It’s nine nights of racing that have helped create heroes and champions.  It has helped turned young up and coming drivers into NASCAR stars.  It has helped transform drivers from contenders into winners and winners into champions.  The late Richie Evans said if you can win at New Smyrna Speedway you can win anywhere.  He was one of the best to ever circle the track during the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna.  But who are the best?  We at have taken all of the information that we could find over the years and now present you the top 51 drivers of the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing.


(Editor’s Note: Some information is hard to come by so this list is a representation based off the information that we could find. debuted this list in 2016, but drivers have been added and rearranged based on recent performances.)


51 – Mark Martin – Super Late Models

He was a champion way back in 1978, however, that year Martin used a model of consistency as he took the title with no victories.  Martin went on to bigger things at the NASCAR level after winning three ASA National tour titles starting in 1978.


50 – Jimmy Cope – Super Late Models

With five wins and the 2002 Super Late Model championship Jimmy Cope makes the top 50.  A regular at the track for many years, he posted wins in two seasons, four in 2000 and only one in his championship year of 2002.  Cope won four Florida Governor’s Cups at New Smyrna, but only the one Speedweeks title.


Bouchard's biggest win may have been at Talladega, but he achieved success at New Smyrna as well. (Paul Composer photo)

Bouchard’s biggest win may have been at Talladega, but he achieved success at New Smyrna as well. (Paul Composer photo)

49 – Ron Bouchard – Tour-Type Modifieds

The Northeast standout won three times in three different seasons and won the overall Tour-Type Modified championship in 1978. Bouchard is one of the few drivers that could clam that they topped Richie Evans during his era.  In 1978 and 1979 he logged 14 top fives in 18 races.


48 – Bobby Sears – Limited Late Models

Sears won two Limited Late Model titles in 1995 and 1998.  Limited Late Models were the under card to the Super Late Models for many seasons before becoming part of the Pro Late Models in 2012.


47 – Pete Hamilton – Super Late Models

Hamilton had lots of success in Florida having won a Daytona 500 and a Snowball Derby.  He also took down a pair of Super Late Model titles at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing.  Hamilton has only three wins on record, but we imagine that it’s more.  Hamilton is one of the few drivers who can claim they have two Super Late Model titles at the Smyrna World Series.


46 – Scott Bishop – Trucks

Bishop won the titles in the Truck series in 2007 and 2008.  He collected wins in three seasons of racing to go along with his championship.  Bishop is one of the few to win multiple titles in the Truck division.


45 – Michael Burns – Trucks

With two straight titles in 2014 and 2015, Michael Burns is one of the best to recently compete in the Truck class.  He has a total of five career wins during the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing.


Bobby Gill now spends his time assisting aspiring racers, but he was tough to beat in his heyday. ( Canfield photo)

Bobby Gill now spends his time assisting aspiring racers, but he was tough to beat in his heyday. ( Canfield photo)

44 – Bobby Gill – Super Late Models

Gill is one of the best drivers to run at New Smyrna, however, at the World Series Gill never really found the success like he did in other events.  Gill won a total of six races over the course of four seasons.  In 1995 he won three times, but got beat out by Bruce Lawrence for the week long title.


43 – Butch Miller – Super Late Models

Another Super Late Model ace who raced and won at New Smyrna during Speedweeks, but never won a championship. 1985 was perhaps his best year with seven or eight races in the top five.  He won twice that season, but came up second in points. Overall he won eight times in four seasons.


42 – Louie Mechalides – Super Late Models

The Northeast driver won the Super Late Model track championship in 2005.  He also took wins in the Limited Late Model division.  Very few drivers have won races in multiple classes at the World Series and Mechalides is one of them.


41 – Brad May – Limited Late Models

Looking at the record books, Brad May has three Limited Late Model titles to his credit and he’s still adding to his World Series legacy.  After titles in 1996, 1997 and 1999, May has won five times in the Pro Late Model ranks and is seeking another title in 2017.


40 – Lee Collins – Florida Modifieds

With 13 plus wins in the Florida/IMCA Modifieds, Lee Collins cracks the list after several years of success.  Collins won four times in 2006, but he was not the champion that year.  Championships were recorded in 2004 and 2007. Collins is just one of three drivers to win multiple championships in this class.


39 – Sam Russo – SK Modifieds

In 1990 and 1992 Sam Russo won the SK Modified title at Smyrna Speedweeks.  For a few seasons the race was run as a part of the Tour-type Modifieds before becoming its own race. It would take a few years before someone could win two titles outright. The win total for Russo is unknown as we only have two on record, but we assume there were more.


Spencer Davis celebrates a PLM win at New Smyrna in 2015. ( photo)

Spencer Davis celebrates a PLM win at New Smyrna in 2015. ( photo)

38 – Spencer Davis – SLM, PLM, Modifieds 

This driver is still making his mark on New Smyrna after running for points in four classes before his 18th birthday.  Davis won in Trucks and Pro Late Models in addition to racing Super Late Model and Modifieds.  Davis took two wins in 2014 and won the Pro Late Model title that year. He’ll be pulling double duty in the Pros and Supers in 2017.


37 – Drew Brannon – Pro Late Models 

Although he never won a title at Speedweeks, Brannon had some of the more dominating performance.  In 2009 he won three times in the Limited Late Model class.  He fell short for the title after having finished second in 2007. In 2012 he was disqualified on opening night, but came back to win four races the rest of the week.  He ended up fifth, but his four Pro Late Model wins in a year is still a record.


36 – Eddie MacDonald – ACT Late Models 

Sweeping the 2015 American-Canadian Tour (ACT) events was enough to make MacDonald one of the better drivers to run at Smyrna Speedweeks.  He also ran both races in 2011 and had two top 10s, so he’s been seventh or better in all of his starts at New Smyrna Speedway.


35 – Ty Majeski – Super Late Models

Majeski recorded one of the most consistent performances in Speedweeks history one year ago.  The driver from Seymour, Wisconsin recorded three wins in six races and never finished outside the top two on his way to the Super Late Model championship.  He also recorded a SLM win in 2014, bringing his total number of World Series wins to four.


34 – Scott Reeves – Trucks 

In 2010, 2011 and 2013 Scott Reeves won the Truck championship at New Smyrna Speedway. He only logged two wins during his run, but his ability to finish strong was enough make him a champion several times.


Stephen Nasse in New Smyrna Speedway victory lane, a place he visits often. ( Photo)

Stephen Nasse in New Smyrna Speedway victory lane, a place he visits often. ( Photo)

33 – Stephen Nasse – Super Late Models/Pro Late Models

Stephen Nasse was one of the upstart kids to win at Speedweeks at the age of 13.  Nasse has five wins between Pro Late Models and Super Late Models.  In 2014 he went toe-to-toe with Steve Wallace as the two swapped wins each night.  Nasse had one mulligan with a 15th on Friday.  If he could ever shake the bad luck he would quickly be a champion.


32 – Tim Connolly – Tour-Type Modifieds 

1995 was the year for Tim Connolly, beating out Tom Baldwin, Steve Park and Ted Christopher for four wins. Connolly won the Speedweeks Tour-Type Modified title that year but would never win again at Smyrna. Our records don’t indicate how many more times he came down and raced, but for one week he was the best of the best against the best.


31 – Geoff Bodine – Tour-Type Modifieds

Here is a trivia question for you: name something Geoff Bodine didn’t do in a Modified.  The answer is: win the Speedweeks title.  Despite having the most wins on two separate occasions, Bodine was never able to secure the overall title.  His 10 career victories against Evans in the 70’s is impressive. In 1978 he had three wins and three second-place finishes but it wasn’t enough.


30 –  Jimmy Spencer – Tour-Type Modifieds

The 1985 Modified Speedweeks champion won three times that season.  Mr. Excitement returned for a title run in 1987 and again won three times, but Reggie Ruggiero would be the champion that year.


29 – Tim Russell – Super Late Models

The son of David Russell, Tim is a four-time winner at Speedweeks and the 2011 Super Late Model champion.  Tim has kept the family name racing and taken several drivers to victory lane in his driver development program.


28 – David Russell – SLM/LLM

David Russell paved the way to keep the family name on the track for many years to come. Things started out with wins and a championship in the Thunder Car class.  Russell won races in the Limited Late Model ranks at Speedweeks before moving up to Super Late Models.  David then took home the 1996 Super Late Model title with two wins.  He grabbed five wins the next year, but missed the championship.  In all he had eight career wins in Super Late Models.


27 – Mark Malcuit – Super Late Models

The 1983 champion Mark Malcutt won three times during a Speedweeks that featured Junior Hanley, Dick Trickle and Mike Eddy.  When the dust settled Malcut captured the championship, which ended up being one of the biggest moments of his career.


Preece celebrates his first win of 2016 at New Smyrna Speedway. ( Nuttleman photo)

Preece celebrates his first win of 2016 at New Smyrna Speedway. ( Nuttleman photo)

26 – Ryan Preece – Modifieds/Florida Modifieds

The chapters for Ryan Preece are still being written at New Smyrna.  Preece is currently a two-time champion and seven-time winner in the Modified division. He also won a Florida Modified race in 2009. His first championship season started with a disqualification, but he overcame that and came all the way back to win the title with four wins.  He also won the Richie Evans Memorial 100 at the end of the week.


25 – Maynard Troyer – Tour-Type Modifieds

He was the first Modified champion at New Smyrna way back in 1976.  That first year Troyer beat out Richie Evans and Fred Harbach for the title.  Troyer would never again win at New Smyrna, but he will always have the title as the first champion.


24 – Kyle Benjamin – Super Late Models 

What Kyle Benjamin did in just a few short years of racing is comparable to the crafty veterans of the 80’s.  The 2012 Super Late Model Speedweeks champion won three races during that World Series.  A year later he took home four more wins and finished with eight wins, 15 top fives and 18 top 10’s in 21 starts.  An opening night disqualification in 2013 cost him a second straight title which would have made him the first back-to-back champion since the mid 90’s.


23 – Wayne Anderson – Super Late Models

Anderson is a nine-time feature winner who won over the course of six different World Series. Anderson, like his father before him, was a champion at Speedweeks and he was on top of the World Series twice in 2000 and 2003.  Anderson won the 100-lap finale back in 2011.


22 – Tank Tucker – Florida Modified 

Tank Tucker, a four-time Florida Modified champion during Speedweeks, lands inside the top 25 in the best of the best.  Tucker’s wins have come over the course of 10 seasons with the most being four in 2008.  He won titles in 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2011 which makes him the second most decorated driver in the class.


Silk's most recent win at New Smyrna came in 2016. ( photo)

Silk’s most recent win at New Smyrna came in 2016. ( photo)

21 – Ron Silk – Tour-Type Modifieds/SK Modifieds

Between SK Modifieds and Tour-Type Modifieds Ron Silk has 14 total wins at Speedweeks.  The former TS Haulers driver took the 2014 Modified title, as well as the 2010 and 2011 SK titles. Silk also won the 2013 Richie Evans 100.  After taking a year off in 2015, Silk will be looking to add more to his legacy in 2017.


20 – Dick Anderson – Super Late Models 

The 1991 Super Late Model champion Dick Anderson was a part of a father-son combination that have both taken Super Late Model titles at Speedweeks.  In all Dick Anderson won nine times at Speedweeks, two of which came in his championship year.  He won four times in 1994, but lost the title in the long run.  Anderson won races in three different decades.


19 – Jason Boyd – Limited Late Models/Florida Modifieds  

By our records Jason Boyd has over 30 wins in Limited Late Models including the 2002 season when he swept Speedweeks with nine wins in nine nights. That was one of three championships for Boyd who took titles in 2002, 2003 and 2007.  Boyd also won races in the Florida Modifieds.


18 – Steve Park – Tour-Type Modifieds 

In 1993 and 1995 Steve Park won the Richie Evans Memorial race at New Smyrna Speedway.  The fellow New York driver did more than that at Speedweeks. Park won nine times in a five-year span and captured titles in 1992 and 1993.


17 – Chuck Hossfeld – Tour-Type Modifieds

Over the years Chuck Hossfeld has become a regular at the Smyrna World Series.  Hossfeld is a 12-time winner having taken three wins in two different seasons.  Hossfeld was the champion in 2012 and the runner-up in 2011.  As far as we can tell he’s not missed a race in the last nine years.


16 – Joe Shear – Super Late Models 

Over the course of his trips to the south, Joe Shear won 11 times at New Smyrna Speedway in Super Late Model action.  In 1988 he won three times which was the most in a single series for him.  His lone championship season came that year as he was the top dog for Speedweeks.


Greg Sacks (Jim Jones photos)

Greg Sacks got the best of Richie Evans in 1982. (Jim Jones photos)

15 – Greg Sacks – Tour-Type Modifieds

In only a two-year span, Greg Sacks won seven times in 16 races.  The years were 1982 and 1983, and ’82 he was the champion.  The following year Sacks lost the title to Richie Evans. Outside of these two years there is only records of him running again in 1984.  Seven wins in 20 starts is impressive against the likes of Evans and Ruggiero.


14 – Jimmy Blewett – Tour-Type Modifieds/SK Modifieds

Twenty-seven times Jimmy Blewett was a winner at the World Series at New Smyrna.  Along with those wins came four SK Modified titles and a Tour-type Modified title in 2008.  Blewett had eight wins in the Tour-type Modified division with his biggest coming in 2006 and 2007 where he won back-to-back Richie Evans Memorial 100 races.  Blewett is the only driver to pull off that feat until last year. He returns to the track looking to build on his resume this year.


13 – Rick Fuller – Tour-Type Modifieds

In a seven-year span Rick Fuller won 16 races with four different car numbers at the Smyrna World Series. Fuller won the most races or tied for the most wins a total of three times.  In 1991 he took home three wins, but his resume never logged a championship at New Smyrna.


Choquette will be looking to add a few more Speedweeks victories to his resume in 2017. ( photo)

Choquette will be looking to add a few more Speedweeks victories to his resume in 2017. ( photo)

12 – Jeff Choquette – Super Late Models 

Jeff Choquette won nine of 15 races at Smyrna Speedweeks in 2008 and 2009.  Choquette was the champion in 2008 and missed it the next year.  In all, Choquette won 15 total races in Super Late Models leaving him in the top five in Super Late Model wins at New Smyrna during Speedweeks. Choquette won races in five straight seasons from 2005 to 2009.


11 – Mike Eddy – Super Late Models 

The 1977 Smyrna Speedweeks Super Late Model champion raced for several years at the Florida track. In all Eddy won 13 times over the course of six seasons from 1977 to 1984.  In both 1977 and and 1982 he won four races.  In ’82 Eddy lost the title to Dick Trickle.


10 – Jerry Symons – Florida Modifieds 

With over 40 wins in Florida Modified action Jerry Symons has one of the highest win totals ever at Smyrna Speedweeks.  Symons has won five titles in 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2012. Symons won eight of nine races on his way to his title in 2002.  He won at least three races five times during Speedweeks. In all he has wins in almost 20 different seasons at the World Series.


9 – Tom Baldwin – Tour-Type Modifieds 

When it comes to winning titles, Tom Baldwin was one of the best at New Smyrna.  Baldwin won titles in 1994, 1996 and 1997.  Baldwin did it with consistent finishes as he only won three races in all of his championship years.  Baldwin won 14 times at New Smyrna leaving him in the top five in wins in the division.


8 – Pete Orr – Super Late Model  

Only two drivers have ever won three straight Speedweeks title in Super Late Model action, Dick Trickle and Pete Orr.  The Orr run came from 1992 to 1994.  His win total was not as spectacular as some others, but the magnitude of three titles is almost unheard of these days.  In 1993 he won four of his eight races in a single week.  Orr won features in four different years.


7 – Reggie Ruggiero – Modifed 

After the tragic death of Richie Evans,  Reggie Ruggiero was there to pick up his slack in the late 80’s. With Championships in 1986, 1987 and 1989 Reggie was just unbeatable during this run.  During this four-year run he won 21 of his 28 races including seven of nine in 1986.  Reggie also took in four more wins in 1990, but he came up short in his bid for another championship.


Dick Trickle raced all around the country and experienced success in his visits to New Smyrna. (Rockford Speedway photo)

Dick Trickle raced all around the country and experienced success in his visits to New Smyrna. (Rockford Speedway photo)

6 – Dick Trickle – Super Late Models 

The record books show that 13 of his 17 wins came in the 1980’s, a time when “The White Knight” ruled the short track world.  The Wisconsin driver won four titles (1982, 1984, 1985 and 1986) which is a Super Late Model record.  Trickle also ran some Modified events, but he never tasted victory by our record, but still he was one of the best to ever run Speedweeks at New Smyrna.


5 – David Rogers – Super Late Models/Florida Modifieds 

No one has more starts during Super Late Model action at Speedweeks than David Rogers.  One can only guess that he’s probably started over 300 features at the World Series against the best there has even been.  Rogers has 18 wins (according to our records) in Super Late Model action and titles in 1987, 1999 and 2001.  Rogers also won a pair of Florida Modified races in 1998.


4 – Gary Balough – Super Late Models 

A big winner in the 80’s and 90’s, Gary Balough is one the best when it comes to racing in February.  Balough won five races in 1980 and 1992.  Despite those win totals he was a champion years earlier in 1971. Balough won 21 times, which is the second most in Super Late Model action.  In recent years Balough has been back at the track helping others seek his level of success.


3 – Ted Christopher – Tour-Type Modifieds/Super Late Models 

“TC” owns records that will never be matched when it comes to racing at New Smyrna Speedway.  With 50 plus wins counting the SK events, Christopher is one of the most decorated drivers to ever run the World Series. Christopher won a total of 10 titles between the Tour-type Modified and SK Modified divisions.  Christopher won in both Super Late Models and the Modified division on the same night, making him the only driver to do so.  Christopher had streaks of three straight titles and four straight titles over the course of his career at New Smyrna.  Christopher is also the only five-time winner of the Richie Evans Memorial during the World Series.


2 – Junior Hanley – Super Late Models/Tour-Type Modifieds

The only thing holding Junior Hanley back from the number one spot is the fact he did his work over three decades.  Hanley took home 50 wins on record with 47 in Super Late Models and three more in the Modified ranks.  Hanley won three titles in the 80’s and 90’s.  In 1990 and 1991 Hanley won 14 of the 17 races, a feat that may never be duplicated.  Hanley may not be racing anymore, but his reach is still felt at Speedweeks as many teams come with notes, setups and information from the Canadian legend.


1 – Richie Evans – Tour-Type Modifieds

There was no one better when it came to racing at the World Series at New Smyrna.  Evans was a six-time champion and won 39 times, an average of about four wins a season.  Evans won three titles in a row and five of six at one point. In 1984, he won six of the seven races and in 1979 he won seven of nine events.  Others have won more races at the World Series, but Evans did it in a short run.  Had it not been for his passing, his numbers could have doubled what they ended up being.


-By Elgin Traylor, Southeast Correspondent – Twitter: @ElginTraylor

-Photo credit: NASCAR Home Tracks Twitter

Top 51: World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing Drivers