The new Online Racing School, co-owned by Bob Bolles and Bubba Gale, has just finished its inaugural class with students preparing to graduate shortly. After 10 months of writing the class, all material has been posted for students to read over at their leisure.


“It’s a big load off my shoulders,” said Bolles. “I just finished up last week writing all of the courses so the (students) at the end of this month can finish up and graduate. It was 206,000 words. I wrote for Circle Track Magazine for 15 years. That’s 69 Circle Track articles. There’s a lot in this school. There’s a lot of information here.”


Bolles said that the response from students has far exceeded his expectations throughout the early stages of the Online Racing School’s existence.


“It’s extremely good,” he said. “They’re all enjoying it. And it’s not just new racers. We have some veteran racers that have gotten serious enjoyment out of it because it has helped them.”


The veteran magazine writer said the biggest advantage the Online Racing School offers over traditional technical articles is the quick access to the information for the students.


“I have experience writing tech articles and I’ve always had a good response, but they like the school because if you put all this information from magazine articles it would have taken four to five years. This puts it all together in and orderly fashion.”


Bolles also added that the Online Racing School is not rehashing old information. The school is teaching new materials to its students throughout the course.


“A lot of the information has not been presented by anyone. A lot of it is fairly new. We’ve just come across some of it in the last six months. It’s not the same-old same-old. There’s cutting-edge technology in the school.”


With new technology comes questions about the technology. Sometimes an online setting makes it difficult for students to ask follow-up questions to the instructors, but Bolles said that has not been an issue at all for the Online Racing School.


“We have an email address (for that). We do have students that have questions that we’ll answer. There’s a process for the students to ask questions if they need clarification on a certain subject.”


While current students are finishing up the first course, racers are encouraged to check out the school for information on new technologies.


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-By Rob Blount, Associate Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: Online Racing School

Students Set to Graduate First Online Racing School Course