Once again, changes in other series have brought inquiries and requests to Super Cup Stock Car Series officials to permit deviations from the established and proven rules package which would allow new competitors to join the series.  SCSCS officials are announcing that on a limited and restricted basis, former Pro Cup competitors will be permitted to bring their existing car to SCSCS races.


“Managed growth has allowed the SCSCS to consistently offer a level of affordable competition while also minimizing impact to our members, family, and business responsibilities,” says series director Joe Schmaling.  “We recognized the need to consider what are the minimum requirements/changes necessary that could permit these teams to enter our series without losing our identity or creating a negative impact to our current full-time competitors or sponsors such as PFG, one of our longtime sponsors from the very beginning and supplier of the nose and tail panels used in the series.”


Our policy has been to let them look and then get like us, within reason.  Currently, the group of cars that are available and indicating an interest in moving to SCSCS are former Pro Cup competitors.  I have always tried to keep an open mind about the cars and teams in our series.  For example, from the beginning, we had provisions to permit the old “Busch” cars to race, however none ever came.  Additionally, we also opened the door to permit former “Nationwide” cars and two came.”


Permission to race in the SCSCS will be granted on a limited case by case basis.  Interested parties should contact SCSCS series director Joe Schmaling at 828-768-3589 or via email at [email protected] for further details.  Whereas maintaining car count is absolutely the single most important thing to the SCSCS, the series extends the invitation for new competitors while also remaining committed to the core group of racers, as well as sponsors, who have consistently supported and competed in series events through the years.


-Super Cup Stock Car Series Press Release.  Photo Credit: Speed51.com Photo


Super Cup Opens Door to Former Pro Cup Competitors