While a late caution set up a thrilling finish, in which Connor Okrzesik held off Kyle Busch for his first career Super Late Model win, another duel between Late Model standouts led to a post-race argument at Crisp Motorsports Park (GA) in the CRA SpeedFest Super Late Model 200.


Casey Roderick and Stephen Nasse restarted fifth and sixth, respectively, with seven laps to go after an incident involving Tate Fogleman.  The two exchanged paint on the track before exchanging words off-track.


When speaking to Speed51, Roderick chalked up the incident to what he deemed to be a pattern of repeated behavior from Nasse.


“He’s a hard-nosed racer, he races hard, which is fine,” Roderick said.  “But you’ve got to know your limits, you know?  He doesn’t know his freaking limits at all.  That’s why he tears up a lot of race cars.  His family spends a lot of money fixing his torn-up race cars.  That’s all I have to say about that.  It’s a shame we all have to race with people like that.


“We’re fifth and sixth on the restart and he’s going to hit me going into one and about turn me,” Roderick added.  “Then he about took us out going into three.  It’s uncalled for.  Somebody’s going to take care of him one of these days.”


Of course, there are two sides to every argument.  Nasse felt he was the wronged party in the on-track ordeal and was merely racing Roderick as roughly as the Georgia driver had raced him.  He also cited Roderick’s performance in the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour 125-lap Pro Late Model feature earlier in the day and his late-race battles with Dawson Fletcher for the win in that race.


“The last restart, I had a little scuffle with Casey,” Nasse said.  “I guess he thinks he owns the whole racetrack. In the Pro race, he put the 71 [of Fletcher] in the fence to get by him.  He tried to do the same thing to me right here.


“The 71 is a little bit younger and a little greener,” he added.  “He didn’t know I can back out and I got your tail the next corner.  That’s what I did, let him run me up and then got into him the next corner.  He tried to run me back down the track, I ran him back up.  I think it worked out better for me.”


Nasse also defended himself in regards to the post-race conversation with Roderick.


“He comes down crying wolf, acting like he didn’t do anything,” Nasse said.  “Saying ‘That’s why you always end up with torn-up stuff,’ blah, blah, blah.  Same old, same old.  I put it to everyone the same way.  I drive them the way they drive me.


“If there’s video, it’ll be clear in the video,” Nasse continued.  “He’s got to give a lane.  That’s the courtesy rule in racing, and he didn’t really give me a lane. I hate it for him.  I know he’s mad, but hopefully he thinks a bit more next time.”


Roderick was unsurprised by Nasse’s response.


“I went down there and talked to him,” Roderick said.  “It’s never his fault.  It’s always everybody else’s fault.  If you go look at all of his interviews, it’s always everybody else’s fault.  Eventually you’ve got to realize it keeps happening.  What’s the cause for that?  Because he’s a freaking idiot.


“Whatever.  We won the Pro race,” Roderick continued.  “I’ve won a heck of a lot more races than he has.  We’ll just keep digging.  We had a fast car at the end of the race.  That’s all there is to it.”


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51.com Southeast Editor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51.com

Tensions Boil Over After Late-Race SpeedFest Skirmish