Irwindale, Calif. -“We’re very serious about our Advanced Driving Dynamics program here at Irwindale Event Center,” said Jim Cohan, the facility’s President/CEO. “And we are setting ourselves a goal of enrolling 1000 new students in our life-saving ‘street smart’ driver training programs this summer.”

Advanced Driving Dynamics, a division of 211 Entertainment, LLC which operates Irwindale Speedway, has been offering its unique, highly-developed safe driver training classes since 1996. The school not only teaches defensive driving, but takes students through a full day behind the wheel which instills vital survival skills that have been proven time and time again across the country.

After a brief classroom session, students learn by doing in our school-supplied cars. “Once in the cars, they learn from behind the wheel in a series of tried and proven drills designed to sharpen defensive driving skills and the understanding of car control dynamics,” said lead instructor Greg Pene.

At Advanced Driving Dynamics students learn directly by doing. The curriculum includes emergency braking, skid control/recovery, emergency lane changes, tire blow out and hydroplaning, anti-lock braking, driver distraction, using a manual “stick” shift transmission, parallel parking and other useful driving skill drills … almost none of which are taught (or even touched-upon) in other street-based schools.

“The automotive media has often referred to Advanced Driving Dynamics classes as the best and most-lasting of graduation presents. It’s also the perfect gift for the young driver who has just received their learner’s permit or first driver’s license,” Pene added.

“Our files are full of wonderful letters from parents talking about how a young son or daughter avoided a serious accident because of the training that they received at Advanced Driving Dynamics. It’s something that makes everyone associated with the school not only very proud, but very humble as well. As I’ve said, we take this business very seriously, because we know what a positive and lasting impact it has on young lives and their parents. And, honestly,” said Cohan, “who is better qualified to teach defensive driving than our experts in car control in a controlled environment at a NASCAR sanctioned racetrack where safety is paramount in keeping people on four wheels safe?”

An annual traffic accident report just released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that the latest year studied showed 32,999 people killed, 3,900,000 injured, and 24 million vehicles damaged. The price tag was calculated at $900 for every man, woman and child living in the United States. The harm from loss of life, pain and decreased quality of life due to injuries was pegged at $594 billion dollars. Looking at those numbers, Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx made the following statement: “While the economic and societal costs of crashes are staggering, today’s report clearly demonstrates that investments in safety are worth every penny used to reduce frequency and severity of these tragic events.”

Since its inception in 1996, Advanced Driving Dynamics has trained well over 6,000 students of all ages, and California DMV records show that graduates have been issued 82% fewer traffic citations and that they’ve been involved in 90% fewer accidents than same age drivers who had not had this training.

“I think that our stated goal of training 1,000 new students this summer, while ambitious, is doable and very worthwhile. And, to make this offer even better, we’ve added a special perk for the families of new students who sign up this summer.” Cohan said.   “Through two of our other on-site companies we’ve arranged a couple of special fun additions to the Advanced Driving Dynamics package.   We hope that they’ll serve as our way of saying ‘Thank you for what you’re doing’ to the families of our new students.”

From now through Labor Day, every time a new student is enrolled in an Advanced Driving Dynamics one-day driving safety course, their family will receive a certificate for a 20-lap VIP LA Racing Experience drive in an authentic NASCAR-style stock car on Irwindale Speedway’s nationally-famous half-mile banked oval track.

The LA Racing Experience certificate alone is valued at $399 and that package includes everything (including ground school, all driver safety gear and a live spotter guiding the driver by radio) that one needs to safely experience the thrill of actually driving a 450-horsepower stockcar for 20 laps at Irwindale.

In addition, each of the special Advanced Driving Dynamics packages will also include a family four-pack of general admission tickets for a night at the NASCAR races at Irwindale Speedway during 2014. Saturday nights at the Speedway are always spectacular family fun. The track is fan-friendly starting with the on-track autograph session all the way to the incredibly close and competitive main events on the track that’s been nicknamed: “LA’s Half-Mile Superspeedway”.

The above package, bought separately, would ring up at just over $900. The special drive to enroll 1000 young students in the life-changing course will see both the 20-lap racing experience and the family four pack of NASCAR race passes both included in the standard Advanced Driving Dynamics one-day training price of $450.

“We think that there are more than a few ‘bucket-listers’ parents out there who will have a great time attending our stock car racing experience as well as taking the family to a great night of NASCAR racing here at Irwindale,” said Cohan. “We take all aspects of driving very seriously here; both the racing and the training to be a safe driver on the streets. We’re blessed to have a wealth of great instructors/teachers and a strong record of safety here at Irwindale. It’s an integral part of who we are and what we do.”

For more information, or to sign up right now for this remarkable driving deal, call (626) 415-3140.   This offer runs from now through Labor Day (while supplies last).

Please check out all of the information at the Advanced Driving Dynamics website: 

Summer of 2014 … The Summer to Save Lives