was seen on 95 in Georgia. I am a crew member on the team and as I type this I am sitting in my condo having coffee with the car owner’s wife Linda Brady. While we have pulled out of the series we are still here in New Smyrna enjoying the rest of our vacation time in Florida.

Jerry Symons is currently second in this practice behind Tank Tucker. With two wins, a second, and a fourth, Symons has the inside track to the Speedweeks Florida Modified title.
The Florida Modifieds have now hit the track for their first round of practice for the day.
Practice Times – Super Late Models Session #1 – Presented by Gary Yeomans Ford:

1 36 Kyle Larson 17.937
2 89 Matt Tift 17.944
3 27 Bobby Good 18.012
4 74 Ryan Moore 18.017
5 11 David Rogers 18.034
6 51 Becca Kasten 18.040
7 72 Scott Heckert 18.070
8 07 Jeff Scofield 18.087
9 56 Gus Dean 18.116
10 20 Anthony Sergi 18.145
11 48 Sam Fullone 18.145
12 8 John Hunter Nemechek 18.152
13 12 David Green 18.166
14 84 Martin Latulippe 18.183
15 18 Bill Catania 18.250
16 00 Denver Foran 18.443
17 49 Brian Levant 18.729
First Florida Modified practice coming up. This is their final night of competition and as a result, they will be going 50 laps.

Starting tomorrow, their part of the schedule will be given to the Pro Trucks.

During practice we’re going to post some of our feature winner videos from last night. We have already posted our TC interview video at the 11:01 timestamp.

First up, PLM winner Drew Brannon:

Sam Fullone and Anthony Sergi the only cars on the track on the last lap of practice. John Hunter Nemechek has turned the most laps (35).
TC did stress last night that he was proud for the work that his team had put into getting his #00 machine fixed following Monday’s feature crash. Part of the decision to leave could well have been team fatigue. One night repairing a car and then spending the next one putting a motor back together would have been a lot of work.
Comment From mod95 

a shout out to the 00 crew for getting the car back together after the crash with preece the night b4 and getting the car perfect for TC to get the pole more should be said for chassis set up then having big motor car still needs to handle well

Matt Tifft is recovering nicely from the broken axle that prevented him from starting the feature last night after a good qualifying effort. He is second fastest in this practice with three minutes remaining.
At the halfway point of the first practice session, Kyle Larson once again tops the practice charts. 17 cars have taken time.
Andy Seuss was a no-show for the first session. (Speed51.com Photo)
Kyle Ebersole and Rob Shultz also went out in that round of practice but neither had transponders so we don’t have access to those lap times.
Practice Times – Tour Type Modified Session #1 – Presented by Gary Yeomans Ford:

1 07 Patrick Emerling 17.386
2 58 Eric Goodale 17.502
Tour-type practice has ended (times in a jiffy). Supers now on the track.
Comment From Dennis 

I am not a TC fan but its kinda of like not having a race without Big E or Kyle Busch its just not the same.

Nasse has his Super as well. (Speed51.com Photo)
Also see Rob Shultz’s SK on the track.
Ebersole has made laps but does not have a transponder. Thus far, the only other Modifieds on the track are Emerling and E. Goodale.
Obviously a lot of opinions today on the TC teardown incident. We’re only posting a select few, sorry, but do want to publish some good points from our readers when we have a chance.
Comment From enginebuilder 

congrats to tc and team for sticking to there guns and heading home. You DONT pull $40000 plus motors apart at the track in the dirt, the gasket set would coast more than the win anyway. The tour dosnt pull them apart for much more valuable wins. Also you can check the crank without pulling it apart.

Comment From mod95 


Tour-type Modified practice underway. The #5 is driven by Kyle Ebersole
The Ebersole #5 joins us for the first time. (Speed51.com Photo)
Practice Times – Pro Late Model Session #1 – Presented by Gary Yeomans Ford:

1 9 Brandon Watson 18.36
2 08 Drew Brannon 18.385
3 25 Cole Powell 18.44
4 81 Andrew Gressel 18.518
5 29 Spencer Davis 18.518
6 18 Zack Jarrell 18.545
7 26 Nathan Russell 18.564
8 35 Noel dowler 18.598
9 20 Anthony Sergi 18.627
10 12 Riley Emmel 18.64
11 6 Brandon Hermiller 18.645
12 5 Travis Swaim 18.658
13 94 Donnie Varcoe 18.782
14 4 Marc Jacobs 18.865
15 3 Doug Sommers 18.888
16 07x Tom Fares, Jr. 18.897
17 87 Mike Mazzagatti 19.038
They wanted to check a few things, most notably the crank.
Comment From Guest 

was it specified what they wanted to tear down on the engine?? just wondering if it was pulling pieces of the motor off or something as simple as compression or cubic inch

Fastest in 1st practice, Brandon Watson. (Speed51.com Photo)
Brandon Watson did indeed win practice, reversing his finish with Drew Brannon from last night who was 18.385. Cole Powell third. Full times in a second.
White flag on practice
Brian Levant in a different car. (Speed51.com Photo)
We notice the #49 of Brian Levant sitting on pit road. His blue super all week is now a plum purple. We’re not sure if this is a second car they’re going to try for the rest of Speedweeks or a sudden colour change.
Travis Swaim, who led the PLM points after two features, was not in attendance last night as he was back in NC on business. His #5 has returned to the facility today and he sits 7th about halfway through practice.

Brandon Watson, fresh off his 2nd place finish last night, leads practice halfway through with a 18.360

Stephen Nasse is in the house. (Speed51.com Photo)
Stephen Nasse’s #51 is a new PLM at the track today.
More cars ready to go. (Speed51.com Photo)
We just posted our Photo Gallery from yesterday’s action. Check it out on our Five Star Racing Bodies Facebook Feed: Click Here
Practice? We talkin bout practice? (Speed51.com Photo)
Practice is underway for the Pro Late Models
Schedule of Events:

12:00 – 2:35 Rotating Practice: 

Pro Late Models – 15 minutes
5 Minute break
Tour/SK Mods – 15 minutes
5 minute break
Super Late Mods – 15 minutes
5 minute break
Florida Modifed – 15 minutes
5 minute break

(Two such cycles)

4:00 – Qualifying

Pro Late Model
Tour Mods
Super Late Models
Florida/IMCA Mods

6:15 Drivers Meeting 

7:30 – Features – In Order:

Pro Late Models – 25 laps
John Blewett, III Memorial for Tours & SKs – 50 Lap
Super Late Models – 30 laps
Florida Modifieds – 50 laps

Practice is tentatively supposed to start at noon though that may be delayed as CRA officials work on the scoring loop at the start-finish line. They’ve had some minor issues during Speedweeks that they want to iron out in practice.
Comment From Wade 

I just passed the Brady Bunch on 95 headed north near Savannah, Georgia.

With the departure of Ted Christopher, we do see one new Tour-Type modified on the ground that we expect to be a threat today, Andy Seuss.
Our Track Crew has arrived at the track to discover that Ted Christopher and team have indeed left the facility in so far as we can see. A large empty space is visible in the pit infield where the #00 team had been previously parked during the first few days of Speedweeks.
Just to clarify and put to bed (for good) an issue that a lot of people seemed to be confused by; Dick Brooks (and NOT Ricky Brooks) is the Chief Tech Inspector for the NASCAR Tour-Type/SK Modifieds.

Ricky Brooks is the Chief Tech Inspector for everyone else. (Super Late Models, Pro Late Models, Florida/IMCA-Type Modifieds, and Pro Trucks)

Comment From Race fan 

I think it make sense. Take motor apart at end of sat . This Brooks guy tries to tale the spot light

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Today (Wednesday, February 22nd) is Day VI of Smyrna Speedweeks, Tonight the 5th annual John Blewett III Memorial 50 for NASCAR Tour-Type/SK Modifieds will highlight the evening.

It’s also the Speedweeks Finale for the Florida/IMCA-Type Modifieds as they’ll also go 50 laps in their Feature this evening.

Joining the two open-wheeled headliners will be the Super Late Models and Pro Late Models.

Congratulations one more time to our Feature Winners from Day V of the 46th annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing:

71 Kyle Benjamin – Super Late Models
08 Drew Brannon – Pro Late Models
22 Chuck Hossfield – NASCAR Tour-Type Modifieds
59 Dave Cranmer – SK Modifieds
66 Jerry Symons – Florida/IMCA-Type Modifieds

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Here is the remainder of the 46th annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing Schedule (Including Tonight) 

Wednesday, February 22 – 5th ANNUAL JOHN BLEWETT III MEMORIAL
Super Late Models | Pro Late Models |

Thursday, February 23 – SUPER LATE MODELS 50
NASCAR Tour-Type/SK Modifieds | Pro Late Models | Pro Trucks

Friday, February 24 – 27th ANNUAL RICHIE EVANS MEMORIAL
Super Late Models | Pro Late Models | Pro Trucks

Saturday, February 25 – 2012 BRIGHT HOUSE CHALLENGE SERIES
NASCAR Tour-Type Modifieds

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Today we remember JB III (left) and how much he is missed. Mary Hodge took this photo of John and Jimmy in 2007 during happy times at New Smyrna. This race will mean a lot to the winner as just about every driver knew of John or raced with him of
Looking at the other divisions we have some big time point battles shaping up as points are really tight for the rest of the week. Click here to see the point standings after last night. http://speednetdirect.com/points.php?track_id=6062
Half of our staff is on the way to the track to see if Christopher did pull out for the week. He did tell us he was done and was going home. We will wait for conformation.
We caught up with both Ted Christopher and Chuck Hossfeld last night and they gave us their view of what went down in tech. We also spoke to Ricky Brooks who held the protect money as Dick Brooks is the head man for Tour Type Modified and SK Modifieds. TC and Hossfelds comments are in the up coming video as Ricky Brooks that everything was done in compliance with the tracks’s rule book.
We start today’s Trackside Now from our Ocean Properties Beach House in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. We are getting things rolling a bit sooner then normal after last night’s DQ of Ted Christopher there are lots of questions to be answered today.
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Trackside Now – 02/22/12 – 46th Annual World Series – New Smyrna Speedway (FL)