Wayne City, Illinois was renamed tonight as ‘Slide Job City’ as sliders were thrown for winning passes, much like Tanner Thorson did to score the USAC National Midget Leffler Memorial victory at Wayne County Speedway.


In a new ride. Jason McDougal topped the charts in hot laps. With a new USAC format, there was no qualifying and drivers jumped right into heat races. Kyle Cummins, Chris Windom, Chase Johnson and Brady Bacon all won their respective heat races. Tanner Thorson wasn’t far off, finishing third in his heat.


As the qualifiers began, ‘Slide Job City,’ was busy. Tyler Courtney kicked off the night winning the first qualifier. Justin Grant and Logan Seavey won their respective qualifiers. The final qualifier was an all-out battle between Chris Windom and Cannon McIntosh – McIntosh came out the victor.


That lined Cannon McIntosh and Chris Windom up on the front row for the 40-lap feature. Windom was quick to the point and stole the lead from McIntosh on the opening lap leaving the KKM #71 on the hunt to get back to the front. It wasn’t long before Thorson started knocking on the door of the top-three and placed himself in contention for the lead.


With 10 laps to go, Thorson made the race-winning move on Windom and never looked back. Thorson went on to capture his first midget win with the new team.


“Freaking bada**,” Thorson said. “I gotta give a huge thanks to this team. They got ahold of me and asked me if I wanted to jump behind the wheel and I’m so thankful for the opportunity. This made our year and was a big win tonight for us.”


-Story by: Madison Mabry, Speed51 Midwest Correspondent – Twitter: @madisonmabry23
-Photo Credit: Lonnie Wheatley


USAC National Midgets – Jason Leffler Memorial A-Main Results:

  1. Tanner Thorson
  2. Chris Windom
  3. Kevin Thomas, Jr.
  4. Cannon McIntosh
  5. Daison Pursley
  6. Tyler Courtney
  7. Kyle Cummins
  8. Chase Randall
  9. Emerson Axsom
  10. Justin Grant
  11. Jerry Coons, Jr.
  12. Cole Bodine
  13. Cody Brewer
  14. Robert Dalby
  15. Tyler Thomas
  16. Chase Johnson
  17. Buddy Kofoid
  18. Kaylee Bryson
  19. Sam Johnson
  20. Hayden Reinbold
  21. Brady Bacon
  22. Logan Seavey
  23. Jason McDougal

Thorson Claims Leffler Memorial Victory