When you really think about it, there’s nothing “strange” about Strange Oval and the success they’ve had since breaking into the industry in 2012. Strange Oval is hoping to have even more success in 2019 after unveiling a new, lightweight spool for rear ends at the 2018 Performance Racing Industry trade show in Indianapolis, Indiana earlier this month.


“(It’s) a lightweight aluminum spool with a steel spline insert,” said Jeff Sandlin, a member of the Strange Oval technical sales team. “It weighs just over four pounds. So we’re looking at getting this into a lot more cars out there for some durability. There’s a lot of issues going on out there with rear ends and stuff, and basically with a spool, it’s either working or it isn’t. We’re excited about this.”


Strange Oval is a branch-off from the Strange Engineering company that has been a household name among drag racers for years. Since Strange Oval started in 2012, the company has had axles on cars for Jonathan Davenport, Steve Francis, Bobby Pierce, Josh Richards and Brett Hearn on the dirt side.


On the pavement side, no driver has given Strange Oval more success than Bubba Pollard.


“Bubba Pollard won the Oxford 250. Then he went to Canada with the Pro Late and had an awesome car up there. We’ve won a lot of races this year. A lot of big races,” Sandlin said.


“I think the success of Strange Oval asphalt and dirt has been our axles and new drive plates and spools that we’ve developed.”


At this point the secret is out. There’s nothing strange about it. Switch over to Strange Oval parts and the success will follow.


For more information on Strange Oval, visit StrangeOval.com.


-By Rob Blount, Speed51.com Associate Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo credit: Speed51.com

Strange Oval Unveils New Lightweight Spool at PRI