Racers from all over the Northeast made their way to Maine Indoor Karting in Scarborough, Maine Saturday afternoon for the 8th annual DT100.  At the end of the day, two drivers in the middleweight division stole the show with a thrilling finish that event promoter David Thomas, Jr. coined as the best finish in event history.


graphic winter showdown order watchKyle Treadwell, a two-time winner of the DT100, started from the pole position and jumped out to the early lead before fellow Maine racer Rusty Poland reeled him in.  On the final lap of the race Poland found racing room to the inside of Treadwell coming out of the esses to set up an exciting finish.


Treadwell had the preferred groove (the inside) heading into the final hairpin turn and used that to fend off Poland by inches as they powered to the checkered flag.


“I’m exhausted after trying to hold off Rusty there,” Treadwell told Speed51.com powered by JEGG.  “He raced me very clean; he gave me a couple bumps throughout the race.  He got me to the outside going through the esses, which set me up good for the hairpin at the end being on the inside.”


For Treadwell, who now how three straight wins at the DT100, the win was extra special after recently losing a close friend.  Rachael Dubois, a local racer that competed at Oxford Plains Speedway (ME), lost her battle with cystic fibrosis on January 4.  Dubois was a beneficiary of the Make-A-Wish foundation, the cause which drivers raised thousands of dollars for Saturday afternoon.


“This win is a pretty big deal,” said Treadwell.  “We lost Rachael in January and she was a beneficiary of Make-A-Wish, so this one’s pretty cool.  This one is definitely for her.”


Not to be outdone by Treadwell, Alby Ovitt picked up his fourth career DT100 victory by pulling away from Maine Indoor Karting manager Ryan Dyer to win the lightweight feature.


Alby Ovitt hold up four fingers, signifying his four wins at the DT100. (Speed51.com photo)

Alby Ovitt hold up four fingers, signifying his four wins at the DT100. (Speed51.com photo)

Ovitt failed to qualify for the race through qualifying heats and ended up going through a consolation race just to get in the big show.  Once he was locked into the race he needed even more luck and found it early when a group of front runners got together, allowing Ovitt to sneak into the runner-up spot.  He then took advantage of the ensuing restart to get by Dyer and score his second straight win.


“The competition level is so tight now that you just have to be on your game and have luck,” Ovitt admitted.  “I was lucky to make it through the consi and then the A-Main qualifier and then I got lucky on that initial start.  If that didn’t happen, I’m not sure I would have even been able to get to Ryan to be honest with you.  The restart gave me a good chance to get right up on him and rattle his cage a little bit.  He made one little mistake and I was able to capitalize.”


After the race, Ovitt referred to the DT100 as his “biggest race of the year,” not because of the on-track activity but because of what it means in the grand scheme of things.


“Just for the simple fact that Dave Thomas and everybody involved puts on a great show and it’s for a great cause,” he explained.  “I don’t know the final fundraising tally today, but I guess the numbers are really high and our best year yet.  That’s what it’s all about.  It’s all for charity and we have fun.”


Jeff Ramsdell celebrates his DT100 heavyweight feature win. (Speed51.com photo)

Jeff Ramsdell celebrates his DT100 heavyweight feature win. (Speed51.com photo)

Rounding out the list of feature winners Saturday afternoon was Worcester, Massachusetts native Jeff Ramsdell, who was also crowned champion of the Triple Charity Challenge.  Ramsdell avoided carnage early in the 25-lap heavyweight feature before finding the holes he needed to move to the front of the field.


“It was a little rough in the beginning and I got some lucky moves to go.  It cleaned up towards the end and I was hoping to not have a caution; we didn’t get one and rolled it home.”


After the race, Ramsdell was another driver to quick to offer praise for the event and the meaning behind it.


“This event is awesome; it’s awesome for Make-A-Wish,” he said.  “To see the kids come out here with all of their testimonies and all the money we raise for it, it’s all for a good a cause.  It’s a competitive event, but it’s for a good cause.”


Official fundraising totals have not been tallied, but it was announced prior to the event that the top-10 fundraisers alone raised over $27,000.


Fans can still donate to the cause today by visiting the DT100 website.


DT100 Lightweight Division Official Results

1 35 Alby Ovitt
2 24D Ryan Dyer
3 7 Taylor Svenconis
4 94 Shawn Martin
5 9 Frankie Eldredge
6 29V Jeremy Decourcy
7 166 Derek Wright
8 99 Jason Phillip
9 X Joey Scanlon
10 2X Renee Biggins
11 2CT Jim Boyle
12 41 Bobby Rodier
13 77 Justin Bankowski


DT100 Middleweight Division Results

1 44 Kyle Treadwell
2 44P Rusty Poland
3 2 Nick Cusack
4 47B Charlie Buxton
5 2B Charlie Baldwin
6 19 Kevin Girard, Jr.
7 1 Burt Myers
8 51 Mike Ordway, Jr.
9 6C Bret Culleton
10 5 Dillon Moltz
11 00 Bryan Kruczek
12 97X Joe Bell
13 29P Ryan Pitkin


DT100 Heavyweight Division Results

1 7R Jeff Ramsdell
2 55R Jimmy Renfrew
3 5 Jacob Dore
4 98 Steve Dickey
5 8 Clint Moulton
6 13K Leon Kenniston
7 11 Fred Leclair
8 00K Danny Kapuscinski
9 74 Mike Beyea
10 54 Nick Campbell
11 70 Andy Seuss
12 13 Jimmy Russell
13 19W Bobby Webber, Jr.
14 48 Bobby Timmons


-By Brandon Paul, Speed51.com Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

-Photo credit: Speed51.com photo

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