CONCORD, N.C. — This week the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series heads east into Central Pennsylvania where the opening shots in the 2015 battle between the Outlaws and the Posse will be fired.


First up is Lincoln Speedway’s Gettysburg Clash on Wednesday, May 13. Last year’s Clash saw veteran driver Stevie Smith score an emotional victory for his team owner Fred Rahmer. After retiring the previous season, Rahmer got his first Outlaws win as a car owner and saw his son Freddie Rahmer qualify for his first ever Outlaws feature.


“In all honesty, obviously the National Open was the biggest thing that happened to me in racing up until my kid qualified for his first outlaw race,” Rahmer said following Smith’s win. “Stevie winning is just icing on the cake. He deserves it. I know how great a driver he is – he just needed a good opportunity.”


With Smith’s win, the Posse fired the first shot of 2015. By the end of the season, the Outlaws took the Morgan Cup home but the two sides fought to a draw with Posse drivers winning four events to the Outlaws’ four events.


See the beginning of the fight for Outlaws vs. Posse bragging rights in 2015. Tickets for the Gettysburg Clash at Lincoln Speedway are still available. Reserved tickets are $35 and general admission tickets are $30. For more information about tickets and the event, visit



LINCOLN SPEEDWAY is a semi-banked, 3/8-mile oval. The track record of 12.730 seconds was established by Lance Dewease on Oct. 15, 1999. For more event information, visit


Previous A-Feature Winners

2014 – Stevie Smith on May 14, Daryn Pittman on July 17
2013 – Danny Dietrich on May 16
2012 – Danny Dietrich on May 10
1998 – Fred Rahmer on May 30
1997 – Mark Kinser on May 31
1996 – Mark Kinser on June 1
1995 – Steve Kinser on June 3, Dave Blaney on Aug. 6
1994 – Steve Kinser on June 4, Steve Kinser on Aug. 7
1993 – Andy Hillenburg on June 5, Bill Brian Jr. on Aug. 8
1992 – Steve Kinser on May 25
1991 – Sammy Swindell on May 25
1989 – Chris Eash on May 20, Don Kreitz on May 27, Bobby Davis Jr. on July 29
1988 – Sammy Swindell on May 28, Stevie Smith on June 4, Steve Kinser on July 30
1987 – Bobby Allen on May 23, Steve Kinser on May 30, Steve Kinser on Aug. 1
1986 – Bobby Davis Jr. on May 24, Bobby Davis Jr. on May 31, Sammy Swindell on Aug. 2
1985 – Bobby Allen on May 25, Steve Kinser on June 1, Bobby Allen on Aug. 3
1984 – Steve Kinser on May 26, Bobby Davis Jr. on Aug. 4
1983 – Brad Doty on May 30, Steve Kinser on Aug. 6
1981 – Steve Kinser on June 6
1980 – Sammy Swindell on May 17, Steve Kinser on July 19
1979 – Rick Ferkel on July 21
1978 – Steve Smith on June 24, Steve Smith on July 29


-World of Outlaws Press Release. Photo credit: Brenda Meserve/ Photo

The Opening Shot of the Outlaws vs. Posse Battle