The video department fired out more than 35 exclusive and unique videos throughout the 51st Snowball Derby, and more videos are still on the way. From on-board videos to race highlights, daily recaps, and even some fun impressions of Five Flags Speedway announcer Robbie Harvey, our video coverage from the biggest pavement short track race had it all.


With so many videos now in our library, we know that it can be difficult and daunting to try to go back and find the best ones, so we did our best to help you out. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 videos from the 51st Snowball Derby, and you can find it below:


1. Highlights: The 51st Annual Snowball Derby

It only makes sense that our top video from the Snowball Derby are the extended highlights from the race itself. After all of the buildup and pomp and circumstance, the part of the week that matters the most are the 300 laps of Super Late Model action.


2. One-on-One: Snowball Derby Winner Noah Gragson

As is tradition, the winner of the Snowball Derby takes a seat in the grandstands at Five Flags Speedway and reflects on their accomplishment in a one-on-one interview with our Bob Dillner.


3. Snowball Derby Announcer Robbie Harvey Impressions

If you’ve been to Five Flags Speedway or just watched races from the track on, you’ve heard Robbie Harvey’s unique voice. On load-in day at the Derby, our Casey LaJoie went around the pit area and had a little bit of fun with some of the drivers to see who could deliver the best Robbie Harvey impression.


4. Recap: 51st Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway

The range of emotions following the Snowball Derby is incredible. One driver experiences the highest of highs, while many others feel the lowest of lows. Our Casey LaJoie recapped all of the action and all of the emotions from the 51st Snowball Derby.


5. On-Board: Snowball Derby Winner Noah Gragson

Experience the craziness of racing in the Snowball Derby by riding along with Noah Gragson on his path to victory.


6. One-on-One: Snowball Derby Polesitter Harrison Burton

Harrison Burton put down an incredible lap to claim the pole for the 51st Annual Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway. After qualifying was completed, Burton caught up with our Casey LaJoie to talk about what it means to win the pole for the Snowball Derby.


7. On-Board: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Driver Stewart Friesen

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Stewart Friesen went down to Five Flags Speedway for his first attempt at running the legendary Snowball Derby. Unfortunately, his Snowball Derby didn’t last very long because of an early wreck, but you can ride along with Friesen in the early stages of the race.


8. The Derby Report: Midwest, Northeast, and West Coast

With drivers coming from all over North America, we decided to do something different and give updates on the progress of the drivers from three different regions of the continent.


Northeast and Canada

West Coast


9. Qualifying: Chronological Runs from the Top 30 in Snowball Derby Qualifying

We highlight the qualifying runs for each driver that locked their way into the Snowball Derby by placing within the top 30 in qualifying.


10. Recap: Snowball Derby Qualifying – Who Made It In?

Snowball Derby Qualifying. Those three words bring shivers to every driver on property at Five Flags Speedway. When it’s all over, some drivers let out a massive sigh of relief, while others find themselves in tears for either making or missing the big show. We caught up with some of the drivers that made it in to find out how they felt when it was all over with.

Top 10: Videos from the 51st Annual Snowball Derby