As a young child, Super Late Model racer Bobby Timmons, III grew up going to the race track and watching his father, Bobby Timmons, Jr., race big-block Supermodifieds at tracks like Lee USA Speedway (NH) and Star Speedway (NH).  Since that time, he has been itching to get into the seat of one of the fenderless, lightning-fast cars.


Friday night at Lee USA Speedway, Timmons from Windham, Maine, will live out his lifelong dream when he straps into a Small Block Supermodified for the first time.


“I’ve always wanted to drive one ever since I was a little kid,” Timmons told powered by JEGS.  “Every time the ISMA Supers are around here, I get excited and I’ll go watch them.  Now to finally be able to drive, albeit not a big block but a Supermodified in general, I’m pretty excited for it.”


Bobby Timmons' ride for this weekend's Supermodified event at Lee.  (Bobby Timmons Facebook)

Bobby Timmons’ ride for this weekend’s Supermodified event at Lee. (Bobby Timmons Facebook)

While racing Super Late Models in the Pro Series division at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway (ME) during recent years, the 21-year-old Timmons and his dad have been busy rebuilding a car that the elder Timmons previously raced.  The project, which has been in the making for the last three or four years, has required a lot of hard work and time to make his first career start in the car a reality.


“It’s been a project in the making for the last three or four years, but I’ve never really had the time to put a full effort into it due to prior commitments with other cars,” said Timmons.  “We’ve put a lot of hours into it.  The thing about the Supermodifieds is that there’s no two that are alike.  You can’t just go to a parts store and buy parts off the shelf.  We made a lot of those parts, so it’d really be a heartbreaker to go down there and tear it up.”


As he makes his first laps in a Supermodified on Friday afternoon, Timmons will be continuing a family tradition started by his grandfather Bobby Timmons, who raced Sprint Cars, Modifieds and Supermodifieds.  That tradition was eventually handed down to Bobby Timmons, Jr., who spent his entire career racing the winged Supermodifieds.


“It’s all my dad has ever raced,” said the younger Timmons.  “My grandfather has raced Sprint Cars, Modifieds, and Supermodifieds.  Nobody in my family has ever raced the fender cars like I am now and this will be my first time ever driving a Supermodified.  This is the last car that my dad ever built, so it actually has a little bit of sentimental value, too.”


Timmons, who currently sits second in the Pro Series point standings at Beech Ridge, doesn’t have huge expectations right off the get go.  He hopes to simply work out the bugs, get seat time under his belt, and be able to roll the car onto the trailer in one piece at the end of the night.


“The last time my dad ran the car we struggled with it and couldn’t seem to get the handle on the car, but that was with a big block and at two or three different tracks,” said Timmons.  “Basically we’re just going to try to get all the bugs worked out of it.  We’ll try to keep up and try to get used to racing without mirrors or spotters.  That will be different for sure.  To start out, we just want to be able to roll it into the trailer in one piece.”


Due to his team’s concentration on Super Late Model racing and the success he is having racing among the SLM ranks, Timmons is unsure of what his future holds as a Supermodified driver.  He doesn’t believe his team will be able to race the car weekly, but looks at the opportunity as something that he and his father can enjoy doing while carrying out the family tradition.


“The Super Late Model is our main priority and probably will be next year as well.  The Supermodified is more of a side toy.  It’s kind of tough to race at Lee on Friday nights due to the family business.  I don’t see that being something we race weekly, but it will definitely be something we’ll do on the side for sure.  We’ll just play with it as much as our time and finances allow for.”


Timmons plans to race this week and the following week at Lee USA Speedway before determining how many weekly shows he will attend.  He also hopes to race with the Small Block Supers during the Star Classic at Star Speedway in September, as well as Lee Oktoberfest at Lee USA Speedway in October.


– By Brandon Paul, Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51.  Photo credit:

Timmons Set to Carry On Supermodified Family Tradition