The Champion Racing Association (CRA) Street Stocks and VORES Compact Touring Series Compacts took to Bristol Motor Speedway (TN) for their features at the Short Track U.S. Nationals Saturday night and they didn’t disappoint.


In the 50-lap CRA Street Stock feature, Chuck Barnes, Jr recorded the historic win after contact with early-race leader Brett Hudson. Barnes made contact with Hudson, resulting in Hudson’s No. 00 getting loose on the final lap and allowing Barnes to get by for the win.


300x250 Single SpecialBarnes, from Louisville, Kenturcky traveled 302 miles to Bristol in hopes of glory on the big stage and achieved his goal.


After starting 10th, Barnes made his way up through the field, climbing to second with only five laps to go and setting his focus on the leader.


“On the last lap, he started slowing getting into turns one and two and I was going full steam and I started to look outside and he came up. I just stayed in the gas and we just got lucky in the end,” Barnes told powered by JEGS


Barnes further discussed the contact with Hudson, who was visibly discouraged and upset with what happened on the final lap at the Last Great Colosseum.


“I didn’t wreck him; I just got into him a little bit, so I’m pretty happy with it and it’s going to be a tough season ahead because we race side-by-side often,” Barnes explained. “I know payback is going to come, so I guess I’ll take it when it comes, but it was an awesome win for sure.”


Brett Hudson declined to comment to about the incident.


In the Compacts, Bo Hoelscher scored the win in the cleanest feature of the night, which featured just two cautions in 50 laps. The current VCTS points leader took the lead from Chris Jennings on lap 27 and never looked back.


Hoelscher also won the VCTS season opener at Anderson Speedway (IN). The Ohio native traveled 365 miles to get to Bristol for this historic event, and at the end of the night it all paid off as he hoisted the trophy and lifted the sword in victory lane.


“They say living your dreams out is lucky, but this race track and what I just did is living the dream. I couldn’t ask for a better race track.  It’s probably one of the smoothest race tracks of this size that I’ve raced on,” Hoelscher told powered by JEGS.


Hoelscher, however, didn’t have the easiest path to the win.  After starting seventh, he advanced to second on lap 6 and began to catch Bradshaw, but saw the chance at a win potentially slip out of his grasp on lap 20 when his car got loose in turn two.  He was able to save himself from trouble and recovered for a historic win.


“I was fast all weekend, but we kind of messed up qualifying and had to work my butt off.  But, I ended up doing it.  Up until this morning I was the man to beat, but each session everybody got faster and faster.”


Chris Jennings of Richmond, Indiana came home second after Tom Gossar was forced to drop out of the race in the waning laps.


The finish came as a surprise to Jennings, who was not aware of where he had finished, simply saying, “It’s unbelievable.”


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-Reese Nobles, Mid-Atlantic Correspondent – Twitter: @RNoblesSpeed51

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CRA Street Stocks Unofficial Results

1          44        Chuck Barnes Jr.

2          00H     Brett Hudson

3          44L      Colby Lane

4          21L      Jeff Lane

5          27        Josh Poore

6          86S      Shawn Smith

7          54C     Tony Conway

8          44H     Ronnie Basham

9          57        Danny Adams

10        23S      Thomas Skiles

11        22        James Kirby III

12        95        Brian Hopkins

13        68        JJ Schafer

14        29T      Mike Todd

15        02        Mark Ross Jr.

16        5          Chuck Barnes Sr.

17        84        Andrew Teepe

18        52B     Duke Bare

19        03E      Kevin Eby

20        00B     Bruce Burch

21        74BA  Austin Baum

22        24W    Jeremie Wiggins

23        29K     Mason Keller

24        54G     Nathan Greene

25        10B     Dan Banker

26        74BR   Josh Brading

27        25C     Jesse Collinge

28        9          Jake Hinton

29        42PE   Curtis Peeples

30        6H       Blake Hillard

31        6S        Bryce Schaefer

32        26H     Jordan Hahn

33        89        Josh Sage

34        90        Joe Quinn

35        98        Matt WIlson

36        112      Mark Lushes


Compact Results

1          27        Bo Hoelscher

2          6          Chris Jennings

3          7C       Ron Masters

4          61        Matthew Jackson

5          82        Harvey Yoder

6          37        Darek Morris

7          9T        Nicholas Meade

8          51        Keith Watson

9          117      Ryan Hoffman

10        21W    Ricky Weaver

11        4          Terry Eaton Jr

12        95        David Yoder

13        07        Steve Vore

14        56        Sean Frederick

15        53D     Tim Dilg

16        19H     John Handeland

17        0          Tom Gossar

18        13        Mark Jennings

19        97M    Matthew Morris

20        54JT    John Trimble

21        15        Andy Jennings

22        49B     Derick Bradshaw

23        18        Gary Eaton Jr

24        33        Justin Brown

25        007      Don Rufener III

26        25NH  Ben Belanger

27        63        Larry Hatfield

28        22        Kevin Broski

29        19        Joe Workman

30        119      Brandon De Lacy

31        88        Joshua Foltz

32        71        Trent Gossar

33        12N     Charlie Nickel

34        1X       Mark Mason

35        79        Todd Metz Jr

36        28        BJ Honious

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