Texas Star Seeking Win in Biggest Short Track Race

Chris Davidson has experienced the highs and lows of the Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway (FL), competing in the event on a nearly annual basis since 2000.  This year, Davidson hopes to finally secure the coveted Tom Dawson Trophy in the biggest race for asphalt Super Late Models.


Davidson has always considered the event one of the biggest in racing, dating back to watching his father Greg compete in the crown jewel race.  While the race has grown in public perception and turnout, it’s a race he has always wanted to win.


“I’d argue it’s the biggest short track race of the year,” Davidson told Speed51.  “For us, it was always a big deal.  From the fans’ perspective, maybe it has gotten bigger, but it hasn’t changed much for the racers.”


As always, there are challenges on the path towards a Snowball Derby victory.  Those start before the race even begins, with only 30 cars qualifying into the feature field during Friday’s qualifying session.


Once you’re in the field, it is a 300-lap marathon where survival is key and one must still be running at the end of the race to have a shot at the win.


“Qualifying on Friday, everybody knows, is a challenge.  You’ve got to make it to the end.  Those two things will never change about this race.”


However, the reward for that challenge is the ability to add your name to the list of Snowball Derby winners, an exclusive list of 37 of the best short track racers in history.


“It’s the most important race.  It’s the most important trophy,” Davidson claimed.  “Only one person gets their name on it each year.  There are lots of people trying.  One guy is going to leave with it.”


How much would it mean to join that list?  For Davidson, one of the most accomplished and successful racers from the Lone Star State, it would mean more than the rest of his honors put together.


“It would be awesome. You could burn all the other trophies. You get that one, you don’t need the rest.”


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For more information on the 52nd Annual Snowball Derby, visit Speed51’s Snowball Central.


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Southeast Editor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 photo

Texas Star Seeking Win in Biggest Short Track Race