After more than one year as race director for the Valenti Modified Racing Series, Scott Tapley, of Poland, Maine, has left his position as race director for the New England Modified touring series.  Tapley confirmed with on Monday his decision to leave the series effective immediately.

The news, which was first reported by Shawn Courchesne of, comes following Saturday’s VMRS event held at Seekonk Speedway in Massachusetts.  Tapley credits disagreements between he and series president Jack Bateman as the reason for his departure from the series.

“I think there have been philosophical differences for a while,” said Tapley.  “There’s no good way to put it, but they wanted the rules interpreted the certain way to benefit their own cause and I couldn’t in good conscious interpret things the way they wanted them to be interpreted.”

Tapley told on Monday that things came to a tipping point last Saturday at Seekonk when there was a disagreement between the two parties about how to interpret a rule related to qualifying procedures.  If it wasn’t for his loyal staff, Tapley said he would have left the track before the event even began that day.

“Some occurrences at Seekonk certainly were the tipping point for me,” said Tapley.  “If it weren’t for the people that I have working for me, or had working for me, I probably would have left before the feature that night.  It wasn’t right to do at that point, so I finished the night up and moved on. ”

Without Tapley running the show, the Valenti Modified Racing Series will now be looking for a new race director to take over for their next event on June 20 at Stafford Motor Speedway (CT).  Tapley is unsure of what the future may hold for the series without him at the helm.

“I don’t know what the foreseeable future is for the series,” Tapley said.  “I wish all the teams, owners, and everyone the best.  They’re all great people and it was great to know them.  It’s not good to see all the hard work thrown away, but again in good conscious I couldn’t continue going the way things were going.” attempted to reach VMRS President Jack Bateman for comment, but those efforts were unsuccessful as of publishing.

Moving forward, Tapley plans to continue his duties as Race Director at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park oval events, as well as spend more time with his family until he decides to pursue another racing-related opportunities.

“This isn’t anything news shattering for me because it’s something that’s been building a little bit,” said Tapley.  “Certainly, I’ve got plenty of other opportunities I can pursue whether it is locally or regionally.

“At this point right now, I’ll just be a dad.”


– By Brandon Paul, Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

Tapley Vacates VMRS Position Following Seekonk Disagreement