23-year-old Super Late Model star Daniel Hemric has won many big short track racing events thus far during his young career.  From winning the Legends Million at Charlotte Motor Speedway to last month’s Redbud 300 at Anderson Speedway in Anderson, Indiana, Hemric has been in the spotlight on a number of occasions throughout his career.


This weekend Hemric will attempt to shine once again as he looks to add two more big wins to his resume in two different parts of the United States, all in less than a 24-hour span.


The 2013 Southern Super Series champion has his eyes set on the Battle at Berlin 251 at Berlin Raceway in Marne, Michigan on Saturday, July 18th and the Oxford 250 at Oxford Plains Speedway in Oxford, Maine on Sunday, July 19th.


“This is something that we thought of for a while,” Hemric said.  “The main plan was to run the Oxford 250 for Woodman Racing but when we won the Redbud 300, we decided to plan on running both events that weekend.”


What motivated Hemric to run both events on the same weekend was the JEGS/CRA $100,000 Triple Crown bonus program.  The program, which was introduced in 2013, offers any driver who can win the Redbud 300, Battle at Berlin 251, and Winchester 400 in the same year, a $100,000 bonus.  There is also a $10,000 bonus for any driver that can win two of the three marquee short track events.


“The Battle at Berlin 251 wasn’t originally on our schedule with Carswell Motorsports (Hemric’s primary car owner).  We were looking at the race, the payout and bonus, we decided to go for it,” Hemric said.  “It is a good paying show all around.”


The Battle at Berlin 251 will pay $10,000 to the winner and if Hemric was to win it, he would receive an additional $10,000 bonus from the JEGS/CRA Triple Crown program.


“It’s really cool how JEGS stepped up to put this bonus program together for the short track racers,” Hemric said.  “It’s cool that we have the early opportunity to win it this year.  It is a bonus program that somebody will win someday and our team hopes we are the first one to do it.”


Hemric looks forward to the challenge because both Berlin and Oxford provide a good challenge for drivers.


“Both are tricky tracks, they are worn out slick racetracks,” said Hemric, who will be making his first Super Late Model start at Berlin Raceway.  “You have to drive the racetrack and especially be patient.  Honestly, running at Berlin the day before Oxford will help me get ready for the 250 on Sunday.  75% of the race is running the racetrack and putting yourself in a situation to be there at the end of the race.”


The schedule will be busy for Hemric leading up to the weekend double.  Both the Carswell Motorsports and Woodman Racing teams are working together to make the double-duty weekend possible.


After the Battle at Berlin 251 on Saturday night, Hemric will board a private plane and make the trek to Maine in order to get ready for practice at Oxford Plains on Sunday morning.


“I was talking to William Byron about our idea and his dad Bill Byron stepped up to help us find a plane to get us from Michigan to Maine,” Hemric explained.  “He is the only reason that we are able to pull this off.  Without his help, I’m not sure if we could do this.”


For Hemric, each race this weekend has a special incentive behind it.


“Berlin Raceway has a great payoff and with the JEGS bonus, it will help take care of the bills for the next couple of months,” Hemric explained.  “At Oxford, it would be an emotional win for the Woodman Racing team.  This is their hometown event and it would be cool to do that for them.”


Hemric started his week off by competing in Round Six of the Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway, where he finished second in the Legend Car Pro Feature.  He planned to head up to Berlin Raceway on Wednesday to begin preparations for the Battle at Berlin 251.


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-By Kevin Ramsell, Speed51.com Midwest Editor – Twitter: @KevinRamsell

-Photo Credit: Speed51.com

The 24 Hours of Daniel Hemric: Two Races, Two States