Support From Fans Helping Doss Make Snowball Derby Trip

While short track racing has been able to push through the nightmare that is the year 2020, it has not been easy for most race teams to get the required dollars to field their racecars competitively. Teams that travel long distances for marquee races have had to dig deep, especially those traveling far for the 53rd Annual Snowball Derby coming up December 2-6.




This also includes California driver Jeremy Doss, who like all on the West Coast, have been hampered by harsh restrictions on auto racing this season. With many of Doss’ fans urging and even offering support for another run to Pensacola, Florida this year, Doss decided to open sponsorship to the fans, while giving something in return.


Offering different levels of sponsorship in a Facebook campaign in recent days, with gifts such as signed hero cards, shirts, hats, and even a chance to have their names on the No. 75 Super Late Model. The amount of support, has been nothing but huge.


“We put out a Facebook post to try and get some extra support. I was overwhelmed from all of the support I got from all our fans and all our supporters. It really made this trip possible and very, very comfortable for us. I got to thank all of them and I can’t wait to get back, we’re leaving next Tuesday,” Doss said on ‘The Bullring’.


Doss has also received support and encouragement from fellow West Coast racers, including rival Derek Thorn, who will also be returning to Five Flags Speedway in just a few weeks.


“At the end of the day I think we both groomed each other for guys on the West Coast to do well there. I’ve kind of stepped away for the Super Late Model aspect of things in the last year or so. We haven’t gotten to race together much, but I’m looking forward to getting back at it, and hoping to do good.”


A graduate of the Kulwicki Driver Development Program and winner of the 2019 Kulwicki Cup, Doss’ time in the program proved to be an inspiration towards this collaborative effort with his fans.


“It’s meant a ton, it’s been huge for my racing career, and it’s taught me a lot as a driver to give back to the community. It’s not something I had taken a part of in the past. I think giving back is huge, it’s good for sponsorship, and it’s just good all around. That’s a big deal.”


As for his goals come Derby time, it is simply to improve on what they have learned the past few years to be in a position when it is crunch time towards the end of 300 laps.


“You need to just be really good, it starts with that. At the Derby you also need to have luck on your side, it doesn’t matter how good you are. I think the biggest part for us is going to be pit strategy, we’ve been off the last three years with the set of tires on the last pit stops. We need to work on that, tires are the key at Five Flags. If we can work on that, we’ll have a shot at getting a win.”


For the complete interview with Jeremy Doss, head over to Speed51.TV for the replay of this week’s episode of ‘The Bullring’.


-Story by: Connor Sullivan, Speed51 Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo credit: Speed51

Support From Fans Helping Doss Make Snowball Derby Trip