The Oxford 250 has a long history that dates back to the initial race held at Oxford Plains Speedway (ME) in 1974. In the race’s 43-year history, many drivers have visited the 3/8-mile in Oxford, ME in an attempt to put their names in the record books. Today, we take a look at the top 51 drivers to ever compete in the Oxford 250.


51) Geroge Summers – He finished second in 1975 and third in 1974 for two career podium finishes.


50) Brent Dragon – In a six-year span he posted six top-10 finishes. His best finish was a fourth in 2010.


300x250 Oxford 250 PPV49) Brian Hoar – In the ACT Late Model era, Hoar posted three straight top-five runs. A second-place finish was his best in 2010.


48) Sam Sessions – A dozen starts resulted in four top-10 runs. He finished a career-best third in 2006.


47) Ricky Rolfe – He has 11 career starts, won the pole and was second in 2004 to Ben Rowe.


46) Alan Wilson – He had three top-five runs a decade ago and drove off the track while leading with 10 to go in 2004.


45) Shawn Martin – Since 2008 he’s completed all but three laps in the 250.  He has four top 10 runs and has led in three of the last five Oxford 250s.


44) Cassius Clark – Clark has not been outside the top six in his last four 250 starts. He was fourth in 2014.


Kevin Harvick stuck around an extra day to win the 2008 Oxford 250. ( photo)

Kevin Harvick stuck around an extra day to win the 2008 Oxford 250. ( photo)

43) Kevin Harvick – One start, one win, as Kevin Harvick won in his only start at the 250.


42) Roger Brown – He was the king of the world for one night in 2007 when he bested 92 other cars for an upset win. He’s not been in the top 20 since.


41) Don Biederman – The 1977 winner of the 250 also posted a ninth in 1979. 


40) Tom Rosati – The 1979 winner also came home fourth in in 1980. 


39) Jeremie Whorff – The one-hit wonder scored his lone win in 2006. He’s only finished on the lead lap once since his win.


38) Scott Fraser – The late driver from Canada had runs of third and fourth in his eight starts.  He led 89 laps in 2002. 


37) Tim Brackett – He’s made 20 starts in the big show and has three top 10s.  Only four drivers have that many starts.


36) Brad Leighton – He was second in 1993 and returned to lead 189 laps in 2010 before ending up fifth. 


Gary Drew celebrates his 2001 Oxford 250 win. (Dave MacDonald/Getty Images)

Gary Drew celebrates his 2001 Oxford 250 win. (Dave MacDonald/Getty Images)

35) Gary Drew – A local favorite has three podium runs including a win in 2001.


34) Mike Barry – In a three-year stretch he finished in the top five three times and won the 1982 race.


33) Kyle Busch – He led laps in all three of his attempts at the Oxford and could have won in both 2005 and 2006.  He returned in 2011 to complete the job.


32) Wayne Helliwell Jr. – The defending race winner also has a fourth-place run in 2012.  In 2015, he led 144 laps and earned $14,400 in lap money along before finishing seventh. 


31) Dave Whitlock – It all came together for Dave Whitlock in 1995 as he beat out Jeff Taylor to win over 50,000 at the Oxford 250.


30) Bobby Dragon – In 17 tries he had two poles, four top five runs and 10 finishes inside the top 10.


29) Derek Lynch – 1994 was a banner year for Lynch when he won the 250 from the outside of the front row.


28) Beaver Dragon – Dragon had seven runs in the top 10 with a best of fifth in 1979.


Ricky Craven celebrates his 1991 Oxford 250 victory. (Photo credit: @NCMark)

Ricky Craven celebrates his 1991 Oxford 250 victory. (Photo credit: @NCMark)

27) Ricky Craven – Craven took the 1991 Oxford 250 after leading nearly 200 laps.  When you think of the race, Craven’s name is one of the first that comes to mind after his journey through the higher ranks of NASCAR.


26) Junior Hanley – He sat on the pole twice at the 250 and had three top 10s not counting 1993 when he went to victory lane in the big race.


25) Tommy Ellis – Six top 10 runs include a win in 1983.  He was also fourth in 1979.


24) Glen Luce – Footnote for Luce is he was a forgotten second to Kevin Harvick in 2008.  He would get redemption with a win in 2015 and finished 10th last year.


23) Scott Robbins – In a six-year stretch, he had a win, a second and a fifth.  The 2002 winner was a tough challenge in the early 2000’s.


22) Dale Shaw – In 20 starts, Dale Shaw never seemed to get the right combination at the 250. He sat on the pole twice and was second in 1992, but he only had four top 10 runs.


21) Bob Pressley – The 1978 winner came to OPS four times and finished on the podium three times. He led 201 laps in 1977 and finished third only to return the next year and win.


20) Tommy Houston – He was a non-winner at the 250, but he was a contender.  He was second in 1990 and 1991 after finishing fourth in 1989.  In all, he had four top 10 runs.


19) Larry Gelinas – Beyond his win in 1996, he has posted two top-five runs and five total top 10 runs.  Gelinas won the pole and the race in 1996 when Ben Rowe ran out of gas.


18) Morgan Shepherd – There was something about Shepherd at Oxford as he posted four top-five runs in his first five starts.  Twice a polesitter, Shepherd was a career-best third in 1980. He led 74 laps in 1987 before he broke an axle.


17) Robbie Crouch – Crouch won everything in his career, but not the 250. He had second-place runs in 1981, 1984 and 1986.  In all, he had seven top 10 runs in 15 races and he led 177 laps.


16) Austin Theriault – A second, two-thirds and a fourth in his first four OPS starts at the 250.  Theriault led 95 laps in 2014 before ending up second.  Last year was the first time he didn’t finish the full distance.  His three podiums push him past some great drivers who have already won the race.


15) Tracy Gordon – Fifteen starts and six top 10’s later, Gordon is still seeking his first Oxford 250 win.  He was third in 1995 and second in 1997 and 1998.  After a 10-year layoff, he returned and ran well last year. Perhaps there is some magic left in the tank.


Joey Pole has won plenty of races at Oxford during his career. ( photo)

Joey Pole has won plenty of races at Oxford during his career. ( photo)

14) Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. – With a victory and a third-place finish, Joey Pole is among the best at the 250.  Add in two top-five runs in the last two years and he’s building a legacy like the big names from the 1980s and 1970s.


13) Jeff Taylor – Thirteen seems like a fitting number for the multi-track champion who has been snakebite in the Oxford 250.  Seventeen starts have landed Taylor 10 top-10 finishes He has led 343 laps in the 250 and came home second in 1995 and 2012.  Taylor will be back to give it a go again in 2017.


12) Joey Kourafas – The winner of the first Oxford 250 made his name know over the next 15 or so years with a runner-up finish and three third-place runs.  He also sat on the pole in 1990 before running his last in 1992.  His final tail of the tape consisted of eight top 10 runs.


11) Jamie Aube – A two-time winner Jamie Aube had a total of four top-10 runs.  He led 130 laps over the 15 Oxford 250’s that he ran.  Aube won in 1987 and 1989 and was in the mix in 1988 before coming home 14th.  His finish record may not be as strong as others, but he finished all but two 250’s he ran.


Eddie MacDonald and his father Red in Oxford 250 victory lane. (Grimm Racing Photo)

Eddie MacDonald and his father Red in Oxford 250 victory lane. (Grimm Racing Photo)

10) Eddie MacDonald – It’s safe to say that Eddie MacDonald owned the Oxford 250 in the ACT Late Model era.  During a five-year span, he won twice and was fourth while leading over 270 laps.  He was on the lead lap five years in a row.  MacDonald sat on the pole in 2015 to add to his legacy at OPS.


9) Dick McCabe – It took 13 trips to Oxford before Dick McCabe was able to score the win in the 250.  McCabe was always in the mix with runner-up finishes 1983 and 1989.  His lone win came in 1988.  His average finish of 250’s he completed in the 80’s was 3.77.


8) Chuck Bown – Bown was a terror for the Oxford regulars when the event was a Busch Series combo show in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  He won twice and led over 400 laps.  He was fourth in 1985 and a winner in 1986.  His second win came in 1990 when he led a record 255 laps in one race. That total will never be beaten as they don’t score caution laps anymore.  In all, he had five top 10’s at the 250.


7) Geoff Bodine – He was the first to win it twice and the first to win it back to back.  In five starts, Bodine had two wins and a fifth-place run in 1982.  For a few short years, the New York driver owned the event and won 40% of his races at OPS in the 250.


Benjamin takes the checkered flag in the 2014 Oxford 250 (Benjamin Motorsports Photo).

Benjamin takes the checkered flag in the 2014 Oxford 250 (Benjamin Motorsports Photo).

6) Travis Benjamin – In just a few short years Travis Benjamin has gone from the bottom to the top of the 250 roster.  Back-to-back wins in 2013 and 2014 pushed him up the standings.  He led more laps in 2016 than in his two previous wins. He ended up second that day, but it helped him land just outside the top five on our list.


5) Butch Lindley – Tragically we will never know how great Butch Lindley could have been at Oxford.  The 1976 Oxford 250 winner only finished off the podium twice in eight starts. Three of those finishes were runner-ups. In 1980 he led 207 of the 285 laps run and he came home second.  Oxford fit Lindley like a glove. He passed away in 1990 after a injury from a wreck in 1985.


4) Ben Rowe – The younger Rowe gets the nod as the highest driver without three wins at the 250.  Ben won it twice in 2003 and 2004.  He had won as a raw rookie in 1996 before running out of gas. Rowe also logged a pair of runner-up finishes in 1999 and 2000.  His longevity has brought six top fives and 10 top 10’s.


3) Dave Dion – He was the first driver to win the race three times and he did it in three different decades.  The fact is that Dave Dion was amazing in the Oxford 250.  When he didn’t win, he was still in the mix. He made 26 starts and had a record 18 top-10 runs.  Another strange stat was that Dion finished seventh in the 250 some seven times.


2) Mike Rowe – The hometown hero won the Oxford 250 in three different decades and he saved his best for last when he captured his 150th feature win in the Oxford 250.  Rowe has logged 34 starts and recorded 10 top five finishes. Rowe has the most top-five finishes of any driver.


1) Ralph Nason – It’s hard to argue with Nason’s numbers at Oxford in the 250.  He’s the all-time lap leader and he’s one of three drivers to have won it three times.  He is the only driver to win it three-straight years and many know that a little luck could have made it four in a row.  In all, he had six top five runs and nine in the top 10 in only 18 starts


-Text by Staff – Photo credit: Hight Motorsports

Top 51: Drivers in the History of the Oxford 250