The first night of Dirt Late Model Dream weekend from the famous Eldora Speedway in the cornfields of Rossburg, Ohio saw two of Dirt Late Model racing’s biggest names score wins in twin 25-lap features.  Scott Bloomquist and Jonathan Davenport split the twin bill on Thursday night as they continue to prep for Saturday night’s 100-lap, $100,000-to-win main event.


Bloomquist wheeled a car he claims to be “the fastest race car on the planet” to a win in his heat race, which gave him the top starting spot for the first of two A-Mains.  After taking the lead midway through his heat, he was almost able to lead every remaining lap he ran.


The only lap Bloomquist didn’t control during the main event was the very first one.  Jeep Vanwormer was able to get a great jump at the start of the race and cleared Bloomquist from the outside of turn two to lead the initial circuit.


Bloomquist battled back on the bottom and grabbed the lead back from Vanwormer on the exit of turn four.  From there he was able to hold off Vanwormer for the rest of the race to claim the victory.


For a little while it looked like Vanwormer might be able to take the lead back from Bloomquist as he worked his way through the rear of the field.  Bloomquist was dedicated to the bottom, while Vanwormer worked the outside.  There was a point in time when many of the cars Bloomquist had to deal with were stacked up on the bottom, but eventually they made way for the “Dominator.”


Bloomquist was able to hold off Vanwormer’s attack and stretch his lead out to over a straightaway en route to the win.  Josh Rice, Jared Landers, and Matt Westfall completed the top-five.


“We always love coming to this race track,” Bloomquist said on the pay-per-view broadcast.   “The car just really works good on the bottom.  I also think it works good everywhere so I’m really looking forward to Saturday.”


In the second 25-lap feature it was Davenport, arguably the hottest driver in Dirt Late Model racing, who put on a show by riding the cushion around the half-mile oval.


The outside proved treacherous earlier in the evening when many drivers who tried to work the outside ended up overstepping the cushion and caught the fence.


But “Superman” worked the cushion like a master.  He used the outside to reel in Shane Clanton before diving to the bottom to slide into second.


After clearing Clanton, Davenport immediately set his sights on Dale McDowell for the lead.  Davenport roared by on the outside on lap 11 and set sail to pick up his fourth straight victory this season.


Dennis Erb Jr., Clanton, and Jimmy Owens completed the top five.


“It always feels good to be in victory lane, but especially here at Eldora,” Davenport said on the live pay-per-view broadcast.  “I hate it for the guys that we have a little body work but that’s just part of it.  I got to working the inside line but I was a little bit tight so I saw that the outside was where I needed to be.  We have a little bit of work to do, but it all worked out in our favor tonight.”


-By Rob Blount, Northeast Editor -Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: Shane Andrews Twitter (@NYVoice13)


Dirt Late Model Dream Night #1 Results

Eldora Speedway, Rossburg Ohio

Race #1

1 0 Scott Bloomquist
2 55 Jeep Vanwormer
3 11JR Josh Rice
4 777 Jared Landers
5 54 Matt Westfall
6 29 Darrell Lanigan
7 5 Don O’Neal
8 1J Davey Johnson
9 7R Kent Robinson
10 11S Rusty Schlenk
11 21 Billy Moyer
12 31 Nick Latham
13 99JR Frank Heckenast Jr.
14 22 Chris Ferguson
15 1G Devin Gilpin
16 25 Jason Feger
17 28M Jimmy Mars
18 20C Duane Chamberlain
19 6M Wendall Wallace
20 25Z Mason Zeigler
21 3S Brian Shirley
22 95J Jerry Bowersock
23 39 Tim McCreadie
24 88 Andrew Reaume


Race #2 Results

1 6 Jonathan Davenport
2 17M Dale McDowell
3 28 Dennis Erb Jr.
4 25C Shane Clanton
5 20 Jimmy Owens
6 B5 Brandon Sheppard
7 32P Bobby Pierce
8 23B John Blankenship
9 81JR Jason Riggs
10 15 Steve Francis
11 157 Mike Marlar
12 99M Devin Moran
13 21JR Billy Moyer Jr.
14 116 Randy Weaver
15 11R James Rice
16 83 Scott James
17 18 Shannon Babb
18 3 Matt Miller
19 R5 Chris Simpson
20 33 Tim Manville
21 91 Tyler Erb
22 18J Chase Junghans
23 1N Casey Noonan
24 25S Chad Simpson

‘Bloomer’ and ‘Superman’ Take Different Paths to Eldora Wins