Throughout the United States, Street Stocks are becoming one of the most popular divisions in short track racing.  Tours are being formed in many different regions and big money Street Stock events are being added to short track schedules around the country.


Oxford Plains Speedway and track promoter Tom Mayberry are the latest to recognize the growth of the division.  Announced on Monday morning, the track will host the $3,500-to-win New England Street Stock Nationals on September 26.


“With the rules that we’ve put out, cars from Seekonk and really all over New England can run this race,” Mayberry told powered by JEGS on Monday. “We’ve opened up the rules a little bit to try to make it so that everybody can run.  The idea is to go back to what they had years and years ago with an open race and hopefully attract cars from all over New England and the East Coast.


“I think you’re going to see a lot more people trying to get involved in Street Stock racing.  They’re going to be a little easier to find and you’ll see a lot more people doing it.”


The race itself will consist of 125 laps around the 3/8-mile Maine oval.  In addition to the $3,500 top prize, the event will feature a total payout of $14,400 and will pay $200 to start.  With more announcements involving bonuses for the race expected shortly, Mayberry said that the winner of the event could end up with a very nice payday.


“We’re going to try to do lap money and sell them for ten dollars a lap,” said Mayberry.  “It’s all done so that with the bonus money a Street Stock guy, if he has a good day, could win over $5,000.”


Leading up to Monday’s announcement, Mayberry and his son Mike had been tossing the idea back and forth for the last five to six weeks.  Outside of the Mayberrys and Technical Director Paul Johnson, not many people were aware that there were even talks about hosting an event like this.


“Haven’t talked to one soul about it,” Mayberry said when asked if he had talked to any competitors to gauge interest.  “I don’t think anybody knew we were going to do it.  We just kind of put it out and we’re going to try to get an entry form for it out today or tomorrow so that we can start to see who is coming and where they’re coming from.”


In addition to the main event for the Street Stocks, the track’s weekly “Bandits” division will compete in a 50-lap race paying $500 to the winner.  There is also talks of adding another division or another special race to the schedule, but Mayberry told 51 that he didn’t want to add too many divisions to the card because he wants all the focus to be on the Street Stocks.


“We’re going to keep it all about the Street Stocks and make it a big day for them.”


-By Brandon Paul, Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

-Photo credit: Eric LaFleche/

Street Stock Nation: Oxford Plains to Host $3,500-to-Win Race