The spotlighted feature of the night was a forty-five lap Late Model Sportsman race. Seventeen cars competed in an exciting race which saw two time winner Chris Thorne drive his way to his third LMS win of the season. Starting on the pole was the #15 of Nick Hinkley. Behind him was the #00 of Alex Waltz and the #30 of Ryan St Clair. Off the start, Ryan St Clair passed Waltz for second and advanced up the track to challenge Hinkley for the lead. The #34 of Tyler Robbins passed Waltz for third during lap three on the inside of turn one. By lap six, St Clair had advanced to the side of Hinkley’s car, and the pair fought for the lead.


During lap thirteen, Hinkley was passing lapped traffic and made contact with the #7 of Danny Smart. Hinkley went to the pits but was able to make it back onto the track during the caution. Both Hinkley and Smart went to the back of the pack. Ryan St Clair took the lead. Robbins moved to second and the #17 of Chris Thorne, who had been marching his way up the track from his fourteenth starting position, advanced to third.


Thorne was not able to hold onto third for a full lap. He was squeezed out and the #14 of Dave St Clair swooped into third. Thorne and Dave St Clair battled for third, and during lap fourteen, Thorne passed St Clair for third on the outside of turn two.


The race leaders were fighting hard for position. Thorne slowly gained ground, catching Robbins during lap twenty-seven and passing him on the outside for second. The #6 of Chris Bowie, another two-time LMS winner, had woven through the pack and during lap twenty-nine passed Robbins on the outside of turn four for third.


Thorne was looking for his opportunity to take the lead. With only one lap to go, Thorne headed inside and got under Ryan St Clair, passing him in turn one for the lead. Bowie moved up to challenge St Clair, but St Clair held him off, taking second. Bowie finished in third. This made Thorne’s third win of the season in LMS. Thorne was fifth in points going into Saturday’s race with 342 points. Point leader coming into the race was Nick Hinkley with 420 points. Josh St Clair was second in points with 390.


Thorne said, “That race was really good for us. It was competitive and I came from the back to win. There are a lot of cars in this division, and I am happy with this finish. I think we put on a good race for the fans and I bet they are pleased by it. I want to thank my wife and my kids. They were all here tonight, making this a special win. I want to thank my sponsors Trees Limited, BPS Roofing, Tim’s Trucking, and 54 Graphics.”


Next on the agenda were two twenty lap Wicked Good Vintage Racer features. The first feature highlighted Late Models and Modified classes. Starting at the pole was the #97 of Brian Hughes. Behind him were the #25 of Mark Hughes and the #128 of Aaron Heath. When the green flag waved over the track, Heath passed Mark Hughes for second.
Brian Hughes slowed in speed, and the #0 of Dean Grant headed to the outside and passed all three of the leaders, taking first. The #05 of Mike Ouellette passed Brian Hughes during lap four for third. Mark Hughes lost ground during lap five and Ouellette moved to second, and Heath moved to third place.


Ouellette headed to the inside during lap eight and passed Grant for the lead on turn three. Brian Hughes passed Heath during lap sixteen and took third once again.


Grant and Ouellette battled for the lead with only two left to go. Heath passed Brian Hughes, taking back third during lap nineteen. Grant surged across the finish taking first. Ouellette finished second. Heath rounded out the top three in third.


The second twenty lap Wicked Good Vintage Racer feature showcased Late Model Sportsman and Outlaws. Starting on the pole was the #8 of Norris Willette. The #2 of Kevin Waterhouse and the #64 of Scott Tucker were behind him. During lap one, Tucker passed Waterhouse for second on the inside of turn four. Tucker then proceeded up the track and passed Willette for the lead. The #82 of Bobby Symonds passed Waterhouse for third during lap two.


There was a caution during lap seven when the #76 of Donnie Mehurne spun on the track. On the restart Symonds passed Willette for second. The #13 of Bob Guyon who started at the back of the pack had woven through traffic and had slowly gained ground. Guyon passed both Willette and Symonds for the lead during lap nine. There were no additional leader changes and Guyon claimed the win. Coming in second was Tucker. Third place went to Symonds.
A quick fifteen lap Mini Truck feature was action-packed. On the pole was the #1 of Matt Curtis. The #55 of Larry Marshall and the #17 of Matt Weil were behind him. When green flag racing began, Marshall did not get a good start and fell to the back of the pack. The #12 of Jerry McKenna moved to third place.


There was a caution during lap four when Curtis and Weil made contact on the track, and the pair was sent to the back. McKenna moved to first. The #68 of Opie Allard moved to second and Marshall moved to third. When racing action resumed, Curtis passed Marshall for third. McKenna and Allard fought hard for first place. The pair was racing head to head from lap four through lap ten. During lap ten, Allard edged ahead on the outside by just a nose. Still neck and neck, the duo battled it out for the win. During the final lap, the pair were nose to nose, but McKenna sped under the checkered .06 seconds ahead of Allard. McKenna took the win. Allard placed second. Coming in third was Curtis.


McKenna was the points leader coming into Saturday’s race with 502 points. In second was Matt Weil with 420 points. Third in points was Matt Curtis with 364 points.


McKenna said, “It was a good race. We had a lot of fun. The truck came through at the end of the race, when we really needed it. I want to thank my sponsor Farrar Logging, and my crew: Brian Farrar, Ryan Farrar, and Hooter. I also want to thank my wife for putting up with my racing!”


The next crowd pleaser was a twenty lap Thunder 4 race. Starting on the pole was the #31 of Leandra Martin. Behind her were the #13 of Cody Tribbet and the #88 of Carl Hall. On the opening lap, the #85 of Chandler Harrison passed Hall for third. Starting in eleventh place was the #5 of Ryan Chadwick. Chadwick had been powering his way through lapped traffic, and by lap ten he had caught the race leaders. Chadwick passed Harrison on the outside of turn three for third during lap eleven. Chadwick continued his march up the track and after some side by side racing was able to pass Tribbet for second. Chadwick then swept up the track towards Martin. Chadwick moved to the outside of Martin and for three laps the pair raced head to head around the track. Chadwick was able to complete the pass during lap fourteen for the lead.


With only three laps remaining, the #24 of Kyai Roussel hit the front stretch wall, causing a caution. On the ensuing restart, Harrison passed Tribbet for third. Harrison then gained ground on Martin, and was able to pass her for second during lap nineteen. Then, with less than a lap remaining, Tribbet passed Martin for third. Chadwick took the win. Harrison placed second. Coming in third was Tribbet.


This is Chadwick’s ninth win in Thunder 4’s this season. Chadwick was first in points coming into Saturday’s race with 522 points. In second place was Cody Tribbet with 408 points. Third in points is Trey Brown with 388 points.
In Victory Lane Chadwick said, “I was getting worried when I was way back. I had to pick them off, one by one. It was door to door racing with Leandra Martin. It was fun. I want to thank Shawn for all his work on the car. I also want to thank my sponsors: D&S Excavation, Cahill Tire, and Bayside Plumbing and Heating.”


An action-packed Strictly Street feature kept fans on the edge of their seats. This twenty-five lap race had only one caution and there was a lot of excitement on the track. Starting on the pole was the #24 of Jonathon Emerson. Behind him were the #84 of Kenny Harrison and the #40 of Mac Hannon. When green flag racing began, Harrison passed Emerson for the lead. The #43 of Ben Erskine swept up the outside and passed Hannon for third. Erskine passed Emerson for second during lap two.


There was a caution during lap fourteen, and when racing action resumed on the track, the #83 of Dan Brown passed Emerson for third. Brown had started in seventeenth place. Brown continued his momentum and passed Erskine on the inside of turn two during lap sixteen for second.


Also starting at the back, in nineteenth place, was the #26 of Corey Morgan. Morgan had marched up the track following Brown, and passed Erskine on the inside of turn one for third place during lap twenty-one. Erskine fought back and took third from Morgan during lap twenty-two. Morgan battled with Erskine for third, and during lap twenty-three Morgan once again passed Erskine for third. The race leaders remained the same until the finish. Harrison placed first. Brown took second. Morgan placed third. Harrison failed post- race inspection however. Brown moved to first. Morgan placed second and Erskine placed third. This was Brown’s third win of the season in Strictly Street.


Coming into the race, Morgan was the points leader with 452 points. In second was Brown with 434 points. Third in points was Tasha Dyer with 410 points.


Brown said, “This was one heck of a race. We started in seventeenth and moved to the front. The competition was great. I was running with the “King” Corey Morgan. I’ve learned a lot from watching him. I love the atmosphere at this track also. It is great to be here and plan on coming back next year. I want to thank Troy, Michelle, Mom & Dad, Kriste, Evalyn (my daughter), and all of my family members. I also want to thank my sponsor Gammon Logging.”


Wiscasset Speedway resumes racing action on September 6, 2014 with its group one line up of divisions: Napa Super Street, Prostock, Outlaw Mini, and New England 4 Cylinder Prostocks. The flex race of the week is a visit from NELCAR Legends, the fourth of five appearances this year. Pit gates open at 2:00 PM. Grandstand gates open at 4:00 PM. Racing begins at 6:00 PM. Admission is $5.00 for adults and children aged seven and older. Kids six and under are free. Pit admission is $20.00. Wiscasset Speedway is located on West Alna Road in Wiscasset. For more information, head to the Wiscasset Speedway website at:


-Wiscasset Speedway Press Release. Photo Credit- Pete’s Picks.


1.      #17 Chris Thorne, Sidney
2.      #30 Ryan St. Clair, Liberty
3.      #6 Chris Bowie, New Gloucester
4.      #14 Puncin St Clair, Liberty
5.      #34 Tyler Robbins, Montville
6.      #04 Allan Moeller Sr, Dresden
7.      #15 Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset
8.      #3 Richard Jordan, Kingfield
9.      #00 Alex Waltz, Walpole
10.   #10 Joey Doyon, Winterport
11.    #12 Dave Patten, Westbrook
12.    #7 Danny Smart, Buxton
13.    #28 Steve Minott, Windham
14.    #25 Will Collins, Waldoboro
15.    #1 Mike Moody, Topsham
16.    #33 Josh St Clair, Liberty
17.    #5 Billy Pinkham, Wiscasset

1.      #0 Dean Grant, Detroit
2.      #05 Mike Ouellette, NA
3.      #128 Aaron Heath, South Paris
4.      #97 Brian Hughes, West Paris
5.      #25 Mark Hughes, Milton Mills, NH
6.      #22 Hal Clark, Brighton

1.      #13 Bob Guyon, Monmouth
2.      #64 Scott Tucker, Winthrop
3.      #82 Bobby Symonds, NA
4.      #11 James Osgood, Bristol
5.      #76 Donnie Mehurne, Lincolnville
6.      #420 Keith Smalley, Warren

1.      #12 Jerry McKenna, Milton
2.      #68 Opie Allard, Cundy’s Harbor
3.      #1 Matt Curtis, Freeport
4.      #17 Matt Weil, Biddeford
5.      #55 Larry Marshall, Dresden

1.      #5 Ryan Chadwick, Wiscasset
2.      #85 Chandler Harrison, Freeport
3.      #13 Cody Tribbet, Richmond
4.      #31 Leandra Martin, Richmond
5.      #28X David Stone, Sanford
6.      #04 Curtis Anderson, Richmond
7.      #55X Craig Pyy II, Gorham
8.      #48 Michael Harrison, Pownal
9.      #88 Carl Hall, Mt Vernon
10.   #14 Robert McDonald, Smithfield
11.    #24 Kyia Roussel, Portland
12.    #70 Roy Sevigny, Windsor
13.    #74 Aaron Sevigny, Windsor
14.    #68 Tyler Bailey, Wiscasset
15.    #33 Trey Brown, Winterport

1.       #83 Dan Brown, Peru
2.      #26 Corey Morgan, Lewiston
3.      #43 Ben Erskine, Farmington
4.      #24 Jonathan Emerson, Sabattus
5.      #32 Tasha Dyer, Freedom
6.      #85 Jairet Harrison, Freeport
7.      #14 Dave Brannon, Lisbon
8.      #6 Mike Brown, Hope
9.      #29X Mike Stewart, Durham
10.   #40 Mac Hannon Jr, Union
11.    #66 Phil Main Sr, Boothbay
12.   #00 Kimberly Knight, Chesterville
13.   #19 Foster Meserve, Wales
14.   #22 Thomas Smith, Edgecomb
15.   #47 Daryl Cook, Livermore
16.   #51X Allan Higgins, Brunswick
17.   #55 Mike Marshall, Randolph
18.   #8X Ethan Dinsmore, Hope
DQ   #84 Kenny Harrison

Thorne’s Last Lap Pass Secures Wiscasset Win