The ASA Pro Trucks set out for the final appearance of 2014 at Magic Valley Speedway as Extreme Staffing presented the event offering double passing points. With sixteen trucks making the tow from as far away as Townsend Montana the stage was set for some great racing action on the third mile oval many driver call home.

The main event action heated up quick as only five laps were in the books when Ron Lawser went high off turn two opening the door for Drew Reitsma to look inside. There just wasn’t enough real-estate for the two and contact created the first caution causing damage to several trucks. The number 14 driven by Alan Larson was launched over the nose of Lawser and thrown into the fence dividing the speedway property and the county road. Lawser slid across the track where Kendel Woll had driven low trying to miss the wreck. The two suffered heavy damage coming to rest in the infield grass.

Lawser had made every Saturday event this season making the tow from Montana. “I just don’t have the time and resources where I live to have it fixed for the next one, I think it will need a clip” Lawser explained as the tow truck was loading the damaged truck into the trailer for the long ride home. Woll said “I thought the grass was going to be the best direction to go when I saw the wreck happening, I guess maybe it wasn’t. I was sliding and Ron was sliding, we just couldn’t do anything but hold on”. Woll was able to return and make a few more laps before retiring the number 8 to the pits for the night.

The action quickly resumed with fourteen trucks left on the racing surface. Two laps later it looked like a fourth of July sparkler show as the right front ball joint on the number thirteen of Sam Harris let go at the start finish line. The truck came to rest high in turns one and two as the field was able to avoid any contact with him.

Daniel Shirley claimed his second consecutive win. “I can’t thank my team, my dad and Keith (Thomas) without them I couldn’t do this” Shirley Leads the rookie standings with 36 points a nine point lead over Mason Newhouse. Jason Quale and Jay McDonald are all in contention for the 2014 Rookie of the year standings. Shirley’s consistency has him sitting in the top five in the series point standings.

Quale secured his second consecutive Century Motor Sports and Marine Qualifying Bonus. While the Goff Metal Fabrication bonus rolls to $450.00 for Rocky Mountain Raceway September 19th

Scott Luttmer looked to take the lead on lap forty as he got a fender passed series point leader and defending champion Johnny Pierre but the lead lasted less than a straightaway before a caution fell putting him back to the second position for the restart. Luttmer was able to overcome Pierre but not before Shirley had gotten past him. Luttmer gladly took his second place finish gaining another 10 points on his quest for his second series championship. Luttmer has closed the gap to 20 points between first and second with only two point races left in the 2014 season.

Jerry Bailey, promoter of the Pocatello raceway brought 2 ASA Pro Trucks and an Outlaw Modified to the events. Bailey ran is modified (taking home second in that event) and the 07 ASA Pro Truck. Bailey gained the most positions in the race after starting fifteenth in the field he climbed his way to a third place finish. Bailey came across the line just ahead of Pierre and Hannah Newhouse.

Newhouse made her return to the seat of her old ASA Pro Truck now owned by Bailey. “Jerry asked if I wanted to drive my old truck and I really wanted to get to race with my brother. It was a lot of fun” Newhouse showed she hasn’t forgotten how to wheel a Pro Truck as she set fast time in Qualifying and turned solid laps all day and night.

Dan Doan, Drew Reitsma, Mason Newhouse, Cody Backus and Brent Nelson rounded out the top 10.

Official 2014 point standings after Magic Valley Speedway are:

Johnny Pierre 576

Scott Luttmer 556

Drew Reitsma 520

Alan Larson 500

Daniel Shirley 489

Mason Newhouse 432

Kendel Woll 395

Dan Doan 356

Jason Quale 314

Sam Harris 285

Jay McDonald 271

Ron Lawser 269

Cody Backus 237

Jerry Bailey 221

Jerry Rice 213

Kevan Larson 131

Dave Fleishman] 108

John Wong 90

Tanner Wong 89

Mike Hillock 89

Brent Nelson 74

Hannah Newhouse 67

Randy Hadlock 37

Makayla Woll 32


The ASA Pro Trucks will return to action Friday September 19th and Saturday September 20th at Rocky Mountain Raceway in West Valley City Utah. Sharp Transportation will be presenting the ASA Pro Truck action both September 19th and September 20th where the series will crown it’s 2014 Champion.

Extreme Staffing is a proud supporter of the ASA Pro Trucks helping bring special events to four venues in the 2014 season. If you need to find a job or fill a job contact any of the trained professionals at an Extreme Staffing office near you. Call 1-855-404-JOBS (5627) or visit the website at

ASA Pro Trucks PR – Series Photo

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