Below is a statement provided by the TUNDRA Super Late Model tour pertaining to on-track incidents between Reagan May and Ty Majeski on Monday, September 7 at Golden Sands Speedway (WI).  Subscribers to the 51 Network can see what happened between the two drivers in the following video clips:


VIDEO: May and Majeski Stir Up TUNDRA Controversy

VIDEO: TUNDRA Highlights from Golden Sands




First and foremost we would like to congratulate Nathan Haseleu on his win Monday at Golden Sands.  It was an honor to have him join us in what could be the final months of his career.  He ran an outstanding race and was very deserving of his visit to Victory Lane.

We would also like to thank those drivers and fans who chose to spend their Labor Day with us, as well as the staff and management of Golden Sands for providing their facility.  Our car (and truck) counts across all divisions were outstanding, as well as the attendance on the hill.  We are very appreciative of the support.

On lap 20 of Monday’s 75-lap feature event a caution slowed the field.  Under caution contact was made several times between front-row starters Reagan May (33) and Ty Majeski (91).  Although incidental contact when scuffing tires can be common, it was determined that this incident was excessive on both sides.  The completion of the incident came as the field was on the front straightaway.  The 33 appeared to veer to the right, making contact with the 91.  The 91 was able to continue while the 33 needed to return to the pits for repairs.

Officials made the decision to penalize the driver of the 91 two spots on the outside lane for unnecessary contact under the yellow.  Had the 33 remained on track, that team would have been assessed the same penalty.

After another caution later in the race, the 33 car rejoined the tail of the field several laps down.  While the 91 was racing for the lead, he and the second-place car approached the lapped 33 machine.  Race control had issued several warnings that the leader was approaching.  As the 91 went to the outside on lap 49, the 33 again veered right, sending the 91 spinning in front of the field.  It was determined by officials that the move was retaliatory and dangerous in nature.  Therefore, the 91 and all other cars involved were permitted to maintain their spots and fix the damage of their machines.  The 33 was disqualified from the event and awarded no points or pay.

Both incidents were a violation of TUNDRA Super Late Model Series Procedure Rule 2.B.

Unsportsmanlike driving, rough driving, or unnecessary bumping is prohibited and may result in removal from a race. Flagrant and/or repeated unsportsmanlike conduct on the track or in the pits may result in suspension. This suspension may span the winter hiatus and be completed in the following season.

After review of the videos, discussion with TUNDRA member teams, and our officials, TUNDRA has decided to assign the following penalties from the incidents:

• 33 (driver and team) – Two (2) race suspension beginning with Jefferson, September 20, 2015 ending after Round One of 2016 (no substitute driver will be permitted for that event).
• 91 (driver and team) – Probation for Jefferson, September 20, 2015

In summary, had the first incident been the only, both drivers would have been penalized positions and placed on probation for the final race of 2015.  Because of the second incident, which was deemed retaliatory in nature and a danger to the other drivers in the event, the penalty was increased for the 33.

We at TUNDRA look forward to moving on to our next event and continuing to provide an avenue for racers and fans to enjoy a day of competition at the track.  We anticipate a fantastic Championship Round at Jefferson Speedway on September 20.

– TUNDRA Super Late Model press release statement

Suspension Handed Down Following Monday’s TUNDRA Tussle