SHREWSBURY, Mass. — Rob Fuller Motorsports (RFM) will be making their first start of the 2016 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour (NWMT) at Stafford Motor Speedway with Todd Szegedy behind the wheel. The team will have a Research and Development focus at the track this year while continuing to promote the message of its charity partner 15-40 Connection.


“This is actually the debut for Rob Fuller Motorsports at Stafford,” said Rob Fuller, team owner. “I’ve been to a lot of races there but never actually fielded a car there. We have been incredibly busy this winter and really hadn’t touched our car since Thompson last year which made the Icebreaker tough to attend. If we cannot be 100% we simply won’t go, which was the case at Thompson.”


RFM’s goal for the 2016 race season is to serve as an in-house Research and Development team for LFR Chassis. The group will be experimenting new equipment, set-ups and technology throughout the season to help the chassis company continue to progress and provide cutting-edge services to its customers.


“R&D is really what I enjoy doing,” Fuller continued. “I like to analyze data and come up with set-ups that most teams do not have the resources to do themselves. When we come up with a proven set-up then we can share what we learned with the customers at LFR Chassis. To make the teams spend their time and money to develop a product just doesn’t make sense. It also leaves the customer further ahead than the company and that’s just bad business. This will be a great year for our team I believe.”


Piloting the 15-40 Connection modified entry will be Todd Szegedy, a 19-time winner and 2003 NWMT Champion. Szegedy, who raced for RFM in 2014, is looking forward to getting the opportunity to experiment with set-ups and equipment throughout the season.


“I’m very excited to be back working with Rob and his team this year and look forward to our first race of the season at Stafford,” said Szegedy. “When I first worked with them two years ago, the cars and company were new so we had a lot of trial and error at the track. Now the cars have been raced and have more reliability, so we can go back to doing some R&D but have a much stronger baseline to refer to. I’ve been racing a long time and I’m at the point in my career where I enjoy trying new things, so I’m looking forward to helping LFR Chassis improve their performance even more.”


The Ridgefield, Conn. native has a long history of success at Stafford Motor Speedway, collecting four wins, 23 Top-5’s and 31 Top-10 finishes in his career.


“Stafford is one of my most-visited tracks,” Szegedy continued. “I enjoy racing there a lot. We’re going out there this weekend with no points on the line to worry about and look to just have fun while learning a couple new things in the process! I do have quite a few wins at Stafford, but I haven’t won the NAPA Spring Sizzler yet so that’d be a cool bucket list item to potentially check off this weekend, especially with the support of 15-40 Connection on board. They are a really great organization, and I want to promote them the best I can at the track.”


RFM’s entry at Stafford Motor Speedway will be the familiar 15-40 Connection paint scheme, as the race team’s partnership with the non-profit is entering its fourth year. 15-40 Connection is driving a new cancer conversation to race fans across the country with by asking them a simple yet powerful question of if they would recognize a cancer symptom. The organization is also teaching fans the three simple steps that can help them recognize potential warnings signs of cancer.


“This is the fourth season that Rob Fuller Motorsports and 15-40 Connection have teamed up to empower the lifesaving advantage of early cancer detection,” said said Tricia Laursen, Executive Director of 15-40 Connection. “RFM are helping spread 15-40 Connection’s New Cancer Conversation that teaches people how to recognize and act on health changes that could be the early warning signs of cancer and how to work with your doctor to receive the best healthcare.”


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Rob Fuller Motorsports Ready to Make Season Debut with Szegedy